A Little Secret

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What the Fuck is up with This Job?

Chapter 30: What the Fuck is up with This Job?


I was told to sit here in this room and wait for the results to my lie detector test that I just took. I wasn’t too keen on the questions and I know that I’m not going to make it because of the fact that I pretty much lied on every single question that I was asked. I needed to keep my promise. I wasn’t about to let some job get it out of me that I know more than people think I do about elementals. I didn’t just make that promise to Sasuke but to Mr. Kaisai as well. He was willing to tell me about elementals and I never go back on my promises.

And the fact that after two and a half years of just disappearing into thin air he comes back, but then is gone again without a trace… did he go back to that Amoura place that Chris mentioned to me before when he was offering me the job? It was also mentioned in that book I have too… I tap my foot lightly on the tile floor and the echo engulfed the room. I really don’t like being alone, and waiting in this place. It’s kinda off putting to be here. It may just be because this is the first time I’ve been here and Andy was the one I had to follow to get here.

The door burst open and Andrew came storming in, “What the fuck is with ya Sean?” I rose an eyebrow a bit confused with what he’s so pissed off about. “Are ya tryin’ ta fuck with me or have ya been keepin’ more shit from me than I thought all this time?” He shook papers that were in his hands. They must be from my lie detector test.

“Why do you have my test results?” I asked him keeping as calm as I can as he got in my face.

“Ya fucking know somethin’ so spill it. Where the fuck did that pipsqueak go? He’s one of those elementals isn’t he?” My grip tightened slightly on my sleeve, but I kept a very monotone expression. “Why don’t ya tell me.” Because, you’re fucking annoying and like hell I was going to tell you the truth.

I felt a puff of air brush past me and after blinking a few times I notice that Andrew has stopped in his tracks. Like someone stuck a pause button on him or something.

“Relax he’s fine. I just couldn’t take his obnoxious broken English anymore,” I jumped a bit when I felt my chair tip back and it was being dragged along the floor with me in it. I was being drug away from Andrew by Chris. But, what the hell is going on??

He was a lot stronger than I thought he was. I still can’t get over how he only looks to be my age, or at least close to my age. I don’t even think I could drag a chair with someone in it with just one hand. He let my chair go when we were a little way away from Andrew. I went forward a bit when all four legs of my chair were back on the ground.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” I asked him. He put his left hand on the back of the chair and leaned down. His golden eyes were still sharp, but he had slight bags under his eyes today. Like he pulled an all-nighter or something. Now that I have a closer look it kinda looks like he’s wearing cover up. I can see slight bruising on his left cheek and on his neck. Just what happened to him? Did he get in a fight with someone?

“Are you going to tell me just who told you about elementals?” His voice was very calm, but he had dominance in his voice at the same time.

“No.” I answered bluntly. He clicked his tongue and stood up straight again taking his hand that was on the chair and grabbing my face. His grip was strong enough to keep me from pulling he face away from him, but not to the point where it hurt.

“Listen Sean, I have a lot of patients and we literally have all the time in the world. I’ve stopped the time around us so you can deny me all you want, but we’re not going to get anywhere, quite literally,” He responded and I looked over at Andrew’s paused body once again through the corner of my eyes considering I couldn’t move my face. He stopped time…wait does that mean…

“You’re a time elemental then? But why…why are you the leader of a group that’s after elementals?” I asked shaking my head a little bit.

Chris chuckled and let go of my cheeks then went and grabbed a chair himself and sat down in front of me. He didn’t answer my question…of course not why would he. When we first met he didn’t even feel the need to tell me his last name. “Who the hell are you?” I said a bit louder then I really meant.

“My name is Christopher Zimmer, I’m a time elemental, like you said before. I’m not the head of this organization only this branch, as for why I’m going after other elementals well…let’s just say if I tell you it’ll end badly for both of us, so I’ll just keep that to myself,” He smiled at me and leaned his face on his hand. “Now, shall we try this again?”

“I told you I’m not going to tell you who told me about elementals,” I said leaning back in my chair and staring right back at him.

“Then I’ll play a guessing game, how about that?” He said, not that I have much of a choice he’s going to do it even if I say I don’t want to play. “I’m going to guess that it was originally your friend Sasuke, then possibly his father how did a further explanation, am I right?” I sat there with a shocked expression. Has…has he been spying on me or something? How have I not noticed someone watching me? His smile turned into a smirk, “Looks like I hit the nail on the head. “Of course with John being my older brother how about you put two and two together, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I look pretty much exactly like him.”

“You’re twins then…” That makes a lot of sense. I’m sure if they stood side by side I would be able to tell the difference between them though.

“I have an offer for you Sean, if you’re willing to hear me out.” He said sitting up in his chair again.

“What’s your offer?” I asked him, not really sure why I’m answering him so quickly.

“Let me take a blood sample and a little hair for DNA samples and I’ll tell you anything you want to know about elementals and Amoura. The blood sample would only be a little prick of the finger.” I looked at him a bit confused why does he want a blood sample and some strands of hair? “Your different from the igit that’s frozen in time. Actually form everyone that I’ve met here so far and I’m interested to know just what it is,” He stood up and walked back over to me. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know the results if I get anything. So what do you say?” He stuck out his hand to me. I was a bit hesitant but I took his hand and shook it. “Then welcome to the team,” He smiled and then the obnoxiousness of Andrew’s voice started ripping through the air once again.

