A Little Secret

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Two Prodigies

Chapter 29: Two Prodigies


“Where would you like this?” I asked Mrs. Snyder. I was helping her clean up the house and bit and move things around. She’s apparently, been meaning to do this for a while and she looks quite happy to be able to finally get it done. Hale and Tate are helping their father outside with the yard work. It’s Sunday, and its just past noon. We’re still on Earth and we still have the wrist bands on. Though, I can’t tell if it’s working or not. There’s no sounds coming from it, vibrations, nothing.

“Yes there is perfect!” Mrs. Snyder clapped her hands happily as I set the end table down next to the recliner. I just moved the recliner over to the corner of the room. Now the chair is at an angle to where we moved the entertainment center and you were still able to watch tv from where it is. “Now we just need to move the couch,” She mentioned.

“Would you like some help with that?” I heard my dad’s voice and turned towards the hallway to see my father standing there in front of a quickly shrinking pale oval.

“Hey dad,” I said with a small smile.

“John! How have you been hon?” Mrs. Snyder asked running over to him and giving him a hug.

“I’ve been just fine and I actually have some good news, but first I’ll help move the couch. Just tell us where you want it,” Dad chuckled hugging her back.

“Thank you so much!” She chirped and dad walked over to the other side of the couch. “Can we move it over to the back wall that’s directly in front of the television and entertainment center please.”

Dad counted to three and we picked up the couch and moved it to where Mrs. Snyder wanted it. Mr. Snyder and the twins came in as we were pulling the couch a few inches away from the wall so they could use the reclining functions on each end of it.

“Wow, you two were busy in here,” Hale mentioned looking around at the new arrangement.

“We were! And I’m quite happy with the outcome,” Mrs. Snyder smiled triumphantly as she placed her hands on her hips.

“It looks good honey,” Mr. Snyder praised his wife with a soft smile. “Did you come to take the kids back John?” He said walking over to his wife and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

Dad nodded, “But if that’s all that I was doing I would have just let you make the portal for them. I actually came by myself to tell you some good news,” Dad stated as he walked over to them and placed a hand on Mr. Snyder’s shoulder. “I was able to set up an interview with the elders for Sharron,” Mrs. Snyder instantly jumped up and hugged dad happily. Dad hugged her back with a smile on his lips, “But this probably isn’t just going to be with the elders,”

“What do you mean?” Mrs. Snyder asked.

“Don’t tell me…” Mr. Snyder started and dad nodded.

“I’m going to have to go to each of the Dragon roosts and the spirit village and ask for them to have a representative at the interview. So not only is it the elders but also the dragon reps and a high spirit will be in attendance as well,” That is a lot of pressure on just one person. And it feels like the elders are going a bit over board with this.

“Isn’t that over doing it a bit?” Tate asked before I could.

“It feels like it is, but the elders do have a good reason for it I’m sure,” Mr. Snyder answered as he went and sat down on the couch.

“Considering the founders had to earn the respect of the dragons and other beings there already on Amoura it’s only natural to have them come to the interview. Amoura is meant to protect mythical creatures and elementals from the threat of humans and anything else that would want to harm them. That’s not including the natural balance or life,” Dad explained.

“I’ve always wanted to meet a dragon! Oh this is exciting!” Mrs. Snyder didn’t seem worried about this in the slightest.

Dad chuckled as he patted Mrs. Snyder’s hair, “Well they won’t be there in their dragon form,” I tipped my head confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked before anyone else could.

“There’s more to dragon’s then meets the eye. They are very powerful creatures and you all better respect them,” Dad warned us.

“Why wouldn’t we?” Hale questioned before leaving the room. He’s probably going to go and get his stuff they got yesterday.

“It’s just a precaution. I’m sure that no one would be stupid enough to go and fuck with them.” I sighed and dad glared at me. “What?”

“Language,” Was all he said and I rolled my eyes a bit. “Anyways, the interview for lack thereof of a better term it’s in six months on Amoura. So, it’s another two and a half years here. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t get it any sooner.”

“John, please don’t apologize, You’re already doing so much for me. I can wait I promise,” Mrs. Snyder smiled sweetly at dad.

“I know, but I still would much rather just be able to overrule the elders and bring you to Amoura.

“Considering that both her husband and her sons are elementals I would assume that she should just be automatically accepted to be able to come to Amoura. She can obviously keep the secret,” I added in.

“I know, but unfortunately rules are rules and we have to go through a process,” Dad sighed.

“Thank you, though for doing all this John, I really owe you one,” Mr. Snyder said as Hale came out with his and his brother’s bags.

“I’m trying my hardest to get this to work. I’ll let you know if there are any changes,” Dad said and he shook hands with Mr. Snyder before they gave each other a quick bro hug. He then gave Mrs. Snyder a hug as well and she kissed my dad on the cheek.

“Tell Yui I said hi,” She smiled.

“I’ll do that,” Dad said before walking over to the three of us.

