A Little Secret

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Nero Moves in and an Announcement?

Chapter 25: Nero Moves in and an Announcement?


“Kyo look out!” I exclaimed as the three boxes that I was trying to carry started to tumble forward.

“Got it!” He said as the sound of a cable running out of a wheel rung through my ears and then it wrapped around the boxes stopping them from falling and actually wrapping around my waist just to make sure I don’t keep stumbling as well.

“Thanks,” I sighed in relief. Today we’re actually helping Nero move into our dorm. He’s taking the open room that we still had in the dorm. So it’s nice to know that we won’t have a random person that we don’t know stuck in the empty room now! Though he did end up getting the room that is down stairs.

“Geeze Sasuke, I told ya not to take so many.” Nero commented from behind me. Thankfully I was in the dorm and Kyo was able to brace his metal wire around some of the hooks that were in the house to steady the boxes and myself.

Kyo did let me go first and one at a time he dropped the boxes when I got my arms under them and set them on the floor, “Hey, I made it all the way back to the dorm without dropping them,” I mentioned raising an eyebrow at Nero as he rolled his eyes at me and wandered to his new room.

The boxes were actually decently light. I wonder what’s in them actually, “What are in these?”

“It’s my bedding. Considering all I could get my hands on were some boxes I had to split them up into three different boxes instead of getting a big tote and putting it all in there.” He explained walking past me and going to his room with the box that he was holding in his arms.

Kyo and I looked at each other, “Fair enough.” We said in unison. Kyo grabbed one of the boxes for me. I grabbed one and then pushed the third along the floor with my foot and slid it into Nero’s room. A month ago Nero put in his application to switch dorms. Even though he was approved of the dorm switch last week he hadn’t been packing do he spent the week packing stuff and occasionally moving things over to our dorm. Today we are moving everything else over here. It’s Saturday, so that’s a plus.

I set the box that I was carrying on top of the one I slid into the room and Kyo set his box on top of them. “Hale, Tate, and Shiro were grabbing the last bit of the stuff weren’t they?” I asked Kyo and Nero.

“They are, though, we should go help them. They’re not the lightest of boxes, considering it’s all my clothes,” Nero answered and went towards the door. He wasn’t paying attention and I couldn’t even warn him before he collided into a box. He stumbled back and luckily did land on the bed, the box and who was carrying it quickly left the room and then there was a thud in the living room. I peeked out of the room and saw that Toshiro was the one on the floor. He had the box resting on his lap, holding the box with one hand to keep it on his lap he had his other hand behind him rubbing his lower back.

“You okay?” I asked coming out of the room to get the box off of him and help him up.

“Yeah, I’m okay. My butt broke my fall,” My white-haired friend let out a light laugh as I set the box on the floor, then crossed my wrists and he took my hands. I pulled him up onto his feet as Kyo took the box off the floor.

“Could ya watch where ya goin’?” Nero questioned with a scowl on his face coming out of his room.

“You were the one that’s wasn’t carrying anything so you should have been the one that was watching where they were going. And on top of that don’t talk like an idiot use your words properly.” Toshiro was obviously upset; I have to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand.

Getting between the two of them I end up putting my hands on both their chests and pushing them out to arms-length so they were away from each other, “Don’t start you two, yes it’s been a long day and we’re all tired, but that’s no reason to start up with each other. I’ll cook tonight alright.”

“Why the hell are ya bringing up cooking dinner. This conversation has nothing to do with that.” Nero snapped at me.

“Don’t snap at Sasuke just because you’re being a little piss pot. Sasuke is an amazing cook and you should be fucking happy that he’s willing to cook when it’s not his turn on the rotation.” I looked at Shiro shocked…I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him swear before. I mean I’m flattered that he complemented my cooking, but…he can swear?????

“Guys, seriously, that’s enough.” I sigh out of frustration, “Stop fighting now or we’re just having left overs tonight and no one’s cooking.” Maybe threatening will do the trick.

“You can’t do that Sasuke. That’s just mean, you said you were going to cook.” Kyo pouted and I looked over at him with a dead pan face. He’s just upset because it’s actually his turn to cook again tonight and that means that he gets off the hook for making dinner now that I said something about it.

“What’s all the fuss about?” Hale questioned. Shiro and Nero stopped bickering when Hale spoke up.

“It’s a long story, I’m going to cook tonight, was there anything in particular that you guys wanted?” I asked trying to keep the bickering to a minimum.

“Do you want to do something with noodles and veggies? Try to keep it light for dinner tonight?” Tate offered.

“That’s true, the market is selling fresh veggies we could easily pick some up.” Hale added. The growing season’s here are about the same as they are on earth. And there are greenhouses here to help keep fresh veggies coming throughout the winter months. The luminous moss that is actually used in the lamps here is also a good heating mechanism so they have it in tubs to help keep them warm during the winter.

