A Little Secret

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Are We Still Friends?

Chapter 37: Are We Still Friends?


“Where am I?” I look around at the view that surrounds me. It’s the park.

“Sasuke,” I turn around to my name being called. A teen with layered medium length black hair with bangs swooping over his brown eyes is standing ten feet away from me. His hands are in his pockets, left leg kicked out to the side and his weight leaning on his right.

“Sean,” I mutter staring back at him.

“Why did you leave?” The question hit me like a truck, but he didn’t stop, “Why did you leave me alone?” His image shifts to the man that I met earlier. The man that beat the shit out of me…The one that’s grown up from the teen I knew before I left to go to Amoura. His fists are clenched at his sides and tears are on the verge of forming at the corners of his eyes.

“Sean, I-I’m…” I trail off. I just doing know where to even start.

“I trusted you. I let you in and you just fucking up and left without saying a damn thing to me,” I can’t say anything, my words are caught in my throat, “I hate you, you’re no fucking better than my parents,” He rose his voice at me.

“No, Sean, please listen, it’s not like that,” I panic as he turns his back to me, “I was going to talk to you about it, but we had to suddenly leave, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t waste your breath. Saying something and doing it are two completely different fucking things. If you actually cared you would have come back. You would have talked to me. I thought you were different. I thought of you as family,” He wouldn’t turn around to look at me, but I can tell he’s crying.

He starts to walk away, “Sean wait!” I reach out to him and take a step forward but when I do there’s a rush of water that hits me legs like a strong current, “SEAN!!” I scream as the water picks up and I can’t stand my ground any more I end up slipping and falling into the water. Bubbles float upwards around me as I sink further into the water. I can’t breathe…I can’t swim…Sean…please…

Gasping I sit up quickly and open my eyes. Clutching my chest, a rush of pain and dizziness hits my all at once. I feel like I’m going to throw up. Where am I? I was in the park last right? I see something move out of the corner of my eye and I twist my body and try to form a fireball to launch at whatever moved, but I get hit with nausea and quickly put my hand over my mouth instead trying to calm my nerves.

“Sasuke,” I snap my gaze in the direction that I heard my voice. Sean is getting up out of a chair and walks towards me. I panic and back away from him only to have my hand miss the end of whatever I’m on and I start falling backwards. Someone grabs my shirt and stops me from falling completely off the table like thing, “Calm down,” It was Sean. It feels like the room is spinning as Sean pulls me back up so I’m sitting, “Everything is okay.”

“What’s going on? Where am I? My face hurts so bad, you ass,” I put my hands to my mouth and noticing how tender and sore it if. It’s not as swollen as I thought it would be, “Why did you beat me up?”

“I’m sorry,” He apologized and looked away from me, “I just snapped, I’m really sorry.” He took a breath, “You’re are the E.C.U.’s headquarters and right now we’re in a medical room.”

“W-why are you apologizing?” I was literally shocked from what he said, “Why are we here?”

“I literally just kicked your ass and split your lip open two hours ago and the first thing you say is why am I apologizing after your spew of panic questions?” He sighs and let go of my shirt. Running his fingers through his hair he sighs, “We’re here because I work here,” I put a hand on the shoulder that I was shot a year ago for myself. I still have a slight scar from it. They were people from the E.C.U. that were after us. The E.C.U. was the reason why we left so soon.

It fell quiet between the two of us. It’s kinda that awkward silence, “I’m sorry,” I say looking down at my lap.

“Hm?” He hums and I look up at him.

“I understand if you hate me,” I keep my eyes on his, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to leave like I did. There were complications and we had to leave suddenly…I think I wanted to come back, I wanted to explain things to you…but I’m having a hard time remembering, I don’t know why I’m having a hard time remembering either.”

“I don’t hate you. Yes, I’m pissed that you up and left like that. Yes, I wanted to know what the hell happened and why you disappeared. Why is it that I almost forgot you? What is Amoura? Why is there a time difference between the realms?” He broke eye contact with me and rubbed the back of his neck, “The biggest thing was, I felt like I lost my family when you disappeared. I felt like a hole was ripped into my chest.”

“I’m so sorry,” I apologize, “If there was a way to get the time that was lost back I would do it,” I open my mouth to continue and I hear the door knob turn. Panic mode instantly flicks back on and I thrust my right fist forward to blast a fireball at the door, but I rush of nausea floods my body and the flame that started fizzles out quickly and I gag.

“Take an easy Sasuke. I’m here so no one’s going to do anything to you,” Sean tries to comfort me, “Lay back down and try to relax.”

“I don’t want to relax Sean, I have to find Aaron and Gil and take them home,” I protest pushing against his arms to keep myself sitting up.

“Aaron and Gil are fine. On top of that you’re in no condition to be doing anything,” Sean mentions pushing harder on my shoulders.

“Like hell I am. Let me up, I’ll fucking show you I can walk.”

“Stop being a brat and fucking listen to me.”

“Let me uuuuuup,”

“Looks like someone’s still got some fight in them,” I know that voice. I look past Sean as he makes me fully lay back down.

“Otto?!” I exclaim completely confused as to why he’s here, “Why are you here?”

“You know each other?!” Sean looked between the two of us.

“Well we don’t know know each other, but dad knows him and he works in the science building at the academy,” I explained to Sean.

“You’re an elemental?” Sean gave Otto a look that told me he wasn’t happy that he wasn’t told. Like he did something wrong.