Their parents waved us good bye as dad made a portal for all of us and then we went through and back to Amoura. Hale and Tate were upset that they had to go, but dad let them know that he would take them with him to go get their mother for the interview. But then dad had to run and go do something. But he told us to drop the bracelets off at the research lab.

“Guys…do you know where the research lab is?” I asked, I’ve walked around the campus a few times but I can’t remember if I’ve ever been there before.

“I think it’s in the science building,” Tate answered as we walked out the of the building. We ended up in my dad’s office when we got back.

“That sounds right now that I think about it,” Hale added in scratching his cheek. It was late evening though. It’s already dark out.

I felt something cold touch my nose for a second and I looked up, “Guy’s it’s snowing,” I said quietly. Of course I’m standing out here in a t-shirt and I’m not really cold. The twins only have light sweaters on.

“Fantastic, if it wasn’t cold enough,” Hale sighed shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Then let’s get moving so you two can warm up,” I said and headed towards the science building. The academy had side walk lamps that had the same luminous moss that was in the dorms for light lighting up patches on coble stone path. Here in Amoura we only have coble stone and dirt for roads. One thing that everyone refuses to do here is make it like Earth and kill the environment with pollution.

Thankfully the science building wasn’t that far away from the building that had dad’s office in it. “Everyone seemed to get the festival cleaned up pretty fast. We’ve only been gone for about half a day here,” Tate mentioned and now that I look around I can’t see any structures that were up just earlier in the day. “There are a lot of people who go here though, so even if people didn’t sign up to be on the cleanup crew I’m sure that they helped out.”

“That’s true, though we got out of it this year,” I said matter of factly. Though, I’ve never minded cleaning. Also, considering I’m an only child I kinda had to do the cleaning with my parents growing up so I’m used to it.

“We’ll have to ask Kyo and Toshiro if there are any other festivals like this one,” Hale spoke up as I walked a head of the twins and opened the door to the science building.

“I would like to do it again,” Tate smiled heading into the warmer building.

“I want to know if there are going to be other tournaments. That was so much fun. I would love to do that again,” Hale said also going into the building then I was the last one in.

“That would be awesome,” I nodded in agreement as we walked down the dimly lit halls.

“Maybe next time it’ll be a tag tournament or a spring festival,” Tate added in as we rounded a corner.

“That would be awesome. But with everything else going on I kinda feel like we’re just looking for distractions as we wait,” Hale said with sadness in his voice. I’m sure they were both worried about what was going to happen in the interview that was in six months for their mother. Hell, we don’t even know if the two of them are going to be allowed to be there or not. I guess we’ll find out when the time comes. We followed the signs to the research lab and found someone still there. They were cleaning up for the night though. After explaining to them that dad had to go somewhere and we were told to come here and give someone the bracelets the person told us to set them on the desk and that they would be fine there for the night. So we did what we were told and left the bracelets on the desk that the woman pointed to.

After that we made the long track back to our dorm that was on the other side of campus. “I feel like taking the running trail would make it faster to get back to the dorm,” I sighed putting my hands in my pockets as we made our way down one of the main roads in the academy.

“I think it takes the same amount of time depending on the speed that you walk,” Hale said crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“It may end up being faster at this time of night. I don’t think a lot of people take the trail at night,” Tate added in.

“I think depending on where the person lives on campus depends on what they’ll do to get home,” The twins agreed with me on that one. There were multiple ways to get back to the dorm. We did end up taking the running trail though. It was still lit up, just not as much as the main trails. With our dorm being right next to the trail we just came out by the side of our dorm. After checking a few numbers on other dorms first. Walking this back to the dorm during the day is one thing. At night it feels totally different. Just a bit more difficult to pick out our dorm. But, that always happens with anything at night it seems. Unless you’re a dark elemental. Then it doesn’t matter really.

Kyo, Toshiro, and Nero were sitting in the living room when we walked in.

“You’re back!” Toshrio exclaimed with a smile making Nero and Kyo peer over the back of the couch.

“It’s snowing outside,” Was the first things out of Hales mouth. I chuckled as slipped off my shoes. “What? It’s not even fair it was the middle of summer on earth and now it’s snowing.”

“Well that’s what happens sometimes. You never know what season they’re going to be in when you go,” Shiro said closing his book.

“So how did it go?” Nero asked getting up from the couch, “You three weren’t gone for that long.”

“We were only there for two days. It was just a small experiment that the research lab wanted help with,” I explained wandering over and sitting on the arm on the couch.

“The headmaster was also doing something for our family so it was nice to be with our parents when we received the news,” Hale told everyone as he started upstairs after taking his bags from Tate.

“I’m glad you guys were able to be there when your parents got whatever news the headmaster had for you,” Kyo stood up and stretched, “Now that everyone’s back I’m hitting the sack.”

“Alright, have a good night Kyo,” I said he’s probably still a bit sore from doing both tournaments.

