My Next Life As A Wicked Dame

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Synopsis Nina Facelo was your average type of girl. Simple lang sya kung baga, mahilig magbasa, manood ng Rom-Com movies, maglaro ng video game, mahilig magbake at kumain. Kahit na palagi syang natatawag na weirdo, loner at nerd ay wapakels sya, she have the best sets of friend kahit dalawa lang ito. But an accident happened, habang naglalakad sya papunta sa isang bookstore upang bumili ng libro na palaging bukambibig ng kanyang kaibigan. Fortune Lover. A fantasy romance novel. But an a unexpected faith occur she was about to go home when she saw an old woman whos in trouble, the old woman was being harass by does scums, pilit nitong hinihila ang hand bag ng matanda, and when she saw ay nagpakabayani ito at ipinagtanggol ang matanda without knowing the consequences. And right before her eyes, she was stab! It happen so fast that in a bkink of an eye she was clutching her stomach, watching the blood flowing from her tummy. Akala nya mamamatay na sya. But suddenly she woke up to a different body. The body of Lady Marina, daughter of the powerhouse Claes. What in the world just happen?!

Fantasy / Romance
Sam Velasquez
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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