The Wolf's Forbidden Love

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Never in my life did I think I'd find my mate. Especially a human being my mate? How could I have a human mate? My mind swirls through all the emotion and pain I will cause this man. I don't want to hurt him.. He's MINE. How do I keep my kind's existance a secret when I could never lie to him? My pack will not be happy, but they will know. I can't keep secrets from them either. 18+ mature content. Love story in a shewolf's perspective throughout. Explicit love scenes. If it does well, I'll start a series!!

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Mission

The sun woke me up from a dreamless sleep. I felt rested enough, but wanted to lay in bed a little longer. Grabbing the white silk sheet, I rolled over to my back. My eyes wandered my room, it's a simple room, but beautiful as well. The ceiling was high and had a single golden fan in the center. The lights from the fan showered down in multiple directions, making sure that while the light was on, every piece of the room was showered in a golden light. I love how gold and white come together, probably because of my wolf.

Most of the room was white. With golden trim and a golden-brown carpet. The bed lay against one wall with a golden, intricate headboard. I loved this bed. I always adorned it with white silk sheets, and the headboard was perfect for anything. It had multiple areas you could tie cloth to or even use handcuffs on.

Smirking to myself, I sat up. I looked toward my vanity. It was also a golden-brown, with an enormous mirror, the seat was the same, but with a very comfortable white cushion. I remember the day I received it. My alpha seen my change, seen my wolf. When I was accepted into the pack, he had his mate escort me to this room after supper. Anyone accepted into the pack gets a room at the manor. We aren't required to stay here, but it is for us to always have a place to go.

My ears picked up shuffling in the hallway, damn, I was hoping I wouldn't be bothered yet. Three swift knocks on my door.

"Yeah?" I asked a little more hoarsely than I wanted to.

"Alpha has an errand for you." It was Kyle. Kyle was attractive. With brown hair, a perfect smile, and green eyes that someone could probably get lost in. When he seen me the day I changed, he prayed I'd be his mate. But we all knew I wasn't, you know your mate as soon as you look at them.

"Alright, give me about fifteen minutes." I reply with a sigh.

"Try to hurry, it's important." His deep voice vibrated against the door.

"Alright, I'll be quick." I didn't want to do anything today, but when the alpha asks, you either choose to do it, or he makes you.

I heard Kyle shuffle through the hallway, quieter and quieter. Finally, he's gone. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. The bathroom was different, red and white. The walk in shower was crystal clear. A large mirror on the wall above the double sink. And a porcelain toliet next to the sinks. I asked my alpha why the double sink one day, he told me in case my mate moved in.

I jumped in the shower and quickly cleaned myself. When I hopped out, after quickly drying myself, I looked in the mirror. I wouldn't say I was attractive, but not ugly. I had long hair that went to my lower back, it had every color in it. Reds, golds, but it was mainly brown. My wide, Hazel eyes could draw any man in that I wanted. A heart shaped face, slight tan, and perfect complexion. Wolves don't have to worry about blemishes, I was so thankful for that. I hated wearing most make-up anyways. Only eye make-up could stay after a transformation.

I threw on a little eye-liner and mascara and surrounded it with a silver eyeshadow. Quickly getting to my closet, I opened it. Every room had a huge walk in closet with a side for both mates. Only my side had clothes. I chose a simple pair of light jeans and a black t-shirt. If I had a mission, I didn't care what I wore. I got to my undergarments and chose a light pink lace set. The full length mirror on the closet door helped me make sure I looked okay. I pulled on the bra first. I had D size tits. I hated it. They got in the way, but once I shift, it wouldn't matter. My underwear came next, they perfectly hugged my plump ass. I pulled on my jeans, they always made my ass look huge, especially with a thin waist. The wolf in us had our metabolism running high. We could all eat everything, all day, and never gain a pound. I tossed the T-shirt on and took a glance in the mirror.

