A Little Secret

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Accepting an Offer

Chapter 28: Accepting an Offer…


“I’m glad that I don’t have to work at the pool anymore,” Sighing to myself I quietly walk down the side walk. There’s a lot of people out and about today. I wonder if we’re actually going to be busy at the library today. There were some days where I would be doing nothing more than throwing a bouncy ball against the back wall as I sat behind the counter. Other days I’m constantly putting books away and cleaning a bit here and there. I would rather be constantly putting books away instead of sitting there doing nothing. “I’ll ask Liz how it’s been,” I make my way up to the doors of the library to see two teens with blonde and blue hair run out of the library followed closely by a teen with black hair and red eyes. Standing there for a moment. My breath is caught in my throat…Was that… Turning my head I’m able to lock my eyes on the back of his head…I know that hair style… “Sasuke…”

Before I could think I had dropped my bag and started running in the direction that he was going. “Excuse me, pardon me, sorry…” I say as I maneuver through people. “Sasuke wait!” I call out but a rush of people get between me and who I think is my best friend. “Sasuke…” I’ve lost him… No…no…not again…why does this keep happening. It’s been two and a half years since I’ve seen him and then he just showed up out of nowhere sprinting past me and not even acknowledging that I was there…Is my mind just playing tricks on me? My chest is tight, it’s hard to breathe…

“Move, geez don’t just stand there,” A random woman with a very bad attitude rammed her shoulder into my arm. I instantly glare at the back of the woman’s head that rammed into my arm than back at the last spot where I think I saw Sasuke. I need to get to work. For all I know that wasn’t Sasuke. My minds just playing tricks on me. He looked a bit taller than Sasuke from when I last saw him anyways. Thankfully, I leave my apartment much earlier than what I normally have to. My bag is still sitting where I dropped it. Picking it back up I head inside and go clock in. When I go to the backroom Liz in in there and crying.

“Liz, what’s wrong?” I asked setting my bag down.

“That fucking asshole, after two and a half years he can’t even form a god damn sentence when he sees me,” She choked out and threw herself against my chest.

“What? Hold on go back, what are you talking about?” I asked really confused and looking down at her.

“S-Sasuke was in the fantasy section…” She said into my chest, “I didn’t realize…it was him at first b-because we ran into each other. B-but when he opened his mouth and apologized I recognized his voice. When I asked him a few questions like where he’s been for the last two years he just kept stuttering. Like he was nervous and anxious,” She took a few breaths to try and calm down after spewing all this information out at me.

So that was Sasuke that I saw…I was right… “Liz, to be honest I feel like your mind is playing tricks with you. What if that wasn’t Sasuke? What if it was just a person that looks like him?” She instantly pushed away from me and looked furious.

“You don’t believe me do you?” She was pissed…shit…

“I never said that, I’m just saying…” Liz cut me off.

“No, just no, I’m just going to go home…” She grabbed her things in a huff and looked at me, her eyes puffy from crying and angry, “You don’t change, you can’t even comfort someone you ass. You’re just as bad as him…I hate you…you and Sasuke,” Before I could even get a chance to defend myself she stormed out of the backroom.

I’m such and idiot…why did I have to go and say something like that to her…she’s had a crush on Sasuke forever and if that actually happened between them… I sighed and put a hand on my forehead, “I really am an ass…” Muttering to myself I hear the door to the backroom open.

“Is everything alright?” I turned to see Anna one of my co-workers walk in.

“Liz was upset about something and I made it worse. Now I feel like the biggest ass in the world,” I sighed putting my hands in my pockets.

“I’m sure she’ll calm down. She has a lot of good friends and you’re one of them. I don’t think that she can be mad at you for long,” Anna mentioned crossing her arms over her chest and placing her weight on her right leg, slightly sticking her hip out.

“What do you think I should do then?” I asked, I feel defeated. First I couldn’t catch up with Sasuke and see if it was really him and now I’ve made Liz pissed at me. I’m such a fuck up…

“Let Liz cool down on her own. I feel like what she needs down in time with her girlfriends or to be left alone. That’s the best way to handle it. If you’re still worried about her, then shoot her a text tonight,” Anna told me. She was good at giving advice about things in this type of situation.

