A Little Secret

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The Fire Prodigy

Chapter 31: The Fire Prodigy?


“I don’t think this is a good idea mom,” I objected as she drags me along with her to her class. This week is finals week. Finals week takes place during the last week of the second month or the first week of the third month of Spring. So on Earth it’s around the end of April and the beginning of May. But, here we don’t have names for the months just the number of days in the months are the same as on earth. We go by the seasons and there are three months in each season. Apparently, the winter festival is also called onkmet and the main day of the festival is held on the onkmet solstice. The festival signifies the beginning of the new year.

“You’ll be just fine,” Mom said without a single ounce of worry in her voice. Mom is one of the instructors for the elements classes. Hers is fire obviously. There are three teachers for each element. Well, for most of the elements anyways.

“But mom,” I protested once more, but she completely ignored me as we went to her classroom. I’ve been trained separately form the other first year fire elementals because of the fact that I’m a moon elemental. Mom and dad figured it would be best to just train me at home, but in order to get a grade I have to take the final during one of the class times. “Wouldn’t it be better if I took the test with one of the other instructors instead? Won’t the other students think you’re being bias because I’m your son?”

“That can’t happen because during finals we open up the dividers between the three rooms and all three of us instructors grade all the students,” Mom let go of my wrist and stood in front of my confidently with her hands on her hips. But there was no one else in here but us. She’s going to ask me to help move the dividers isn’t she? “Besides Mr. Sharp has his daughter Laila in the beginning classes as well,” Mom slapped my back. “So you’re not the only child of a teacher in here. Now help me move the divider!” There is no asking, there is just simple do this with mom sometimes. I laughed lightly and walked behind mom to the left side of the divider.

“So do I just turn this handle?” I asked mom.

“Mhm, turn it then you can put your other hand on the divider and it will activate the pulley system to open the divider,” Mom explained and I did what she said moments after. Red lines quickly spread from my hand that was on the divider. They crawled their way up to the ceiling and the sounds of gears coming to life echo across the room. Pulling my hands off the wall and handle as the divider starts to move, opening up the room to show the next room over. Once the divider was far enough away I went over to the second one and opened that one up as well. After a few minute’s mom and I were standing in a huge room empty room.

The next few people who came in were the other two teachers and a girl. I’m assuming the girl is Laila. She came up to me with a smile. “Good morning,” She chirped and held her hand out to me. “I’m Laila, you must be Sasuke.”

I nodded and took her hand, “It’s nice to meet you Laila,” I greeted and let go of her hand.

“Why haven’t I seen you in any of the class rooms before today?” She tipped her head a bit to the left her long, black bangs moving with her head. She has the rest of her hair thrown up in a messy bun and she has what looks like red strips going through her hair as well.

“I’ve been kinda home schooled I guess you can say,” I said rubbing the back of my neck.

“Oh right, you’re actually a moon elemental aren’t you?”

“Mhm,” I nodded, “But my base element is fire,” I smiled.

“It’ll be great to see what you can do Sasuke!” Laila clapped happily.

I laughed lightly as more students started to come into the room. There is a fair bit of students that were first years. I think there are about forty of us all together. We were all told to stand together in the center of the room. This is actually kinda nerve wrecking having to perform in front of others. At least during the festival there was someone else there to focus on and drown out the eyes that are on you. Taking in a deep breath I slowly exhale to calm my nerves.

“Is he Sasuke?” I heard a girl whisper behind me.

“Yeah. Remember the festival? He made it all the way to the finals. But he’s a moon elemental, so what’s he doing here?” Another girl responded quietly.

“Quiet no everyone!” My mom clapped her hands with a kind smile. The girls behind me didn’t say anything else. “So, today we we’ll have a couple special guests joining us for the final. One of them you can obviously tell who it is if you were here during the festival. I know that some of you weren’t here for that so you more than likely don’t know who I’m talking about,” Mom motioned for me to come forward so I did and turned around to look at everyone.

