A Little Secret

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Breaking the Mold

Chapter 34: Breaking the Mold


“Well done both of you for having a successful capture. My apologies for keeping the both of you so late.” Chris said to us at Andy and I stood side by side in front of Chris’s desk.

“Thank you sir,” We said in unison. Though, there’s still a pain in my chest for doing what I did.

“Andrew, you may head out for the night,” Chris said and Andy nodded then patted my shoulder and headed out of the office. Chris waits to continue talking to me till the door clicks shut. “I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you. I can see if in your face,” He sighed and leans back in his chair.

“No…it’s not easy. Whatever the defense mechanism is it gave me a headache,” I told him not too thrilled about it.

“That’s because it goes against elementals. For someone who was supposed to be one I’m not surprised that you can hear the frequency actually,” He has a smile on his face but his posture tells me that he’s not happy about this. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m affected by the frequency or that we caught two elementals. “Do you think you could do me a favor?”

“Um, sure…” I blink a bit confused.

“I want you to be the main person to deal with the two elementals. Get to know them and talk to them. It’s a good way to get to know more about the answers you seek if you ask others and not just me,” He said and sat straight up again. “And honestly, I think you’re probably going to be the only that will be able to get them to talk. You have that kind of aura around you.”

“Um…thank you…I think?” I don’t really know what to say.

Chris picked up what looks like a credit card off his desk, but it’s jet black with a sliver strip on both sides of the card, “This is the key to their room. This is yours to take responsibility of. Otto and I also have a key to their room. Please don’t lose this,” I step up and take the key from him and place it in my back pocket. “They’re in room 213, but I do need you to go to the kitchen first and get their food. They must be awake by now.”

“Alright,” I nod and turn around to head out of his office.

“Then I’ll see you into the morning then,” Chris said and I waved without looking back as I open the door.

I leave and go down a floor to the kitchen. The sound of dishes clanking reaches my ears as I enter the kitchen. “Just hook on please,” I hear the main chief say to herself as I walk around the corner.

“Hey Laila,” I say grabbing the pan from her and getting the pan where she wanted it.

“Thank you and hi Sean, I haven’t seen you down here for a couple of weeks,” She smiled up at me.

“I know I’ve been bringing food with me lately. Have some food that I need to use up before it expires ya know,” I laugh lightly.

“That’s fine, I completely understand,” She said putting what was left of the dishes away. “What brings you down here?”

“We brought in a couple of elementals today, I was told to come get their food,” I respond.

“Oh, so that’s what I had to make the food for. I hope they like chicken stir fry, I had pretty much everything put away when I was asked to make the food,” she took off her apron, “I’m going to head out, do you think you could rinse off the dishes for me and I’ll just wash them in the morning?”

“I can do that. Have a good night Laila,” I tell her as I grab the wrapped up silverware and the two plates rest on my left forearm. I walk out and head back upstairs with the hot plates of food. Going back up to the main floor I find my way to room 213. Slipping my right hand into my pocket I pull out the card. I swipe the end of the card that has the strip on it through the lock and the door opens.

Aaron and the other boy are both up and they were placed on separate beds. Aaron’s hands are behind his back and his mouth is gagged. The other boy has a blindfold over his eyes and his hands are tied behind his back as well. Aaron notices me standing here and he starts to back up till his back hits the wall that the bed is against. His eyes are wide and a look of terror is in his expression.

“Calm down, I’m not here to hurt you,” I sigh coming into the room and the door slid closed behind me. Placing the food and wrapped silverware on the spare bed I go over to Aaron first and reach out to him. He flinches away from me and closes his eyes. “Aaron, I’m sorry, I’m going to untie you,” I tell him but he still moves away from me obviously hurt. Sighing once again I push off the bed and went over to the other red head instead. I take off his blindfold and untie his hands. He doesn’t look up at me and just rubs his wrists. I reach into my pants pocket and pull out his glasses, “I really am sorry. I understand if both of you hate me,”

“Thank you,” The kid says quietly as takes his glasses.

“If something happened to your glasses I can get them fixed for you, or get you a new pair,” I can always talk to Mr. Carlson sense he’s an eye doctor I’m sure that he would be able to help me out. It doesn’t look like his glasses are bent or anything, though so that’s a good thing. I turn to Aaron, “Will you let me take off yours now?”

“Aaron, he won’t hurt you,” the boy spoke up for me.

Aaron looks at me in a way telling me to promise him I won’t and I put up a hand, “I promise I won’t hurt you,” I pull my keys to my apartment, cell phone, the card to their cell, and my badge out of my pockets. Some change that I had and my wallet and set them all on the spare bed. Then I turn my pockets inside out. “I don’t have that stupid frequency clicker on me and I don’t plan to. It gives me a headache.” Finally, Aaron scooched up and put his feet down on the floor. I walk over to him. I take his gag off first before untying his hands.

“Thanks,” He said rubbing his wrists then quickly turned his head away from me. “I’m still mad at you, you tricked us.”

“I didn’t trick you, I honestly wanted to talk. That’s not something that Andrew likes to do, though,” I sigh and go back over to the spare bed and pick up their food. “Don’t worry our cook made it. She’s really good at what she does. She apologizes that it’s only chicken stir fry,” I hand them both their plates and then the napkins. “Do you two have anything specific that you want to drink. We have a vending machine in the break room. There’s tea, water, Gatorade, orange juice, apple juice, and I think that ice coffee crap, but I wouldn’t recommend that because I think it tastes like crap. If you want actual coffee, I’ll make you some. So what would you like?”

“Can I just get water please?” Aaron asks.

“Same here,” the other boy says.

I nod and grab my stuff and puts everything back in my pockets except the card, “I’ll be right back then,” I swipe the card and the door opens again. I step out and the door closes behind me once more. I jog down to the break room and put in the money to get two bottles of water. After they fall out I go back to their room and go back in. The two of them are eating quietly. I set their water’s by them then sit on the spare bed. “So um…do you mind if I ask your name?”

“It’s Gilbert,” He answered after swallowing.

“What time is it?” Aaron asked.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and click the lock button to get the screen to pop up. “It’s six thirty. So, you guys slept for roughly ten hours, that’s just me estimating when you two woke up.”

