A Little Secret

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Just How Many Elements are There?

Chapter 32: Just How Many Elements is There?


“Damn it’s cold out today,” Muttering to myself I finally make my way to the parking lot of the building. The parking lot is plowed thankfully so it didn’t take me too long to get to door that I always use. The sky it clear, but it’s just starting to become dawn. Well they do say the coldest part of the day is right before the dawn. Keeping my earbuds in as I listen to the band OLDCODEX, I tap my shoes on the cement just outside the door. I check my phone walking away from the closing door and to the break room. I missed a text from Mrs. Carlson while I was walking to work.

Happy 20th Birthday Sean! I hope you have a good day at work!! Stop by sometime, Lily wants to see you!

I’ll give them a call tonight if I remember to. I text her back saying thank you and put my phone back in my pocket.

“Someone’s finally out of their teens hua,” I rolled my eyes as Andy jumped on my back and wrapped an arm around my neck. The fact that I can hear him over this song is beyond annoying…why do I keep putting up with him? “Happy birthday man!!”

“Thanks,” I mumbled sticking my left hand in my jacket pocket and turning off my music. It’s pointless for me to try to listen to it while he’s around anyways. He’ll just talk over it. “I’m surprised, though. You’re normally not here early in the morning.”

“I wanted to get here to be the first to tell ya happy birthday man,” Andy commented getting off me and punching my shoulder.

“Your late on that,” I showed him the message from Mrs. Carlson. “Shoulda text me if you wanted to be the first one to say it.”

“Well, I was the first one ta say it to yer face,” He crossed his arms over his chest. “So as being the first one ta tell ya happy birthday I want a rematch from back in high school,” I rose an eyebrow to his statement.

“What?” I said in a very flat tone.

“I challenge you to a one-hundred-meter free style swim,” he said with confidence.

“This is because I crushed your records isn’t it?” I grumbled as we stood in the middle of the hall.

I can’t help but smirk when I see Andrew’s eye twitch, I click my tongue, turn away from him and continue walking down the hall. “At least let me de thaw before jumping into a heated pool,” I took out my ear buds as I made my way down the hall. “You’ll get your rematch and I’ll make sure you won’t win,” A smirk still hanging on my lips as I walk.

“I doubt it, I’ve been training and I think I got ya beat Sean,” Andy laughed from down the hall.

“Good luck with that,” I yelled back turning the corner and continuing down the hall to the break room.

I instantly go over to the ID scanner and dig out my badge from my bag and scan it to clock in. tossing my badge back in my bag I leave the break room without talking to some of the people who are in there. I still don’t know half of the people here and I’ve been working here for a few months now. After my fitness tests Chris decided that he wanted me for both field with and running round the place to help out. Come to think of it, Otto’s been gone for a while now. Chris has been gone for about a week now too…I wonder if Chris went back to Amoura. But that doesn’t explain where Otto went. Maybe he went on vacation? My mind is wandering so much I accidently run into someone. I don’t realize it till I’ve already collided with them and I’m stumbling back.

“You shouldn’t day dream like that when you’re walking down the hall Sean,” It was Otto. He had caught my wrist. I looked at him and he looked a bit annoyed.

“Sorry,” I instantly apologize standing up straight and he let go of my wrist.

“If your day dream because your tired, then tell Paul to lay off. And don’t drink so much coffee, it dehydrates your body,” He scolded walking past me.

“I don’t drink coffee, I just walked into the break room to clock in,” I turned to follow his back as he walked. “And I’m not tried damn it.”

He didn’t say anything back to me, clicking my tongue I turn back to face forward and go to the nearest stair case and head down. Might as well just go right to the pool and let Adel know about the race. Making it down to the basement and go straight to the pool. I’ve pretty much gotten Adel’s schedule for when he’s lifeguarding at the pool down and today is one of those days. It’s like walking into a sauna with my jacket and scarf on I stay next to the belchers so I don’t get whatever’s left on my shoes on the floor by the pool.

“Adel,” I call out and he looks over to me from his spot. There’s no one else in here, but he’s doing his normal weekly checkup of the water.

“Good morning Sean,” He came over to me with his clipboard under his right arm, “Aren’t you roasting being in a jacket in here?”

“Morning and yes very much so. I was actually wondering if you were done with your tests on the pool,” I asked and he rose an eyebrow at me.

“Why’s that?” He questioned.

“Andy challenged me to a one-hundred-meter free style race this morning when I walked in,” I sighed out of annoyance.

“He’s probably annoyed that you left his records in the dust when you took your tests. I know that Paul doesn’t like you too much because you beat Andrew’s running records,” Adel mentioned.

“That’s what I thought to. So, will you let us have this race?” I questioned hoping that he would.

“I’ll get everything set up. I’m sure that Andrew will be here soon enough,” Adel said and as if on que he came into the pool wearing his jammers.

“Yo Adel, can the birthday boy and I race?” He yelled across the room and I sighed.

“It’s your birthday?” Adel asked me.

“I already asked you dumb ass. We’re good to go,” I yelled back to Andy, “And yes, It’s my birthday today.”

“Well, happy birthday,” Adel smiled.

