A Little Secret

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What Happens Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 39: What Happens Behind Closed Doors


“Lighting branches off fire, ice branches off water, metal and magnetic branches off earth, sound branches off wind, sight branches off light, spirit branches off dark, twilight branches off light and dark, and star technically branches off spirit, but time and moon don’t branch off any of the base elements, right?” Sean asked us as he’s sprawled out at the end of my bed with his notebook on his lap and I have the Basic of the Elements in my lap.

“Yes, you got it!” I smile at him and high-five him.

“You’re getting much better with memorizing this stuff,” Gil mentioned from his bed before taking a drink from his water bottle.

“I still don’t want to take this test tomorrow morning, though,” Sean groans as he brings his hands up to his face.

“It can’t possibly be because you’ve been avoiding Mr. Zimmer for the past two weeks, can it?” Aaron pointed out and I watch as Sean’s eye twitches between his fingers.

“I wonder what’s going to be on your test considering you haven’t been going to your study sessions,” Gil added in.

“You two aren’t helping,” He sighs in frustrating sitting up.

“Nothing bad has happened, I want to say he may have been bluffing with his threats, but on the other hand, you can’t be sure either,” I mention knowing that since that dad nothing has happened to any of us. Other than the fact that Sean’s been doing everything he can aside from not coming to work to avoid Chris. Like leaving notes for him asking when his next test is and what elementals it’ll be on. Kinda like a kid who knows he’s in big trouble and they are afraid to tell their parents about something so they leave notes instead.

“Yeah, no one knows with him that’s for damn sure,” Sean mumbled reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone, “Guess I should pack up and head out,” Sitting up and locking his phone screen at the same time he stretched his arms above his head.

“What time is your test tomorrow?” Gil asked.

“It’s at seven in the morning. I’m hoping that it’ll only take an hour, unless he makes me take two tests in one sitting because of avoiding him for so long,” The expression on Sean’s face made me chuckle, even in high school he wasn’t a fan of taking tests, “What are you laughing at?”

“Just the fact that you’re taking tests and I know that you’re not a fan of them,” I stated.

“I don’t mind studying subjects that I’m interested in that’s for sure. It’s just the tests that annoy me. And with his fucking mastery level so high, it’s like I can’t even relax when I get back to my apartment. It feels like all I do is work and study,” He ranted as he closed up his notebook and put it in his bag before taking the book from my lap.

“Welcome, to adulating?” Aaron said more so as a question than a statement. It got Sean to laugh a little bit, though.

“That’s very true, adulating sucks,” He zipped up his backpack, “There are days where I wish I could just go back to being in high school. Things seemed a lot easier back then,” He stood up swinging his backpack over his shoulder and holding onto the strap, “You know aside from the going from foster home to foster family, and switching schools so much-,” Sean trailed off from what he was saying. The look on his face tells me he didn’t mean to say it.

“You were in a foster home?” Aaron questioned surprised.

“It’s a different story for another day. I don’t want to talk about it,” Sean quickly shot Aaron’s question down. I know it’s a very touchy topic for him so I don’t blame him for saying that so quickly. Me, Shiro, my parents, and Andy are the only ones that I know of that.

“We won’t push you to tell us anything,” Gil smiled softly as he pushed up his glasses, “We know that you’ll tell us when you’re ready to.”

I notice a small smile play at the edge of his lips as he digs out the card to the room from his pocket, “Thanks, I’ll see you three tomorrow morning.”

“Be safe on your way home,” Aaron said with a smile.

“I always am,” He stepped outside the door to the room and turned around. He waved as the door closed.

“Sean’s always had a hard time opening up. For how long I’ve known him, I know that he still hides a lot of things from me,” I sigh looking at the door, “But, with what happened when I had to suddenly leave the way I did, I don’t blame him for not wanting to open up. I finally got him to trust me and then everything happened…” I trail off and bring my hand up to where the small scar from the bullet on my shoulder was.

“Have you told Sean about why you had to leave so suddenly?” Aaron questioned as I look over at him and he’s tipping his head.

“No…” I answer looking back down at my back.

“Maybe, in a way, Sean is internally waiting for you to open up to him first,” Gil commented and I looked up at him, “If you open up to him first, then just maybe he’ll follow suit and open up to you more.”

“We haven’t even done that as a group of friends,” I point out and Aaron and Gil quickly look away from me.

“That’s true, but you and Sean have known each other for a lot longer than we’ve known you,” Gil said.

“He’s got a point. Gil and I have been friends since we were kids. We know each other better than I think we know ourselves sometimes,” Aaron smiled wide.

I chuckle, “Considering you two can finish each other’s sentences like the twins can, I’m not surprised. Oh, question, have you two thought about what your biggest fear is?” I want to change the subject.