“I don’t think we were up all that long before you came in,” Gil said.

“When we woke up we were gagged and bound and in this room,” Aaron adds in cracking open his water.

“What was that thing that was used on us?” Gilbert questioned looking at me with his golden eye.

I look down at my feet and lightly tap the tips of my shoes together. Bringing a hand up to my mouth I lightly pick at me lip, “It’s like a clicker thing that sends out a high pitched frequency that apparently only elementals are able to hear. That makes sense, it didn’t affect Andy at all.”

“So why were you affected then? You’re not an elemental too are you?” Aaron questioned.

“I-I don’t think I’m allowed to say anything about it,” I said quickly.

“It’s not like we’re going to say anything to anyone, so come on,” Aaron got up off his bed and sat down next to me with his food that was already half gone.

“I um…no…I’m not…I’m not an elemental…I guess I was supposed to be one, though,” I peel off a layer of skin on my lower lip.

“How did you figure that out?” Aaron just keeps asking questions. He’s a very curious person it seems. “Do you know what element you were supposed to be?”

I laugh a little, “I’m not actually supposed to tell anyone, but my boss did a DNA test on me because he was curious, but that’s how I found out, as for what my element was supposed to be water.”

“How do you know that?” This time Gil asked me.

“Actually, when I was back in high school, my friend Sasuke was thrown into the school pool with his hands and feet bound. The thing is, he can’t swim, he just sinks like a rock. When I went in to get him he was caught on the grates. I didn’t want to just leave him down there, but I needed to go back up and get air…like an idiot I let out what air I have left and inhale, but I didn’t start drowning, it was like I just took in a breath of air. At that time, I didn’t really think anything of it, I couldn’t…I didn’t have the time to. I was able to get Sasuke unstuck and out of the pool. He was okay, but he’s now terrified of water. Well, I don’t know if he still is or not, but he was,” I explain to them reliving that moment in my head once more.

“Sasuke…Sasuke Kaisai?” Aaron questioned and I looked over at him with a shocked expression.

“How do you…” My voice fades off and I just slowly nod.

“He’s one of our friends,” Aaron smiles wide at me.

“Sasuke is headmaster Kaisai’s son. We know him quite well actually,” I look over at Gil and he’s smiling at well. Gilbert has braces... maybe that’s why he’s so quiet.

“H-how is he doing?” I’m nervous to ask and I peel another chunk of skin off my lip. Aaron put’s his empty plate down and he takes me hand away from my mouth the get me to stop picking at my lips.

“He’s doing just fine. Sasuke’s taking things a bit too seriously, but we’re all trying to get him to lighten up and have a good time.”

“We were all pretty serious this past week though with final exams and what not,” Gilbert added in.

“You guys have final exams?” I said surprised to hear that.

“Mhm, like any other school that you would find here on earth, we also have exams,” He added in.

“So, it’s kinda like normal schooling, just with elements involved,” I said more to myself than to them.

“Pretty much,” Gil nods in response to my statement, “may I ask you a question?”

Um…sure, I mean you two have already been asking them so I don’t see why you had to ask,” I laugh lightly rubbing the back of my neck.

“How much do you know about elementals?” He asked seriously. I look down at my lap as I let my hand drop from my neck, “Please look at me and give me,” I look up at him and I feel like I instantly freeze. I can’t break eye contact from him, and I can’t move my body.

“I’m just starting to learn about the elements. I have a book that breaks down each element. I know some of them before I was given the book. I know about spirit weapons and the spirit realm, but other than that I’m just starting to learn about Amoura. Please, whatever you’re doing stop,” I answer and a few moments later my body loosens up and I can move on my own again.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to be sure that you weren’t going to walk out because I asked that question,” He said looking away from me.

“I wasn’t planning on walking out, but with everything that happened today, I can understand that you don’t trust me,” It falls quiet between the three of us, “Do you mind telling me what your elements are?”

“Mine’s sound,” Aaron answers first, “And sorry about sending you flying into that tree this morning.”

“Sight,” Gilbert answers quietly.

“So, like fortune telling kinda thing?” I raise an eyebrow.

“That doesn’t happen all the time, just every now and again…but yeah, that is a part of it,” He answers twiddling his thumbs.

“That’s really cool, and don’t worry about it Aaron, I’ve gone through worse, so being thrown into a tree isn’t a big deal,” I laugh a bit trying to lighten the mood a little more. “I should head out. I still have to make my own dinner and clean my apartment if I have the energy when I get back,” I sigh standing up and stretching.

“Will you be back?” Aaron asked me as I took his plate and trash, then go over to Gil and grab his empty plate and trash as well.

“Of course, I normally clock in around six thirty in the morning seven the latest,” I answer and Aaron groans.

“Geez you get up early,” He puffed out his cheeks like a child.

“What are we five?” I chuckle at his face.

“I’m sixteen, thank you very much,” He huffed.

“I may not look like it, but I’m twenty, so listen to me when I tell ya something,” I take the card out to their door, “I’ll be back with breakfast for you at eight in the morning. That way you two don’t have to get up early, early,” I go to swipe the card.

“Promise?” I stop and look back at Aaron.

I put the card back in my pocket and go over and hold my hand out to him. He took my hand and shook it. “I promise,” I smile as I let go of his hand. I go back over to the door and finally swipe the card and head out.

I take the dishes back down to the kitchen and wash the dishes then go back up to the break room, grab my stuff and clock out. The walk home was really quiet and cold. I finally get home and flick on my light to the living room on. My notebook, book, and laptop are sitting on the coffee table and I sigh as I toss my keys in the little bowl that I have.

I don’t feel like cooking anything big…do I still have hot pockets in the freezer? I look over at my notebook and book again. I should study, considering Chris is giving me a test at the end of the week. I blink slowly not moving from my spot in front of the door and take a breath, “Food first, then study,” After slipping out of my shoes I wander to the kitchen, dig through m freezer and find some of my ham and cheese hot pockets and turn the oven on to get it preheating. Then I wander around the house and do my normal routine for when I get home. Once I get the hot pockets into the oven I go back out to the living room and flop down on the couch with a sigh. I stare at the book for a minute before sitting up and playing with the pages. “Which one, which one...fuck it…I’ll start with earth, then see if I have the energy to read the other two,” I mumble to myself and flip the book so I was now on back at the intro page. I flip the page so it’s on the earth element and reposition my notebook so it was on my lap and grab my pen before I begin to read.