“Thanks, I’m going to go get changed,” I waved and headed out the same way I came then went to the pool locker room.

I get changed slowly and try to stretch out the stiffness from walking in the cold. I’m still not completely thawed out, but I don’t really have a choice. I clench my hands into fists a couple of times and look up from them and into my locker. My goggles that Sasuke gave me are hanging there. I’ve had to replace the band on them, but it’s still the same goggles. I grabbed them, along with my cap then shut the locker and left the locker room and headed out to the pool.

Coming back into the pool I’m shocked, there are people here, sitting on the belchers. I walk over to Adel and lean in a bit, “Why are there people here?” I ask him keeping my voice low.

“Apparently some people over heard your and Andrew’s conversation in the hall and Andrew went and said something to some others, thus the people that are here,” He answered.

Fanfuckingtastic, of course he went and told people that we were having a race. I put my cap on and got my goggles around my neck. Whatever, it’ll be like any competition. Stretching to loosen up.

“You ready to drown in my bubbles birthday boy?” Andy snickered as I made it over to the blocks and got my goggles fitted onto my face.

I just smirk at him and get onto the block, “Alright boys, this is a one-hundred-meter free style. Your times during this will not be going on your records, but it’s a good indication on how much you’ve grown since you started here,” Adel mentioned as he made sure that the scoreboard was up and running. “There is no two out of three, this is one race, winner takes all,”

I exhale slowly and squatted down grabbing a hold of the edge of the block, “Take your mark,” The whistle blew and I took off the block like I’ve been doing every day of my life. Breathe…breathe… gliding through the water like it’s air, it’s over before I know it. Lifting my head out of the pool I look up at the board. Breathing heavily. I won…I fucking won!! “ALRIGHT!!” I slam my fists into the water.

“One more time,” I look over at Andy who’s breathing heavily.

“Andrew I said there are no best two out of three chances,” I put up my hand to stop Adel.

“Fine, I’ll go again. This first one was just a practice run, get the jitters out. It’s been a while since we’ve gone against each other in front of a crowd,” I looked up at Adel, “One more time please.”

He looked down at me for a few minutes and then nodded. I nodded back and got out of the pool.

“Come on Andrew kick the newbies ass!!” One of the guys from the crowd shouted as I fixed my goggles once more as I stood on the block.

“Yeah, you’ve got this Andy!!” Another person said.

I clicked my tongue and couldn’t help but smirk, “On your mark,” Again the whistle blows, moments later I’m submerged in water. Faster…faster than before…I won’t lose. I won’t lose to anyone! Adel has allowed me to train every day, I’m not going to let his kindness go to waste. My hands hit to wall of the pool and I bring my head up out of the water and pull my goggles off so they’re around my neck. I looked up that board five seconds ahead of Andy. Everyone in the crowd is silent as I got out of the pool. Pulling my cap off I walked over to Andy’s lane and held out my hand to help him out.

“That was fun,” I smile down at him. I can see he’s pissed, but he takes my hand anyways and he lets me help him out of the pool.

“Why…just why…” He said his shoulders shaking with anger.

“Because, I’m not going to lose to anyone at least in the water I’m not. Yes, I always want to win, but I also have fun doing it. I love to swim, maybe if you would think of more than just crushing me into the dust for beating pretty much all your records you wouldn’t be drug down,” I said to him and he ripped his hand out of mine and slammed his shoulder into mine as he stormed off.

“Is this kid for real?” I just stand here listening to some of the people in the crowd.

“There’s no way, he completely killed his time that’s on the record board. How is that even possible?” Someone else said.

“He’s gotta be taking something to make him faster,” Another added in.

I looked down at the floor and didn’t look up when I felt someone’s hand grab a hold of my shoulder. “Hey, you okay Sean?” Abel asked me.

“I’m fine,” I’m not fine, nothings fine…why am I being judged? I looked up at the people who were on the belchers, “If you fucking have something to say to me say it to my fucking face,” They looked at me in shock. “You can go ahead and fucking hate me, I’ve dealt with it all my life, go fucking ahead, like I give a damn,” I start to advance towards some of the people giving me dirty looks in the crowd and Abel grabs a hold of my arm and pulls me back.

“Sean, calm down,” Abel said to me but I continued.

“Do you fucking hate someone who’s different? We’re all different, you assholes, unless you’re so damn blind that you can’t figure that out. Why the fuck do you think we’re all here? You’ve all had someone in your life that was different and now they’re gone. You came here because you want to try and get answers about where they went. If you stay blind to the fact that they are different then you’ll never learn anything,” I screamed at them as Abel held me back.

“Go take a shower and get dressed, you’re not training today in this mood,” Abel orders and directs me towards the door to the locker room.

“What a pathetic kid,” One of them scoffed as they started dispersing.

“Who’s he to say why we’re here.”


I clench my fists and my shoulders shook as hot tears started sliding down my cheeks. My heart is pounding. I can’t get it to slow down. I’m not a freak…I’m different from everyone else…is this how Sasuke feels? Is this how snowflake feels? Always cast aside or brushed off like your nothing of importance…just something that people like to poke fun at?

