A Little Secret

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Just, Everything is in the Way

Chapter 19: Just, Everything is in the Way


I haven’t been up to trying to work on my floating problem since last week. Sean hasn’t asked about it. Which is nice of him to do. He probably knows after something like that why would I? At least for a while. I never realized how afraid I am of water now till I walked to the pool with Sean last week. When we first started I was only joking around when I was fake panicking about being in the water, but now…I don’t know if I can get back in the pool. It’s getting close to mid terms which means the mid term break! That also means that Sean’s been a lot busier because he’s been kicking his training into high gear with his try out’s coming up in a week.

“I don’t know if I’ll make it on the team. Maybe I should just go back to the swim club in town and see if I can’t join the team there.” Sean groaned laying across the table in Art class. We had a sub in today so everyone who didn’t have their charcoal project done has another day to get it done before crit.

“You can do it. You’re the fastest person I know in the water.” I tried to encourage him.

“My stomach has been in knots since the sports meeting. There’s so many people trying out for the team this year.” He groaned.

“It’s both a guys and a girls’ team right?” I questioned, more so trying to get his mind off of the try outs.

“Yeah, the two teams are technically together, but there’s a guys’ coach and a girls’ coach. After try outs we’ll start having different practices most of the time just so everyone can spend an equal amount of time in the pool.” He explained not moving from his spot on the table.

“So all you have to do is stand out, which shouldn’t be a problem. You’ve killed the old record for the freestyle. Just do that and I’m sure that you’ll get in.” I mentioned.

“But the backstroke is my weakest stroke, if I have to do that I don’t even know if I’ll place.” I tipped my head a bit to the side.

“You have a weak stroke?” Escaped my lips as I rose an eyebrow at him.

“I can’t get the turn around right. It’s my weakest part of the stride. It’s probably why I mostly focus on free style so much.” Sean sighed.

“Why don’t you come over this weekend. I was planning on going home. Maybe that will help calm your nerves.” I offered trying to get him to cheer up a bit.

“I’ll think about it. How’s that sound?” I did manage to get a smile out of him, it’s a start at least.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I have to run home tonight to get my history book. I left it at home last weekend on accident so I’ll let my parents know that you may or may not come over this weekend.”

“You’re good at forgetting things.” He chuckled and I felt my face heat up.

“I am not.” I quickly answered puffing out my cheeks like a child.

“Are to.” He responded.

“Am not.”

“Are to.”

“Am not.”

“Are to, times infinity.” I feel my face getting so red. We’re arguing like children and he’s just sitting there sprawled out on the table smirking up at me like this is nothing. “I win.” He said.

“Fine, I’ll give you this one.” I huffed sliding onto the table myself.

“How are you feeling by the way? I don’t think I’ve asked.” I looked over at Sean and he had a concerned expression on his face.

“Physically I’m fine, mentally…I don’t know if I can get myself to go back into the pool.” I sighed a bit upset with myself because I’m letting what happened get to me. Of course I was close to dying so I’m sure that it’s only natural. But what confuses me is whoever was in the pool with me I thought I could feel something. Like my body wanted something from them, but I don’t know what. I’m sure that it was Sean that came in and got me from the pool because he was the only other person who was completely wet. “Thank you, for saving me by the way.” I added.

“I wasn’t going to let you drown for Andrew thinking that it was some sort of sick joke to throw you into a pool.” He responded. I could hear the anger in his voice when he said that. He was really upset still.

“Um…did something happen when you came to save me?” I guess I should probably rephrase that. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

“I had a little trouble with the stupid rope that they had tied around your feet, But I was able to get you out of it obviously.” I get a feeling he’s hiding something from me but what is it?

I moved my hand over to him and laid the back of my hand on top of his. Nothing…I’m not getting anything as usual. “What are you doing?” He chuckled.

The bell to end the period rang before I could answer him. “I’ll tell you later when I get back from home.” We don’t have another class together today and I can’t seem to catch him in the halls between our classes.

“So your going to go straight home after school. That’ll give me a chance to do a little bit of working out before you get back then.” He stood up and collected his books. “Do you have a rough idea of when you’ll get back tonight?”

“Not really, but if you’re not in your room I can just come to the pool and see if your there.” I smiled at him.

“Sounds good then. I won’t worry about it.” He waved as we headed off in opposite directions. “I’ll catch ya later.”

“See ya.” I said waving a little and then heading off to my next class.