“Yes, and I would appreciate it if you both kept your mouth shut. Aaron and Gil keep their mouths shut so you two do the same. I know it’ll be difficult for the two of you consider you bicker like siblings,” Otto sighed in frustration and pulled a stick of gum out of his pocket and popping into his mouth before going over to the sink to wash his hands. “You’re going to be fine Sasuke. Obviously it’s going to take a while for your lip to heal considering we don’t have a water elemental here to heal it. To keep the swelling down I want Sean to make sure that while you’re here at work he takes them twice while you’re here. Once when you get here and once before you leave,” He turns off the water and dries his hands as he turns around to talk to us.

He smells like cigarette smoke, “Why do you smoke? I never see you do it, but even at Amoura you’ve smelled like it,” I say out of the blue.

“There’s a lot of reasons why I do it. None of which that I want to share with either of you, but put it this way, the obvious one is it’s an addiction, and the second one if from stress,” He sighs, “The nausea and light headedness will pass. It’s from how long you were exposed to the frequency. For now, take an easy and listen to Sean when he tells you something. Sean’s going to be looking out for you while you’re here.”

I look up at Sean and he looks down at me and smirks a bit. Are we even still friends? He sure as hell gave me his old smirk. How old is he now?

“You can take him to the same room if you want. Sasuke’s rested enough that he should be able to walk. But take the elevator instead of the stairs, we don’t need him passing out and getting injured even more,” He tossed the paper towel that he hand in his hands in the little trash bin, “I want to see him tomorrow to make sure that the cut stays clean. We don’t need you getting an infection.”

“Alright,” Sean sighs and looks down at me. “Guess you can sit up, but take it slow,” I sit back up and swing my feet over the side of the table. Sean put his hand out for me to take and I ignore it. Sliding off the table my feet hit the ground and my knees give out. Before I can hit the ground Sean’s looped his hand under my arm and keeps me from falling all the way to the floor.

“Thanks,” I mutter as he helps me stand up and makes sure I’m steady before letting go of me.

“Is there a specific time you want us back here tomorrow?” Sean questions.

“Sometime in the morning is fine,” He says as Sean opens the door to the room.

“Can do, I’ll catch ya later,” I walk out of the room as Sean says bye to Otto and wait for him. I have no idea where I’m going and I don’t feel like getting lost. Sean closes the door and walks past me. I follow him quietly putting my hands in my pockets. Even if I did run I wouldn’t be able to get away, not in the condition I’m in right now.

“How tall are you?” I ask staring at the back of his head.

“Six foot three,” He answers and I blink surprised, “What about you?”

“Um…I think I’m six foot. Last time I checked Shiro was still six foot and I can look at him eye level now,” I say as my eyes start to wander and look at the walls and doors that we pass.

We walk past some people and they move away from us. As in on the other side of the hall away from the two of us, “I don’t have rabies for fucks sake,” I grumble glaring at the people.

“Don’t pay too much attention to it. They do this to Gil and Aaron, they even do it to just me when I’m walking alone,” Sean sighed pressing the up button on the elevator.

I stand next to him, “How old you are?”

“Twenty actually, What about you?”

“Seventeen. On Amoura I’ll be turning eighteen on the solstice,” The door opens and a few people get out of the elevator and we head in.

“How long is that away on Amoura time?” He hit the button for us to go up a floor.

“About a month away if we were on Amoura,” I lean against the bar that’s on the wall.

“What are you going to do if you’re here for more than a month in Amoura time?”

“I’ll just stay seventeen for another year, it’s not the end of the world,” I shrug my shoulders as the elevator dings and the door opens for us once more.

“You’re okay with that?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I’m not in any hurry to grow up. I kinda can’t be anyways with the fact that I’m going to live for hundreds of years, so I might as well get use to how I look,” I chuckle and I could feel that something was wrong with Sean, “You okay?”

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine,” we walk side by side keeping quiet. The awkward silence came back as we turned the corner and went down another hall.

“So, how long has Otto been here?” I ask and Sean reaches into his pocket.

“He’s been here as long as I have. That’s all I know, Otto doesn’t talk to me all that much, but he doesn’t hate me, not too sure what I am to him really. Maybe just some co-worker,” He pulled out a card and we stood in front of a door. Sliding the card through a reader the door slides open.

Two certain red heads were sitting on different beds and they looked at the door when it opened, “Aaron, Gil!” I say happily. I’m so glad to see they’re okay.

“Sasuke!” They said in unison. Aaron sprang off his bed and ran out of the cell and hugged me.

“You’re okay,” He said happily as I hug him back.

“I’m fine, just a split lip and some bruising,” I laugh a little and Gil comes over and hugs me as well.

“It’s good to know your safe,” Gil said with a sigh of relief.

“Can we move the love fest into the room please. Sasuke should be sitting down, the effects of the frequency won’t ware off for another few hours,” Sean said pushing my back a bit to get the three of us to move. Gil and Aaron let go of me and I follow them into the room.

Gil sits down on the bed to the right of when you just walk into the room and Aaron wanders to the bed that’s at the back of the room that you can see from the door when you enter the room. There’s one last bed and that’s on the left of the door when you walk in, “This one’s yours,” Sean motioned to the bed. I sit down on it because I’m assuming that’s what he wants me to do. “How’s your head feeling?”

“It’s alright, as long as I take an easy it should be fine. Minus the pain from my face. Pain killers can only do so much,” I attempt to smile but quickly stop.

“What do you three want to do? Are you hungry? Fuck, I have to run down to the kitchen and let Laila know there’s a third person here now,” Sean pulled the card out of his pocket again and swiped it through the scanner opening the door once more, “I’ll be right back, “He steps out of the room but keeps his foot in the door so it doesn’t close, “Do you want your food now considering I’ll be down there?”

“I wouldn’t mind food,” Aaron said swinging his legs.

