He Is Mine

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It’s times like these I am grateful to the goddess that I have patience.

Because if I didn’t I would have decked Zia’s mate by now. I can’t stand his fucking attitude and right now he is not good enough for my sister. He doesn’t deserve her.

Failing to stop myself from riling him up more, I probe.

“And, what would happen if we do?” I say looking in thought so I don’t laugh instead. If he could I’m sure he’d have steam coming out of his ears right now.

The guy hates being talked back to and even more so, hates that he has to ask twice.

“We’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.” He snaps.

Since he first asked us to release our scents, Zia has had a permanent scowl on her face. I can feel her annoyance and anger through our bond. She thinks her mate is an asshole as well. When I made no move to change, her mate looked down at Zia. I don’t know how long their little staring contest lasted, but it wasn’t long before Zia sighed out and gave her back to him.

She breathed in and out before looking up at me with her sad puppy dog eyes.

ZIA: Do it, Alek. I want you to be happy.

I look at her sadly because I already know the answer to my question before I ask it.

ALEK: Aren’t you going to do it too?

ZIA: No. He hasn’t proved himself to me yet.

My inner turmoil is suffocating me. My head wants to oppose her and wait until she is ready. We were born together and we’ll die together. We’ve always been inseparable. And the one time we weren’t was when everything changed. When her light was taken from her because I didn’t do my job right and protect her. Instead, I was off flirting with the pack hottie because puberty had welcomed arousal.

When puberty hit, I was no longer a boy. I was becoming a man. No longer had I just had crushes, now these crushes turned into more. Wet dreams became my life and masturbation was the next best thing. It was new and exciting and Yuri was driving me and my body haywire.

And imagine my surprise when he cornered me in the woods one day and confessed his attraction to me. That whole year I had fantasised about kissing him every day when he walked into class fashionably late. He always had girls hanging off his arms and I couldn’t blame them. They were like bees to honey. His shaggy brown hair accentuated his bright brown eyes. They drew everyone in and I was obsessed with him. He became my biggest crush. He took over my mind and my fantasies.

After that day he found me in the woods, we met up there every day after and made out with each other. We were each other’s first kiss. I thought he was my mate up until the day we had a new girl transfer to our pack. The second he laid eyes on her I was nothing but a memory.

I still went to our spot in the woods and hopefully waited that he would show.

But he never did.

Then I fell into a dark hole where I snapped at my parents and ignored Zia. I pushed her away because she was so happy with him, that I was jealous of her. If only I had just opened my stupid eyes. Then I would have seen that she wasn’t happy.

She was terrified.

I sighed and breathed out as Zia pushed her feelings onto me from our bond. She really was okay with me releasing my scent. She wanted me to be happy.

ALEK: Are you really sure? I can wait, Zi?

ZIA: I am sure, Alek.

ALEK: I love you, Zia.

ZIA: I love you too.

I gave her one last look, making sure she didn’t change her mind at the last second. She gave me a smile and nodded, encouraging me to go on before she turned around to watch my mate.

I watched him intently. Waiting to see his beautiful dark blue almost grey like eyes shimmer as he and his wolf recognise me as their mate.

And I don’t have to wait long.

The second I release my scent he sniffs the air before excitement takes over as his eyes shimmer when they connect with mine. Liquid gold takes over his eyes as his wolf comes forward to claim me.

“He is!” He says so happily my chest puffs up in pride.

The rest of the group smile and look from him to me and back again as though they already knew he is mine. All except Zia’s mate. If anything, he looks more annoyed at the outcome. Annoyed that he now has to accept us into his group. He looks down at Zia and I see maybe a yearning but confused look cross his face before it’s taken over by that pissed off look he always has. My quick observation is cut short when my mate speaks.

“H..hi..” He just manages to squeak out as his face is taken over by blush. To make matters better, I wink back at him causing his arousal to become thicker in the air.

I try not to laugh as he realises what he just did and blocks his scent from the group. Besides the sour one, the others look amused at his antics.

That is, until said sour one speaks again.

“I do believe I said scents, plural.” He states.

I can feel Zia’s conflict rise tenfold as she battles with her wolf. Her wolf wants to release their scent, but Zia isn’t ready for that just yet. So, like the best big brother I am, I come to her rescue.

“She doesn’t need to do that. I have found my mate within your pack, that should already be enough.” I state back to him. He’s about to reply when the other mated girl tells him to wait.

“What is it?” He asks.

I can feel Zia freaking out, rushing through her words through our mindlink. I know what she’s worried about. The mated girl is a Seer. I tell Zia to calm down and wait to see how this plays out. No need to cause a scene until we know what she wants.

“I just need to see something.” She says as she walks over and stops in front of us.

She studies our hair, eyes, faces. I know what she’s looking for and it doesn’t take long before she finds it.

“What is it? What do you see, Kitty?” Zia’s mate asks. So, her name is Kitty.

“They’ve been touched by the moon!”

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