The rest of school was kinda slow, but fast at the same time. I spent most of it racking my brain trying to figure out how I was going to explain why I did that earlier to Sean. I didn’t get anything from him as always, but I thought that…I could have sworn my body was trying to copy something from him. I’m I just going crazy? Or was it just me imagining things and my mind shutting down? “My head hurts…” I muttered quietly as I got back to my dorm room and threw my bag on the bed. Toshiro was already in the room.

“Why does your head hurt?” Shiro instantly questioned.

“I’m thinking too hard.” I responded.

“What are you thinking about? Maybe I can help.” My white haired friend offered, but I shook my head.

“I don’t think that anyone can really help. But anywho, did you want to come with me? I have to go home and get my history book.” I offered changing the subject. Maybe I’ll talk to dad about it, while I’m there.

“Sure. I don’t see why not.” He agreed and got up form his desk. I waited for him to get his shoes on and then we left.

It was a fairly quick walk home. I feel like it was faster then usual. But either way when we got home the Snyder’s were here. “I’m home.” I called out as I took off my shoes.

“Good timing Sasuke, and you brought Toshiro with you, good that means I only have to say things once.” Dad said as he walked from the kitchen to the living room.

I looked at Toshiro who looked at me. We were both really confused by what was going on. My history book was sitting on the coffee table where I had left it so that was good to know where that was. Shiro and I took a seat on the floor considering that the twins had the love seat and our parents were sitting on the couch. Well mom and Mr. and Mrs. Snyder were on the couch dad was standing, he kinda looked like he was debating on sitting in the recliner or not.

“Since everyone is here, I want to let you all know that Sasuke, Hale, and Tate are officially enrolled into the Academy and once we get to Amoura I can give you your keys to the dorm that you’ll be staying in, along with your school schedules. Toshiro, I moved you and Kyo into the same dorm with these three. That way they have someone to help them out. Your welcome to go back to the academy so you can move your stuff over to the new dorm. I did give Kyo your key to the dorm and he started moving his things over after class.” Dad sounded really excited about this. I think he was happy to be able to move to Amoura. Either that or he may have been able to get somewhere with talking to the elders about Mr. and Mrs. Snyder moving to Amoura. Though I’m not too sure.

I was happy to hear it, but at the same time my heart sunk down to my stomach and knots started to form. “When are we going to Amoura then?” I spoke up.

“We’ll be going during your mid term break.” Dad answered with a smile.

“There’s some things that you boys should know before we go to Amoura though.” Mom said, she was the one that was being serious and I feel like it was more so directed towards me, then the twins. “The first time that an elemental goes to Amoura your existence here is pretty much wiped. Your school records, job applications, it’s gone. If you haven’t made a significant impact on someone even your friends here will forget about you.” I felt like I was kicked in the chest. Even my friends would forget about me…Does that mean that Sean and Liz would forget about me?

“Really?” Hale questioned with some worry in his voice.

“Parents and siblings won’t forget you. Really anyone who you’ve have a huge impact on won’t forget you.” Mr. Snyder added in to answer his son’s question.

That was a slight relief to hear, but I still need to tell them. If anything I can try to tell Sean and Liz at the same time but if I can only get to one of them then hopefully they can tell the other…but at the same time I don’t really know how much they like each other. I don’t know if they tolerate each other or what. Either way I know for a fact that I need to tell Sean. If he hears it from Liz after I leave he will actually kick my ass the next time he sees me.

“Toshiro, what’s Kyo like?” Tate asked since we were all going to be living together in the dorms on Amoura it would probably be a good idea to know him before hand.

Shiro pulled his hair from hanging down his neck to over his right shoulder. When it was pulled over his shoulder it went just past his collarbone. Both Hale and Tate’s hair was a bit longer, but they all had hair that was around the same length leaving me with being the only one with a short-medium messy hair style.

“Kyo is really cool you three will like him.” Toshiro started, “We actually started at the academy around the same time. Well we started at the elementary at the same time. We were both too young to actually start in the academy when we went to Amoura.” He started playing with the ends of his hair as he talked. “Sometimes he may seem a little stuck up and a bit cocky, but that’s just him.”

“So is he someone that you have to earn respect from?” Hale questioned.

Shiro shook his head, “Well yes and no. It’s his trust that you have to earn. Though his little brother Jason and his roommates can break him down pretty easy.”

“Kyo has a little brother that goes to the school?” Tate said tipping his head to the right slightly.

“Yes actually. Jason Grim is his little brother. Jason’s roommates are Gilbert Reis and Aaron Strife.” Shiro replied with a smile.