“Would you like help?” Gil offered.

“Na, I got it. I’ll be back. Wait, can you guys help me study? I’ll grab my bag on the way back up,” He asked.

“I’m fine with that,” Gil smiled.

“I’ll be back,” I moved his foot out of the way of the door and it closed.

“How long have we been gone?” Aaron questioned looking over at me.

“The new year just started today actually. We were all in the soul weapon class. It’s the early morning class,”

“We missed summer vacation,” Aaron whined and his shoulders slump.

“Yeeeeeeaaaaah,” I rub the back of my neck.

“How did the class start?” Gil asked me.

“We were supposed to get journals and meditate on what our biggest fear is. In order to obtain our soul weapon, we need to know what our biggest fear is and conquer it, only then will our soul weapon show itself. That’s what dad told us this morning anyways,” I repeat to them what I remember from dad’s speech this morning.

“So other than the journal it’s something that we could do here,” Gil pointed out.

“That’s a very good point. Dad also made us guess what our soul weapon will end up being. He said that the majority of the time the guess will be wrong, but it’s always fun to guess.”

“What did you pick?” Aaron asked me curious.

“I picked a staff.”

“Hm…I think I’ll pick a whip then,”

“Mine will probably be something pathetic like a fan or something,” Gil sighed quietly looking down at his lap.

“I think you’ll get a bladed weapon. You should give yourself more credit,” I try to encourage him.

“But thinking of the fact that we have to try and figure out what our biggest fear is and in this situation that we’re in, it’s going to be difficult to do,” Gil mentions.

“Honestly, you’re probably right, but at the same time it’ll be a good distraction.”

“When Sean goes home it would help pass the time,” Aaron said, “Normally, Sean will spend as much time as he can with us and keep us company so we’re not sitting here and waiting for something to happen.”

That’s actually really kind of him to do. He doesn’t have to do it and he does it anyways. It fell silent between us.

“What do you think your biggest fear is?” Aaron asked I think both of us.

“Mine, I personally think it’s be stepping up and trying to be a leader,” Gil answered truthfully.

“I don’t really know. I have a lot of different fears, but I’m not entirely sure what my biggest fear really is,” I reply.

I hear a click sound and the door slides open. Sean is carrying a try with three plates on it on one arm and the card in the other, “Sorry about that,” Sean apologized as he walks into the room, “It’s spaghetti and meatballs tonight, I hope you guys don’t mind that,” He stuck the card back in the pocket and handed Gil a plate first then moved the tray towards me so I could grab a plate and finally he wanders over to Aaron so he can take the last one, “I figured that would be the easiest thing for Sasuke to eat right now,” He then set the try down on my bed and took off his backpack. Reaching into the side pocket he pulled out three rolls and gave one to each of us. It’s a napkin with silverware inside, kinda like how they do it in a restaurant. “And this is yours,” Sean said pulling a water bottle out of his bag and handing it to me.

“Thank you,” I take the water bottle from his hand.

“I’ll get your own water bottle like Aaron and Gil when I head home tonight,” I watch him squat back down and ruffle through his bag. He pulled out a notebook and a familiar looking book with it.

“I know that book,” I mutter and he looks up at me from where he’s squatting and smirks a bit. I opened the book to the front and pulled out a piece of paper and hands it to me.

“I would hope so,” I took the paper from him and read it. It’s my note that I put in the book when dad first gave it to me to study from. “You dick,” I can’t help but laugh a bit at the response and the little doodle on the note, “It hurts to smile,”

“It got you to laugh a little, though,” He stood back up with the book and notebook in his hand, “Chris grabbed it for me and is making me go through a personal class to learn about elementals,” He explains to me and moves the tray back down to the floor and then sat down where the tray was sitting.

“Chris…” I mutter more to myself then to everyone else.

“Mhm,” Sean hums and just drops it there.

“You’re ridiculous,” I sigh and look away from him.

“I’m ridiculous? How am I ridiculous,” He protests?

“Because you are,” I mutter.

“You’re ridiculous,”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

Am not.”

“Are too,” I glare at him and Aaron and Gil start laughing at the two of us.

“What?” We ask in unison.

“You two fight like siblings,” Aaron laughed leaning back.

“Is that a bad thing?” I ask them and Gil shakes his head.

“No, no it’s not. It means that even though you two have been separated you both care about each other and are still close,” Gil smiles softly at us, “I know that the two of you have had hardships in your own ways sense you were separated, but right now it seems as if you two were never truly realms apart from each other. You two are close, and that’s what it means to have a strong bond with someone you’re not related to,” Aaron came over to Gil and put and arm over his shoulder.

“Like us for example, we’re like brothers from another mother,” We all start laughing and I flinch because of the pain.

“I do have a favor to ask Sasuke,”

“Fine, but first, who are the four base elementals prodigies from the book and what is their element without looking,”

“You’re kidding me right?” He raises an eyebrow at me.

I shake my head, “You have a favor you want, you’re going to answer this question,” I smirk ever so slightly.

“Lucian Fey was the earth prodigy, Kiyoshio Unido was the water prodigy, Zephry Lash was the wind prodigy, and Ignatius Zabat was the fire prodigy,” Sean smirked back spinning his pen in his left hand then poking my nose with the bottom of it making it click, “Who are the new prodigies? This isn’t the favor I want, but I want to know.”

I smack his hand away from my nose, “Why?”

“Is snowflake really a prodigy?”

“Snowflake?” Aaron speaks up with a mouth full of food,”

“He’s talking about Shiro,” I sigh without breaking eye contact from Sean.

“Then yes, he’s the ice prodigy, every refers to him as the ice prince,” Gil replied.