Chris walked over to him and took the papers from Andrew’s hands, “Give it a rest Mr. Wolfe, he’s a part of the team and he doesn’t have to tell you what he knows if he doesn’t want to,” He patted the very confused Andy on the shoulder and walked out of the room. “Mr. Zimmer come along, we have to finish some paper work.”

“R-right,” I said and quickly followed after him. I stayed close to him as we walked down the different halls. We didn’t go right to his office though. We went to a small room that had a chair that has a small desk and a bed that was next to the chair, there are also the common stuff that you would see in a doctor’s office for the room where you take blood in.

“Do you pass out from blood being taken?” He asked with his back to me as he went to the sink and washed his hands.

“Well, no but…shouldn’t a nurse do this? Are you even allowed to take blood form someone?” I questioned him a bit nervous.

“I can assure you I’m qualified to do this. Now considering you don’t pass out from blood being taken please sit in the chair,” He ordered drying his hands.

Reluctantly I sat down in the chair and took off my light jacket so I was just in my t-shirt and I tossed my jacket on the bed to get it out of the way. Chris set everything else up, put the rubber band strap thing on my arm to make my vein that was already visible pop out more. He was very accurate with the needle and he only had to stab me with it once to hit my vein. Then he filled two vials with my blood. Then we got my arm wrapped up and he took care of the vials and I put my jacket back on before we left the room and went to his office.

I closed the door behind me. And followed him over to his desk. “How old are you really. I want your honest age,” I have to catch myself from calling him Mr. Kaisai now that I know he’s Sasuke’s dad’s twin brother.

“I’m 222 years old. Mine and John’s birthday was a week ago in Amoura by the way.” So does that mean that he spends more of his time on Amoura? But…he’s fucking 222 years old??? I stood there dumbfounded The man that was standing in front of me was over two hundred years old…and so was Sasuke father…how is that even possible? And if I remember right I think Mr. Kaisai said twins who become elementals always light and dark? How did Mr. Kaisai and Chris get different elements? “But, we have different last names. He took his wife’s last name when they got married,” He answered setting the papers that he had in his hands on his desk before coming back over to me.

“What’s Amoura then?” I asked flinching slightly as he pulled out some of my hairs.

“Amoura is a world that Elementals found and now bring other elementals to in order to protect them from the Legion of Myth’s. It’s a secret organization that has a branch for every different myth or legend there is out there in the world. This one is the E.C.U. or the Elemental Capture Unit. From what I’ve learned over the years and reading, originally the Legion of Myth were capturing elementals and torching them to the point where the elemental would die. A group of elementals who were running from the Legion of the Myth ran into each other and became friends. They were originally trying to get to the Spirit realm but instead made a portal to Amoura. Where they landed there was no one around to give them the name of the place so they all decided to call it Amoura. After the time it took for all of them to rest and get to know the land, Angus Zimmer the moon elemental created another portal. I believe again he was trying to make it to the spirit realm, but instead he made it back to Earth. Though, when he made it back to Earth he realized that things have changed. As quickly as he could he went back to Amorua and told the others about what he saw. Then that’s when the dragons came,” I put up a hand.

“Wait a minute…there are dragon’s on Amoura?” I thought that those were just legends and only in fairy tales…

“They actually made it to Amorua long before anything else. Anyways, the dragon’s told the founders of Amoura why there is such a huge difference between Amoura and Earth. The time on Amorua is five times slower. So for five years that pass here on earth only one year has passed on Amoura. A genius design to get the LoM off the trail of Elementals and any creature that you hear about in myths. A side effect of Amoura though is whenever an elemental goes there for the first time they seem to just be wiped from existence here. Unless they have left a significant impact on someone’s life, like the parents of the child or a very close friend.” I was listening and soaking as much as I could in. I didn’t want to forget any of this.

“Can I ask you something?” I said interrupting his story.

“What’s the question?” He went around to his chair and sat down at the desk. He opened a random draw on the left side of his desk and pulled out a vial. He put the hair that he pulled out of my head and placed it in the vial before placing it back in his desk.

“Is that why when I saw Sasuke a few months ago he didn’t look like he had changed that much? From what I could tell that is. He was running so I couldn’t get a solid look at him,” I tipped my head a bit.

He nodded, “That’s why. He’s been on Amoura. Now, I’m going to ask you a question. How do you know about spirit weapons? I think it’s only fair. I did tell you a fair bit about Amoura,” He has a point. That was a lot of information about Amoura.

“Well…” I brought the hand that had the bandage on it and rubbed the back of my neck. “I have a book that I found in the Kaisai house. Spirit Weapons and the Spirit Realm by Lucian Fey,” I said and his eyes grew wide for just a moment then went back to normal.

“Hm, it’s not like John to misplace a book like that,” He brought both his hands up to him mouth and he looked like he was thinking, “It’s going to take a while to get these test results, do you mind waiting? Also, I’m going to be gone for a little bit. You’re welcome to head home for the day. Stew over the information that I told you,” He said.

“No I don’t mind,” I shrugged, I figured that the tests were going to take a while anyways. “I was just going to get a haircut or something if I got a chance today.”

“Well, now you can. You’re starting a new chapter in your life, you might as well give your look a fresh start as well,” He smiled at me. “While you do that, I’m going to go to the business office and get you on the pay roll, thank you again for taking up my offer, I promise you won’t regret this decision.”

