A Little Secret

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Letting the Truth Out

Chapter 15: Letting the Truth Out


“That’s ridiculous. So just because you have really good swimming records is why Andrew wants you in his group?” Snowflake commented as he leaned back in his chair. I’m at the Kaisai’s house right now. It’s like 9:30 in the morning and Sasuke, Toshiro, Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai, and myself are sitting at their dinning room table eat breakfast. I ran over here this morning after over hearing Andy, Sam, and Nick babbling obnoxiously loud in the room when I was coming back from my morning run. Instead of going into the room I just instantly turned around and ran here to ask if what I over heard the three stodges talking about was actually true.

“He also told me if I value Sasuke that I’ll do what he says and if I don’t he’ll make sure that everything that happens will be blamed on me if anything happens.” I sigh as I pick at my bottom lip.

“Sean, please don’t pick at your lip.” Mrs. Kaisai asked and I instantly dropped my hand.

“Sorry.” I muttered quietly.

“He can’t threaten someone like that. I’ll be sure to have a talk with Mr. Wolfe. And I would suggest putting in a dorm room swap request form. The sooner that you get out of that room the better.” Mr. Kaisai mentioned to me. “You should have come to me the day this started to happen.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized looking down at my lap.

“Andrew doesn’t scare me; I can handle him. I have for all these years.” Sasuke commented I’m sure he’s just trying to make me feel better.

“But, Sasuke, it wasn’t nearly as bad when we were younger. And the fact that he’s going after you just because he wants me on the swim team is not the right way in the slightest to go about it.” I mention and I pick up my fork and poke at my food. I wasn’t really all that hungry with everything that’s going on. “And the fact that he said you got involved the day you stepped in to defend Toshiro when he told me to go pick on him…”

“But you still call me snowflake.” Toshiro mentioned and I shrugged.

“Well it fits and it’s not that bad of a nickname.” I shrug glancing over at Toshiro with a bit of a smirk. “But Clary was right, they bring out the worst in me and I really don’t like it.”

“So don’t hang out with them.” Sasuke mentioned.

“Were you not listening to a thing that I just said?” I puffed out my cheeks a bit at Sasuke like a child.

“I did, but you were going to join the swim team anyways. You don’t need Andrew to control your life. Your better then him and the two jerks he hangs out with. You have better friends.” He smiled back at me.

I couldn’t help but smile a bit, “Yeah because having a friend who can control different elements is something that happens on every day occasions.” I chuckled.

“Did you want to repeat what you just said a little louder for me Sean?” Mr. Kaisai said and I instantly froze. Fuck I shouldn’t have said that. I promised that I wouldn’t say anything.

“I um…I know Sasuke’s an elemental…” I squeak out and sink into my chair a bit more and looked over at Mr. Kaisai. “I know that you and Mrs. Kaisai and Toshiro are elementals too.”

Mrs. Kaisai started laughing. Her laugh is so warm and welcoming it’s nice to hear. “Sean dear you don’t have to try and hide. Sasuke already told us that he told you.”

I looked over at Sasuke and he was holding his hand over his mouth trying to not to laugh at my reaction. “Sasuke you jerk; you could have said something to me about it.” I exclaimed.

“Just your reaction to dad was priceless.” Tears are forming at the corner of his eyes and he’s starting to giggle. “Dad might be scary at times but he’s not that bad.”

I face feels like it’s on fire. And I just shove a fork full of pancakes in my mouth to keep me from saying anything else. Even snowflake was laughing at me. This is so embarrassing. “Oh Sean sweetie you don’t have to be embarrassed. You can ask us whatever you would like.” Mrs. Kaisai smiled sweetly at me.

“Um…why can Sasuke use more then one element?” I asked.

“I’m right here ya know.” Sasuke spoke up.

“Hm…” Mr. Kaisai hummed and I looked over at him. “How about we finish up breakfast then I can actually give a break down for elementals. I haven’t given Sasuke the break down for them yet either so it’ll be easier just having to explain it once.”

“Don’t worry he does this all the time.” Sasuke leaned over to me and whispered.

“No I don’t.” Mr. Kaisai said very calmly as he picked up his cup of coffee and took a drink.

“Yes you do dad.” Sasuke retorted.

“Any other questions?” Mr. Kaisai changed the subject.

Alright, on to the next question then, “If Sasuke can use more then one element then does that mean that every elemental can do that?”

“No, only a moon elemental can control more then one element. But they can not control more then on element at a time. They need to switch between the elements that they have obtained from another elemental.” Mr. Kaisai answered in a very calm voice. There was nothing harsh in his words.

“Um…obtain from another elemental?” I blinked a few times I’m starting to get really confused.

“So normally if you have one parent that is an elemental and the child is a moon elemental then the child will get their base element from the parent. But moon elementals are one of the rare types of elementals. Sasuke got his base element from me, which is the element that they will naturally go back to when they are physically and mentally exhausted.” Mrs. Kaisai explained with her normal chipper voice.

“So, your element is fire then…that’s why you were really warm when you hugged me. I noticed that Sasuke’s like a person body heater too.” I laughed a bit.

“N-No I’m not.” Sasuke stuttered and I looked over at him with a smirk as I cross my arms over my chest.

“Sasuke, you said so yourself that you’re a personal body heater and you don’t think I didn’t notice that you were already dry when I was trying to teach you how to float.” I mentioned. “So is yours like snow or something?” I asked looking over to Toshiro.

“I’m an ice elemental. I branch off of the water elemental.” Snowflake responded and I rose and eyebrow at him and tipped my head.

“Like I said I’ll explain it when we’re done eating.” Mr. Kaisai spoke up and then he chuckled a bit. “Your curiosity is just as high as Sasuke’s is though.” He added in. “It’s not a bad thing.”