“My name is Sasuke Kaisai,” I bowed in front of them, “It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I hope you don’t mind me taking this final with you,” I kept my voice calm and collected as I spoke before standing up. I can feel the judging eyes on me… “I’m a first year just like the rest of you. Yes, I am a moon elemental, but my base element is fire. Let’s all have a good day and get through this final with flying colors,” I smiled at all of them and the feeling of glaring eyes intensified immensely. Ah, they obviously don’t like me…fantastic…this is going so well, thanks mom. I glance back at mom and she nods happily back at me. I walk back to the spot that I was standing and join the rest of the crowd.

“Thank you dear. Now as for the other person who will be joining us, it’s headmaster Kaisai himself~” Soon after mom said headmaster dad appeared out of nowhere and is standing next to mom startling the other students. “You know you can use the door,” Mom commented slightly frustrated with dad.

Dad shrugged, “I’m expecting good results from you all today. Do your best and show me what you can do. I’m not the one grading you, I’m just simply here to observe and see how far you all have come since you’ve been here.” Dad’s eyes locked on me. Does that mean he’s expecting me to do every move I know? I haven’t sat through an explanation of the final so I don’t know what I’m doing.

“We are going to do this is Alphabetical order by last name,” Mr. Sharp spoke up.

“Mr. Sharp,” I turned my head to see a younger looking boy raising his hand.

“Yes Nate?”

“Um, considering Sasuke has never been to a single class doesn’t that mean that he should automatically go first? I don’t think it’s fair that he gets to come into class the day of the final and lounge about when the rest of us have been working our hardest towards this final,” Nate complained.

My eye twitched slightly, screw you, you little brat. I’ve been training plenty hard thank you.

I looked back up at the teachers when I heard mom chuckle, “Fair enough. You’re right Nate, Sasuke hasn’t been here for any of the classes, but I can assure you he has been working very hard on his own,” Mom smiled.

“But, he was able to get one on one training with you so doesn’t that mean that he has the advantage?” A girl asked. Did dad go through this same criticism when he was learning his elements?

“Everyone stop seriously,” Laila stepped out from the front row of the group and put her hands out in front of the crowd. “Will you stop picking on him and putting him down? Seriously I get one on one training with my dad too and yet you guys have never tried to put me down,” She said and I walked from my spot and over to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I may have gotten one on one training from my mother, but to be honest, I didn’t spend nearly as much time as you think I have training with her. I’ve spent most of the time training with my father and on top of that I trained even more on my own. Mom’s been here, helping you all instead of watching over how I was doing. Yeah, she always helped me learn the next skill after I’ve shown here I’ve master the one previous. I’ll go first, I’ll show you all that I haven’t just been slacking off and not coming to class,” I let my hand slip off of Laila’s shoulder and then bowed in respect once more. “Even if you all hate me after this I don’t really care. I’m sure that most of you already do hate me, but that simply can’t be helped,” I stood up straight once more and looked down at Laila, “Thanks for trying to help.”

She gave me a thumbs up, “Not a problem,” She smiled happily before going back to the group and I turned around.

“If it’s okay with all the teachers I’ll take the other students up on their challenge to be the first one to go,” The third teacher walked up to me and slammed his hands down on my shoulders and laughed. He was a big guy. He has to be around 6’5-6’6” in height and he’s built like a football player.

“You’ve got spunk kid I like ya,” He turned around, “Damn Yui and John, why the hell were ya hiding him from the rest of us? He would’ve been a riot to have in class,” The man’s voice was deep and he laughed as he slapped my back countless times. “I’m good for him going first how about ya Tom? Let’s see what he can do.”

Mr. Sharp nodded after crossing his arms over his chest, “I’m for it. The goal is to see how far everyone has come this year, so there’s no harm in letting him go first,” Mr. Sharp agreed then looked over at mom and dad. “You two okay with this?”

“I’m fine with it,” Dad smirked putting his hands in his pockets.

“That’s fine,” Mom nodded in agreement.

“Well you’re up then Sasuke,” he said slapping my back once more.

The other students spread between the left and the right of the teachers and some leaned against the wall, others were standing. “Sasuke, go to the center of the room please and you can begin whenever you’re ready,” Mom said with a smile.