Earth Elementals

Earth is one of the base elements. I, Lucian Fey am one of the founders of Amorua. I am not going to talk up this element just because this is my element. But, you may receive a bit more information on some of the abilities. I also that it is fair that I am writing about the earth element first for this novel. I have to show my pride somewhere correct? Earth elementals have earth based attacks. Legend states that a human once saved a gnome and as a token of the gnomes thanks it granted the human the ability to be able to control the earth around them.

Common Traits

·Thick Skin- Earth Elementals have a thicker skin than a normal person. By the sound of it one may think that an earth elementals skin would be rough like a rock. But, that is not true. All rocks are not rough, there are smooth rocks out there in the world. Thick skin is not as strong as a metal elementals skin, but an earth elemental can take a beating, though if there is a sharp enough object it will cut the earth elementals skin.

·Strong Balance- As strange as this sounds this is, in fact, a trait for earth elementals. They naturally have a strong sense of balance. An earth elemental is very difficult to make stumble. If you were able to make them stumble, then you one caught the elemental off guard and two hit them with a strong enough attack that caused the elemental to stumble. Though this does not mean that an earth elemental cannot quickly catch their balance once more and continue on with a fight. Though, other earth elementals seem to find it amusing to attempt to trip up another earth elemental just to see how well the person’s balance is.

·Stubborn Pride- The same goes for this one. You would not expect this to be trait. But, it is. This is a trait that I have personally seen in every earth elemental that I have met and I in fact have a fair bit of stubborn pride myself. Why do you think I placed this element first in this novel? Telling an earth elemental to give up is never a good idea to do. They will bluntly refuse and the earth elemental will more than likely get into your face. So do not attempt to hurt an earth elementals pride. You may not like the outcome.

Basic Abilities

·Terra- This is the main ability of all earth elementals. It allows the earth elemental to control and manipulate the earth around them. There really is no further of an explanation that is needed for this.

·Granulation- Granulation allows an earth elemental to turn earth into sand. This includes rocks and dirt. Along with Minerals that are not crystals and metals. Though, once an earth elemental turns a form of earth into sand it is extremely difficult to move and getting it to function the way that you wish it to.

·Crystal Control- This is the ability to be able to control crystals. Though there are only remote area’s on Amoura where crystals gather. This is actually the most difficult of the basic abilities and it takes most earth elementals quite a few years to obtain mastery of this ability before they can unlock their advanced abilities. Though, this was not to the case for myself. By my own earth elemental instructor I was told that I have been the only one to master this ability with into a year. Six months to be exact.

Advance Abilities

·Sand Bend- Once you master crystal control for some reason learning to manipulate sand comes quite easily. This is the easiest to learn out of the advanced abilities. It allows the earth elemental to be able to control and manipulate sand in smooth and fluid motions. Well, as smooth and fluid like an earth elemental can be anyways.

·Crystal Granulation and Control- Personally, when I first learned about this ability I was quite skeptical and figured that my luck with mastering crystal control so fast I was going to start losing my touch on learning and mastering things quickly. But, that was not the case with this. This ability is actually a branch off of Sand bending and granulation. So already knowing those two to learn this ability it is only just a few different tweaks and much more concentration to break down a crystal into a sand like state and then one should quickly be able to master manipulating it to their will.

·Terraportation- Now, this ability is quite enjoyable to use. As long as there is some form of earth around, with this ability an earth elemental is able to teleport through it. Though, do be careful while you are first learning this ability. I myself have face planted against another rock that is close by after exiting out of another rock. This ability also helps get away from oncoming attacks and it you are trapped into a dead end with earth, rock, or crystal as the walls. If the walls are vines of branches this does not work out quite as well, the earth elemental is better off going under the wall then through if this is the case.

·Lava Control- This ability is very rare ability. I am the only earth elemental that has been able to access this ability. This ability allows the earth elemental to create, manipulate, and control lava and magma. The only elemental that has been able to with stand the heat from this other than myself are fire elementals, but even they will be severely injured if they try to control it. This ability is extremely dangerous to say the least, and is forbidden from being used in tournaments.

Rubbing my face I close the book and toss my non written on notebook down on top of it. I get my hot pockets out of the oven and let them cool. “This is so confusing,” I grumble crossing my arms and resting my forehead on my arms. “I should just go to bed…but food…and I need to take notes before I forget and have to reread…” after complaining to myself I grab a plate and put my hot pockets on it. Grab a glass and fill it with water, then wander back out to the living room and sit back down. I take notes as I eat my food. I wake up to my phone going off. It’s my alarm. My plate and glass are still sitting on the coffee table from last night and my notebook is on the floor along with my pen.

Rubbing my face, I get up and take my plate to the kitchen and start making coffee, I get dressed, brush my teeth and hair, put my coffee in a to go cup. Make sure that I have everything and then leave for work.

“Hey Sean,” I look over when I hear Andy call my name, “Hop in,” I don’t say no for an answer and I get in his car and we head to work. “So what time where you allowed to leave?”

“I think I left work around eight last night,” I answered taking a sip of my coffee.

“Damn, what did Chris have you do?”

“I have to watch over Aaron and Gilbert.”

“The two elementals?”


“Are you going to be able to do our normal work outs?”

“I’m going to try to.”

“I think you’ll have plenty of time to. It’s not like yer going to have to baby sit them or somethin’,” He mentioned and I look over at him with an eyebrow raised.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, like they’re probably going to be experimented on and shit like that ya know?”

“Andy, they’re humans just like you and me, it’s wrong,”

“Experiments are done all the time. It shouldn’t make a fucking difference if it’s done one someone who doesn’t even exist in this world any more or not. How else are we supposed to understand and beat elementals? Like who know’s one fucking day they all may just randomly fucking appear and try to take over the world,” Andy ranted as we pulled into the parking lot.

“I don’t want to talk about this. Just no, they are not being experimented on end of story,” I got out of the car and shut the door.