“But I want some meat or poultry with dinner.” Nero protested.

“I second the meat theory.” Kyo quickly added in.

“Then how about we settle with a pasta dish and we can make extra veggies on the side if anyone wants to add more. Does that sound good?” I offered looking between everyone.

“I’m good with that idea.” Tate nodded in agreement.

“If there’s going to be a sauce with it, probably leave that on the side and let whoever wants sauce marry it with their pasta before eating it.” Hale chimmed in right after his brother finished his sentence.

“I was thinking of not having sauce with the dinner tonight. Just because it is getting hotter and that’s already going to heat it up in here even more.” I said.

“That’s okay, Shiro here can just cool off the house and turn it into a popsicle.” Nero chuckled crossing his arms over his chest and I roll my eyes.

“I’ll turn you into a popsicle.” Shiro mumbled.

“What was that whitey?” Nero glared at him and I sighed.

I took Shiro wrist and pulled him along, “I’m taking Shiro with me to help get the things, we’ll be back,” I said and patted my pocket just to make sure that I had my wallet with me before we left the house. Once we were a good distance away from the dorm I let go of Shiro wrist and put my hands in my pockets.

“Sorry…” He apologized quietly. Once we were a good distance away from the dorm I let go of Shiro wrist and put my hands in my pockets.

“Sorry…” He apologized quietly as we walked side by side.

“I’ve just never heard you swear before. I figured that it was a bad situation and you were really frustrated, so the best thing to do was to get you two away from each other. But, I never thought that you would swear,” I chuckled a little, “Hell, even went Sean would start a fuss you never got as upset as you did with Nero.”

“I guess Nero just strikes a different cord with me when he fusses.” Shiro responded rubbing the back of his head as he went through the gates of the academy and down the road to town.

“But he’s not much younger then I am. I actually think his birthday is before mine…I’ll have to ask him about it later.” Come to think of it, I don’t know if I’ve asked anyone what their age is or when their birthdays are.

“It’s after yours. I remember over hearing him tell Jason and Aaron when his birthday was just to get them to stop bugging him.”

“Ah, I’m not surprised that they pestered him about it to be honest.” Chuckling a little I looked ahead of us again.

“So any idea on what you would like t do for dinner?”

“The twins want something light and Nero and Kyo want some meat or poultry with dinner…” Thinking through my rapture of recipes that my parents taught me I scanned through my invisible filing cabinet in my head.

“Prosciutto-chicken pasta,” I jumped a mile when my dad’s voice came from nowhere behind me.

“Geez, dad don’t scare me like that.” I grumbled as my dad and Shiro laughed at me.

“I noticed that you were heading into town and I figured that I would walk with you two.” Dad said simply. He must have used his space element. I know for sure Shiro and I would have heard him coming up behind us.

“How did you know we were talking about dinner?” I grumbled sticking my hands in my pockets.

“You’re not very quiet you know.” Dad rubbed my head, messing up my already messy hair and pushing my bangs into my face.

“Mom told you to pick something up for dinner didn’t she? I never see you walk home. Mom tells me you normally just teleport home and bring work home with you.” I ran my fingers through my hair to push my bangs back out of my face.

“That’s beside the point.” Dad shook off my state of the obvious like it was nothing. “Have you been studying?”

I sighed and looked away from dad, “Not today no. We helped move Nero in today after we were all done with classes.”

“So everything went smoothly then, that’s good. I hope that you all get along well and there’s not as much trouble as there was with his old dorm mates.”

“It was that bad hua?” Shiro chimed in.

“It’s not for me to talk about. If he wants to open up to you all about it then he’s welcome to. Though, personally, I wouldn’t press the matter.”

“Maybe that’s why he wasn’t in the best of mood when you two ran into each other.” I mumbled looking at Toshiro.

“Something happen?” Dad questioned.

“It’s nothing, we resolved it quickly.” Toshiro answered calmly.

“You didn’t freeze him did you Toshrio? You know that your not allowed to use your elements on another person for fighting. Training is different. All…” Toshiro cut dad off.

“All fights are to be settled in the arena with a teacher or the headmaster keeping watch. I know the rules sir.” Even though he was trying to be calm, I could hear the agitation in his voice.

“Well it’s the weekend, you have time to relax…maybe.” Dad said and I looked at him raising an eyebrow.

“What do you mean by maybe?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow.” He smirked, “I believe that this is your stop?” I looked to my right and noticed that we were already at the little farm market that has fresh produce that would make the dinner that dad suggested taste a lot better.

“Why can’t you tell us now?” I asked and dad messed up my hair again.

“Because I still have to finalize some things, so you’ll just have to wait like everyone else. You remember the recipe for Prosciutto-chicken pasta right?”

“I do.” I nodded.

“Will be announced to the whole school?” Shiro asked.

Dad nodded, “Yes, it will be held tomorrow around noon at the arena.”