I nodded, “Okay,” I said quietly.

“We are busy though, so I’m going to need you to start with putting books away if that’s alright with you.”

“Can do,” I nodded and headed out of the backroom. I took the cart that had books that were checked back in with me out on to the floor and put those away first.

When someone would come up to me and ask where a certain section was I would take them to it. I’ve been in here so much now that I work here I pretty much know this place like the back of my hand. Why do I feel like shit? I don’t feel like I did something wrong but at the same time I did. Why do I keep beating myself up over this? I’m sure that Liz will get over it. She normally does when we fight. Whatever, I shouldn’t let it bother me anyways. Sighing to myself I quickly put the books away that were on the cart and take it back to the front. Then I went on a hunt to the other carts and put whatever books that were on those carts away. Once it hit seven o’clock there was next to no one in the library. I was working on my last cart. A fair bit of people returned their books today and we were finally able to check in the books that were form the bin that’s outside the door. Thank god, it’s been a long day. Just this last hour then we can lock the doors and I can go home.

“You look like you’re having troubles,” I feel like I jumped ten feet. I looked over to my left where the voice came from. There, leaning against the bookshelf was a man that was probably as tall as I was. He has piercing golden eyes and jet black hair. His hair was slicked back and I think it was pulled back into a ponytail, but I wasn’t too sure. His clothed hung slightly lose on him but it was still tight enough to show that he did have a bit of a build. He was probably much stronger than what he looks. He honestly looks a lot like Mr. Kaisai now that I think about it. “What? Do I remind you of someone that you know?” A smirk played with the corner of his lips as he spoke. I must have been looking at him with a slight expression of shock or something for him to say that to me.

“Can I help you?” I questioned shaking it off. His voice is slightly higher than I remember Mr. Kaisai’s voice being. Or they may have the same voice pitch I’m not too sure anymore it’s been so long since I hear Mr. Kaisai talk.

“What’s your name?” Well that’s a hell of a thing to ask when I don’t even know your name. I went back to looking for where the book in my hand need to go. I was in the fantasy section and putting a fairy tale book away.

“It’s Sean, Sean Zimmer. Now, can I help you or not? I’m not in the best of moods if you couldn’t tell,” I answered, I’m normally much nicer to people, but…I don’t know with this guy. I’m a bit thrown off by him really. I don’t know what to think. There’s just something off about him…

“So you’re the kid that Andrew has been talking to me about,” That caught my attention and I turned my attention back to the man that was still leaning against the bookshelf. I’m glad that he’s not leaning against it too hard. If he was it would have gone toppling over. These shelves aren’t very stable with how thin they are. That fucking smirk…I want to wipe that smirk right off his face.

“Are you his boss or something?” I questioned raising an eye brow.

He nodded, “My name is Christopher, you can call me Chris if you would like,” He said finally standing up and he walked the rest of the way over to me instead of standing at the end of the isle. So I don’t get your last name after telling you mine? What a fucking ass. At least Andy told me what it was.

“You look displeased with my answer,” Why the fuck is he talking like he’s from ancient times? Maybe he just read an old book or something. I’m surprised that I don’t talk like that after I read my book. Though, I never read it around others.

“I said I’m not in a good mood, so I’ll ask one more time before I just walk away. Can I help you find anything?” I said with a very much so resting bitch face and staring back at him.

“Oh, you’re probably upset that I didn’t tell you my last name. I just figured that Andrew would have already told you what it was so I didn’t feel the need to tell you,” I blinked slowly in annoyance. Too bad it’s frowned upon in society to just sock someone in the face in public. This guy is getting on my nerves. “Tell me, have you ever heard of a thing called an elemental?” I was a bit taken back and shocked by the question. It’s not what I was expecting, though, I feel like I shouldn’t have been so shocked, Andy told me that’s what the place he works for goes after. There’s that fucking smirk again…gah, why the fuck is it so irritating to see him smirk at me like that?

