A Little Secret

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I Really Just Did That

Chapter 36: I Really Just Did That


Why is it the fucking middle of the summer already? Well the first day of summer. I shouldn’t over exaggerate. But I want to sleep.

“Why do ya look so tired?” Andy asked me as I’m leaning against the window in the car with my smoothie between my legs and I’m trying not to fall asleep on the ride to work. Andy spent the night last night so he said that he wasn’t going to let me to take my normal run to work.

“I can’t imagen why, considering someone decided to keep me up till two in the morning when we had to get up at six,” I grumble grabbing the top of my to go cup and slowly sucking the smoothie up the straw because I accidently made it too thick this morning.

“Come on it was a good show,” He defended.

“And what was that about you’ll never watch anime if your life depends on it? You sure as fucking hell like Servamp that’s for damn sure,” And evil smirk creeps up on my lips as I look over at him with an I knew I was right expression.

“Fuck off Sean. I swear if you tell anyone about this I’ll kill you where you sit.”

“Pfft, your threats don’t scare me Andy,” I roll my eyes as we pull into the parking lot.

It’s a nice, warm June morning. After the fight with Andy things have gotten a bit better over the past few months. My noes has healed up just fine and I’m back to my normal schedule with training.

“I have to head to Chris’s office. I’ll catch ya later,” I wave to Andy.

“Again? Ya have ta go there practically every day it seems,” Andy sighed a bit frustrated.

“It’s the normal of having to get checkups on Aaron and Gil’s reports and what not. Beside the fact we’ve been going through this for four months you should be use to this by now,” I mention as we split off at the staircase.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t die of boredom then,” He grumbles with a wave and heads down stairs.

“I’ll try not to,” Chuckling a little I continue down the hall and to Chris’s office. Knocking twice I walk in and close the door behind me. Chris has his back to me at his desk. I looks like he’s organizing the mess that is always on the damn thing. Finally, it’s been driving me nuts seeing it that way. “Morning,” I greet.

“Good morning Sean,” He answers finally turning around, “Did you read for the lecture?”

“Andy was over last night, so I didn’t read,” I sighed sitting down on the couch that’s in the office and tipping my head back as I sink into the cushions.

“That won’t help you pass,” He mentioned.

“This isn’t even a class,” I complain not moving from my spot.

“You’re being graded on your tests so I would say it’s a class for one,” I lift my head back up to see him smirking at me with papers in his hand. “You passed with a seventy-two. You’re retaking this test on Friday. It’ll be on the same elements just different questions. You’re going to keep taking it till you get a master grade on it.”

“And what do you consider mastery?” I groan bringing my straw up to my lips.

“Ninety, the lowest,” I swallow hard on my smoothie and it goes down the wrong tube.

I start coughing as I sit up, “You’re nuts, the only thing I’ve ever gotten an above ninety grade on are the history exams in high school.”

“So you like history,” he said handing me back my test.

“I do; it’s always interested me. That and lore considering the lore and myths were more than just that at some point in history,” I reply taking the papers and looking through what I got wrong.

“Were either of your parents good with history?”

“Don’t know,” I mumble with my straw in my mouth, “Never met them, don’t personally care anymore either,” I read his reasons for why he marked some things wrong.

“Why’s that?”

“If they didn’t want to be a part of my life growing up then why the fuck should I look for them now? I’ve gotten through life well enough.”

“You’re lying,” I stop reading and look up at him.

“Am not,” I answer before drinking my smoothie.

“You say that you’re not lying, but you’re lying to yourself. You’ve done it so much that you believe that you no longer give a shit who your parents are and just seclude yourself to being alone.”

“Can we not talk about this subject please,” I point at a question on my test. “Why is this one wrong, I know it’s right.”

“You spelled his name wrong, it’s I-g-n-a-t-i-u-s Z-a-b-a-t, not igneous. Igneous is a word that means having solidified from lava or magma and relating to or involving volcanic processes,” He grabbed a couple papers off his desk and started flipping through them, “They don’t even sound the same when you say them out loud.”

