War of the Constellations

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After nearly fifty years of war, the kingdoms of the zodiac hope for peace. Chryseis is a dreamer. After spending her whole life locked away behind the academy's walls, ignored and friendless, she's desperate for adventure and romance. When her father sends her away to be engaged to an enemy prince in order to stop a fifty-year-old war, she's overjoyed and elated. Kya doesn't believe in love. She was only eight when she arrived at the academy; the image of her family's murder still fresh on her mind. When Kya gets the chance to travel to the Kingdom of Aries posing at a bodyguard, she sees her opportunity to finally take revenge. Miro is terrified. He would do anything not to be abandoned, so when he's sent from the academy into enemy territory, he swears never to be left behind again. Chryseis, Kya and Miro couldn't be any more different from one another, but fate has forced them together. They find themselves plunged into a war more treacherous than they first imagined, more ancient than they had thought. Where once the road to peace seemed ever so simple, any decision could cause it to shatter.

Fantasy / Adventure
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To Karianne

So that you'll never feel alone

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