A Little Secret

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I Can't Believe it

Chapter 3: I Can’t Believe it…


“Fucking punk…white haired fucking snowflake…” I grumbling under my breath I slammed my locker shut and slung my backpack strap over my right shoulder. Shoving my hands in my pockets and headed out of the school. All the damn guy had to do was just keep walking after I called him a snowflake. He didn’t have to turn around and tell me that I was being rude for calling people names. Did he think I was fucking stupid? He’s not the only new kid here…UGH fuck him I mean seriously…I was challenged to do it anyways. I wasn’t originally planning on picking a fight.

Though everything just kinda went blank and the fact that of all people Sasuke, an old friend would come in and defend the kid… I didn’t even recognize him... It took him insulting me to pull me a little out of my blind rage of frustration of snowflake getting in my face, then on top of it just toying with me and dodging everything I threw at him…

A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I run my fingers through my hair pulling my bangs out of my face for only a few moments before they fall back into my face. "Sasuke Kasai and Toshiro Uindo please come to the main office." Mrs. Chatman the principal’s secretary’s voice rang over the loud speaker.

I clicked my tongue after I heard that. “Great…they’ll probably think I went to the principal and whined or something.”

But why would I do that? Sasuke father was filling in for Mr. Wolfe the actual principal so why would I want to go to him and tell him what just happened? Yeah I mean I was just as shocked and a bit panicked when my shirt caught on fire. I’m still frazzled from it. How the hell did a fire start on my shirt? Where did it even come from? Maybe it was some freak phenomenon that was a one and a bajillion chance of it happening.

Opening up my door to my dorm I toss my bag onto my bed and go over to my dresser to pull out a change of clothes and a pair of shorts. I am staying in the dorms that are on campus, but my foster parents asked me to come home tonight to babysit so they could go out on a double date.

Yeah, I have foster parents. No I’m not adopted…I’ve never been adopted. I’ve gone from foster home to foster parents, back to foster homes, then back to foster parents. That’s where I am now. I’m with the Carlson family. Don’t get me wrong they’re a really nice family but...I just don’t feel like I belong there. Let’s be realistic I’ve felt like I don’t belong anywhere. I don’t even know my real parents. I don’t know who they are or why they chose to give me up…It’s my goal when I graduate to try to find them. But Zimmer is such a common last name I feel like I’m at a dead end before I even get started.

“That was awesome man.” My roommate Andrew who’s also the captain of the swim team came into the room.

I chuckled a little at how he though that little quarrel that I was in awesome. Of course he really had nothing to worry about. Why you ask? His last name is Wolfe…that’s right he’s the principal’s son. Well currently Sasuke is until Andrew’s father is back to full health and comes back, but according to Andy he can get away with anything and everything. “It was just some stupid fight because the kid couldn’t take a simple nickname.” I mention as I toss my clothes in my bag on top of my books that I need for homework tonight.

“Hey, where ya goin’? We were supposed to go to the pool so I could show ya aroun’.” He slapped my back and I fell forward a little bit.

“Sorry Andrew. I have to go baby sit for my foster parents tonight. I’ll more then likely just spend the night there so you’ll have to room to yourself. We can check out the pool tomorrow though.” I responded zipping up my bag and tossing it over my shoulders properly carrying my backpack.

“Come on man, live a little.” He said flopping an arm over my shoulders.

I spun out of his hold and shook my head. I just got with this family I’d rather not fuck up my relationship with them right off the bat. I don’t really want to go back to a foster home.” I commented.

He scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. He looked like he was about to open his mouth to say something and I glared at him. “You know it’s a touchy subject so unless you want to get into a fight don’t say a thing.” I commented before spinning on my heels and leaving the room.

Andy was one of those people that I’ve known since actually before elementary. The Wolfe family was one of the families that were my foster parents. But Andrew kept blaming stuff that he did on me so it got to the point where they got fed up with me and sent me back to the home. He’s loved picking on me, I act tough but…I guess I’m really not all that tough.

I thought that getting away from Andrew and everyone would be better for me…that wasn’t the case. The same thing kept happened to me no matter where I went. It’s like I don’t belong anywhere.

Shaking my head rapidly letting my black hair brush against my closed eyes. My hair was always a mess. I never really brush it. There was no point I feel. It wasn’t so long that I needed to brush it, but it wasn’t really all that short either. “I can’t be thinking like this. I have to baby sit.” I muttered to myself pumping myself up a bit as I turned down the street that had the house that my foster parents were on. It was actually just around the block from the Kaisai house. I was kind of shocked when I noticed that on a run before school started.