“Ya’ll don’t have a say. None of us fuckin’ do. It’s all up to Chris,” Andy got out of his car as well. I start walking to the doors and I hear Andy’s footstep’s closing in behind me. “Then what’ll be next, you and me are experimented on an’ were turned into some fucked up thing.”

“Andy, just drop it alright, we’re not going to be experimented on. And on top of it if your fucking that worried then quit,” I open the doors.

“Sean, I’m not quittin’ this job, and I was just sayin’ we don’t have a say in anythin’,” Andy sighs in frustration.

“We could argue about this all day Andy, so let’s just drop it. We both have stuff to do. I’ll see you for the work out. Go and cool off a bit. I have to go see Chris and get a more in-depth of what he wants me to do,” I scan my badge in, “Besides, it’s way to fucking early to be arguing in the first place,” I slide my badge into my back pocket and take a drink of my luke warm coffee before dumping the rest down the drain of the sink in the break room. “I’m going to go see Chris really quick.”

“Then you better be ready to bring it during training today,” Andy warns me as I open the door.

“Mhm,” I hum and wave as I leave the room.

I went to Chris’s office but he wasn’t there. Hua…I guess I’ll just go do my work out now then, that way I can just take Aaron and Gil their breakfast when I’m done. I do just that and it helps me wake up a lot faster than drinking coffee was doing. Okay, now to go and get their food.

“Sean, where are ya going?” Andy asks me as I leave the weight room.

“Sorry I just did my work out, I have to go take Aaron and Gil their food. We’ll work out together tomorrow,” I tell him before running off to the nearest stairwell.

It’s rough at first, but after a while I get use to going to the room to visit Aaron and Gil. The more time passes the longer amounts of time I spend with them. Yeah, when I take them down to the weight room so they’re not cooped up in the room the whole time I get glares and I’m forced to watch them to make sure they don’t make a break for it. Everything turns out fine in the end and nothing bad happens. They understand that I had my work outs that I’m required to do, along with running around. There are nights where I stay later then I mean to because the two are honestly helping me study. It’s honestly because of them that I’ve been able to pass the tests a lot easier than the first one that Chris made me retake. Chris is a really strict teacher when it comes to getting things right that’s for damn sure. Of course I’ve only learned a total of six of the elements so far.

I know the scientists are doing something with Aaron and Gil. There’s been a few times now that I’ve come in with their breakfast and both of them have bandages on them or bruises that weren’t there before. The two of them say that everything’s fine, but I know it’s not. It’s been a month since the two of them were captured. I hope both of them still want to go for a swim today. I scan my badge in and head off to see if Chris is in. He wasn’t here yesterday to give me my next assignments for elements. I would like to know what I’m going to be reading next…maybe it’ll be Aaron and Gil’s elements.

“Why, Mr. Zimmer,” I hear Aaron’s voice on the other side of Chris’s office door.

I knock twice and walk into the office, “Morning,” I call out. I jump when I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder. Chris was walking back to his seat behind his desk and tapped Aaron and Gil’s shoulders as he walked past them.

“Please shut the door Sean, if you don’t mind,” He said.

“What’s the point if you stopped time,” I grumble as I shut the door anyways and walk over to Aaron and Gil with one hand in my pocket and the other on the strap of my duffel bag.

“Sense of privacy, even though we’re not going to be interrupted it’s still nice to have to the door shut,” he explained as he sat back down in his chair, “To answer your question as to why I’m here and to why I’m doing this Gilbert, I’m afraid I can’t answer that question.”

“But you’re the headmasters brother,” Gil said quietly, “There’s gotta be some part of you that knows this isn’t right.”

Why can’t he answer the question? Come the think of it he never answered it when I asked him either. Just what is keeping him from saying anything about it other than stubbornness? A chill ran up my spine and I quickly turned around to see if anything was there, but it was nothing.

“You okay Sean?” Chris asked me as I turned back around to look at him.

“I’m fine, it was just a chill,” I said putting my hand that was in my pocket on my back. But it felt like fingers ran up my back with that chill. “I do wonder why you’ve never explained to me why Gil and Aaron needed to be captured. I understand that this is the Elemental Capture Unit of the LoM, but there’s more that you’re not telling me is there? If you really wanted to capture them and you have the technology you should be able to find them already. On top of that there’s a reason you give me that book to read isn’t there, there’s also a reason you have me as the main person for Gil and Aaron.”

He leans back in his chair and put a hand over his mouth as he looked away from us. It was quiet between all of us. That’s when he sighed and reached out his right arm and opened up one of his drawers and pulled out a file along with a book. I walked up to the desk and looked at the file, “Why do you have my file still? Shouldn’t it be in records?”

“Only the parts that they need to know are in records. Gilbert, Aaron, you two are friends with Sasuke are you not?” Chris asked and I looked back at them shocked. How did he find that out? I don’t remember seeing any camera’s in their cell.

“How did you…” Aaron’s mouth dropped.

“I have my ways,” He interrupted, “How long do you think it’ll take my brother to receive a message from your father that you two never arrived at his house Aaron?”

Aaron’s father lives here? Are you serious? What’s Aaron’s last name? Is his father human or an elemental like he is?

Aaron looked away from us and said nothing. “The point is, you know that he’ll ask John if you two are going to be sent out at some point and that’s when he’ll realize that something happened. Who do you think he’s going to send out to try to find the two of you?”

“He’s going to send people that know us, he’ll send some of our friends,” Gil spoke up as he pushed up his glasses. “Logically, the best person to send would be Jason considering he’s our roommate and knows us the best, but with how hyper he can get and there are times where he can be reckless, also the fact that he’s going through a few bumps in the road right now, headmaster Kaisai won’t allow him to go on a mission. Thus turning to Sasuke, Kyo, Toshiro, Hale, Tate, and Nero,” Gil crossed his arms over his chest, “He would pick people who work best with each other to be sent out. Considering that Kyo and Toshiro have known each other for years he would naturally send the two most experienced out of our friends. Then the only other logical person would be Sasuke for the third person in the party. Sasuke’s adaptable and takes things seriously. Even though Kyo has been getting under Sasuke’s skin about him loosening up, he knows that they both have the same best friend so it’s only natural that he’s going to start to pick on him the way he does. But, Kyo and Toshiro make very good leaders and Sasuke will listen to whatever they want to do and go through with it.”