“Maybe next time we shouldn’t have a test at nine o’clock at night,” I grumble looking away from him and deliberately making a slurping sound with my smoothie.

“Fine, your next exam will be at six thirty in the morning, do you want to keep making excuses?”

My eye twitches as I look away from him, “I hate you,”

“Mmm, not the first time I’ve heard that come out of your mouth, now get your notebook out, we’ve got some work to do,” I set my smoothie down and get out my notebook and a pen. Opening my book up to a new page I rest if on my left leg and spin my pen in my left and tap the tip of the pen to the paper and write down todays date, June 21st “It’s Sasuke’s birthday today,” I mumble looking at the date. Well, should be anyways.

“Hm?” Chris hums.

“It’s nothing,” I sigh and look up at Chris.

“Who are the prodigies of the four base elements?” He questions right off the bat.

“Lucian, Kiyoshi, Ignatius, and Zephyr,” I answer.

“Match the elements.”

“Lucian is earth, Kiyoshi is water, Ignatius is fire, and Zephyr is wind.”

“Very good, not that you’re spelling them out or anything,” he dodged my pen that I threw at him. “Anywho, what branches off the water element?”

“Um…it’s just ice right?” I question getting out another pen.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” He smirked.

I mumble all the elements to myself, “Yes, ice is the only element that branches off water.”

“How do you think the ice element was able to branch off water and become its own element?” I blink a few times and I know that I probably look as confused as I really am.

“That’s not in the book,” I finally answer.

“I know, I’m asking if you’ve thought about it,” he stopped pacing in front of me and actually looked down at me.

I sit up straight as I lightly tap my pen against my paper, “Was it possibly a water elemental got caught in a snow storm and instead of freezing to death their body adapted to the cold and changed their element to ice?”

“That’s a good guess that’s for sure and you’re half correct. A water elemental did get caught in a snow storm,” He crosses his arms over his chest, “And this is where the story starts to break apart. Some say as they were in the snow storm they saved an ice fairy from the winds and in order to thank them they transformed the water into ice within the elementals body changing them to an ice elemental. Others say that the water elemental was heart-broken and the cold weather eternally froze their heart forever changing their element to ice. Now, what are the common traits of an ice elemental and who’s the prodigy?”

Lightly tapping my right heel on the ground I sit back into the couch as I think, “Cold to the touch…pale skin…and um…white hair,” saying those traits out loud makes it click in my mind, “It’s Toshiro…Toshiro is the ice prodigy,”

“That’s not her name, not even close,” Chris mentions and I look back up at him.

“No, I mean the current prodigy, it’s Toshiro, but his last name is Unido not Nurmi,” I say confused.

“The prodigy of an element doesn’t have to be passed down in the same family line. Just because someone has the same last name as an old prodigy doesn’t mean that they are going to end up being that element, “He explains and rolled his wrist a few times, “How to explain this…think of it as a reincarnation factor. When something passes its soul is released from its body. If they don’t have any unfinished business they go to the spirit realm,” He sits down on the couch next to me. He motions for me to hand him my notebook so I do and give him my pen with it. He grabbed the pen with his left hand and drew three circles and labels one Amoura, the one of the opposite side Earth, and the top of the three spirit realm.

“Souls from both earth and Amoura end up in the spirit realm. They go to a spirit that keeps them all in a safe place. That spirit is called the keeper. The keeper is the spirit that decides the souls fate. From what I know there are eighteen souls that are designated as forever being cursed to go through the cycle of life. These eighteen souls are the prodigies of the elements. These souls have gone through countless lives, but only one will ever remember what they have done in their past life, that is the sight elemental. All the other souls will have their memories that they’ve made erased before they are sent back out into the cycle,” tapping the bottom of the pen on the paper before flipping it around again he starts drawing arrows between all of the realms. But that doesn’t mean that the souls will go directly to Amoura to be reborn, they are separated between the two other realms. When a prodigy uses their element for the first time and they are on earth, they send off a major spike in energy. This energy is like an invisible shock wave that echo’s through the three realms. It reveals that one of the souls has been successfully awakened to begin their journey down the path of hardships that they must take.”