“There is no water elemental prodigy, or wind as of right now. Jason Grim, one of our friends is the earth prodigy, and I’m the first prodigy. That’s for the base element prodigies anyways. Aaron’s the sound prodigy, Gil’s sight, Kyo is metal, Shiro is ice, Nero is thunder, Hale and Tate are light and dark. Those are the prodigies that we know of right now. Oh wait no, dad’s the moon elemental prodigy. Now it’s everyone that I know of,” I answer finally grabbing my fork and spinning spaghetti around the fork.

“When’s the last time there’s been this many prodigies living at the same time?” Sean asked.

“None of us know,” I answer after I put the food in my mouth.

“I could know if I look far enough back in my past. It would take a while though. That’s a lot of memories to go through, and even though it’s a huge detail, it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack,” Gil responded his plate sitting to his side and he takes a drink from his water bottle.

“Na, don’t worry about it. I was just curious was all,” Sean waves his hand aimlessly before bringing his pen up to his mouth and tapping the end of the pen against his lips, “Though I do wonder if the prodigies were created after all the elements were discovered, then maybe the spirits designated these eighteen souls to put a hold on the elementals from developing any new elements. That’s a random theory that I thought of anyways.”

“It’s a very well thought out theory. But, we won’t know unless we ask an old spirit,” Gil rests his weight on his lap, his arms keeping him propped up, “I’m assuming the keeper would be one of the best ones to ask in the end.”

“That’s true, but none of us can get to the spirit realm so I don’t think we’ll ever get to know the answer to that theory,” Aaron said finishing off his plate.

“Anyways, what’s your favor?” I question getting back on topic.

“I want a match with you,” He said simply and I blink in confusion.

“Like…a sparring match? Or a game?” I ask him.

“Sparring match. Remember, I use to watch you and snowflake go at it when you were first starting out. You can use your element if you want or not. I just want to try. It was upsetting that I couldn’t join in and all I could do was watch on the sidelines. Come on please,”

“Um…when?” I ask and his eyes light up.

“Tomorrow if that would be okay. We’ll make sure that your pain killers have kicked in before we do anything,” He looked over at Gil, “Would you be able to do that thing to Sasuke that you did to me when I broke my nose?”

“You broke your nose? When the hell did that happen?” I questioned.

“A few months ago, Andy and I got into a fight while we were at the pool and I slipped and smashed my face off the floor,” He explained like it was nothing to be worried about.

“Wait, Andrew’s here?” I say nervousness creeping up on me like a cold child down my spine.

“Yeah, he works here. He has tomorrow off, though,” Sean said and clapped his hands together, “Please?”

“Can we come!?” Aaron asked excited.

“Of course, I’m not going to have you two stay cooped up in this room if I can help it,” Sean sounds so excited and I don’t want to put a damper on it.

“Alright, we can have a sparring match tomorrow,” I answer.

“Sweet! Now eat, you probably haven’t eaten all day knowing you,” He points at my barely touched food.

“Fine,” I sigh and slowly eat.

As I eat the three of us help Sean with his notes and studying. Before we knew it Sean’s phone was going off telling him it was time to clock out. It’s like things haven’t changed. He still picks on me when he can and he gets a bit salty when I bring up some stuff, but that’s his way of being upset with me. After he gets his bag on his back and collects the tray and plates he leaves the room. The room isn’t too bad. There’s a bathroom with a shower in a small room off where the beds are then there’s the three beds, a little night stand by all of them in different locations, but that’s about it. The room is white. The bedding is an off white. Sean stops back in really quick to make sure that I take the pain killers, then he headed out.

I flop down on the bed and sigh, “You okay?” Gil asked me and I nod slowly.

“I’m just really tired is all,” I answer not moving from the spot that I fell down, “Why did I agree to a sparring match with Sean. With his size he’s going to cream me.”

“That’s not true,” Aaron speaks up and I sit up so I can look at him, “You don’t give yourself enough credit. You made it all the way to the finals in the tournament. The only reason you lost was because you had a mind down. You’ve never used your element for an extended period of time before then. But it’s been months since then. You’re a lot stronger now, some um what you’ve learned!”

“I’ll give it a shot at least,” I nod with a small smile.

We talk a bit for till one by one we end up falling asleep. I keep waking un throughout the night because of my body being in pain when the pills wear off. I don’t remember when I fell asleep for the umpteenth time. When I hear the door open my quickly sit up and I look to the door.

“Morning,” Sean greets impressed that I shot up so fast.

“Ohayō,” I grumble rubbing my eyes.

“Did you just say good morning in Japanese?” He chuckled quietly keeping his voice low so he wouldn’t wake up Aaron and Gil.

“I’m half Japanese, of course I did,” I yawn and instantly grab my cheeks, “Ow,”

“I didn’t think you really knew any Japanese, you never speak in it,” He hands me the pain pills and another water bottle, “I’m going to put your new water bottle here,” He said reaching to one of his side pockets and pulling out a red and black metal water bottle. He walked to the end of my bed and put it on the nightstand, “I have to go and clock in, but I wanted to get you your pills, I figured they wore off at some point through the night and you were in pain,” He readjusted his bag and waved. “I’ll see you later, try to sleep a bit more,” With that, he left. I fall back down onto the pillow with the water bottle in one of my hands. I kick the blanket against the wall because I’m too damn hot with it on. I must have fallen asleep again because wake up to the sound of the door opening again. I don’t bother sitting up this time and just look at who’s coming in.

Sean flicks on the light switch that’s above my head and I instantly close my eyes because of the sudden light change, “Come on guys, time to get up. Laila came to visit again.”

