A Little Secret

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It's Time for a Much Needed Break

Chapter 33: It’s Time for a Much Needed Break


“Nero duck,” I shouted and Nero did what I said as I took a deep breath put one of my fists in front of my mouth to focus my breath of fire towards our opponents.

Making it come out in two bursts the fire balls fly. The two fireballs I fired off rotated around each other as they flew forward till the merged into a spear as it picked up speed and was going to miss both Kyo and Toshiro by the way that it was going and then it split at the last second when I spread my arms apart and the two blue spears went towards their designated targets. An ice wall sky rocked up from the ground and extinguished my flame, in the blink of an eye Kyo has summoned his soul weapon and spun it so fast it that replicated a shield, completely obliterating the flames.

Clicking my tongue, I glare at Kyo as he grabs his scythe slowing down the spinning and sliding his foot back in the dirt of the arena with a cocky smirk on his face. “That’s totally cheating!” I protested pointing at him.

“HA! No it’s not, the rules were we’re not allowed to use our soul weapons against you and Nero, there was nothing in the rules saying that we couldn’t use our soul weapons in order to defend ourselves,” the corner of my mouth and eye twitched at the same time as I glare.

“Guys this is supposed to be a sparring match not a quarrel,” Jason calls to us from the side lines.

“But Jay, he totally cheated,” I protested turning my back to them and felt a snowball nail me in the back of the head and snow flying past my face that didn’t instantly melt and I was now having cold water trickling down my back. Shortly after another snowball hits me in the same spot, then another, and another. Quickly turning around I’m met with a snowball to my face. The cold snowball slides off my face and the water quickly evaporates as my eye twitches in frustration. Jason stifling a laugh behind me I sigh and just start to laugh myself.

“There ya go,” Kyo said walking over to me and patting my head. “There’s a smile. You take stuff so seriously and if you keep doing that you’re going to end up with a permanent monotone expression on your face.”

“I’m not always serious,” I swatted his hand away.

“Are to,” Kyo snickers down at me.

“Are not,” I object.

“Are to.”

“Are not.”

“Are to.”

“Are not, are not.”

“Are to, are to.”

“Are not.”

“Are to.”

“GUYS!” Shiro’s voice bellows over top of our bicker. He sighs in frustration and rubs his temples. “This is how we’re going to solve this. Sasuke, we are going to nothing but fun things all week and you are going to relax. No spars, no practicing, no looking at the papers or books that your dad gave you to read. We are spending the week as one big happy family and you will smile that adorable smile of yours and you will laugh and we will all have an amazing time,” Toshiro was towering over me as I was bent over as far as I could go without falling down and his finger pressed against my nose with a look that if it could kill I would be buried in six feet of ice.

“Yes sir,” I squeak out my hands on my quads keeping me up.

“Good,” Shiro stood back up with a satisfied smile and backed away so I could stand up myself.

“Ky ky,” Jay said and we all looked over to him as he held out Kyo’s phone to him and it was buzzing.

“Hm…” He looked at his phone, “FUCK, Shiro we’ve gotta go!” He snatched his phone away from his little brother and grabbed Toshiro’s wrist. “We’ll be back later, you two make sure Sasuke doesn’t do any training or shit like that.”

“Can do!” Jay shouted after them waving.

“Sorry guys,” Shiro called without looking back as they ran out of the arena.

“So…what are we going to do then?” I asked them.

“Considering that the twins went home and Gil and Aaron are off on a mission we don’t have to worry about snagging them,” Nero crosses his arms over his chest and his foot starts to tap against the dirt. “I’m sure Kyo and Toshiro would consider us going to the weight room

“Oh! Let’s go see momma Manson!!” Jason perked up.

“That’s a great idea!! Let’s go! I haven’t been there since last week,” I nodded in agreement.

“I’m in. Kinda curious to see if anyone is working this week or not,” Nero stated as we started walking out of the arena.

“You would think so considering its summer break,” I added in.