I smiled a bit and ate a bit more of my breakfast. I asked if Liz knew and Sasuke told me no. I think he wanted to keep it that way. Probably because she did like to talk a lot so that makes sense for not wanting to tell her. Once everyone was finished I helped clean up everything and then Mr. Kaisai had us sit down in the living room and he broke down what the different elements were and how a moon elementals obtained their different elements. And that helped explain why I saw the fog coming out of Sasuke and Toshiro’s room that day. It was really interesting to learn. It was like I was getting an in-depth lesson of something that was coming straight out of the fairy tail book.

It was nice to be able to hang out like this. I felt relaxed. I wasn’t stressed or on edge. I felt comfortable around them. Yeah they were different from me, but being different was something that made them feel better. The day apparently flew by and by the time I realized it Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai told me to spend the night. I called my foster parents just to check up with them and to let them know how I’m doing and that I’m spending the night at the Kaisai because I lost track of time but I’ll come over in the morning and spend the day with them and Lilly. I’ll just have to go back to the school in order to get the rest of my homework. I don’t think that I’ve smiled and laughed this much in a long time. It was a nice change of pace.

I feel like the weekend by too fast, but Mr. Kaisai did say that he was going to have a talk with Mr. Wolfe so we’ll see what happens. I’m slightly nervous about that, but I was able to get a dorm room swap form from the Student affairs office and I filled it out there just so Andy couldn’t catch me doing it. Other then that the day was going buy smoothly. Andy, Sam, and Nick were called to the office during lunch. So I’m going to assume that Mr. Kaisai was able to talk with Mr. Wolfe.

But right now I’m tapping my foot lightly but rapidly on the tile floor in the locker room as I we wait for Mr. Wright to have us go out into the gym. It’s my last period of the day. I’m not sure why I feel so nervous. It may be from the death glares I’m getting from the three stodges. It didn’t go well; I can already tell. I’m in deep shit with them. Even more then before…fuck me.

Thank god that we are playing volley ball with the girls and not soccer or hockey. The pretty much two contact sports where we can nail each other really hard. But it went pretty smooth thankfully Clary and Arianna are in my gym class and they snagged me for their team before Sam could probably call on me. It was fun though. We didn’t have to go against Sam’s team which was a blessing and a half. But I think I spoke too soon. With school being done for the day I’m at my locker and figuring out what I needed to take back to the dorm for homework tonight. I’m not really paying much attention to anything till someone grabs the back of my shirt and pulls me away from my locker and slams me up against the lockers that were close by.

“Ya ratted on me ya fuckin’ sleeze ball?” Andy spat in my face as he held me against the locker with his fist locked in my shirt.

“You can’t go around threatening people and expect to get away with it.” I reply standing my ground with him. I wasn’t afraid of him and if everything goes well I will be able to move into a different room.

“I don’t have to threat ya if I get ya expelled foster boy.” He glared at me.

“I haven’t done anything wrong.” I retorted. He’s always thrown that in my face and I’m getting tired of it. “And stop calling me that. Not everyone can have an easy of a life as you okay smart ass. Yeah I’m a foster kid, no I’ve never know who my parents are, but that give you no fucking right to throw that in my face. Now quite being a little fucking piss pot and grow a pair.”

“Yer a fuck up that’s all ya’ll will ever be. I swear if I lose my fucking title as captain of the swim team there’ll be hell to pay.” He spat twisting his fist into my chest a bit more making me flinch a bit.

“Andrew.” A sharp voice cut through the air and all the commotion that was in the hall went silent. I looked over to see that Principal Wolfe was briskly walking towards us. “Let go of Mr. Zimmer’s shirt and back to my office right now.” He sounded pissed, how long was he watching?

Andrew did what his father told him to do and did something stupid with giving me one last shove before storming off to the principal’s office.

“Sean are you okay?” I looked the other way to see Sasuke coming over with snowflake.

“I’m fine. I put in a dorm room swap before lunch today.” I sigh a bit frustrated and worried at the same time about what Andy said to me. Just who would he take it out on? I know that there are security camera’s in the school and pool, but I was still worried.

“Did you explain the situation that you were having while you were filling out the form?” Toshiro questioned.

I nod and go back to getting the rest of my stuff out of my locker. “Don’t be surprised if I come knocking on your door to sleep over tonight though.”

“Your always welcome to come over to our room at any time.” Snowflake smiled at me. He wasn’t so bad once you get to know him.

I let out a loud sigh of frustration and run my fingers through my hair. “So are you open to try to learn how to float against or are you two doing stuff?” I asked I’m sure they knew by stuff I meant their training thing that they were doing.

“We’re doing stuff.” Snowflake answered.

“Your welcome to come watch if you want to though.” Sasuke offered. He could probably tell that I didn’t want to be in my dorm room.

“Are you sure?” I look back and forth between the two of them.

“We’re not going to force you. Just figured that it would be better then sitting in your dorm.” Sasuke mentioned.

“Sure I’ll come then.” I nodded and closed my locker.

It wasn’t just Toshiro and Sasuke doing the training thing though. I got to meet a couple of Sasuke’s old childhood friends Hale and Tate Snyder. They were twins. It just oozes out of them because of how they talk to people and finish each other sentences. I don’t think that I ever met them when we were younger. They were a bit nervous to tell me what their elements were. I mean I don’t blame them for being nervous about it. It wasn’t till Sasuke told them that it was okay and that I already knew about elementals for them to tell me that Hale was a light elemental and Tate was dark. Then again it made sense. They were twins so why couldn’t one be dark and the other be light. Though it was interesting to watch them spar whenever I looked up from my homework. Watching them use their elements in action made me a little sad that I didn’t have one myself. But eh that’s life right?

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