A Little Secret

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What did Sasuke Just do? And What’s Going on with Andy?

Chapter 40: What did Sasuke Just do? And What’s Going on with Andy?


I feel like I haven’t slept at all. I should get up, though I should go to work. I convince myself to roll out of bed as much as I didn’t want to. It’s October, all the leaves are changing color, the air is getting colder. Soon it’s going to get to the point that I’m going to have to walk instead of run to work. I pull my long sleeve under armor on and making sure that I had everything I needed in my bag before getting on my sneakers. Tapping my shoes lightly on the concrete once I make it down the stairs of my apartment I start the run to work. Chris started the theory testing almost three months ago. But, there’s been no progress made. Andy’s keeps getting pissy with me because of this and there’s nothing I can do about it. I wish he would grow up a bit. I turn the corner and head down the street that work is on. I can see my breath for a moment before the steam from my mouth brushes against my skin as I continue to run. Sasuke’s still holding out at least. He’s being stubborn and not changing his element when they want him to. But the way they’re forcing him to change his element…it’s wrong. No one should be electrocuted just to force their body under enough pressure to force his body to change its element. And the amount of blood tests that I’ve gone through as left my arms bruised up from them not finding my vain or injecting some shit in my arm or thigh. It’s still nothing compared to what Sasuke’s going through, so I shouldn’t complain. Who knows when they’ll start doing that shit to me.

“Yo, earth to Sean,” I snap out of my thoughts and look to my right and see Andy standing next to me.

“Morning,” I greet. I made it into the building and now I’m just standing in front of the card reader.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes, what’s got ya thinkin so hard that ya zoned out?” He asked me as I got out of the way and he swiped his card through to clock in.

“I’m just tired is all,” I answer and he gives me a resting bitch face, “What?”

“You’re lying to me,” Andy commented as we walked out of the break room, “If you’re really that tired you know you could have called and I would have picked you up. But obviously, you ran here because you’re sweating.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me running here. I have to before I can’t really do that anymore because of the snow flying,” I mentioned reaching back to and grabbing my water bottle.

“I know it’s October, but you never wear long sleeved shit till it’s like January,” What’s with all the pointing things out with him today?

“I felt like wearing one,” There’s that look again, “Seriously Andy, it’s nothing major.”

“You’ve been wearing long sleeves for the past week,” He commented as we walked down the hall together.

“So?” We head down the flight of stairs to do our morning workouts.

“Today is your swimming workout day, right?” I know where he’s going with this.

“I was planning on doing it later I just wanted to be able to stretch, that’s why I’m coming down with you,” I answer.

“Then I’ll just do my work out later. I’m going to figure out what your hiding. I swear if it’s a tattoo and yer not sharing imma be pissed,” I roll my eyes at his comment.

“Then I’m just going to go get something to eat and stretch in the hall,” I take a longer stride and pull away from him when we get to the door of the weight room.

“Fine, be that way,” I can hear the pout in his voice as I walk away from him and go up the other set of stairs that lead right into the kitchen. I grab an apple and a napkin before zipping out of the kitchen and going back up to the main floor. I take a bite of my apple and knock twice on Chris’s door before walking in like I normally do. There’s a male with red-brown hair that’s short, but I can see the under part of his hair buzzed like always standing with his back to me, “Welcome back,” I greet with my mouth full of apple. Otto turns around and looks at me with his miss matches white and black eyes.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” He comments pulling a pack of spearmint gum out of his pocket.

“Good to see you’re the same as always,” I mumble more to myself and set my bag down next to the couch.

“It’s only been a few weeks for me, even though it’s been three months for you,” Otto explained to me.

“I know, I know, there’s a time difference,” I sigh getting out my notebook and pen before stretching my arms. I flinch a bit from my wrist hitting one of my bruises.

“Good, you’ve done your homework,” Otto said and I rose an eyebrow at him as he stuck a piece of gum in his mouth, “I’m going to head back to the office. See what mess has been left for me to take care of,” He waved shoving the pack back in his pocket and walking away from the desk.