“There normally are. It’s busier during the breaks considering that all of the students are off. Some are normally trying to just get a little extra money to get something that they’ve been wanting,” Jay said happily swinging his arms as he walked slightly in front of Nero and I.

“I heard that some students go to the spirit village over the break too,” Nero mentioned.

“I’ve heard that too actually. Jay, you’ve been here long than we have, did you and Kyo ever go to the spirit village?” I question tipping my head a bit to the left as I put my hands in the pockets.

Jay hummed and shook his head, “No, we haven’t been there. I heard it’s very tranquil, though I would love to visit there some day. I’d actually love to visit the spirit realm too!” He spun on his heels to turn around and look at us and walked backwards, “And I wanna meet my spirit animal and it just sounds like such an amazing adventure!”

I chuckled lightly with a smile, “It would be an adventure to write about that’s for sure,” I

“Exactly!!! It would be so much fun to write a book to tell everyone about the adventures of me and my friends!”

“You write?” Nero and I said in unison.

“Mhm, from time to time in a few journals,” He answered turning back around and skipping happily, his pony tail bouncing as he went. I’m glad that he’s not wearing the beanie anymore.

“That’s really cool Jay,” I smiled.

“Don’t bury your nose in books all the time or focus on training. Get out there and joy the day you come up with a lot of different ideas,” That’s kinda a smack in the face. “Let loose and let your imagination run free. I promise when you do it’ll let you loosen up and actually help improve in more than just your health.”

“I think you’ve been hanging out with your brother too much. You’re starting to sound like him a little bit,” Nero snickered as he looked away, “But point for slamming Sasuke right there,” I punched Nero in the shoulder.

“I get it guys, okay…” I looked down at the ground as we walked. “I just feel like I have such a high standard that I have to live up to.”

“Don’t let it get you down. Remember, you’re not in this alone, none of us are,” I bumped into Jason because I didn’t realize that he stopped. I rubbed my nose as I stumbled back a little.

“Sorry Jay,” I instantly apologize meeting eyes with him. It was easy to do considering we’re the same height. His blonde bangs deepened his blue eyes.

He put his hands on my shoulders happily, “Friends always stay friends no matter how far apart they are, or how many years have passed we always manage to find each other and be friends again. Don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders, let us help lighten the load and have some fun,” Jay can be very deep with what he says sometimes and I don’t know if he realizes it… I just nod slowly at him and he pats my shoulders happily. “Now that we have that settled, let’s go get some food!!!” Aaaaand there’s the Jay I know.

“Sounds good to me,” Nero laughed smacking me in the back and pushing me forward towards our destination that was in sight.

We walk into the cosplay café and there’s a couple of groups of people in here. Mostly students, though it wasn’t all the busy. Maybe because it’s a Monday? But it’s the first Monday for our two-week break, so it’s more than likely everyone is trying to catch up on sleep or being lazy and not wanting to leave their dorms. That sounds like it would be nice honestly, but at the same time it’s not even noon yet either.

“Morning momma Manson!” Jay spoke up happily announcing our presence.

“Well good morning Jason. I see you brought your friends along with you,” She smiled at us happily from behind the counter. “You boys are up earlier than I thought you would be for the first day of vacation.”

“It’s like, eleven in the morning, why would be still be sleeping?” I questioned as we walked up to the counter.

“Well some of us would be if you an Toshiro didn’t fall down the stairs this morning,” Nero added in and I looked over at him and blinked slowly.

“My bad for slipping and not catching myself while I was still half asleep,” I said.

“It looked like Shiro took most of the impact anyways considering you landed on top of him at the bottom. Did your headache go away by the way? You two looked like you were in a lot of pain from bonking heads,” Jason questioned out of concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. The headache didn’t last all that long,” I smiled at him.

“I should have taken a picture of it, but I was too asleep to remember to grab my phone,” Nero commented with a snicker.

I stuck my tongue out at him and it made Mrs. Manson laugh. “I’m happy to see that the three of you are having a good first day of break, it makes me smile. Oh, and Sasuke your mom stopped by earlier and asked me to give you this, she didn’t know what time you were going to be getting up and she didn’t want to bother you. But, your mom has a good sense thinking that you were going to end up stopping here at some point today,” She handed me a small vanilla envelope.