“When I have a hard time sleeping I have,” Aaron replied swinging his legs onto his bed and he flopped down on his side.

“I know what it is…but I know that there’s no way I’ll be able to even try to start conquering it being trapped here,” Gil sighed getting up off his bed and going to the bathroom.

“What about you Sasuke?” Aaron asked, “Is it water?”

“It is, it’s the fact that I can’t swim,” I take a deep breath in, “Back when Sean and I were in high school Andrew wasn’t too happy that I was taking Sean away from him and he was hanging out with me more than he was with Andy and his other two friends. Sean got into a fight with Sam and Nick, they got suspended, Andy pretty much blamed me for it. We all lived in the dorms and one night Andy and one of his other friends used chloroform on me and binding my hands and feet while I was out of it. When I came to they were swinging me and tossed me into the pool. I did start drowning and Sean saved me, but since that day my fear of water have just gotten so much worse to the point where I can’t even sit in a bathtub of water without having a panic attack.”

“I didn’t know it was that bad,” Aaron said.

“I have to get over this hill if I want to be able to get my soul weapon,” I sigh flopping down on my pillow.

“We’ll all have to get over our fear,” Gil stated as he went back over to his bed.

“Dad says it’s a pass or fail course. So, if we can get over our biggest fear and figure out what our soul weapon is, we pass, if not, then we fail,” I mention to them.

“It seems simple, but in reality, it’s really not simple at all. It’s going to be one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done, that’s for sure,” Aaron mentions.

“Same,” I nod.

“I agree with both of you,” Gil said, “You two going to brush your teeth?”

“Probably should,” I grumble not wanting to sit up, but do anyways and go to the bathroom. Aaron and I both brush our teeth and the three of us head to bed. I shut off the light considering it’s above my bed.

I listened to their breathing go from their standard breaths to slow, deep breaths. When Aaron’s falling asleep he takes one deep breath and then it turns into his slow steady breathing. Closing my eyes and listening to the two of them breathe, I fall asleep myself.

I keep waking up, this sucks…I can’t get comfortable… I kick my blankets off me. Why do I even do that? I sit up and look over at Gil. His back is to me and he seems to be sleeping just fine. Same goes for Aaron, his blankets are half way tries him and he has his right foot hanging off the bed. I get up and go over to Aaron, pushing his foot back onto the bed before I readjust his blanket. I then walking into the bathroom and just lean my bare back against the wall. The concrete wall was cool. This is ridiculous. I never get this uncomfortable when trying to sleep. What the hell is wrong? Maybe it’s from the knot that I keep getting in my stomach when I want to bring something up to Sean and when I see Andy…I just feel so off.

Sighing quietly, I push off the now warm spot on the wall and go back to my bed, just try and sleep Sasuke, it’ll make it easier if you just sleep. It’s gotta be from being over tired. I lay back down and turn my back to Gil to stare at the wall before closing my eyes and drifting back off to sleep.

I feel like I haven’t been asleep that long when I hear the door open. Is it that time already? I sit up my eyes not even open. I was drooling a little while I was sleeping. I felt a cloth press against my mouth and nose. My eyes shot open and I’m pushed back down and my head falls back onto the pillow. I can’t make out details on who it is because of the light that’s still coming into the room from the door and my eyes haven’t adjusted. There’s a smell to this, no, not chloroform again. I try pulling my head away from the cloth but the person keeps it tightly pressed against my face. My eyelids feel heavy, I can’t… I close my eyes and my body goes limp.

“What if that doesn’t work?” A man’s voice echoed in my head as I finally start coming too again.

Am I sitting up? No, I think I’m standing… That’s not it either…my arms hurt too… “We’ll then we’ll move onto the next method. But, this one we’ll try first. Don’t worry, I have a list that we can try. We’ll get him to crack, but Mr. Zimmer said we’re not allowed to do anything until we can get him to crack,” What are these two talking about?

“What about the other kid? Isn’t he in the capture division? Why would we have to do something with him? Isn’t he the one that watches the elementals?” The first guy questioned.

I opened my eyes and I’m looking at the floor. There are ropes connected to my feet and I’m being held up by my wrists being bound together. So, I’m not even standing, I’m hanging here by my wrists. I look up to see two men standing on the other side of the room with their backs turned to me. The one on the left looks like he’s probably in his fifties or sixties. It looks like he has platinum blonde hair with his just the smallest bit of white starting to show through, or it could just be all platinum blonde, I can’t tell. The other man is shorter than the man on the left. He has deep brown hair that’s short and choppy. His voice is a higher octave than the man on the left as well.