“Night Kyo,” Shiro smiled softly at him as Kyo wandered over to the stairs.

“Night,” The twins said in unison.

“I feel like we should all head to bed,” Hale added in.

“It’s been a long day, I agree,” Tate nodded and they headed upstairs themselves.

That left Shiro, Nero, who just came back out into the living room with a glass of water, and me. Sliding off the arm of the couch I landed on the cushion below.

“So what was the thing you three had to do?” Nero asked first.

“The research lab was working on these bracelets that are supposed to be able to track current Elementals on earth or whatever dimension that we go to I guess. But it’s in the very early stages of development and they just wanted to see how it would work,” I explained to them as Nero sat down on the other end of the couch.

“Why?” Nero asked.

“There’s this thing called the Legion of Myth’s I think is what it’s called. This group has a branch for every mythical creature that is known of on earth. That includes us,” Shiro explained.

“But I don’t understand why we need those bracelets if we travel,” Nero groaned not really satisfied with the answer he was given.

“Well the LoM goes after these mythical creatures in order to experiment on them. That’s what I’ve been told. It’s not a group we want to mess with. Apparently back in the old days before the founders came here to Amoura that group was just flat out capturing mythical creatures and killing them,” Shiro shifted his weight and rested his cheek on his left hand that he had propped up from the arm of the chair. “Who would want an abnormality to the world, especially to the human society? We’re dangerous, so are Unicorns, Dragons, Sphinx, even mermaids. We’re something that are not supposed to exist so what better to do then to exterminate them?” A heavy silence fell between the three of us. The threat that’s against us is a very real one. If we ever get caught it could literally be the end of us.

“What was the news that was so important to the Snyder’s?” Nero asked changing the subject.

“Oh, my dad was able to set up an interview with the elders and one representative from each of the races for Mrs. Snyder. Considering she’s a human they need to go through this process to see if everyone will accept her to come here,” I said on a bit of a lighter note.

“Why? That’s so fucking stupid if you ask me. If her kids and husband are elementals and she hasn’t told anyone, which I’m assuming she hasn’t they should allow her to come here without this interview shit,” Nero complained.

“Rules are rules unfortunately,” Shiro sighed.

“Fuck the rules. Sometimes rules are made to be broken,” Please don’t let this turn into an argument.

“If there were no rules to follow then there would be no order,” Shiro protested giving an icy glare at Nero.

“I never said that there couldn’t be rules, I just said in this situation to fuck the rules. Headmaster Kaisai should just over rule the damn elders and go right to the dragon’s instead. They would probably be more understanding then those damn fuckers that are supposed to hold the rules in place,” Nero got up from his spot and leaned on the coffee table.

“Guys it’s a bit late to be arguing,” I said trying to interject from this turning into something worse.

“You’re right Sasuke,” Shiro sighed in annoyance.

“Tomorrow you and me you fucking snowflake, in the training area, we’re going at it,” Nero challenged with a dead serious expression on his face. I looked over at Toshiro and I could just feel the temperature in the room instantly drop.

“Fine, I won’t even have to pull out my soul weapon to teach you a lesson. I’ve been wanting to do this since you moved in here,” His intense ice blue gaze pierced through his bangs and were like daggers to Nero. This is the most intense expression that I’ve ever seen on Toshiro’s face. He didn’t have this expression during the tournament. It’s like he’s a totally different person. Shiro stood up and started towards Nero and stopped next to him, not looking at him but simply looking forward. Nero stood up himself. “I’ll tell you this now, in an element, there is a prodigy for every generation. And you just picked a fight with one,” His head snapped towards Nero his eyes were so fierce and intense even I felt a shiver run down my spine. “You’re in my season, you won’t win. I’ll show you there’re only three people that are allowed to call me that nickname and you are sure as hell not one of them.” Is he referring to the nickname snowflake? Sean gave him that nickname the first time they met. Has he actually accepted it as a nickname?

“There will always be a thunderstorm in the middle of winter and I’m going to heat up your cold ass attitude. You fucked with the thunder so now you’re going to get the lightning. I’ll show you I’m a force to be reckoned with my ice prince,” Nero’s gaze was matching Toshiro’s. Ice prince is something that Toshiro was called in the tournament by Leigh. That must be the nickname that he was given by the academy. Not everyone gets a nickname. You have to earn it.

Toshiro just smirked and flicked his hair that was on his shoulder to behind him and then walked away, “Good night Sasuke, I’ll see you in the morning,” He said heading to the stairs.

“Night Shiro,” I answered back and waited till he was upstairs and sighed. Releasing heat to warm the room back up I sat back down on the couch. “I wish you two would get along.”

“He needs to be taught a lesson Sasuke. I’m tired of him always getting his way,” I looked over at him as he picked up his frozen water. “You’re coming and watching this Sasuke. I’m going to show you that I can put him in his place. I’m not going to let him get away with thinking that he can’t be touched.”