I looked fine, so I threw my hair in a high pony-tail and ran out the door toward my Alpha. Walking through the manor was always a treat. It was beautiful, with marble floors and light colors. I hurried through to get to my alpha. The large mahogany doors opened as soon as I put my hands on the knob. Kyle was standing there. Seeing him in his tight green shirt that made his eyes pop and show off his incredible body made me kinda wish he was my mate. I put the thought to the back of my mind as he gestured for me to walk in.

"Nikita. I need you to be a body guard" my alpha's voice radiated with power. His name was Leonard. But we mainly called him alpha in the manor.

"Yes alpha," I said with a slight head bow. "Who is the client?"

"He is a personal friend. Lee Santaga, but he has a human with him. No shifting." The last two words were with force. Now I wouldn't be able to shift if I wanted to while in their presence.

"Yes alpha." I replied looking into Leonard's eyes. He was attractive too. I guess all wolves are. He had light blonde hair, cut short into a fade. His eyes were a deep blue. He always wore dark colors, but I think he'd look nice in white. He was the tallest man in the pack. Standing at 6'3" he would tower above the rest of us. I was the shortest. I was only five foot tall. Nobody cared about height though. It was our wolves that meant the most. Mine was one of the most beautiful, so he had high regards for me. Plus, I was a very good fighter, so I got a lot of body guard missions. They were usually the easiest to complete.

"Kyle will be accompanying you as well." The alpha looked like he was upset for a second. His mate knew, she walked from her chair and rested her hand on his shoulder. You could see him relax as soon as her hand touched him. I want that. I want a mate. Leonard's mate was beautiful. Her name is Melissa. She stood at 5' 9" with long, blonde hair to her ass. Her eyes were a beautiful ocean, but you could see her power through them. She had a great body, tits were probably a C cup, small waist, plump ass, and legs for days.

"Is it going to be difficult alpha?" I asked as I glanced at Kyle. He was standing tall and unmoving. He was 5'8" and looked like a cut-out straight from Abercrombie magazine. I seen his jaw clench as I asked the question. What was going on?

"The human with Lee is being targeted by an enemy pack. If they shift, you shift. Try to keep the human from seeing any wolves." Leonard sounded tired.

"Where do we meet?" I asked trying not to ask alpha if he was alright. In meetings, we have to be professional.

"They should be pulling up soon. Get your things and be ready." Alpha was done talking. He stood up, with Melissa's hand in his, he walked out the side door. Leaving me with Kyle to talk about our mission.

"You will stay close to them, I will be in wolf form staying out of sight, if I run into anything, I'll let you know." Kyle pushed his hand through his hair, showing his huge biceps.

"Alright." I reply. I knew he had problems with humans. I've always wanted to ask him about it, but he wouldn't talk about it. Apparently, only alpha knows the troubles he's endured. Melissa probably does too. Nobody can hide anything from their mate.

Kyle walked out the door toward the back of the manor. He wanted to shift and be ready before they got here. I ran to my room, a bag was sitting on my bed with a note.

The bag is for extra clothes, mine are already in them -K.

I tossed the note to the side, threw an extra change of clothes in the bag for myself and grabbed my cell phone from the stand. I didn't really need a cell phone for my pack, but I kept it. It made me look human while being out. Kyle's voice presented itself.

"They are here." His mind-link voice was nice. Less demanding than his regular one.

"On my way to the front now" I tell him silently. It used to be weird when I would hear them in my head, but now it's comforting. I know I'm never alone anymore.

I ran to the front door as quickly as I could and opened it to see Lee walking up the steps. He was the alpha of an ally pack. I didn't know he was stunning! He was dark complected, very dark. Beautiful skin, big brown eyes, dark hair to his shoulders. And a very nice body. He wore a white suit, with a black tie. As soon as he seen me, he nodded his head.

"Mr. Santaga," I said walking toward him with my hand stretched out. "I will be guarding you and your friend today with the help of Kyle" I pushed my head a little sideways in the direction of Kyle in the woods. "My name is Nikita"

"Hello Nikita," His voice was deep and full of power. "It will be nice having you both along"

"I have to ask sir, why would you need us?" I asked quietly. He seemed like a man able to defend a country.