“Show us what ya can do kid,” Mr. Sharp said confidently.

Does he think that I’m going to fail at this? Or is that supposed to be an actual complement? Whatever, I’m going first. I stop in the middle of the large room and take a deep breath in. I face my side to the teachers and my parents and bring my arms in. After I finish exhaling and start my next breath I begin the combinations. One…two…three…switch…stay focused…breathe…charge the breath of fire… I could do this in my sleep now if that is even a thing. Like when I was on the pole I stay in the same spot. I was sweating a bit from when I finally got to the calm flames of the healing flame. Shit…did I overdo it? I looked over at the teachers and the rest of the students.

Sweat slowly slid down my cheeks as I take in deep breaths. Mom and dad look fairly cocky and proud, the other two teachers are dumbfounded and shocked. And here’s the wave of hate that it raising the temperature in the room. How did I know this would happen? I was getting glares from a lot of the students. Other’s had an amazed look on their face. I jumped slightly when someone clapped. I looked between everyone and it was Laila who was clapping. She stood up and continued clapping with a smile on her face. The other’s soon joined in, even the ones that didn’t seem to want to joined in.

The larger teacher, I think his name is Mr. Manson, walks over to me and slaps my back knocking the wind out of me. “I think we finally found the new prodigy of the fire element!” He exclaimed.

I blinked a few times looking up at him. Why am I the new prodigy? Oh wait…the last person to have red eyes and blue flames was over one-hundred years ago I think…if I’m remembering the Basic of the Elements right. And of course when I questioning it I’ve already given the book back to dad.

“That’s right, it’s been over 100 years hasn’t it?” Mr. Sharp questioned.

I looked over at dad and he nodded, “That’s correct, though when I knew him I was still just a kid, but I do remember him telling me that it took him years to master all of the abilities of fire. When it only took almost a year to do. Though, we don’t know if he really is the prodigy because he hasn’t shown any trace of the rare element as of yet,” Dad spoke up.

Your showing your age right their dad… I look away from him and towards the floor.

“Well the other prodigies can look out they’ve got some competition here!” Mr. Manson said with confidence.

“Why does he get to be the fire prodigy?” The same kid from earlier spoke up. “He’s not even a true fire elemental.”

I looked away from the group and down at the floor, “Yeah, that’s so not fair,” Another kid added in.

“You don’t get to choose who’s the prodigy and who’s not,” Dad spoke up and I looked up to see him facing the kids in the class. “None of us who are prodigies choose to be them. Now, you all haven’t been here long enough to take these lessons but let me let you in on a little secret. All of the souls wither they be on earth or on Amoura, when the individual moves on their soul is sent to the spirit realm. It is there that the high spirits determine the fate of if that person’s soul is to return to Amoura, Earth, or even become a spirit animal. From what I have been told a person’s soul can live through many lives before the spirits finally allow the soul to rest.”

“So your saying that it will never go to someone who wasn’t already a prodigy in their past life?” The kid questioned.

“That could be the case. You’ll learn when you get older that there’s more to life than worrying over simple things like not being the prodigy. You’ll draw out your own path to life, and just like this you’ll make it over all the difficulties that you face. Everyone has to start somewhere,” Dad said to the group.

Mom clapped to get everyone’s attention, “I think that we’ve all dilly dallied on this long enough. Let’s move on and get these finals under way. I’m sure that all of you would like to get out early and start your vacation early from having to train~”

“But I wasn’t done,” Dad pouted.

“Well, we have a final to do so, your speech can wait if you want to give it after class I’m not going to make to students wait around to hear it dear,” Mom sounded so sweet in her voice too. It made the kids laugh. Leave it to mom to kick dad back down off his pedestal when he gets on a role with saying something.

I chuckled myself and Mr. Manson slapped my back to get me to get moving towards the rest of the group. But, is what dad said true? Or is it just something that he read in one of the many books he has? If all of us are reincarnated, then why don’t we remember anything from our past lives? It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s gotta be form one of his books.