“So we’ll see you tomorrow then.” I smiled up at him.

“Count on it.” Dad smirked and waved to us, “Try to have some fun tonight you two.” And with that dad headed off.

“I wonder what he’s planning.” I mumbled out loud as we headed into the little store. It looked like a country store, wooden floors, wall, and ceiling. It smelled so good in here, like a mixture of cedar wood and whatever produce they had in here. Apparently this store has been run by the same family since the school was being built. Surprisingly, they also carried a fair bit of different cheeses. The owners were friends with another famer. I’m sure that they barder with each other for different things.

“It could be anything really, but you know…we normally have a festival around this time of year ever year now that I think about it.” Shiro said as he wandered behind me as I headed for the veggies I needed for dinner.

“What kind of festival?” I was curious now. As I grab garlic and then go to get broccoli. We would have to go to another shop to get the chicken and we’re out of olive oil and asiago cheese. But that store isn’t too far from this one. “Oh wait they have asiago here…” I mumbled more to myself then meaning to say it out loud.

“It’s a different theme every year, but we normally get off for a week of school. The students prepare the festival so other’s from around Amoura can enjoy the school and have a good time.” He explained following me around.

“Ah, so we really don’t know what’s in store for this year then.” I said going up to the counter and paying for everything.

“Thank you, have a wonderful day.” The person at the counter smiled as I took the paper bag from her.

“Thank you, you do the same.” I smiled back. They normally reuse the bags so I always make sure to bring back the bag the next day if I get a chance.

“Exactly, but it is always fun and enjoyable.”

We moved onto the next store to get the other things that I knew we didn’t have in the house. Then, we headed back to the dorm. We talked about random things, but mostly trying to think of what my dad had instore for the festival. Though, I’m sure that we’ll both be wrong, it’s always fun to imagen if we’ll be right. You never know.

By the time we got back every bit of tension that was in the air was gone. Kyo, the twins, and Nero were all chilling in the living room. Kyo and Nero were talking about something, Hale was reading one of his books, and Tate was drawing in his sketchbook.

“We’re back.” I called out slipping off my shoes.

“Welcome back.” Hale greeted not looking up from his book.

“What did you decide for dinner. You never said what we were having before you two left.” Tate said, same has his brother, he didn’t look up from what he was working on.

“We’re having Prosciutto-chicken pasta, dad suggested it.” I said walking past the living room.

“You went to your father to ask what you should cook for dinner?” Nero said with a bit of are- you-serious kind of cockiness in his voice.

“His father was heading home himself and overheard us talking about it. Besides there is nothing wrong with going to a parent or someone you enjoy being around and getting suggestions from them. Maybe try it sometime.” Shiro protested and I sighed.

Here we go again.

“Fuck off Toshiro. I’ll be in my room.” I heard Nero say and then a few seconds later his door slammed shut.

“You are being a bit harsh on him Shiro.” I heard Kyo say as I got a pot out of the cupboard and filled it two-thirds of the way with water before putting it on the stove, adding the salt and getting the water going.

“How is that even remotely harsh? I was just stating a fact and what actually happened on the way to go get what we needed.” Shiro defended as I walked out into the living room.

Wandering over to Nero’s door I lightly knocked on it. “Go away.” He said through the door.

“Nero, it’s me, please open up.” I said not going away.

He opened his door and glared down at me. He…he was crying. There are tears at the corner of his eyes. I don’t know what drove me to do it but I lifted my hand and wiped his tears away with my thumb. His expression when from glaring to shock as I wiped his tears that were now running down my thumb onto my pants.

“Why did you do that?” He practically whispered.

“Come help me make dinner. You can tell me about what tattoo you want to get. Jason and Gil told me that you normally talk about it. I’ve never heard what you were thinking for it.” I smiled looking up at him slightly. He was only a little taller than I am. About an inch or two, but just enough to make me look up at him. There he goes again, staring at me like a cat. Not blinking, just staring. Though, I do finally get a nod out of him and I motion for him to follow.

I hear his bedroom door shut and his footsteps behind me. He follows me into the kitchen. The twin’s carry on a conversation with Shiro and Kyo. I chuckle when I hear them nagging them to tell them about the one class that they haven’t told us about.

“Can you chop this up for me please?” I ask Nero as I take out the cutting board, a knife, and the broccoli.

“Why do you want me to make dinner with you?” He asked quietly picking up the knife.

I pull out the other cutting board and another knife, then bring out the boneless, skinless, chicken breasts and start to cut them up into strips, “Just because I wanted to be able to talk. We’re going to be dorm mates so I don’t want you to be locked up in your room all the time.” I answered, “Oh could you get me out a skillet please? They’ll be in the cabinet your standing in front of.”

Nero did what I asked and set the skillet on the stove, “Okay, what else?” He questioned. Glancing over I see that he’s done with the broccoli.

