Tales from the Woodlands

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Creature of the Night

Woodlands was a very popular place for nearby villagers to come camping at. People from Erindale, Dawsbury, and Ravensgrog all came to visit frequently. One night a group of villagers went for a camping trip at The Woodlands. They set up a campfire, cooked their meals, and then went to sleep by the fire. One of the villagers woke up and noticed that one of the men was missing. “Everyone wake up! Phillip is gone!” – yelled a villager. They searched for him but couldn’t find him anywhere. They searched by the bear’s den, the Great River, and deep into the forest, but there was still no sign of him. They needed to rest so they set up their campfire to continue their search for Phillip in the morning.

One of the men was awoken by a noise in the bushes nearby. He got up and noticed that another man was gone. He then heard a scream coming from the trees nearby that awoke the rest of the villagers. They ran towards the scream and what they found was horrific. The man who had just gone missing, John, was lying on the floor, dismembered and bloody. The men looked up to find a terrifying creature that stood on two legs. It had dark brown hair, sharp claws, and fangs stained with blood. The men ran at the sight of it. The beastly creature was superior to them in speed and caught two men with its claws. It killed both men while the other villagers escaped.

The villagers told the rest of the men at Erindale of what had happened. “Our friends were killed by that horrific beast. It was nothing like I have seen before. It was hairy, had sharp claws, and very long fangs. It stood about eight feet tall and was very muscular.” – said the man. “We need to kill this beast then, whatever it is.” – suggested another. The villagers partnered up with more men and prepared their weapons. They took bows and arrows, swords, knives, and battle axes. Together, they mounted their horses, and rode towards Woodlands.

The men arrived at Woodlands and were led to the last known location of the beast. They saw the remains of the villagers and were disgusted by it. They found bloody prints so they followed it. The prints lead to a bear’s den. “How could this be? What we saw was not a bear. It was smaller and stood on two legs!” – said the villager. They prepped their weapons and slowly entered the den. What they found was a dead bear, with chunks of it missing. “What animal could do this to a bear?” – said a man. “No animal of this forest, that is for sure.” – said another.

They exited the den but there were no more prints to be followed. They then heard a loud growl coming from the trees above them. They looked up and saw the beast, jumping from a tree down to them. The beast fell onto one of them, instantly killing him. The men shot their arrows, but the beast was not affected by it. It grabbed a man, picked him up, and bit his head right off. It threw the corpse onto the other men. A villager threw his battle axe to the beasts back. The creature fell onto one knee, clearly injured. Another man stabbed it with his sword. The beast screamed in pain but killed the men who attacked him. It took the sword out of its chest and broke the axe off its back. The men managed to get him to bleed, and the beast slowly crawled away. “Don’t let it escape! This is our chance to kill it.” – yelled a man. They ran towards the beast, hitting it with rocks and arrows. The beast got to a tree and leaned against it, badly injured. One of the men was about to stab it in its neck when he noticed the beast was becoming smaller. Its arms and legs became weaker and less hairy. The fangs shrunk to smaller teeth. When the beast was done morphing, the men realized something very odd. The beast was in fact, the man who had gone missing, Phillip.

The End

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