“That’s kinda harsh, those souls have to go through life over and over again and never get a break,” I say quietly looking down at the page.

“It’s necessary to keep the world in balance. If something happens to these souls, it could throw the three realms into chaos,” I look up at him and he leans back into the couch and looks up at the ceiling, “I don’t know what kind of chaos it would be is the thing. I don’t know who does, to be honest.”

It falls silent between us. The only sound is the ticking of the clock, “So…what prodigies have you met before?”

“Only Jaden, my older brother, and Fechín,” He answered.

“I haven’t heard of Jaden, who’s he?” I question. I haven’t heard of Fechín either.

“I don’t know what happened to him. But there hasn’t been another space prodigy since him. At least since I’ve been alive. I know about what happened in Gilbert’s past life because I somehow managed to convince a spirit to allow me to look into the past. Don’t ask me how, I was just able to do it,” He sighed and leaned forward once again and handed me my book and pen back, “We’ll stop there today. Tomorrow we’ll keep going where we left off before we got side tracked.”

He stands up and stretches as I close my notebook and toss it back in my bag. I grab my smoothie with one hand and my bag in the other and tossed my back over my shoulder as I stand up. “I’ll go get Aaron and Gil’s breakfast then,” I sighed going around the other side of the table.

I left the office and as I close the door I see someone that I normally don’t see up here. “Laila, what brings you up here?” I ask with her back to me.

She turns around with a smile on her face. She has two plates of food in her hands, “I’m bringing the boys their food!”

I chuckle, “You’re going the wrong way then,” Her cheeks flush a light pink and I motion for her to follow me, “I was about to come and get it.”

“I know you were, you always come around the same time. I just wanted to come visit them. You’ve don’t bring them down that often, and I want to see my gingers,” She pouts as I pull out the card to open up the door to their cell.

I slide the card through and the door slides open. Aaron is sprawled out on the cot against the back wall, the blanket only covering one of his legs. His right arm is hanging off the cot and his left is resting above his head. I look over at Gil and his back is to the door. His glasses are resting on the little night stand that’s next to his cot with the water bottle that I got him next to them. I flick on the light and Aaron groans loudly, “Five more minutes,” He pulls his pillow out from under his head and flops it on top of his face.

“Get up, Laila’s here you see you two, and she brought you breakfast,” I toss my bag on the spare bed like I normally do and go to Aaron and pull the pillow off his head. Gil was getting up on his own and put his glasses on.

“Good morning,” Gil says quietly.

“Good morning Gil!” I hear Laila greet cheerfully.

“Thank you.”

“Give it baaaaaack,” Aaron whines effortlessly grabs for his pillow.

“Aaron, we go through this every morning. Your food’s going to get cold if you don’t get up,” I whack his legs with his pillow.

His stomach growled and the room fell silent, “Fine, I’ll get up,” Aaron gave in and sat up. His hair is a mess, but he happily takes the food from Laila. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome!” Laila says happily, “I have to get going, back to the kitchen, thanks for letting me bring them their food,” I went back over to the door and opened it for her again so she could head out. I’m sure she has a fair bit of stuff she still has to do, but she was willing to put it on hold and bring them their food.

The two of them eat and I refill both of their water bottles for them. “Can I try this?” Aaron asks holding up my to go cup with what’s left of my smoothie.

“If you want to. There’s not much left in it. It’s just a strawberry-banana smoothie,” I answer setting his water bottle down next to him, “I don’t use dairy products when I make smoothies, Just fruit and fruit juice.”