“I’ll talk to you later then,” Chris waved then instantly went into his desk and got out a few sheets of paper, “You did great on your last test by the way.”

“Great as in I don’t have to take it again, or great as in you were close,” I question switching arms.

“Second option, you still have to retake the test,” I groan obnoxiously at his answer, “Don’t worry it was only by a point.”

“That makes it ten times worse. Couldn’t you have given me a point for spelling my fucking name, right?” I ask.

“That doesn’t count. I would hope you could spell your name. You’re twenty for fucks sake,” I roll my eyes and start to stretch my thighs as he comes around his desk and hands me the test to look at.

“So what are you going to have me do today then? Study for the retake? Or are you going to let me learn a new element?” I question as I start to wobble from trying to read and stretch at the same time. This type of multitasking is not my specialty.

“I’ll let you learn a new element. I won’t be that big of a prick,” I look up at him and he’s sitting down in the chair that’s on the other side of the coffee table, “I’ll just give you something for extra credit that will go towards the test. But you need to score a perfect grade on the extra credit to pass and not have to retake this test.”

“Because that’s completely fair,” I scoff switching legs.

“I’m glad you see it my way,” He smiled at me and rest his cheek in the palm of his hand, “I’ll tell you what the extra credit is at the end, for now why don’t you read up on spirit elementals and take some notes. You’re welcome to ask questions if need be, but today is going to be an easy day. At least for this it’s going to be an easy day.”

I sigh and let my leg drop to the floor before flopping down on the couch and grabbing the book out of my bag. I flip to three quarters of the way to the back of the book and find the spirit elemental section.

Spirit Elemental

Spirit elementals branch off dark elementals. This element deals with the souls of the dearly departed and the spirit realm. They are naturally able to see one’s spirit animal like a dark elemental can, but in the spirit elementals case they can communicate with them and not just see them. The story says that spirit elementals branched of the dark element when a dark elementals soul became trapped between the spirit realm and Earth. A spirit found the elemental and out of kindness made a bond with the soul to help them finish their journey to earth to be reborn, but traveling within the elemental trapped the spirit and changed the elementals element to spirit.

Common Traits

·Bright Eyes- Personally, I have never seen a spirit elemental that has a dark colored iris. So, I consider this a trait to spirit elementals.

·Pale Skin- Spirit elementals seem to not be able to tan and just naturally burn. Though I have seen some spirit elementals is some very beautiful olive skin.

·Heightened Sixth Sense- Of course this is trait is to be expected from spirit elementals. And this trait should be self-explanatory as to what the sixth sense is. If not, then the sixth sense is the sense that allows one to notice the presence of a spirit. Naturally a spirit elementals sixth sense is so strong I have been told that they can see a spirit and communicate with the spirits effortlessly.

·White and Black Eyes- This is the rare trait to the spirit elementals. I have only seen one spirit elemental that has had this trait. One iris is white and the other is black. It is as if they have been half possessed and that it the reason for having one of their eyes stained black. That’s the story that I was given from Salis Magelos, the current prodigy of the spirit elementals.

Basic Abilities

·Aura Control- Everyone one and everything has an aura surrounding them that a spirit elemental can see. A spirit elemental can use his or her own aura and use it in combat.

·Spirit Embodiment- This ability allows a spirit elemental to temporarily turn their body transparent and simply “disappear” for sight. It also makes them tangible so they can walk through objects. This ability has a maximum time limit of one hour. Then it takes a half an hour before the spirit elemental can use it once more. But one cannot phase through another being in this state. Only inanimate objects.

·Combat Merge- Combat merge is when a spirit elemental fuses their aura with another elemental increasing their partners power and allowing their partner to fight on when they no longer have the strength to go on. This ability is quite useful during team tournaments.

·Soul Lock- This is the ability to lock the soul of an elemental with the soul of a spirit. The other part to this ability is it places a temporary lock on an elementals soul not allowing the elemental to access their soul weapon or their advance abilities.

Advanced Abilities

·Inhabitation Release- This is the releasing of an unwanted spirit in a body. Wither it be for themselves or another elemental or even human. This ability allows the spirit elemental to force the unwanted spirit out.

