A Little Secret

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Sasuke...Where did you go?

Chapter 20: Sasuke…Where did you go?


I felt bad for having to run on Sasuke like that, but I really did need to go. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson need to head off to the late night meeting. They already received permission to be a little late so I could get out of school and make it back to the house. I hope that he’s not upset about me having to run, but he normally understands. Besides we’re hanging out all day tomorrow when I get out of try outs anyways.

“I’m here.” I called out once I got into the house. I was slightly out of breath from having to run with my backpack on but, I needed to get here, so it was worth it.

“Thank you so much for doing this Sean.” Mrs. Carlson said from the bathroom.

“Well you took me in so why wouldn’t I come and help out when you need it?” I asked slipping out of my shoes and Lilly saw me from the living room and was now crawling over to me at full speed. “Hi Lilly.” I chuckled squatting down so I could pick her up.

“Left overs are in the fridge, but obviously you can have whatever you would like. We won’t be home till around eleven o’ clock tonight. You know where Lilly’s food is. She had a bottle a few hours ago and you know her bed time, so I don’t even know why I’m going over all this with you.” Mr. Carlson said as he got on his shoes.

“Don’t worry, I can handle her just fine. Just enjoy yourselves.” I said as Lilly played with my backpack straps and tried to push them off my shoulders.

“I love you Lilyboo.” Mrs. Carlson said coming over to the both of us and kissing Lilly a few times. She then gave me a hug. “Thank you so much again.”

“Not a problem.” I hugged her back and Mr. Carlson messed up my hair. “Now, behave the both of you.”

“We will.” I waved as they left the house. I took Lilly to the living room and sat her down on the floor so I could take my backpack off and I took it back to the dining room and just leaned it against the table.

Lilly decided that she wanted to follow me out there and considering that there was still some time before she could have dinner I just got her some of her puffs to munch on. She was happy with those and they did a good job at holding her over dinner.

“Lilly, please stay still.” I asked her as she kept moving her face away from me. I’m trying to clean her face since she just finished eating and half of it ended up on her face.

“No.” She said quickly. I gave up and just grabbed her cheeks and wiped her face. Once I got everything off her face she started crying and I sighed.

“Lilly, it’s not the end of the world because I cleaned your face.” I said keeping her in her high chair as I went and washed out the wash cloth in the sink. After I had that hanging to dry I went to the bathroom and found her thing that I guess is supposed to be a toothbrush for babies and wet it down. She instantly stopped crying when she saw me come over with it. After handing it over to her I pulled her bib off and got her out of the high chair. We went back into the living room and I sat down on the floor with her in my lap as she brushed her teeth. Something so simple as her chewing on her brush can make her happy.

“All done.” She said handing me the slobbered up toothbrush.

My head instantly turned to look at the window when I heard a gunshot. It wasn’t close and I know this is a country town, it more just shocked me hearing it more than anything. “Sounds good.” I chuckled a bit brushing off the gun shot as I picked her up as I stood up myself and took her to the bathroom so I could rinse it off and put the toothbrush away. I took Lily back out to the living room and then set her down. But as I was standing back up it was really strange. It felt like something brushed past me…no that’s not it, it’s more like whatever it was it went through me. I feel light headed, kinda like I stood up too fast. I put a hand on my head and quickly sat down the floor. I do not like this head rush feeling that I’m getting.

“I’m sure that I’ve drank enough water today…could I be hungry?” I mumbled as I waited for the feeling to go away. But as the feeling was just starting to go away, again the same feeling came over me. I feel sick to my stomach. Damn what is up? Is it my nerves finally hitting me with tryouts being in the morning?

Lily started crying and I crawled over to her and picked her up. “Why are you crying Lily?” I asked her and her crying became harder, “Lily, Lily, it’s okay.” I said quietly as I stood up with her in my arms and clinging to my shirt. I rubbed her back and lightly rocked back and forth trying to comfort her. It took me about five minutes to get her to calm down but my right ear was very thankful when she finally did. But she didn’t want to get down. I sat down on the couch with her in my arms. I rested my head against the back of the couch and looked up at the ceiling as Lily cuddled against me.

“Is someone getting tired? You normally only cuddle when you’re tired.” I smiled looking back down at her. For some reason it brought back the memory of when I was in the hospital for my concussion. Though my head started to hurt a bit, “Mr. and Mrs. Carlson were there so were snowflake and Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai…” I had to think for a moment I know for a fact there was one more person. “Sasuke… god damn he would smack me if he knew that I almost forgot.” Lilly was looking at me and smiled at me. I lightly tapped her nose. “We will never tell him I completely spaced on his name for a moment there. That’ll be our little secret.” She started giggling and hugged me.