“What’s on the list?” Jay asked me and I sigh a bit and laugh.

“It’s a grocery list,” I answered and flip it around to the back to read the note. “Could you pick these up for me sweetie, also could you clean the house when you get home. You can bring your friends. It’s a party to celebrate the end of the school year! I’ll see you later this afternoon, Love you, mom.”

Nero started chuckling, “She could have just called you.”

“I’m down for helping considering it means we get your mom’s cooking!” Jay perked up happily.

“I’ve never had your mom’s cooking now that I think about it,” Nero added in. “Why not I’ll help out.”

“Thanks guys,” I smiled, “And I’m sure that mom is going to let everyone spend the night so if we need to run back to the dorms first that would probably be best unless you want to sleep in the same clothes. Oh, we also have a pond…” I couldn’t finish before Jason grabbed my wrist.

“COME MY TRUSTY SIDE KICKS, TO THE DORMS!!!” Jason announced, making the few customers that were in the café laugh.

“Guess we’re heading out,” Nero said and for a moment Jay let go of my wrist and hopped half way over the counter and hugged Mrs. Manson.

“Sorry for leaving so soon Momma Manson, we’ll be back tomorrow,” Mrs. Manson hugged Jay back and then he hopped off the counter.

“Not a problem dear, you three have fun,” Momma Manson told us and we all waved at her before leaving well, Jason drug us out of the café and back to the dorms is more like it. We went to Jay’s dorm first for him to grab an extra bag and he threw in his swimming trunks and another set of clothes. Then we went to mine and Nero’s dorm so Nero could get his things.

“That’s totally not going to be fair, you’re going to trounce all of us in your swimming trunks with how much you go to the weight room,” Jason commented elbowing Nero a bit.

“Well, one of us has to rock the ladies’ boats,” Nero snickered as he slung his bag over one shoulder.

“Yeeeeaaaah, too bad the pond is in the back yard and at the top of the hill,” I snap my fingers and chuckle.

“I meant when we go to the pool and what not. I’ll get all the attention well you guys just sit in the pool blowing bubbles in the water,” I rolled my eyes at Nero’s comment.

“So where do we have to go first Sasuke? We have to follow you to your house so we might as well do this all in one swing,” Jason said completely ignoring Nero’s comment as well.

“Fucking assholes, don’t ignore me like that,” Nero huffed making Jay and I chuckle.

“Your self-boating is going to get you nowhere one of these days,” I mentioned.

“And it really doesn’t impress us any Ner Ner,” Jay added in.

“I told you not to call me that in public,” Nero hisses at Jay making us laugh.

“Hmmm…don’t care Ner Ner, try and shock me all you want and it won’t work. I’m just too grounded for you,” Jay sighed light heartedly and I break down laughing at where this argument is going.

“Guys come on, we have a task we need to do,” I wipe the tears from my eyes as sparks are snapping in the air around Nero.

Jay slaps Nero’s back happily, “You know we love you so you can show boat all you want, we really don’t care,” Jay then leans over to me and looks at the list, “So what do we have to get?”

“According to the list we need to go to the farms market and get some potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, lettuce, cucumbers, and a watermelon…” I look at Nero then back at the paper, “You’re carrying the watermelon.”

“Why do I have to carry the watermelon?” He whined.

“You’re the strongest out of the three of us, you can handle it,” I answered back simply. “Besides you’re getting my mom’s cooking tonight so don’t complain.”

“Why do we need potatoes?” Jason asked as we walked into the farm market.

“I’m assuming that dad wants to make homemade chips,” I respond as I snag a weaved basket from the pile before we continue on.

“Is your family full of chef’s,” Jayson gasped as he bounced slightly next to me.

