Tales from the Woodlands

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Princess Helena

In Ravensgrog, the king and queen lived a very happy life. They were good leaders of their kingdom, and always gave back to the poor. The king and queen were happy in their marriage but they longed for more. One day, the queen announced to the people of Ravensgrog that she was pregnant. The citizens celebrated, and word got to the neighboring cities of Ravensgrog. The people from Erindale and Dawsbury came to celebrate at Ravensgrog where a party was being held for the arrival of the baby. Many gifts were given to the queen for the baby and she was grateful for all of them.

King Henrik told Queen Rebecca, that he wanted to name their daughter Helena, after his grandmother. They both agreed on it and that’s what their daughter was named. Several months passed when one night, Queen Rebecca felt that the baby was due to be born. A nurse rushed to the room to help deliver the baby. After struggling for a while, Queen Rebecca gave birth to Helena. “She is so beautiful.”- said King Henrik. “She has your eyes.”- said Queen Rebecca. They were so happy to have their first child together.

Many years passed by, and Princess Helena finally turned 15. She wanted to learn how to hunt for her birthday. So her father granted her wish, and together they rode to Woodlands. They got deep into the forest and then got off their horses. King Henrik handed a bow and arrows to Helena. They hid behind some bushes and waited for deer to pass by. “They should pass by here any minute. There are plenty of berries here for the deer to eat, so they will definitely pass by here.” – said King Henrik. After waiting for a while, Princess Helena spotted a deer in the distance. She eagerly grabbed her bow and started aiming at the deer with her arrow.

Without thinking, she shot the arrow at the deer but missed, scaring the deer away. “Helena, always shoot your arrows after you exhale. You never shoot on a full lung.” – said King Henrik. They both ran and followed the runaway deer. They hid behind a tree when they saw the deer stop. Helena aimed her bow and arrow at the deer again. “Remember Helena, exhale before you shoot.” – said King Henrik. Helena shot her arrow and it hit the deer in the neck. The deer fell down to the ground and Helena rushed to it. The deer was still alive, but it was bleeding a lot. “Now Helena, you don’t want the deer to suffer, so you kill it with this knife.” – said King Henrik. Helena grabbed the knife from her father, and with a final blow to the neck, she killed the deer.

“Now we mount the deer onto one of our horses.” – said King Henrik. Together they mounted the deer onto King Henrik’s horse. As they were riding back to Ravensgrog, Princess Helena noticed a strange figure in the woods. She stopped her horse and looked at it. “Wait for a second father; I am going to see who or what that is.” – said Princess Helena. She slowly approached the figure and realized that it was an old lady dressed in a black robe. “Do you need any help madam?” – asked Princess Helena. She got closer to the old lady and the lady quickly turned around. She grabbed Helena and pulled her in close. “You and your family are in grave danger. In the near future, there will be a war against your kingdom and another. Many will die Princess; flee while you can.” – said the old lady. Princess Helena walked away from her in fear. She told her father what the lady said and he replied, “She is just crazy, don’t listen to her.” They rode their horses back to Ravensgrog where they cooked their deer.

To be continued…

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