“Okay, so, you’re going to take the olive oil and cover the bottom of the pan in a thin layer of it, then turn on the stove to medium-high heat.” I said, it took him a moment to find the olive oil that was hidden by some other oils that we had on the counter. “Also the water is boiling so go into the cupboard that’s next to the fridge and the linguine is in there. Don’t break the pasta, that’s why I got out a big pot. You can just add both boxes to it. Gil, Aaron, and Jay will more than likely be over are as dinners going to be done. It usually happens so I’ve gotten use to making more than needed.”

“Seriously?” He questioned, I could hear the smirk in his voice, I didn’t even have to look at him.

“Yeah, I’m sure that either Kyo has already text Jason or vise versa.”

I said and mixed the noodles really quick before going into the fridge and getting out the prosciutto, “What is that?”

“It’s prosciutto. It’s thinly sliced ham. Pretty much what we’re going to be doing with it is frying it till it’s crispy in the olive oil then setting it aside.” I said putting the first four into the hot skillet.

“So we’re makin’ bacon.”

“Pretty much yeah,” Laughing a little I got him to laugh as well.

“Why is Toshiro being an ass today?” I looked over at him as he pulled a noodle out of the water with a fork to check it.

“We want the noodles a little el dente and when you poor out the water make sure to save a cup of it, we’ll need it.” I said first, “And to be honest I couldn’t get it out of him. I think it’s probably got something to do with one of his classes. Please don’t let it get between the two of you. Shiro is a really nice guy, he’s just having a rough day it seems.”

“Fine…” He mumbled, “I’m not a fan of asses, that’s what I just got out of for a situation, I’d rather not move in with another group of asses.”

“I promise that you’ll like dorming with us. It’ll be fun.” I smiled at him and then we went to focusing on cooking dinner.

As if on cue I hear Aaron announce that they have arrived and Nero was shocked that I was right about it. This is actually the first time that I’ve made this for any of my friends. They really liked it and it was nice to see Nero smiling and laughing during dinner. We actually didn’t watch any Disney movies we mainly just talked about random things. Nero’s tattoo subject did actually come up. He said that he’s going to get the Japanese kanji for thunder tattooed on his hip. Fairly simple, but I’m sure that it has a lot of meaning for him, especially with him being a lightning elemental.

Before we all knew it, it was ten at night. Aaron, Gil, and Jason headed out and back to their dorm for the night. Kyo and Shiro took care of the dishes and left overs, well what was left of dinner anyways. There wasn’t much that’s for sure. I went upstairs and got changed, before even sitting down on my bed I instantly went to the bathroom did my normal before bed routine, then I flopped down on my bed and sank into my mattress.

“You good in the bathroom Sasuke?” Hale questioned, I picked my head up to see that he had a pair of shorts in his arms.

“I’m good.” I answered, Hale nodded and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. I closed my eyes and relaxed as I felt myself sink further into my mattress. I drifted off to sleep soon after. It was one hell of a busy day.

“Sasuke are you paying attention to me?” A familiar voice yells in my ear. Snapping out of a day dream I turn my head to see Sean with a slightly annoyed expression washing over his face.

“Sorry, what did you say?” Laughing sheepishly, I rubbed the back of my neck as we sat in the park. Sean’s brown eyes stared back at me and slowly blinked for a moment. It was almost like he was saying you’ve got to be kidding me with his eyes.

“I asked you about the people you’ve met in Amoura, stop spacing out on me, this is the third time I’ve said it,” Sean looked away from me so I was looking at the profile of his face.

I’ve never told him about Amoura have I? I don’t remember doing it…is this a dream…my head is so fuzzy right now, “R-right my dorm mates. There’s Toshiro, Hale, Tate, Kyo, and Nero.” I said right away answering him.

“There’s six of ya in a dorm? What is it a fucking house you live in or something?” He was rocking himself back and forth on the swing he was sitting on.

“Actually it is a house. It’s not huge, but it’s cool, and it’s made of bricks. Well they look like bricks, I think it’s brick. I don’t know there’s a lot of different things on Amoura that I’ve never seen here on Earth before.” How long has it been for him since I’ve seen him? What for me it’s been a couple of months…Kyo said that there’s a big time difference between here and Amoura. This has to be a dream than, he looks the same as the last time I saw him.

“So, snowflake and the twins are three of your roommates, who are the other two?” Sean was keeping the conversation going. He sounded like he wanted to know more…he’s not made at me for leaving? I’m not getting this dream. I thought he said he was going to punch me the next time we saw each other if I just randomly left. But wait…did I randomly leave? Didn’t I tell him that I was going to be leaving? “Sasuke? You okay?”

“My head just hurts is all, I’m kinda confused…I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore,” Chuckling a little I looked down at my feet. Gripping onto the chains of the swing a little tighter. He placed a hand on my shoulder and I looked over at him. He has a serious expression on his face, but at the same time it’s soft and caring.