I crack my eyes open and there’s a girl with burnet hair pulled into a bun and brown eyes hovering over me, “M-morning,” I stutter pressing my head further into the pillow.

“You’re eyes are so pretty. I’ve never seen anyone with red eyes before,” She complemented before backing away from me so I can breathe and sit up.

“You made us smoothies!!!!” Aaron exclaimed taking a cup with a straw from Sean and a plate with waffles and bacon.

“Well, you guys liked the one that I brought with me yesterday so I made it while Laila was working on your food. It’s just strawberry banana so it’s nothing special,” Sean said coming over with the last plate and smoothie for me.

“I don’t even eat breakfast. I maybe eat an apple or an orange before I go to class,” I mentioned taking the plate and cup.

“That’s not going to happen with me being the cook here. You get three meals a day. And I try to make them well balanced,” She said, “Now eat, you have a good fizeek and you should keep it. Besides Sean said you two were going to spar today and you’re going to need your strength, Sean’s no push over, I’ve seen him go against a few other’s here before.”

“Sasuke’s no push over either,” Aaron mentions.

“It should be a good match,” Gil said with a little smile.

“I’m sure it will be. Too bad I can’t come and watch. You boys have a good day,” Laila said happily and Sean let her out of the room.

“Bye Laila,” Gil and Aaron said in unison.

“Bye,” She waved at us before the door closed.

We start eating and I take a drink of the smoothie, “This is really good,” I look up at Sean and he’s smirking at me, “What?”


“No, that look was for something, you don’t just give that look for no reason,” I protest.

“You just complemented something I did. Personally, I don’t remember you complementing me on anything,” He put a hand on his hip.

“Shut up and sit down,” I say and he chuckles then sits down on the edge of the bed. More so leaning than sitting.

“The swelling went down, that’s a good thing. Do you want to see Otto before or after the match?” He asked.

“We might as well wait till after, considering it’s a sparring match you don’t know what’s going to happen,” I mention before taking another bite of food.

“Point taken,” He nodded.

We eat breakfast and Sean steals a piece of bacon from our plates. I’m glad to see that Sean is in high spirits so early in the morning. He was normally a meh person in the morning. But, he has been up longer than the rest of us, so he’s more than likely wide away now. Sean filled up my water bottle that he got for me and once we were done he took our plates. Aaron and Gil seem to have a routine down in the morning so I wait for them to be done before I do anything in the bathroom.

By the time I’m throwing my shirt on Sean opens the door and steps into the room once more. I grab my water bottle and take it with us. Then the three of us follow Sean down a few flights of stairs and to a new floor. There weren’t as many doors on this floor. The concrete walls were painted mainly white with a blue streak that ran down the hall about hip height. There’s some bags sitting outside some of the doors and you can hear what sounds like racket ball going on in one of the courts that we passed by.

“Looks like we’ll have to use this one,” Sean muttered pulling another card out and scanning it. A clicking sound came from the door and Sean grabbed the handle and turned it. He walked into the room first and the three of us followed him.

There’s a little viewing room off to the side and then a viewing area above the court. It’s a concrete floor and some designs that represent a court for racket ball.

“The other courts have been getting an overhaul and I figured that it’s just a simple match so we’ll be fine in one of these courts. I’ll take you guys down to the other one’s when I know they’re done,” Sean told us emptying out his pockets and putting his stuff in his bag. I put my water bottle in his bag as well then Gil helps me stretch as Aaron helps Sean stretch.

“I’ll stick with one element like a tournament, if I use an element,” I tell him as I’m sitting down and Gil and crossing my arms behind my back.

“You’re welcome to use it. I’m confident in my dodging skills,” Sean’s laying on his back and Aaron is laying his body on Sean’s leg that’s bent between them.

“How’s your face feeling?” Gil asked me pressing on my back to help me get a deeper stretch in my thighs.

“It’s alright, Sean stopped in with some pain killers before he clocked in this morning,” I answer.

“Do you want me to numb it a bit more or do you think you’ll be okay?”

“I think I’ll be alright,” Gil removed his hands from my back and I sat up straight. After stretching a bit more I stand up.

Sean seems ready to go as well. Aaron grabs Sean’s bag and takes it into the viewing area with them.

“So what are the rules for this?” I ask him getting up on my toes and bouncing to start loosening up more and getting my muscles in my legs warmed up.

“You can use any of your elements, and first one to fall on their ass first loses,” Sean explained rolling his shoulders and neck.

“Fair enough,” I nod as I continue to bounce.

Sean gets into a fighting stance, “You’re still bouncing,” He chuckled his eyes following me.

“Don’t worry about it,” I smirk slightly at him.

“Okay, ready you two?” Aaron yells to us from where him and Gil are.

“Yep,” I answer back.

“Go for it,” Sean says then takes a deep breath in.

“Ready…Begin!” Aaron calls out and once my toes hit this floor I push off and sprint towards Sean.

When I get close enough I jump up in the air and spin swinging my left leg to hit his bicep. My speed didn’t seem to chock him and he was able to get his forearm up and braced for the impact of my heel. My heel connected and Sean reacted with his right arm and grabbed my leg and spun himself and chucked me. As I come back down towards the ground I somehow manage to spin myself around so I’m able to land on my feet and I throw enough of my weight forward so I don’t end up falling on my ass.

Okay, think Sasuke, he doesn’t have an element, so long range attacks so that’s something that he can’t do. But he’s strong so being able to get air combos in was just proven against me. But I have speed and agility on my side. I might as well use it. I launch myself back at him and stay low. I go for his legs this time with a foot sweep, but he hops over top of my foot and he spins and his kick is aiming for my shoulder. Ducking down at fast as I can I feel the wind breeze over my neck. He put a lot of force behind that kick. He’s not playing around.