I stood there quietly next to dad as the girl who was supposed to go first walks to the middle of the room. As student by student went up I noticed that most of them were starting to learn the third basic ability, fire daggers and blades. Some of them knew the fourth basic ability, but none of them knew any of the advanced abilities. Both girls and boys were really shaky, don’t get me wrong, I know that even with the advanced abilities I’m still shaky. I know that I messed up. I still have a while before I can steadily make it through all of them without my fire stuttering or stumbling. I never did master the routines on the pole, but mom was willing to teach me the healing flames technique anyways because of how focused and determined I was to try to master the other abilities standing on that pole.

Making it through all of the students went at an even pace and we were out by ten in the morning. “You did great Laila,” I smiled at her as she came over to me after the testing was over.

“You were amazing! How did you learn the advance abilities so quickly?” She questioned taking my hands and jumping up and down.

“I’m still really shaky with the advanced abilities, though,” I protested as I watched her continue to jump.

“So what, you still know them and that’s so awesome! I thought that I was doing really well with having a solid foundation on the four basic elements. Even during the winter festival, I thought that you were an older student because you used an advance ability, but come to find out that you’re also new was amazing!!” She exclaimed looking up at me happily.

“Thanks,” I smiled a little and looked away. “Though, it seems that I got on pretty much everyone’s bad side.”

“Well you’re not on mine and you can always count me in as a friend. I’ll be happy to train with ya any day,” She let go of my hands and swatted my arm lightly.

“Laila,” Mr. Sharp called interrupting our conversation.

“Coming,” She said smiling. Laila moved around me and waved before running off to see what her father wants on the other end of the room.

Wandering over to mom after talking with Laila I smiled a little and waited patiently as she was talking with one of the students. “Do you need something dear?” Mom questioned looking over at me.

“I was wondering where dad went, I wanted to talk to him about something,” I replied noticing that after the tests were over he quickly left.

“I believe he went to the science building. He said he had to talk with Otto about something,” Mom said tapping her lower lip and looking up to the ceiling to find the answer.

“Okay, I’m going to go talk to him. I’ll come home tonight,” I smiled and waved.

“Have some fun today sweetie if you don’t have any more finals. If you have any more you better be studying mister,” Mom warned wagging her finger at me.

“I will I promise. I have most of my finals tomorrow so I’ll be fine,” I waved her off and quickly left the room.

“If you fail any of your exams your cleaning the entire house from top to bottom mister!” Mom shouted at me from inside the room.

I spun on my heels and walked backwards, “I won’t fail! It’s a promise!” I called back before spinning back around and taking off down the hall and out the main doors to the building.

The science building it’s too far away from the Dojo, but the fact that I left the dojo on the other end I have to sprint the length of the building then go pretty much half way across the campus in order to get to the science building. So, in a way it really is a way away from the dojo. Maybe if the dojo wasn’t so big or I had the space element this would be a lot faster. Buuuuuut, then I’d get really lazy more than likely. Oh, maybe wind! I could pick up the pace with that! I don’t have any friends that are wind elementals though. Maybe one day I will…

I get to the building and lean my hands on my knees to keep myself propped up so I can breathe. Maybe I shouldn’t have sprinted all the way here. But, knowing dad he can be in and out of somewhere in the blink of an eye, quite literally. Heading into the main doors of the building I went to the nearest staircase and up to the second floor. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and ran into someone. As I stumbled back whoever I ran into caught my arm so I wouldn’t fall on my ass.

“You should be more aware of your surroundings,” A deep voice said and I looked up to look at his face.

“Sorry Otto,” I instantly apologized standing up straight and quickly bowing in apology.

He sighed patted my head with his gloved hand, “Obviously you’re here for something so what is it? Your father sending you out on another field test?”

I shook my head, “No, actually since you’re here I can just ask you. I was curious about the test results from the first field test that I went on with the Snyder twins,” I responded looking up him. He’s gotta be around Kyo’s height. I know that I’m finally hitting my growth spurts, and I’m six foot now, but still.

He looked down at the stack of papers and folders that were in his arms and started shifting through them. After a minute of looking he pulled a piece of paper out of a quarter of the way down and set it on top, “The results say there was a glitch with bands one and three.”