“It tastes really good!” Aaron perked up and is starting to sound like his normal self again.

“Thanks,” I smile when he gives it back to me. I let Gil try it as well before I sit down on the spare bed.

“How are your lessons with Mr. Zimmer going?” Gil questioned.

“They’re going, I have to retake the test again,” I sigh heavily.

“Why?” Aaron asks with a mouth full of food.

“I passed, but he won’t let me move on till I get mastery on this test. His mastery level is ninety and above,” I explain to them.

“That’s total crap, mastery is eighty-five and above. Even on Amoura that’s what it is,” Aaron protests.

“It’s fine, I just have to try and treat is more like history. Maybe if I do that, I’ll do better with it. I retake the test Friday morning. I know I can do it. I’ll get back the four basic elements,” I try to encourage myself.

“You’ve totally got this, you don’t give up,” Gil laughed lightly pushing up his glasses. “Can we go to the pool today?”

“I don’t see why not,” I nod in agreement.

They finish eating and I take their plates back down to the kitchen and rinse them off so the two of them could do their morning business. When I get back up to the room the two of them are waiting. I grab my bag that I left in the room and I took them down to the pool. We’ve been leaving their swimming trunks in my locker and I’ll take them home and wash them once a week if we go to the pool. The two of them seem to have my work out schedule down and know when I have just the pool work out. There are days where the two of them ask if I can take them to one of the training area’s so they can keep up on their sparing. Even though Andy’s still not a fan of Aaron and Gil, if I ask him to help me teach them something he helps.

When the three of us get out to the pool Aaron and Gil stick around the other side of the pool where Abel is. It’s mostly to keep out of my way while I do my work out. Abel’s gotten use to them and strikes up conversations with them all the time. When I’m done with my work out and cool down Abel normally helps me stretch to make sure that I stay loose.

“Sean can you show us the turn?” Aaron asked me. Him and Gil have been trying to learn how to swim competitively well, swim against each other in any case.

“Yeah, I can do that,” I agree and get back in the pool. “When you use it while swimming the flip turn will be a lot easier to do,” I mention to them again as I get over to the wall, “This is all based on judgement and how long your legs are for then you’ll make the turn. Most people go by the T on the bottom of the pool and will go two strokes past it before making the turn, but again it’s all based on the length of your legs. Also make sure you have enough air in your lungs before you make the turn, just don’t try to take a breath right before it because it’ll mess up your strokes and throw you off. For now, though we’re going to stay by the edge again and get as far away as you need to in order to have a bit of momentum as you’re making the turn,” I explain then show them what I meant for the explanation.

Once I do it a few times for them they give it a shot. I have to help Aaron get the flip down before he gets close to the wall. But after a bit he got it down. The started goofing around so I hopped out of the pool and sat on the ledge as splashed each other and flip turn races to see who could push themselves the furthest down the pool without continuing with a stroke.

“They seem like they’re having fun,” Abel say standing next to me.

“It’s good for them to be able to relax. They still won’t tell me things, but that’s to be expected,” I shrug leaning back on my arms.

“I think they would be worse off if they didn’t have you here,” I look up at Abel then back at Gil and Aaron, “I’m sure if anyone else was assigned to them they would just take them their food and that’s it. You get them out of their cell and let them have fun. In a way, you’re easing their tension.”

“I’m just doing what I would want done if I was in their situation,” I reply.

“Sean,” I turn and look over my shoulder when I hear Andy call out my name.

“Sup?” I ask pulling my legs out of the pool and walk over to him.

“Not too much, just got done with my work out. Did a double up because I’m off tomorrow,” He answered and I can see him glaring over my shoulder at Gil and Aaron.

“That’s right, you have to help your dad build something right?” I lean my weight on one leg and cross my arms over my chest.

“Yeah, we’re taking down the old shed and putting up a new one,” He nods, still glaring.

“Stop glaring at them,” I sigh.

“Keep glaring and we’ll suck out your soul,” Aaron spoke up.