“I guess Mr. Zimmer has a theory that he wants to try. So, it’s involving that brat and this thing,” The platinum blonde guy said motioning back to me with his hand but didn’t turn around.

“Isn’t that a bit harsh to say? Your brother is like this one, isn’t he?” The dark-haired man mentioned.

“That shit stain of an older brother? Yeah, Snow is fucking like this brat,” My eyes widened. Is this Shiro’s little brother? But, I thought he was living in New York City or something like that? What’s he doing in a small town in Western New York? “This kid probably left his fucking family behind too. Not visiting or calling.”

“You shouldn’t talk about people that are sitting in the same room as you,” I speak up making both jump. They turn around and the blonde has ice blue eyes just like Shiro, and the burnet had matching brown eyes, “Snow is my best friend, and I won’t let his brother bad mouth him.”

The blonde walked over to me and leans in so his face was inches away from mine as he’s up on the balls of his feet, “That ass wipe left when I was three, he never came back to visit from wherever the hell he fucking went and not once did he call. Do you think I give a shit if his best friend sitting in front of my tied to a chair or not? Besides, isn’t it creepy to be best friend with a sixty-three-year-old?”

I glare at him, “Go fuck yourself. You’re nothing like him and you never will be. Snow is kind, and caring, and funny. Yes, he can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but that’s what best friends do. We get on each other’s nerves, but we care about each other like a family should. Did you even fucking think of the reason he didn’t come and visit or even call? Do you even know where he went? Or were you just too pissed off to think of him at all? You were just pissed that you were being ignored when he was worried that he was going to hurt you. So, you sir, you can go fuck yourself,” I rifle off at him as I glare at him. He doesn’t even know how Amoura works.

“Well, you’re a feisty one that’s for sure,” My glare snaps over to the dark burnet as he clapped to get my attention, “I guess breaking you won’t be as easy as I thought it was going to be.

“Since your so close to Snow then I’ll just take my aggression for him out on you,” The guy said backing away from me.

“What are your plans Unido?” So, it is Shiro’s brother…

“Considering we have him strung up, why don’t I start with something that’ll leave some nice lashes,” He answered walking back over to the other side of the room.

“You might want to bite this,” The burnet held out a folded-up piece of cloth. I don’t have a choice and he puts it in my mouth as Shiro’s brother walked over with a whip in his hand.

I close my eyes and take deep breaths through my nose, try to relax if I tense it’ll probably hurt worse. Maybe if I focus I can burn the ropes around my wrists and ankles and get out of this. My concentration is shattered when the whip cracks in the air, and a split second later a sharp pain screams through my back. I bite down on the cloth and squeeze my eyes tight. He’s not holding anything back. Every swing he makes, the impact is stronger than the last. My lower lip is quivering and I can feel a liquid running down my back. He’s hitting me hard enough to make me bleed.

Time keeps passing and I’ve dropped the cloth that was in my mouth to the floor, I’m shaking and my breathing is heavy, “Alright, it’s six, I think we should call it,” The burnet said and I looked up when I heard the door open.

Uncle walked into the room. He has a frown on his lips and his eyes have a sad look to them as he locks eyes with me. They’re almost apologetic in a way, but it didn’t last long as he turned to look at one of the men, “You didn’t break him.”

“He didn’t even scream. This is one stubborn ass fucking kid,” The blonde commented.

“I’m not surprised. It’s going to take more than just four hours of lashing his back to get him to break,” Uncle said and walked up to me. He had to look up at me, “I can tell just by the look in your eyes even if I ask it’s going to be a fuck off, so I’m not going to ask,” He broke eye contact once again and looked away from me, “Just take him back to the room. Sean can take him to Otto when he gets in. Let it burn for a bit,” Uncle walked away from me and back towards the door, “If you weren’t so stubborn it wouldn’t have to be like this,” He said not turning around to look at me before leaving.

I’m dropped to the floor, but my hands and ankles are still bound I can’t catch myself and I end up dropping to my knees. The shock of hitting the cold floor sends waves of pain through my body, especially through my back. All the cuts in my back are burning from my sweat that’s rolling down into them. The burnet unbinds my ankles then pulls me up onto my feet and keeps his hand on the underside of my bicep and practically drags me out of the room.

We take the elevator back up and he throws me back into the room after he opens the door and leaves without saying a word. I collapse to the floor and hot tears ball up at the corner of my eyes, blurring my vision, “Oh my god, Sasuke,” Aaron says and watch his feet hit the floor in front of my and he runs over the few steps it takes to get to me.

“Are you okay? No, of course, you’re not okay, that was a stupid question,” Gil said placed a hand on my shoulder and I flinched.

