He Is Mine

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“Will you stop looking so sad.” I say trying to cheer Zia up.

I can’t stand looking into her beautiful face every day and seeing that same frown marred her face. The same look of despair and loneliness that appears in her eyes. Tired of not seeing her smile and laugh, tired of not seeing her light.

“I’m tired of running, Alek.” She says sadly.

With her shoulders slumped she slowly walks towards me.

“I am too, but this is the last time. I promise.” I say and hope with every fibre of my being that I’m right.

I can’t let her be disappointed in me anymore.

“Look, I didn’t want to take any more chances considering what happened last time we tried to find a place to settle down. But something tells me this is the place we’re supposed to be.” I say confidently.

“Really, Alek?” She says doubtful.

“We’re only here because the werewolf government stated that we have to go to school. If we don’t and we get caught before our 18th birthday, they’ll find out our papers are fakes and they’ll ship us back home.” She started her little speech out sarcastically like she always does, but it turned sad towards the end.

Just like it always does when reality hits home that we are and always will be on the run.

“Plus we’re only settling down in this next town because it’s the only place with a high school that isn’t on any pack land.” She says looking annoyed.

“Technically it’s only bordering a pack, but it’s the safest one for us. We’re rogues, Zi.”

“Yeah, well, just because it’s bordering a pack, doesn’t mean those pack members won’t be attending. And it’s not like they’ll be very welcoming either. You know how rogues are treated.” She says sarcastically quoting me before crossing her arms against her chest.

“Rogues are treated like that for a reason, Zia. You know that. So those pack members will be raised on that knowledge.”

“But we’re not like that, Alek!” Zia screams out as I pull her into me and hug her tightly. But her sad voice continues, bringing reality back down to ruin the day, yet again.

“We left our pack because it wasn’t safe. For either of us.” She finishes with a sniffle.

“I know, but everything will be okay, Zi. I found us a nice little apartment not too far from the school and maybe we could get a job somewhere in town as well.” She pulls back and looks at me curiously.

“How do you even have money for an apartment?”

“It’s called a credit card.” I tease which earns me an eye roll.

“I applied online last night. There’s a bank in town where I can pick a temporary card up. So come on, we have a short walk before we reach the neutral zone and our new home.” I say as I already started to walk off.

I hear her sigh before shortly following after me. She’s gonna be pissed when she realises it’s not a short walk. More like a 10-hour walk. Glad she’s walking behind me because then she can’t see the amused smirk across my face.

And I was 100% right. As soon as I said I thought our apartment was just down the street she snapped.

“You think?! How about you know! We’ve been lost for a damn hour now looking for this stupid apartment.” She says throwing her hands up in the air.

I try to contain my laughter because technically she’s not wrong. I did miscalculate a few streets and ended up getting us lost.

“You said this was a small town! Not a city!”

“Town, city, same thing.” I laugh and walk off as I hear her cute little annoyed growl.

Sounds more like a little kitten.

“I heard that, suka!"

“Come on, I think it’s over here,” I say as I get further down the street. I hear her stomp her little foot before groaning and following me.

And luckily this time I was right.

We found our apartment on the second last building in the street. There was a package on the small reception desk area with my name written on it with the key to the apartment inside.

By the time we walked up the three flights of stairs and inside our apartment, we were exhausted. It was a little two-bedroom apartment that still had some of the last tenant’s furniture inside. So, we picked out our rooms just before we passed out on our beds.

We had one week before the new school year started. Which meant we had one week to settle in and make ourselves home before our senior year started. The first thing on our list of stuff to do the next day was to enrol.

The next morning I walked past Zia’s room and slowly opened the door. She was still sleeping so I decided to get some work done before she woke up.

I cleaned the apartment and swept up the dirt and dust. Then I aired the old couch cushions out before putting them back on the couch and plopping down onto it. Pulling out the phone that only had 10% battery left, I called the school to enrol us.

“Thank you for calling Dawn High, this is Maria speaking, how may I help you?” The cheery receptionist said.

“Human?” I ask.

Saying human will do one of two things. The first, she will either be confused and that will let me know that she is unaware of the supernatural and I will have to use our fake papers to enrol us. The second, she won’t be human and will help us greatly.

“No, sweetheart. How can I help you?” Thank goddess. That will make the process so much easier.

“My sister and I need to enrol because of the n-”

“The new law. What are your ages?” She cuts me off.

“We’re 17.”

“Okay, you and your sister did you say? Will start next week as the new school year will be starting. You will need to come to the school sometime this week to pick up your uniform and books.” Okay, easy enough.

“Now I am going to assume you and your sister are rogues, yes?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Okay, so you won’t have any documents on you. Which is fine, the new law included all of this. All we need is a name from you.”

“It’s Alek and Zia.”

“Last names?”

“No last name.”

Even though we kept my name and shortened Zia’s, if we ever used our last name we wouldn’t be hidden anymore. So, a last name is a no go.

“Okay, hmm we do need a last name to enrol you. How about I just put Smith?”

“Sounds good, thank you.” This went much easier than I expected it too.

“Alright, sweetheart. All that’s left for you two to do is pick up your uniform which is supplied by the government. So, there won’t be any charge for your uniform or books. Then on your first day, you just need to pop over to the reception desk here at Dawn High to pick up your class schedules.”

“Thank you so much.”

“No problem, dear. Have a good day now.”

We did just as she said. First, we went out clothes shopping to buy a new wardrobe for both of us. We only have about three or four articles of clothing to our name. Then we headed over to the school to pick up our school uniforms.

And just like Zia predicted, there were werewolves from the pack just outside of town that attended the school. Some were there picking up their uniforms too. And of course, when they smelt our scents the same usual threats were thrown out and growls were said. There’s really nothing we or they could have done. Everyone is aware of the new laws now and don’t have any say any more about who gets to attend the school.

After that incident, our days seemed to fly by. We had settled in nicely to our new home and found a new routine. No more nights of sleeping on the ground or in our wolf forms. We could finally sleep on a proper clean bed.

And all too soon it was our first day of school.

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