He Is Mine

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The Morning After

I woke up the next day all sticky with my hand still shoved down my boxers.

I mean I can’t blame myself for passing out last night. I couldn’t believe how much I came just from the thought of my mate. And if just thinking about Keiran had me exploding like that, then I can’t imagine what completing the bond would be like.

I gingerly sit up and slowly make my way to our shared bathroom. I pass Zia in the hallway and she won’t make eye contact with me.

Damn did I forget to block our bond last night when I masturbated?

I made myself some breakfast and ate it quickly before getting dressed in our school uniform. I sat on the couch drinking some orange juice as I waited for Zia to finally appear.

“Morning, Zi. How did you sleep?” I ask as I try to decipher if she felt the sinful deed I did last night.

Again, she looks anywhere but me as she says she slept okay. Then she blushed and her face went red as a tomato before she started coughing, trying to cover up the guilty blush. After she composed herself, she replied again and said she slept fine. But little miss forgot we shared a special bond. So, when she thought back to the dream she had the night before of kissing and marking her mate, I knew why she couldn’t look at me earlier. She was afraid she did the same thing I thought I did.

Deciding to have some fun, I tease her about her dream.

“Were you dreaming of your mate?” I ask and her panicked response was quick to spill out of her mouth.

“No, I wasn’t!”

“Oow, was it a naughty dream?” I tease and can’t help the smile that takes over my face.

“I will tackle you if you don’t stop.” She warns but I’m not one for listening.

“What did you do in this naughty dream?” I pretend to be disgusted before I break down and laugh.

I miss what she says in her mind before I find myself tackled to the ground.

“Owe, my butt!” I complain cause the little shit really tossed me aside. I forget how strong she can be sometimes.

“Did I not tell you I’d tackle you?” She asks proudly before smirking at me.

“You know, for being such a small person, your tackles hurt.” I state to which she replies,

“You’re just weak.” She says and flicks her braids across her shoulder which smacks me in the face.

“You just caught me off guard, that’s all.” I say flicking the braid out of the way.

“Pfft, yeah right.” She mumbles which only spurs me on more.

“I’ll show you weak.” I say before I flip her over me and pin her to the ground before I tickle her.

She screams out in laughter trying and failing to tell me to stop. The more she laughs the more I do. When her face goes red from laughing too much, I finally stop to let her catch her breath.

“Time for school, little one. No more skipping.” She continues to catch her breath as I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder.

She laughs again as she wiggles her body around until I’m piggybacking her out the door. She giggles most of the way to school hanging onto my back as I jog, making her bounce up and down. She finally makes me put her down once she can’t take the whipping on her back she’s getting from her braid.

Then she takes off running to the school saying the last one there is a loser.

Oh, it’s on!

I take off running fast, making sure my feet hit the pavement extra hard so she can hear me coming. I just catch up to her, but I don’t overtake her. She hasn’t been this carefree in months. I don’t want to take away from her happiness any more than I already have. Once we reach the school she celebrates and jumps up and down on the spot as I catch my breath.

“You are too slow, printsessa.” She says cheekily with her hands on her hips.

“I am not a princess!” I say stomping my foot dramatically.

“I’m a prince.” I say flicking imaginary hair over my shoulder.

She starts laughing again, not noticing the group that just approached us.

“No, you are such a princ-” She says but stops when the smell of her mate hits her.

She breaths in deeply as her mate stands there looking at us pissed off. He stood there looking like king shit with my sweet mate who looked hella nervous. His other friend stood beside my mate looking at him and me curiously. The same as the girl who stood beside a new guy, we haven’t met who I assume is her mate. He’s standing next to her protectively with his arms crossed against his chest.

The longer Zia stayed facing me instead of the group, the more her mate’s jaw ticked. He looked like a ticking time bomb, only two seconds away from exploding or breaking his jaw from all that pressure.

He really is going to make this year difficult.

Not wanting to draw an even bigger crowd, I mindlink Zia to turn around. Before she even says anything, I can feel the anger coming off her. She can be such a stubborn little ass sometimes. Apparently just like her mate.

ZIA: I am not turning around.

ALEK: It’s not just him! It’s the whole group.

I say slightly annoyed because come on, Zia. Why does she have to be stubborn today!

She breaths in and out before she rolls her eyes at me and turns around. She crosses her arms against her chest defensively staring at her mate. The other girl standing next to her mate stares at Zia curiously now.

I could feel Zia’s defence waver as she looked at her mate up and down. I could feel the bond was already starting to affect her. But like I said she’s stubborn. So, her fighting the inevitable bond will do nothing but hurt her more. That and his poor attitude that definitely needs to change.

“Can we help you with anything?” I ask breaking the silence between us.

“As a matter of fact, you can.” He replies snarkily.

“Release your scents.”

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