A Little Secret

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New Year, Let's Start!!

Chapter 35: New Year, Let’s Start!


“Hurry up or we’re going to be late,” Hale yells from the front door of the dorm.

He’s always been more of a morning person than the rest of us. Of course it’s the start of the new school year. Hale, Tate, Jason, Nero, Gil, Aaron, and myself are all in the same class. Though, Aaron and Gil still haven’t come back yet.

“Well don’t just stand there Hale, Tate fell asleep again,” I complain to him. With Tate being a night owl he’s always had a hard time waking up. And considering that our soul weapon class is at 7:30 in the morning. It makes sense that he fell asleep on the couch.

“Again,” Hale sighed in frustration storming over to the other side of the couch as he rolled his left shoulder. I stand on the other side of the couch as Nero wanders out from his room with his bag slung over his shoulder. He looks wide awake, he’s another morningish person.

“You were just staying in your room to piss Hale off weren’t you?” I ask him quietly and he smirks at me.

“Maaaaaaybe,” he looks over at me through his burnet bangs.

I chuckle and roll my eyes as I look back at Hale who just drove his elbow into his sleeping brothers side. Tate’s eyes shot open and he clutched his side in pain.

“What was that for?” He groaned curling into a ball.

“I told you not to stay up late last night because we have an early class. Now get up we’re going to be late meeting up with Jason and getting to class on time,” Tate warned cracking his knuckles glaring down at his brother.

Tate sighed heavily before yawning. Tears were at the corners of his eyes as he ran his fingers through his hair a few times to readjust his bangs to they were calling back in front of his left eye. They both got their hair trimmed up before they came back. Tate changed his bangs a bit to make them fall over his left eye as Hale pretty much left them the same so chunks were falling between his eyes and framing his face. They both started wearing their hair up in high pony tails as well. It was probably because it’s the summer months right now, so having hair on the back of your neck can be a bit rough. Unless your me…because I don’t care.

It’s amazing and exciting to be able to start working towards my soul weapon. All of us qualified to start working towards our soul weapon. And even though Tate had to be woken up again, I think all of us are excited.

“The elbow to the side was uncalled for brother,” Tate grumbles still looking half asleep as we walk to the main walk way.

“It was completely called for,” Hale protested.

“Morning everyone!” Jay calls out to us as happy as ever and he runs over to us happily.

“Morning,” We all say at various times.

“Are you ready for today!!” Jay asked practically skipping as we continued on our way to the other side of the academy to the arena.

“I’m pretty stoked,” I answered laughing lighty.

“Same here,” Nero agreed.

“Couldn’t we have had it later in the day, I don’t know around ten maybe,” Tate suggested.

“We’re making sure you’re going to bed early tonight, that’s what we’re going to do,” Hale mentioned.

“I wish Kyo would have made coffee this morning, I really enjoy his coffee,” Tate sighed rubbing his eyes.

“Were any of you up when he left?” Jay asked us.

“No,” I answered.

“All I know is both him and Toshiro left at the same time this morning. I heard them walking around in the living room,” Nero explained to us as we hit the main road that runs through the academy.

“Huh, I figured I would ask because normally Ky-ky tells me what his schedule for the year is. That way we can get lunch together from time to time,” Jason told us crossing his arms.

“On a different subject, who do you think the instructor is going to be?” I offer the question as I finally yawn myself because I saw Tate yawn once again.

“Who cares, I’m ready to kick some ass and breeze though this shit! Soul weapon here I come!” Nero exclaimed pumping his fists in the air.

“I don’t think it’s going to be that easy,” I laugh lightly.

“Really Nero, it’s great to have so much enthusiasm in the morning, but can we tone it back a bit, this is a serious class,” Tate mentioned and Nero just simply glared at him with a look that would send anyone six feet under.

“Lighten up! It’s going to be great either way!” Jay smiled happily adding to Nero’s excitement.

“Really, even with it being a serious class, we’re all friends, so we might as well have fun. Besides, who knows if this will ever happen again that all of us are placed in the same class together,” Hale mentioned with a light hearted expression on his face as we entered the arena doors that is the main entrance for the stands.

“But the fact that your mom already gave us homework before classes even started is rough,” Nero stated putting his hands behind his head.

“Considering that my mom is working on the other half of this class, I’m not surprised that she already gave us homework that he had to try to do once a week,” I answered.