I put on a Disney movie and Lilly actually continued to cuddle with me on the couch. She actually fell asleep as the credits started to roll so I carefully got up off the couch and put her in her crib. Stepping away as quietly as I can and she didn’t wake up I figure it’s a good time that I should actually try to eat something and work on some homework. I’m glad that it’s the weekend though, so I don’t have to get everything done tonight. I grabbed some left over noodles, a glass of water, and an apple. Setting everything up at the table I got to work on reading and trying to figure out an outline for my paper. By the time I that got done with figuring out an outline it was already 9:30pm. I was yawning, there was no way that I’m going to be able to stay up and wait for Mr. and Mrs. Carlson to come home. I get up and stretch then make sure that the porch light is on and the rest of the lights are off in the house. Once I check on Lilly one last time before going in my own room and changing into shorts and crawling into bed.

“That gunshot today though…” I muttered to myself at I looked up at the ceiling. I kept my door open just in case Lilly started to cry. “Hearing a gunshot go off…if it was sighting in a gun then there would have been more shots, but there was only one. I know there are enough woods around here to go hunting in, but that didn’t sound like a shotgun. That’s what part of hunting season that we’re in now right?” I sighed heavily and ran my fingers through my hair.

It was probably nothing major…why am I worrying about it. I have to sleep. I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I know that I woke up when I heard the door open, Mr. and Mrs. Carlson must have gotten home. I think I had a conversation with them, but I can’t remember it. I was out again in no time. I don’t think I woke up again till I had to for tryouts. Lily ended up getting Mr. and Mrs. Carlson up around the time that I had to get up anyways so I was able to say good bye to them and tell them that I was going to hang out with a friend after I was done with try outs. They were fine with it and for me just to not get into trouble and then I was off. I had to stop at my dorm before going to the locker room, my leggings were still in my room.

I’m nervous but excited at the same time. I’m standing in front of my gym locker in my leggings and my old goggles around my neck. My cap loosely hanging from my fingers in my right hand. This has just got to be my nerves getting the better of me. I’ll do fine, I’ve been working for this for months. After this I can hang out with my best friend. But why do I have this feeling that something’s wrong?

“Hey, you alright?” I blinked a few times and then looked over to my left where the voice was coming from. The kid that was next to me was younger then I was. He looked to be around 14-15. He has some auburn hair sticking out from under his black cap and green eyes looking up at me.

I smirked a bit at the kid, “Yeah.” I took a deep breath and shut my locker with my free hand, “Hell, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as all get out. But, looks like we’re floating in the same boat.” I turned to face the kid and held out my hand to him. “Sean Zimmer.”

“Matt Smith, It’s a pleasure to meet you Sean.” He said happily and took my hand. The kid has a good grip for someone so young.

“Nice to meet you too.” I nodded and let go of his hand. “Guess we should get out there.” I said and walked to the door that connected the pool to the locker room.

“So, so what grade are you in?” Matt asked me, I can hear his feet tapping on the tile floor as he caught up to me.

“Junior, I’m assuming you’re a freshman?” I asked as I pushed the door open and we walked out into the pool. There were around 20-30 people here along with the coaches. And the three asses that have been giving Sasuke a hard time and me are here as well…fan fuckingtastic. But they have a fair chance at this team as well, and now the captain spot is up for grabs and I’ll be damned if I let Andy have it again.

“Good guess, but I’m actually a sophomore, I know I look a little young to be in my second year of high school.” Matt laughed a little and I looked at him.

“Na, my best friend is kinda the same way, he looks younger than his age, but puberty hits everyone at different times.” I shrugged and put my swimming cap on.

“Who’s Sasuke?” The younger boy questioned.

“He’s my best friend.” I answered simply, not really wanting to talk about it anymore. I can’t tell anyone about him and the other’s being elementals and I’ll be damned if I let that slip.

“Sorry for being nosey.” He said to me as I adjusted my goggles up to my head.

“It’s fine. But I think focusing on the try outs are more important.” I stated and as if on cue the head coach blew his whistle and starting the tryouts.

Tryouts went pretty well. Yeah, I’m not the fastest on the team, but I was able to keep up with the seniors. I’m fucking proud out that! Especially since they made it to states last year. I’m really happy that I did a hell of a lot better than Andy did today. Though, we still have another two days before the team is chosen. I actually creamed him in a few of the races that we had for the juniors, it was fucking awesome. Hell, even Sam and Nick were doing better than Andy was today. But, things are looking good and I hope that I can keep this up.