Rolling under him before he can land. Getting my hands under me I launch my foot up and I catch just enough of his side and I launch him further up into the air. I get up and watch Sean tumble to the ground. Even though he rolls he lands back on his feet.

“Fuck that was hot,” He grabbed his side to see if I burned him.

“Sorry, can’t really do anything about the temperature of my fire,” I get back up into a fighting stance.

Sean came at me this time and threw a punch. I block his punch and push it over to the left, “It’s fine, I told you, you could use an element,” He rebounded and swung his leg up and I just managed to get my arm out of the way to block it. But his strength powered through my block and it still knocked me back. “You’re holding back,” He continues to come at me so I have to dodge.

“I am not,” I retort taking my last dodge that threw him off balance and elbowed him in the stomach. He coughed and I took the chance to follow through and continue with two punches to the follow the blow to the stomach and then I put my hands together and blast him back once more with my fire. I added a bit too much force to it though and he ends up slamming into the fence that separates Aaron and Gil from us. “Sean!” I shout and run over to him as his feet hit the floor.

“We’re not done, I’m fine,” He said quickly but he was holding his stomach.

“But,” I start and he holds his hand up.

“I’m fine, let’s keep going, neither one of our asses have hit the ground yet,” He smirked at me. He pulled off his smoldering shirt to show his muscle shirt that he had under it. I can see practically even muscle with that muscle shirt on him. He must have been put on a training regimen because I know that he didn’t look anything like this before I left. It’s fine. It’s like going against Nero is all. I taller fair bit more muscular not really Nero at all Nero. I clench my hands into fists. I’ve got this. “Then let’s go,” I launch back at him and jump throwing a punch at him. He blocks it and pushing my punch away. Using my momentum, I kick my left foot out and use the gate and push off of it. Resetting myself in midair and spin kick at him. I connect and knock him back. I don’t stop, I’m not going to stop. Thrusting my fists in front of me as I fall back to the ground I launch a pike of fire at him and he jumps out of the way.

Once I land I put a hand up to my mouth take a breath in and exhale shooting out a stream of flames towards Sean. If I keep him at a distance he shouldn’t be able to close in. I run out of air so the stream dies off as I take a breath once more. Keeping oxygen flowing through I launch a basic combo at Sean. He keeps moving. He’s picking up speed and is changing his course on a dime. Spinning out of the way of the last fire ball he gets too close and I can’t adjust myself in time. He’s coming in low and I can dodge this. His elbow slams into my stomach and knocks the wind out of me and stops me in my tracks. Shifting his right that helps push his left elbow into my stomach slips off his closed fist and rams into my chest sending me back. I land on my shoulder blades and roll backwards so I land on my legs and get back up quickly. Taking a few deep breaths and I’m back in it. Sean takes no time getting over to me and making me go on the defensive. Dodging his blows, I jump out of the way and do a back hand spring to create distance I then launch back towards him fall forward onto my hands and spin. My first kick knocks both his arms out of the way and the second slams into his shoulder hard enough to knock him down. I waste no time flipping the rest of the way over so I’m straddling him and create a small pike of flames and hold it over him inches away from his shoulder. I’m sweating and breathing heavily.

“Okay,” Sean said between his heavy breaths. He roles onto his back and spreads out his arms and starts to laugh, “You win,” I let my fits drop after making the flames disappear.

I instantly put my hands on my knees, “That was a good fight,” I chuckle, “You seriously made me work for that one.”

“I wasn’t going to let you get it that easily,” He laughed as I held out a hand to help him up. He takes my hand and I pull him up, “I honestly thought that I had you a couple of times too.”

We started laughing and that high pitched ringing hits me like a truck. I lean against Sean and the draining feeling comes back so fast I start losing my balance and Sean grabs onto me, “TURN THAT FUCKING THING OFF, HE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG,”

“He had you pinned against the ground,” someone called out.

“We were having a match and I told him he could use his element if he wanted to. He wasn’t going to hurt me, that was never the intension, no turn it off!” Sean answered quickly.

“I feel sick,” I groan into Sean as he’s starting to lose his grip on me.

The sound stops suddenly, “I think that’s enough of that,” A man said from above us, “Now don’t you all have something that you should be doing?”

I hear people grumbling but I can’t make out what, “Aaron, Gil, you guys okay?” Sean questions.

“Could be better, could be worse,” Aaron answers and Sean lowers me to the ground so I’m sitting.

I look up at him. He’s kneeling next to me, “Are you two able to walk?”

“We are, thankfully,” Gil answered as I looked over to see the two of them coming out of the room that they were in. Aaron was carrying Sean’s back over his shoulder.

“Maybe sense that you got hit by the frequency the hardest considering you had just used your element,” I turn to see a man with black hair that’s slicked back and golden eyes walk up to us. How did he get down here so fast? Wasn’t he just upstairs with the other viewers? “But very good show I must say,”

“How come you’re not feeling sick Chris?” Sean asked as I stare up at him.

He looks like dad…no…no it can’t be, “Uncle Chris?” He looks down at me and smirks a bit.

“Morning Sasuke,” He greeted.

“It can’t be…” I mutter.

“It is my dear nephew, as you can see I’m very much so among the living,” He pats my head lightly but doesn’t make prolonged contact with me, “As for your question Sean, yes I am affected by it, but I was able to turn it off soon enough to not have the side effects be noticeable while I was up there,” He put his hands in his pockets, “You’re very skilled with your fire element Sasuke, I give you credit for that,”

“I don’t understand? Dad said…” Uncle cut me off.