“That was a lovely speech,” My head snapped up when I heard clapping. Otto and Chris were standing at the bottom of the belchers. “I must say, you are insane in the water,” Chris leaned on the bar and motioned for me to come over.

I felt Abel let go of my arm and I walk over to Chris and Otto. “Wipe your face Sean, you’re not wrong,” Otto told me and I wiped my eyes with my arm.

“How long have you two been back?” I asked my voice cracking.

“Back long enough to see both your races. You’re quite fast aren’t you?” Chris smirked at me.

“I’ve always been fast in the water. It’s a place that I feel comfortable in,” I answered truthfully looking away from the two of them. “It can let you move freely gliding peacefully through, but fight against it and it will swallow you up with its tight grasp. Like weighs pulling down on your arms and legs dragging you into the depths.”

“Very poetic,” Otto said and I looked back at him. Chris was now standing and he has a shocked expression on his face.

“What?” I rose an eyebrow.

Chris shook his head, “It’s nothing, someone has said that to me before.”

“What did you call me over for?” I asked them wanting to get to the point.

“After you dry off could you come to my office, I have some stuff that needs to get to the business office quickly,” He asked me and I dropped my expression into a resting bitch face.

“Can’t you do it yourself?” I asked Considering that you can stop time I don’t know why you need me to do it to get it there quickly.

“Do it for me and I’ll let you take the rest of your birthday off,” Chris offered.

I blinked slowly at him and just stared with my resting bitch face. Clicking my tongue, I sigh and turn away from him and Otto, “Fine, I’m going to go get dressed.”

“Great, I’ll see you in a bit then!” Chris exclaimed and I kept walking away from him and Otto.

“Sorry about before Abel,” I said walking past him, “And thank you for holding me back,” I didn’t wait for his response before I went into the locker room.

I put my goggles and cap back in my locker and went right to the showers to rinse off. Then it’s back to my locker and grabbing my towel to dry off. I dry myself off as best as I can then get dressed into my normal clothes once more. Leaving my coat and bag in my locker I make sure to drop my iPod down the back of my shirt with the wire of my headphones and let my earbuds hang over my shoulders so I can pick a song as I walk down the hall. I shove one ear bud in and I make my way to Chris’s office.

He hands me the stack of papers and then sends me off. “Sean,” Andy’s voice pierces my ears.

“What?” I snap not in a good mood.

“Geeze chill, I just wanted to apologize for earlier,” he said as he caught up to me and walked alongside me.

“If you’re going to get upset when you lose then don’t challenge me to a race in the pool, it’s as simple as that,” I answered as I continued to look ahead.

“Then how about I make up for my shitty attitude and we hang out after work, it’ll be a good time. We can watch those cartoons you like to watch and play cards,” Andy offered.

“I’m sorry Andy, I really don’t want to hang out with anyone today. I’m going home after I run this errand. I’m not feeling the greatest and if I’m catching a cold I’d rather not get anyone else sick,” I replied. And they’re not cartoons, it’s called anime you numb nut.

“You deserve your birthday off anyways, if you change your mind let me know okay?”

“Will do,” I sighed as I opened the door to the business office with my back and Andy continued walking.

I dropped the papers off then went back down to the pool locker room and grabbed the rest of my stuff. I stopped in Chris’s office once more to let him know that I was heading out. I didn’t hear what he said but I hummed to agree with whatever he said as I stuck my other earbud in and then left. Clocking out in the break room I then went back out into the now snowing frozen tundra of a parking lot and wandered back to my apartment.

It was nice to relax and I’m able to actually de thaw properly. I spent the time cleaning my apartment and looking over some old notes. The next time I look at the clock and it’s around four. “I’ll just take shower now so I can relax for the rest of the day,” Mumbling to myself I grab a pair of shorts and going into my bathroom. Getting ready to jump into the shower a hear a knock at the door. Sighing in frustration I throw on my shorts and I go and answer the door. “Andy, I already told you earlier that I don’t…” I stop my sentence when I notice that it’s not Andy standing in front of me it’s Chris.

“Well, I’m not Andrew, but please continue what you were about to say,” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Look if this is about mine and Andy’s swimming race today I’m sorry if it’s not allowed, he challenged me to the race,” I started trying to cover my ass and Chris put a hand on my shoulder to stop me from talking.

“It’s not particularly about that. Am I allowed in?” I nodded and moved aside so Chris could come in. “It’s cleaner than I thought it would be, to be honest,” He commented looking around as I closed the door with my foot.

“I’ll be right out, I’m going to throw on a shirt,” I said fighting the urge to mock him.

“Go take your shower if that’s what you were about to do. You still smell of chlorine anyways,” He said setting his bag right next to my laptop on the coffee table.

“The kitchen is there, there’s drinks in the fridge. No alcohol, though. I don’t like the shit so I don’t keep it in my house,” I’m also twenty so I could get into huge trouble if I get caught with it.

“You’re under age anyways,” Chris mentioned, “Go take your shower, what I have to discuss can wait.”