“You can tell me some other time. Just remember that we’ll always be friends no matter the distance,” He smiled softly at me and let his hand slide off my shoulder, “You just get back and focus on your studies, I’m alright here.”

“But Sean…” My voice trailed off as he stood up from the swing.

“I’ll catch ya around. Don’t be too much of a stranger alright?” He waved slightly then put his hands in his pockets and started walking away from me. Sean…I know you’re not okay…I’m not okay…why is it like this?

“What time is it?” Grumbling to myself as I crack open my eyes to look around my room in my half asleep state.

There’s barely any light coming from outside. Sitting up in bed I place a hand on my forehead. I don’t know what time it is, but I know it’s got to be early morning…It’s getting colder out lately, it’s going to snow soon. “I wonder what season it is on earth now…” It was silent in the house. I couldn’t hear anything else moving. Quickly shaking my head I lightly smack my cheeks. “No, no don’t think about it.” But what should I do? “Homework, I’ll just do homework.”

Getting out of bed I make my way over to my desk and turn on my desk lamp. I have to quickly squint and quickly cover my eyes from the sudden light. Light…light can be found in the darkness, and darkness can always be found in the light. The two go hand and hand, one cannot live without the other. “Did I get that right? Oh god please say I remembered that right. I’m sure dad’s gonna through that monkey wrench on a damn quiz.” Quickly grabbing the book that dad gave me I flipped through the pages to get to the section with light and dark elements. There’s twenty-four hours in a day here, just like on earth. But, there’s so much more here. There are animals that I’ve never seen before, and those animals can use magic. I feel like there’s so much more here; I wish I could go an explore. I want to get to know this world, though, till I can complete all my training I don’t think I’m going to be allowed to really go and explore.

“No Sasuke, focus, you’re up early you need to get studying in.” I tried to motivate myself as I sat down at my desk with my book and flipped to where I had left off. I was at Ice elementals. “At least this book is kinda entertaining to read.” I pulled out my notebook from my bag and found a pen that was laying on my desk under some other papers and got to reading.

Ice Elementals

Ice Elementals branch off of the water element. As I have previously started with in the water elemental section, they can take a water elementals water attack and change it to ice/ snow and vice versa. If you don’t quite remember or just have been skipping around this book and haven’t read that part of the book, I would very highly suggest that you go to the water elemental section and give it a read. But now to the basics of ice elementals. I’ll place it in a list just as I have for the other elements just to make it an easier break down for future reference.

Common traits

·Cold to the touch- (An amazing friend to have on a hot and humid day.) Considering that their element is ice it makes sense that they would be cold to the touch. An ice elementals natural body temperature is quite low. How low it can go

·Pale skin- From what I have gathered no matter how long an ice elemental is in the sun they will never actually burn or tan. They always seem the have a pale skin tone.

·White hair- This I have found to be rare and I have only seen once person with white hair, her name is Lumi Nurmi. But, from what I can conclude is an ice elemental that is born with white hair will end up becoming a very powerful ice elemental and their ice will be colder and stronger than any other ice elemental.

Basic Abilities

·Freezing- This is the physical ability to lower the temperature in atoms to their freezing point. It also allows the elemental to control different forms of frozen water.

·Freezing Breath- Also called Ice breath, this should be straight forward, but I shall explain anyways. It is a discharge of cold from the mouth that will freeze anything it touches

·Unfreeze- Just as the name suggest an Ice elemental is able to turn ice into water or evaporate the ice all together.

·Frozen Surface- Fairly straight forward, this causes surfaces to freeze. The more an ice elemental focuses the more pinpoint they can be for freezing certain target areas on the ground.

Advanced Abilities

·Ice Wave- An Ice elemental sends out a wave of ice or cold in all directions that will repel anything.

·Ice Prison- From first hand expiree this ability is compact ice that traps it’s opponent in ice.

·Ice Gliding- This allows the ice elemental to simple glide (burrow or “swim” if you prefer) through ice.

·Ice/Blizzard Vortex- It allows the ice elemental to create a vortex of ice/snow

·Ultimate Freeze- This is a very dangerous ability as it allows the elemental to drop the temperature of themselves and everything within a ten-meter radius to the point in which anything within the radius (excluding themselves) will die instantly. Though the elemental does need a certain period of time to bring their body temperature back up to its normal temperature. During this time the ice elemental is immobilized making it quite dangerous to be counter attacked if the opponent has an ally or is able to get out of this abilities range in time. This ability is forbidden from being used with in tournaments. The only elementals that I know of that are able to with stand this attack are fire elementals (though, this does require a great deal of training) and star elementals (star elementals will be covered later on in this novel). The only elemental that I have seen with this ability is Lumi Nurmi.

