A Little Secret

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Of Course Things Take a Turn for the Worst

Chapter 17: Of Course Things Take a Turn for the Worst


“Come on dad tell me please.” I begged. I’m at home tonight because it’s my mom’s birthday. That’s right October 25th is my mother birthday. My mom is 39 today and I’m trying to convince dad to tell me what he got mom. I had given mom my gift when I got up this morning with her and dad. It was a traditional Japanese fan. I remember her having one when I was little, but I don’t know what happened to it.

“I got her a new Yukata from the both of us.” Dad chuckled and handed me the box of cake mix. “Can you bake the cake please.” He asked as he went into the living room. A yukata is a like a summer kimono that’s made out of cotton or a synthetic fabric. Mom always looked so pretty when she would dress up in her kimono’s. I’m excited to see it.

“Oh dad before I forget. What’s your actual age? Mom’s always said that your older then you look.” I called out to him Dad’s always told everyone that he’s 35, but I have my doubts with his base element being time and all.

“Get the cake in the oven and I’ll tell you.” He answered back.

Challenge accepted. I got out a bowl and the ingredients that I needed turned on the oven and started mixing everything together in the bowl. The oven beeped as I was greasing the pan so the cake wouldn’t stick. Dad came into the kitchen.

“You’ve gotten pretty far.” He said and I figured that he was up to something.

I looked at my bowl of cake mix and then back at dad. “Don’t you dare.” I warn but I was too late. He grabbed my cake mix.

“Give it back.” I said and tried to grab him but before I could even touch him he was gone. How did he do that?

“Come on Sasuke you’ve gotta be faster then that.” I looked up and dad was standing in the door way with the bowl. What element was he using? I haven’t seen this one before.

“Dad that’s not fair.” I whined and went after him. Right before I could get my arms around him, in a snap of a finger he was on the other side of the kitchen and he was pouring the batter into the pan.

“What element are you using?” I asked him as I came over to the counter. He couldn’t go anywhere while he was working on getting all the batter into the pan.

“It’s the space element. It’s another rare element. I haven’t seen a space element in the academy since Jaden. He’s the one I got it from.” He answered and handed me the pan when he got all the batter out of the bowl.

I went and put it in the oven and set the timer. “227.” I stood there with my pointer finger hovering over the timer button taking in what dad just whispered in my ear. I looked at him and blinked a few times.

“That’s a joke right? There’s no way you can be 227 years old.” I started to laugh a little bit.

Dad shook his head though. “Time elementals live for 800 years. So we age a lot slower.” I opened my mouth but dad put his hand up signifying that he wasn’t done talking. “No you don’t have any long lost half siblings. I’m one of those people who believe in true love and only being with one people in their life time.” Dad chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest. “You can call me old fashion if you want to.”

“How? Is that like a known fact or something?” I asked trying to wrap my head around it.

“I don’t know if the 800 years is true or not, but we can still die before then. Your going to live a lot longer too. I think it’s at least 600 years is what I’ve been told.” Dad continued as he started rinsing out the bowl.

“But shouldn’t I still be a little kid then technically?” I questioned as I put the eggs back in the fridge.

“Not necessarily. I’m going to sound redundant but Jaden was actually the son of a time elemental. He told me that it just seemed like time stopped for him and his aging when he turned 17 so maybe it’s the same for you.” He told me as we finished cleaning up the kitchen and still had time.

“It’s just weird to think about. Being the same as everyone around me is getting older.” I muttered.

“Come help me put up the banner. We have time before the cake can come out.” Dad motioned for me to follow him. “It’s something that you’ll never get use to. I can tell you that now. But forget about that. We have stuff we have to get done before mom get’s back.” He smiled at me.

I helped put up the banner and was just in time to get the cake out of the oven. Dad and I were trying our best to make a Japanese style dinner for mom. But we gave up after we made traditional Onigiri which is a Japanese rice ball. Both Dad and I aren’t big fans of raw fish so we decided to put dongpo pork in half of them and then pickled fruits and veggies in the other half. Then we started making pizza’s since the Snyder’s are coming over too.

