A Little Secret

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A Weekend to Relax...Maybe

Chapter 13: A Weekend to Relax…Maybe


I groaned and fall face first on my bed after dropping my bag that the end of my bed.

“What’s wrong?” Toshiro chuckled a little from his side of the room.

“It’s Friday, why am I so tired?” I said into my pillow, which probably came out as a jumbled mess to Toshiro.

“Well we have been training every day after school before doing homework. So I can understand why you’re so tired. Your body isn’t use to the continuous training of using an element. Using your element does take both physical, mental strength, and stamina.” Toshiro explained.

I turned over onto my right side after kicking my shoes off and they hit the floor with a thud.

“So maybe we should go for a run. That should wake you up!” Shiro exclaimed with a bit of a to more then happy voice for my taste.

“No.” I said flatly. “I want to relax. In normal sports there is at least one day off. Can’t today be that day off from us training so our bodies can take a break? Don’t you get weekends off at the academy?” I asked looking over at him after pulling my legs the rest of the way onto my bed.

Toshiro laughed lightly, “We do get weekends off if your class doesn’t run on a Saturday at least. But I get what your saying. We’ll take the day off to rest.”

“Thank you.” I sighed in relief rolling over to my back.

“Besides we have all weekend to get our homework done.” Shiro mentioned.

That evil thing that teachers decide to give us... I wonder if the academy in Amoura does the same thing. Though at the same time I don’t want to ask because it’ll probably end up being a yes.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. As I exhaled it felt like my body was just sinking into the comfortable mattress that was under me.

“Did you want to go to you parents tonight?” Toshiro questioned.

“We can do that. Just let me lay here for about an hour and we can go.” I said.

“Not a problem.” Toshiro chuckled lightly. “I have to go talk with headmaster anyways.”

“Okay. If I’m asleep when you get back wake me up.” I told him as he was putting his shoes on.

“Can do.” He smiled and waved goodbye as he left the room.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. It was nice a peaceful in the room. I could hear people talking outside but it wasn’t very loud since the room was on the second floor and people weren’t being obnoxious. It was nice though, the quiet that is. Before I knew it I was drifting off.

“Sas-uke…” Someone’s voice called to me. It sounded familiar but why couldn’t I place it…”Sasuke the teacher’s coming…” The voice whispered to me again.

I opened my eyes slowly and blinked a few times. A loud slap vibrated the desk that I was sleeping in and I quickly sat straight up and kids in the class laughed. I looked up to see that the teacher wasn’t one of my normal teachers. It was someone who looked like my father instead. “Sasuke is my class that boring to you?” He questioned looking down at me obviously not happy.

I quickly shook my head and “N-no sir. I’m sorry sir.” I said quickly which only made the kids in the class laugh more.

“Try to stay awake.” He sighed and walked back up to the front of class.

“Is that dad?” I muttered a bit confused. He certainly looked like dad but…with a different hairstyle. On the left side by his temple and past his ear was buzzed down and the rest of his black hair was long and layered. The furthest it went down was to the top of his shoulder blades. He also didn’t really dress like a teacher. He wore a lose button up shirt that showed the tank top that he was wearing underneath, dark blue jeans, and black and while sneakers.

“Who is that? I’ve never seen him as a teacher before.” I muttered and turned around to see who it was that woke me up. I stopped when I saw that Sean was sitting behind me. I could have sworn that Toshiro usually sat there.

“He’s a new teacher. I can’t remember his name though.” Sean answered quietly.

“Where’s Shiro?” I asked him trying to get straight to the point.

“Shiro? Dude did you hit your head this morning? There’s no one here that has that name.” Sean answered again.

I shook my head, “His name is Toshiro. Toshiro Unido. He’s my roommate and he started coming here at the beginning of the year.”

“Sasuke there’s seriously no one here that has that kind of name. You’re the only one here with a Japanese name.” He replied.

“Will you two geeks be quiet.” Another student hissed at us.

I went to say something to him but stopped when I looked at his face. There were no eyes. Well there were but they were blurred out. I looked around and everyone around us were like that. “What’s going on?” I muttered.

“It’s activity time class.” I looked back up to see the teacher writing something on the board.

When I read it my heart stopped. “Find the elemental…” I muttered under my breath.

“Since I was allowed to bring this class to you all this year I want to see if anyone can spot the elemental in the room.” He smiled happily at all of us. When his piercing golden gaze landed on me I felt a shiver go down my spine. What was I going to do? I can’t panic that would just give me away. What is the point of this game? What was the point of this class even? Who is this man? Why does he look so much like dad?

It felt like he was ripping down my entire defense and exposing me to the rest of the class. I managed to pull my eyes away from the teacher’s gaze and looked behind me at Sean. But he was looking down at his desk and shaking.