“Correct, and what do you think would be the most logical thing for the three of them to do when they get here to begin their search for you two?” Chris asked mostly at Gil.

“They would split up…cover more ground. Sasuke know’s this place best so he would take the wider route…” I mutter as I bring my right hand up to my mouth, “That’s what you want…you want them to split up…you don’t need the other two, you just want Sasuke…but why?” Then it clicked, “My DNA…your planning something aren’t you?”

He just simply smirked at me and leaned on his elbows as he rested them on the other side of the desk, “Remember Lucian, he’s the author to the book you found. I returned that to John for you by the way. Well, Sean my boy, he wrote a few books on theories. Three volumes of theories to be exact. And in this particular volume there’s a theory that I want to see if I can make it into actual fact. And in order to do it, I need both you and Sasuke in order to succeed.”

“But Mr. Zimmer,” Aaron started and the look at Chris gave Aaron shut him right up.

“Aaron you may be the prodigy of the wind element, but I can assure you, you’re no match for me,” Chris’s voice was low and threatening and he looked over at Gil, “Isn’t that right Gilbert? Or would you rather prefer Oracle? I was friends with both your previous lives so believe me I could beat them just as quickly as I would be able to beat both of you. But, you already know that Gilbert,” The smirk on his lips curled into an evil grin. “That’s right, you’re not allowed to forget anything that happened, in this life, or your previous life. You can never live down the mistakes you’ve made in the past,” I looked over at Gil and he was looking away from Chris and gripping onto his sleeves tight. His body is tense and starting to shake from the pressure. Tears begin to fill this lower eye lid that I can see.

“Stop it…please…” Gil muttered quietly.

“I have to know; does it bother you? The fact that because of your actions you killed Ignatius, Kiyoshi, and Zephyr. You knew what was going to happen and yet you just let them slip from your grasp,” Chris said.

“I said please stop,” Gil was sobbing and clutching onto his hair.

“How does it feel I wonder, remembering all of that and realizing that you’re not the leader that you thought you were,” Chris started chuckling in the back of his throat.

“THAT’S ENOUGH,” I speak up slamming my fist down on Chris’s desk. Chris’s smile instantly turned into a frown and a glare at me because I interrupted his fun, “You have one sick sense of humor, going after elementals the way you are. You manipulate others and think that it’s funny, it amuses you to no end. There are times where I think you’re a decent guy, but after seeing this…you’re no fucking better than what Andrew was when we were younger. You can go and shove your fucking piss poor personality of yours up your fucking ass and when you’ve gotten your fucking act straightened up maybe I’ll listen to you again,” I stood up straight and glared right back at him, matching his glare without a single ounce of fear, “If you’re pissed then good, you might be over two hundred years old, but you act like your fucking child. Using other people’s weaknesses against them is low. And I refuse to allow you to do that to my friends,” I turned my back to Chris. “Aaron, Gil, we’re leaving.” I’m getting them out of here. If I can get them away from the building, then they can find Aaron’s father and get back to Amoura.

“You know that you’re not allowed to leave this building with them. If you do, you and the two of them will be killed before you can leave the parking lot,” I stand between Gil and Aaron and I clench my fists and bite my lower lip at his words.

“Come on guys,” I muttered to them and patted their shoulders before continuing on.

I heard the footsteps behind me as I went to the door. I held the door for the two of them. Gil was wiping his eyes and Aaron was looking down at the floor as I shut the door behind them. I punch the concrete wall with my left as I grit my teeth. Tears fill the corners of my eyes as my hand is throbbing. I’m useless…I can’t fucking do anything…I don’t know what to do.

“Gil…” Aaron said, I look over at them as he places a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“I’m fine,” Gil’s voice cracked.

I sighed letting my hand slip from the wall and I wipe the tears from my eyes away as walk up to him and hugged him. I felt him tense up in my arms, “You haven’t done anything wrong. What’s in the past is in the past,” I felt him wrap his arms around me and grab onto the back of my shirt.

“But, it never goes away, my past life should have stopped them from going. My past life knew what was going to happen, but she didn’t do anything to stop them. She just encouraged them to do their best,” Gil cried into my shirt.

Aaron jumped on Gil from the back and I had to quickly change my stance to support Aaron as well, “Gil, I’m sure that they would have gone even if your past life would have told them,” I told him.

“Sean’s right, you can’t blame yourself for something that happened when you weren’t even born. I mean, yes you were alive, but it wasn’t you. You’re you now; not the you from the past,” Aaron tried and even though it was confusing it got Gil to laugh.

“I think what Aaron is trying to say is…hakuna matata,” Gil looked up at me over his glasses and Aaron was beaming at me.

“You watch Disney movies?!” Aaron gasped.

Gil let go of my shirt so I released him from the hug and stepped back. He took off his glasses and wiped his eyes, “You don’t seem like someone who would watch Disney movies,” He mentioned his voice cracking.

“I don’t seem like someone who would do a lot of things,” I put my free hand in my pocket, “But, The Lion King is my favorite Disney film. I also love anime and studio Ghibli films,” I adjusted my duffle bag. “Come on, we’re going to go swimming. Able is the life guard today and the pool is heated. I brought my extra swimming trunks for you two. Let me know your actual size and I’ll go and get you some swimming trunks if these don’t fit you well, but they’ll have to do for today,” I told them and they nodded. “Have you two eaten anything yet?” they shook their heads. “Okay, then we’re going to get you something to eat first,” I said and motioned for them to follow.

They followed me quietly as I took them down a couple of different halls and down the stairs. I got some glares from a couple of the full field workers, but I brushed it off as we keep going. Finally, making it to the kitchen. It was a decent sized kitchen. It was for us employees to use. There are cooks in here to make sure that the people who don’t know how to cook and to show them how to make their own meals.

“Morning Laila,” I call out as I hear things clanking together on the other side of the kitchen.

“Morning Sean,” She calls back to me. I set my bag down by the wall and start to venture the kitchen to find her. When I saw her messy burnet bun poking out from behind one of the islands.