“It’s only writing in a journal, so it’s not that bad,” Jay said.

“I agree that it’s not that bad. Besides, she even gave us prompts if we were having a hard time figuring out what to write about,” Tate mentioned as Jay and I opened the doors that lead out to the field part of the arena.

We all walked out and in the center of the arena were three very familiar faces. Kyo, Shiro, and my father. What are Shiro and Kyo doing here? The five of us walk up to them. I’m getting really nervous all of a sudden.

“Good morning and welcome to hell,” Kyo smirked as we stopped in front of them. My dad smacked Kyo upside the head for the comment.

“Well, I would say that’s not the right way to greet them, but since we’re living together I guess that’s the best way to describe what they’re about to go through,” Toshiro said with his normal smile.

“Thanks you two,” Hale started.

“Because that makes all of us feel so much better,” Tate finished his brother sentence.

Dad coughed into his hand to get our attention. “Welcome to your first class for soul weapon training,” Dad said to us placing his hands in his pockets, “I’ll be your instructor for this course and Toshiro and Kyo will be my assistant instructors.”

“That mean’s y’all better listen to us,” Kyo pointed directly at me and I glare back at him.

“I listen to you, but most of the time I just choose not to,” I looked away from him and I hear his tongue click.

“Don’t make me separate you two on the first day of class please. And Kyo, you’re over reacting before we can even get started. Sasuke is a very good listener and I promise you won’t have any trouble with him during the class,” Huh, dad stood up for me and threatened me to behave all at the same time. I don’t know if I should be happy or worried about that. “Considering that we all know each other we can skip the introductions and just head over to the stands,” Dad motioned towards the seats in the stadium.

We all did what we were told and went to the seats. Once we were all seated dad stood in front of us and continued. “As you all know, Gilbert and Aaron still aren’t back yet, so I expect all of you to help get them caught up when they do get back,” Dad may think that he’s good at hiding his emotions, but I can tell that he’s worried, somethings wrong… “Anyways, this is not going to be easy.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Kyo snickers and dad looks over at him with a look telling him to quiet down.

“First off, a soul weapon is exactly what is sounds like. It’s a weapon that comes from one’s soul,” Dad put his hands in his pockets, “The soul weapon is based off your personality and drive. More so your drive than personality, but it has a bit of influence for it.” Should we be writing this stuff down?

I raise my hand, “Yes, Sasuke?”

“Do we have written tests for this class?” I question.

Dad shook his head, “No, there’s no written tests. It’s a pass or fail course. You pass if you’re about to access your soul weapon you pass, if not, well then you fail. Some of you will get it sooner than the others. It’s not a race, well, except for maybe the twins. Let’s be realistic you two, neither of you want to be out bested by the other,” I look over at the two of them and they look shocked that dad knew that. “My little brother and I were the same way,” He answered their unspoken question. “But, before I continue explaining soul weapons, how about we go around and everyone give a guess as to what they think theirs will be. There’s no right or wrong answer for this. Just give it a shot and say what you think yours will be,” Dad looked around at us, “So, who wants to start?” All of us just sat there, “Alright, Nero you go first.”

“Why do I have to go first?” He whined.

“You’re the one that sat on the end,” Shiro smiled sweetly and Nero just glared at him.

“Fine, um...maybe a hammer,” Nero responds and we all laugh.

“Okay Thor,” Tate snickered from the other end of the row.

“Sasuke?” Dad spoke up stopping the teasing right then and there.

“Staff,” I answer.


“Maybe a cool whip so I can be a wapa! Or a scythe like Ky-ky,” Jason answered making the hand motions as he said the weapons.


“A sword of some kind?”

“And finally Tate.”

“A knife.”

“Interesting…we’ll see what happens and how close everyone got to what their actual weapon will be. To tell you the truth, ninety-eight percent of the time, your guess at the beginning of the class is wrong. But, obviously that means that two percent of those who guess will be right. We’ll just have to wait and find out if any of you were right with your guess,” Dad smiled at all of us.

“We both guessed wrong when we took the class, so don’t feel bad if you did get it wrong,” Shiro added on.

“But, let’s be realistic, I should have totally guessed a scythe now that I think more about it. With being put on the spot like that though, it’s kinda hard to come up with a good answer,” Kyo said.

“What did you two pick?” I asked them leaning forward so I could see them better.