“How many people are to a dorm?” I asked, might as well get more info on the place just in case Sean asks questions.

“There are six people to a dorm. Yes, the dorms can be mixed, but all the rooms are separate.” Dad answered before Shiro could. Dad was sitting in the recliner one second and then he was over at the desk that we have down in the living room and grabbed some printer paper and a pencil before walking back over to the rest of us and sitting on his legs at the coffee table. He drew us a rough layout of the dorms. From the layout there are four bedrooms upstairs with a bathroom and then downstairs the main door opened up right into the living room. Both of the bedrooms downstairs was right off the living room then the bathroom downstairs was next to the bedroom and between the living room and dining room. And finally off the dining room was the kitchen.

“Wow, are you sure that’s a dorm, it’s more of a house by the layout.” I said.

“That’s essentially what they are.” Dad answered. “It gives a lot of kids options to find people that they are close with and get their dorm switched. Sometimes it’s just a temporary placement to be placed in a dorm that has an empty room. It doesn’t mean that is the dorm you're required to stay in for as long as you’re in the school, but there are groups that are put together where they actually do stay in the same dorm the entire time.” Dad explained to us as Hale, Tate, and myself sat around the coffee table with him. “There are going to be five of you in the dorm so there’s an extra room. If you find a friend that you want to have move in with you that’s perfectly fine other wise someone will probably be placed in the last spot at some point.”

“Are the room’s already chosen for us or do we get to choose our room?” Hale said.

“Kyo and Toshiro will already have their room’s chosen and yes they have been, but you can decide to move around if you don’t like what room was picked for you.” Dad finished setting the pencil he was holding down.

“Hua, that’s not so bad then.” Tate smiled as he leaned on the coffee table to rested his cheek in his palm.

We continued to talk about the Amoura and Dad answered whatever questions the three of us had. The Snyder’s left to go to their house across the street around eight. I stood in the doorway with dad.

“Hey…dad…” I started as my hand slowly went down and I looked up at him.

“It means you have a week Sasuke.” Dad sighed as he crossed his arms over his chest and walked back into the house. I shut the door behind us. I was going to say something, but dad wasn’t done, “Sean won’t be able to come to Amoura with us and you know that.”

“But dad, the day he saved me I could have sworn that my body wanted to copy something from him. Maybe could you at least check. I know I’m not just thinking that I felt something.” I protested.

Dad sighed and looked away from me, “Remember when I said we stayed here on earth because we thought that you had lost your elemental powers from that concussion?”

“Well yeah, but…” Dad held up his hand stopping me.

“Sometimes someone’s antibodies can fight off the elemental genes. The feeling that you felt was more than likely his body going into a life or death situation and his element activating to help.” I stood there shocked just looking at my father. His golden eyes stared right back at me. “It means he was supposed to be one, but his body chose otherwise. I’m sorry Sasuke.”

I feel like I just took one of Shiro’s kicks to my stomach. I was going to lose my best friend…he was supposed to be an elemental…and I have a week… “Okay…” I muttered and I felt my dad pull me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my face in his chest “This isn’t fair.”

“I know it’s not.” He said and I felt him kiss the top of my head, “If you need to bring him over and we can try to help.

“Okay, thank you.” I mumbled into his shirt.

Shiro and I didn’t stay the night at home. We had to get back to school for us to be able to get some homework done. Even though we were leaving in a week we couldn’t skimp on our homework. Though dad said that he was going to pull Shiro out of the school because whatever it is that happens when you go to Amoura for the first time won’t happen with him. This also gave Shiro a chance to go back to Amoura if he wants to so he can set up his room.

I’ve been trying so hard to pull Sean aside to tell him, but I don’t want to bring it up in art class, on top of it we’ve been trying to set up for the art festival that is taking place next week so we’re running around every which way to get things together for it, so there was really no time to even ask if we can talk later or that I need to tell him something. And on top of it right after school before I can talk to him, the twins come into the school and then I have to get them out of the crowd that they always get around them. Just why…why does it seem like the world has a vendetta against me telling Sean that I’m going to be leaving.

Now it’s Thursday, Sean’s tryouts start tomorrow morning, and we don’t have school tomorrow. It’s for some conference thing, I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention at the meeting that we got out of class to attend. “Sean, wait up.” I called out to my best friends back running to catch up with him. He practically sprinted out of the school after he got his stuff from his locker.

Thankfully he did stop so I could catch up. “What’s up?” He asked looking down at me.

“I have something that I want to tell you.” I said quickly.