I nodded and went back into the bathroom. I didn’t take long, considering that I have Chris in my apartment and on top of it I don’t want him snooping around. I came out of the bathroom in my shorts again and drying my hair. Glancing over to my couch Chris was sitting over on it and reading what looks like a book. I went into my room and grabbed my tan top off of my bed and noticed my book missing off my night stand. Storming out of my room I chuck my towel at the back of Chris’s head and he stops in midair then falls to the ground. Fucking elemental shit, stopping my towel in midair like that… “It’s rude to snoop around someone’s house like that,” I commented putting on my tank top.

“I saw it walking past your room,” He answered not looking up from the book. “Besides, I haven’t seen this book in years,” The book closed and he stuck it on the table next to his bag. “I’ll take it back for you,”

“I’m not done with it. You’re not taking it anywhere,” I walked around the couch and took the book off the coffee table. “What did you come here for anyways?”

“I figured that you would want to know your blood test results. Otto got them back to me earlier today,” He said and I looked down at him.

“And you didn’t see the need to tell me when you called me into your office today?” Rising an eyebrow, I look at him as I walk back around the couch and pick up my towel on the way back to my room.

“I discussed it with Otto and he agreed that it would be best to talk to you about it here instead,” He answered as I placed my towel on my bed post and placed the book on my bed before walking back out.

I sat down on the recliner and looked over at Chris, “So why is it so important that you had to wait till I was home to talk about?”

Grabbing his bag, he flipped open the lid and pulled out an envelope then handed it to me. Taking it from him and peeled off the wax seal and pulled out the papers that were within.

“Your blood type is O- if you didn’t know. It’s one of the rarest bloods out there. From there Otto broke down your blood cell count and then broke it down to find your DNA,” as he explained this he got up and maneuvered the table so it was closer to me. Then taking the papers out of my hands I spread them out and then pointed at the third paper in. “This is something that you cannot find on any of the machines here on earth,” He pointed at a blue piece of my DNA.

“And what is that? It just looks like another chromosome to me,” I said.

“This is an extra chromosome actually. It’s dormant, though in you. This chromosome, is a trait in elementals. It’s actually a virus that spreads throughout your body quickly devouring all your other chromosomes in that DNA strand then spreading through your circulatory system and into the rest of your body. Normally, this process happens when an elemental is very young, as in within the first six months of their life. But, there are some like yours where the chromosome will appear, but then go dormant,” He explained and it feels like my head is spinning.

“So in other words I was supposed to be an elemental?” I placed my hand on my forehead as I looked down at the papers.

“Yes, you were, but your chromosome when dormant before it could start its process. What this tells me, though is that at some point your body was in a life or death situation and you were able to use one of the traits of your element. Well, what your element was going to be,” I looked at him and he was looking at me. He locked eyes with me, “Think back, do you remember something happening that you did something you can’t normally do?”

Bringing my other hand up to my forehead I ran both my hands through my hair as I sat back in the recliner and thinking. Something weird happening…something weird… “Back in high school, Sasuke couldn’t swim and Andy threw him into the deep end of the pool tied up like some sick joke. I jumped in and tried to pull him up, but he was stuck. I was running out of air and like an idiot I let go of the rest of my air under water and took a breath in, but I didn’t drown…whatever it was, it gave me enough time to get Sasuke unstuck and out of the water,” I answered.

“Water then, that was going to be your element. What you just described in a trait of a water elemental. Water elementals are able to breath underwater,” Chris explained and then went to his bag and pulled out a book.

“What’s that book?” I questioned confused.

“This is called Basic of the Elements it’s written by Lucian Fey. Same man who wrote the book you currently have actually. He was a pretty cool guy, actually. Funny, bit hyper on occasion, he always tried to lift people’s spirits, but he was also very knowledgeable and wrote a lot of books, ten that I know of to be exact. This is the first of the books. It’s the breakdown of all the elements,” He held the book out to me. I reached a hand out to take it, but at the last second he pulled it away from me. “I have a deal to make with you,”

“What’s the deal,” Raising an eyebrow I look up at him from where I’m seated.

“Couple of things actually, but I’ll explain them after you wake up,” He said and before I could say something his pointer finger and middle finger of his right hand was against my chest and he quickly pulled his hand away from my chest and a red ribbon followed. It feels like my energy is draining out of me and I fall back into the back of the recliner.

“W-what are you…doing?” I forced out. My voice sounds so raspy.

“I’ll explain later…maybe,” He responded as he swiped his free hand over the red ribbon that was still connected to me. Him doing that sent a shock through my body and I gasped. I can’t even move my body. Just what the hell is going on? What are those on the ribbon? Are they numbers? Is it time? It’s counting down. Seven hundred sixty? Before I can finish reading it he brings his hand back to my chest. As he does the ribbon disappears back inside my chest. Once I feel his hand against my chest. The rest of my energy drains out of me and I pass out.

“Where am I?” I ask myself looking around at my surroundings. I’m in a yard, and its winter. There’s a snow covered playground off to my left. Looking over to my right is an elementary school. Children laughing makes me turn my head.

“You can’t catch me Sasuke,” A young boy with short choppy black hair running out the doors of the building followed quickly by a distinctly red eyed and messy black hairs child.

“Just watch me Sean,” The boy with red eyes was laughing as he ran through the snow.