"My pack is guarding his family" he replied quickly, gesturing toward the car.

"Then it is my honor to assist you, and your friend" I said holding my head high.

Lee turned toward the car. He took a breath and told me, "I know this man is human. Please be kind to him. He has lost a lot. His father was killed by the pack hunting him. I put my pack on his mother and sisters. He is the last male in his line."

"Oh," my voice started to waiver. I felt bad for this man. I didn't even know him. "I will protect you both with my life." I told Lee with as much power behind my voice as I could. "I am one of the best fighters in my pack."

"Yes, Leonard told me about you. Only one other is better and he is unavailable. Please, I'd like you to meet my friend." Lee started walking to the car mid- sentence.

Lee opened the car door for the man to step out. He was blocking my view, but I could see a pair of jeans behind him. The man stood a little shorter than Lee. Lee stepped to the side as the man raised his head in my direction.

My eyes met his and instantly, I was drawn to him. Mate! My wolf was going wild. No, it couldn't be. A low growl came from the woods. Kyle knew. He was trying to talk to me, but I couldn't hear him. I could only look at this human. My mate.

His eyes were a little puffy, looked like he had cried recently. The color behind the sadness. It was a deep blue with flecks of green throughout. A face of a God. Strong chin, high cheek bones. His hair, although a little messy, was dark and styled in a long fade. He had beautiful skin. Tan, not too dark. His lips, oh my goodness, his lips were perfect. They looked so soft and kissable. My eyes wandered further across his features.

He stood at 5'8" and had a perfect body. His arms were well toned behind a blue shirt that showed his amazing pecs. His stomach was flat, but hidden by the shirt. He had a small waist and his legs even seemed toned. He was beautiful. He was perfect. My mate. No, I can't have a human mate. Nobody has ever mated with a human. How? Kyle's voice finally broke through my thoughts.

"How the FUCK can your mate be a human? He's so weak. I could tear through him in an instant."

"Shut the fuck up Kyle, before I tear through you. You know you can't beat me in a fight! You say one more word against him, I'll kill you" I scoweled toward the tree line. The guy seen me. No I didn't mean it toward him, I walked toward the car. And my mate.

"I'm sorry Nikita, I will protect you both with my life, you know that." Kyle's voice still penetrated my mind.

"I know Kyle. Just, let me figure this out. Please." I replied quickly before I got to Lee and the man.

Lee spoke first, while I stared at this man.

"Nikita, I would like to introduce to you, my close friend Robbie Ferra. Robbie, this is my friend's neice, she wanted to get out from the manor, and I told her uncle she could accompany us." Lee was good at making excuses. He couldn't tell Robbie why I was really here. Lee flashed his eyes toward me. Oh no! He knew too. He can see in my eyes that I want to make Robbie mine. No, Robbie IS mine!

"Alright, I just needed to get out of the house as well," Robbie's voice is amazing. Deep but not overbearingly. Soft but strong. God I want him. I need him. My wolf was going crazy. "It's a pleasure to meet you Nikita"

"The pleasure is all mine," I replied staring directly into his eyes, reaching my hand out to shake his. As soon as his hand touched mine, electricity ran through my arm and continued troughout my entire body. I quickly finished our handshake. I can't control my wolf if she gets too excited. She's already begging to get out, thrashing around inside me.

"Let's get going, I have some business to attend to." Lee said quickly and strode over to the driver seat. Robbie got in the front passenger seat, so I sat behind him. I needed to be close to him. I knew what would happen when I got home though. Leonard would not be happy. I wanted to wait a little bit before I told him.

"I know Nikita" The power behind the voice hurt a little. It was Leonard. Of course he knew. Kyle probably told him as soon as it happened "We will talk about this when you return"

Great, I inwardly sigh as Lee starts the car and drives down the long driveway. I hear Kyle rustle through the woods to inform us he is moving with us, then his steps quiet to where nobody could hear him. He was always good at running with absolutely no sound.

