A Little Secret

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Chapter 4: Okay…What?


Toshiro and I walked to my father's office in silence. I still was having a hard time believing him about elementals. They were an old legend that my father use to tell me stories about when I was younger. Of course the stories were usually with dad as the elemental and he went on adventures that seemed logical but at the same time could have been pulled out of a fairy tail. But that dream I had…dad and Mr. Snyder were talking about elementals like they were an everyday thing. They even said something about an academy if I remember correctly. Even Toshiro said something about them. I guess in a way it would make sense that they are real. Elementals are kind of like magical beings in a way. And if elementals like magical beings it would mean that they are out there and that humans just don’t notice them. Right? Kinda like bigfoot, or fairies, and unicorns, and mermaids. Trust me I could go on all day about this stuff, I love fantasy and all the mysteries there are out there in the world.

"Sasuke…" Toshiro said bringing me out of my thoughts "Come on." He opened the door to the school.

As much as I didn't want to get yelled at by my father I had to go anyways. Sean probably went crying to my father and said that Toshiro and I ganged up on him and beat him up or something like that. "Right, I'm coming." I sighed dragging myself along.

We walked in and went right to his office and he was sitting on the edge of his desk waiting for us. I couldn't tell what his expression was if he was mad or what.

"Sit down you two." He said so that's what we did.

"Headmaster Kaisai…" Toshiro started, but was silenced by my father putting his hand up.

"It's fine Toshiro you two aren't in trouble. I’m just surprised that they never actually left.” My father stated.

"…What…" I asked "Is going on?" I was really confused as to what dad was talking about. It seemed so vague.

"Headmaster Kaisai you never told him?" Toshiro said.

"Never told me what?" I questioned feeling like I was being left out of a huge loop.

"After he had that accident in grade school he stopped showing signs." My father stated and things were starting to click a bit more.

"Hey answer me what the hell is going on?" I asked standing up. “Ever since that dream last night everything has been off and now I’m setting things on fire and I don’t know who I am any more.” Of course I never really felt like I knew myself to begin with, but that’s besides the point.

“Sasuke. You need to relax and let me explain.” Dad said calmly as he came over to me.

“Just stay away from me.” I put my hands against his chest to push him away. Ice spread from my hands onto his shirt and I quickly stumbled back into the chair that I was sitting in and looked at my hands. “What’s going on?” I muttered to myself. I could have sworn that I set Sean’s shirt and that paper towel on fire earlier. Why did ice spread on my dad?

“Sasuke just relax and let me explain things.” Dad said once more in a very calm voice.

I shook my head and stood back up. "I just… I need to think about this." I ran out of my father’s office and out of the building. I just wanted to get away from the school. I ran home and went to open the door but then remembered that I left my keys in my bag, which was in school. Mom was always easier to talk to. I would rather talk to her about it. But I forgot that she had to work late tonight and I didn’t feel like seeing if we left a window unlocked so instead I went to the park.

The park was quiet because all the little kids had gone home with their parents to get dinner ready and stuff. That's alright though that meant I could sit on the swing in peace and didn't have to listen to little kids yelling and running around. I sat down on the left far end swing, but my feet didn't leave the ground I just rocked back and forth and looked up at the sky. Some birds flew over me.

I wish I could have wings so I could fly away and leave all my troubles behind. I thought watching them pass.

After a few more minuets I took a deep breath and closed my eyes "When I open my eyes again everything will be back to normal." I muttered.

I opened my eyes and someone was standing in front of me with their face close to mine. This startled me and I fall off my swing backwards.

"Haha hiya Sasuke." My best friend Elizabeth smiled.

"Lizabeth don't scare me like that." I said getting my feet off the swing and standing up to wipe the woodchips off my back.

"Sorry, I can't help it Sasuke you're just so easy to scare when you're concentrating." She laughed going behind me to help get the woodchips off.

Elizabeth and I have been friends since we were little. Actually a little after I had gotten hurt in grade school and wasn’t really allowed to do much is when we really started hanging out. She had a nice wave to her light brown hair and chestnut brown eyes. For the longest time we were the same height. Then over to past few months I've shot up. I think I'm 5’6” now. After we got the rest of the wood chips off my back we sat down on the swings.

"What is this we finally get to be in the same school again and we don't have any of the same classes together. Not even lunch." She stated. Her mom sent her to a private school for middle school and I didn’t realize that she was even going to high school with me. We were still able to see each other every day even with us going to different schools in middle school. We only lived a few houses down from one another.

"Sorry about that. But I'm going to be living in the dorms. My parents said it was alright." I mentioned.

She bumped into me and hit my swing hard enough so I could catch the pole. I heard crackling ice come form my hands. I glanced over to see frost working its way up the metal pole. I let go of the pole and dug my feet into the woodchips to slow myself down so I wouldn’t hit her.

"So what was the whole, I'm going to close my eyes and everything will go back to normal spiel about?" She asked.

"It's nothing just a ruff first day is all." I sighed looking back down at the ground resting my hands on my lap.

"Really…come on Sasuke I know you better than that; now tell me what's wrong?" She was another person that was good at knowing when I was lying.

I was about to tell her when someone yelled my name. Looking up I sighed as I saw Toshiro come running over to us.

"Sasuke who's your new friend?" Liz said with a bit of shock coming from her voice. I didn’t know if she was shocked because of his hair or because he was someone that she hasn’t met before.

"His name is Toshiro Uindo." I said as I stopped rocking on my swing.

"Sasuke why did you run off?" He asked coming to a stop as he got over to me on the swings.