I watched us play as other kids went and did their own thing. Young Sasuke tackled Sean into the snow and we both were lost in an ocean of white. We were laughing and having a great time. “I caught you,” Little Sasuke finally said tears in his eyes from laughing. The snows already melted off of him. Even back then, did he already know? My younger self is still covered head to toe in snow.

“It’s totally not fair Sasuke, why does snow melt off you so quickly?” The younger me was still laughing as I was wiping snow off.

“Because I have a secret,” He smiled all giddy and put his mitten covered hand up to his mouth.

“You have personal heaters shoved in your jacket?” I couldn’t help but chuckle. I was a smart ass back then too, I forgot about that.

“No this is way cooler, but you have to promise not to tell anyone,” little Sasuke puffed out his cheeks and the younger me nodded excited.

We took off our mittens and pinky swore, then Sasuke held out his bare little palm and a little blue flame hovered above it. “He’s shown me…when we were little…how did I forget that?” I mumble under my breath. “I feel like a terrible friend for not remembering…till now…”

“We promised that no matter what we would always be best friends,” I was brought back when I hear little Sasuke again. I looked back up at my memory and they had taken hands.

“Forever and ever. No matter where we end up!” My younger self smiled wide and the memory faded away.

So what am I doing with my life now? I’m in a group that’s going after elementals. But Chris is working for them. Just what are his intensions of working for this group? If he gets caught what are they going to do to him? Are there other elementals work for this group too? And why did my mind choose now to bring up that old memory?

“My, aren’t we full of questions, of course you always have been,” A woman’s voice echoed around me and I looked around.

“Who’s there?” I questioned the snowy landscape shattering around me and leaving me in darkness.

“Keep moving forward darling~” She laughed and I felt something cold brush against the back of my neck and I quickly spun around, but nothing was there.

“Oh, how I’ve always enjoyed watching you and the others squirm, it’ll be fun to do it again~ Ta darling and enjoy playing in my garden of shadows,”

I open my eyes and take a deep breath in quickly sitting up.

“Welcome back,” I quickly looked over and Chris was sitting in the recliner with a glass of water in his hands.

“What the hell did you do to me?” I asked him looking down at my chest to see if there was a mark or anything left after whatever the hell he did.

“The ability I used is called expose the clock. It allows me to see how long the life span of the person I use it on is. You’re not going anywhere any time soon, unless you somehow die before you live out your life span,” He said and I looked at him so confused.

“I don’t…” He cut me off.

“You’re going to live for another seven hundred years easily, if something doesn’t happen to you within that time,” My mouth dropped open slightly, I want to say something but nothing is coming out. “This means that one of your parents is a time elemental. Or Their base element is anyways.”

“H-How many time elementals are there?” He didn’t answer me. Instead he just picked up the book that was sitting on the table and handed it to me.

“Read it thoroughly and carefully. Take notes if you have to,” He stood up as he set his glass of water down on the coaster on the table.

“Why are you letting me learn about this?” I ask setting the book on my lap.

“Because,” He answered.

“That’s not a fucking answer Chris,” I grumble glaring at him.

“Because I’m curious is all. Read it if you wish, if you don’t want to learn anymore and stay in the dark about how many elements there are in the elemental world then just give it back to me tomorrow,” He said looking down at me seriously.

“Then how much do you want me to read tonight? Or how much do you want me to read by the end of the week?” I asked him.

“I want you to read water, earth, fire, and wind. On Friday I’ll come by and I’ll quiz you to see how much you remember of those elements,” He smiled down at me. “Sound good?”

“Sure,” I nodded.

“Good. I expect you to get a new notebook for notes and this won’t be a multiple choice quiz either,” He smirked down at me. “In time I’ll have you repay me for helping you.”

I don’t know if I like the sound of that. “Fair enough,” I sigh and look down at the book that’s on my lap.

“It’s late, I’m going to head out for the night,” He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder.

“It’s supposed to storm tonight, though. You can’t go walking out in that,” I stood up from my spot on the couch and holding onto the book.

“Who said I was going outside?” He smirked at me and golden gears faded into view and spread out forming the shape of an oval. What is that? “See ya Sean,”

“W-wait a minute Chris,” I take a step towards him but he smirks at me and steps into the oval thing. Once his entire body is in the thing it disappears. I’m left alone in my apartment once more. Still clutching the book to my chest I walk over to my door and lock it before turning off my light in the living room and going to my bedroom. Sitting down on my bed I place the book back on my lap and look down at it.

I open the book and there’s a folded piece of paper right on the inside of the cover. Opening up the piece of paper my eyes widen when I see the hand writing. It’s Sasuke’s handwriting. I haven’t seen it in so long.

Considering I’m not allowed to mark this book and I somehow manage to lose it, please return to dorm 201 or to headmaster Kaisai please. Whatever you do please don’t do any marks in this book while it’s in your possession, if my dad finds out there’s marks in this book that weren’t already there when he gave me the book to study from he’ll kill me. Thank you for understanding!