“Um…I kinda have to get going. The Carlson’s have to go somewhere and they need to me to get home so I can watch Lily.” He said. “Oh right, I couldn’t get a chance to ask, why was snowflake pulled out of school?”

“That has to do with what I have to tell you.” I started and Sean looked at his watch and slightly panicked.

“Tell me tomorrow, I’ll come over to your house when I get out of tryouts and you can tell me then.” He said quickly.

“But, Sean…” I trailed off.

“Tomorrow, I promise, we’ll spend the day together and goof off. I’ll see you tomorrow Sasuke!” He yelled back and waved as he ran towards the gates of the school and I was left standing there with my shoulders slumped in defeat.

Shiro, Hale, and Tate have been moving mine and Shiro’s stuff out of our dorm room while I’ve been in class all week and I was going to turn in my key to the dorms tomorrow while Sean’s in his tryouts. “Hey Sasuke!” I turned to see Hale waving at me as him, Tate, and Shiro walked over to me.

“You look like you just got shot down.” Tate commented.

“I was just trying to talk with Sean, but he had to get going.” I replied picking myself back up after taking a deep breath. “What up?”

“We were going to go into town, do you want to come?” Hale questioned.

I nodded and smiled a little, “Sure that sounds good…there was a store that I wanted to stop at anyway.”

“Alright! Then let’s get going!” Shiro said happily.

“What’s got you in such a bright mood Shiro?” I chuckled as the four of us headed off the school grounds and made our way in the direction of town.

“What’s the store that you wanted to stop at? We can go there first.” Tate suggested as we walked. Hale and Tate walked side by side in front of me and Shiro.

“It’s a sports store. Sean starts his swimming tryouts tomorrow and I wanted to get him new goggles.” I said.

“That’s nice of you.” I looked over at him and even though he was smiling at me I could see a hint of sadness in his expression. “Have you been able to talk with him?”

I shook my head and looked away from him as I looked at the houses that we were passing by. “Tomorrow we were going to hang out and I was going to talk to him.”

“I’ll head back to Amoura tomorrow so I can start setting up my room. Let’s just try to have a little fun.” He said and patted my back.

“Alright.” I nodded a little.

We made it to the sports store and I was able to find a good pair of goggles for Sean. It had a light blue color goggles and a black strap with black lenses. “He’ll like it.” Shiro smiled.

“I think so too.” I smiled back and we went and paid for it. I asked the cashier if I could have a pen and paper and a wrote “Good luck Sean. You’ll do great.” on the piece of paper and then gave the pen back. I put the note in the bag with the goggles, then the four of us went to a few different stores the bookstore was one of them. Hale and Tate got a few books.

“That book is like 500 pages; do you really think that you’ll be able to read that thing in two days?” I laughed.

“Challenge accepted.” Hale smirked at me.

“Shall we head home? It’s getting late.” Tate said looking at his phone. “And mom just text me saying that we’re having pizza.”

“Mom’s home cooked pizza?” Hale questioned and Tate’s phone went off again in his hand.


“Time to go home!” Hale said rather quickly and it made me chuckle a bit.

“Your mom’s pizza is that good?” I questioned as we started home.

“Dude, it’s deep dish, it’s fantastic!” Both of them said in unison.

I got a head of them and started walking backward; “What we’re not allowed over to try it?” I tried to pout but I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sasuke look out.” Shiro tried but I ended up bumping into someone. Who ever it was it felt like I hit a wall because I didn’t feel any give. I quickly stepped towards Shiro and the twins and turned around.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to run into you.” I quickly apologized rubbing the back of my head.

The man was huge, he had to be taller than Shiro and he was the tallest one out of the four of us. He had very broad shoulders and a skin tight shirt on easily showing off his toned torso. I was getting a very bad vibe coming from him and I didn’t like it at all. He didn’t say anything he just looked between the four of us.

He brought his hand up to his ear and pressed on it, he must have an ear piece in, “Found them.” The man had a deep voice and I felt my stomach drop when I heard those words.

We went to back away only to find two more guys behind us. “Sasuke…” Shiro whispered to me. I locked eyes with him and we both nodded slightly. We launched out element at each other and the two collided and covered all of us with steam. “Let’s go.”

The four of us made a break for it be lining it back to the house. “Who are those people? What the hell was that guy saying when he said found them?” Hale questioned as we rounded a corner.

“Your guess is as good as mine. But right now we need to get as far away from them as possible.” Shiro said.