I just finished frosting the cake when the front door opened. Welcome home Yui.” I heard dad say. I came out and mom and dad were kissing.

“Mom, dad, can you wait till I go to bed tonight please.” I teased them as I came over to both of them.

“Oh Sasuke you have frosting all over your face. How did you even do that?” Mom started giggling as she wiped some of the frosting off my nose.

“How was your day out with Mrs. Snyder?” I asked mom bating her hand away from my nose and she stuck her finger with the frosting on it in her mouth.

“I did!” mom chirped.

Dad still had a hold of mom’s other hand and he gave her a light tug. “Come on. I want to give you your birthday gift.” I followed mom and dad up the stairs and to their bed room. He opened the door and mom gasped.

“Happy birthday honey.” Dad said hugging her from behind. “It’s from both me and Sasuke.”

“You two…” Mom had tears in her eyes as she turned around reached out for me and pulled me into the hug. “I love you too so much. Thank you.” I’m around 5’8”. I’ve grown a bit since school started. But even before school I was taller then mom. Mom was like 5’3”-5’4”. Mom was just so small she was cute.

“I love you too mom.” My voice muffled by dad’s shirt.

“Will you wear it tonight?” Dad asked as we finally broke away from the hug. Dad wiped away mom’s tears as she nodded.

“I’m going to have to get cleaned up first though.” She laughed and I realized that I got frosting on both dad and mom.

“I think that makes all of us.” Dad mentioned and we all laughed.

I went to the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth. I think that I got most of the frosting off then I went and got changed. The door to my parent’s room was closed so I figured that mom or dad were getting changed. Or they could both be. I don’t want to know what they’re doing in there. I’m just happy that mom and dad are in such a great mood. Dad’s been so light hearted and actually goofing around with me. It’s like I was a little kid all over again.

I went down stairs and cleaned up the mess I made and got everything out that we needed and put the first two pizzas in the oven. Dad and I made four pizzas. One was just a cheese pizza, second one was cheese and peperoni, third was a white pizza so it had spinach and what not on it and the last one was a Hawaiian pizza.

Once I set the pop’s out along with some water and cups I wandered out into the hall and saw mom and dad coming down the stairs. Mom looked beautiful. The Yukata was black with a pink underline. The pattern was pick cherry blossoms in clusters mostly on the left shoulder and below the belt. The belt helped break up the pink and black because it was a pale green color. She had light make up on and her hair was up in a neat bun with a hair pin that I’ve known she’s had since I can remember. It was a black hair pin with a sakura blossom on top.

“Mama, you look beautiful.” I smiled as she got down the stairs and she hugged me.

“Thank you so much Sasuke.” She smiled into my chest as she hugged me tight.

There was a knock on the door as mama and I broke our hug. “I’ll get it.” Dad said and went to the door. It was the Snyder’s at the door.

“Oh my goodness Yui you look so beautiful in that.” Mrs. Snyder who just spent pretty much the majority of the morning with mom squealed as she slipped out of her shoes and ran over to mom and hugged her.

“Thank you, John and Sasuke got it for me.” Mom chirped. I walked over to Hale and Tate as they took off their shoes.

“That’s a really beautiful kimono that you and your dad got your mom.” Hale complemented.

“Tell my dad that. He’s the one that picked it out. And it’s actually called a yukata. It’s a summer kimono. But it is a kimono so you were close.” I chuckled a bit.

“I was close at least.” Hale grumbled.

“You were; I was just telling you the proper term for what type of kimono mom had on is all. I’m not saying you were wrong. But dad and I did make some onigiri, uah rice balls sorry. Half have pork in them and the other half have pickled fruits and veggies. We also have the normal chips and dip, along with a cheese platter, with pop, water, and tea out in the kitchen.” I told them.

It was nice having this little party for mom with the Snyder’s. Mom and dad were best friends with Hale and Tate’s parents and two of my best friends. Yes, you can have more the one or two best friends. I have four actually. This also meant that I had a few people my age here to hang out with.