Looks like I don’t have much of a choice. “Please just be careful. You saw what he can do with a soul weapon and he was given that nickname for a reason,” I added in.

“Well, a storm is going to come crashing down on his little ice palace and I’m going to make sure it ends in a grand explosion. He’s not the only one that’s a prodigy,” I looked up at Sasuke slightly shocked and confused at the same time. Was he being considered a prodigy himself? Now I’m kinda curious. I know I’ve heard some people going around talking about a new prodigy in the academy, but I didn’t know that it was Nero…or is he just trying to put on a show? “I’m going to bed, night…” He said quietly and wandered over to his room.

“Good night,” I answered back as he walked into his room. I was left alone in the living room. Sighing quietly to myself I pick up the glass of ice and melt it back into water as I take it back into the kitchen and set it in the sink. Why do they seem to get on each other’s nerves so much? I don’t know what to do anymore…I try to act like everything’s fine, but in reality I feel like things are just falling apart. I couldn’t even form a sentence in front of Liz. Hale and Tate had to come to my rescue and get me out of the library. Then that voice that I heard call out my name…was it Sean’s or am I just thinking it’s him because I miss seeing him? I looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled. Out of everyone I could have ran into I wish it would have been him. I want to know how he’s doing. What has he been up to?

I walk around down stairs and turn off all the lights before locking the door and heading up to my room myself. I noticed that Shiro’s light was still on so I went to his room. He’s asleep at his desk. He has a few different books and notebooks scattered about. His left cheek is on top of a little black book and his pen is slightly rolling still next to his right hand. It must have just rolled off his fingertips. I walk in and started moving him out of his chair. He kind of woke up from me pulling him up.

“I’m just moving you to your bed,” I told him and he nodded a little and was somewhat able to help me get him into bed. I covered him up and he was sound asleep seconds after his head hit the pillow. “Just don’t get yourself hurt. I don’t want either of you to hurt each other. You’re both my friends and I don’t like seeing you two fight,” I sighed quietly brushing some is his hair out of his face then turned off his light on my way out and closed his door. I didn’t think I was that tired, but once I got back to my room and laid down in bed I ended up falling asleep quickly.

The next morning came faster then I wanted it to. Now, I’m standing next to Kyo at the training field that’s in the center of all the dorms. It’s surrounded by trees and is actually a big training area. There’s a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. I can see my breath, but I’m still out here in jeans and a light zip up jacket. Toshiro wouldn’t let me leave the dorm without it. Kyo’s wearing jeans and a hoodie. It’s stopped snowing and the sky is blue. Though, there’s no sun on the training area right now. It’s around six in the morning. Toshiro and Nero as standing further away from us facing each other.

“Who do you think is going to win?” I asked Kyo and he shrugged.

“I want to say Toshiro, but Nero did put up a good fight in the tournament. Even with Toshiro being deemed the ice prince you never know what could happen,” I could tell that he wants his best friend to win. I just don’t want them to fight plain and simple. But, there was no way I was going to be able to convince either of them to not do this. “Either way,” Kyo sighed and I walked up to Toshiro and Nero.

“As much as I still protest this you two aren’t going to listen to me so here we go,” I said crossing my arms over my chest. “The rules are simple, no severely injuring one another, if either of you get out of hand Kyo and I will interfere. Same rules that are used in a tournament are applied to this fight,” I rose my arm up above my head. “Ready, begin,” I let my hand fall and quickly got out of the way.

Nero made the first move. He sifted his stance sliding his right foot back drawing a line in the snow. He then brought his hands back to his right hip and exhaled. My vision shot back up to his face. His eyes are glowing bright, electric green. “Isn’t that…” I muttered to myself as crackling and popping sounds filled the air. It’s the rare trait for lightning elementals.

“Let’s go,” Nero said and thrusted his hands forward shooting a bolt of lightning at Toshiro. Toshiro quickly dodged the bolt with a quick spin and pulled snow up from the ground. The same time he widened his stance to stop himself from spinning he launched the snow towards Nero. Loud snaps and cracks rang out as Nero was engulfed by the snow. The snaps and cracks pace quickened in the blink of an eye Nero has already launched out of the cloud of snow. The sparks were left in his wake as he took off towards Toshiro.

“He’s going in close, smart move,” I heard Kyo say as he stood there next to me, “For someone who’s stupid enough to get close to him.”

Nero threw a punch at Toshiro and Shiro blocked it while redirecting Nero over to the left. With a quick spin Toshiro rotated placing all of his weight and balance on his left he gave Nero a swift kick with his right shin to Nero’s back. Nero slid through the snow on his stomach but used the momentum to get his hands under his torso and flip himself back onto his feet. On point he spun to face Toshiro and was skidding to a stop as he brought his right up to his mouth and took in a deep breath. Toshiro brought his left up to his mouth and at the same time they exhaled, a thick bolt of lightning with branches of smaller lightning shooting off of it hurled its way towards Toshiro. But there was an ice wall that shot up in front of Toshiro. It took the blast but, it shattered and the bolt continued towards Toshiro as if nothing happened. That’s right electric breath is stronger than ice breath and with how fast the electric breath was moving there is no way Shiro could make an ice wall in time with just his ice breath.