There was a part of me who really wanted to go rushing down their drive way and knock to see if anyone was home and go “Guess who’s back!” But I didn’t. I told myself that I would do it on the way back to the house, but when I got into town with my run I ended up running into Andrew and his friends from the swim team.

“I’m here.” I called out as I walked into the house. It was a one story house. It was a little small, but for the family that was taking care of me it was really nice. They have a just over a year-old little girl.

“You’re here earlier then I thought you would be Sean.” Mrs. Carlson said from their bedroom. “I thought you would have had swimming practice first.

I chuckled a bit as I slipped off my shoes. “No that doesn’t start for another couple of months.” I responded.

“Can you take Lilly into the living room so I can take a shower please.” Mrs. Carlson asked walking over to me with the little girl on her hip.

She handed her off to me and I took her into the living room where Mr. Carlson was playing one of his video games. They had plenty of time considering that the reservations that they made weren’t till six tonight. I set Lilly on the floor and sat down with her. She instantly crawled up onto my lap and cuddled with me. Surprisingly it didn’t take long for her to like me. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson were really happy about that. And I’m pretty good with kids as it is. Younger kids, like anywhere between two months and about two years. It’s when they start getting into the terrible two and up is when it starts getting more difficult for me to deal with them.

“So how was school?” Mr. Carlson asked not taking his eyes off his game because he was in the middle of a battle.

“It wasn’t too bad. Standard first day of school really.” I shrugged.

“Didn’t get into any fights at all?”

“Nope.” I answered quickly. I really didn’t want to tell them that yes I actually did. I didn’t want them to get upset with me.

“That’s great! I was terrible when I was in high school. I was constantly getting into fights.” He answered.

“It was interesting I saw a lot of my old friends and one of them is actually the captain of the swim team.” I said. I honestly can’t believe myself for calling Andrew a friend. Sasuke was more so my friend then that sleaze ball of a roommate.

“So are you definitely planning on joining the swim team?”

“I hope so. I have to make it through try outs in a couple of months from now first though.” I responded playing with Lilly.

“If you make it you’ll have to give us your schedule so we can come see you swim.” I felt a small smile creep on my lips when I heard those words. It was nice to have someone actually interested in what I do.

“I’ll make sure to do that.” I smiled a little down at Lilly.

They showed me that there was plenty of food in the fridge and cupboards and that I could have whatever, but not the alcohol obviously. While I fed Lilly dinner they headed out on their little adventure together to celebrate their anniversary. I told them to have fun and they reminded me to get whatever homework I needed to get done before going to sleep or at least get most of it done. Not gonna lie I don’t wanna have to wake up earlier then I already have to in order to get the rest of my homework done.

I was able to get Lilly to sleep around 7:30 and I started on my homework. I didn’t really have all that much considering it was the first day of school and most teachers don’t assign homework the first day. I got it done around 9 and then took the monitor into the bathroom with me so I could take a shower. I don’t know why but water has always made me relax. I guess it’s only been the real comfort I have. It lets me think.

It’s nuts how I couldn’t remember what Sasuke looked like. I know that we’ve both grown since I left in middle school but still, I should have been able to instantly recognize those red eyes of his. They stand out so much. It’s not something that one would be use to seeing every day. And what happened when he kicked me…was he the one that started that fire? If he did how did he do it? There were so many questions that I really wanted to ask him. But, I didn’t have his number, heck I don’t even know if he has a cell phone. I don’t, I should save up and get at least a pay as you go type phone, that way if something happens I have a way to get a hold of people. I’ll think about it. I don’t want to bother the Carlson’s with this type of thing. They are already doing so much for me with allowing me to stay here while I try to finish school.

No I have to finish school That’s not an option. I told them I would. It’s the first step for me to decide on if I want to try to go to college or if I just want to go right into the work force. That was more then likely going to be the case so I could get an apartment and then save up to one day maybe go to college if I can’t get a really good job before then, but I’ll just have to see what happens.

I finish up my shower and pull on the spare t-shirt and shorts that I brought with me from school, grabbed the monitor and pulled the fuzzy blanket off the couch then I went to my room, which was the spare bedroom in the house. It was right across from Lilly’s room so it was better that I lay down in there. After tossing the blanket on the bed I went and made sure the porch light was on and locked everything up before heading to bed myself. It was habit for me to wake up early so I wasn’t too worried about setting an alarm. Also Mr. Carlson has to get up early for work anyways so he said that he’ll make sure that I’m awake in time to get ready and go to school.

It was nice with it being so peaceful in the house. It makes it a lot easier to fall asleep and get a good night sleep. I was going to need it considering that I was going to be taking an AP English course this year I needed all the rest I can get. As I relax my body my mind drifts off and I fall asleep.

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