“We all like to cook, but I don’t think that would consider any of us chef’s. Cooking has always been a family thing. It’s been a way for us to hang out together as a family,” I explain as we go to the potatoes first and I grab six of them then we wander to the back of the store and grab the cucumbers, lettuce, and watermelon. The last thing that we grab is the tomatoes, which were close to the check out. I carried out the bag that had everything in it as Nero and Jason carried the watermelon. We ended up getting two watermelons because they are a little bit on the smaller side.

I lead the way to the house and when we get into the kitchen Jay and Nero and more than happy to put the watermelons down on the table. No one’s in the house other than the three of us. “Well, welcome to my home,” I say and Nero whistles as he looks around.

“Shit man, this place is huge,” he comments.

“How many bedrooms are in this house?” Jay asked as I starting taking things out of the paper bag and setting them on the island.

“There’s four bedrooms, master bedroom, three baths, the den, an attic, a basement, the dining room, living room, sun room, the office, and kitchen,” I tell them and the stare at them dumbfounded. I rub the back of my neck and look away from them, “This house is twice the size of our old house back on earth. Dad told me that this is where he lived when he was a kid. My grandfather was the headmaster of the Academy before my father took over.”

“That’s so awesome! What was your grandfather like?” Jay asked me and I smile a little and look away from him.

“I never got to meet him. He was long gone before I got to meet him,” I answered truthfully. “I don’t really remember my parents on my mother’s side either. They died when I was really young. I know they were both human, though.”

“Hey come on now, no more of this sad shit, let’s do something while we wait for your parents to get home,” Nero said clapping his hands together.

“Oh, I know! Can you show us around?” Jay asked me and I nodded.

“I don’t see why not,” I agree and motion for them to follow.

“Dude, can we snag one of the spare rooms sense we got here first?” Nero asked.

“I don’t see why not,” Shrugging as I take them upstairs I show them the spare rooms first and Nero takes the one that’s across from the bathroom. It’s one of the medium sized rooms there’s up here.

Jay took the one that’s next to mine, which left the last two up for grabs for Kyo and Shiro. My room wasn’t much bigger than the other rooms. I actually don’t think it was any bigger. They’re all about the same size. At the end of the hall were the stairs to go up to the attic. We have a few boxes up here, and there’s an old sewing machine and a couple of other things up here that are from my grandmother on my father’s side. It smells like cedar up here too. It’s also kinda stuffy. I haven’t had any time to go through any of the boxes that are up here. One of these days, though I am going to go through these boxes and figure out what’s up here.

“Dude, Sasuke, we need to take a mattress down these stairs, they’re perfect for mattress surfing,” Nero mentioned as we went back down to the second floor. “Even the flight of stairs to the first floor could work. Is we go from the landing at least? I don’t think we could make it around that turn without going face first into the wall.”

“I don’t know if that would be the best idea,” I laugh sheepishly.

“We’re going to do it when your parents go away for like a weekend or something. They’ll never know that we did anything because we’ll make sure that we get everything cleaned up before they get home,” He sounds like he’s done something like this before. I’m not surprised really the more that I think of it.

“I’ll think about it,” I sigh and we go back down to the first floor. We instantly make a U turn from the bottom of the stairs and go down the hall and I take them to the sun room.

“Wow, this is so beautiful,” Jay gasped as he looked around and then instantly went to the window. “This is an amazing view!” The view from the bay window showed the back of the house. The slight hill where the pond is and the pole that’s close by the bottom of the hill. Then just after that you get the tree tops and the slight peaks of the mountains that are really far off. “I bet this view is amazing in all the seasons,” Jay said.

“I think so. This is actually one of my favorite rooms in the house,” I lean against the wall next to the bay window to look out at.

“I’m sure, it would be really easy to just fall asleep on this little bed here,” He said happily as he got off the seat.

Nero pushed down on the cushion as he looked out the window, “I can totally see that, and then look like a lobster when you wake up that’s for sure.”

“I haven’t fallen asleep here yet so no lobster red sunburn here,” I chuckle, “So from here we can skip right over into the master bedroom, so my parents room,” I open the door for Nero and Jay to look in. Mom and Dad’s room has a heavy Japanese look to the room where mine is a mixture of Japanese and American. “And then there’s dad’s office,” I said shutting my parent’s door and taking them a little way back down the hall and walked into the office.