Shiro looked surprised that the lightning made it through and he couldn’t get out of the way in time. He ended up getting hit by the bolt. The force of the bullet was enough to knock him back and off his feet. In no time the ice prince was back up on his feet right as Nero was firing off another bolt of lightning in Shiro direction. Toshiro swung his arms in front of his body and a rush of cold air with a mixture snow rushed away from him in all directions and hit Nero’s thunder bolt head on. The lightning bolt was completely obliterated and kept going. It kinda looks like pay back for taking out the ice wall. I put up my arms a bit in front of me as the cold air hit Kyo and I. Nero took the most of it though. But, he didn’t fall. He was pushed back, but he was balanced enough to stay on his feet. There was no time wasted and Toshiro has already formed ice spikes and was launching them at Nero. Kyo and I block whatever ice comes our way as Nero avoids them. As he did I noticed sparks coming from one of his hands and right as he was jumping into the air a lightning bolt came out of his closed hand. But, it was concentrated into a form. It looks like a blade really, only it’s made purely of lightning. He swung it in front of himself and shattered the ice spike that was about to hit him. Nero flipped and spun as he blocked spike after spike that was coming directly at him. A white and blue streak that was Toshiro sped towards Nero as he threw the last wave of ice spikes. I didn’t even see Toshiro form an ice weapon himself and there was a loud sizzle when the weapons clashed. Toshiro did say that he wasn’t going to bring out his soul weapon, but he never said that he wasn’t going to make weapons out of ice himself.

Steam rose from their weapons colliding. “The down side to Shiro’s weapon is it’s going again very highly condensed heat,” I said bringing my hand up to my mouth and biting down on my nail as I watched Toshiro push away from Nero and the top of his weapon broke off.

Looking back and forth between the two they were both starting to breathe heavily. Advanced abilities can start to wear you out if used consecutively. Nero went after Shiro and he missed as Toshiro back flipped out of the way and he landed on one knee. But he slammed his hands on the ground and a stream of ice launched towards Nero. Nero jumped out of the way of the ice trail and got in close to Toshiro once again and rose his lightning weapon but right as he did Toshiro brought his hands up and slammed them into Nero’s chest. I could tell that he knocked the wind right out of him and it caused Nero’s lightning weapon to burst into sparks and him to stumble back. Ice quickly spread over Nero’s hoodie and then it bound his arms to his sides and bound his legs as well. Nero couldn’t stand up any longer and he collapsed to the ground.

“The match is over if Nero can’t get out of this hold in a minute,” Kyo called out.

Nero struggled and he active electric aura a few times but as much as it was melting the ice, new ice quickly took its place and continued to get thicker. The minute passed quickly, “Toshiro is the winner,” Kyo announced and we walked over to the two of them.

Toshiro released the ice restraints that he placed Nero in and fell to his ass then laid down on the ground with his arms spread out and taking deep breaths. The glowing in Nero’s eyes also faded as he sat up soaking wet. “That was a good fight,” Toshiro said.

“But I lost,” Nero said obviously upset and a bit pissed.

I smiled down at Nero and held out a hand to help him up, “Everyone loses at some point in their life, you just have to learn to stand up and keep moving forward,” Nero took my hand and I helped him stand up. Then I went over to Toshiro and did the same thing. “You’re both amazing in your elements and you’re both my friends. I know that all of us have our differences and can get on each other nerves,” I said.

“Of course that’s going to happen. It’s a bunch of men in one house hold. Ya just gotta get over it and agree to disagree,” Kyo added in and he slapped Nero on the back. “Besides any longer and the both of you would have gone into mind down.”

Nero rubbed his back where Kyo slapped him and rolled his eyes a bit, “I’m sorry that I keep getting on your nerves Toshiro,” I looked at Nero shocked, he actually apologized.

“I do the same to you so I apologize as well,” Toshiro help out his hand and it took a moment but Nero actually accepted the hand shake.

“Awesome, we agree to disagree and we apologized, now can we please go back to the dorm. It’s fucking freezing out here.

“I don’t have a problem with it,” Toshiro said with a smile.

“Same here,” I added putting my hands in my pockets.

“Then you two can stay out here. I’m going back to the dorm and I’m taking this one with me so he doesn’t catch a cold,” Kyo didn’t even let Nero have a choice as he grabbed his hood and started to drag him along.

“Hey, let go damn it, at ya fucking kidding me right now, you didn’t even ask if I wanted to go back to the dorm,” Nero protested as they walked away from Toshiro and I.

I looked over at Shiro, “So am I one of the people that are allowed to call you snowflake? Not that I think I ever will, I’m just curious is all,” I asked.