“I picked a fan actually,” Shiro’s cheeks flushed a light pick as he looked away.

“Totally picked a whip,” Kyo laughed.

“Great minds think alike,” Jay exclaimed and had both his thumbs up towards his older brother.

“Now to continue on with the explanation of soul weapons. In order to even know it’s shape you need to be able to conquer your biggest fear,” Dad started again and I just looked at Nero and he shrugged, “Your biggest fear may be something that you know of already, or it could be something that you know about, but you decided to push it into the back of your mind in hoping that you would one day forget about it,” Dad crosses his arms over his chest, “This will go along with your first homework assignment that you will be getting today. For now though, how about we have a demonstration of summoning soul weapons. Kyo, Toshiro, if you would please,” Kyo and Shiro got up out of their seats and went on to each side of dad.

Kyo rose his right hand with a closed fist. A liquid metal came shooting out of both ends of his hand like a staff that was bent about three times before a circle with three spikes then on the other side of the staff a long curved blade shot out and the metal solidified into a deep slate gray color and a lighter toned slate gray sharpened edge. Kyo, being the show off that he is, spun it around a few times in his hand before placing the flat bottom of his scythe on the ground next to him. His weapon is taller than he is. Kyo’s around six foot three and his weapon is probably around roughly six-eight, six-ten, for a guess in height.

Once Kyo was done Toshiro crossed both of his forearms in front of him and had close fists. Ice spikes shot of out his hands. Both ice spikes morph into matching daggers the darken and the ice shatters to reveal twin daggers with a deep blue blade and an ice blue that matches his eyes for a sharpened edge. Shiro spun the dagger in his right so the blade was facing forward and kept the one in his left facing backwards before he let his arms fall back to his sides.

“That was badass,” Nero gasped.

“Thank you,” Kyo smirked confidently.

“Now, at first your weapons won’t take a solid shape like Kyo’s and Toshiro’s have. In other words, when you are able to obtain your soul weapon you will only see it in its element form, not its full weapon form. You’ll get the basic shape, but you won’t know it’s style and design until you practice,” He said putting his hands in his pockets. I raise my hand, “Yes, Sasuke?”

“Considering I’m a moon elemental what element would my weapon be based off of?” I question. I have a feeling it’s fire, but I want to make sure.

“Your base element is fire, so that’s what your weapon will take its shape from.”

“Here’s the kicker, your soul weapon will never take on its solid form if you don’t have complete confidence in yourself,” Kyo added in, and my shoulders instantly slump.

“This is also something that can’t be obtained overnight. As much as you would like it to. This is going to take a lot of meditation and patients to just be able to find your soul weapon within yourself,” Shiro mentioned with a soft smile.

“And in order to find your soul weapon, once again you need to conquer your biggest fear. Wither you find it to be an internal fear or an external you need to get over that mountain. Only then will you be able to look deeper within yourself and find your soul weapon,” it was silent between everyone, “The longer you run from your fear the longer it takes to acquire your weapon. This is one of the most difficult parts of this course. You can ask each other for advice, but in the end you have to face your biggest fear alone. So the question is, do you think you know what your biggest fear is?”

Nero raises his hand, “Headmaster Kaisai, is that all there is to a soul weapon?”

“Oh no, that’s only the first half to your soul weapon. The second half is working to get your soul weapon to take its solid form. Then you need to be able to summon it at will and without any concentration. It must be second nature to be able to summon your weapon,” Dad waved his hand, “But we’ll get to that later.”

“Hey dad, what’s your soul weapon?” I question forgetting to raise my hand.

“I think I can show you that,” He held out his right hand closed in a fist like Toshiro and Kyo did before and golden gears materialize into view and continued to appear and extend from dad’s fist forming a staff. Then the gears formed above the staff and form a crescent shape that connects to the staff. The gears burst away revealing a bronze-golden bardiche that has the image of gears that fade up the staff towards a deep gray blade.

Jason whistled, “That is so cool!”

“I can’t wait to be able to do that!” Tate said sounding more away than at the beginning of class.

Dad set the base of the staff down on the ground and held onto his weapon, “Now, for your homework I want you all to get a journal. Don’t use the journal you’re using for your soul weapon history class. I want you to get a new one. And for tonight’s homework I want you to write a two-hundred-word essay about what you think your biggest fear is. Also in this essay I want you to give yourself some ideas on how you think you would overcome this fear. Once you’re finished with that, I want you to meditate for thirty minutes on what you wrote. You’re allowed to write more than two-hundred-words, but that’s the base that I want you to go off of.”