“It hurts,” my voice breaks as Aaron unties my wrists for me, but I just keep lying there on the floor.

“Are you able to sit up? I’ll dull the pain for you,” Gil offers and I nod sitting up with both bracing me just to be safe and Gil dulls the pain from my back for me so I can at least function a bit better.

“Thank you,” I said wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Should we try to get some of the blood off, or do you think that it’ll end up ripping off any clots that may have started building up?” Aaron asked the both of us.

“I guess Sean’s supposed to take me to see Otto when he gets in,” I tell them.

“But Sean has his test this morning,” Aaron mentioned.

“Who told you that Sean will take you to Otto?” Gil questioned sitting down on the floor next to me.

“My uncle,” I look down at the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me, “It was six in the morning when he came in. I went through four hours of being whipped.”

“They came in at two in the morning? How did we not wake up?” Gil asked shocked.

“You two are both heavy sleepers, well you’ve become heavy sleepers it seems. You never sit up or wake up from what I can tell when Sean comes into the room. Or you two were both just that tired where it didn’t even wake you up,” I answer looking up from the floor and back over at him.

Aaron came out of the bathroom with a washcloth and a towel, “I know this is going to hurt, but I just want to try to get some of the blood off,” He said walking behind me and I hear him kneel behind me. I flinch when the wet washcloth touches my back, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said holding my breath. There’s a slight sizzle coming from my back every time the wet washcloth hits my back. Kinda like flicking water into a hot frying pan.

“Can you turn down the heat? You’re drying up the wash cloth faster than I can scrub off the blood,” Aaron asked.

“Sorry,” I apologize concentrating on my back and trying to subdue the heat that’s radiating from it.

“It’s more than likely a defensive thing his body naturally does when it’s injured. Kinda like ice hot, but minus the ice,” Gil mentions, “Also our bodies do the same thing when we have a cut. We throw off a fair bit of heat when we’re injured.”

Aaron got back up and went to the bathroom, “I wish he had a bowl or a bucket right about now so I could just rinse it in that instead,” He said from the bathroom.

“What would be helpful is if one of us was a water elemental,” I comment pulling my legs in and crossing them.

“That’s true, we would be able to cover your back with the water and clean it that way,” Aaron said coming back over.

“It would also help to pull out any toxins or bacteria that may have gotten into the cuts,” Gill adds in.

I take a sharp breath in and arch my back when Aaron brushes one of the cuts, “Sorry, guess I found one,” He quickly apologized and kept working.

“It’s okay,” I say gripping onto my shorts.

It fell silent between the three of us as Aaron worked on my back, “Whoever was doing this did a number on your back. It looks like they didn’t hold back,” Aaron spoke up.

“It’s because he didn’t,” I answer as I hear the clicking of the door being unlocked.

I feel Aaron stop scrubbing my back, I look over my shoulder to see the door open and Aaron with his thumb and middle finger against each other ready to snap his fingers and send whoever was coming in flying, it was Sean and Aaron lowered his hand, the shock in Sean’s eyes and expression on his face stung worse than the cuts on my back.

“Hey,” Gil was the first one to speak up out of the four of us.

“Who did this? Who did this to you Sasuke?” He asked me.

“I don’t know his name…” I answered looking away from him.

I heard him come in and his bag thunk on the floor, Sean kneeled in front of me and put his hands on my shoulders, “Then what did he look like?”


“Sasuke,” His dead serious expression made it harder to not say anything to him.

“Sean, it’s not going to make a difference, what’s done is done. I don’t care what they do, I’m not going to break that easily,” I say refusing to give details.

“That doesn’t tell me who did this,” Sean broke eye contact from me and looked up at Gil and then behind me at Aaron, “Do either of you two know who did this?”

Gil shook his head, “I’m sorry Sean,”

“They took him in the middle of the night. They were so quiet that it didn’t wake either of us,” Aaron told him.

“I remember hearing Sasuke get out of bed, but I fell asleep again right after,” Gill added in.

Sean took his hands off my shoulders and rubbed his face in frustration as he lowered himself down onto his butt. He sighed heavily and let his hands drop onto his lap. He looked at me, “We need to get you to Otto so he can get a look at your back,” His eyes trailed away from mine and I noticed them stop at my right shoulder, “When did you get that scar? I don’t remember seeing it before.”

“I um…” I trailed off. I felt a hand on my shoulder from behind me and I look back to see Aaron nod at me. I look back at Sean who’s sitting in front of my quietly waiting for an answer, “I got it the day I had to leave for Amoura…” I took a deep breath, “I can tell you the story afterward.”

“Sasuke’s back is a bit more important to get taken care of first,” Gil spoke up making Sean look up at him and nod before standing up.