Mom complemented me and dad on our onigiri, though she’s always made them a lot better. It wasn’t bad considering that we haven’t made them ourselves in a while. And the pizza was really good too. I’m not a big fan of white pizza, but I’ve gotta say that it didn’t turn out too bad at all I even ate a couple slices of it. Mom, dad, and Mr. and Mrs. Snyder had their own conversation going on as they let the three of us play video games. There were a couple times where dad and Mr. Snyder joined in for a few matches to try and show us who’s boss and whoever they were going against just trounced them every time. Of course mom and dad were drinking a little Sake. If you don’t know sake is a Japanese rice wine. It was normally on their anniversary that they would have a small drink of Sake, but I think that tonight really did call for them to break some out and have some drinks with their friends.

It was all a lot of fun and mom seemed to be having a really good time. Seeing mom and dad so happy today really makes me happy. When it got around 7:30 the Snyder’s left and dad and I cleaned up the left overs. Dad’s cheeks were slightly pink from how much he had, but he was one who really could hold his liquor so it was kind of funny seeing his cheeks pink.

“Dad go help mom upstairs, I can take care of cleaning up.” I offered taking the plates from his hands.

“I won’t do that to you son.” He laughed lightly and messed with my hair.

“Dad really, I insist. Go make out with mom or something.” I laughed setting the plates down on the counter and pushing him out of the kitchen.

“John you big hunk of man get up here and help me get my yukata off.” Mom called from the top of the stairs.

I don’t think I needed to hear that, but I apparently had good timing. “I love you mom.” I called up to her after stumbling forward a little bit because dad used his space element again and blinked up to mom startling here as he embraced her.

“I love you too sweet heart. Don’t worry mommy and daddy can’t make any siblings.” Mom said and I felt my face heat up.

“That’s right your mother made me get clipped so it’s just for show.” I covered my ears.

“Guy really too much info for me. Just go do what ya gotta do.” I said and quickly went back into the kitchen.

I could hear mom and dad giggling and then I heard their door click shut. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I started moving dishes around. If it wasn’t for having to get the rest of the stuff from the living room I wouldn’t have heard the light knock on the door. When I opened it up Toshiro and Sean were standing there.

“Oh hey. What’s up?” I asked moving out of the way so they could come in.

“We wanted to wish your mom a happy birthday.” Shiro smiled and handed me the small box that was for mom.

“That’s really sweet of both of you, but mom and dad just went upstairs.” I mentioned.

“Really? But it’s only like eight.” Sean said tipping his head a bit.

“Well…they kinda had about half a bottle of sake so they were feeling a little frisky, that’s what I got from it.” I answered as I took the gift into the living room and set it on the coffee table as I collected the empty bottle of sake and the glasses. “There’s left over food if you guys want some. Mom only wanted a small party so it was just us and the Snyder’s, sorry about that.”

“Oh no it’s alright really.” Toshiro said as him and Sean followed me into the kitchen.

“It’s not a problem. You’ll laugh when I tell ya a fun story.” Sean mentioned.

“So we have cheese, peperoni, Hawaiian, and white, pizza, and then we also have onigiri, well rice balls sorry, and then we have a few different pops, some tea, and water.” I railed off to them as I took out some of the pizza. And then a loud laugh from mom came from upstairs. “John that’s cheating.”

“Their fine.” I said not even batting an eye at what I was hearing. “So what’s the story?”

Sean took a piece of the Hawaiian pizza and took a bite of it. “So snowflake and I went for a swim…” he started and then finished chewing his piece and swallowed. “And then the three stodges showed up and tried to tell us that the pool was theirs, so I challenged Andy to a race and if I won then we could stay there for as long as we wanted and if he won then we would leave.” He took another bite.

“Sean smoked Andrew. Andrew said he was cheating because they did it in free style. So they did Andrew’s strongest stroke, which is the butterfly…” Shiro continued just as excited about the story as Sean was.

“Fucking creamed him in that too.” Sean finished and I high fived him.

“Way to go. It’s good to put that jerk in his place.” I laughed as I went back to cleaning.