Dad adjusted his weight so he was leaning on his weapon with both hands, “I also want you to meditate on what all your fears are. We all have more than just one. Make a list of those fears, it’ll help flesh out your biggest fear. I don’t want any of you slacking off, this is very important and if you fail this course, you’ll have to wait another year in order to retake it. Remember, this is no easy task. For now, just relax for the rest of class. I’m sure that all of you are tired of listening to me ramble. And take this for advantage, this will be the only class that you will be allowed to relax in for this course. Starting Thursday this will be a mixture of different PE classes including yoga, meditation, and various martial arts,” Dad pushed up off his weapon and allowed it to fade away, “All of you can relax for the rest of class or head out it’s up to you. But I have to head out and get some things together, have a good first day,” With that dad disappeared leaving the seven of us alone in the arena.

“Why do we have to do yoga?” Nero groaned obviously not happy about hearing that.

“Yoga helps release stress and after doing it long enough it’ll help with your flexibility. It’s not just for girls you know,” Shiro answered letting his daggers turn into a powder.

Nero slouched in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest. All of us talked for a bit longer then the twins said that they wanted to go and get their journals. Jay, Nero, and I decide that we want to go with them so we can all get them at once.

“Hold up Sasuke,” Kyo says grabbing a hold of my shoulder as I was about to leave with everyone else.

“What is it?” I ask a bit confused.

“The headmaster wants to meet up with you, me, and Shiro before out next classes,” Kyo replied.

“Alright, I’m assuming that he means before our second class, and since we technically got out early today he wants us to head to his office,” I mention and Kyo nods.

“Pretty much.”

“Sasuke are you coming?” Hale calls out to me from the exit that goes into one of the halls from the stands.

“I’ll catch up with your guys later. I have to go see my dad about something,” I answer back.

“Okay, we’ll see you later then,” Tate waves.

“Good luck!” Jay laughs before the four of them head out of view.

“Did dad say what he wants to talk to us about?” I ask Kyo on a more serious note as the two of us catch up to Shiro.

“It’s about Gil and Aaron,” That was all that Kyo needed to say to me and I completely understood.

The three of us went straight to my father’s office. I did my normal knock twice and then walk in. Dad’s sitting behind his desk writing.

“Thank you for coming here so soon,” Dad said stopping what he was doing and getting up out of his chair.

“Couldn’t we have had this conversation in the arena?” I ask him putting my hands in my pockets.

Dad shakes his head, “I didn’t want the others to know how serious this situation has gotten. Aaron’s father came back from Earth yesterday evening and asked me when Aaron and Gil were going to be sent out. This tells me they never made it to his house. Something happened to them. This is serious, we need to find them.”

“Shouldn’t Jay go on this mission with us then?” I question and again dad shakes his head.

“No, Sasuke you know this area the best because it’s our old home town. Jason have never been there and I’m concerned that if he goes on this mission he’ll run himself ragged trying to find them. Toshiro and Kyo are going because they are the most experienced and considering that you three are friends with them it’ll make it easier, but you three can also keep a level head in a tight situation,” Dad pulled out a box from under a few papers and opened it. “Here are communicators so you three can keep in touch with each other. Just in case you get separated, there are also trackers in the communicators. You’ll be able to see where each other are on your phones.” We each took an earpiece and put it in our ears. Dad snapped his fingers and created a portal. “Bring them home.”

Kyo heads through the portal first, Shiro follows him, and I’m last to go through. We come out of the other side of the portal in the woods that are right next to the park. We’re not too far from the entrance itself.

“Okay, so we need to come up with a plan,” Kyo said turning around so he was facing both Shiro and me.

“Obviously the fastest way to cover the most ground is to split up,” I tell them and they look at me shocked, “Hear me out on this, we were given coms for a reason right? And on top of it this town is a pretty big town. If we all stick together, we’re not going to be able to cover all of it today. But if we split the two into three sections and each of us covers a section, then we’ll be able to do it. We’ll meet up at the park and then we’ll go to the Snyder’s for the night.”