I was always taught to never look back when your running it’ll only slow you down, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to make myself slow down right now. Because Shiro had the longer strides he was slightly ahead of the rest of us. We ran to my house considering that we don’t know how close those people are for catching up to us it was safer for the four od us to just go to one house instead of splitting up.

“Mom! Mom!” I shouted for her instantly when we got into the house. I didn’t take my shoes off I just started looking for her.

“I’m right here honey, what’s got you in such a fuss.” She giggled and then her smile instantly fell to a serious expression on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“There were three guys that surrounded us when we came out of the bookstore and one of them said “Found them.” And started coming closer to us. Shiro and I created steam to cover us and booked it.” I explained in one long breath and then took a couple of deep breaths afterwards.

Mom’s eyes grew wide and she looked afraid. “We have to go to Amoura now.” Mom said.

“Mom, who are they?” I questioned as my heart pounded against my chest, I don’t really know if I want to know this answer to my question.

“That is a very bad group. It’s better your father explains things to you four when we get to the academy.” Mom said and quickly went to dad’s little office that he has here. I followed her into the office. “Grab those books Sasuke.” Mom said pointing at a few books that were sitting on one of the extra chairs in the room.

“What’s going on?” I heard dad’s voice and turned around to see him standing in the doorway.

“It’s the E.C.U.” Mom said quickly and had a shocked expression on his face for just a moment and then it quickly turned serious. “Yui, take Hale and Tate to the academy now, Toshiro, Sasuke help me grab a couple things now.” Dad ordered. No one protested and we started to collect some very important papers and books that we really couldn’t leave behind.

As I stood up from picking up some papers from the floor I tipped my head slightly and looked out the window. “What is that?” I muttered quietly to myself and took a step closer to the window. That was a stupid decision, once it clicked what it was, it was too late. It felt like everything went into slow motion the sound of a gunshot pierced my eardrums and then glass shattering. I stumbled back, pain was racing down my right arm from my shoulder…I…I was just shot…right? Putting my hand up to my shoulder.

“Sasuke!” Dad and Toshiro said in unison. I watched the person who just shot me be handed a bigger gun. Its exit hole was way to big for any bullet that I knew of.

“MOVE!” Toshiro screamed at me at the same time there was a thunk that came from the gun. Toshiro was in front of me and from the force of the net that just spread out around us he collided into me and I couldn’t keep us up right as we fell to the floor.

“Sasuke, Toshiro!” Dad yelled.

“D-Dad!” I choaked out in tears from the pain and just being afraid in general.

“Hold on!” He ordered and ran over to the two of us. I tried to burn the ropes with my free hand that wasn’t trapped between Toshiro and body, but the rope just wouldn’t burn, it wasn’t even smoldering.

“I’m sorry Toshiro.” I muttered looking at him, my hand is pressed flat against his pelvic region to put it nicely.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if your hand wasn’t in an awkward place right now.” He muttered chuckled a little.

“I would move it if I could.” I responded but considering whatever movement I did with my right arm was killing me I didn’t want to take the chances of doing more damage to my shoulder.

I watched dad out of the corner of my eyes and he had just lightly landed on his right foot, he quickly planted both feet on the ground and gears showed up around his hands and a long, thin, pole like thing started to form a solid shape from the transparent golden gears. Dad grabbed a hold of it and spun it down towards Shiro’s and my feet. He must have been cutting the rope that was attached to the net, but what the hell was he holding? Is it a weapon? Where did it come from?

The next thing I knew dad was leaning down above Tohsiro and myself and getting us out of the next. “No passing out Sasuke.” Dad said calmly.

I just feel sick to my stomach right now, “But, why can’t I nap?” I asked.

Toshiro was able to get up off of me and I felt dad’s arms slid under me and he lifted me up off the floor. By the look of it everything seemed to have a tint to it and nothing was moving. “We don’t have much time. Toshiro grab a stack of something and we need to go. I’ve already contacted the Snyder’s and told them not to leave their house.”

I leaned my head against my father’s chest. I could hear his heartbeat. It was faster then normal, but he was keeping his voice very calm. Dad feels really warm, like mom is. “No falling asleep son.”

“But…” I muttered closing my eyes as I could feel dad walking quickly somewhere. I didn’t want to open my eyes. I feel like if I open my eyes I’m going to throw up.

“No sleeping.” Dad repeated.

“I’m not.” I answered and it went from the only sound that I was hearing what Shiro and dad’s footsteps to a bunch of voices all at once and some gasps, along with a breeze. Did we just go to Amoura? No…I’m too late…

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