“What you said that day in the library…is there any chance that I would be able to see Sasuke again?” If he is from Amoura then just maybe, he could take me there? I don’t know what the hell I would do once I got there or even if I saw Sasuke again, but it was worth a shot.

“Getting a human to Amoura is a lot more difficult than getting an elemental to Amoura for the first time. I don’t know what it is myself that makes is so much more dangerous for a human, but it is. But, even though I can’t take you to Amoura myself, just maybe Sasuke will come back to Earth at some point. It’s honestly a huge waiting game. So for now, take your time and use it wisely, it’s still going to be a rocky climb, but I’m sure you can get through it,” He got up from his chair with some papers and patted my shoulder. “Now get going. It’s 4:30 now, if you hurry you can make it before one of the hair salon’s close for the night,” with that he left his office and I was standing there alone. I just stood there staring at the door and let it soak in. I’m really doing this…I’m a part of an organization that is going after elementals. I don’t know if this was the best decision, but I won’t know till I see what happens.

“There ya are,” Andy said and I groaned as he walked in, “Where’s Chris?”

“He went to the business office to get me on payroll. He told me I was done for the day,” I answered putting my hands in my pockets and heading towards the door.

“What are yer plans for the rest of the day then?” I stopped and turned to look at him.

“I’m going to get my hair cut, it’s nothing special,” I answered.

“Ya finally gonna switch things up?” Andy questioned.

“I don’t know,” I spun back around and started heading out, “See ya later.”

It’s raining out. I didn’t think it was supposed to rain today. I looked up at the gray sky while I stand under the ledge to the building.

“It’s not gonna stop any time soon kid, ya might as well just make a run for your car if you drove here,” I turned to see a man that was around six foot looking up at the sky as well. He’s wearing standard blue jeans and a pale blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He took a drag off the cigarette that he was smoking.

“Well I walked so I’m going to get soaked either way,” I mentioned looking at him. There was a silence between us, “So…” I started and he spoke up before I could continue my sentence.

“Ottomar Sonnen,” He answered my unspoken question as he exhaled the smoke from his lungs. “I’m a scientist here so I doubt that we’ll meet up again. You don’t seem like the type of person that would end up as an intern under me,” He stated. So is he the head scientist then? “What’s your name?”

“Oh um…it’s Sean, Sean Zimmer,” I answered putting my hands in my pockets. “What is it you do here?”

“I do a few things actually. My main job here is I’m the head of the research and development department,” He didn’t look at me when he said that. But I’m shocked. I didn’t think that he was the head of it. Andy told me about there being a grump of a head scientist that really grinds his gears, but everyone seems to do that to him.

“Um, please don’t take this as rude but, how old are you? You don’t look to be that old,” I asked as he took another drag on his cigarette.

The corner of his eye twitched as well as his pointer finger, “Twenty-eight,” He responded with another exhale of smoke. I kinda have a feeling I either pissed him off by asking or he just lied.

“Seriously? You look a lot younger than that,” I rose an eyebrow.

He looked over at me as he flicked the ash off his cigarette, “This coming from someone who looks like he’s still in high school,” My eye twitched from his comment. He flicked his cigarette out into the rain. “Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everyone’s here for their own reason,” He turned around and grabbed the door handle.

“Then what’s your story?” I asked quickly getting him to stop and look at me.

“That’s none of your business now is it?” He said and walked back into the building.

My eye twitched and I clench my fists as I watch the door close between us. What a fucking ass. He seemed like he wanted someone to talk to. Clicking my tongue, I shove my hands in my pockets and storm out into the pouring rain. “Whatever, fuck him,” Grumbling under my breath I make my way through the parking lot.

I kept taking quick breaks under buildings and trees as I walked back into town. The headquarters was about a half an hour walk outside of the main town. It wasn’t that bad of a walk when it wasn’t fucking raining. I turned to head home first and picked up the pace when I was on the road that my apartment was on. I needed to pick up the pace if I wanted to get a haircut today. I slip, but catch myself as I’m going up the metal steps to my apartment. When I actually get in to my apartment soaking wet I look over that the clock I had on the wall. It’s almost 5:10. I need to get changed and head back out. I hope that Clary won’t be mad at me for coming in before they close. I grab a towel from the bathroom and dry off as best as I can then change into a new pair of jeans and t-shirt. Throwing on a new pair of socks and grabbing my running shoes I make sure my key’s, wallet, and cell phone are in my pockets before heading out of the door. The rain has calmed down to a sprinkle. I only went half way down the stairs before grabbing the railing and jumping over the rest of them. It’s a faster way down anyways. I don’t have time to waste running down the entire flight of steps, besides I probably would have ended up slipping anyways. I’ll take the muddy pant legs instead of a headache from hitting my head on the steps. It didn’t take me long to get to the barber shop. Only about a ten-minute run. Though, I was breathing a little heavy when I got into the doors.

“Geez Sean, you told me you would be here almost a half an hour ago,” Clary instantly complained. I looked over at her and laughed a little and rubbed the back of my wet neck. “Don’t laugh at me mister,” She huffed and crossed her arms under her chest.

