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Annika Rose was just an ordinary young women about to begin her life until one day something changed her life for the better. Annika is a very unique supernatural she is the only witch alive with very powerful magic that can stop or kill anyone that poses a threat to her. But with the help of her friends she can overcome anything.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I woke up one morning having the feeling that something is going to happen today. I got ready and head downstairs I was about to head out the door when I was greeted by my aunt and uncle. Nancy and Frank both glared like they wanted to set me on fire Nancy asked “Did you make breakfast before leaving young lady”. I turned around and said “no” Nancy got mad came towards me and grabbed my hair and force me into the kitchen and said, “Start making breakfast you piece of trash “. I told them I had to get to school early to take my test Nancy looked at me and said “well if you start making breakfast then you wouldn’t be late now would you” I made breakfast and ran out the door and raced to school. I reached school and enter my class where my test is being held. After an hour later I head to the cafeteria and saw my best friend in the whole world I love her like a sister she means more to me than anything in the world. I walked towards her and sat next to her we started chatting away about mythical creatures and ancient histories we are not typical girls that talk about boys, magazines, etc. we are very different we are unique. While we were talking, we were rudely interrupted by Jessica you could say she is the mean girl in our school like basically Regina George. Jessica started commenting about how Brietta is a whore because she has gone out with more than one guy Brietta has her reasons why she does the things she does she was in love with a guy named Ace Prescott she never experienced a love so great but one day he just left and left a note saying “I’m sorry” she was not ok after that she never wanted to love again because she knows that it was too painful. Jessica continued her taunts about Brietta being a slut and I just couldn’t stand by and listen to all the insults so I said “Would you please leave Brietta alone and leave”. After all the drama that was happening in the cafeteria, we were walking home Brietta lives two blocks from my house Brietta suggested a sleepover at her place but I couldn’t because my aunt and uncle would not let me have any freedom to do whatever I like and of course Brietta gets worried about me all the time I mean I don’t blame her I live in a house full of demons as a matter of fact. We arrived at Brietta’s house and her parents greeted us with smiles and hugs Brietta’s parents always treated me kindly like their second daughter for once I felt like I had parental love. I started heading home I keep having this feeling that someone was watching -me I put the feeling aside as I reach home, I opened the door and walked inside, and headed to my room ignoring my aunt and uncle on the way to my room once I was reading a book that I enjoy very much. While I was reading, I heard my door slam open, and walking in was Stacy my cousin she looked very upset not that I care obviously Stacy started yelling at me for calling out Jessica out at school I just told her I didn’t care and that she deserved it too as soon as she heard that she walked towards me and slapped me and called me a bitch I got so mad that I punched her so hard that I knocked out her front teeth and she started crying and she ran out the room her parents heard the commotion and come to my room and started yelling at me and told me I’m grounded and locked my door I got so mad I screamed when I did the glass shattered and my books exploded and I felt a heat flowing through me I realized what happened I started freaking out and my first thought was I have to go to Brietta’s house so I climbed out the window and climbed on the tree down and race to Brietta’s house. While I was running I saw flashes and stopped in my tracks I looked around I saw nothing I thought I was paranoid but then I turned around and I saw this tall guy with strange colored eyes I’ve never seen before in my life he stared at me and said “So its’s true what they say you are the only hybrid this rare alive.” I didn’t know what he was talking about and then he showed me his fangs and that’s when I realize he was a vampire. As I stood there in fear thinking this isn’t real how can this be real, he grabbed my neck and started choking me and whispered in my ear “I wonder what a hybrid would taste like.” Before I realize what was happening, he bit my neck and I felt this incredible pain racing through my neck I was about to pass out when I saw Brietta standing there with a very beautiful man he had beautiful black hair and beautiful green eyes they were to saying something but I couldn’t hear because I lost consciousness’. I woke up in Brietta’s room and I thought it was a bad dream but then Brietta came into the room and also came the mysterious man I saw last night and I said: “So it wasn’t a bad dream”. Brietta looked at me confused as to what I’m mumbling she looked at me and asked if I was ok, I told her I’m fine just a little dizzy then she said that there’s something that I should know about myself and this world I sit up and she began talking explaining that supernatural is real but that there is only one with the blood of a witch and a very rare mythical creature a phoenix. My eyes were wide open and asked “ so I’m a hybrid of two rare combinations” then I looked at Brietta and the mysterious guy and asked “ So then what are you guys” Brietta said she is just a regular vampire then I looked over at the mysterious man and being polite I asked him “what is your name” he said his name is Takashi Ishikawa and he said is also a hybrid like me Takashi is Vampire/Witch which means he and I are witches still processing this Brietta’s parents came in and said we need to leave and to our next location Japan.

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