“Damn, your dad has a big office. And fuck that’s a lot of books,” Nero said gawking at the bookshelf that spans the back wall behind my dad’s desk. There’s another bay window in my dad’s office it’s just smaller than the one that’s in the sun room. “How many bay windows do you guys have in this house?”

“Just the two. We only have a small cushion on the seat in the window and under the cushion is a secret chest. Well it’s actually a storage area,” I explain to them pushing the cushion up and showing them the storage compartment that has blankets in it. There’s also a book sticking out of the top blanket. Reaching in I grab the book and look at it. “Well, I found it,” I said putting the top back down.

“Found what?” Jay asked and I went over to the desk and set it down on the paper work that dad was working on.

“Dad was looking for this book for a few months now. It’s Spirit Weapons and the Spirit Realm,” I answer. “I don’t know why he didn’t look in the chest.”

“Things that you’re looking for always end up being in the last place you look or the place where it’s in plain sight and you just keep overlooking it,” Jason mentioned and I nodded in agreement.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Nero laughed as he straightened something on my dad’s desk.

“Last few things to show you guys are the basement, den, and living room,” I smiled and we went to the den next. It was kinda like the sun room, just not as many windows. In a way it’s like a second living room. Just the den has more of the Japanese element to it. Then there’s the living room, which we have set up pretty much the same way that we did back on earth, but I know that mom wanted to change it around soon. Maybe she’ll make us do that today. And finally I showed Jay and Nero the basement. We didn’t have anything really down here, except a couple of the boxes that we haven’t unpacked and it was mostly a storage area.

After that we went to the living room and soon after we sat down I hear the door open and I get back up to see who it is. “It’s just us,” Shiro called as I entered the hall. Kyo was with Toshiro and they took their shoes off at the door.

“How did whatever you guys ran out on us for go?” I asked them as they have bags with them as well.

Shiro opened up his bag and handed me a two small bags of rice, “Your mom told us to ask you to start making the onigiri. And for us to pick up the rice.”

“It was a meeting with your father about something that we’re going to be helping out with. It went really well,” Kyo answered.

“Mom and dad didn’t happen to tell you what we’re going to be having for dinner did they?” I asked them.

“Well, they told us to have to watermelon that you guys were picking up and the onigiri to hold us over and then they’ll work on dinner when they get home. I guess they have another meeting that they both need to go to,” My white haired friend answered.

“You realize that onigiri takes a little over an hour right?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“What’s onigiri?” I jump as Jay is behind me.

“Obviously it has something to do with rice,” Nero answered coming out into the hall as well.

“It’s Japanese rice balls,” I say taking the rice out to the kitchen. “You two know where the spare rooms are, you don’t need the tour of the house,” considering the two of them have been over countless times over the past year to help move things around in the house and get us unpacked.

“Got it,” Shiro said.

“You two better not have taken my room,” Kyo yelled, by his voice it sounds like he’s already heading upstairs.

“We saw your sticky note on the door so don’t worry it’s still empty,” Nero answered him.

“Can we help make it! I’ve seen those things before and I’ve always wanted to know how to make them!” Jay asked following me in the kitchen.

“Um…if you want to help make them sure. It’s going to take a bit, but I can show you and you guys can help me make the rice into the triangles,” I offered as I set the rice on the island and go into the cupboard below and bring out a strainer. “Nero or Jay, could you two cut up the watermelon’s please?”

“Sure,” Nero nods to me.

I get out two watermelon knives and a couple of cutting boards for them, “Please don’t cut yourselves with these, mom and dad keep the knives very sharp.”

“Got it,” Jay nodded with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I know how to handle a knife,” Nero sighed as he came over to the island as well. I took the strainer and the rice over to the sink to get to work on cleaning the rice.

I heard clicks of the knives clicking on the cutting boards that were dulled from the water. “Where’s some trays?” Jay asked.