“Sean…” I muttered and reached back to try and comfort him. He smacked away my hand and looked up at me.

“How could you lie to me Sasuke? I thought we were best friends. How could you keep something like this away from me?” He sounded angry.

“S-Sean I told you about it…I told you about it a while ago. Why are you upset?” I said a bit confused.

“I hate you…” hissed out of his mouth.

“Sean….” I didn’t know what to say to him.

“YOU’RE A FREAK! HOW COULD I EVER BE BEST FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE LIKE YOU?” He shouted at me. I quickly got out of my chair and stumbled back landing on the floor between the rows.

“W-what do you mean? Why…why can’t we be friends…I don’t understand Sean…please don’t do this.” I felt tears well up in the corner of my eyes and reached out to him. “Please don’t leave me.” I cried out as the tears slipped down my cheeks.

A clapping sound echoed around me as my surroundings turned black. I looked back and the teacher was still there. He was the one that was clapping. “Well played…yes well played in deed. What a beautiful performance.” He voice went into a higher pitched laugh. The laugh came from his throat as a twisted smile crept its way over his lips. I started scooting back away from him as he kept coming closer.

“Please stay away.” I asked.

He let out a loud laugh. “Oh god your just like your mother. So polite and innocent... What have you been over protected your entire life?”

I didn’t know how to respond. I was terrified; my heart was racing, as he came closer and closer. “H-how…who…” I couldn’t make a full sentence.

“You’re a mixture of both your mother and your father with your mother piercing red eyes and your father’s strong body frame but with a hint of your mother’s delicate frame as well. Though others would say that you’re the spitting image of your father with your mother’s eyes, but seriously who uses that cliché.” He snickered.

“You know…mom and dad?” I asked as he now towered over me. I swear that my heart was beating out of my chest. I was terrified. I didn’t know that someone who has the same face as my father could be so terrifying. “Who are you?”

He just laughed. “Oh you’ll find out soon enough. It’s good to see that you’re scared. How about you show me a little bit of what you can do.” Out of thin air he created a weapon. The sounds of chains from a black and golden Kusarigama. The chain hit the black floor and was also wrapped around his left hand as the weight on the end of the chain lightly swung back and forth. On the other end in his right hand was the blade with golden waves going through a black background and the gold breaking the black of the blade away from the darkness that was around us.

I’m going to die…No I can’t die. I haven’t done anything with my life. My fight or flight response kicked in and my body chose fight. I threw my right hand up and out towards this man and shot a fireball towards him then got up and ran. “So we’re going to run! This is exciting!” He cackled and then I heard footsteps chasing after me. “I love a good chase it makes things exciting.”

I jumped up in the air and spun around kicking a large flame through the air and he quickly knocked it away. He’s strong. Just who am I going against? The only way I think I’m going to get out of this is if I can use my ice element too. Created a wall of fire between us and then quickly sat down and closed my eyes to concentrate. “Come on come on where are you…” I muttered to myself and dug deep inside myself to find that spot of cold. I found the little crystal of ice that was floating there alone. I walked up to it and lightly placed my hands around it and brought it closer to me. “Hey there. Do you think you can help me out? I’m in a bit of a bind and I would love for you to be friends with my fire.” I asked the ice crystal. I moved it in closer to my chest and it rippled into my body. A freezing waved engulfed my body instantly cooling down my body temperature. “Thank you.” I smiled and opened my eyes just in time to see this man jumping through the wall of fire.

I exhaled quickly and I could see my breath escape from my lips as I rocked back into my back and kicked my feet up in front of me and a thin wall of ice formed between us and I rolled over to my knees. Before I could see if he broke through this little wall I created I spread ice on the floor and started running away from him again. I ran as fast as I could. I wasn’t paying attention and I ran into something. I hit the ground hard.

“Sasuke what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Toshiro’s voice echoed over me and I looked up.

“Shiro…” I said and felt a warmth flow over me again as I saw him squat down to my level with his soft smile that he always wears. “Where were you damn it?” I asked as the tears started to flow down my face.

He placed his hands on my cheeks and wiped away my tears. “It’s okay I’m here now.” My white hair friend said softly. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug. My hands stuttered for a moment then I wrapped my arms around him Even though he was cold I still could feel the warmth from his hug. Shiro pulled away from me and placed his right hand back on my cheek and then he did something that I didn’t expect. His face was so close to mine that I could feel his icy breath against my lips. I felt frozen in place I didn’t know what to do. Shiro pressed his lips on mine and the space between our bodies was nonexistent.