“Try it ginger, I’m strawberry blonde, I practically don’t have a soul,”

“That means you’re only half ginger,” I look back at Aaron to see him smiling wickedly as he’s propped himself on the edge of the pool.

“You two are ridiculous,” I sigh rubbing my temple with my right hand.

“Anyways, if you want to after ya get out of work tomorrow Nick and Sam were going to stop by my apartment, if ya wanna come and hang out yer welcome to,” He offers and I shake my head.

“I’m good, I’ve gotta be her early on Friday so I might as well get what rest I can,” I decline.

“Fair enough,” I’m surprised that he didn’t ask me what I have to be in early for.

“Sean.” Abel calls and I turn and look over at him, “Chris wants to see you.”

“I was just there this morning,” I grumble as my shoulders slump.

Andy chuckles, “I’ll catch cha later then, I have to go do some stuff. Besides, it’s like two, isn’t it time the kiddies got out of the pool and had lunch?”

“Damn, we’ve been down here for almost four hours,” I instantly look at the clock.

“We did get in late today.”

“And who’s fault was that?” I smirk at him.

“Go take care of the brats,” Andy huffs and looks away from me.

I chuckle, “See ya later,” spinning on my heels I go back towards the pool. Aaron and Gil are already out of the pool and are drying off, “Did Chris give you a time that I needed to be there?”

“He said within the half an hour,” Abel answered as he handed Gil his glasses.

“Okay,” I look at Gil and Aaron, “We have time to get you two lunch if you’re hungry, or if you just want a snack we can do that too. I don’t know how long it’s going to take with Chris is all.”

“I’m not all that hungry,” Gil said quietly as we went to the locker room.

“By the time we get done showering we’ll only have time to grab a snack before you have to leave,” Aaron mentioned.

“Fair enough,” They head to the showers to get cleaned up. I just get changed. I’ll take a shower when I get home.

After the two of them get cleaned off and dressed We go to the kitchen and I get them a few apples and banana’s to munch on then we go back to their cell and finally at 2:30 I get to Chris’s office.

Knocking twice I walk into the office, “You wanted to see me?”

“There was a hit on the radar, three of them,” Chris rests his cheek in his right hand, “Guess what you’re going to do,” My heart starts to pound against my chest, “It’s time to greet an old friend Sean. You know what he looks like and Sasuke is the one that we’re after. Wait at the park and see if he passes through there,” Chris slides a bracelet towards me and I step up to the desk and reach out for the bracelet. My hand is shaking. “If you can’t do it, I’m sure I can pull Andrew away from what he’s up to and he can go after Sasuke.”

“No,” I say quickly, “No, I can do this,” I take a breath and grab the bracelet and put it on.

“Press and hold the button to activate the beacons. Once you release your finger from the button the ringing will start. It’ll take a bit longer for you to be effected by it, but he’ll pass out faster than you will. Once he’s out turn it off, and bring him here, understood?” I nod.

“Yes sir,” I turn around and leave his office. My heart won’t stop pounding. My hands are sweating, why am I so nervous? Maybe I should back down from this…no, no I can’t do that. I won’t do that. I have to do this; I can do this. I go down to the garage and there’s already one of the mechanics leaning against the truck.

“You the one I’m taking out on patrol today?” He questioned. His burnet hair slicked back and his bangs being held out of his face with a headband. His blue mechanic suit is covered in grease and holes here and there.

“I am,” I nod, “Chris wants us to go to the park.”

“Alright, we’re going the roundabout way, though I’m tired of going the same way every day,” He sighed getting in the front of the truck while I get in the back.