“They are in this cupboard,” I stretched out not letting go of the strainer and lightly kicking the door where the trays were.

“Thank you,” He said.

“Welcome,” I answered, “Could one of you go into the cupboard that’s on the island and get me a saucepan please and thank you, I need one of the larger ones.”

“Sure,” Nero answers me and I hear some pots and pans being shuffled behind me as I turn off the water sense it was running clean through the rice. He set the saucepan on the cupboard next to me.

“Arigatō,” I say quickly to him and put the rice into the pan then got a measuring cup and started to fill it with the water that I needed.

“Oh, that’s thank you right?” Jay questioned.

“Mhm,” I hum as I get the rice onto the stove and started it up.

“What other words to you know?” Jay asked.

“Jay, he’s half Japanese, he could speak fluently in Japanese if he really wanted to,” Kyo speaks up for me as him and Shiro come into the kitchen. “Ooo, watermelon!”

“You don’t really look Japanese that’s why I’m surprised,” he puffed out his cheeks.

“I know; I look more like my dad then my mom. That’s what a lot of people tell me,” I reply with a smile.

“That’s for people who don’t really know you, though,” Shiro nodded with a smile.

“Are ya gonna teach us how to make rice balls?” Kyo asked changing the subject.

“If you guys want to try your hand at them yes, I’ll show you how to make them,” I grab a slice of watermelon and start to munch on it.

“When do we get to go swimming?” Nero asked after swallowing his mouth full of watermelon.

“Whenever you want to, but I already started the rice. But the rice can be eaten at any time, I just have to cook it first. You guys can go swimming, just don’t mind if the fish come up to you,” I smiled at them.

“Sweet, Jay you down for a swim?” Nero looked over as Jason and he nodded. “What about you two?”

“I’ll stay here with Sasuke and keep him company,” Shiro smiled declining the swim.

“Totally,” Kyo nodded.

“Remember where the towels are?”

“Yep, I’ll show them where they are,” Kyo answered leaving the kitchen.

Jay and Nero finished their pieces of watermelon and then headed up to get changed. “So you going to tell me what the meeting was about?” I ask keeping an eye on the rice.

“Mmmm…no, I think you can wait,” He smiled sweetly at me as he rests his elbows on the island.

I puffed out my cheeks at him before taking care of the rice, “well, fine then.”

“Last on in has to eat my concoction of a rice ball!” Kyo called out to Jayson and Kyo.

“Hey, we’re not making Frankenstein onigiri Kyo!” I yell after him, but I don’t think any of them ever heard me.

Shiro chuckled as I sigh, “Did mom and dad tell you what the meeting was that they had to go to?”

He smiles sweetly at me, “Today’s Mrs. Snyder’s meeting with the elders and the reps from the other races. She made it through the portal safely. Hale and Tate have to be at the meeting as well, so they came with their parents.”

“That’s right, it’s been six months since already. Time does fly that’s for sure, I hope that it goes well.”

“Same here,” it fell quiet between us and the sound of the water boiling was the only thing to be heard in the room.

I put the rice down to a simmer and place the lid on the saucepan. “I know that this is kinda awkward to ask, but I’ve never heard you say anything in Japanese, do you think you could please?” His face flushed red and he quickly stood up straight waving his hands in front of himself, “I-I mean you don’t have to, and it was completely stupid of me to ask,” He looked away from me flustered and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Sure, what do you want me to say?” I ask grabbing a two glasses and filling them with water then going over to Shiro and setting the glass down on the counter top in front of him. “The funny thing is you have a Japanese name too, but I’ve never asked if you can speak Japanese.”

“Um… I can’t actually. The truth is, I changed my name when I came to Amoura, my actual name was Snow Unido,” He fidgeted with his fingers and looked away from me. I just told everyone my name was Toshiro because I’ve always really liked that name, and it pretty much means the same thing as my actual name, and I’ve always liked the Japanese names. I didn’t want to go with Yuki because it sounded kinda girly and dear god now I’m rambling I’m so sorry,” he covered his beat red face with his hands.