“Sorry, I can’t say I have,” I answered quickly.

“You’re lying,” He retorted quickly and put his hand against the books. Next to my face. I was getting a very intense and over power vibe coming from him. What’s going on? “Now, tell me the truth, have you ever heard of something called an elemental before?” Who the hell does he think he is? What he can’t be much older than me. He looks like he’s nineteen, twenty years old. But, why do I feel compelled to answer him? Should I just say no?

Reluctantly, I nod my head a bit, “Yes.”

“Good, that means that Andrew wasn’t lying to me,” I looked at him confused.

“The kid is an ass, I trust him as far as I can fucking throw him,” I mumbled sliding the book into its place and picking up another book. I might as well get things done while this Chris guy keeps bugging me. Maybe if I stay busy he’ll leave me the hell alone.

Chris chuckled, “He is quite annoying from time to time, and yet he tells me that the two of you hang out quite a bit.”

“What do you want then? If it’s for me to join you then it’s a no,” I said in a very flat tone of voice.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to say no to me,” I glared at him out of the corner of my eyes before going back to putting my last few books away.

He pulled the book that I just put away a few books ago and flipped through it. “Did you know that it takes another elemental for a new elemental to be able to go to Amoura?” I stopped what I was doing and looked at him. He was looking down at the book that he pulled out. “Did you know there’s such a thing called a soul weapon?”

“Yes, that’s what an elemental needs first and foremost in order to attempt to achieve a spirit weapon,” I said and he looked at me impressed.

“How many elementals have a spirit weapon?” Was his next question.

“Only one has successfully obtained a spirit weapon. His name was Jaden Wang, but that’s all I know,” I said quietly and not taking my eyes off of him.

“Well, then so you know about that, then answer me this, how many elements are there? And just what friend that was so close to you could have gone to Amoura but you didn’t forget them,” What is he talking about? I don’t understand, why would I forget Sasuke. “You see, when an elemental goes to Amoura for the first time anyone who they did not have a significant impact on wither it be good or bad will simply have their memory wiped of that person.” He looked up at me and in one smooth motion pulled something out of his pocket and stuck it in the book then quickly closed it. “If you want to see your friend Sasuke again, I would suggest giving my other some thought.” Pressing the book into my chest with one hand and patting me on the shoulder with the other he walked past me.

I took a breath and turned around to ask him how he knew about Sasuke, but when I turned around he was gone, “Chris?” I looked around as I held onto the book then I wandered to the end of the isle, but nothing, there was no trace of him it seems. I looked at the book that was in my arms and opened it up to the pages that he had stuck whatever he pulled out of his pocket. It was a piece of paper that was folded into a square with a card attached to it.

“Are you looking for something Sean?” Anna asked as she saw me standing there.

“Oh, well, you didn’t happen to see a man about my height with black hair and golden eyes did you?” I asked and she shook her head.

“The last person I saw come in here was a mother coming to get her kid, and that was about a half an hour ago. I don’t think anyone else as come in sense then actually now that I think of it,” She said crossing her arms under her chest. “What’s up?”

“It’s nothing, I just must be tired is all. It’s been a long day,” I answered shaking my head and slipping the paper and card into my back pocket.

It was just Anna and myself closing tonight. When it started slowing down Anna let Sam head home for the night. I put the book back on the shelf and then brought the cart back to the front. The last hour went pretty quick considering that I just went around and cleaned all the tables and study rooms then took out the trash. Then we locked up and headed our separate ways for the night. The warm night air let me think as I walked back to my apartment. I’m sure that Anna was at the front desk while I was working on putting books away, how could she not have seen him come in? He’s as tall as I am. We were eye level with each other. And how does he know about Sasuke? I just want to fucking see him so I can get him to answer my fucking questions. “Ugh. Damn asshole. No one should be allowed to troll someone that bad,” I groaned and pulled at my hair. “Fucking…god damn it…” I shook my head, “No, no fuck that shit, no I’m not going to fall for it. He can go fuck himself.”

