He Is Mine

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Is This Seat Taken

I breathe in that goddess addicting scent.

It’s filled the classroom and has me dazed as I stand in the opened doorway filling my lungs with my mate’s scent.

I square my shoulders and walk further into the classroom towards the yawning teacher standing at the front of the class near the board. I can hear the snickers and comments coming from the wolves in my class. They can all smell my packless scent. They all know I’m a rogue.

My heart beats extra strong when I hear someone whisper to my mate, but he doesn’t reply. I look over and see him quickly divert his eyes as he looks down at his books. A blush spreads across his cheeks as I watch him quietly breathe in my scent. Then his little Adam’s apple bobs up and down in his throat and I feel my pants slowly start to tighten at the movement. This is no time to get hard.

“Ah, excuse me, sir.” I saw looking back at the teacher gaining his attention.

“I’m your new student, Alek.”

“Oh yes, welcome!” He says as he stands up straight and greets me.

“Alex was it?” Humans and their shitty hearing.

“Alek, sir,” I say as he looks taken aback.

“My, you have manners too. A lot could be said about this lot.” He says jokingly but the wolves in the class have just taken major offence.

The poor man doesn’t know wolves hate being compared to rogues, much less being told a rogue is better than them.

“Well, I guess we’ll introduce you to the class and then you can take a seat. Class this is-HEY!” The whole class including me jumps at his sudden outburst, hurting our sensitive ears.

After a silence falls over us, he introduces me to the class before letting me take the best seat in the class. Nothing could ruin this morning, not even the glare I’m getting from Zia’s mate. I doubt I’ll have to deal with him much longer as I see his eyes repeatedly flick back to the door. When he realises Zia isn’t following me in, the glare on his face is taken over by one of extreme annoyance.

Yeah, he’s got it bad already.

I round the desk and feel myself start to stalk towards my mate like he’s prey. I mentally pull the reigns on my wolf as his possessive side is leaking through. A second longer of my stalking and the wolves in this class would mistake my possession for aggression. They’d immediately think I’m gonna attack my mate.

I slowly let my bag slide from my shoulder as his eyes follow the movement. It lands on the ground with a small thud before I turn to look at him. My hands itch to reach out and play with the golden curl that’s laying against his forehead seductively.

“Is this seat take, handsome.” I state more than ask.

I know it’s not. I can’t detect any other scents or smells on the chair except for the cheap plastic it’s made out of. I can feel the piercing stares from the guarded wolves around the room, but I can’t give two shits about them. My mate looks up at me with his blue-grey eyes and tries to calm the raging blush on his face down as he replies.

“N..no..” He swallows again as his eyes drop from my face, slowly making their way down my body before they pause on my crotch.

His eyes widen and flick away once he sees the semi I’m sporting. I quietly chuckle and pull the seat out before I sit down.

“Hello, Keiran.” My voice is low, causing goosebumps to rise along his arms and his body to shiver at the lusty tone. I swallow my own arousal down as he replies back.

“Alek..” He says as I wink.

The teacher begins talking but I don’t hear a word he says. I’m locked into a heated staring competition with Keiran. His eyes are reflecting my own want and need within them and as his eyes shimmer with his wolfs colour, I know he wants me too.

I let my own wolfs eyes shine through as I stare at Keiran’s lips. I follow the way his tongue traces his bottom lip before his teeth catch his lip. I start moving my hand closer to his on the desk, wanting to hold his hands.

I need to feel them, the sparks.

I want to feel our bond sizzle with life as our touch connects our souls together. As my finger is about to touch his, he jumps with shock. He turns his head to look at my unfortunate brother in law. Then his scent is gone, masked as he pulls his hand back towards his chest before he looks down at his book embarrassed.

I stop my wolf from growling as we stare at Zia’s mate. He mindlinked our mate and whatever he said made him pull away from us. Made him take his scent from us. I tear my eyes away from him and focus them on the teacher. My wolf wants to hurt him. Hurt him for making our mate feel ashamed. I know the look. I’ll find out what he said to him and when he does, I think we’ll have a nice long chat.

There are just a few things I need to get off my chest.

The rest of the class I keep my attention focussed on the teacher and the lecture he’s giving. When I look at my mate, I get angry all over again when his eyes continue to look anywhere but mine. Dipshit hasn’t stopped looking at me which hasn’t calmed my wolf down either. The constant staring is a silent challenge between our wolves.

I need to get out of this classroom soon or else I fear my wolf will come to the front and do something I really don’t want him to do.

By the time the first bell rang signalling our lunch break, I was bristling with anger. The teacher had asked us to work in pairs for a problem-solving puzzle but the second I spoke to my mate, he was mindlinked again and ignored me.

I sit at the desk and everyone packs their books up and rushes out of class. When the last few humans make their way out the door, I’m stopped when I get halfway across the room.

“Alek?..” His voice was so sweet, gentle like a little mouse.

Yet his eyes hurt.

They break the bond that our souls want to build. All because of that jackass. All because something was said to him. We feel the sting of rejection when he’d listen to someone else instead of his own mate. How can he easily look away from us when we yearn to look back into his eyes. Yearn to feel his touch, yearn to feel his love.

I stop walking but don’t turn around. I can’t. I don’t want to show him my pain.

“I..I’m sorry I ignored you. It’s just-”

“What did he say?” I cut him off. I need to know.

I need to know what he said so that I know why I’m gonna punch him.

“H..he didn’t-” My jealousy rises as he goes to spew out a lie. An excuse to protect that asshole.

“What. Did. He. Say.” At this, I turn around.

He looks slightly worried and nervous as I make my way towards him. We’re all alone in the classroom as the last human that walked through the door closed it.

I stop right in front of him. Half a head taller than him, he’s the perfect height for me. His slightly shorter frame makes me feel even more protective over him. Plus his sweet and shy personality makes that feeling stronger.

He stares at my lips as he struggles to speak. His scent dropped the second I turned around. Now all his focus was on my lips. He almost succeeded in distracting me.

“What did he say to you, Keiran?” I ask as I twirl that golden curl around my finger.

He swallows harshly as I continue to stare into his eyes, demanding the truth from him. He says nothing, just locking eyes with mine until I trace my finger slowly down his jaw. I continue my slow torture as my finger inches toward the dip in his neck. The place where my mark will sit.

“Keiran,” He shudders as I circle the unmarked spot and say his name at the same time.

It’s burning hot, calling me to mark him. The sparks on his neck are the strongest here than anywhere else.

“He-” He stops to clear his throat as I continue to trace my finger along his neck.

“He said...he said, everyone could smell our arousal. Th..that it was d..disgusting.” My hand drops from his neck.

I could see the longing in his eyes as he wishes I was still touching him, but I can’t. I won’t touch my mate with anything other than love. I don’t want to taint him with hate. I breathe in and out, calming the raging fire growing within me.

Goddess, I hate that mother fucking Cairo.

I fist the strap to my bag as I turn away from Keiran. I don’t want him to see the anger in my eyes.

“A..are you going to do something to him? Y..you can’t hurt him. He’s the alpha in t..training.” He rushes out nervously.

“I’m not going to do anything to him.” Yet.

He breathes a sigh of relief as I walk towards the door. But I stop halfway.

“Keiran?” I say turning my head slightly towards him.

“Yes, Alek?” His sweet voice floats over from behind me.

“Don’t ever lie to me. I don’t deserve it.”

I continue walking towards the door, leaving my mate standing there. If I turned back now I’d see the hurt across his face and in his beautiful eyes.

But I don’t.

I deserve a lot of things that happened to me for the mistakes I’ve made. But the one thing I don’t deserve is a mate that lies.

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