“It’s okay really, now I get why you were upset originally when Sean first called you snowflake, it’s because of snow, and to be honest Yuki is a unisex name and it’s also the Japanese word for snow, but Toshiro works just as well,” I can’t help but laugh. Sticking out my hand to him when he peeks through his fingers I have a huge smile on my face, “Yuki kon’nichiwa, watashi wa Sasukedakedo, sore wa anata o mitasu tame ni ureshīdesu,”

Toshiro brought his hands down and blinked at me, “What?”

“Hello Snow, I’m Sasuke, it’s nice to meet you,” I repeat back to him still holding out my hand.

He starts to laugh and takes my hand, “It’s nice to meet you too Sasuke,”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone your actual name,” I hold up my left hand before he lets go of my right to make the promise.

“Thank you,” His face is still beat red and he keeps looking away from me.

I let go of his hand and went back to the rice and turned it off, “Well that’s done. I’ll make the water mixture for everyone’s hands when they’re done swimming.”

“Should we go see that they’re not doing something stupid?” He questioned with a smile.

“Might as well,” I shrug and we head out the back door that’s in the sun room. I just stand there and my shoulders slump as I see Nero trying to balance on the pole, he looks like he’s soaking wet and he’s not doing the best of jobs of staying still up at the top. Kyo and Jay as sitting on the hill also wet with their towels draped over them and encouraging Nero, “Please don’t get hurt,” I groan as we walk up to the pole. All the work in the weight room was paying off for Nero, he has put on a lot of muscle since we first met and he has a pretty defined four pack to go along with his toned arms and legs. But, it’s not ridiculous where it looks like he’s on something, it fit’s his frame well.

Nero jumped down at did a tumble roll in the grass but ended up slipping and landing on his ass when he tried to act all cool and stand up from the roll. “It’s not as easy as it looks ya know,”

“I know it’s not easy,” I smile a bit, “I can show you how it’s done if you want me to.”

Shiro slapped my arm, “You’re not doing anything with your elements.”

“Oh it has nothing to do with my elements,” I brush him off and take off my socks that I wore outside and take a few steps back so I can get a running start at the pole. Getting up onto the balls of my feet, I squat in the position to look down at Nero, “How were you standing up initially on here?”

“Oh he was just going for it,” Kyo mentioned.

“Right as Ner Ner thought he was stable he would try and stand up,” Jay added in.

“There’s your problem, before you stand up you should calm yourself down and slow your heart rate,” I explain to them closing my eyes and taking a slow breath in. Inhale and exhale, then let hands come off of pole, still balanced, inhale…exhale, stand up...lift right foot up off pole… I open my eyes and look down at them. All of them have a look of surprise on their faces. “But, once you figure that out it really isn’t all that hard,” I laugh a bit and wobble so I quickly stick my arms out to balance myself.

“Looks like Mr. perfect still has some flaws,” Nero snickered up at me.

“Nero, you couldn’t even get to one leg while up there,” Kyo mentioned as I got down from the top of the pole.

“Anyways, if you guys are done swimming, the rice is done. You all better wash your hands before we do this. I’m not letting you guys touch the rice with your hands smelling like pond water,” I warn them all.

“For now yeah, we’re pretty hungry so we didn’t stay in that long. These two also got craps from eating watermelon first and not waiting,” Kyo explains to Shiro and I as he stands up.

“Never mind the small details,” Nero waves him off, “We get to make rice balls!”

“Wash your hands first, unless you want to eat one that tastes like pond water,” I warn as all of us head back to the house. Everyone washes their hands as I make the water that we need to dip our hands in so we can handle the rice. Watching them try to make the traditional triangle of the onigiri is really funny. It comes down to the point where Kyo started sticking rice to Jay and he started doing it back, then it just turned into a food fight with the rice. Thankfully, I manage to make five onigiri and pull them away from the fight before they could grab them as ammo. We’re all covered in rice and laughing as we eat the rice balls that didn’t get destroyed when I head the door open.

“We’re home!” I hear mom’s voice ring out.