“Sorry I got out a little later than I thought I was. Then I had to run home and get changed. I wasn’t going to be soaking wet coming in here,” I responded walking over to the book and signing in. Clary went to college to be a hair stylist. She has been interning here since she started and once she graduated she actually got a job here as well. “Are you still willing to cut my hair? I can come back tomorrow if you’d rather me do that,” I offered.

“No it’s fine, I’ll take you. I figured that you were going to be late with it being a new job and everything,” She answered signing her name next to where I wrote down cut. Other than Andy and Liz, Clary is the only other person I talk to from high school. “So are you just doing your normal?”

I sat down in the chair, “Na, I think that I should try something different,” I looked up at her as she put the bib on me.

“Do you have anything in mind of what you want then?” She asked me and I looked at her reflection in the mirror.

“Just as long as you don’t shave all my hair off or make me look like I’m insane, you can do what you think would look good,” I told her.

She hummed as she tapped her pointer finger against her lower lip, “I know what to do. I think you’ll look great with it too,” She smiled and snapped her fingers. She turned me around so I couldn’t watch what she was doing in the mirror. “This way you can’t tell me no. I promise you’ll like it.”

“I’m sure it’ll be just fine. You’re the one who went to school for this so I have no right to complain,” I shrugged, though I did want to watch to see what she was going to do, but it’s not that bad waiting to see.

She did cut the back of my hair a fair bit. But it feels like it’s the same length that I normally do with my normal style. I got a bit nervous when she brought out the electric razor and shaved off a chunk of my hair on my left side. Whenever I was able to catch a glimpse of her face she was very focused and was also smiling, that’s a good thing that she’s having a good time.

“Okay!” She brushed my bangs with her fingers to make sure that they were going the way she wanted them to go then she spun the chair around so I could look in the mirror. A small chuck of my hair was shaved on my left side behind my ear, my bangs are swooped over my right eye. She moved the part in my hair from the center to the left side of my head to go along with the shaved part and expose it more I’m guessing. Then she just cut my hair back to where I normally have it and added some layers to it. “What do you think?”

“I like it,” I smiled at her reflection in the mirror. “It’s new and it’s something that I’ve been needing for a long time. Thank you,” I said as she took the bib off of me and I stood up.

“I’m really glad you like it. I was worried that you were going to hate it because it’s different,” She said and I can’t help but chuckle.

“I told you that I needed a change. And I like it thank you again,” I smiled as walked over to the counter with her and paid for the haircut. “Do you want me to help you clean up? It is after close for you and I feel bad that I got here so late,”

“Na, don’t worry about it Sean. You’re not the first person to walk in before close like that. And it was fun being able to do something different with your hair. You look a bit more mature now. It’s amazing what a simple hair cut can do,” She giggled and I rolled my eyes.

“It looks like it stopped raining though. That’s a plus,” I said pushing the change back at her.

“It did, at least that means you won’t get wet on your walk home,” Clary mentioned.

“That’s very true, I can go for not getting soaked again today. Thank you again, I’m going to head out,” I waved at Clary as I went to the door, “Have a good night.”

“You too Sean, stop by any time,” She smiled and waved at me as I left.

It was humid out now that it wasn’t raining any more. Of course it is. This sucks ass. Whatever, it’s better than it raining. I actually went and visited the Carlson’s first before I headed back to my apartment. They both really liked my new haircut. Lily was iffy on it at first, but she did get used to it really quick. They made me stay for dinner and Mr. Carlson drove me back to my apartment because he didn’t want me to walk back considering by the time I was going to leave it was 9:30 and it was Lily’s bed time.

“Thanks for stopping by tonight, Lily has missed you,” M. Carlson said as we pulled up to my apartment building.

“It wasn’t a problem, and thank you for the ride. I appreciate it,” I smiled as I unbuckled and got out of the car.

“Oh, what time do you get out of work tomorrow?” Mr. Carlson questioned and I leaned back down so look into the car.

“Considering it’s a new job, I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be getting out, why?” I asked even though I’m sure I know what’s coming.

“I was going to ask if you could get Lily off the bus. She gets out about ten minutes before I get home tomorrow. But it’s not a big deal. I can ask the Duff’s if they mind if Lily gets hangs out at their house with their boy tomorrow till I can get home,” He said with a smile.

“So the Duff’s did move into the house next door then?” I asked tipping my head a bit to the right and Mr. Carlson nodded.

“It’s nice considering that with them right next door Lily has someone to play with now and can have more social interaction then just at school,” He answered.

“That is really good,” I tapped the top of the car and stood up, “I’ll let you get going. Thank you again for the ride.”

“Have a good night Sean, and try to get some sleep, you have bags under your eyes,” I can’t help but chuckle at his comment.

“Now that I’m going down to just the one job I think I’ll be able to get a bit more sleep, maybe,” I said before closing the door to the car. “Have a good night, and thanks again,” I waved.

“Night Sean,” Mr. Carlson waved and then backed out of the parking spot that he was in and drove down the parking lot and went back home.

It was quiet in my apartment. Like always, except when Andy is over, then it never seems quite. Wow I’m tired. I didn’t realize how long of a day I’ve had. Once I laid down I was out like a light.