“What cha up to?” I asked her walking around to see her pop back up with a couple of bowls. Her hair that’s not in the bun is everywhere as usual and she has a headband made out of pre wrap holding her bangs out of her brown eyes.

“I was late getting in because my boyfriend’s truck tied and we had to give it a jump, then I got stuck behind some busses and ugh, it was terrible. So needless to say I was late so I couldn’t come in and get my prep work done when I normally do. And I’m just getting to the food I’m supposed to make,” She vented to me finding some other stuff.

“Is the food for Gil and Aaron?” I asked her and she looked at me confused. I looked back over at them as they were standing by my bag quietly even though it looks like Aaron wants to look around the kitchen more. I wonder if Aaron can cook, or is he just curious?

“Who are Gil and Aaron?” She asked me.

I motioned for them to come over, “You were probably told that they’re prisoners or something like that. I put a hand on Aaron’s head as he came over. “This happy red head is Aaron and this red head with the glasses is Gilbert. They’re my friends,” I told her, “Aaron, Gil, this is Laila, she’s the one that normally makes your meals.”

Laila gasped and put her hands over her mouth, “These two are so beautiful. I always thought that elementals were these really cute and small sprites who could eat like a normal person,” She squealed a little, “And both of them are red heads, this just made my day,” She clapped happily.

“She has a weakness for red hair if you couldn’t tell,” I chuckled.

“It’s nice to meet you Laila,” Aaron spoke up with a small smile. I can hear in his voice that he’s a bit nervous.

“Thank you, for taking the time to make food for us,” Gil said with a small smile.

“Of course. It keeps my cooking skills up,” Laila smiled at them. “So boy’s what gives me the pleasure to finally meet the two of you?”

“Sean’s taking us swimming today,” Aaron told her.

“Remember to at least wait fifteen minutes before you go into the water. And be sure to stretch properly before you go in,” Laila tells them like she’s a mother.

“We know,” Gil laughed lightly and quickly covers his mouth.

“Why did you cover your mouth?” She asked before turning her back to us to start cooking their French toast.

“I hate my smile,” He answered.

“You have an amazing smile Gil. Besides, you were told that your braches will be able to come off soon,” Aaron mentioned.

“Life’s too short to let yourself be bothered with the fact that you wear braces. Some of my friends and my little sister had braces, and in the end it’s worth it, so hang in their kid,” Laila told him.

“I’ll try,” He answered quietly letting his hand drop.

“Sean, is your hand okay?” Aaron asked and I looked down at my hand, my knuckles are bruised.

“Yeah, I can still move all my fingers so I didn’t break anything. It just hurts a bit,” I answer looking at it myself.

“At least put some ice on it. There are bags next to the ice machine,” Laila told me.

“Alright, alright,” I grumble and go over to the ice machine grab a bag and fill it half way with before bringing it over to the counter I hold more of the empty part of the bag with my hand and fold the opening over my lightly closed fist. Putting my hand to the bag and against my hand I breath in sucking the air out of the bang and lifting it up enough off the counter to spin it. Then I knot the top of the bag and flop it on top of my bruised hand.

“That was so cool, how did you do that?” Aaron asked me amazed.

“All I did was suck the air out of the bag,” I lean on the counter top as Laila sets two plates down. One in front of Gil and the other in front of Aaron.

“That was still a really nifty way of doing it,” Aaron smiled, “Thank you Laila,” Aaron grabbed the fork that she set down.

“Yes, thank you,” Gil said as well and began eating.

“You’re welcome,” She grinned as she started to clean up.

“What’s you’re dominate hand Sean? I want to say left considering that’s the hand you punched the wall with,” Gilbert asked me before taking a bite of his breakfast.

“I’m ambidextrous, so in a way it doesn’t really affect anything, but I do lean on my left side more often than I do my right,” I explain to them as I shift the bag of ice.

“Really, I just thought you were left handed like Sasuke because when you write you use your left,” Aaron added in.

“Hua…that’s right, I forgot he was left handed,” I mumble. But it’s been four years since I’ve seen him in general so it’s not surprising that I forgot.

“Do you think you did anything major to your hand?” I lift the ice off my hand to look at how beat red it is when Aaron asks me the question.

“I didn’t hit the wall at full force, but I hit it hard enough, so I probably just bruised my knuckles. But my body has always made things look a lot worse than it actually is. If you’re that worried I’ll ask someone to look at it later,” I tell them and they both nod at me. I sigh “I’ll see if Otto is willing to look at it. I know it’s not broken, though,” I repeat to them.

They finish off their food and then I take them down to the locker rooms that connect to the pool. I pull out a pair of swimming trunks, my jammers, and leggings. Aaron picks up the leggings and looks at me. “These aren’t swimming trunks.”

“They are, they’re called leggings, and they’re used for swimming competitions. Stop giving me that judging look, I use to swim competitively,” His judging expression has a smirk to it. I dig out a towel from my duffle back and throw it in his face. “Just pick one and change. Gil already snagged the swimming trunks.”

The towel fell onto Aaron’s arms and he looked down at the bench where the trunks were laying, “Gil that’s so not fair.”

“Gotta be faster than that,” Gil said as he was already pulling the trunks on. He tied them as tight as he could and they slightly slid down his waist rested just slightly past where his tan line is on his hips.

“Yeah, let’s make sure that I get your sizes today and I’ll go to the store to get you two some swimming trunks,” I tell them as Aaron just decided to take the jammer’s leaving me with the leggings.

“Geez Sean, you’re fit,” Aaron spoke up when I took my shirt off.

“I used to be smaller, but they put me on a training regimen to try and have me not look like a twig even though I already had an athletic build,” I sigh as I get into the leggings. Thankfully, with the training they kept swimming as a large part of it and focused on training that would make me a stronger swimmer. I worked hard for this six pack damn it.

I grab my towel from my locker before shoving all our stuff in my locker except the towels and then I show them out to the pool. “Hey Abel,” I greet him. Some of the people that were in here grabbed must have been finishing up because they were standing around the outside of the pool talking when they saw the three of us and quickly left.