“Dear god…” Mumbling to myself as I write down the different abilities and very quick notes to go along with them, “Remind me to not go against Shiro, or at least piss him off.” The floor lightly squeaked and I quickly turned around. Toshiro was leaning against the door frame to me room. “What’s up?” I asked him raising an eyebrow.

He walked into the room swaying back and forth a bit and fell onto my bed. Is he sleep walking? I get up from my chair and go over to the bed to hear him breathing lightly. I lean onto the bed and brush his bangs away from his eyes. “He’s sleeping…” I said to myself letting his bangs fall back into his face. “Night as well get him the rest of the way on the bed,” I sighed to myself getting off the bed and grabbing his ankles. Quickly I swung his legs onto the bed so his back was to me and then I pushed him further onto the bed so he wouldn’t fall off if he turned. Good thing too because as soon as I took my hands off his back he rolled over. I didn’t have to move the blanket too far out from under him considering that I didn’t bother to make my bed when I got out of it and I covered him up.

After he was covered I sat back down at my desk and stared at him. Just how long has be been sleep walking? Maybe I should ask Kyo about that. I wandered out of my room. I need a drink anyways. As quietly as I could I made it down the stairs and as I walked into the kitchen I caught something strange out of the corner of my eye just above the kitchen table. Walking closer to the table it looks like a small space in the air is contorting. Then out of that small contorting space a piece of paper suddenly appeared and gently floated down the to table top below. When I looked back up to where the paper came from the contortion has stopped and it was as if nothing happened.

I looked back down at the paper and picked it up to read. All it said is we have to be at the arena by 9:00 AM for an announcement. All paper here in Amoura is hand made. It’s as thin as the paper on earth, but with the paper here you can feel the slight roughness to it and you can tell it’s handmade, even if it’s been trimmed so it’s a standard rectangular piece of paper. Looking over at the clock that we have hanging on the wall. It’s 6:30 in the morning. “Maybe I should get everyone up around 7:30…” Pondering the thought as I set the paper down and got a cup from the cupboard and filled it with water.

I turned when I heard bare feet lightly tap on the wooden floor of the kitchen. Nero was rubbing his eyes and yawning, “Morning.” I greeted before taking a drink of water.

“Morning.” He said towards the end of his yawn, “How long have you been up?”

“I have no idea actually. Maybe an hour or two,” Shrugging and scratching the back of my head I finished off my cup of water.

“Do you always wake up this early?” He asked kinda monotone. He still sounds like he’s half asleep as he sat down at the table and picked up the paper to read it as he stretched out his right arm on the table and flopped his head down on his arm.

“Na, I just couldn’t really sleep,” I answered sitting down at the table as well.

“Why?” He asked then turned the paper to me.

“I’ve already read it,” I answered and he let it fall back down onto the table. “I don’t know. I guess I just don’t feel very tired. I thought that maybe doing some more homework would make me tired, but that didn’t happen.”

“What homework were you working on?” He was full of questions this morning.

“Morning.” Kyo’s voice broke into our conversation. I looked up to see my blonde-haired friend, he actually looks awake.

“Morning.” Nero and I say in unison, “It was homework that my father gave me.” I answered.

“Have either of you seen Toshiro? I didn’t see him in his room when I got up.” Kyo asked grabbing the cup off the counter, “Whoever’s cup this is I’m using it,” He said filling it up with water.

“He sleep walked into my room this morning. So he’s sleeping in there. We all have to be at the arena by nine this morning by the way.” I responded.

“Ah, must be able the festival, we have one every year.” Kyo said after downing the whole glass of water, “Should I make coffee this morning?” He looked at the cup then at me then back at the cup.

“I’ll heat up the water just as fast as the stove will heat up the tea pot. If you want coffee, then I would say make it. You did crush up extra beans a few days ago anyways.”

“Fair enough.” He shrugged and set the cup down and grabbed the tea pot and filled it with water.

“What’s the festival?” Nero asked sitting up and rubbing his face with his hands. Nero came to the academy before I did, but by the sounds of it he got here after this festival thing that Toshiro and Kyo know about.

“The theme changes every year. I’m sure that’s what the whole be that the arena by nine this is about. And considering that it’s Saturday it means that we’re going to have to sign up for things to do after it.” Kyo explained.

“Should we get everyone else up?” Nero asked.

“I was planning on waking whoever’s not up at 7:30, just to give everyone some time to wake up before we have to go.” I said, “What about the dorms where pretty much everyone sleeps in?”

“I don’t know how headmaster Kaisai does it, but by the time we get back here there’ll more than likely be an envelope with a summary of what was said at the arena and papers for us to pick out what we want to do from the options that are given to us.”

“It’s got to be a mixture of using his different elements.” I said.

“What do you mean?” Nero questioned.

“Do you not know all the elements?” I looked over at him surprised.

“I can name off some of them.” He sighed.

“It’s a moon elementals underline job to know all eighteen elements and what they can do.” Sighing as I repeat my father’s words that he said to me after I just passed my first pop quiz.