“What’s got your boxers in a bunch?” I jumped a bit when I heard Andy’s voice next to me. I didn’t even hear him come up next to me. On top of that why the fuck is he here?

“What?” I said in a fairly pissed off tone.

“Have a bad day at the library? Some shitty kid stick gum under the tables and ya had ta clean it up or somethin’?”

“No, and how the fuck did you come up with that one?” There’s not too many people that do that anymore. I haven’t had to clean gum off the underside of the tables for a few months now. Even when I check there’s nothing really down there.

“I just saw ya and was heading over ta see ya anyways so I came over when ya seemed to be finished with yer rant,” he said and I sighed a bit.

Walking up the stairs to my apartment I pulled my keys out of my pocket and unlocked my door, “Come in if you want.”

Walking in myself I hung my keys back on the key hook and took off my shoes before heading into the apartment the rest of the way. Andy’s thankfully learned to take his shoes off at the door. “So what was the real reason why you came over?” I said dropping my bag on my coffee table next to my laptop.

“I told ya I just wanted ta come ’n see ya is all,” He said flopping him ass down in his usual spot on the couch. “Also my apartment is getting a renovation done on it so I need a place ta crash for a few days.” And there’s the kicker.

“Can’t you go stay with your father? I’m not in a good mood,” I responded going into my kitchen to get a drink. I got him the normal Dr. Pepper that he always pulls out of my fridge whenever he comes over then went back into the living room and handed him the drink before sitting down myself.

“Mom and dad are on a cruise and I don’t feel like being in that house longer than I have ta ya know?” He rested his had on his hand the same time he leaned against the arm of the chair. “Besides, they got a cat and it’s an ass. I already have ta make sure it’s fed and what not while their gone.”

“Maybe the cat would get to know you more if you stayed with it,” I offered.

“Na, the damn things always hated me since they got it. Don’t know why, I’m an easy person to get along with ’n what not,” my eye slightly twitched with his words. Easy to get along with my fucking ass.

I sighed and opened my can of pop, “How long do you have to stay?”

“It’s only for a week. I have ta get up early anyways ta get ta work on time. Chris hates it when I’m late,” He said with a stupid fucking grin. He got what he wanted and I fucking let him get what he wanted. God damn it…fuck my life.

“Fine, you can stay for the week,” I groaned. That explains why he had a duffle bag with him already.

“Kick ass, thanks man, I owe ya,” He said and I rolled my eyes a bit as I set my pop down on the coffee table. “Oh, have ya met with Chris yet? He told me he was gonna try ’n see ya.”

“Yeah, I met the ass,” I retorted.

“Come on man, he’s the coolest fucking boss ever. How is he an ass?” Andy asked with a bit of a laugh. Did he seriously think I was joking when I called Chris an ass?

“I don’t even know the guy, he doesn’t need to bring my friends in and use them as bait to get me to join that stupid fucking company,” I said standing up from my seat.

“It’s really not that stupid. Come on I’m sure even ya self wants to know if the little pip squeak is ’n elemental or not. Why else would he just fucking disappear into thin air like that?” Andy did have a point. And I know that he is one, I promised that I would never tell anyone that him, his parents, and snowflake are elementals.

“What do you want revenge on him for standing up to you?” I questioned taking my bag to my room and putting it on my bed.

“Fuck yeah, that little fucker got me suspended. I wanna fucking beat him senseless,” Andy sounded a bit too excited about that conclusion.

“He didn’t know how to swim and yet you threw his ass into the deep end of the pool. You had every right to be suspended for that. He probably still can’t swim, even now…where ever the hell he is,” I said getting changed into shorts for the night.

“Ha, ya think so? He seemed dense so I wouldn’t be surprised,” I stormed out back into the living room and grabbed Andy by the collar of his shirt and lifted him up off the couch.

“Sasuke is not dense, fucking say anything bad about him again while in my apartment and I’m going to kick you right out of that door understood?” I threatened him. Before he could answer I pushed him back down to the couch.

“Geez Sean, why the fuck are ya so protective of the little brat. He fucking left ya. He has no right to have any of yer respect. That’s that I think anyways, but if ya don’t want me ta talk bad about the little fucker then I’ll stop. It’s yer house,” He said with his hands raised in defeat.