“Hi mom, hi dad,” I answer putting the rest of my onigiri in my mouth and leaving the kitchen to greet them in the hall way. Hale, Tate, and their parents were with them. The twins have redied their hair so it’s back to their light blue colors, “How did it go?” My voice muffled from the rice.

“Dear god what happened?” Hale questioned.

“Did something with rice explode or something?” Tate asked right after.

I laugh sheepishly and scratch my cheek, “Not exactly…” I look away from them.

“Well it didn’t take long for you two to come back,” I turn around to see Nero poking his head out into the hall from the kitchen.

“You two just couldn’t live without us,” Shiro sighed flopping on top of Nero and pushing him down.

“No, not really,” They say in unison.

“If that kitchen is a mess, you boys are cleaning it up before I start making dinner,” Dad said taking the bag that they brought in with them. “Also I’m shoving bags in other rooms, you guys are going to pair up so Jack and Sharron can have their own room.

“I call dibs on having my own room for the night!!” All of us groan except the twins. They could care less.

“If you want to sleep with a certain person move your bags now otherwise I’m doing it,” Dad warns.

“Ky ky, I’m sleep with you,” Jay scoots out of the kitchen.

“Fine,” He sighed coming out of the kitchen as well picking rice out of his hair.

“Sasuke, can I crash with you then?” Shiro asked.

“That’s fine,” I nod. “So?”

“They said yes!” Hale smiles bright.

“Mom allowed to stay,” Tate continued with tears in his eyes.

“That’s fantastic!!” I high five both of them and Mrs. Snyder hugs me while jumping up and down. “You two wanna help me clean up the kitchen?”

“Pfft, that’s not our problem,” They say in unison.

“Fine, be that way,” I puff my cheeks out at them. I turn on my heels and go back to the kitchen. It wasn’t in that bad of shape and Nero has already started cleaning up the kitchen. I grabbed some rags and give one to Nero and we get it cleaned up decently quick. Shiro, Kyo, and Jay also came back to help out and then dad shoved us out of the kitchen so he can get to work on dinner.

I dig out my soccer ball from my room and Mr. Snyder refilled it for me, considering mom kicked all of us out of the house I figured that we could all have fun with kicking the ball around. Dad and Mr. Snyder are working on the barbeque as we all play around. It took us a while to realize that Mrs. Snyder was taking pictures of us before we started being stupid and started posing for some of the pictures and ruining each other’s photos. After eating mom brought out sparklers as a surprise to all of us. I started up everyone’s sparklers for them. Running around with them we made designs in the air that left after images in our minds as the sparklers swung through the air.

“Shiro go to bed you’re falling asleep,” I chuckle at him as we sit around the fire after we finish off all the sparklers. Toshiro is taking up most of the log that we’re sitting on and his head is on my lap. He didn’t respond to me when I poked his cheek.

“Give it up Sasuke, he’s out,” Kyo laughed lightly. It’s me, my parents, Kyo, and Shiro that are left out here by the fire.

“We’ll put out the fire if you want to head in for the night,” Dad offered with a soft smile at me.

“Kyo can you help get him onto my back so I can take him in?” I asked and Kyo nodded coming around the fire and helping me get him up so he was resting on my back.

“So warm…” Shiro mumbled in his sleep as he buries his face into my neck.

“I’ll come in with you and hit the sack myself, if I don’t get in there soon I’m going to have a fight and a half getting Jay to move over, that fucking bed hog,” Kyo chuckled shaking his head. “Have a good night Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai, thank you again so much for the food and letting us crash here.”

“Of course, you have to get out of the school grounds from time to time, and we have the room,” Mom smiled sweetly as she hugged dad’s arm and leaned against him.

“Sleep well you two,” Dad nodded as us.

“You too, good night,” Kyo waved.

“Night mom, night dad, I’ll see you in the morning,” I walk over to them and give mom a kiss and dad taps his forehead to mine instead of hugging me. I bump Shiro up and I have a good grip on his legs and Kyo and I walk back to the house. This is a good way to start off summer break, that’s for sure.

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