He Is Mine

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My Mate

I found Zia waiting outside the school looking up at a tree. She was watching two hummingbirds fly through the air together, weaving in and around from one another.

I could feel her heart hurting from finding out what a dick her mate is. And as much as I want to be angry with at him, I can’t.

Because I found my mate too.

He was so handsome with his boyish good looks. He looked so innocent like he had never known a day of struggle in his life. He had deep smile lines from constantly showing people his gorgeous smile.

I sigh out as I look at Zia. With her head now looking down at the ground, I need to help her. Need to get her mind off her mate for a few hours because unfortunately, her mind won’t ever be clear again. Not now after finding her mate. Not now, after he revealed himself to be the biggest asshole there ever was.

“How about we get some take out for lunch?” I ask.

“I don’t care.” She said shrugged sadly.

“Well, why don’t we go grocery shopping and get something for lunch and dinner. Then maybe this afternoon we can go for a run around the place.” I suggest but again, her mind is elsewhere.

I tried to crack food puns in the store trying to make her laugh, but she never did. I bought her favourite food and ingredients for her favourite dinner, but she wasn’t bothered. After dinner and after the jokes continued, she’d finally had enough and said something.

“Alek, stop. I’m not in the mood for jokes. I know you’re just trying to help me but right now I just need some alone time.” She said standing up from the table and took her dirty plate to the sink.

“Okay, sorry…” I sighed.

“Don’t do that, Alek.” She said as she turned around and looked at me.

“Stop blaming yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just…” She stops to breathe.

“Look we never expected to meet our mates. Then on the first day of being forced to go to school, we find our mates together. That was a surprise in itself. Then my mate disclosed his displeasure for rogues and on top of that threatened to hurt you. You did nothing wrong. He did. That big fucking handsome asshole. So you just enjoy the rest of your night. I need to go and think about what I’m going to do with him.” She finished and dries her hands on the hand towel before walking over to me at the table.

She’s a head shorter than me so she only had to lean in a tiny bit to kiss my cheek.

“Goodnight, brat.” She said as she pulled back.

“Goodnight, sestra.” I said as I watched her walk off to her bedroom.

Unfortunately, this day was more draining than I thought it was going to be. Not long after I cleaned our two plates and showered, I was face planting the bed. I was so ready for this day to be over.

As I rolled over onto my back, I could hear the tiny taps on the window from rain. The night was as gloomy as this day has been.

With the rain pattering against the window, my mind thinks back to my mate.

Goddess, he smelt so good.

I longed to step forward and pull him to me. Longed to shove my face in his neck and breath in that magnificent scent from the source. Longed to trace my tongue across the place where my mark would be. Longed to kiss those lips that belonged to me.

I groaned as I felt myself stiffen.

I’ve had a semi-hard cock all day ever since we met our mate. My wolf has itched all day to run back to the school and claim our mate.

My hand slid slowly down my body towards the waistband of my boxers as I remembered the way his body moved when he walked towards us. It was playing on a loop in our head along with the sight of the blush that stained his honey-toned skin when he looked at me. I remembered the way he licked his lips as he checked me out. Which only made the blush stronger.

My hand slipped under the band and fisted my hard cock as I remember calling him handsome and winking before I turned away. My hand strokes slowly up and down from the way his pupils expanded and were nearly taken over by his wolfs.

I moan as my hand goes faster when I remember the smell of his arousal. I thrust my hips in time with my hand as I imagine his mouth on mine, tongue dancing with mine.

I moan again as my breathing comes to a pant.

I want to feel his tongue on me. I want to feel it trace the sweat drops that are sliding down my chest. I want him to trace his tongue up my chest before he kisses the spot on my neck. I want to feel him line his canines against my skin.

My hand starts moving up and down in a punishing rhythm.

I want my mate to mark me. I want him to bite down on my neck and claim me as his. I want to feel his tongue trace the mark as I bite into him. I want to feel his moans against me when he kisses me.

“Fuck…fuck…” Precum leaks from the tip of my cock as I use it as lubrication.

I can’t get him out of my head. I don’t want to.

I want him so fucking bad my balls hurt. I want to push him down on my bed and mark him over and over again. I want to taste him. I want to taste that scent I smelled, and I want to worship that body that called to me like a sirens call.

Then I remembered hearing his name.


“Fuck!” My hand stops as I explode.

My hand and stomach get coated as I lay panting and sweating on my bed. I need my mate now more than ever. I can only jack myself off for so long until I can have the real thing.

Until I can have my mate.

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