The next morning I’m up by 5:30 and out the door by 6:00am. Of course it’s still humid out. Why wouldn’t it be? Adjusting the backpack on my back and making sure my ear buds are in my ears comfortably I turn my IPod to shuffle and get going. What was that guys problem yesterday? I was just trying to be nice…why does it even bother me? But, it seems like there are a few people who can get under my skin. Considering that I’ve built up a tolerance to letting people get under my skin it’s a change to know that someone else can get under my skin like snowflake can. I’m determined to see them again. That’s why took this job. Though, if the company is looking for information out of me they have another thing coming that’s for damn sure. Jogging to work makes it a bit easier to deal with the half an hour it normally takes to walk. I just simply keep my work clothes in my backpack and change when I get to work. I also get my run in, well at least half of it.

Leaving my bag in my locker I head out. I guess I should just go to Chris’s office and see where I need to go. Is he even in right now? He should be in, he’s the boss here so he should be here before everyone else. Walking down the hall I looked around at the doors and read some of the labels as I walked past.

I took a left when I came to a T. I remember Chris’s office being in this direction, but if I’m not careful I’ll end up getting lost. This place is huge.

“Would you be willing to do that?” I heard Chris’s voice as I turned right down another hall. I saw him standing in front of that Ottomar guy that I met yesterday.

“I told you at the beginning of the conversation that’s where I was going to go with it,” Ottomar said to Chris.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and wandered over to the two of them, “Morning,” I greeted. They both looked over at me, they obviously didn’t even here me walking down the hall.

“Morning Sean,” Chris greeted with a slight smile. Ottomar on the other hand had a frown on his face and didn’t say anything to me.

My eye twitched a bit, “Listen Ottomar, I fucking said morning, the least you can do is fucking acknowledge me,” Chris slapped my back after my statement.

“Don’t mind him, Otto’s my best friend. He doesn’t talk much to new kids,” Chris said and I frowned at him.

“Well aren’t you just one giant ray of sunshine this morning Chris. I don’t know if I like this or the threatening side of you that pretty much forced me to work here,” Chris chuckled at my comment. “Anyways, where do I go to clock in? I don’t think Andrew ever showed me that yesterday.

Ottomar groaned and I looked at him, “What?” I asked.

“Don’t hang out with that kid, he’s obnoxious, and to clock in it’s just down the hall and to the left. It would be the last door at the end of the hall,” He mentioned crossing his arms over his chest.

“But, I still need to give your badge and that’s still in the process of being made, so I’ll just be clocking you in and out for the next few days,” Chris stated.

“If the employees have numbers can’t I just get mine and I can clock it in and out manually? That’s what you’re doing for me anyways,” I mentioned.

“I’m going to head out,” Ottomar said and turned on his heels and started to walk away.

“Otto wait a minute,” Chris ran over to him and said something low enough so I couldn’t hear them. Otto nodded and walked down the hall.

“What the hell is up with him?” I asked not all that happy as Chris came back over to me.

“Don’t worry about it,” Chris patted my shoulder and continued walking, “Follow me please. I’m going to clock you in. Then I’ll show you around the building. You’re going to have to go to various places within the building for the next couple of weeks so you should probably memorize it,”

“Fine,” I sighed as we walked into his office, “What’s with the bruises? You get in a fight with someone?” I asked him bluntly after I shut the door behind me.

He stopped in his tracks on his way to his desk. His back was still turned towards me, “Don’t worry about it,” I watched his hand clench his pant leg for a moment before continuing on and sitting down at his desk. “It’s nothing for you to be concerned about. I am also going to ask you to not speak a word to anyone about the bruises you saw. The last thing you need is to be involved.”

“Well it’s too damn late for that isn’t it? You got me involved when you stopped time to talk to me. In fact, I was already involved the day I called Sasuke my best friend,” I walked up to his desk and slammed my hand down on his desk, “Now, you fucking said that I was going to be able to see my friend again, would you like to elaborate on just how exactly you’re going to do that?”

Chris’s face became very serious as he leaned back in his chair, “You know that five years pass here on earth as only one passes on Amoura, so what do you think your friend has been doing within that year that he has been there?”

“Probably learning about other elementals and how to hone his own elements that he currently has,” I answered shrugging a bit.

“So your friend is a moon elemental. What’s his base element?” He asked and I stood up. He instantly knew that Sasuke is a moon elemental because I said elements, shit…

“I never said that he was a moon elemental,” I retorted quickly and Chris rose an eyebrow.

“How long as it been since you’ve seen him?” Chris questioned.

“It’s been a little over two and a half years now,” I answered truthfully.

“Do you want to be on the capture unit?” He asked me and I blinked a few times.

“What’s with that all of a sudden?” I questioned really confused.

“Yes or no? That was my original plan to begin with was to place you on the capture unit. But you want to get stronger don’t you?” He said

“Well yeah but I don’t see…” I stopped myself from continuing my sentence. That dream that I had…that fucked up dream… I took a deep breath, “Yes, I want to be on the capture unit. What do I need to do?”

Chris smirked a bit, it’s almost as if he’s just brushed off my question from earlier. Maybe it is best that I let it go. It’s none of my business anyways. He moved over to his computer and clicked some things. “When did you get here Sean?”

“It was 6:30 I think,” I said trying to remember.

Chris typed it in and then clicked a few more times and stood up, “You don’t have to worry about running into Andrew today, he has the day off,” He said walking back around his desk and then motioned for me to follow.

He’s very secretive, though considering he’s an elemental who’s working in a division that is supposed to capturing elementals I can see why he has to be secretive…

“Oh I still have to worry. He’ll probably come to my place at some point today and want to hang out,” I chuckled a bit putting my hands in my pockets as we walked.