“Damn straight and now that I know that I can do it, it feels good to be able to cream him in swimming.” Sean snickered.

I’m glad that Sean and Shiro actually decided to hang out today too. I was worried that they were only hanging out with each other because of me. It was nice to see them getting along even with out me being there.

After Sean and Toshiro grabbed what they wanted for food wise I put everything else away and then we went out to the living room and I put on Netflix. I sat in the middle of the two of them as we picked out something funny to watch. I didn’t realize how tired I was because I ended up falling asleep during the movie.

My pillow feels really cool for some reason… I clink in the kitchen made me open my eyes.

Blinking a few times, I look up to see a sleeping Shiro. I quickly got my hands under me and I lifted myself up. I fell onto Shiro lap while I was sleeping. I felt something move under my legs and I noticed that Sean was still here. My legs were sprawled out on him. Now I feel really bad I was taking up the couch.

I carefully slipped off the couch and got Shiro’s and Sean’s legs up onto the couch before going out into the kitchen to see who was up. It was mom she was from what I can tell only wearing one of dad’s shirts.

“Good morning Sasuke.” My mom smiled brightly as I rubbed my eyes.

“Morning. What time is it?” I asked her.

“It’s 6 in the morning.” Mom answered sounded every happy.

“Oh right, Sean and Shiro stayed over last night.” I said leaning on the counter as mom poured two cups of coffee.

I felt a light breeze behind me and then a hand on my head. “Morning son.” Dad greeted seeming to have the same glow as mom had.

“Morning dad.” I greeted as he walked over to mom and waited for her to put the coffee pot down and he grabbed her and turned her around.

“And good morning beautiful.” He said and leaned down and kissed her deeply. It was really cute, but at the same time kinda awkward to watch.

Dad was just wearing his pajama pants, exposing his toned upper half. For dad being 6’2” his muscles weren’t ridiculous on him but you could trace them all the same. When dad had a shirt on you could never tell that he was actually as strong as he is.

“Ewwwww…”I commented making them laugh.

“You’ll find someone you really care about someday Sasuke and you’ll understand.” Mom smiled happily.

“I laughed lightly. “I’m still young, I have plenty of time.” I patted the counter lightly and then pushed off it. “I’m going to wake Sean and Shiro up.”

“Holy fuck Mr. Kaisai, your ripped.” Sean commented making me jump a bit because I didn’t hear him even get up.

“Sean language, this early in the morning.” Dad warned grabbing his cup of coffee.

“Sorry sir.” Sean instantly apologized.

“Happy late birthday Mrs. Kaisai.” Shiro greeted as he came in with the little box. “Sorry that we didn’t get here before you and Mr. Kaisai went to bed.”

“Awe thank you Toshiro.” Mom smiled sweetly and took the box and opened it. It was a very pretty bracelet. It actually ironically went along with the Yukata that dad got her. It had a cherry blossom charm on it.

“Sean and I pulled what we had together to get it for you.” Shiro mentioned.

“Well Mr. and Mrs. Carlson also helped us out a little bit.” Sean added in.

Mom set down the box and dad helped her put it on. It hung a little loose on her small wrist, but it shined nicely. She came over to the three of us and she hugged Sean and Toshiro. “Thank you boys so much. You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“But we wanted to.” Sean mentioned as he hugged my mom back.

Mom kissed both of them on the on the cheek before admiring her bracelet. “Do either of you want coffee? I know Sasuke doesn’t drink coffee.” Dad asked before taking a drink of his own.

“Sure. I haven’t had coffee in a while.” Sean nodded. “And it’ll help wake me up with the awkward way of sleeping on the couch last night.”

“You should have pushed me off the couch I wouldn’t have cared.” I defended.

“I’m fine with it. You kept my lap warm.” Shiro mentioned with a soft smile. “But I’m all good thank you Mr. Kaisai.”

“Coffee is gross.” I commented sticking out my tongue.

“Coffee is a beautiful thing.” Sean argued as dad handed him a cup.

“There’s creamer in the fridge and here’s sugar if you want it.” Dad said grabbing the little jar of sugar and placing it on the counter.