My wolf was calmer but on her toes. We would never let anything happen to Robbie. We can't. I was aware of every little sound. After driving for about an hour, we slowed. We must have been close to Lee's destination. We quickly pulled into a lot with multiple buildings.

"I have some business in this building," Lee said pointing to the largest bulding in the multiplex. "I thought you guys could go get some food in the square" this time, he pointed to our right, where a mall stood.

"Alright, text me when you are finished," Robbie's silky voice told Lee.

We all stepped out from the car. I sniffed the air quickly, it would rain in a couple hours, but we'd be fine to sit outside for now. I looked to the closest treeline, Kyle was there, I knew he was.

"Stay in the open" Kyle told me

"We will" I cut the conversation short and looked to Robbie.

"How about we go grab some food and enjoy this beautiful day?" I ask Robbie as he shuts the door to the car.

"Yeah, that sounds nice." He replied with less sadness in his voice. Was I making him happy? I only want to make him happy.

We quickly got some food from an indoor shop and came outside to sit on a picnic table. I couldn't keep my eyes off Robbie. I think he was noticing that I'm staring. I can't resist looking at him though. I have to know more. I have to know everything.

"Company" Kyle's voice broke my thoughts. "At least three wolves."

"Fuck" I said mainly to myself but Kyle heard me.

"One shifted. He's headed your way. Be careful" Kyle warned me.

"You be careful. I can certainly handle one wolf. Flank them." My wolf was on edge. I don't want him in danger. But we are in a public place. He will have to get through me to get my mate.

"I'm in place. I'll watch unless they get aggressive. I don't think they know I'm here" Kyle was good at sneaking. So I wasn't worried.

I seen Robbie looking at me, and realized my face wasn't soft right now. I was ready for a fight. I softened my features as I looked at him. He was looking at me with a strange look that I couldn't understand. He broke his stare and looked toward a man approaching us. From here I could smell him. Wolf, don't recognize him though. He was only in some jean shorts. No shirt. He was dark complected, darker than Lee. Broad chest. Rippling muscles, he could intimidate most. He wouldn't touch my mate.

"Robbie, hello" this man's voice was almost a growl.

"Who are you?" Robbie asked. God his voice makes me want him. Not now, I have to focus.

"We are here to take what's ours." The man said directly to Robbie as he leaped for him.

I reacted quickly. I jumped in front of Robbie and the man crashed into my fist with his face. He fell on the ground but quickly got back up. His eyes fell on me.

"Don't get between us bitch" He snarled.

"You won't touch him." I bit back at him. My eyes wandered around the parking lot quickly. Nobody in sight. Crap. He could change at any time. I had to be careful.

"You will not interfere" he growled in my direction.

I stood my ground as he started charging again. I grabbed his arm and threw him back the direction he came from.

"I killed these two before they could warn him. He has no backup" Kyle's mind reassured me. I felt more relaxed.

I looked back at Robbie before the guy could get up. He looked completely freaked out. I mean, normal humans would. I am pretty tiny and just threw a very large man quite the distance. I hope he doesn't fear me after this.

I walked toward the guy laying on the ground. Looked like I broke his arm in the throw. Good.

"Leave now," I said too quiet for Robbie to hear. "Your buddies are already dead. Leave, or you are next."

The man scrambled to his feet and started running. "We will get him!" He yelled back as he kept running.

"Kill him when he can't be seen" I tell Kyle. I can feel Kyle's bloodlust.

My eyes go back to Robbie. His eyes are wide and he was staring at me with something. I can't tell what that look is. God I need him to understand. He is MINE.


Author's note: Please let me know how you guys like this and if you want more. I will put the next chapter up (yes, there will be a sex scene). But this chapter was mainly for introductions. This is my first time writing for other people so please, give me notes if you don't like it!!

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