He smiled at me and nodded as he pulled his hair out of the pony tail that he had it in and let his hair fall back down, “Yes you are, You, Kyo, and Sean, if we ever see him again, but if we do, don’t ever tell him I told you that,” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t worry I won’t. my lips are sealed,” I looked up at the sky as it started to snow again. “Do you want to head back to the dorm anyways and get some hot chocolate?”

“That sounds good actually. And I’m hungry, can you make breakfast?” We started walking back towards the dorm. I can still here Nero complaining in the distance.

“We’ll see how’s that sound?” I laughed a bit.

Everything seemed to settle down a bit in the dorm after Shiro and Nero had that match. Though, they do still bicker from time to time they walk away from each other if things get too heated. The winter months passed by quickly. Kyo and I planned a surprise party for Toshiro and we all had a good time. Before I knew it the snow is starting to melt. Though, we do keep getting a light blanket of snow every morning I can tell that spring is right around the corner.

“What are wind’s basic abilities in order in which they learn them,” Dad said as he stood in front of me. I’m balancing on a pole with one leg. This is the worst training ever. With him asking me questions and making me recite stuff form the book it’s really difficult to concentrate on anything.

“Air control, Air projection and repel, double jump, and wind surfing,” I replied wobbling ridiculously on this damn pole.

“Very good, now lightning’s,” Dad said.

“Lightning, spark dance, lightning blast, and shoooock whooooooa,” I lost my balance and couldn’t catch myself in time, I fell off the pole and landed on my back on the ground, “Ow…”

“You alright?” Dad asked leaning over top of me as I lay here on the ground. We’re in the back yard at home. Our house is just outside the town that surrounds Amoura. The house is a two story house with a basement and an attic. There’s four bedrooms and two and a half baths. The master bedroom, which is down stairs has a bathroom of its own and then the other three rooms, that are upstairs share the second full bathroom. Then the half bathroom is also down stairs. There’s an office for dad upstairs as well as three of the bedrooms. Living just outside of town our closest neighbors are about a mile away, in town. We have a fair bit of land as well, though we don’t mark it, I think it’s about twenty-seven or thirty acers. My other classes were over around noon and we moved onto more so physical training a few weeks after winter hit. It was amazing though. If you get up early enough you can watch the fairies playing and dancing around. They are very sweet, but you don’t want to interfere with their work. They gave themselves the job of helping the plants way up in the morning and making the moon flowers bloom when the moons are out.

Mitne welun and Whedab welun, it means light moon and dark moon in dragon. Mitne is a bright white moon up in the sky at night and is the larger moon of the two. While Whedab has a purple glow and is a little smaller. They are beautiful to look at that’s for sure. I wish they were out now.

Groaning I sit up, “I’m good,” I answer and start brushing off my back.

“We’ll stop for now with my questions. I need you to focus on your balance. It’s very important for you to learn this balance in both mind and body. Considering this is the second basic ability for your actual element it’s very important that you master this,” Dad told me as I stood back up.

“Doesn’t really every element need balance?” I questioned as I finished patting off whatever dirt and grass was on me before backing up from the poll to get a running start to get up to the top of the poll.

“That is true, but balance is,” I cut dad off.

“Balance is the calming of the mind and body. It is the point in which the moon elemental has accepted nature and those around it. It is the complete harmony and acceptance of flow of energy from what is around them,” I recited to him and ran at the poll. I was able to get three strides in up the poll before having to jump and catch the top of the poll. “But here’s the thing,” I said heaving myself up and sitting down on the top, “I feel like no matter how hard I try there’s just something blocking me from being able to master this ability.”

“How so?” Dad asked looking up at me from the ground.

“I don’t know, it’s as if something is telling me no, there’s something else that you need to do first,” I lightly swung my legs back and forth looking down at dad, “Does that make sense?”

“Hm...” Dad crossed his arms and looked away from me thinking. I got up onto my toes and squatted on the poll like a frog and continued to watch dad. “It may be your base element,” Dad answered as I notice mom coming up to us from the house. “The fire element is a tricky one. It’s also very stubborn, like your mother,” Dad chuckled and then mom smacked dad hard on the ass making dad jump.

“What was that darling?” Mom smiled up at dad sweetly.

“It was nothing dear,” Dad sheepishly laughed as he rubbed his back end.

“What seems to be the problem?” Mom asked out of curiosity.

“I’m having a hard time mastering my second moon ability. I told dad that it feels like there’s something blocking me from being able to master it and dad thinks it may be from my base element with considering its fire,” I explained to mom.

Mom tapped her fingers lightly on her lips as she looked up on me, “I know this is father son training time so you’re focusing on your moon element, but do you think I can make a suggest?”

“Go for it,” Dad shrugged.

