Crowns of Thorns

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Annika Rose was just an ordinary young women about to begin her life until one day something changed her life for the better. Annika is a very unique supernatural she is the only witch alive with very powerful magic that can stop or kill anyone that poses a threat to her. But with the help of her friends she can overcome anything.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I woke up one morning having the feeling that something is going to happen today. I started getting ready and head downstairs i was about to head out the when i was greeted by my adoptive parents Nancy and Frank Carney. They both glared at me liie they wanted to set me on fire Nancy asked " Did you make breakfast before leaving?" I said no and then Nancy got mad and came towards me and grabbed my hair and force me in the kitchen and told me to start making breakfast before leaving to school i told them i can't because i have SATs in the morning nancy rolled her eyes and said she didn't care and if i start now i wouldn't be late. 10 minutes later i finished making breakfast and ran out the door and raced to school. I arrived at school and went straight to my class where the test was being held an hour later i headed to the cafeteria and i saw my bestfriend in the entire world her names Brietta i love her like she's my sister she means more to me that than anything in the world i walked towards her and sat next to her and hugged her with all my might we started talking about mythical creatures it was always our dream to become a mythologist. While we were talking we were rudely interrupted by Jessica the mean and most popular girl at school she started calling Brietta a whore cause she would be seeing guys every now and then but its not her fault she is like this plus she doesn't sleep with them there is a reason why she is acting like this. She was in love with a guy named Ace Prescott he was her first in everything she loved him more than anything but one day he left and never came back he left a note saying "sorry" she was devastated and hasnt loved ever since. Jessica finished her rants about Brietta and said " Keep your slutty distance" i stand up and yelled at Jessica and told her to get lost she scoffed and walked away Brietta smiled and hugged me and thanked me of course i will protect her she is everything to me. After that drama was over we started walkong home and Brietta thanked me for the 100th time i kept sayong it was alright Brietta suggested a sleepover at her house and i thought it would be alright but my adoptive parents wouldnt allow it they never let me go places Brietta gets worried about me because i live in a horrible household with evil people or demons as a matter of fact. We arrived at Brietta house and her parents greeted us with smiles and hugs Brietta's parents always treated me kindly like their second daughter for once i felt like i had parental love. I started heading home i keep having this feeling that someone was watching me i put the feeling aside as i reach home i opened the doir door and walked inside and headed to my room ignoring my adoptive parents on the way to my room once i reached my room I was reading a book that i enjoy very much. While i was reading i heard my door slam open and walking in was Stacy Carney my adoptive sister she looked very upset not that i care. Stacy started yelling at me for calling Jessica out at school i just told her i didnt care and that she deserved it too as soon as she heard that she walked towards me and slapped me and called me a bitch i got so mad that i punched her so hard that i knocked out her front teeth and she started crying and she ran out the room her parents heard the commotion and came to my room and started yelling at me and told me I'm grounded and locked my door i got so mad i screamed when i did the glass shattered and my books exploded i realized what happened i started freaking out what just happened i thought i climbed out my bedroom window and raced to Brietta's house while running i saw some flashes and stopped in my tracks i looked around i saw nothing then i turned around i saw a guy with hazel eyes and he said " So its true what they say you are the witch alive". I didn't know what he was talking about and then he showed me his fangs he was a vampire.

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