Now that tryouts are done for the day and I’m dressed, I can go hang out with Sasuke and snowflake. If Snowflake is still around. I haven’t really seen him since he left school. It would be fun to tease h a bit. I haven’t done that in a while. Making sure that my leggings and towel were secure in the plastic bag I brought with me I placed it in my duffle bag and then wandered out of the locker room.

“Watch yer back Zimmer, I’m not gonna to let ya beat me in any other races ya hear me?” Andrew glared at me with his wonderfully annoying ducklings Sam and Nick.

I stopped in front of them and turned to face them. I took a breath and smiled at him, “Here’s the thing though, I’ve already beaten you. I’ve out swam you time and time again. You may have been on the team last year, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing if I can come in and kick your ass in a race. So get off your high horse and maybe you’ll see what’s making you lose to me.” I said, and Andrew’s face kept scrunching up and his clutched onto his shirt sleeve the more I spoke. “Now, I have somewhere to be.” I waved at the three of them, “Later.” I ended without looking back at them.

They know better than to come after me and start a fight. That shit won’t slide anymore after I got that concussion from them.

“Today was just an off day, I’ll kick your ass in a race tomorrow, you just watch.” Wow, that was the shittiest comeback I’ve ever heard.

I shook my head and sighed before leaving the school. It really hasn’t warmed up any since this earlier this morning. But it is getting later into October, so the weather bound to start changing at some point. Thankfully I walk fast so it won’t take me long to get to the Kaisai residence. I stretched my arms above my head, “This will be nice to just sit back and chill for the day.” I sighed in content as I turned onto the street that my best friend lives on.

When I got to the house and knocked on the door I didn’t get a response on the other side. So I knocked again. Again, nothing. I grabbed the handle and opened the door. “Hello?” I called into the house as I opened the door the rest of the way and walked in. “Sasuke? Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai?” I called out, but all I heard was my own footsteps echo in the empty house. I noticed a bag on the floor and picked it up. I looked to see what was inside, it’s a new pair of goggles with a note next to it. I pulled the note out and read it. “Good luck Sean. You’ll do great!” Sasuke bought me new goggles…that jerk, he knows I don’t like it when people buy me things.

“Very funny Sasuke. You know I don’t like buying me stuff.” I sighed and continued into the house. It was so quiet in here it was kinda creepy really. “Come on this really isn’t funny Sasuke, if your hiding come out already.” I called and opened the door to his father’s office.

I took in a sharp breath when I saw the broken window and the blood on the floor. I felt that dropping feeling in my stomach as I covered my mouth and stood there in the door way. Papers were scattered around the room and now that I looked the blood trail runs between my feet and only about two feet out the door till it disappears into thin air. “What happened?” I muttered into my hand. I can’t go to Liz’s house, her and her parents are going to her aunt’s for the weekend. That’s what she told me during lunch earlier this week at least. I jumped when I heard something. When the sound clicked, it was just some papers that were on the desk flapping a bit form the small breeze that’s coming in through the window.

“Sasuke…” I muttered and then quickly made my way up the stairs and to his room. “SASUKE?” I threw the door open, it looks the same as always, but he’s not here. “Sasuke? Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai?” I checked all the rooms in the house, no one is here, “Where did you go?” I muttered to myself as I feel to my knees in the living room. I don’t have a cell phone so I can’t call him and see if everything’s okay…I can’t go to the police about this because I have no idea what happened here and then it might turn bad for me.

“I have to get out of here.” I muttered to myself standing up, my hands are shaking as I put the goggles in the side pocket of my duffle bag. I closed the door behind me and briskly walked back to the Carlson’s house.

“I’m home.” I said as I came into the house and slipped off my shoes.

“I thought you were going to hang out with a friend today?” Mrs. Carlson said as Lilly came crawling over to me.

“Him and his family had to go somewhere, so we decided that we would reschedule for another time.” I lied. My chest hurt so bad right now. I don’t know where my best friend is or what happened in that house. I want to know he’s okay. I honest want to sock him in the mouth first because he just up and disappeared on me and didn’t say a word before he left.

“I’m sorry dear.” Mrs. Carlson apologized as I took Lilly back into the living room and handed her doll to her.

I told them how tryouts went and asked them if it would be okay if after winter break that I just live at the house instead of at the dorms. I didn’t feel all that safe being there while Andrew, Nick, and Sam still in the dorms. They were perfectly fine with it and they actually would prefer me staying home instead of being at the dorms. Especially after that concussion.

I went and took a shower and stayed in there longer than I normally do. I could not get that image of the blood on the floor out of my head. I don’t want to tell anyone about it. If I do, they may call the police. I just don’t know what to do. Damn it, where the hell are you Sasuke?

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