“Do you know what caused the glitch?” I asked and Otto shook his head.

“No, I am actually going to my supervisor now to talk to him about it. If you get sent out again I’m sure that your father will let you know,” He said with a bored expression.

“Alright, thanks Otto,” I bowed again, “I’m really sorry that I bothered you, I know you’re really busy but, thank you for taking the time to talk to me,”

“Um…it’s fine, you don’t have to apologize just for asking me a question. Though, I do need to get going,” Otto said and I stood up straight again as he was rubbing the back of his neck.

“Thank you again!” I waved and turned on my heels to go back to the stair case. Hm…what should I do now… Wandering out of the building I walked over to one of the main paths that run through the academy. The paths are all cobble stone here. The earth elementals made them, when they were building the school and town around it. There are no tractors or any type of heavy machinery here. It keeps the air so much cleaner. It just feels like there’s so much more energy around and it just helps make the day better. I wander my way to the training area that’s on the half of the campus that my dorm is on. If I cut through the field I can get to the dorm faster. Maybe I should do a bit of studying now and then relax later. But I am tired…maybe I should take a nap. I do have the time to do it…hmmm

The sound of metal clashing broke my thoughts as I realize that I’m at the field already. I look in the direction that I’m hearing the sound. Toshiro and Kyo are…fighting? No it’s gotta be a spar. I wonder if they have their final today for their soul weapons. I naturally started to head over to them. They look so intense. Kyo swings his scythe as Toshiro drops to his knees and leans back avoiding the blade of the scythe. Quickly getting back up to his feet, Toshiro wastes no time swinging his daggers at Kyo while he’s in the follow through. But with just moments before the dagger in this right hand can connect Kyo pulls the staff of his scythe back to collide with Shiro’s dagger. Swinging with his left it looks like Shiro is going for Kyo’s stomach with his other dagger. In what felt like a blink, but also in slow motion, Kyo knocks the first dagger away and quickly swings the staff down and deflects the second dagger.

Kyo took this chance to knock Toshiro back with a swift kick to his stomach and Shiro was knocked off his feet and hit the ground with his back. Before he could get up Kyo was above him with the back of blade to his scythe just inches away from Shiro throat. “Okay, okay I give,” Shiro sighed and letting go of his daggers and they shattered into finely powdered snow.

Smirking Kyo pulled the scythe away from Shiro and let it dissipate into the what was probably finely. I wish I knew they were sparing I would have loved to see the whole thing instead of the tail end of it.

“Hey,” I final spoke up and walked a bit closer to them as Shiro took Kyo’s hand and helped him back up to his feet.

“Sasuke! How long have you been there?” Toshiro seems genuinely surprised to see me standing here.

“Not to long actually, I caught the end of your guy’s spar,” I answered with a small smile.

“How did your final go? Your parents made you take it with the rest of the first year elementals didn’t they?” Kyo asked instantly going to a subject I really didn’t want to talk about.

I looked away from them and laughed a little, “It went well, though I think I made pretty much every first year fire elemental hate my guts.”

“Why do you say that?” Shiro asked and I looked back at them to see him tip his head a little over to the left.

“I’m sure it’s going to spread like wild fire throughout the academy anyways,” I sigh lightly before taking a deep breath, “I’m the prodigy for the fire elementals. Pretty much all the first years were pissed because I’m not a true fire elemental.”

“That’s bullshit,” Kyo said crossing his arms.

“I-I’m not joking about it Kyo,” I started and Toshiro quickly got between us.

“I don’t think he’s talking about calling bullshit on you being the prodigy, we were actually thinking you were. Don’t think that we didn’t see you leaving to go outside late at night to go and practice,” Shiro started.

“Also during the tournament, even though you were exhausted, you used an advanced technique against my little brother,” Kyo added in.

“You’ve focused so much and put in so much of your time into training, that it makes you very admirable and intimidating with how dedicated you can be to something,” Shiro continued and put a hand on my shoulder with a soft smile.