“Don’t forget boys it is Monday.” Mom added in.

“Ah hot.” I snickered a bit and I looked over at Sean and he was fanning off his mouth. “Don’t you say a word. Some of us can take hot temperatures.” Sean instantly pointed at me.

“How about I warm it up a bit more for you.” I leaned on the counter towards him and opened up my hand and made a small blue flame.

Sean pulled his cup closer to himself. “Do it and I kick you in the face.”

Our little spat got mom and dad to laugh. Toshiro finally got tired of it and took Sean’s cup from him for a minuet to cool it off for him and then gave it back. As Seam drank his coffee I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth. Once Sean was done mom wouldn’t let me leave with out a couple of containers. One had pizza in it and the other had onigiri in it. Then the three of us went to school.

School went as usual classes were normal. Had a crit in drawing and painting, but nothing all that major. Got what I could done for homework in my study halls and now it’s finally the end of the day. “Hey Sasuke.” I looked out from my locker as Sean walked over to me.

“What up?” I asked collecting what I needed to get done.

“Did you want to try again?” He asked and I’m assuming he’s talking about floating.

“Sure why not.” I nodded and then got pushed into my locker.

There was obnoxious laughing as I pulled myself out of my locker. “What the hell Andrew? Leave Sasuke alone.” Sean stood up for me.

“Get a room.” Sam spat as I got out of my locker

“Fuck off.” Sean snapped at them and I put a hand on Sean’s shoulder.

“Come on Sean. Their not worth the time of day.” I said putting my bag over my shoulder and closing my locker.

“Sasuke, Sean.” Liz called out to us. I looked over to see her and Toshiro coming over.

Andrew and his little gang left when Liz gave them a look of I’m going to kill you if you touch either of them. I think it’s that time of the month for her. “Hey.” Sean said and Liz grabbed my hands.

“So did your mom like the bracelet. I helped the boys pick it out.” She asked.

I smiled and nodded. “She loved it.”

Liz squealed and hugged me as she jumped up and down. “I’m so happy.”

Liz came with us to the pool. She tried cheering me on and I kept failing over and over again with trying to float. We took a bit of a break and I drug Liz into the water and took her under the water with me. We all were having a good time. Everyone at least had my hold onto the edge and making a kicking motion for swimming. Maybe doing something different would help. But it really didn’t. I still sink like a rock. When it got around five Liz got out and had to head out. The three of us decided to get out ourselves since we still had to eat and do our homework.

Sean, Shiro, and I hung out as we did our homework and when it got to be around 9:30 Sean left to go take a shower. Shiro and I did the same and around 10:30-11:00 we decided to call it a night.

I groaned a little when I looked at the clock it was two in the morning. I’m warm in my bed and my bladder is telling me it’s time to go pee. And unfortunately that means I have to get out of bed. I het getting up this early in the morning to pee. The light always hurts my eyes. But I managed to get to the bathroom and do my business. But when I was in front of Sean’s door something grabbed me from behind and put a cloth over my mouth. As I struggled against whoever was holding me I ended up kicking Sean’s door. The more that I breathed in the dizzier I got. There’s something on this cloth…I’m really dizzy…crap my legs are giving out on me. Everything was just really fuzzy and I could feel myself being dragged somewhere.

I think that I was taken outside. And then whoever had me we went back inside. I felt tile under me. I started to snap out of it when I being swung back and forth. I was at the pool and Andrew was holding onto my arms and my wrists felt like they were bound, but it wasn’t too tight.

“Wait don’t.” I tried but it was too late. They threw me into the air. All I could do was take a deep breath as I hit the water on my side. I was sinking. They threw me into the deep end of the pool. When I opened my eyes under the water the chlorine stung my eyes a bit but I started fidgeting with my hands and got them un done.

I can’t hold my breath much longer. I tried getting my legs out of the rope, but I can’t. the air slipped out of my lungs. I’m suffocating. Sean, someone…anyone…help me! I heard a splash in the water but everything went black as my lungs filled with water. Is this it?

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