Tales from the Woodlands

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The Magical Horse

In the heart of Woodlands, lived many horses. There was one horse that stood out. It wasn’t originally from The Woodlands and no animal knew where it came from. This horse was as white as snow with a beautiful mane. What made this horse stand out from the others was the horn on its forehead. The other horses praised this ‘magical horse’ and always asked where it came from. The magical horse never answered and was always quiet. This horse was more than just its appearance.

There was a time where a horse was badly injured by an alligator that attacked it. The horse was lying on the floor, bleeding and crying out for help. No other animal came to help him, until the magical horse came and found the horse. The magical horse approached the injured horse and touched his wound with his horn. The wound quickly healed and the bleeding stopped. “Thank you so much! But how did you do that?” – asked the horse. The magical horse didn’t answer and walked away. It now revealed its power to heal, and the other animals quickly found out.

The villagers discovered the magical horse when they were out hunting. They named it ‘unicorn’ which is Latin for, one horn. The unicorn was all the villagers talked about for a while. They wondered where it came from and how it had that horn. Many villagers were fascinated by this creature, but some men were fascinated by it for the wrong reasons. “What if we hunted the unicorn? The creature would be very valuable being that there is only one.” – suggested a villager. “The horn of that horse could make us very rich.” – said another. The men teamed up and gathered their hunting equipment.

They started their journey into Woodlands and searched for the unicorn. There was no sign of the creature. The only animals they saw were regular horses. The night quickly came but they couldn’t give up just yet. They set up a camp and slept in the woods. One of the men woke up in the middle of the night to a growl near him. He got up and noticed that it was a grizzly bear. The bear swung its claws at the man which scratched his chest. The other men woke up to this and they quickly got their bow and arrows. They aimed at the bear and they all shot their arrows at it. The bear took six arrows to its body before retreating into the woods.

The bear was badly injured and after running for a while, it gave up and fell onto the ground. It cried out for the unicorn’s help, knowing it could heal him. The unicorn heard its cries and quickly came to help. It took out the arrows with its horn and then healed the wounds. “Thank you so much. Those men, they are here for you. They want to hunt you for your horn.” – said the bear. The unicorn backed away and ran into the forest. It needed to find somewhere it could hide. It hid in the homes of the other horses, but the men were very close. They scared off all the other horses to see if they could find the unicorn.

After all the horses ran away, they were able to spot out the unicorn, trying to blend in with the other horses. The men shot their arrows at the unicorn, but it dodged all of them. The unicorn got close to one of the men and kicked him with its legs. It injured the other men with its horn, and then there was only one man left. The leader of the group was still standing. He aimed his bow and arrow but the unicorn snapped them in half with its leg. He reached for his knife and stabbed the unicorn in its stomach. The unicorn used its horn to pick up the man through his shirt and then tossed him into the Great River. There the man met his fate, when a hungry alligator swallowed him whole. The unicorn took the knife out of its stomach and then healed itself. It thought to himself, that Woodlands was not a safe place for it at the moment. So the unicorn galloped through the trails and flew away, into the blue sky above.

The End

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