Tales from the Woodlands

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Flora's Return

Woodlands was a paradise to the animals that lived in it. The Great River was a great source of water, the trees provided homes, and there was plenty of food. There was a problem however. There always seemed to be a problem every now and then. There were always men trying to hunt down animals or dangerous creatures appearing in the forest. The animals needed a protector of the forest. They needed a leader to defend them from the evil in the world.

The Council of Critters met up one morning for their monthly meetings. They needed to discuss who would take charge of the forest. “Should man be the protector of this forest, or will it be an animal?” – asked Owl. “Grizzly died at the hands of the Man Beast. He was the strongest out of all of us. That leaves Black Bear the next strongest.”- said Robin. “Although I am strong, I could be outnumbered by men and their weapons if they wanted to hunt me down.” – said Black Bear. “Princess Helena would be a good candidate.” – suggested Tortoise. “Yes but Princess Helena has business of her own at Ravensgrog.” – said Owl.

Black Bear and the crooked tree wasn’t enough for the forest. They definitely would defend the woods the best they can, but in the end, they will be outnumbered. “Maybe our leader doesn’t have to be man or animal.” – said Blue Bunny. “What are you suggesting Blue Bunny?” – asked Owl. “Maybe what we need is something with more power.” – said Blue Bunny. “Something with more power you say. Wait a minute, who better to be our protector than the mother of The Woodlands herself!” – said Owl. “Oh yes, Flora the fairy.” – said Tortoise.

Together, the Council decided to choose Flora as their leader, if she accepted. Owl sent Robin and Black Bear to Magic Lagoon to speak to Flora. While Robin was flying, he noticed soldiers camping in Woodlands. Its curiosity got ahold of him so he landed on a branch to see what they were doing. Their uniform was yellow as opposed to black and red, meaning they weren’t soldiers from this kingdom. “What are they doing here?” – thought Robin. “Robin we have no time for this.” – whispered Black Bear. “You go on to Magic Lagoon I will meet you there.” – replied Robin.

Robin flew to another branch that was closer to the soldiers. “What King Henrik did to our people is unforgiveable. He and his kingdom will pay for his selfish actions. When our spy gets enough information about Ravensgrog, then we will attack.” – said a soldier. “An attack on Ravensgrog! Princess Helena and her family are in danger.” – thought Robin. Robin flew away and landed at Magic Lagoon.

Black Bear was already talking to Flora when Robin arrived. Flora seemed quite happy with what Black Bear was telling her. “It would be an honor Black Bear. I am more than happy to serve The Woodlands.” – said Flora. “That is great! With your magic powers, you are able to stop any threat.” – said Black Bear. “I would need to get my belongings, and then we could head out to The Woodlands.” – said Flora. As Flora was getting ready to leave, Robin told Black Bear of his discovery. “An attack on Ravensgrog? Who would want to do that? – asked Black Bear. “ I don’t know but they aren’t from around here.” – said Robin.

Flora was ready to go, so they started their journey to The Woodlands. Robin had one quick stop to make on the way. He flew into King Henrik’s castle, and then found Princess Helena in her room. “Well hello Robin. What are you doing here?” – said Princess Helena. “I have a warning for you and your people. There is an army of soldiers planning to attack Ravensgrog. This could start a war! – said Robin. “That is very strange Robin. An old lady many years ago warned me about something very similar. What color was their uniform?” – said Helena. “Their uniform was yellow.” – replied Robin. “That has to be soldiers from the Kingdom of Belervia.” – said Helena. “I have to go now Princess. Please be careful.” – said Robin.

Robin reunited with Flora and the critters at Woodlands. “We are so happy that you accepted our offer Flora. With that being said, I pronounce you Queen of Woodlands.” – said Owl. Owl placed a wooden crown on Flora’s head. She was proud to be the new protector of the forest.

The End

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