-Sasuke Kaisai

My grip tightens on the paper and my breath is shaky. I look up at the ceiling and laugh a little. It’s all I can do, “Geez Sasuke, you’re not going to be able to find it unless we find each other,” I said to the walls that surround me. At least this is proof that I’m not crazy. Just for fun I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my pen that was sitting on top of my old notebook. I wrote back.

Don’t worry, it’s in good hands.


“Not that he’s ever going to read it,” Mumbling to myself folding the paper back up and placing it in the front of the book.

New notebook…new notebook… I set the book down and start on a hunt for a new notebook. I know I have one somewhere. It’s always handy to pick up a notebook or two when they go on sale because of back to school. “Ha! Found you,” I said to the inanimate object while under my bed. Coming back out I moved onto my bed once more and sprawled out on it with my notebook and the book.

I stuck my pen in my mouth as I flipped open the book once more. “There’s no table of context in this?” I mumble flipping the blank page back and forth a couple of times and looking through it to make sure that there was no invisible ink or some happy horse shit like that.

Welcome to the basic of the elements. This is book is going to contain the breakdown of all eighteen elements, along with the traits and abilities that go along with the element. Elementals can only use one element. Unless you are a moon elemental, but they will be discussed later on within this book. They do not get to choose their element. It is simply a matter of chance for what element an elemental will receive when they are born. Depending on what type of elemental their parents are the offspring will more than likely be one of the two elements that their parents are. But, this is not always the case. There are very rare occasions where this is not always correct. There is a small chance that the elemental being born may end up with a completely different element from their parents (unless it is twins than they normally end up becoming light and dark elementals). I can continue one with this, but I know this is not what this book is going to be about.

Considering I know that this book is going to be more so used for education purposes I will try to not make it as boring as the other education books you have read from. Yes, there will be a lot of information contained within this book. Some will have more than others. That is because I am taking this all from person experiences. Now, without further ado, please flip to the next page and begin your journey through the eighteen elements of the elementals.

-Lucian Fey

“Hua…interesting. He didn’t have this detailed of an intro in the last book I read,” I pulled out my phone to look at what time it is. “Shit… do I want to go through one of these elements tonight?” It’s already ten…I have to get up earlier to get to work on time because of the snow. I’ll just read one…

I went a couple of pages in and stopped at the beginning of the fire elemental section. Drawing a line between my pervious notes I wrote down fire elemental and underlined it. Setting my pen down I began to read about Sasuke’s base element.

Fire Elementals

Fire elementals are one of the base elements. Ignatius Zabat, one of the founders of Amoura and also the youngest out of all of us founders, he is a prodigy of his element. I will discuss the role he played in helping to find Amoura in another book. Fire elementals have fire based attacks, which means that they are weak against water and earth base attacks. Legend states that a human saved who they thought was a human, but was in fact a dragon from danger and as thanks the dragon gifted the human with the ability to control fire.

Common Traits

·Warm to the touch- Fire elementals naturally have a much higher body temperature than any other element. This comes in handy during the winter. They are a nice friend to have when you are freezing. They normally will feel as if they have a fever and if they become frustrated their body temperature can crank up the heat in a room.

·Hot Headed- This is only natural for the fact that their element is fire. Though with a fire elemental being hot headed this will lead to them having a quick temper most of the time. I have seen some fire elementals that have been mostly level headed, but if you say the wrong thing they will go off on you like a bat out of hell. A fire elementals emotions play a huge part in how strong their fire element will be

·Crimson Eyes- Crimson eyes are a rare trait among fire elementals. Though this one I have so far only seen Ignatius with this trait so far. But, he has told me that his father had red eyes, and his father was a fire elemental himself.

·Blue Flames- This is a very rare trait. Only Ignatius has been seen with blue flames. The blue flames are one of the hottest flames there are even known to dragons. When a fire elemental has blue flames it has been said that they will be a very powerful elemental.

Basic Abilities

·Flame- The main abilities of fire elementals. This allows the elemental to be able to create and manipulate fire. This allows the elemental to create fireballs, arcs, whips and fire streams, just to name a few.

·Fire Blocking and redirection- This ability allows the fire elemental to be able to defuse and extinguish, or redirect another fire elementals attack. Though, most fire elementals seem to have had a difficult time mastering this ability. I feel it is because of timing. This ability also allows a fire elemental to redirect a lightning elementals attack and redirect it into the ground.

·Fire Daggers and Blades- Another basic ability of fire elementals. Though, this ability does require the fire elemental to concentrate their flames to create weapons and hold it at the specific length even when they release it from their grasp. This is the ability to be able to create daggers and swords out of their fire. This does not become a solid weapon, but it does help cut through other elements if the flame is hot enough.

·Shield- The fire elemental creates a wall of fire either in front of them or around them to protect them from incoming objects. I have seen this ability be used in a few different ways. I feel as if there is no limit for this shield. Though, the closer to the shield to the elementals body the hotter the fire will become.

Advanced Abilities

·Charge- Charge seems to work in two different ways. The first use of it is the ability to hold in the attack and build up energy then release it in a strong attack. Though, this usually does leave the fire elemental a bit drained. The second use of this ability is while sprinting at top speed the fire elemental ignites a fire in front of them and it spreads out like a shield and at the last second they come to a stop and propel the small fire wall forward into its target.

