He Is Mine

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After feeding her face full of cookies, we finally left the apartment.

Both dressed in our new uniform consisting of blue and white colours, we slowly made our way towards the school. It wasn’t that far of a walk from our home, so we weren’t stretched for time.

We were both quiet the whole way there, both deep into our thoughts about everything that could go wrong on the first day.

We could be called rogues.

That’s a given. We’ve never not been called rogues.

Be outcasted, shamed, picked on and threatened.

We’re ready for it. Just like we always are.

We would have to leave again.

I sigh at that last one. I don’t know if the Goddess can hear me but I’m praying that the last one isn’t true. I finally got Zia to laugh and smile again today. It’s been months since I’ve seen her spark for life come back.

As we reach the school there are not too many people hanging around outside. Given we are nearly 40 minutes early, but we figured we could lessen our imagine if we were on time. Now there was only one thing left to do.

“Zi, wait up,” I call out to her as she walked past me, heading towards the front doors of the school.

“What’s up?” She stops and looks at me curiously.

“Remember what I said about masking our scents?”

“Yes. That the first day we will mask our scent fully and then slowly release it little by little every day.” She replies back confidently.

“Look I know it seems extreme but how those people treated us the other day I...-They weren’t so friendly the other day and I just think it’s safer for us to let them get used to us first. Before we let our scents out fully.” I say sadly. Just once I wish we could be treated like actual beings instead of of...not.

“I get it. Although we don’t smell like normal rogues, we still smell like them. Just not as foul.”

“I love you, Zi,” I say.

“We’ll be alright here. My wolf feels it as well.”

“I love you too, Al. To be honest, my wolf has been so energetic this morning. She’s overwhelmingly excited.” She says almost embarrassed.

I can’t help but chuckle. If I didn’t then I would have cried. I could see a peek of my old sister back. The one that loved life. The one that laughed and smiled every day.

“See! Everything will work out, you’ll see.” I only wish that was true.

Because the second we walked through those doors the laughter had started. The snickering and the insults had pierced their way to our ears. The tall, bottled blonde, fake-tanned looking snobby bitch was the first to comment. I could feel her words were hurting Zia and although I would never show it or let Zia feel it, I was disappointed.

Disappointed that this school was no different.

“Ignore them.” I say and grip Zia’s hand in mine.

Just as she goes to take a breath, we both freeze.

“Do you smell that?” She asks. And I do. I really really do.

ZIA: It smells so good! Like smoke from a fire, mixed with fresh grass clippings and a hint of vanilla! Zia says mindlinking me excitedly.

ALEK: You’re crazy! I smell strawberries, and vanilla and chocolate! No wait, not vanilla...something else. Nougat! Fuck, it’s like I can taste it!

As we breathed in as much of the strange addicting scents as we could, the chatter in the hallway seemed to disappear as our eyes landed on the group standing by the lockers.

Then my eyes landed on him.

He was standing between two other guys, but I couldn’t focus on them. My eyes were glued to him. He was lean and muscly, honey-toned skin and golden blonde hair. He had the most perfect smile I had ever seen before.

He is fucking beautiful.

And he is mine.

I could hear Zia ogling the taller guy beside that god of a man, but I couldn’t focus on anything but him.

Then they all looked over at us.

When his eyes connected with mine, I knew. He was my mate. My wolf had claimed him only seconds ago. Suddenly, I could feel Zia’s panic course through our bond.

After realizing our wolves had come to the front and had taken over our eyes, a clear sign that a wolf has found its mate, and had started letting our scents out, we took back control.

I could feel my wolf softly whimper at not being able to let our mate see that he has found his mate too. But I couldn’t do that to Zia. I could feel she was feeling the same thing which meant she found her mate too.

But she was petrified.

I could feel her starting to slowly hyperventilate from the realization that her mate was right in front of her. As much as I wanted to take my mate into my arms and mark that sweet honey coloured neck of his, I couldn’t, wouldn’t do that to Zia.

What kind of brother would I be if I threw my happiness in her face while she suffered from my mistakes? While she still suffered from the past.

Just as I tried to calm myself down to help calm her wolf, her dipshit mate just had to open his mouth.

“Rogues.” He spat.


I couldn’t stop the low growl that slipped from my lips. I don’t care how he treats me, but I will not let him, or anyone else treat her like shit.

“This might be neutral ground, but I won’t hesitate to kill you, dog.” Her mate spews out and what surprises me the most is my beautiful mate.

His own angry growl tore from his lips at the threat. I almost feel bad because his cute little face is so confused why he growled but his wolf knows. His wolf knows we’re his and fuck if I’m not hard just from that.

This is definitely not the moment to get turned on by our mate’s possessiveness.

“Keiran, what the hell is your problem?!” Zia’s mate turns his glare on our mate.

His name is Keiran.

I have to silence a purr that wormed its way up my throat. He’s so adorable and confused. I can’t wait for the moment he realises we’re his mate. But then Zia’s dipshit has to go and ruin the moment.

“Whatever, you better stay out of my way. I’m not particularly happy with rogues at my school.” He says staring me straight in the eyes.

He’s challenging me.

Fucking game o-


“This is not your damn school! You do not own it!” Zia screamed out, shocking everyone. Me included.

“And if you ever threaten my brother again, I won’t hesitate to put you in your place!” She threatens her mate before turning to me.

I could feel her anger was being quickly replaced by sadness and sorrow.

“Can we please go?” She begged so quietly that I had to stop my wolf from wanting to hurt her mate.

“Alright, let’s go.” I know we shouldn’t be cutting school on the first day, but she was hurting.

I can’t blame her. Who knew we would ever find our mates on the run? We thought we said goodbye to our chance at mates when we left our pack. We spent two years telling ourselves we would never find our mates. And now we have, on the run.

What is the Goddess doing?

Everything is quiet as I turn and watch Zia sadly walk down the hallway and out the door. I could feel she was barely holding onto herself as tears threatened to spill. She hates showing weakness, so I know she’s trying to put up a brave front right now, but her mate has thrown her.

“You’re such a fucking asshole.” I say as I turn back to her mate.

He looked pissed as fuck but oddly quiet. I guess Zia has already started to affect him. Breathing out to calm myself down, I turn my charming blue eyes on my mate.

“And you...” I draw out as I see a blush creep up his neck.

“I’ll see you later, handsome.” I say as I wink at him and turn to leave.

And I almost trip over my fucking feet as his arousal hits me.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

As if this day wasn’t hard enough.

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