Aaron and Gil help me up to my feet and Sean has the two of them stay in the room as he took me to get my back looked at. Otto had the same expression that Sean had when he saw my back. Otto had me stand in an overhead shower so the water would run straight down one my head instead of it hitting my back. But it just made it burn with my sweat mixing in with the water when it rolled down my back. After I was soaked he had me step out and sit on a stool. Sean dried off my hair as Otto carefully dried off my back. I keep taking deep breaths as he cleans the cuts with hydrogen peroxide.

“I don’t know what’s worse the whipping or the cleaning out the cuts,” I laugh slightly as I tear up from the pain.

“Did Gilbert dull your pain sensors?” Otto questioned.

“He did,” I reply quietly.

“That’s why you’re not breaking down now from this. There’s sixty-two lacerations on your back. A fair bit of them are deep,” Otto is lightly tapping his foot on the floor behind me.

“You thinking Dad will be pissed if he sees this?” I ask him.

“That’s one of the thoughts running through my head yes, the second thought is I’m going to be having a heavy talk with Chris about this once we’re done. The third is I should probably smoke and calm down before I rip him a new asshole,” Otto is pissed. He took a deep breath, “I’m not going to put the cream on your back today. I need your body to heal your back a bit before I do that. But, I’m going to give you the cream Sean. I’m going to have to go back to Amoura so I can make more. I can’t get any of the ingredients here,” I hear him get up off his seat, “Sean, I’m going to need you or one of the other boys apply the cream on his back starting tomorrow.”

“What if I go through another whipping?” I asked looking over at Otto. His back was to me and he was getting down wrappings and gauze from the cupboard.

“Then I’m going to make someone’s life a living hell. There are certain things that I’ll put up with, but seeing this deep of lacerations and on the first go around it pushing my limits,” He didn’t elaborate on what he meant. I looked over at Sean and I think we both mentally agreed not to ask him to explain.

Once Otto was done wrapping my back and giving Sean extra bandages and the cream we left the room before us in a rush and slammed the door behind him. “He’s fucking pissed,” I mutter.

“Otto’s an elemental?” I look over at Sean and he has a surprised expression on his face.

“Spirit elemental,” I nod and Sean almost drops the bag he was given.

“I’ve only skimmed that one. I haven’t been assigned to read about that element yet,” Sean mentioned.

“Can we get back to the room so I can get out of these wet shorts?” I ask him and he nods then opens the door for me.

“I can’t believe that I didn’t even know that,” Sean whispered.

“It’s not surprising, spirit elementals can easily blend in with a crowd,” I say as we walk down the hall and yawn.

“I’ll have to read up on his element later,” Sean rubbed the back of his neck, “I’m going to get you back to the room then I’ll go get everyone’s food. I don’t know how long it’s been since Gil did his thing so I don’t want it to wear off and then you just collapse to the floor from pain.”

“Fair enough…I’ll tell you what’s up with my scar then,” I mumble as we get into the elevator.

“If you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to,” Sean offered and I shook my head.

“No, you need to know,” I look over at him through my bangs.

I hand slides in between the doors stopping the doors from closing. I was half expecting it to be Andrew, but before I could get a look at the person I looked down to see what hit my foot. It was a rather large ball. Then the ball exploded and the room was filled with smoke. The doors closed and the elevator started going up as the small room was so clouded I could barely see Sean.

“What the fuck?” Sean said between coughing and I started feeling dizzy.

“Sleeping gas…” I questioned trying to hold myself up on the railing but my arms were shaking and I slid down the wall. God, damn it… this is sleeping gas, my eyelids are getting heavy.

“Son…of a…bitch…” I feel Sean lean against me on the floor and I feel the elevator stop as we made it to our floor, “I can’t keep my eyes open…” He sounds like he drifting off.

“Same…” I mutter closing my eyes as the ding for the elevator goes off and I hear the doors open. I remember being lifted but nothing else.

I groan and feel light headed, but I open my eyes anyways. The room is spinning and I feel sick, “Where am I?” I mumble trying to get my vision to stop spinning.

“You woke up,” I sat up straight when I heard Sean’s voice.

I look around but I don’t see him in the room, “Where are you?”

“I’m in the room next to you. It seems like it’s a thin wall,” He answered.

“Do you know where we are or how long we’ve been out?” I asked looking up at the ceiling.

“I don’t know. This is a room I haven’t been in before. I didn’t even know these rooms existed. I can’t get to my phone so I’m not too sure what time it is. How’s your back?”

“It’s killing me right now,” I lean my head back against the wall.

“So we’ve been out for a few hours then I’m guessing…What’s holding you?”