“Moon elemental?”

“Moon elementals are pretty much the avatars out of the elementals.” Looking over to the door that leased into the living room Hale was standing there leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his bare chest and he light blue hair was draped over his right shoulder. His blonde roots were showing by about an inch and his light blue was faded to the point that it was more of a pale blue than the light blue it was when we first came here. “Oh and Sasuke, can I read that book your dad gave you before you give it back?”

“Yeah that’s fine, I’m sure my dad won’t care. I’m almost done with my homework out of it anyways if you wanted to get a head start with reading it.”

“What else do you have to read for this week?”

“I just finished ice this morning, and dad wants me to go back and re read water and fire. But the new ones this week were light, dark, and ice.”

“Are you a moon elemental Sasuke?” Nero jumped into the conversation between Hale and I. That’s right I’ve never told Nero that I was a moon elemental.

I nodded, “Yep.”

The tea pot started to whistle and Kyo turned off the stove, “Any of you want coffee?”

“I do.” Tate grumbled wandering into the kitchen.

“How late did you stay up last night?” Hale questioned.

“You know I’m a night owl brother.” Tate said making me chuckle a little.

I stood up, “I’m going to go wake Shiro up so I can get dressed.” Considering he was the only one of us that was not up yet. It was close to 7:30 anyways.

“I’m going to go get dressed myself.” Nero sighed making himself get up.

As the twins started to bicker Nero and I left the kitchen. Nero went into his room and I wandered upstairs to mine. When I walked in Shiro was sitting up in bed, his hair was all over the place and he was looking around the room half asleep. “Morning sleeping beauty.” I greeted going over to my dresser.

“Morning…why are you in my room?” He asked obviously not really awake yet.

“Shiro, this is my room. You were sleep walking again and came in here about an hour ago.” I explained pulling out a pair of jeans and a three-quarter sleeve shirt.

“I’m so sorry.” I looked over my shoulder to see Toshiro burring his face in his hands.

“Na don’t worry about it. I was already up when you came in.” I responded with a light chuckle, “Oh and we have to be at the arena by nine.”

“Still though, I apologize for sleep walking in here.”

“How long has this been happening? The sleep walking thing that is.” I slept in my boxers so I just pulled on my pants as I asked the question.

“Um…a couple of months I guess.” He shrugged getting out of my bed and making it for me.

“Do you think it’s stress?”

“It may be. It’s probably because of my one class I’m taking. Hopefully it’ll stop once I’m done with the class for the year.” He shrugged and I pulled a pair of socks out of my dresser.

“Hopefully.” I smiled trying to reassure him, “And you know you can always talk to me and vent if you need to.”

“Thanks Sasuke.” He smiled back, “I’m going to go get changed and take care of this rats nest on my head.”

I chuckled as he left the room. Maybe I’ll ask him about what skills he knows. I’m kinda curious he he’s into the advanced skills or not.

After throwing on my socks I wandered back down stairs and into the kitchen again and grabbed an apple. All of down stairs smells like French vanilla coffee. I love the smell of coffee, but I hate the taste of it. Other than everyone getting ready there really isn’t anything too exciting going on between everyone finally being up and us leaving to go to the arena. Because of the twins pretty much dragging all of us out the door we were one of the first groups to get there, so we actually got some of the bottom row seats. I’m not a fan of sitting all the way up at the top to be honest.

The arena filled in pretty quick. Like myself you could tell who were the new kids. Some looked excited, others looked worried as if all of us where going to be getting in trouble. The older students kinda looked indifferent about it. Some looked interested, other looked like it was troublesome to be dragged out of bed for this. But soon enough the arena was pretty much filled and it was really loud with all the different conversations going on. I caught dad walking out of one of the tunnels that enter to the main part of the arena. He’s wearing a casual pale blue button up and jeans. Dad doesn’t even need to say anything for his presence in this arena to be known. Everyone falls silent as he walks to the center of the arena. Dad’s commanding aura, he’s always had it, just went he has to talk to a large group of people he makes it very much so known.

“Headmaster is radiating a deep golden bronze from him.” Tate mentioned quietly.

I looked at Tate then back at dad, “Really?” Considering that I haven’t worked with my dark element I haven’t obtained any of their skills so I wouldn’t be able to see if even if I switched elements.

Tate nodded, “He’s sending it out in waves over all of us.”

“It’s how he controls the crowd and he doesn’t have to waste time waiting for everyone to quiet down.” Kyo explained propping his right foot up on the wall and slouching a bit in his chair.

“It’s like you’ve been through this before.” Nero snickered.