“Fair enough,” I sit down on the bench after closing the door. The truck starts up we get moving. I look out the back door windows as we travel. Trees keep passing by as we go past the apartments. My eyes widen when I see a head of white hair that’s pulled up into a pony tail running in the opposite direction of the way we were traveling. Snowflake? I wish we could have stopped and I could run and catch up to him. I’m sorry Toshiro, please forgive me for what I’m about to do. I take in a deep breath and exhale. Even if you don’t that’s fine. I’ll take whatever punishment I deserve if we ever meet again. But it doesn’t mean that I won’t fight back. I look away from the back windows when we turn the corner.

“You’re pretty quiet. Normally the guy I get is talkative,” The mechanic mentioned.

“I normally keep to myself as much as I can,” I say leaning my back against the inside of the truck.

“Got somethin’ on your mind?”

“I have a lot on my mind, but that’s normal.”

“I hear ya there,” They guy chuckles.

It falls quiet between us again and we make it to the park. He drives just past it and stops. I get out of the truck and stretch.

“Think we’ll see anything today?” He questioned walking up to me.

“Not sure, but I know what I’m looking for,” I respond as we walk back to the park.

“That’s good, because I normally sit in the truck,” He says as I pull out my phone and check the time. It’s almost 4:30 in the afternoon. “I’m going to go this way,” He said pointing down the opposite path.

“Alright, we can just meet up at the van then,” I agree putting my phone back in my pocket and walking down the other path. It’s quite in the park today. It is the summer, maybe most families are out camping and traveling. It’s also around dinner time. I stop in my tracks when I see a head of black hair.

“Don’t worry about it, I know the area so it’s only right,” He chuckles as he lets his hand fall from his ear. I know that voice, it’s Sasuke…he’s gotten taller. I walk off the path and start walking towards him, “Come on guys, this isn’t funny,” I step on a twig and it snaps. He quickly turns around and gets into a fighting stance. His red eyes seem even brighter than the last time I saw him.

“Well, someone’s tense,” I say as I get closer to him, my hear tis pounding hard against my chest. There’s so many things I want to ask you. So many things I want to tell you. No, I have to keep calm. I can do this rationally.

“What do you want?” He questions. I stop about five feet away from him. He’s glaring at me. Am I glaring back? I can tell he’s tense, he’s off balance, his stance is weak and he’s shaking. Is that why his stance is weak? He’s leaving so many holes for counters.

“That’s not a way to greet someone Sasuke,” I say pulling my hands out of my pockets. The look of shock pools over his face. He doesn’t know who I am? Are you fucking serious? “Ha! That’s not surprising that you don’t recognize me. I’ve changed quite a bit since we last saw each other, but you Sasuke, the only thing that’s changed about it is you’ve gotten taller,” I chuckle and shrug, “Not that it matters, it’s not going to help you any.”

“Then who the hell are you sense you know me you know me,” That fucking ass, he forgot me. What the fuck? So much time has passed and I never forgot about him, but he forgets me. Sasuke rises up on his toes and starts to lightly bounce.

A smirk plays at the corner of my mouth and I tip my head to the right as I raise an eyebrow, “That’s adorable, do you think bouncing is going to help you at all?” I’m going to kick his ass. I’m going to fucking kick his skinny ass and knock my name back into him.

“Why not come here and find out asshole,” He returned my smirk right back. He stops bouncing for a moment and shifts his stance so fast I can’t process what he’s doing till I see a fireball coming towards me and flies past my head. My cheek is hot from the heat that came off his fireball. He pulls his fist back in and exhales slowly a dead serious expression on his face as he resets his stance, “The next one won’t miss.”

“Now Sasuke, we know that’s not fair,” I lift my right arm revealing the bracelet on my wrist to him, “If we’re going to fight, let’s make this somewhat fair,” I bring my left hand up and I press and hold the button. Four beacon’s come up out of the ground surrounding us.

Sasuke broke eye contact with me to look around, “What the hell?” I’m just able to make out. His head snaps back to looking at me with a nasty glare on his face, “Just what are you trying to pull?”