“I’m sure that you have a fair bit of patients to be able to put up with him for so long. He’s told me that he’s known you since you were both kids.”

“Well I can tell ya we defiantly weren’t even close to friends when we were little.”

“He is quite an interesting person to say the least.”

“I still find him annoying, though he has come a long way since we were in high school. I think he’s straightened out at least a little bit.”

“I honestly don’t want to know how bad he was; he’s annoying enough as it is. Hopefully, he’ll keep mellowing out as he gets older.”

“We can only hope,” I muttered as I looked at the names on the doors.

There are four floors to this place. And the damn place is huge. The tour around the place Chris had me go with a nurse to do a standard physical, taking down my height, weight, and all that. After that I’m instructed to go to the weight room and introduce myself to the head of the capture unit and give him a paper to let him know that I was going to be joining in on the capture unit.

The weight room was down in the basement. It’s one of the biggest weight rooms that I’ve ever seen. They have practically every type of exercise equipment that I could think of in here. Even ones that I don’t even know what they do. There’s a big guy standing with his back to the door when I walk in. He has a very demanding presence about him. I take a quick breath and walk up to him, “Excuse me,” I said to the man. He’s shorter then I am. I want to say around 5’9-5’10” The man turned around and looked up at me.

“Can I help ya?” He has short burnet hair and matching brown eyes.

“Hello, I’m Sean Zimmer. Chris sent me here to be a part of the capture unit,” I said and handed him the paper.

He took the paper from me and opened it up. His monotone expression on his face went to a scowl when he read the paper. “Well, yer fresh meat, if I can even say that. Ya look like skin an’ bones boy,” He slapped my right arm and laughed. His hit was hard. I could feel it sting through my three quarter shirt I was wearing.

“Sir, I promise that I’m not just skin and bones. I do have some muscle on me and I was a part of my high school swim team. I’ve been swimming for pretty much my entire life,” I mention and he just laughed at me again.

“I can still snap ya in half,” He chuckled. “I saw ya pass by with Chris earlier, Figures ya were a scientist assistant or somethin’. But since yer here and Chris has ya listed under the capture unit you’ll be working with me and gettin’ ta know the other’s in the capture unit until Chris or I say otherwise,” He put his hands on his hips. “Though I don’t have any paper work printed out ta have ya start a fitness test taday yer welcome to check out the place.”

“Thank you, sir,” I nodded.

“It’s Paul, Paul Wilson, but if ya call me Mr. Wilson Imma smack ya so hard ya’ll be seein’ stars got it boy?” He threatened and I nodded quickly, “Good.”

I walked around the weight room and watched some of the other people who were in the capture unit working out on some of the machine’s that I didn’t know what they did.

I then ended up wandering out and venturing into the other rooms that were also on the basement floor. Some of the rooms were locked, otherwise called in use. I’m sure they are used for sparing. That’s the only thing that makes sense with some of the other rooms that I wandered into. But I finally find the pool again. The pool looks nice. I take off my shoes at the door to walk in. There are some other people that are in the pool and a lifeguard on duty as well. It looks nice and the water is really clear. The bottom of the pool looks smooth and there are racing lines that go along the bottom of the pool. I wonder if they have races between the employees here…

“Hey, you new?” I focused on the Lifeguard who was looking at me. I nodded and the guy stood up from the bench that he was sitting on and walked over. He stuck out his hand to me “Abel Caito,”

“Sean Zimmer,” I smiled taking his hand and shaking it, “It’s nice to meet you Abel.”

“So when did you start? I haven’t seen you around before,” Abel said looking up at me. Able has his dirty blonde hair up in a loose bun with bangs being held back with a hair band to keep it out of his green eyes I’m assuming. His body structure is around the same as mine. An athletic build, but it’s hard to tell.

“I started yesterday technically, but I’ve been upstairs with Chris. I went through the lie detector test and what not yesterday,” I responded looking back at the pool.

“So what unit are you apart of then?”

“The capture unit. I’ve met Paul already, he thinks I’m too thin,” I grumbled shoving my hands in my pockets.

My comment makes Abel laugh, “He thinks the same about me, though some people just can’t build muscle like others,” Abel mentions and I look down at him.

“That’s true, I’ve been swimming since I was little, so my body is built like a swimmer not for weight room junky,” I said.

“For leisure or competitive?”

“Well for the most part competitive especially when I was in high school. I could have gone to college on a swimming scholarship, but I just didn’t really want to go.”

“School isn’t for everyone that’s for sure. Besides it’s your choice to go to school or not after high school. Even then some kids just go and get their GED’s instead of graduating from high school, everyone has their own reasons,” He must be a deep thinker to come up with that. But, it is just common sense. “So what brings you here? People don’t normally know about the LoM unless someone invites them.”

“Andrew Wolfe was pestering me to no end about joining this,” I answered simply with a light shrug. “But Chris is the one that gave it the last push to make me join.”

“Andy, you mean the who thinks he’s king shit because he holds the records now for swimming and running?”

I can’t help but laugh at his tone, “Yep that’s him, he’s always been like that, though. It is slightly annoying to hear that he holds all the records. Guess I’ll just have to beat them.”

“Going into something with confidence is always a good thing,” He said.