“Alright, we’ll split up,” Kyo brought out the map of the town that dad gave him. He spread it out on the ground. “Okay, so Shiro you take the shops and this chunk of the apartment complexes, I’ll take this section that covers the other set of apartments and this part of town. Sasuke, are you willing to take this area with the school and the housing there?” I nod. It’s the biggest area, but I know the place well so I can do it. “You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” I smile with a thumbs up, “I’m fast, so I’ve got this.”

Kyo folds up the map and sticks it in his pocket, “We meet back here at sunset latest. It’s summer which means that we have a good amount of time, whoever comes across a clock first let the other’s know what time it is so we can judge the time.”

“What would be better is if you can find something with the month and day on it as well so we can pin point when sundown will come would be even better,” Shiro added in.

We put our hands, “Remember, sunset, the park, we can do this, we can find our friends. Let’s do this and bring them home,” We lifted our hands up and high fived each other before splitting up.

I take the trail through the woods. It’s one of the longer trails that will pop me out close by the school. It’s one of the trails that the cross country kids would normally use to practice. “It’s ten in the morning guys,” Kyo says.

“Any chance you were able to get the date?”

“No, I just ran past a clock that was above a bank.”

“Not a problem, I’m closing in on the school, I should be able to get what day it is there,” I answer as I round the corner.

I roll my eyes and reach the billboard out front of the school. They switched it to a digital one apparently. I stand there to catch my breath, “It’s June 21st, it’s the summer solstice for them then,” Which also means that school is out.

“Well happy birthday,” Toshiro laughs lightly over the com.

“Ha ha, very funny. My birthday isn’t for another month,” I comment heading into the school grounds.

“Be turning the good old eighteen,” Kyo mentioned.

“Focus please,” I sigh looking around, everywhere I look the two of them are nowhere to be found, “Remember if you can find a place with a drinking fountain or something similar stay hydrated. We don’t need to be dropping before we even find them,” I say before getting a drink at the outside fountain that’s by the fields. I head out and off the school grounds after that.

Time keeps on passing and all I hear is Kyo and Shiro’s breathing in my ear and whenever they make a noise to get up on something or apologize to someone.

I get to the park first. Now one else is here right now. I wonder what time it is. Should I go for another run around my section to try and find them? Maybe I just missed them. “Gil, Aaron?” I shout looking around “I don’t understand, normally there’s always some kids here playing…or at least there was,” I mumble to myself as I look around trees as I make it to the center of the park. I put my hands up to my ear. “I’m going to take another run around my area to make sure that I didn’t just miss them,” I say to Toshrio and Kyo over the ear piece.

“Okay, I’m about half way through my route,” Toshiro answered me.

“Sounds good, let us know if you need help and we’ll come to help look, Sorry about giving you the bigger area,” Kyo apologized again to me.

“Don’t worry about it, I know the area so it’s only right,” I chuckle a little then let my hand fall from the ear piece and sigh, “Come on guys, this isn’t funny,” I hear a twig snap behind me and quickly turn around. Out of habit I get into a fighting stance.

“Well, someone’s tense,” A guy with black hair that’s buzzed on the left side and his bangs swoop over his right eye. His hair looks like it’s layered and a medium length. As he comes closer to me I can tell his eyes are a light brown.

I can’t tell what this guy is thinking. There’s so many emotions that are running through the intense gaze that he’s glaring at me with. From the distance between us he looks like he’s only a few inches taller than I am. Maybe six foot three, six foot four at most. He looks strong, like he played a sport in high school or even college. Or he could be a weight room junky. Either way, I don’t think there’s going to be any talking that will be able to get me out of this. My heart is pounding against my chest and I’m taking deep breaths to calm my heart. Keep calm Sasuke, just keep calm. “What do you want?” I finally ask as he now stands about five feet away from me.

“That’s not a way to greet someone Sasuke,” The man said to me pulling his hands out of his pockets. Do I know him? How the hell does he know me? “Ha! That’s not surprising that you don’t recognize me. I’ve changed quite a bit since we last saw each other, but you Sasuke, the only thing that’s changed about you is you’ve gotten taller,” He chuckles and shrugs his shoulders, “Not that it matters, it’s not going to help you any.”

“Then who the hell are you since you know me,” I question as I try to connect the dots in my head. I rise up on my toes and start to lightly bounce.

“Sasuke where are you?” Toshiro asked in my ear.

