He Is Mine

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“What do you mean they’ve been touched by the moon?” I guess Zia’s mate never bothered to listen to any stories of werewolf history.

Everyone has heard the story of the moon’s warriors. But to most people, they think it’s just myths and legends. Tales told by our grandparents as bedtime stories.

But with how extremely rare werewolf twins are, I get that people would think that twins are myths. Every set of full-blooded wolf twins that are born, they’re always gifted. So, growing up and learning of the tales of two gifted wolves that were born warriors for the moon can seem like just that, a story.

But when people meet us the evidence slaps them right in the face. Zia and I are identical. The only thing that separates us from looking exactly alike is that I got a scar on my forehead, shorter hair than her and a dick. Not to mention I’m a head taller but the dick does justice.

“Look at their hair.” The girl starts to point out the clues as Zia’s mate starts to study us closer, as do the rest of them.

“Because I’m a Seer, I was born with silver hair. The same colour as the moon. And even though their hair is blonde, I can see the silver streaks shimmering through it.” All true.

Every pack has a Seer. There will always be a Seer in every pack. They are born looking different from everyone else. Their hair is always a shimmering silver, their eyes violet purple and their skin is always a different shade of ash. Seers are chosen by the goddess to receive visions from her. Then they’re tasked with finding the wolves from their visions and help them.

You will never know when someone is pregnant with a Seer. They look just like any other baby until they’re born. Then you know they’re born with a purpose. But their visions aren’t always clear. Sometimes they’re shown a location they are meant to find and seek out the wolf in need. Other times they see the person and in certain situations, seers can see a vision of the future. Those are the visions the goddess sends them personally. More often than not those seers who get future visions are meant to change it.

The goddess shows them a future that she doesn’t want to happen. That it’s up to the seers to change the predicted future.

“And their eyes,” The girl continues.

“I’ve never seen anyone with a blue that bright before. It’s almost like mine when I have a vision.”

Seers eyes also go a light crystal blue colour when their minds are taken over by visions. Which our eyes hold a spark of that colour she’s talking about.

All of a sudden she gasps.

“Are you two tw-” She stops speaking when her whole body freezes.

Her mate steps forward and grabs her protectively as she stands still. Her violet eyes are taken over by the blue she was just talking about.

She’s having a vision.

I wonder what it is.

“Omg! He’s your-” She hurriedly says as her vision ends. But she doesn’t get to finish her sentence before Zia rushes to stop her from spilling her secret.

“Yes, he is.” She says sadly. Now the seer knows alpha dickhead is Zia’s mate.

“Aren’t you going to tell him?” She asks awkwardly.

Zia takes a deep breath as she tries to calm her nerves. I can feel her mind swarming with questions. She’s unsure if the seer would keep her secret. But I can already see in her eyes that she will. Whatever she was shown, she’s already begun her small mission for whatever she was shown.

“He hasn’t proved himself. When he has, then I will.” She says as she crosses her arms against her chest.

She always does that when she’s trying to put up a brave front. But I can feel her anxiety skyrocketing through our bond.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” The seer speaks her opinion but is stopped from talking further when the first school bell goes off.

Relief floods my body as Zia calms herself down, feeling safe from the bell. Only for annoyance to take over when her mate speaks.

“Saved by the bell.” He snips.

ALEK: Literally.

I say cracking a joke through mindlink as Zia laughs.

And then I laugh when a low growl comes from her mate as he knows we’re mind-linking but he can’t hear. I continue to laugh as he walks off all pissy like.

ZIA: You are enjoying riling him up aren’t you.

ALEK: I can have all the fun I want. He’s not my alpha yet.

“You’re going to make this harder for me. I have him in three of my classes today.” She says once the rest of the group have followed him inside.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll have him for all your classes at the end of the day.”

“Why do you say that?” Because I already know the bond is taking effect.

“Do you already feel drawn to him?”

“Y..yes. But what does that have to do with him and classes?” She says confused.

“Because, Zi, if you’re feeling it then he is too. He’s alpha blood and obviously in training. His wolf is going to have a hard time being away from you. Even though they don’t know you’re mates yet.”

“He would never change classes just to be near me.”

“No, he would probably say he’s just keeping an eye on you, rogue.” I say mimicking him.

She laughs and hugs me.

With an agreement to meet each other in the cafeteria for lunch, we walk towards the doors to the school before we enter and head our separate ways.

And the goddess must be blessing me because the first class I walk into, there’s only one seat left.

Right next to my mate.

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