“Hm? Oh, it’s chains around my wrists and rope for my ankles. If it was rope on my wrists instead of chains I could burn through them. But chain’s…it would drain the rest of my energy to get them hot enough to melt. Where’s Kyo when you need him,” I chuckle.

“Which one’s Kyo?”

“Kyo’s a metal elemental. He’s also the tallest out of all of us,” I smile a little, “It’s a decent size for a group of friends. There’s nine of us. Kyo, Shiro, Aaron, Gil, Hale, Tate, Nero, Jason, and myself.”

“Hale and Tate? Have I heard those names before? I feel like I have. I know that I’ve never met this Nero person before either.”

“So you forgot…When someone or something goes to Amoura for the first time, if the person going has not made a significant impact on someone’s life here they’re forgotten. The person or thing that leaves is pretty much erased from existence. That’s why you forgot Hale and Tate. You didn’t know them all that well before we left.”

“So…when you left…I spaced on your name for a minute. I remember I was babysitting Lily when it happened,” He chuckled, “I told Lily to not tell anyone that I spaced like that…what happened on that day?”

“It’s a gunshot wound. The E.C.U. found us and before we could get some stuff together they were already there. I got shot luckily it was on my shoulder than I and Shiro were caught in a net, Dad got us out of it and got us out of there. The most frustrating part was I wanted to spend the day with you and tell you about Amoura and that I was going to be leaving. I wanted to talk to dad and try to convince him to bring you with us…but all of that happened so suddenly everything that I wanted to do was thrown out the window,” I hear shoes squeaking on the other side of the wall, “Sean?”

“I didn’t know that it was from people who worked here. I’m sure that things still would have been difficult, though if it would have gone the way you wanted it to. Yeah, I would have felt a bit better knowing where you were, but not knowing when you would be back would make it just as hard. I say that because...” I hear a thud on the floor, “I’m okay,” He says quickly, “Chris told me humans aren’t allowed on Amoura so I would have been left behind either way. But who knows, maybe things would have turned out different then they are now if that would have happened. Got it! Ha, I can still fucking pull it off,” I heard him say. What is he talking about? I heard him walk away from where I am and I follow the sound of his footsteps. There’s a door on this wall?! So, it’s just a divider. The door opened and Sean is standing there with a shit-eating grin on his face and his hands are still bound, but they’re in front of him.

“Well hi there,” I smirk as he walks over to me.

“The important thing is that we’re still friends and I don’t want to lose that, and I don’t want to lose you again. I don’t want to lose Gil or Aaron as friends either,” He said walking over to me, “Think you can burn the rope I can’t get the knot out,” He asked me squatting down.

“What don’t have to patients to do that, but you have the patients to somehow get your arms in front of you?” I chuckle and shift so my back was to him, “You’re going to have to aim the rope considering I can’t see.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Sean sighed and I extended my pointer finger and middle finger on my left out straight and made a small spike that I know was powerful enough to burn through the thickness of Sean’s ropes, “Fuck, this is hot,” He muttered, but I can smell that the rope is burning.

“Why thank you, I try,” I chuckle as I hear the rope snap then I get a deserved smack in the back of the head, “I’m glad we didn’t lose our friendship. It was rough because there were things that I would love for you to see on Amoura and experience. It took months to get the elders to allow Hale and Tate’s mother to be allowed to live on Amoura, so just maybe, they would let you come too. You never know,” I offered looking up at him.

“Well, well, trying to escape?” I look up to see the door on the other side of the room wide open and the person that was in leaning on the door frame was none other than Shiro brother.

“Don’t you ever sleep?” I retorted back.

“Maybe we should have bound your legs like we did the freaks,” He commented to Sean.

“Are you the one that turned Sasuke’s back into shreds?” Sean asked.

“Hm? Oh, yes and I enjoyed every minute of it. Why wouldn’t I, when I know that it’ll more than likely hurt my brother when he sees the scars,” My heart starts to pound against my chest, “You hold Snow on a pedestal it seems because he’s a best friend, so in all logic why wouldn’t he do the same with you?”

“Snow?” Sean mumbles.

“Shiro’s actual name,” I answer quickly.

“That’s kinda ironic when you think about it,” Sean whispered to me, “Just sayin’.”

“Now, what should I do with you two,” A twisting grin spread across the man’s lips and he crossed his arms over his chest.

“You’re going to release us and let us go about our daily business,” Sean commented, “Or do you think a twig like yourself can beat me in a fight?”

“I’m good, how about you both go for a dip,” The floor shifted under me and I looked at the divider that was to my left and I could see water ripple as the floor moved away.

My heart started pounding harder, Shit, shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit… I feel Sean hook his arms undermine and pull me away from the floor that’s inching closer to us.