"Because…” I muttered looking away from him.

"Well you can't run away from it Sasuke it's what you are. You should head back home. Headmaster is waiting for you so he can explain things to you." He said.

“What does it matter? The fact that dad kept this from me…why should I go home?” I retorted glaring up at him.

"What are you two talking about?" Liz interrupted raising her hand to get our attention.

"Sasuke is an elemental and so am I." He answered and I smacked my forehead.

"You can't just go and tell people." I shouted at him. I figured that would be something that would be really easy for him to know. Unless he can tell that Liz and I are close and he feels like it’ okay to tell her that. Or he was doing it to throw her off? I can’t really tell with him.

"So you're accepting that you're an elemental?" Toshiro smirked at me and I frowned back at him.

"But elementals are a myth, I'm Elizabeth by the way." She smiled at Toshiro.

"Toshiro, nice to meet you, and elementals are not a myth they are real. What do you think is sitting next to you and standing in front of you?" He asked.

"But my mom always told me that elementals were fairies that protected you, when I was little."

"Do I look like a fairy to you Liz?" I muttered.

"Well no, but that's what I always thought that an elemental was." She answered blinking a few times. She kinda had that expression where she didn’t really believe any of this and was just playing along to make me feel better.

"No elementals are humans like everyone else. But we go to a different realm when we figure out that we have elemental powers.” Toshiro started to explain.

“If we go to a different realm when we figure out our powers then why wasn’t I poofed there when I was little?” I asked a little louder then what I meant to.

Toshiro chuckled. “We can’t just poof there. Usually we have to be taken to Amoura by another elemental. But, if what you say is true and you knew about your powers at a young age I’m not too sure why your father and mother didn’t take you there and just stay in Amoura.”

I fell out of my swing onto my back purposely this time to stare at the sky. I don’t want to go home. But I guess if I want answers I’m going to have to go home and get them from my parents.

"Sasuke are you alright?" Toshiro asked.

"He's fine, he falls off of things every now and again for no particular reason." Liz stated. “So tell me more about elementals. I’m interested even if Sasuke’s not.”

This…is not going to be fun. I thought looking up at the sky and watching to clouds go by.

“Sasuke.” I heard my mom call out. I looked to where her voice came from and my father was walking along side my mother with one hand in his pocket and the other holding the strap to my bag. He had a very calm expression on his face.

“Hey mom. Hi dad.” I greeted pulling my legs off the seat of the swing and sitting up as I pulled the woodchips out of my hair.

“We were worried when you weren’t home.” Mom said quickly coming over to the three of us.

“Evening Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai.” Liz smiled and stood up from her seat quickly.

“Liz where are you going?” I asked her.

“I should be getting home. Mom probably has dinner ready and I forgot my phone.” She waved “We have to meet up and compare schedules so we can see each other more often Sasuke. It was nice meeting you Toshiro.”

“Likewise.” Toshiro waved back. “Have a safe trip home.”

“I will. It’s not that far and it’s a safe neighborhood.” She smiled then jogged off back towards home.

“My key’s are in my bag. That’s why I wasn’t at home.” I stated as I got up off the ground and continued taking woodchips off my clothes.

Mom practically glomped me with a hug and we almost fell back to the ground. “I’m so happy your powers came back and a moon elemental too! Just like your father.” She laughed happily.

“Wait what? You knew too mom?” I was shocked.

“Of course I did sweetheart. Who do you think you got your fire element from?” She held me out at arms length with a big smile on her face.

“Sasuke you said something about a dream. Would you mind telling us about it?” Dad asked with his calm expression.

“I don’t know if it was a dream. It seemed to be more of a memory that I’d forgotten. The first part was with Hale and Tate. You were dropping me off at their house. I was showing them that I could make fire out of nowhere as you talked to Mr. Snyder. Then it went to me sitting on a swing. They had just moved away. Sean was getting picked on. I tried to protect him, but I was pushed and I tripped over Sean and I hit my head on the playground. Then I woke up.” I explained.

“Wait you’re not talking about the kid that was picking a fight with us earlier do you?” Toshiro asked me.

I nodded. “We were friends then he moved away in middle school and we lost touch.” I explained. “I’m sure that I explained this to you all earlier.” I muttered raising an eyebrow wondering if he was even paying attention to me during that explanation.

“We should continue this conversation at home.” Dad told us.

I just started telling the dang story and now we have to go home to continue it? Well, I guess this really isn’t something that we should be talking about out in public. I nodded a little and took my bag from dad. “Toshiro your welcome to come with us for dinner.” My mom smiled.

“Thank you Mrs. Kaisai.” Toshiro smiled.

“Toshiro you said that you go to a different realm right?” I asked him as we walked back to the house.

He nodded, “That’s correct.”

“And you called dad headmaster, but that’s not the title of the principle at the school that we’re going to. So does that mean that dad is the headmaster of another school and that’s why he would disappear for weeks on end sometimes?” I said trying to put two and two together.

“That’s right. Your father is the headmaster of Elemental Academy.” Mom chirped.

“Elemental Academy?” I questioned.

“We’ll explain more when we get home.” Dad replied and I felt quiet.

“Then there’s a lot of explaining to do.” I muttered.

“You’re a smart boy Sasuke, you’ll catch on quick.” My mom mentioned putting a hand on my shoulder.

My mom was always so reassuring. Why couldn’t dad be like that? Ever since I got hurt when I was little he’s been distant. Did I do something wrong? Why would my parents keep something like this from me? I have so many questions that I really want to have answered.

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