“Besides I’m calling all the first year’s bullshit saying that you’re not a true fire elemental. Even with you being a moon elemental you have to have a base element to start it all off. When you have the base element you also get the traits of that element as your own. So that makes you an actual fire elemental and a damn good one at that. So all the other first years and go and shove their opinion up their ass and get over it,” I stand there shocked looking between the two of them. I never expected the two of them to say something like that to me.

“I’m happy to know who the new fire prodigy is, though you’re a bit late, the rest of us have a bit of a head start on you,” My white-haired best friend smiled sweetly at me.

“Well I know you and Nero are prodigies, are there others too?” I said. Well, that was a stupid question of course there are. There’s one for every element. It was in the Basic of the Elements.

Kyo just gave me a very monotone expression and his shoulders slump, “I’m going back to the dorm.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, Kyo, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, please don’t leave. I’m so sorry, that was really stupid of me to say. I totally should have seen that you were one without having to be told. I feel like such an idiot,” I started panicking and waving my hands in frantic circles in front of me as Kyo walked away from us.

Shiro ran over to him and turned Kyo around and pushed him back towards me, “You don’t act like a prodigy, so can you blame Sasuke for not knowing? Besides, you and Jay are always referred to as the Grim brothers instead of separate as the prodigies you two are.”

Really? Jay is one too? Which his happy-go-lucky, and hyper personality I wouldn’t have taken him as a prodigy. But, during the tournament I didn’t really study up on the earth element all that much so that’s my bad really.

“I’m really sorry Kyo,” I clapped my hands in front of my face, “I’ll make it up to you I promise.”

Kyo started laughing at me and now I’m really confused, “Dude, I really don’t care that you didn’t know. Your reaction was priceless, though I’ll give ya that,” He slapped my back really hard knocking the wind out of me. “To be honest, being hated comes with the territory of being a prodigy. Everyone’s jealous and there’s really nothing that can be done about it. Just be yourself and don’t let others get to ya,”

“But, I’ve almost master fire and it’s only been almost a year. I don’t think that’s normal, even for a prodigy,” I stated to the two of them.

“That in particular isn’t normal. Jay hasn’t completely mastered his element yet, and he’s been here for about two years now,” Kyo stated putting his hands behind his head and looking down at me as he spoke.

“Neither has Nero,” Shiro added crossing his arms over his chest with a sigh, “Of course, if he would find the time to focus on his element more and not keep going to the weight room four times a week, I think he would be on par with Jay and Sasuke.”

I chuckled a bit, “You saying that I stand a chance against Jay and Nero?” I smirked raising an eye brow.

“Well you beat Jason in the tournament,” He said looking at me straight on.

“We were both exhausted and it just took one misstep on Jay’s part for me to be able to take advantage of it. Even though he acts way younger he’s really not that much younger than I am,” I looked between the both of them, “And everyone else has been here longer than I have.”

“That is true, but none of us have actually truly master our elements. Even with being the prodigies,” I looked at Toshiro confused. “What I mean is, even Kyo and I haven’t discovered what the rare ability for our elements are just yet.”

“But when we do, ah man watch out, then we can call ourselves true prodigies!” Kyo exclaimed pumping his fists into the air with a confident grin spread across his lips.

I chuckled, “How are you supposed to know when you’ve obtained the rare ability, though?” I asked him and his smirk instantly vanished and he blinked a few times with a dumb founded expression.

“Well, I’m sure we’ll know when we’ve obtained it,” He said matter of factly.

“It’ll probably be a different experience for each of us I’m sure. And who knows what would end up triggering the rare ability,” Shiro said with a bit of a laugh. “But on another note, I’m getting a bit hungry, do you two want to go into town and get lunch?”

“I could go for some food,” I agreed with a nod.

“Count me in, I’m starving actually,” Kyo smiled putting his hands in his pockets.

“Then let’s go bug the twins, they should be working at the cosplay café right now,” I offered pulling out my phone and checking the time. Hale and Tate asked dad if they would be allowed to go and see their parents for the short break that we have before the next year starts. Dad told them they could if they helped out at one of the stores or restaurants in their free time for the week. The twins picked the cosplay café to help out at. During finals week I’ve been told that it’s pretty busy with students going there for study groups and then normal customers, but there are also down times there as well.