·Breath of Fire- This is one of the easier of the advanced abilities to be able to master. It allows the fire elemental to breathe fire out of their mouth. Though, this initially comes out in a large fire ball or a stream, if the fire elemental is able to figure out a way to concentrate the stream it will become a jet and be more potent and powerful.

·Healing Flames- Healing flames allows the user to be able to heal themselves and others with fire. This does take a great deal of control and patients. Even though a fire elemental is immune to the heat of fire they must remember that others are not. When this is used on one’s self the fire elemental will heal at a faster rate than healing another. This is not to be confused when I fire elemental just simply cauterizes a wound to stop the bleeding so they can continue to battle. This is where the fire elemental is able to completely heal the wound and possibly only leave a scar behind if that.

·Wings of the Dragon- This is a very rare ability and I’ve only seen it used by Ignatius. With this ability the fire elementals flames erupt out of their back into large wings like a dragon. If they have loss a limb their flames will regenerate the body part. The heat from their wings and body is so hot it ignites almost within a 3-meter radius. They can also use these wings of fire to take flight and protect themselves with. When releasing these wings, a vapor trail will spread from the fire elemental out to 10-meters. Once the wings have dissipated the fire elemental no longer has the energy to fight and will more than likely pass out. Only water and ice elementals can withstand this ability though I do not suggest going against this if you have the option not to. This ability is forbidden to be used in tournaments.

My hands are sweaty, my hands are shaking a bit, “I didn’t know…that rare ability…how could anyone stand up to that? Or even any of the advanced abilities? This is insane…” Talking to myself I just close the book and set it on my night stand along with the notebook. “I just need to go to bed. Try again in the morning with a clear head,” Getting up I turn off my light and crawl into bed. I’ve had way too much shoved at me today to even begin to break down that element and start taking notes. Bringing my blanket over my head I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

I feel like I slept like shit. It’s cold, it’s snowing, and I want to go back to bed, not be walking to work. “I need a personal heater in my jacket or something…” Why is it so fucking cold today? It’s worse than yesterday. I want to pick up the pace but I can’t or I’ll tank it and I don’t feel like being soaked when I get to work.

Happy that I finally make it to work. I’m freezing and it’s nice and warm in the building. I unzip my jacket and make it to the break room and clock in. “Sean,” I hear Otto behind me and I hum as I turn around to look at him. “Go right to Chris’s office, he has something that he wants you to do,”

I sigh, “Okay,” my shoulders slump and I walk out of the break room and like I was instructed I go right to Chris’s office. When I get there Andy and a few others are already there in his office.

“Sean, come in and close the door behind you please,” Chris said and I did so before walking over to join the others.

“Thank you all for coming here on such short notice. Obviously some of you just got here, but this is important and I believe that you four are the ones to do this,” What is he talking about? “We got a hit on the radar, It’s located in the park on East Main street on the other side of town,” What’s going on by the school? And we’re already just outside of town, but on the opposite side of it. Now keep in mind that this is going to be dangerous. Elementals are something to not be taken lightly. I don’t know what elements they are, but I know there are two of them. Use the ringer against them if need be. I know that it’s still in its testing stages, but we might as well give it a field test. Head out,”

“You’ve got it,” Andy snickered and punched me in the arm. “Let’s get going,”

I stare at Chris and he just locks eyes with me. Why me? Why are you making me go? If this a test or something? There are so many things I want to talk about. “Sean, come on,” Jared, one of the people who are going with Andy and I called out.

“Coming,” I groaned breaking eye contact with Chris and turning my back to him. I jog and catch up to Andy and the others. I stay at the back because I’m not too sure where exactly we are going. But we end up staying on the ground floor and we go to a garage area and they head over to a van. Yeah sure because this doesn’t scream, bad guy alert or anything like that. What is this a fucking scary movie or something? I don’t question I just simply get in the back of the van with Andy and Jared and the other guy with us take the front seats.

We head out and we don’t really talk during the ride. Thankfully the snowplows have gone through so it was pretty smooth for the drive across town. The streets were still pretty empty. Of course it’s only like six in the morning so it’s not surprising. Probably a good thing that it’s so early. Jared stopped the van close to the park and I got out of the van along with Andy.

“We’ll go scout, if we need any help we’ll call you,” Andy told Jared and the other guy before closing the back doors of the van.

I shove my hands in my coat pockets and we walk the rest of the way to the park. There’s enough day light to tell there are two people in the park. It looks like they’re playing? We get closer and I can see that both of them are red heads. The slightly taller one has deeper red hair than the other.

“Aaron stop,” The taller one laughed, as the shorter one who’s name must have been Aaron pelted his friend with another snowball.

“They’re just two teens goofing around,” I muttered.

“If your too chicken then I’m going and taking care of it,” I instantly put a hand on Andy’s shoulder and held him back.

“I’m the more reasonable one between the two of us, let me talk to them first,” Andy didn’t look too thrilled with me saying this, but he stopped trying to go towards the two of them.

I patted his shoulder and then headed over to the two teens. “Hey,” I greeted putting a hand up.