“What’s this? Is someone afraid of water?” Shiro’s brother said as Sean stops and lets go of my arms and run around me to start on the ropes that are hoping my legs together,

“Fuck off, and stop this now!” Sean snaps at him as he works on the knot.

“Maybe someone shouldn’t have had a break down at the pool then,” He hummed and opened the door to leave the room. “Here’s the key to his chains,” I look over at him to see him dangling the key from his finger. He then let it drop to his right hand and he threw it past us and it hit the wall then fell into the water, “By the way, I hope you like cold water, the temperature of this pool will cause in fifteen to forty-five minutes, I’ll be back,” He waved and left the room.

“S-Sean it’s getting closer,” I stutter looking down at his progress with the rope.

“I know, I know,” He said quick his hands shaking from the pressure. He managed to get the rope untied and his foot fell into the water, “Fuck that’s cold,” He gasped, pulls his leg out quickly and gets behind me again and helps me stand up. We get over to the edge of the pool as watch the floor continue towards us. Sean kneels and I look at him to see he’s untying his laces.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m going to get that key,” He answered not looking up at me and taking off his shoes.

“You’re insane, just leave the damn key in the water. I’m sure we can figure something else out,” I object as he takes off his shirt, but keeps his muscle shirt on. It’s like an under-armor tank top.

“It’ll be fine,” Sean brushed off my comment as he undid his belt and took off his pants to reveal a matching pair of shorts to go along with his tank top.

“You said yourself that it’s fucking cold, I’m not going to…” He stopped me from continuing my sentence.

“I’m going and getting that key, I may not have a hell of a lot of body fat on me, so the cold will affect me faster, but you also have to consider that I’m six foot three, so it kinda sorta evens out. Besides, you’re a personal body heater,” The floor made it over to us to reveal half of the pool. There’s a thin layer of ice that’s at the edge of the pool, “He wouldn’t have shown us the key if that’s what he was going for. I don’t know what this is supposed to prove, but we’ll get through it,”

“But Sean, listen to me, you should know for a fact that if I try to heat you up it can be really dangerous. Your body has to heat up slowly,” I explain as he slaps his cheeks a few times leaving hand prints.

“It’ll be fine,” He said taking a few steps back and then running towards the edge of the pool and I get in front of him.

“STOP!” I scream at him. Sean tries to stop but can’t keep his balance and he falls into me and we both fall into the pool. I just catch my breath before we hit the water, but I quickly lose it when we submerge into the water. Sean holds onto my tight as we sink to the bottom. I can feel him shivering against me. I can’t breathe… I go to open my mouth and Sean pushes off the bottom of the pool propelling us back up to the surface. I gasp for air when we breach. Thankfully we’re close to the wall and Sean reaches out and grabs it. He pulls us back over to the wall his teeth chattering, “I-I’m sorry, I’m s-so sorry,” I apologize as he readjusts himself so practically his whole arm is on the floor.

“I-it’s o-okay,” He hooks his left between my arms and around my back, “T-this is going to hurt, b-but I need you to help get yourself up. A-at least your upper body, s-so I can pull you the rest of the way out,” I nod in response, “R-ready…three,” He presses his arm against my back and lifts my upper half up and I’m able to get my upper body on the side of the pool enough for him to slip his arm out from my arms and lift himself up out of the pool. Shaking violently, he got his arms between mine and my body and lifts me the rest of the way out of the pool. “S-son of a b-bitch that was cold,” He looks over at me and I’m not shaking nearly as bad, “I-I need to go get that k-key,” There’s steam coming off my body as well.

“Sean no, you’re already shivering,” I protest but he doesn’t listen to me and jumps back into the pool.

I watch him in the water nervous. I see him grab what must be the key and then he pushes off the bottom and gets back up to the surface. I can see his breath as he takes shallow breaths and swims back over to the side of the pool. Setting the key on the side of the pool he has trouble hoisting himself up, but manages to get out of the pool. Grabbing the key, he crawls around me and grabs my hands. His body is freezing, “M-Must be n-nice having a hi-higher body temperature,” He chuckled as I hear the key clink against the lock a couple of times, “B-But it looks like i-it can only help so much, y-your shaking too,” He commented and I hear the lock click and the chain’s slack. I get my hands out and look back at Sean. He dropped the key and pulls his legs into his chest and wraps his arms around his legs.

“It doesn’t help I didn’t get a lot of sleep,” I answered going over to his clothes and grabbing his clothes, “Can you get them back on?” I ask and he nods pulling his arms off his legs and grabbing his shirt from me. He manages to get his shirt and pants back on and we move away from the edge of the pool and I have him sit against the wall. He pulls me down and I fall into his lap and he hugs me tight shivering. “Y-you’re not as wa-warm as usual.”

