The Irrelevance of Time

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Celena and Atlas Woods; runaway twins but for good reasons. The moment they could speak and think of things they knew they weren’t like normal sets of twins let alone humans. Celena can remember the past even from when she wasn’t born as if she was there experiencing it all while Atlas can look into the future and predict drastic world events. Now in their early 20s the two have to figure out how to prove they aren’t a threat to any normal human but little do they know that there’s a whole war behind them...

Fantasy / Action
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Celena yawned as she stretched,

“Good morning loser get up!” She threw a pillow towards a figure in the bed across the room from hers.

“Don’t tell me its six in the morning. I told you not to wake me up that early! I need my beauty sleep.” The figure groaned, sounding like a young male.

“You? Beauty sleep! Sorry to break it to ya bud but you’re as attractive as your own ass. Now get up! It’s time to talk about what we dreamed about.”

“The only time you’ve seen my ass was during bath time.” The male sat up and rubbed his eyes, not looking anything like Celena besides sharing the same eyes.

“You first,” Celena spoke, sitting on the floor beside her bed. The male followed and obliged, sitting across from her.

“I just woke up let me inhale at least one breath of oxygen- I dreamed about a recession. As if it were the Great Depression all over again.”

“Really? I’m not surprised… this country is going to go to complete and utter shit by the time we’re older.”

“Shh Lena! Don’t let dad hear you he’s up too. He’s getting ready for work.”

“Atlas relax, His room is on the other side of the house. Anyways that happened in 2007; the stock market crashed out of nowhere. I wonder if grandma and grandpa were even born at that point.”

Atlas nodded “so what about you?”

“I dreamt about the world ending! There’s no way that’s true!” Celena exclaimed.

“Actually it happens towards the end of the year but it’s just this big hoax some person came up with. We’re fine. Besides, hasn’t it supposedly happened in the past?”

“Oh yeah you’re right it did. I guess it wasn’t threatening enough to the world for me to remember!-”

Before Celena could finish, their bedroom door swung open. In the doorframe stood a tall man with what looked like a military outfit.

“Celena and Atlas Woods come with me.”

The twins looked at each other with fear, as if their nonchalant conversation was completely irrelevant. Celena stood first then picked Atlas up by his arm worried that the man would force him to stand and hurt him. Behind him were their parents, their mom crying and their father holding a stern look on his face.

He knew.

“Where are we going? Mom where are they taking us?” Celena demanded as she was forced outside her bedroom door. But no one answered.

Atlas didn’t say anything, he only shook in fear and looked up at his sister with eyes basically screaming to do something.

And so she did, she shoved the man against the wall with as much force as her 12-year-old body could make. After that more men came from around the corners of the house as if they were ants going after a crumb on the floor and grasped on to her arms but she kept resisting,

“We aren’t going anywhere until you tell us why you’re taking us from our home!” She demanded.

Atlas still was silent but this time he ran out of one of the guard’s grips and tried pulling Celena away from the others. He was the weaker twin so he didn’t add much help.

“Honey you’re going away for a little while. Daddy thinks something is wrong with you two. You need to get checked out but I know you two will be home soon.” Their mother said in between sniffles. The guards wouldn’t let either of their parents near the kids but Celena knew if her mother could give them one last hug she would.

“Mom, please. Don’t let them take us!” Atlas cried, trying to fight the man’s grip as they walked out of the house.

The two didn’t beg their dad. They knew it was him. They knew he called an order to take them. That’s what sucked about having a father as a governor.

At that everything started to dim, Celena felt a sharp pain in her left arm and that’s all she remembered before everything going black.

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