“Why do we have to do these tests anyways?” I asked with a curious tone.

“It’s to see who’s fit enough to actually go out into the field and who’s best suited to stay here and help out with everything else. I didn’t do amazing on the tests so I don’t go out into the field,” He answered.

“That sucks if you don’t do well on a test and you wanted to be able to go and work in the field.”

“Everyone’s welcome to try the test again after a year. I don’t mind just staying at the building though. I do a lot of different things. From doing this to running errands for the scientists. It’s not that bad of a job really,” I looked back over at Abel to see him smiling up at me.

“So why are you here, if you don’t mind me asking that is,” I questioned.

“Come on guys what are you twelve? You know there’s no running around the pool,” Abel yelled at the guy and girl that were casing each other around the pool.

“Fuck off Abel,” The guy said and I instantly looked at the guy with a resting bitch face.

“Who and I kidding, go ahead and run around the place, once your slip and smash your face off the floor you’ll see just how much of an idiot you’re being doing it,” Abel said before I could.

The guy clicked his tongue and the girl took him by the hand, “Come on let’s go Herb,” She said and drug him away.

“Did not expect that to come out of you,” I said surprised.

“I may be short, but I’m no push over. To answer your question, though I came here because I’ve always been curious about them. I’ve never met one in person, and I don’t know what they look like, but I’m sure it’ll be an interesting experience,” He looked out at the pool as he said that. “What about you?”

“I want to see my best friend again. And with working here I may have a chance to do that,” I answered.

“You’ve met one? And your friends with one?!” Abel sounded so excited.

“Well…yeah…” I said avoiding eye contact with him. “Though, I’d rather not talk about it right now,” And especially with someone that I just met that’s for damn sure.

“Oh, I’m really sorry, that was rude of me to do wasn’t it,” He laughed sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. “I just can’t believe that I’ve met someone who’s met an elemental before,” Chris is one and I’m sure that you’ve met him so you’ve met one and you just don’t know it.

“It’s okay, I mean it’s been a few years, but it’s still really hard for me to want to talk about it,” I said trying to not make him feel as bad as he probably does.

“I’m sorry Sean, it sounds like you’ve been through a rough patch,”

“I’ve had it rough my entire life, and yet I still stand strong for some reason,” I mentioned.

“It’s because you’re strong yourself, and that’s a good trait. But do remember, you can’t always do things on your own. I know this probably doesn’t mean much coming from someone you just met, but sometimes it’s good to talk to people who you don’t know in order to get things off your chest that have been weighing you down,” I could tell in his eyes that he was being honest with what he was saying.

“Thanks, I’ve been doing pretty good on my own, though. But if I ever do need to talk I’ll let you know,” I said to him putting my hands in my pockets.

“Then here let me give you my number just in case you do ever need to talk,” I guess I’m not allowed to protest getting his number. I pull my phone out of my pocket and get it to new contacts and then hand him my phone.

He took it from me and entered in his hand them his number and handed it back to me. After I saved it I sent him a message so he could have my number as well. “Okay, I sent you a text,” I said putting my phone back in my pocket.

“I’ll save you in my phone later. My phone is back in my locker,” Able mentioned. “So, what all do you have to do today,”

“Well I was hoping to get some of the physical fitness out of the way, but by the sounds of Paul I’m assuming that I’ll have to start tomorrow,” I answered crossing my arms.

Able looked at the wall to our left and up at the clock that was on the wall, “I switch off with Barb at two. Paul doesn’t like printing out documents himself. I don’t know how many times I’ve told him to just grab his tablet and use that instead. It’s easier that way instead of just having others run around to print out papers,” Able ran his fingers through his hair with a sigh of frustration.

“It’s not a big deal, I’ll just run up to Chris and let him know what’s going on,” I mentioned and Able instantly shook his head.

“Paul hates Chris.”


“It’s because he’s so young and he is the head of this division. Chris also randomly disappears for days sometimes and Paul gets very annoyed with it,” Young my ass, the fucker only looks young. “Did I say something wrong?”

I must have been making an annoyed expression, instantly I waved my hands in front of myself, “No, no I was just thinking was all. But, me having to wait till tomorrow it’s a big deal. That just means that I can beat Andy’s records with him standing there and watching,” I snickered.

“Have the two of you always been this competitive?”

“More or less,” I shrugged. “But anyways, I’m going to try to find my way back up to Chris’s office, even if Paul doesn’t like it I still have to let him know what’s going on. Also I want to know if my badge is done yet or not.”

“Not a problem. It was nice meeting you Sean,” Able stuck his hand out and I took it.

“It was nice meeting you too. I’m sure that we’ll run into each other quite a bit,” I said after letting go of his hand and with a slight wave I left the pool grabbing my shoes and slipping them on once I was out in the hall again. Well at least everyone isn’t a stick in the mud here. I sigh to myself and make my way back the way I came going past the weight room again and up the two flights of stairs before making it back to the main floor. And after wandering around for a good five minutes I found his office again. I knocked on the door and walked in. Chris was at his desk typing away on his computer.

“Hey,” I said getting his attention.

“What are you doing back up here Sean?” He asked taking a quick glance at me before continuing on his computer.

“Um, Paul doesn’t have any papers for me to be able to take the fitness exams so he said I was going to take them tomorrow,” I explained and Chris sighed.

“Hold on,let me get in touch with Able and see if he can give you your exams,” He said and went for his phone.