I didn’t say anything and just went back to my room and grabbed the spar blanket and pillow for him out of the closet and brought them out. We didn’t really talk much for the rest of the night. I actually went to bed shortly after. Before actually laying down I text Liz apologizing about earlier and that it was stupid for me to say that to her. After that I just got into bed and laid there till I was too tired to keep my eyes open and I fell asleep.

The sounds of birds chirping around me. Opening my eyes there’s a blue sky above me. There’s a warm breeze that’s lightly blowing my bangs out of my face. Am I in a field? Sitting up I look around. It looks for damn sure I’m in a field. “Why did I fall asleep in a field?

“It’s about time you woke up,” I looked up to see snowflake standing there above me.

“Snowflake?” I was really confused, why is he here? When did he get here?

“For the last time please stop calling me that,” Toshiro help out his hand to help me up onto my feet. “If you’re going to use a nick name for me please use what everyone else does.”

I took his hand and stood up, “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Sighing I looked around and put my hands in my pockets. “Where are we?”

“In a field,” I looked over at him with a No-Shit-Sherlock expression and he was smirking at me. “Come on, it was worth it. I don’t get to pick on you too often.”

“Fuck you,” I grumbled under my breath.

“Don’t get your boxers in a bunch, I was ask to help find you, headmaster and Mrs. Kaisai wanna see you,”

“Why would they want to see me?” Now I’m really confused.

“I’m assuming it has something to do with your adoption into the family,” my heart skipped a beat when he said that. Why would they adopt me? Of all people why? I mean yeah that makes me stoked, but…”No, that can’t be right…”

“Sean?” Snowflake said with a questioning sound to his tone.

“None of this is real…they left, you left. Everyone left me behind, wherever the hell you all went, you left me all alone. Why would I want to see them? I don’t even want to see you,” Pulling my hands out of my pockets I hug myself and looked away from Toshiro. .

A throat laugh came from where Toshiro was standing, “You’re right, why you anyone want you?” I looked up and Toshiro had an twisted smile on his face. “Why the fuck would. You’re not special at all. You can’t even stop your friend who you haven’t seen in over two years to stop running and talk to you. What a pathetic excuse for a person you are.”

I clenched my fists, “Who the fuck are you to talk? You don’t know me. You don’t even know half the shit that I’ve fucking gone through in my life. That’s fucking ballsy of you to say something like that. I don’t need anyone I can take care of myself. So go fuck yourself,” I retorted.

All snowflake did was laugh. Was he mocking me? That mother fucker…this isn’t like him at all I know that much, “Who the hell are you?”

“Are you that dense? You know full well who I am…” He brought his fingertips up to his lips and lightly tapped them, “Though, on second thought you may not,” He clapped his hands together with a creepy ass smile on his face and a look that could kill anyone that was standing in front of him. “How about I give you a little push in the right direction, just as a favor to help you out,” He caught me off guard and grabbed my throat. He squeezed and made it hard to breathe. I grabbed his arm and I couldn’t get him to let go. Lifting me up off the ground and above his head with one hand he snapped his fingers with the other and the field that we were in shattered into a million pieces and we were left with nothing but darkness all around us. “You really want to find your friends who could easily kill you then take up that offer. Take up that offer and become stronger. Then maybe you’ll be able to go against them, go against me,” He brought me back down so my face was inches away from his, “I look forward to that day,” he snickered

“Rot in hell whoever the fuck you are,” I was able to get out with the lack thereof of oxygen that I was getting.

He just laughed and let go of my throat and I started to fall, “Have a nice trip, see you next fall,” His words faded fast as I fell. The feeling of vertigo hit me.