“It always happens when I’m tired and I can’t warm you up fast anyways, you’ll get hurt if I do,” I mention as he rests his cheek against the back of my head.

“Th-this sucks.” I put my hands on his arms as we sit there. Sean hasn’t slowed down in shivering and it feels like the minutes are slowly ticking by.

The door opens and I look up to see uncle walk into the room. His cheek is bruised and he doesn’t look too happy, “Agree to the theory or I’ll drop both of you back into the water,” This isn’t a question, this is a demand, “I know full well you can’t swim Sasuke, and Sean, you’re in no condition to be able to save both him and yourself.”

“You knew Sean was too stubborn to stay out of the water,” I said and Uncle smirked a bit.

“I also figured you would try to stop him from going into the pool, but with your hands in chains instead of rope you couldn’t get yourself out of it,” He put a hand on his hip, “You two are pretty easy to read and I’m not too thrilled that Otto socked me in the face, thus I’m not in a good mood, so I would like your answer sooner rather than later,”

Sean pulled me in closer to him, I glared up at uncle, “Fine…we agree to the theory. Don’t you dare do this to him again, Sean needs to get dried off.”

“S-Sasuke,” Sean hissed in my ear.

“No Sean, being whipped is one thing. Getting hypothermia is completely different,” I shot down his argument.

“Good, I’m glad you see if the logical way,” Uncle goes back out the door and comes back in with a couple of towels. He tossed them on my lap. “Now get wrapped up and follow me.”

I wrap a towel around Sean as best as I can and he lets go of me and grabs the towel instead I get off his lap and get him his shoes. Help him get them on and get him to stand up. Then I wrap the spare towel around myself and we exit the room to and Uncle has us follow him to a different room where he picks up the bag from earlier that Otto gave to Sean and continues walking.

“We’ll start tomorrow. I had Laila, bring up Aaron and Gil’s food earlier. Sean, you’re still allowed to go home, and you will still have your study sessions and tests,” Chris pulled out a card as we made it to a door. “There are extra clothes for you in the room already,” He swiped the card and unlocked the door. “Enjoy the rest of your day boys,” Uncle set the bag next to the door and in a blink of an eye he was gone. Just what have we gotten ourselves into?

“Sean, Sasuke!” Aaron ran over to us, “You two are soaked,”

“I-It’s a long story,” Sean said and I pushed him inside the room before grabbing the bag.

“We need to get Sean dry and wrapped up, we fell into a really cold pool,” I give the two of them the short explanation before taking my towel off and using it to dry Sean’s hair.

“I-I can dry myself,” He complains but I ignore his protest.

“You need to strip and get out of those clothes. I don’t care if you go into the bathroom and change into the dry clothes or do it here. Either way, you need to get out of them now.” I tell him.

“F-fine,” I pull the towel off his head and he grabs the change of clothes that are on the bed and goes into the bathroom. Get out of the soaked shorts that I’m in and throw on my boxers, pants, and a t-shirt.

Sean comes out of the bathroom in a new pair of jeans and a three-quarter sleeve shirt. Aaron pulls him over to his bed and wraps him up in his blankets to where he’s a burrito with his face sticking out. Gil and Aaron have me get in my bed and get under the covers as well.

“I feel l-like this isn’t necessary,” Sean comments trying to get his arms out, but Aaron tightens the blankets around him.

“Stay in there till you stop shaking. I’m a professional at making a human burrito with blankets,” Aaron comments.

“So is Gil,” I chuckle a little and Gil’s cheeks flush a light pink as he pushes up his glasses and looks away from me.

“I don’t like being cold so I burrito myself,” He answers sitting down on the bed next to me.

“So what happened?” Gil asked us. We told him what happened and both Gil and Aaron scolded Sean for being an idiot and jumping back into the pool. The important thing is that we’re safe and neither of us got hurt. I wish I knew what was coming now that we agreed to the theory. But that still doesn’t mean that I’m going to just sit back and easily cooperate with anything they want me to do that’s for damn sure.

“I don’t need a hug,” Sean complains and Aaron is hugging the burrito that is Sean.

“Of course you do, everyone needs hugs. Hugs make the world go round,” Aaron laughed which made Gil and I laugh.

“No it doesn’t,” He grumbled but couldn’t fight Aaron off in the position that he was in.

“Of course, it does,” Gil laughed and Sean sunk his face down into the blanket more.

“Is someone smiling?” I smirk looking over at him.

“S-shut up,” His voice was muffled by the blankets, “Don’t ever change,” I just managed to catch him say to the three of us and I couldn’t help but smile.

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