“Good morning Sean. Dear god boy, what did you do to your hand?” He asked instantly noticing my bruised hand.

“I just punched a wall, I can still move it so it’s not broken,” I grumble tossing my towel off my shoulder and throwing it on the bench.

“You better get it checked out today,” Abel ordered giving me a threatening glare.

I blink slowly at him, “I was planning on it. You don’t mind that I brought Aaron and Gilbert down here to swim, they were getting tired of the weight room,” my shoulders slump, “And considering there’s only so much that we can do when we’re not allowed to leave the building…” I grumble and Abel pats my shoulder.

“I’m fine with it, you two need to have fun and relax a bit as well. Being cooped up for long periods of time can get to someone after a while,” Abel smiled at us, “You boys have fun. Except you Sean, you still have to do your regimen today. Be happy it’s the pool today instead of the weight room, otherwise Paul would be pissed that you’re an hour late.”

“But how am I supposed to watch Aaron and Gil if I have to do my work out?” I ask him trying to get out of it.

“I’ll watch them, now shoo, go get your goggles and do your work out. You can cut it in half today because of your hand,” My shoulders slump as I hear Aaron and Gil snicker behind me.

“Fine,” I groan and go back to the locker room and grabbing my goggles, cap, and for the hell of it I grab my speakers and iPod. I put my goggles around my neck and put my cap on. Aaron and Gil were in the water already. Gil took his glasses off and they’re resting on the bench with the towels.

“Okay, so just do two sets of each stroke instead of the normal four and you can be done and go back to watching them,” Abel told me. “Do you want me to time you today?”

“Na, we can do the timing next time,” I answer putting the speaker down hooking my iPod into the speaker.

“What cha gonna listen to?” Aaron asked propping himself up on the edge of the pool.

“I don’t know, I’m debating between Papa Roach and Burnout Syndromes…I could also do Skillet, oh or Nickelback,” I say more to myself as I scroll through the artist on my iPod.

“Sean, stop stalling,” I can feel Abel’s glare in the back of my head.

“I’m not stalling,” I mutter as I just pick Skillet and put them on random. Monster started playing as I walked up to the block and got my goggles on. I get into position as exhale slowly as I take my mark and then I launch off the block and dive into the water. I start with the breath stroke to get it done and out of the way. I go from doing my standard one-hundred meters that I do for my swimming regimen and make it a two-hundred to get this done with sooner. I always end up breathing heavier when I do the two-hundred instead of the one-hundred. I lift myself up out of the pool.

Stretching a bit before the next round and to catch my breath at the same time, Andy walks in wearing his swimming gear. The smile that was on his face instantly turned into a scowl when he saw Aaron and Gil. “Leave them alone Andrew,” I warn him as I get back onto the block.

“Stop fucking let them take up all your fucking time and I’ll consider not doing something to them,” He threatened and I got off the block and walked across the pool and over to him.

“Touch one of them and you deal with me, got it Andy?” I heard wet feet hit the floor.

“Please don’t fight,” Aaron quickly got between us and pushed both of us out to his arms-length.

Andrew smacked Aaron’s hand away forcefully enough to get Aaron to turn towards him and slaps Aaron hard across the face. I instantly pull Aaron away from Andy before Aaron can retaliate and I throw a punch at Andy. I nail him in the chest with my punch but I don’t stop there. I spin on my heel and hook my leg around his waist and use all my force to throw him into the pool.

“THAT’S ENOUGH,” Abel’s voice booms over my music that’s playing in the background.

Andy comes up from the water, and gets out of the pool, “So that’s how it fucking is hua Sean?” He storms over towards Aaron and Gil and I get between him and them and hold my arms out. “Why the fuck do ya keep protecting ’em? These fuckers are monsters, freaks of nature, and you just throw yer lot in with them?” He poked my chest with every word he said.

“The only monster I see is the one that’s standing in front of me,” I answer as calmly as I can. My heart is pounding and I’m trying to keep myself from shaking. “I was ordered to watch over them…” Andy doesn’t let me finish.

“TO FUCKING WATCH ’EM SEAN, NOT FUCKING LET ’EM TAKE UP ALL YER FUCKING TIME AND LEAVE YER FRIENDS OUT TO FUCKING DRY,” He screams at me and throws a punch that I catch in my left hand. A shock pain is sent through my hand.

“YOU COULD HAVE FUCKING JUST COME UP TO ME AND BEEN HEY CAN I COME OVER TONIGHT OR PACK YOUR BAGS YOUR SPENDING THE NIGHT,” I screamed back at him and I blocked his punches and his kicks. A fair bit of them slipped past and I slip and fall to the floor. I roll out of the way of a stomp and spin around and take his feet out from under him. I then do a barrel roll and swing my leg so it slams down on his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. “I don’t have to fucking hang out with you while we’re at work. If you wanted to hang out you could have just fucking said something instead of sucking in a corner like a fucking little piss pot who’s not getting his way.”

He starts coughing and someone hooks their arms under my arms and pull me away. I look up and its Aaron and Gil. “Sean, that’s enough, please stop,” They stop pulling me back and I stand up. Something’s wrong with Gil…his eyes just hazed over. “Gil you okay?”

“The one who’s broken, breaks the mold, and in return for his suffering is given what he should have had once more…” He says in a quiet monotone voice.

“What?” I look over at Aaron to see if he knew what was going on. Aaron goes to say something and I see his eyes dart to looking behind me. I push him and Gil to the side just in time to get kicked at full force in the back. I can’t catch myself in time and bash my face off the floor and my vision blacks out, there’s so much force behind the kick that I feel myself roll off an edge and I hear a splash around me. Fuck…I can’t breathe…I didn’t take a breath before falling in…It feels like my body is pulsing when my vision comes back and I see my goggles cracked and blood floating in the water. I…I need to breathe…body you need to fucking move…get your feet under you and push off the bottom…My back hits the bottom of the pool and I breathe in and take in the water as I hear a muffled splash. It’s happening again…but why? How? How is it I’m not drowning from breathing in water? Abel grabbed a hold of me and propelled us up to the surface. He helps me get out of the pool and I lay on the cold floor and start throwing up the water that’s in my system.