I gasped and launched off my pillow and looked around the room. Sean was standing next to the bed. “S-Sean…” I said breathing heavily.

“Dude I came in because I thought you were using liquid nitrogen in here. But instead it’s freezing. What’s going on?” Sean asked a bit confused.

“It was just a dream.” I weaved my hands into my hair and laughed lightly. “It was all just a dream.”

“Sasuke focus man.” I felt Sean’s hand grip onto my shoulder and shift my upper body towards him so I was looking right at him. “What were you doing in here?”

“I-I think I accidently went into my second element. I thought it was just in my dream, but I guess not.” I answered blinking a few times.

“Second element? You can use more then the fire you showed me?” He whispered to me. That’s right I never did tell him what a moon elemental can do and that they don’t really have an element of their own.

I just nodded. “I-it’s kind of a long story.” I replied.

“You just keep getting weirder and weirder don’t you?” He snickered a bit and let go of my shoulders. “Maybe whatever you ate or drank before taking a nap you shouldn’t do from now on. You aren’t at home ya know. You have the rest of us normal people around to question what’s going on. You should just be lucky that it was me and not someone else that saw the fog.”

“R-right.” I laughed a bit.

“Sasuke you up? Oh hello Sean.” Toshrio walked into the room and I instantly froze. He must have noticed that I stiffened up and tips his head towards me and blinked. “You okay? Your acting like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Well I’m going, see ya later.” Sean waved nonchalantly and walked past Toshiro and left the room.

“You okay?” Shiro asked again and I quickly nodded.

“I-I just had a really crazy dream is all.” I answered rubbing the back of my neck and looking away from him.

“Did you want to talk about it?” Shiro seemed really concerned about it.

“It was really scary…” I said looking down at my lap. “A-and I may have accidently been using my ice element while I was sleeping.”

Toshiro stopped putting stuff in a duffel bag and ran over to me clutching my shoulders and shaking me. “What did you do? Did anyone see anything?” He sounded panicked.

“T-the only one that saw something was Sean. B-but I know he won’t say anything. I trust him.” I answered quickly.

“You trust a guy who one almost beat you up and two keeps picking on you through out the school day ever day…Are you insane?” He was dead serious about this. Though Toshiro didn’t really understand that it was kind of an agreement that we had with each other. And the picking on me wasn’t really all that bad.

“N-no I’m not insane…I trust him. He’s been a good friend for a long time. I mean yeah he picks on me but I know he means well. He’s known that I can control at least fire for a little bit now. I’m sorry if I fucked up.” I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but crying today, but the tears came again “It’s just a lot of stress and I needed someone to talk to.” I replied as the sobbing started to take over my voice.

I jumped a little when I felt Toshiro’s arms wrap around me. I quickly stiffened up and didn’t know what to do. “I’m sorry Sasuke. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. I know this is a lot to take on all at once. And with being a moon elemental on top of it makes it a lot worse.” My arms stuttered for a moment and finally decided to hug him back.

We stayed like that for another minuet or so and then we let go of each other and he stepped away. “Again I’m sorry Sasuke. I didn’t mean to upset you. Maybe you should talk with your parents about the dream if it shook you up so much. I know since we only met a little while ago so it makes since that you really wouldn’t want to come to me with that kind of thing, but I am here for you. You can come to me with anything you need.” He smiled at me.

I nodded and wiped away my tears. “Thank you Shiro.”

“Your welcome.” He answered as he went back to his bag.

“I should probably pack up my homework so we can get going shouldn’t I?” I laughed a little as I got off the bed and packed up my homework and slipped on my shoes. “You ready to go?” I asked my roommate.

He nodded and threw his duffel bag over his shoulder. I grabbed my keys and we headed out to my house. Hopefully I could relax a little bit and I can put that crazy dream behind me. Toshiro and I talked about a few things on the way to my house but it wasn’t anything important. I was just asking him questions on what the academy was like and how it was laid out. He was happy to answer and when we got home mom was already home.

The house smelled like beef stew and it instantly made me hungry. “Mom mom!!” I called out to her as we came into the house.

“I’m in the living room dear.” Mom answered and I ran into the living room.

“I was able to connect with my ice element! I can switch between the two now!” I exclaimed.

She bounced up and down and pulled me down onto the couch and hugged me tight. “I’m so happy for you Sasuke! Oh wait till John here’s about this!” Mom let go of me and kissed my forehead. “Shiro you can really work with him. And you two can make such beautiful ice things. OH this is so exciting!!!”

I heard a big truck’s breaks close by and I went over to the window to see what was going on. I know that I saw some random stuff in the yard of the house across the street. Now there was a moving truck in front of it. “Hey mom is someone moving in across the street?” I asked looking back at her.