“Sasuke, answer us, where the fuck are ya?” Kyo said moments after I didn’t answer Shiro.

A smirk slides onto the man’s lips as he tips his head to the right and raises an eyebrow at me, “That’s adorable, do you think bouncing is going to help you at all?”

“Sasuke, who’s with you? Answer me please,” Shiro begged.

“Why not come here and find out asshole,” I return the smirk right back at him and shifted my weight slightly then thrusting my left fist forward I released a fire ball and shot it just past his head. It wasn’t close enough to burn him but enough for him to feel the heat and to know I’m not playing around. I pull my left arm back in and reset my stance, “The next one won’t miss,” I don’t can who this guy is, I’m not backing down.

“Now Sasuke, we know that’s not fair,” Lifting his right forearm he shows me the band that’s on his wrist. It’s a simple bracelet with what looks like a red bead on it? Maybe? “If we’re going to fight, let’s make things somewhat fair,” He brings his left hand up and touches the red bead thing. Out of the corner of my eye I see something move. Breaking eye contact with him I look to see what it was that moved. What looks like walk way lights start coming out of the ground and it’s not just one. There’s four of them around us.

“What the hell?” I mutter really confused. “Just what are you trying to pull?” my gaze snaps back to him.

He just takes a breath in and pulls his hands away. “Sasuke, you need to get out of there, I remember that voice it’s-” Shiro’s voice was cut off by a high pitched ringing that pierces my eardrums. I bring my hands up to my ears, but it doesn’t dual the sound. It’s like it’s a bouncy ball in a concrete room that’s just banging around in my head. Fuck. I got distracted by the ringing and didn’t notice the guy come up on me. I can’t react in time and his knee slams into my stomach at full force. All the oxygen that I have in my lungs escapes as I’m lifted up off the ground. Are things moving in slow motion or is he moving a lot faster? He switches his weight from his left leg to his right so fast the fact that he kicked me a second time registers when I feel the impact on my right side. When everything picks back up to normal speed for me when I go flying through the air. I slam into the ground and my head bashes off the ground hard before I start rolling to a stop. I grab onto the grass around me. My head pounding and the ringing is not helping as I try to breathe.

“Isn’t is fascinating Sasuke? The high pitched ringing that only elementals can hear,” He laughs as he comes over to me. He squats down and grabs the collar of my shirt. He lifts me up off the ground as I start coughing and getting air back into my lungs. “That’s right, I know you’re an elemental, I know you’re a moon elemental and your base element is fire,” He holds my up off the ground with one hand. How strong is he? My head hurts so much, I can’t think straight. He slams my back into a tree that had stopped me moments ago from continuing to slide across the ground. I can’t feel my earpiece in my ear any more. Did it fall out? “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” He brings his free hand up and socks me square in the mouth. The taste of iron hits my taste buds. He doesn’t stop. Sliding me up the tree a bit more he punches me three more times in the face, then let’s go of me and rapid punches me in the stomach. Twisting his fist back into my collar he pulls me back up and above his head once again.

“Not even close,” I chock out and bring my knee up tight and close to my body. Lifting my leg up enough to ram my knee into his jaw, causing him to drop me and make him back off, “Be happy it was your jaw,” I spit the blood out of my mouth, “I could have gone for your Adams apple instead,” I feel like I’m going to throw up, though.

“Fucking dick,” His facial expression tells me that getting the knee to the jaw wasn’t all the pleasant, also it looks like he’s not doing too well himself now. I try to hit him with a flaming kick but nothing came out. My flames never appeared, I’m able to at least land another blow on him. Though I feel like my kick has really now power behind it because all I did was make him stumble back a little. I lean my hands on my knees. Beads of sweat roll down my face to the tip of my nose. I’m breathing heavily and I know I have a shit tone more stamina then what I’m feeling right now.

“What going on?” I mumble out loud.

“This ringing blocks your abilities, it makes you feel sick, it’s literally draining your energy,” He says sounding a bit out of breath himself. Is it getting to him too? I watched as he brought up his foot and he kicks me down to the ground. I can’t even catch myself. I feel so tired, arms come on, work for me. He squats down and grabs my hair. I want to yell, I want to do something, but I physically can’t do anything, “Considering you’re about to pass out I’ll let you know my name. It’s Sean, and I work for the E.C.U,” It’s Sean…I can’t…The ringing finally stops.

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