“ANDREW DON’T JUST FUCKING STAND THERE, GET OTTO, GET SOME ONE, SEAN NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION,” Abel’s voice bangs around in my head like a bouncy ball in a concrete room.

“Sean, Sean, are you okay, say something,” Aaron says and I look over at him as he helps me up into a sitting position.

“It happened again,” I say out of breath from coughing. “I took in water and I didn’t start drowning…” Aaron’s eyes went wide.

“You broke the mold…” He mutters to me so quiet I almost didn’t hear it.

“Kid, tip his head back and make sure it stays back. We need to stop the bleeding,” Abel orders Aaron.

Gil over’s over me and places a hand on my forehead, How’s your vision? He asks in my head.

“I’m seeing spots if that’s what you’re wondering,” then start coughing on the blood that’s running down my throat from my nose.

“What are you doing?” Abel questions coming over.

“I’m dulling his pain,” He said, “Please try to focus on my Sean, it’ll make it go faster,”

I try my best to focus on him but these damn dots are getting in the way. But the pounding in my head was starting to die down. “How are you doing this?” I ask.

“I’m temporarily turning your pain receptors in your body down. It’s something that I just started to try and master before we were sent out,” He explains, “Relax, and listen to my voice.”

“Okay…” I mutter as I hear the door open.

“Keep your breathing slow and relax your muscles,” I do what I’m told as I’m pulled away from Aaron and Gil and laid down. It doesn’t feel like you have a concussion, but you’re more than lightly going to go and get it checked out. Your nose is broken and you already have bruises forming under your eyes. I keep my eyes locked with Gil’s.

Gil, earlier did you have a vision?

What do you mean?

Your eyes went hazy and you said something. You might want to ask Aaron. “Aaron and Gilbert didn’t do anything to hurt me, they were just trying to help. Please don’t hurt them,” the bleeding has stopped at least.

“Don’t worry, they’ll just be going back to their cell, I’ll take them back myself,” I look over in the direction that Chris’s voice came from.

“I can walk damn it, it’s just a broken nose,” I grumble as they try to put me on a stretcher and I try to get off.

“Sean,” Gil says and I look over at him and click my tongue and lay down and stay still so they can lift the stretcher and take me out of the pool.

Otto’s the one that checks me out, I do have a broken nose and he tells me that all I did was bruise my knuckles. “You’re lucky that you didn’t punch any harder, you were pretty damn close to a fracture there,” He said looking at my x-ray’s, “Your lungs look to be clear and it seems no water got in them. Just use normal pain killers, I don’t want to give you any right now because of how Gilbert shut down your pain receptor’s that’ll ware off in a few hours. But if you take pain killers now it’s going to knock you out.” He sighs and blows a bubble with his gum. “No heavy training for the next two weeks. No training at all for the rest of the week. Also, take a break for the rest of the day. I took another blood sample just to be safe,” He holds out his pack of gum to me and I shake my head declining the offer. “Your free to roam again. Just take the stairs slow or use the elevator for once.”

“Thanks Otto,” I mutter getting off the table that I was sitting on.

“Not a problem. You’re lucky, you could have drowned if you hadn’t of taken a breath before you fell into the water,” I open the door and stop.

“I didn’t,” I answer simply before leaving the room and walking down the hall. I’ll should go see them to let them know I’m fine. I have no idea where Andy is. I haven’t seen him sense the fight…maybe he was sent home or some shit. I should probably go and check in with Abel too, just to let him know. Even though I was told that Andy brought my clothes for me he could have at least dropped them off while I was in the room and not when I was getting x-rays…that fucker, I’m going to have to have a talk with him later that’s for damn sure. Speak of the devil…

“Hey,” Andy says to me with his hands in his pockets as the elevator door opens.

“Hey,” I answer right back as I get in and press the first floor button. It fell silent between us as the door closed. “I don’t expect you to apologize, we’re both to blame. Both of us could have made an effort to hang out after work.”

“I know…I still hate the fact that they dictate all your time.”

“It’s going to keep happening here Andy, I have to watch over them.”

“No it doesn’t. All you really have to do is bring them their fucking food, and that’s pretty much fucking it. You shouldn’t have to take them out of that cell.”

“How would you feel if you were stuck in the same room all day and you only saw someone when they brought you your food. Didn’t speak to you, didn’t do anything to try to get you out of the room just dropped off you food and leave, then come back and pick up your dirty dishes when your next meal is ready,” I look over at him as the elevator dings and the door opens for the first floor, “Think about it and you’ll understand why I hang out with them so much,” I leave Andy in the elevator for him to think and head right to Aaron and Gil’s cell. I hear talking on the other side of the door and pull my card out of my pocket and start to swipe it when I hear Chris’s voice on the other side.

“You two were both correct on not using your elements against Andrew, but there’s also a time where I could have protected you and gotten other’s to back off. You two didn’t do anything thus Sean’s gotten badly injured,” He said and I slid my card the rest of the way through hand the door opened.

“It’s a fucking broken nose, it’ll heal in two weeks, also Otto took about blood sample and neglected to tell me why he needed it,” I crossed my arms over my chest and stare Chris down. “Got any idea’s as to why he needed another one?”

Chris took out his phone and brought up something then showed it to me, “That’s the moment when you were in the pool. These two faded dots are Aaron and Gilbert. This radar only shows elementals, and that bright dot on the screen tells me that something happened.” He pulled his phone away from my and put it back in his pocket. “You said that you used the one time use of your element when you were in high school. So why are you showing up on the radar?”

“I-I don’t know,” I stutter trying to come up with something.

“The one who’s broken, breaks the mold, and in return for his suffering is given what he should have had once more…” Gil speaks up loud enough and I look over to him and he’s standing up. “It was about Sean, it was really fuzzy and I can’t really deduce much from it, but whatever it is…it’s going to happen…” His sentence is so broken I just raise an eyebrow at him and tip my head.

“Gil, that makes no sense,” I say and I look over at I look over at Chris who’s chuckling.

“That’s very interesting,” He took a breath in and sighed, “Well, Sean you see fine, I would suggest that you head home soon before you really start feeling the pain hit you like a truck,” He pats my shoulder and heads out of their cell. Just what is with him?

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