“If you’re going to call his cell phone it’s in his locker. He’s life guarding at the moment. I met him earlier,” I explained.

“Okay, so what I need you to do then is if you have swim wear go change into it if not run home really quick and go and get them. You’ll at least take the swimming portion for now and once Able is off of life guard duty he can just have you finish the tests. Considering that Able is second in command for the capture unit and I’m giving the orders Paul has no say in this,” Chris looked at me, “So did you bring swimming gear or not?”

“Well…yeah I did…” I was just planning on heading to the swimming club after getting out of work, please don’t ask why I have them on me.

“Then grab them and head back down. You’ll have to get Abel’s pass from him to get into his office and grab his tablet, but he’ll give in instructions on how to get there,” That guy is second in command of the capture unit???

“Y-Yes sir,” I nodded and left without saying anything else to him. Going back to the locker room and to my locker I grab my jammers, goggles, and towel from my backpack then make my way back down to the second floor basement and too the pool.

There’s no one but Abel at the pool and he looks at me as I walk in, “Oh Sean, I didn’t expect you to come back, here to go for a swim?”

“Actually I went up and talked to Chris, he said for you to give me my fitness exam instead. He doesn’t want to wait for Paul to get around to it,” Well, that’s pretty much what he said in a nutshell…

“Well it would give me something to do, but I would only be able to do the swimming section of it till I get off of life guard duty,” He said getting out of his chair once more.

“That’s not a problem,” I said shaking my head a little.

“Before you go get changed go up to Basement floor one and its room ten. It’ll be on your left. My tablet is sitting right on my desk. Could you get that for me please?” He asked me as he took his badge and handed it to me. “You’ll need that to get in my office.”

I took the badge and nodded, “I’ll be right back then.” I set my stuff on the bench that was nearby and quickly left. Now that I’ve gone up and down these stairs a few times I know where I’m goingish. Abel’s office was close to the stairwell that I came out of. He was right and it was right on his desk so I grabbed it and headed out making sure that the door to the office was locked before leaving it, then I went back down to the pool. “Here it is,” I said walking in.

“Thank you,” He smiled at me and took the tablet from me when I got closer to him. “Go ahead and get changed and I’ll get everything pulled up,” I nodded and took my stuff from the bench and used an empty locker to put my stuff in once I was in my jammers. I didn’t think of bringing my new swimming cap that I got a few weeks ago, but at the same time I didn’t think that I would be going through tests like this either. “Well, I haven’t seen those kind of swimming trunks since Andrew was taking his tests,” Abel chuckled.

I put my goggles on and let them rest around my neck, “I use to swim competitively in high school. I’m also a part of the swim club that’s in town,” I explained, “Also these are called jammers.”

“Good to know, then these tests should be simple for you then. You’ll do the test three times and then we’ll take the average of your times for that to be your final time for that test. Then we’ll move onto the next one.” Abel explained as I adjusted my goggles on my head.

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“You’re welcome to warm up first so you don’t hurt yourself, then you’ll have a half an hour cool down before the next test, that way you can perform the best you can on each test,” He explained before I got into the pool.

“Sounds like a plan,” I answered after coming back up. I did about a fifteen minuet warm up before getting out of the pool and stretching to make sure that I wasn’t going to hurt myself during the test. All I have to do is beat Andy’s times, that sounds easy enough. “I’m ready whenever you are Abel.”

“Go ahead and hop on the starting block then,” He nodded over to the blocks at the end of the pool and followed me over there.

“I see you guys actually have a timer board. Do you guys ever hold competitions?” I questioned readjusting my goggles after stepping on the block. The thing was on. I know it wasn’t on when I started warming up.

“We do from time to time. Or when someone wants to challenge the person who holds the record. We’re going to use it today considering that I forgot to have you grab my stop watch. It’ll also give us a more accurate time anyways,” He said pulling a remote out of his pocket. “This is the free style. You’re going to do a test in every stroke, just so you know.”

“Not a problem,” I said and got ready. When he said go I launched off the starting block. Out of all the tests my free style was the best one. Even though I beat all of Andy’s records it wasn’t by much. I really need to get into the pool more. I know I can do better. After I finished the swimming tests Abel said that I could be done for the day. It took us about three hours to just do the swimming tests. He said tomorrow I’ll do the other parts of the physical exams. It’s not a big deal, that means that I can go and relax for the rest of the day.

This new job is different that’s for sure…I wonder how pissed Andy is going to be when he finds out I beat his records. I chuckled to myself as I opened my door and walked into my apartment. It was a nice quiet for once to have. There are a lot more people here that work there then I thought there was going to be. But I guess I should get used to it. I don’t know how long I’m going to be a part of this group anyways. Though, I do wonder what Chris and Ottomar were talking about this morning. Does it have something to do with the blood samples that Chris wanted from me yesterday? Do I ask him about it? No, it’s best not to, I figured that out today. I’ll have to tread lightly for a little bit, I don’t know how Chris will act around me because of my bruise question. It’s best to wait it out…that’s all I really can do. Before taking a shower I stretched and accidently took a nap on the couch after sitting down. Instead of eating anything I just went to bed when I woke up around ten at night. I’m not hungry anyways. Who the hell knows what tomorrow’s physical exams are going to be like anyways. I need whatever sleep I’m able to get.

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