She smiled and nodded “Mhm. I invited them over for dinner. You can go over and introduce yourself to them if you would like to.”

“Oh um…sure. I’ll go say hi.” I nodded and headed towards the door. “Shiro you can come too. If they have kids then they’ll be going to the same school as us at least for now till we leave.” I stated.

“Sure I’ll go meet them.” Toshiro nodded and we both went over to the house across the street.

“Hale catch.” A boys’ voice called out from the moving truck.

“…No…it can’t be…” I muttered and walked over to the truck to look inside.

Two boys with light blue hair were in the back of the truck and the one with long hair that he had thrown up in a messy bun was heading out of the truck. “Hey there.” I called to them.

“Hello.” They said in unison.

Damn over these years they’ve gotten better at being able to say things at the same time. “I’m from across the street. I’m Sasuke Kaisai.”

“No way…Sasuke!!” The one in the back exclaimed and set down what he had in his hands and ran past his brother and jumped out of the truck. “It’s me Tate!” His hair is messy and I’m assuming that it’s just to the top of his shoulder blades when it’s down. Right now he had it pulled up with a headband and a ponytail.

I couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m surprised that you didn’t make me guess who was who.”

“Well…” They both said with a smile. “Since some jerk decided to take a chunk out of Tate’s hair we don’t really have the same hair style anymore. It’s a bit difficult to play that game.” Hale answered as he carried his box out of the back of the truck.

“Really? What are with elementary kids? Geez people…” I sighed. “Oh right Hale, Tate this is my friend Toshiro Unido. Toshiro this is Hale Snyder and Tate Snyder.”

“You’re an elemental too aren’t you Toshiro?” Tate instantly asked him.

I was a bit shocked. How did Tate know that? “Oh yes I am. And by you answer I’m assuming that you are as well.” Toshiro laughed.

“Can you guess what we are?” They asked in unison as Tate hooked his arm over my shoulders and rested his bare forearm against my neck. I took a sharp breath in as I felt a creeping sensation spread where Tate’s arm was on my neck and spread across me head and through out my body. My vision was taken over by darkness. I felt my legs giving out someone caught me. “Sasuke!” Hale called out to me and I heard the box that he was hold drop.

“Sasuke are you okay?” Toshiro asked. His voice was close so he must have been helping hold me up.

“Yeah…yeah, I’m okay. Just blacked out a little bit.” I answered as my vision started coming back.

“What just happened?” Tate questioned really confused.

“Hello boys.” I looked back and over to my left to see dad standing there with his arms crossed.

“Hey there dad.” I greeted as Tate and Shiro helped me stand back up.

“Evening Mr. Kaisai.” The twins said in unison.

“Afternoon Headmaster.” Shiro smiled.

“Hale, Tate, I would suggest not really making prolonged skin contact with Sasuke. He’s not really use to the sensations of getting a new element. Though now he has dark as an element.” Dad smiled a little bit trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m so sorry Sasuke I didn’t know you could do that.” Tate apologized quickly.

“I’m going to assume that Hale is light then.” I chuckled.

“How can you do that? That’s really confusing.” Hale commented tipping his head to the right a bit to look at me.

“I’m what’s called a moon elemental like dad is.” I smiled at him.

“That’s so cool. I thought you were just a fire elemental!” Hale laughed a little. “So there’s more then meets the eye to the shortest in the group.”

“Do you want me to give you some fire for that burn that you just gave me?” I asked him raising an eyebrow.

We all started to laugh and my dad put a hand on my head. “So your mom told me you had something exciting to tell me.”

“Oh right! I was able to access my ice element today!” I told him.

“Congrats son. I’m happy that you were able to connect with your second element. That was the hardest thing for myself to do when I was just starting out.” Dad messed up my already messy hair. “Hale, Tate go ahead and use Sasuke and Toshiro to help you get everything into the house. Then get your parents and come over for dinner. I know Yui has already told your parents about dinner.”

Toshiro and I looked at each other like we just got ratted out for something. I know that I was going to help them out because they’re old friends but throwing Shiro into this too…

“Not a problem. I don’t mind helping.” Shiro smiled.

“Thank you guys.” Hale said picked up the box he was carrying and handed me the box.

“Your welcome.” I nodded. The faster it got done the sooner we could relax so off to the races and to get the stuff into the house. I had old friends moving in right across the street how could I not be happy about that.

With the four of us we got it done in no time. I talked with the twins’ parents as we bopped in and out of the house. Once we got the truck unloaded all of us went over to my house and mom and dad had beef stew and mom made lemon bars sitting out along with apple crisp that was throwing off heat so it must have just come out of the oven. This is going to be a nice night.

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