I take a deep breath and release the button on the bracelet. The high pitch ring hits my ears. Sasuke clamps his hands over his ears. He’s distracted. My feet move on their own and charge towards Sasuke. I slam my knee into his stomach at full force. The impact knocks the wind out of him and lifts him up into the air. Without hesitation I pull my knee away from Sasuke’s stomach and swap legs, kicking Sasuke in the side and sending him flying away from me. He slams into the ground and rolls to a stop at the bottom of a tree. I walk towards him, “Isn’t it fascinating Sasuke? The high pitched ringing that only elementals can hear,” I laugh as I squat down next to him. He’s clinging to the grass gasping for air like a fish out of water as I grab the collar of his shirt I lift him up off the ground as he starts to cough. You’re so light, how pathetic, I thought you would have put on at least a little more weight. “That’s right, I know you’re an elemental, I know you’re a moon elemental and your base element is fire,” You told me yourself damn it. I hold him above my head with one hand before slamming his back into the tree, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” I bring my left hand up and sock him square in the mouth before he can get anything out. I don’t stop with just one, I punch him three more times on top of it. His nose is bleeding. I release his collar from my grasp and rapid punch his stomach. I just snap, I can’t hold back. All these years of frustration of him just up and leaving like that on me… His feet touch the ground long enough for me to grab his collar once again and lift him up one more time.

“Not even close,” He chokes out and slams his knee into my jaw making me clamp down on my tongue. The taste of blood pools in my mouth and I drop Sasuke. Biting my snaps, me back to reality. The ringing hits me like a truck and I’m starting to feel nauseous.

“Fucking dick,” I mumble holding my mouth and swallowing the blood. I should have been paying attention because Sasuke lands a kick to my left thigh and my causes me to stumble back. I look at him and he’s leaning on his knees and sweating really bad. He’s lasted a hell of a lot longer than Gil and Aaron did when it was used against them. He’s breathing heavily.

“What’s going on?” He muttered, his legs are wobbling, he can’t hold out much longer.

“This ringing blocks your abilities, it makes you feel sick, it’s literally draining your energy,” I answer feeling out of breath and sick to my stomach myself. I brought up my foot kicked him down to the ground. It didn’t take a lot of force to knock him down. He couldn’t catch himself, he fell to the ground and lays there breathing heavily and sweating. I squat down and grab his hair. Blood drops off his chin and other parts are starting to dry to his face, “Considering you’re about to pass out I’ll let you know my name. It’s Sean, and I work for the E.C.U,” I say and I watch his eyes close and all the tension in his body falls off a cliff as his body slumps.

I put his head back down before letting go of his hair and quickly hit the button on the bracelet to stop the damn ringing. Coughing I move away from Sasuke because I feel like I want to hurl. After I stop coughing and spitting out blood I get back over to Sasuke. He’s out cold. Grabbing his wrists, I lift him up into a sitting position then pull him up onto my back. I hook my arms under his legs and make sure that I have a good hold on him before I stand up and go back to the van.

“Shit what happened to you? Looks like that kid got it worse,” the mechanic said.

“Let’s just get back to headquarters,” I sigh as he opens the door to the van for me so I can get in the back with Sasuke.

“Whatever,” He shuts the door behind me as I set Sasuke down on the bench.

I just fucking did that…I just beat up my who was my best friend. I rest his head on my lap, as the van starts up and we get going. I’m the fucking shittiest friend on the face of the planet. He takes the rest of the route back to headquarters and I get out of the van with Sasuke in my arms in the parking lot. I carry him towards the door. Otto is standing outside smoking.

“Otto,” my voice cracks as hot tears force their way out of the corners of my eyes and I can’t hold them back, “I’m the worst fucking person on the face of the earth. I just hurt my best friend.” I can’t stop these damn tears. I’m a fucking asshole I just snapped and I couldn’t stop.

Otto flicked his cigarette away quickly and meets me what was left of the way to the door, “Everything will be okay Sean, let me see him,” Otto slips his hands under Sasuke and takes him from my arms. “Just breathe and get yourself cleaned up,” I nod slowly as I get the door for Otto and he heads inside with Sasuke in his arms.