“That’s on a need to know bases and I can’t go into it, so drop the subject,” Geez he really is dad’s brother. My eye twitches slightly, “Give it a couple minutes and you should be able to stand up on your own. It was interesting to see that it does in fact have a harsher affect when an elemental has just used their power compared to using it afterwards.”

“That would be why Aaron and Gil were affected by it so quickly when Andy used it against them,” Sean added in.

“You can’t count yourself out Sean. Even though you don’t have an element you still have it in your DNA so you do suffer from if at well, it just takes a bit longer,” Uncle crossed his arms over his chest as he stood there.

That’s right, dad is say that to me once before. With what happened when I was thrown into the pool…but how were they able to find out?

“Otto’s upset that you haven’t brought Sasuke to him yet he has to recheck his vitals and make sure his cell counts are normal,” Uncle mentioned.

“What were you his messenger boy today?” Sean questioned making Aaron and Gil chuckle.

“Kinda sorta,” Uncle nodded a little looking away from us.

I get up back to my feet, but Sean still helps to make sure that I don’t fall back to the ground, “Now get going before he gets pissed. I’m sure he’s waiting so he can go take a smoke break,” Uncle Chris’s eye twitched slightly, “Even though I’d rather him quit that discussing habit of his.”

“We’ll go there now,” Sean said and pushed me slightly so I would start heading towards the door, “I’ll see you later,” The four of us left the court.

“Sorry about your shirt,” I apologize remembering that isn’t now a burnt up pile that’s laying in the court.

“Don’t worry about it. It was one of my old shirts anyways. Something was bound to happen at some point,” Sean mentioned.

“At least you had a muscle shirt on under it,” Aaron pointed out.

“That’s true, I don’t need to be walking around shirtless all day,” You pretty much are with wearing just that.

Sean takes us to Otto’s office and we instantly get scolded for taking so long to get there. He started complaining because he was on his second cup of coffee and what not. Otto put on examination gloves before touching me. The thin layer of rubber keeping me from copying his element. He checked my injuries first to make sure they were healing up just fine and he put ointment on it. Saying that it’s something that’s been passed down in his family and it helps heal wounds and doesn’t leave a scar behind. After that he checked my vitals and took a vial of blood to check my cell count. He apparently didn’t take any yesterday because I was out and he didn’t feel like it was safe enough to do so. Once we were done with that Sean took us back up to the room. He told us that he would be back soon as he looked at his phone and got a message from someone. It wasn’t that bad. The three of us just took it as a relaxing day.

Time passed quickly it seems and before we knew it, it was time for dinner and then Sean had to leave for the day. It’s the same as yesterday. Sean stops in before he clocks in waking me up to see how I’m doing and if I need pain killers or not. I guess the swelling wasn’t as bad today. I swear it’s fucking earlier than yesterday with him coming in. Either that or I just slept way too much so I feel really tired.

It would be great if we had a clock in this room so we could at least tell what time it is. When I give up and get up to go to the bathroom. I hear some muffled sounds. Aaron and Gil have probably gotten up. When I come out of the bathroom Sean’s in the room and there’s a plate of food sitting on my bed.

“Morning,” Sean greets with a slight wave.

“Morning, again,” I answer back.

Sean stops me from going over to my bed and grabs my chin. He moved my face from side to side now that the light was on he could get a better look at it, “We’ll still go see Otto, but it’s looking a fuck ton better than it was. The bruises are healing up pretty well too,” He adds in and let’s go of my chin so I can go back to my bed.

“I’ve always healed decently fast,” I answer sitting down.

“What are we going to do today?” Gil questioned.

“I actually have to go and do some running around through the building today, it shouldn’t take too long, though. But, I have to take Sasuke to Otto first so we don’t get mister grumpy ass today too. If you guys want to go to the weight room, we can. I did actually get a few racket balls while I was getting Sasuke’s water bottle so I can teach you guys how to play hand ball if you don’t know how to play or if you three just want to chill, it doesn’t hurt to have a day off,” Sean offered pulling out some toothbrush’s from his bag.

“That’s a tough one,” Gil said before taking a bite of his omelet.

“Can we think about it?” Aaron asked.

“No, you have to pick,” Sean says in a monotone voice, “Kidding, kidding, you three can talk it over and choose what you want to do,” He leans on my bed as we eat.

“Do you eat before you come to work?” I ask him.

“I normally have cereal and fruit. If I get up early enough and feel ambitious in the morning I’ll actually make a full breakfast, but that normally doesn’t happen. When I get a ride to work I’ll make a smoothie, but considering I normally run to work I try to keep it light so I’m not getting a cramp half way here.”

“I want to be surprised that you still run, but with how you look it’s not surprising,” I chuckle before taking a bite.

“There’s nothing wrong with how I look. I’ve worked hard to look like this damn it,” He was trying to be serious but it didn’t help that he was laughing a bit as he was talking.

“You honestly just sounded like Nero right there,” I smirk.

“You’re right he totally did,” Aaron gasped.

“Who’s Nero?” Sean questioned.

“He’s one of our friends,” Gil replied.

I ate my breakfast a bit faster than I normally eat and once I’m done and Sean let’s be brush my teeth we leave the room and go see Otto. It didn’t take too long; Otto was happy that the ointment was working well so he applied more of it then sent us off. Sean took me back to the room then left us to talk about what we wanted to do while Sean had to do his running around. When Sean got back and we decided that we wanted to go down to the weight room. I haven’t been in there yet. It’s a pretty big weight room, but it seems that someone is always in there. There’s this big buff guy that just dead pan glared at us when we walked in. Sean asked him to knock it off before taking us to the treadmills and making us run. Sean has us do pretty much a standard work out that a teacher would have us do. He helps each of us stretch afterwards so we won’t get stiff and then we go back up to the room. Sean leans against the door frame and let a draft go through the room.