“I second that idea. I haven’t been there for a few months. Actually, I think the last time I was there was when all of us helped out for the week,” Kyo stated as we wandered out of the field and onto a pathway.

“Can we stop at the dorm really quick first? I didn’t bring my wallet with me to the final with me this morning,” I asked the two of them.

Don’t worry about it,” Shiro said and I looked over at him.

“We’ll cover for ya,” Kyo smirked.

“I don’t like that smirk, what do I have to do in return?” I rose an eyebrow at him.

“Oh not too much,” Kyo snickered, “You just have to go against us two on one.”

“And you have to make dinner for the rest of the week,” Shiro hummed smiling sweetly. It made my stomach churn with that smile. There was a lot of evil behind that smile of his.

“Why? That’s totally not fair,” I retorted looking back and forth quickly between the two of them.

“Come on, you’re not going to deny us the opportunity to test out the new prodigy’s skills?” Toshiro stuck out his tongue at me. And I puffed out my cheeks in protest.

“This totally isn’t fair,” I whined and Kyo wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled my head in so I was in a head lock.

“We’ll let you get whatever you get,” He insisted.

I felt Toshiro take my arm as Kyo continued to hold me in a head lock, “Come on, it’ll be a good experience and a good way to test your fire element.”

“If it’ll get you two off my back then fine I give,” I sighed and Kyo and Toshiro let go of me at the same time. I stumbled forward, but managed to catch myself.

“Let’s go get food!” Kyo exclaimed with determination in his face.

The three of us made our way out of the academy and made our way to the cosplay café. The café was actually closer to our dorm than the other cafes were. The town went around the academy. It actually takes about twenty minutes to a half an hour for me to walk home. Our house is just outside of the town. It kinda feels like it’s out in the middle of nowhere, which is really nice, I like it a lot more than being close to my neighbors like we were back on Earth.

“Welcome,” Hale and Tate said in unison as the three of us walked into the café. It looks like they were just in the standard butler type uniform for this week. It’s pretty dead in the café right now, so we came in at a good time.

“Hey,” I smiled at them.

“Yo,” Kyo responded to them.

“How are you two been holding out?” Toshiro asked as we sat down at one of the tables by a window.

“We’ve been doing good,” Hale answered.

“It hasn’t been too busy as of right now,” Tate added in as they both came over to us. “How did your final go this morning Sasuke?”

“Well…” I answered simply.

“He apparently did very well, he’s also been announced as the fire element prodigy,” Toshiro told them and I instantly sunk down in my chair.

“That’s amazing!” Tate exclaimed patting me on the shoulder.

“No it’s not, do you know how many people hate me now? It was already bad enough with being the headmaster’s son,” I groaned.

“Don’t be so down about that Sasuke, you should be proud of the fact that your one of the prodigies,” Mrs. Manson and the owner of the cosplay café same over to us and put a hand on my head. Mrs. Manson is also a fire elemental. She’s someone that I actually really look up to. Working for her is a lot of fun and she’s also one of moms friends. I looked up at her and she was smiling down at me. “I’m happy that you’re the fire prodigy. You seem to be more of a fire elemental than a moon elemental anyway,” She patted my head before pulling her hand away and setting it on her hip. “Now, stop sulking and live up to that title,” I sat up and sighed.

“He’ll get over it Mrs. Manson. He’s mostly sulking because he was announced the fire element prodigy at the first year’s final this morning,” Shiro explained for me and I looked over at him to meet his ice blue gaze.

“Ah, so the first years aren’t too thrilled with you then,” Mrs. Manson slapped my back. “Don’t worry about it. A lot of the first years hated your mother when she was in the class as well. She was a bit more advanced form everyone else. Learning quickly, I’m sure can be passed down in a family. You have a good group of friends Sasuke, and you know that your friends will always support you. “Your meal will be on the house Sasuke, and I’m not taking no as an answer~” Mrs. Manson hummed as she walked away from us.

