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An evil Spirit called Jablo can attack other spirits that are inside a person's body. If the person in which a jablo attacks has a strong and worthy spirit and can survive the attack of a jablo, that person will gain an ability or in other words, Awakening Spirit. In this story, we will go through the experience of the main character Romeo Mornovia. Throughout his journey, he will learn how to control his Awakening Spirit. Could his Awakening Spirit has a deeper meaning than what it is? Could his Awakening spirit be the answer to the missing piece?

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Chapter 1: Romeo Mornovia

Romeo Mornovia woke up in the morning, bothered that he forgot what he dreamed. He got up to his bed and saw his room got wrecked.

He wondered what happened to his room. But there’s nothing he can do about it, so he arranged his room.

He is a 16-Year-old high schooler with an IQ of 158.

So he’s getting ready to go to school and eat his breakfast. After that, he takes his bag and went to school. He is walking, then suddenly a very fast car is heading towards Romeo. When he is about to get hit, he got teleported in the roof of a building next to someone.

Romeo is in shock, he didn’t understand what just happened. The mysterious man beside him said “A Jablo tried to kill you. I teleported you here. You better watch out kid”. Romeo was confused and asked, “What exactly is a jablo and why is it trying to kill me? And also how did you teleport me here?!“.

The man said, “You have an Awakening Spirit and you don’t know what is a Jablo?” The man realizes that Romeo is innocent. So the mysterious man explained

" A Jablo is a Spirit that attacks other spirits which is inside a person's body. It could attack while you’re awake or asleep. If your spirit is strong and worthy you’ll live and you’ll gain an ability or power which is called Awakening Spirit, but if your spirit isn’t strong, unworthy, and can’t win the attack of a jablo, then you'll die.”

Romeo listens carefully and asked, “Why is it trying to kill me even though I already have an Awakening Spirit?” The mysterious man said, “I sensed that that jablo was angry at you, other than that, I don’t know why it’s trying to kill you.”

Romeo said, “You said I have an Awakening Spirit, how did you know?” the mysterious man replied “I can see your aura. And your aura is very weak, that’s why I saved you.”

Romeo was intrigued and asks “What was my Power? Or in other words, my Awakening Spirit?”

The mysterious man replied, “I don’t know.”

Then the mysterious man introduced himself “Hi, my name is Fernando Pellinnon, nice to meet you, young man."

Fernando Pellinnon is a 32-year-old unemployed man. He got attacked by a Jablo ones and fortunately, he survived the attack. Which means he has an Awakening Spirit. His Awakening Spirit is called Teleport Destination (Some have the same Awakening Spirit so they name their Awakening spirit differently and uniquely). He can teleport anyone including himself anywhere within the range of 1 kilometer. He can only teleport one person at a time. And it will take 5 seconds to activate it again.

Romeo replied, "Pleasure to meet you, Fernando, I am Romeo Mornovia." Romeo then remembers that he was going to school. Romeo then said farewell to Fernando and ran.

Romeo is running so that he wouldn't be late for school. The class starts at 7:30 AM, he then looked at his watch and realized that it's 7:22 AM.

So he's planning to sprint like never before in his life! But then, when he sprints, he ran 100 meters in 15 seconds. He was confused about what just happened. Then he realizes that that must be his Awakening Spirit. So he continued sprinting and so walla! he arrived at school in just a minute. He couldn't believe what just happened. He couldn't focus on school that day. The only thing that he had on his mind is his Awakening Spirit. What could his Awakening Spirit be? Is it some kind of Sprinting ability? Or is it something else? Is it gonna be strong or weak?

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