“Remind me that I should bring you a few changes of clothes. I’m sure that I still have some of my old clothes that’ll fit you back at home,” Sean mentioned.

“Are you calling me small?” I glare at him and he laughs.

“I’m not calling you small, but you are smaller than I am,” He comments sliding his hands into his pockets.

“I heard about it, but I didn’t actually fucking believe it,” I look over Sean’s shoulder to see a strawberry blonde messy haired, mint green eyed man walk up to us. His hands are at his sides and he looks like he’s been in the weight room all his life. He’s wearing a shirt that looks like it’s a size too small and I’m sure he’s doing it on purpose, along with some baggy cargo shorts and sneakers.

“Andy It’s too early to start something,” Sean sighs turning around fully and leaning on the door frame to our cell to make sure the door doesn’t close.

“Never thought I would have to see your ugly mug again,” I know that glare and cocky fucking attitude, it’s Andy. Sean looks over his shoulder at me with a loot telling me to shut it.

“It’s not as ugly as your beat up face,” He looks over at Sean, “Good job by the way, you said you were going to punch him if you ever saw him again didn’t you? Just thought you were too soft to actually beat him up as bad as you did.”

I laugh and cross my arms, “That’s all you’ve ever been is just an insult machine, good to know that no matter how much time passes you never change.”

“Sasuke, stop,” Gil says quietly but I don’t.

“Do you think I’m still the pipsqueak that you use to be able to toss around on a daily bases and beat up my friends because you thought I couldn’t do anything about it?” I walk towards the door and Sean instantly puts his arm up and I lean my chest again his arm, “Be sure you don’t piss me off, I’ll make sure I burn you to ashes if we get in a fight.”

“That’s some pretty big talk coming from a pipsqueak,” He walked over and put his face inches away from mine, “Though you have grown a bit haven’t you?” He snickers showing me his toothy grin and his slightly elongated canines that he’s always had and locked eyes with me. “I promise you when we fight, you won’t win. I’m a lot fucking stronger than I was back in high school and I’m not losing to a child who thinks he’s some hot shot.”

“That’s enough you two,” Sean pushed us apart, “Sasuke cool it, you’re going to set off the fire alarms if you throw off any more heat.”

Andrew laughs and backs off, “Sean, you’re still way to fucking nice to this kid. He fucking disappears out of thin air and almost five years later he shows up again and doesn’t really look any different from when he left.”

“Andy, personally it’s none of your business as to why he looks the way he does. You hate him anyways so what does it matter? And on top of it, he’s still my friend so I’m going to stand up for him even if it’s against another friend,” Sean defends me and stands between the two of us.

Andy glares at Sean and clicks his tongue before turning his back to us and shoving his hands in his pockets, “One of these days, you’re not going to have Sean here to defend you pipsqueak,” He storms off.

“Obviously there’s a lot of tension so let’s try and loosen it up a bit,” Aaron laughs sheepishly clapping his hands lightly.

“Bad history between the two of you?” Gil asks me.

“There’s a lot of bad history between them,” Sean answers for me.

“I’m sorry to get you stuck between a rock and a hard place,” I apologize and sit down on my cot.

“I swear he’s gotten a bit better since high school,” I look up at Sean and he’s looking away from me as he rubs the back of his neck. A buzzing comes from his pocket and he hums and pulls his phone out of his pocket, “Shit, I’ll see you guys later I’m gonna be late for my test.”

“Test?” I ask as Sean runs out off and the door closes.

“At the last minute Chris decided that Sean was going to have two tests today instead of the one that he had early this morning,” Aaron explained. Did they have this conversation while I was in the bathroom this morning?

“When did you hear about that?” I asked them confused.

“Please Sasuke, who are you talking to? If I want to hear something and I know someone’s voice I can pin point them. Considering that Chris’s office is on the same floor I can keep tabs. Though it’s muffled because of the distance and the office it pretty much at my range limit,” Aaron smiles confidently.

“Fair enough,” I laugh a little, I look at the two of them, “I know I’ve said this already, but I’m glad that the two of you are okay. All of us were getting really worried, and things just aren’t the same without you two. We couldn’t even make it through Disney night when we tried.”

“That’s it!” Aaron exclaimed pounding his fist into his open palm.

“What’s it?” I ask.

“I see where you’re going with this Aaron, but can we convince him is the main thing,” I’m totally confused by what they’re talking about.

“Come on, I’ve convinced him to do other things I’m sure I can for this,” Aaron smiles happily.

“Can you two please tell me what it is that your plotting?” I asked them.

They both look at each other then back at me and smile, “We’re gingers,” Gil started.

“So of course we’re plotting to suck out someone’s soul,” Aaron snickered putting his hands up to his lips.

“You two are just as bad as the twins,” I sigh blinking slowly. The three of us laugh.

“We want to convince Sean to bring his laptop with him and we all just have a Disney day,” Aaron finally answers my question.

“We’re not allowed to leave this place. If Sean tries to take us out of this building we’re all dead, that’s including him,” Gil added in.

“So, if we can convince him for us to have a Disney day at some time I think that it would really help everyone,” Aaron finished confident that his plan will work.

“It sounds like a good plan and it never hurts to try,” I agree with them. Aaron seems to mostly be in high spirits. I thought that they were going to be broken down. Is it because of Sean that the two of them were able to keep going?

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