“But we were going to pay for him,” Shiro said with disappointment in his voice.

“Hehe, looks like I don’t have to go two on one with you two,” I snickered propping my right elbow up on the table and resting my chin in the palm of my hand.

“So you two used paying for his meal to be able to be the first ones to have a two on one against him?” Hale questioned with a slightly scolding tone in his voice.

Tate leaned on his older brothers shoulder, “So how about it Sasuke?”

“Hua?” I looked over at the two of them and blinked.

“If you’re going to do a two against one,” Tate started.

“Then go against us,” Hale finished.

“Waaaa, oh come on not you guys too,” I whined and they started chuckling.

“That’s totally not gonna happen,” Kyo laughed.

“Then go one on one with me Sasuke,” Shiro instantly butted in. “You’re a lot stronger now, I want to be able to spar you and see how far you’ve come since the first time we spared back on Earth.”

“Hey come on now guys, don’t put pressure on Sasuke,” Jay instantly objected making me jump and I was quickly restricting me in a tight hug.

“Guys seriously, it’s like your vultures or something,” Nero groaned.

I didn’t even hear them come in. “Nero what happened to your face?” I questioned considering the fact that he has a gauze on his right cheek.

“I’m fine, I just got another tattoo is all. This one has a lot of meaning behind it so it was important that I got it where I did,” He responded.

“We heard that a certain someone was announced the fire element prodigy this morning~” Aaron chimed in poking me in the cheek.

“Congrats Sasuke,” Gil said quietly with a soft smile as he pushed up his glasses.

“Um…thanks I guess,” I blinked as Jay let go of me finally.

“It’s spreading through the campus like wild fire so of course we heard about it when we got out of our finals,” Jay mentioned.

I sank down into my chair, “Why did you have to use that expression of all things Jay,” I groan shoving my hands in my pockets.

“Awe come on, it was totally necessary right there,” He pouted as I watched him lean on his older brother.

“It’s not so bad. Give it some time and everyone will calm down about it,” Gil placed a hand on my shoulder and I looked up at him, “Besides, it’s finals week and there are going to be kids more excited about that.”

“Oh, which reminds me,” Aaron cut in, “We’re actually going to be going on the second field test for the bracelet thingies that you three went on the first time!!”

“Really?” Tate rose an eye brow.

“Mhm,” Aaron nodded happily. We actually start after our last finals and we’ll be spending a few days our time one Earth.”

“Do you two know where you’ll be staying?” Hale asked sounding a bit interested.

“Not yet, we have to go see headmaster Kaisai in a little bit to get the details on the mission,” Aaron responded.

“It was a nice little break from school when we went,” Tate told them.

“It was, but will we be seeing you two tonight? You know that it’s Sasuke’s turn to cook tonight,” Kyo added in. That’s right it is my turn to cook, damn it, I don’t know what to make.

“We don’t know honestly. But if we do have to leave today it’s not the end of the world,” Gil mentioned with a light shrug.

“Then how about when you two get back I make you two some dinner. Or I can ask my mom if we can all go to my house and we can have a little welcome back party,” I offered.

“That sounds like fun!” Aaron exclaimed.

“If your parents let us then I wouldn’t mind,” Gil agreed.

“I’ll talk to them about it while you’re gone. I’m sure mom will be happy about it. Dad will be the one that I’ll have to convince,” I rubbed the back of my head as I sat back up in my chair.

“Can I hang out with you guys for the amount of time their gone? It’s going to be so quiet in the dorm and I don’t want to be along in the dorm for a few days,” Jason asked us.

“I’m fine with that,” Kyo was the first to speak up.

“I don’t mind either,” Shiro nodded.

“Sure, that works. I’m sure that it’ll be really quiet in the dorm with Gil and Aaron out,” Hale said agreeing to Jay staying with us for the next few days or whenever Gil and Aaron have to go on their mission.

“Now, the real question is,” Hale started.

“Are you guys going to order something or not?” Both Hale and Tate said in unison.

It made all of us laugh. It helps loosen up how today has been going. I’m glad I have such great friends.

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