“Once you get your balance on the poll try doing some basic fire combinations. Then once you can stay balanced up there while doing that move into the more advanced combinations. Keep doing more until you reach charge and breath of fire. If your base element is the one that’s causing the imbalance in you then make it the forefront while learning to balance for your body. Then you can go to working on internal balance,” Mom explained.

“okay, I’ll try it,” I nodded and stood up on the poll slowly. It was a bit wobbly but I stood there and took deep breaths and steadied myself and the poll before bringing up a as I kept my arms out for balance. Breathing…breathing is key. Inhale…exhale…calm the nerves in the body. Relax them and let the warmth soak in. I close my eyes as I breathe and bring in my arms. I started wobbling again when I brought them in and had to steady myself once more. Now! I snapped my eyes open and threw a punch in the air releasing a fire ball. “whoa,” I lost my balance from releasing the fireball and I accidently tried to put my leg that was up by my thy down behind me and went crashing back down to the ground.

Mom’s giggling as I lay on the ground. “Maybe start with being able to go an hour with just staying steady on the poll first would be better,” Dad mentioned as I sat up.

“But I can already do that,” I groaned getting back up on my feet.

“You keep going with it honey. I’m sure you’ll get it. You’ve come so far so fast with your fire element that I know you’ll be able to make over this bump in the road,” Mom encouraged me as I made my way back up to on top of the poll.

“So why did you wander over here dear?” Dad asked mom as I stood back up on went back to balancing.

“What, I’m not allowed to come out and see you and my son?” Mom pouted. I closed my eyes and just listened to them.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that Yui,” Dad said and mom giggled.

“I was coming out to ask you two what you wanted for dinner and if Sasuke was planning on spending the night,” Mom answered.

“I was planning on it,” I answered not opening my eyes.

“So what would you like for dinner then?” Mom asked me.

I stood there on one foot taking slow breaths and thinking, “Can we have chicken parm? Or have you two had that recently?” I asked them.

“We can do that,” Mom said happily.

“We haven’t had that in a while anyways,” Dad added in.

“We’ll do that then. I’m going to go and get started,” Mom stated.

“Thank you,” I said and brought my hands in once more as I opened my eyes again.

Trying again with the simple two punch combo for the fire element. Exhaling I threw my left hand forward and shot off a fire ball, I was a little wobbly but I brought my left hand back and threw my right. I didn’t fall off!! Fuck yeah! I tried to go into the second combo too soon and I fell off again.

“You didn’t stabilize yourself before doing the next combo,” Dad pointed out.

“I know, I know,” Sighing I sat back up.

“You’ll get it,” Dad walked over to my and held out a hand to help me up.

“Thanks. You don’t have to hang out here with me, dad. I think I’ll be fine by myself. Besides you can see me from the house anyways,” I mentioned.

“Alright, but if you need anything yell for one of us,” Dad patted my shoulder and then headed to the house himself.

I looked up that the top of the poll, I can do this. Every time I fall I’ll get back up. I’m not going to give up. I’ll do this. I took a few steps back and then ran at the poll again to get back up. I’ll run faster, I’ll jump higher, I’ll fight harder. Nothing’s going to get in my way. I will do this, I will learn that last ability of fire before this year is over. I will learn it before that final. Up on the poll and up on one leg I start with the first combo again. No matter what, no other fire elemental is going to beat me. I’ll get this, I’ll overcome this hill that is standing in front of me. Into the next combo, I can do this. Now I have to do the kicks. I swing my first leg and then jump and spin. But I feel my foot just catch the edge of the poll and I slip. “Whoooooaaaa,” I crash back down to the ground. “Ow,” I wheeze out, that one knocked the air right out of me.

Taking a few deep breaths I sit up and get back onto my feet. Putting both my hands behind my back I press on my spin and loud pops and cracks come from my back as it cracks. Once I slid my hand down a few more places to help my back finisih cracking, I shake my hands loos again and bounce a few times on my toes. “Get back up there Sasuke,” I tell myself and run at the poll. Over and over again when I get to the combiniation with the kicks I just keep falling. This last time I fell on my stomach.

“Sasuke, dinner’s ready,” Mom yelled from the house.

I cough getting up off the ground and wave to her. The sun is starting to set. I looked up at the poll. The top of that poll is eight feet in the air. I wipe the dirt off my face and take a few deep breaths to settle down, “ONE MORE TIME MOM,” I yell back to her. Then I bring my arms in to start off the combination that I keep getting stuck on and falling. I’ve been at this for three hours since dad left. I’m sure that dinner took so much longer because the chicken was frozen and mom had to wait for it to defrost.

If I do it on the ground first and stay in one place, I should be able to do it on the poll. Lifting up my foot like I’m on the poll I start from the beginning. I do well at staying in one place, Damn it I moved again, I would have fallen off.

“SASUKE!” Mom yelled once again.