Gasping I launch off my pillow, I’m breathing heavily, there’s cold beads of sweat running down my face, my neck, everywhere, I’m drenched in a cold sweat. What the hell was that? I bring my hand up to my throat. It felt so real... I looked over at my alarm clock and it’s three in the morning. “God damn it…” I sigh to myself and run my fingers through my hair before rubbing my face with both hands. That was a fucked up dream. There’s no way that was Toshiro. He’s way to kind hearted to ever do something like that. So who was it then? I shake my head and get up and go to the bathroom. “It’s just a dream, just relax, take a piss, and go back to bed,” I tell myself. I have a small plug in wax warmer in the bathroom. It keeps a nice sent in the apartment and it’s not that over powering. Plus, it makes a nice little light in the dark that doesn’t kill my eyes and I don’t have to turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night.

Andy was sound asleep on the couch and lightly snoring on top of it. “Glad that one of us can get a decent nights sleep,” I muttered to myself as I headed back to my room after finishing my business in the bathroom.

I laid back down and it took me over an hour to get back to sleep. I woke up again at 6:30. I heard Andy moving around out in the living room and then the front door shut. I just ended up getting up anyways. I wasn’t going to get anymore sleep and I had to open at the sports store at eight anyways. Might as well take a shower and get ready.

The folded piece of paper was resting on top of my book on my night stand. I stared at it for a minuet then got my clothes together and took a shower. I haven’t unfolded that paper yet to see what it is. It’s probably an application for all I know. I’ll look at it before I go to work. Might as well. I didn’t spend that long in the shower. I just couldn’t seem to relax, I get out around four today maybe I’ll go to the pool or go for a run after work… After getting dressed I went back to my room and opened up the folded piece of paper. Just what I thought, it was an application. Sighing I fold it back up and set it down. I’m just not in the mood right now to deal with it.

I ate something small and then went to work. I didn’t lock the door. I forgot to give Andy the spare key for the apartment. I don’t know when he gets done with work so I’m not going to lock it just in case. I text him on my way to work to let him know that the door was unlocked and that I left the spare key on the coffee table if he gets back to the apartment before I do.

Work passed by slowly, which sucks, all I kept doing was going back to that dream that I had last night. It was just so weird. Why would whoever the hell that was try to be snowflake in my dream? There’s got to be more to it than just some fucked up dream. Then there’s Chris and that application. I’m not gonna lie the pay looks nice and I wouldn’t have to work two jobs. I would have a bit more time by the schedule that he laid out for me…no, no, I’m not going to do it.

As much as I tried to push the thoughts to the back of my head it didn’t work out all that well. I did decide that I’m going for a run though. Then I’m going to watch anime when I get home. That sounds like a good plan.

The run did help me relax a bit. With all the stress from working the two jobs I think that not being about to run was finally getting to me. I’m glad I was able to do it. And Andy still isn’t back yet. So more time to relax and start an anime. I almost forgot that he was staying with me till I saw the blanket on my couch. I won’t watch anime with him here. I don’t need to have him picking on me about it. I’m trying to be nice to him as it is.

The week went fairly slow, but by the end of the week it picked backup. Even after Andy went back to his own apartment. He actually gave me one-hundred bucks for letting him crash here and raid the fridge. I really didn’t expect that from him. It helped though that’s for sure. Liz was still a bit sour with me. I don’t know if she’s on her period or what, but it’s slightly annoying getting the cold shoulder from her. Whatever, I’ll just let it go for now, I’m sure she’ll come around.

Every day I look at the application and the card that he left with it. Andy is still bugging me to accept the request…It’s been two months since I’ve gotten this stupid sheet of paper. I’m sitting here with just my desk lamp on lightly tapping the end of my pen against the desktop. The application sitting in front of me. I’ve pretty much filled it out. I keep glancing at the card too… I moved my right hand over to my cell phone and clicked the lock button to turn it on. I’m tired of being exhausted. The last time I looked in the mirror I finally realized that I really haven’t changed that much since I was in high school. Maybe…just maybe doing this will help me take a step forward and actually do something with my life. I pick up my phone and unlock it. Then I type in the number that’s on the card and put my phone up to my ear.

It rings three times and then someone picks up on the other end.


“Hey Chris, this is Sean Zimmer…I’m calling about that offer you made me a few months ago,” I said standing up from my seat and walking over to my window and watched the rain fall.

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