The boys stopped and looked at me, “Hi!” The lighter haired red head greeted with a smile.

“Hello,” The taller one nodded to me, he’s kinda quiet.

“It’s like six in the morning, what are the two of you doing out here?” I asked them.

“We got up early and wanted to have a little fun before school started,” Aaron answered quickly.

“You realize it’s a Saturday right?” I said and they quickly looked at each other.

The Aaron kid laughed lightly and rubbed the back of his head, “You just get so busy with school work that you kinda forget what day of the week it is ya know?”

“What are you doing up this early?” The taller boy said again in a quiet tone. His glasses were slightly fogged from the cold, but his bangs hung over his right eye only exposing one of his golden eyes.

“I was actually about to head to work, I don’t look like it, but I am older than you. I’m twenty,” I laughed a little.

“Wow seriously? You look like your seventeen,” Aaron said coming over to me and holding out a hand. “I’m Aaron, what’s your name?”

“Sean, it’s nice to meet you Aaron,” I smiled and took his hand and shook it.

“You have a strong grip,” he commented.

“Sean, you are taking way to fucking long. It’s freezing out here,” Andy stormed up to me and the two boys as I let go of Aaron’s hand. He pulled out his badge and showed it to them, “We’re from the E.C.U. you two are coming with us,”

“Aaron get away from them,” The taller one of the two instantly said.

Aaron looked at me and his expression stung. He looked hurt. I pulled my hand up and opened my mouth to try and reason with them, but Aaron quickly took his glove off and snapped his fingers while gesturing towards me. A shock wave hit me square in the chest and I went flying back and I slammed into a tree. My head bashes up against the trunk of the tree as I slid down to my ass and a pile of snow lands on me. God damn that fucking hurt. What the hell was that? Is he a wind elemental?

I shook my head with it aching and looked up to see Andy throwing punches at Aaron and the other boy. These two are skilled in hand to hand. Aaron is easily dodging and countering Andy’s movements with his own. Getting up I make it back over to them I get between the taller boy and Andy and block his kick with my own leg, “You tricked us,” The taller boy didn’t open his mouth, but I can still hear his voice…why can I hear him in my head?

“No, I just wanted to talk, there’s a difference,” I answered him as he pulled his leg back and threw a punch at me. I caught his fist and he did a foot sweep on me. I made sure that I have a tight enough grip on his hand and pull him down with me. He landed on top of me and snow went flying up over us. “I didn’t say anything about what I do.”

“You’re going to listen to me,” I look at him and he staring directly back at me. My eyes widen when I see that his right eye isn’t gold, it’s actually light blue.

My head is pounding, but I can’t get myself to pull my gaze away from him. Why is my head pounding? Is it from being slammed into the tree? And why can’t I pull my eyes away from his? Come on body break eye contact already.

“I’m the only one you want to listen to,” His voice echo’s in my head.

He’s the…only one…no, no, snap out of it. Whatever the fuck he’s doing I need to move.

“I want you to take care of your friend for us and you’re going to let us walk away freely. When we are out of your sight you won’t remember seeing us,”

“Stop it!” I shout at him and finally close my eyes. “Get out of my head,” my body is shaking under him.

Suddenly a high pitched ringing hits me and my head is screaming in pain. I open my eyes It feels like a really bad migraine. The boy that’s on top of me collapses the rest of the way on top of me and starts coughing. “I feel like I’m going to be sick. What are you doing?” He asks.

“I’m not doing anything I swear,” I answered. I feel like I’m going to throw up myself. It this from the ringer? I look over at Andy and he’s the only one that’s standing. I can see his breath and he’s breathing heavily. It looks like Aaron is on the ground as well from this thing. I feel the kid get heavier on me and his breathing is slow. Did he fall asleep? I inch my way out from under him enough to sit up. I grabbed my head and Andy chuckled at me.

“Hit your head to many times there Sean?” He snickered and held out a hand to me.

I took it and he helped me the rest of the way up, “You get slammed into a tree, then tripped and see how you feel afterwards,” I grumble at him. “Do you think they’re both down for the count?”

Andy walked over to Aaron who was in a ball and kicked him so we could see his face. He was out cold as well. Andrew finally hit the button and the high pitched ringing stopped all together. Thank god, any longer and I probably would have started throwing up. “Well, it sure as hell works,” He commented putting the button back in his pocket.

“I’m impressed a little thing like that was able to take both of them down,” I mentioned squatting back down and getting the taller kid up and over my shoulder. I grabbed the kids glasses off the ground and closed them so they would fit in my pocket.

Andrew picked up Aaron and we carried them back to the van. I carefully set the boy that I was carrying on the bench on the left and just managed to get my leg under Aaron so he didn’t slam onto the floor of the van. “Andrew, he’s still a human, you can’t just fucking throw someone like that,” I scolded and he just scoffed at me and got into the truck himself and shut the doors.

“Good job kiddos,” Jared commented.

“Job well done,” The other guy said and we went back to headquarters. I sat on the floor with Aaron’s head on my lap and I kept a hand on the other boy to make sure he didn’t fall off bench. What’s going to happen to them? Was this a good idea?

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