“I’M COMING!” I yelled back and raced off towards the house. The house smells so good. My stomach grumbles from just the scent hit me like a delicious pie to the face. Not that I really even eat pie any more since we moved here to Amoura, but still. And it’s not pie, it’s mom’s home cooking. I miss it so much when I’m the one that usually get stuck cooking or helping whoever’s the one that’s supposed to cook. “It smells so good,” I said happily as I quickly took off my shoes and rant to the kitchen. Sliding in my socks across the wooden floor catching my normal chair as I slid and spin around and sit down at the table.

“Go wash your hands,” Dad said with his arms crossed.

“Come on, just this once please,” I clapped my hands together and dad looked down at me with one of his scary stares. “R-right, g-going,” I got up and scooted myself out of the kitchen and to the half bathroom to wash up.

Looking in the mirror I have mud and grass all over me, “I really need to take a shower tonight,” I told myself as I scrub my hands and get as much dirt as I can off. Then I ran back to the kitchen and sat down across from the chair that’s always empty. “Thank you, mom and dad!” I said happily as I took some chicken and pasta. Once we all had our food we started eating.

“You looked like you were having a bit of trouble out there after I left,” Dad mentioned starting up the conversation at the table.

“I’ll get it, I just need to get my timing down,” I answered looking at him with determination.

“You know if you are able to get through this then I’ll consider it that you’ve mastered breath of fire and I’ll teach you healing flames as a reward,” I snapped my vision over to mom and my eyes lit up.

“Are you serious!!??” I exclaimed. It’s the last skill in the fire set other than the rare skill but I’ll never learn that one because of being a moon elemental. Though, the book never says that a moon elemental can’t learn a different rare element…I seriously doubt it though, I learned from mom that dad already has the rare element for moon elementals so I’m shit out of luck for learning any it seems.

“How come you don’t get this excited when I tell you what you’re going to learn next?” Dad seemed a bit upset.

“Because I’m only on the second basic ability for moon elementals and I’ve almost completed fire. I’m so close dad! I know I can do it!” Dad chuckles at me. “What is it?” I asked him.

“Your determination is overpowering at some point. But, if this is what you think will help, then I believe in both of you,” Dad ate a bit of his food and then continued after swallowing. “And you do have a point Yui. There are elements that can over power others in matches, so I can see how it could be effecting Sasuke and his ability to be able to break through this wall.” Dad looked over at me, “Don’t worry about your moon element for now, just focus on your base.”

I nodded, “R-right,” I smiled at him. It’s kinda strange seeing dad want to try a different method like this. He’s been so strict and serious with me learning everything and cramming information that I need to know down my throat. I wonder sometimes if he remembers what fun even is.

“Don’t expect to be able to do everything in one day. It took me years to master the fire element,” I looked over at mom and she was smiling sweetly. “Just remember that you have everyone behind you and you can always count on the people who love you to come and help you back up if you fall.”

“I know,” I smiled shyly looking down at my plate.

“And try to be a kid for a bit longer Sasuke,” I looked back up at mom surprised. “You don’t have to master something in just a year. That’s why you’re going to go and hang out with your friends tomorrow instead of training,” I didn’t know what to say I just sat there looking at mom shocked.

“B-But mom,” I started to protest and mom just stared at me. I felt a shiver run down my spine. Her look is really intense. I swear it’s even scarier then dad’s. “Yes ma’am, I won’t train tomorrow,” I quickly said and dad laughed.

“Why to scare the kid honey, no wonder why I’ve heard you called the dragon professor around school,” Dad commented.

“Why are you two ganging up on me tonight?” I pouted making both of them laugh. I sigh a bit and focus on eating. We had some random conversations for the rest of dinner. Dad won’t let me go back outside considering my clothes are still damp and he doesn’t want me catching a cold.

Instead I just went upstairs and took a shower. I had mud in places I didn’t think mud could get to. I took some pretty hard falls. I even got some bruises from them. Oh well, live and learn. “I’m so tired,” I muttered to myself wandering back downstairs to hang out with mom and dad in the living room. They were both reading. I sat down on the recliner and leaned into it. It’s so soft, it’s nice.

“You look exhausted,” I looked over at Dad and he was looking up from his book at me.

“I am. I didn’t realize that I was until I got out of the shower,” I answered.

“Why not head to bed?” He asked.


“That’s not an answer.”

“Of course it is. If I fall asleep here, then that happens. I just want to hang out with your two a little longer. We don’t get to do it as often anymore.”

“I never said I’m stopping you or ordering you to go to bed, you can stay up as long as you would like. You’re turning eighteen in June, I know you can make the right decisions,” My eyes drifted form my dad to the ceiling. I keep forgetting I’m going to be turning eighteen. Sure it’s still months away but… I close my eyes and just breathe. It’s soothing to do. I can’t remember when I started doing it. Maybe when I got there was started to become serious about training. Or having to try to keep calm during Nero and Shiro’s spats… Ah, whatever it’s not like it matters. Just relaxing is nice, maybe it’s a good thing to take a day off once in a while.

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