“Welcome everyone. Thank you all for getting up so early on a Saturday! And to those who couldn’t get their dorm mates out of bed in time for this please do fill them in on what was discussed.” Dad’s voice rang out over the crowd. It was as if he had a speaker on to help his voice carry but I know for a fact that he didn’t he was using the sound element to make his voice sound as if he’s over a loud speaker. “Let me get right to the point, for the older students I’m quite sure that you know what this is about. It’s that time of year again where we hold the end of fall festival. For all the new students let me give you a brief explanation. Once a year we as a school hold a festival for all of Amoura. This has been a tradition since I was going to school here. You get the week off from classes in order to help with the preparations for the festival. Didn’t you think it was a little odd that a fair bit of your tests were last week and you were not assigned homework for the weekend?” For all my other classes yes… I puffed out my cheeks a little and crossed my arms over my chest as dad continued to talk. “There will be certain activities that people will need to sign up for. This is also a good time for all of the clubs here to create booths and try to get more people to join your club. Everyone must participate with at least one activity for this festival. Now for the kicker I know that last year I was not able to make the preparations in time but this year I have obtained permission for us as a school to hold two tournaments!” The older students including Toshiro and Kyo cheered. Are these tournaments really that exciting?

“You can participate in both tournaments, but don’t overdo it. The first tournament will be where only your elemental abilities can be used. This second tournament is for the older students. It’s the first soul weapons tournament. All students who have obtained their soul weapons are allowed to enter this tournament.” The cheering got even louder. The twins, Nero, and myself sat there very confused as Kyo and Toshiro high fived each other.

“The breakdown of the rules for the soul weapon tournament are as follows. Rule one, soul weapons and the use of your element are allowed in this tournament. Rule two, if your weapon dissipates during the match the match is over and your opponent wins. Rule three, if you are knocked out or can no longer move the match it over and your opponent wins. Rule four, if both you and your opponent are knocked down one must at least get up to their knees with in three minutes to be declared the winner. Rule five, if you are caught cheating you will be automatically disqualified from the tournament.” The place was quiet once again as dad explained the rules.

“The element tournament will have the same rules as two years ago. Rule one, you are only allowed to use your element and hand to hand combat for this tournament. Any use of a soul weapon will instantly disqualify you from the tournament. Rule two, if you use an ability that is forbidden to be used in a tournament you will be instantly disqualified. Rule three, if you are knocked out or can no longer move the match it over and your opponent wins. Rule four, if both you and your opponent are knocked down one must at least get up to their knees with in three minutes to be declared the winner. Rule five, if you are caught cheating you will be automatically disqualified from the tournament.” So it’s only five rules…that’s not so bad.

“There will be a physical copy of the rules for each tournament on your kitchen tables when you get back to your dorms. Along with a list of activities that you will be allowed to choose from for this week. Once everyone in your dorm has filled out a sheet please send one person from your dorm to my office to drop it off. Now these need to be completed by midnight tonight otherwise I will place you in an activity myself. Signups for the tournament will also be within the envelopes. Be sure to have the person bringing the forms for activities to also bring the signups with them as well.” Dad was smiling and he looked like he was having a good time, “That is all for today, be sure to get those formed filled out and brought back to me. Have a great day everyone.” And with that it was over. The commotion rose back up and I looked at dad who was looking back at me. He motioned for me to come to him.

“You coming Sasuke?” Hale asked looking down at me.

“I’ll catch up. Dad wants to see me really quick.” I said standing up as well.

“Sounds good. Don’t take too long or I’ll sign you up for something.” Kyo chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll meet you back at the dorm.” I waved and then hopped down over the wall and into the arena. I jogged over to dad. I could feel stares into my back as I made it to dad. “What’s up?” I asked him.

“I need you to come with me to my office. You have an extra couple of rules that you have to follow if you plan to enter the element tournament.” Before I could say anything dad placed a hand on my shoulder and teleported us out of the arena and to his office. That was a really weird feeling. It was like the pin prickly feeling you get when something falls asleep and your trying to wake it up.

“Why do I have extra rules?” I questioned as dad let go of my shoulder and walking over to his desk. “You are only allowed to use one element during the tournament, if you switch into a different element then you will automatically be disqualified. Also…” dad held out a pair of black gloves to me. They looked new and when I took them form him they had the feeling of leather, “You are to wear gloves that completely cover your hands during the tournament. You’ll end up going against people who have elements that you don’t have yet. If you accidently copy their element you know that you won’t be able to go back to your base element for an hour after copying the new element. Unfortunately, that counts as switching elements and you’ll end up being disqualified.” Dad explained.

“Well that’s shitty.” I sighed looking at the gloves and figured I might as well try them on.

“I was placed under the same rules for entering tournaments. It sucks but you’ll have to deal with it with you want to participate.” He placed a hand on my head and I looked up at him. He was smiling softly down at me, “I hope that you’ll enter, I want to see how much you’ve grown.”

I feel like that’s a lot of pressure on me. Considering I’m his son and everyone is expecting me to do well…I just hope I won’t let anyone down, “I’ll do my best.” I answered smiling back at him.

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