I can’t stop the tears as I wipe the dried blood from the side of my mouth and walk down the hall. I make my way to Gil and Aaron’s cell and open the door.

“Sean what happened?” Aaron instantly asked me. He could probably hear my crying from down the hall.

I drop to my knees and sob into my hands, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done it.”

One of them put a hand on my back, “What happened?” It was Gil, “I need you to calm down.”

“I can’t, I’m the worst friend anyone could ever have,” I looked up at both of them, “Sasuke’s here, and I’m the one who brought him here,” I feel like I’m going to throw up, my head is pounding.

“Sean…” Aaron mutters.

“I understand if you two hate me. I shouldn’t have done it. I feel sick, I’m breaking down, I’m fucking trash…” I stop when a throbbing pain rises on my right cheek. The sound of the slap echoed down the hall as the heat intensifies with the pain.

“That’s enough Sean,” Aaron rose his voice, “What’s done is done, you need to pull yourself together. If you fall apart what’s going to happen with Gil and me?” I look up at him and can see this he’s upset. I know he doesn’t like to hurt others, but he slapped me really hard I can tell that his hands also red like my cheek.

“I’m-” He cuts me off.

“I don’t want an apology Sean, now stand up,” I do what I’m told but look away from him. It shocks me when he wipes the tears from my face, “It’s in the past, yes Sasuke is an amazing friend, but you’re just as much of a friend of our as he is.”

“Aaron’s right,” Gil adds in, “We’ve honestly been able to keep going because of you. You keep our spirits up, even when you’re having a bad day you always seem to leave with a smile by the end of the day. It makes us happy to see you in high spirits. No matter what the scientists try to do with us and when we’re on the brink of giving up you come back and make things better,” Gil put a hand on my shoulder.

“Now, go get washed up, you have dried blood on you. When Sasuke is conscious you better apologize to him too,” Aaron smiled up at me.

“Also, don’t you have to report Chris too?”

I nod and wipe off my eyes as best as I can, “You slap really fucking hard Aaron,” I laugh a bit my nose stuffed.

“Snapped you out if it didn’t it?” Again I nod, “Then it did its job!”

“You might want to ice your cheek later,” Gil suggests.

“Will do,” I smile.

“Go, and you better be there for Sasuke when he wakes up, otherwise I’m going to do worse than a slap next time,” Aaron threatens as he heads back into the cell.

“I will,” I said and waved as the door closed behind Gil. Then I set out to Chris’s office. I knock twice like I always do and walk in.

“Well, you look like shit,” Chris commented as I walked up to his desk.

Taking off the bracelet I toss it on his desk, “It’s done, Sasuke’s here now,” I say still feeling like shit.

“It was necessary and I know this was hard for you to do, but it’ll all work out I assure you. You did a good job. Sasuke will also be under your protection for the duration of his stay,” Chris stood up and came around the desk. He turned me so I was facing him and he put his hands on my shoulders, “Where’s Sasuke at this moment?”

“With Otto, he took Sasuke from me while I was walking to the doors with him,” I answer.

“I want you to go down and be there for when Sasuke wakes up. See how he’s doing. If he’s in a well enough condition you can take him up to the room with Aaron and Gil. You did well,” He pats my shoulders once more before he lets his hands slide off my shoulders and back down to his sides.

“I’ll be going then,” I mutter and turn away from him.

“You two may have to have a talk afterwards, try to get that friendship that you once had back,” I stop half way to the door, but I don’t turn around, “I can tell that you have a very strong bond with him. You should keep it that way. I know that you have lots of questions, but I’m sure they will be answered in time.”

I don’t say anything in response to what he says and leave the office. But after what I just did to him…why would he even want to look at me again? I swallow hard and go down to see Otto and Sasuke and wait for him to wake up.

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