·Soul Manipulation- Soul Manipulation is the merging of spirit embodiment and combat merge. First the spirit elemental uses spirit embodiment, but then while in the transparent state they use combat merge and temporarily merge with their team mate or opponent causing a surge in power for their team mate and heightening all their senses or shutting down an opponent’s mind and body causing unconsciousness. Using this skill during a match is not forbidden, but it is highly frowned upon during one-on-one matches.

·Reality Break- Soul break is when a spirit elemental can shatter another’s reality leaving them in a blank/unconscious state with a simple command and the snap of their fingers for three hours. This ability is the hardest out of the abilities to master and the effect of the ability will wear off sooner if the being that it was used on if strong willed.

·Puppeteer- Puppeteer, the ability where a spirit elemental uses soul manipulation and as they exit the body of their choosing, soul strings follow and are connected to the spirit elementals fingers like strings on a marionette. These strings lace themselves within the body the spirit elemental exited giving the spirit elemental complete control over that body. The connection ends when these invisible strings are cut by an outside force, or the spirit elemental closes their fists quickly rendering their marionette lifeless for two weeks if not decided to kill them outright stopping the marionettes heart. This is the rare ability of the spirit elemental and is forbidden from being used in a tournament. The only spirit elemental that I have seen use this ability is Salis.

“Why are spirit elementals so terrifying?” I ask right off the bat when I finish reading, “And is Otto the prodigy?”

“Yes and yes,” Chris answers and I give him a resting bitch face, “It’s fun watching you read. You make faces and it’s funny.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” I blink slowly at him.

“Yes, a spirit elemental is a very scary element, especially that rare ability, that one’s rough. I would suggest not being on the other end of that, it sucks, I know,” Chris looked away from me and I start to chuckle.

“The time elemental was bested with the rare ability of a spirit elemental. I wish I could have seen that. Watch you get knocked on your ass, that would’ve been a sight to see,” I get a glare in return for my comment.

“You should respect your elders Sean, it could come back to bit you in the ass, or punch you in the face, whichever you prefer,” Chris smirked at me and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah, sure, as if life hasn’t punched me in the face enough as it is,” I grumble grabbing my notebook and pen and reading over the information again and this time taking notes, “What’s the extra credit that you want me to do?” I ask not looking up from my notebook.

“I want you to write a one-thousand-word essay on the element of water. It can be either hand written or typed out. If you type it out it must be in twelve-point font and in Times New Roman, double spaced,” He explained and I wrote in the margin of my notebook as he spoke.

“When’s it due?”

“It’s due on Friday, when you get in.”

“Fair enough, that’s three days to do it. One thousand-words won’t be too hard to do,” I nod agreeing to the extra credit. I’d rather type it out instead of write it out. I have way to many spelling errors when I hand write.”

Chris laughed, “That’s how you’ve lost half your points is because of your spelling.”

I glare at him and he’s not fazed by it in the slightest, “Typing would be best for you then.”

“Are we good for the day?” I ask not wanting to continue talking about my bad spelling habits.

“Yes, we’re done for the day with the lessons. Get the boys their food and try to convince Sasuke to switch elements on his own today. If he doesn’t it’ll be back in the chair. I think that we’ve almost figured it out,” He explains as I put my book and notebook away.

“I don’t know what it is that you’ve almost figured out, but all this electroshock therapy shit that you’ve been doing with Sasuke, can’t be good for him,” I mention zipping up my bag and standing up.

“Just try to convince him for me.”

“He won’t listen.”

“I’m aware, just like you don’t listen.”

“Fuck off.”

“You know I’m right.”

I roll my eyes, “Sure,”

“You two are a lot alike.”

“I know, we’ve been told countless times.”

“Ever question if you were related to him?”

“I’ve thought about it, but pushed it off. If I was related to him don’t you think his family would have adopted me?”

“I’m just saying. If you ever get a chance maybe ask if you can have a DNA test done,” He looked away from me.

“Why and be fucking disappointed when it’s only a coincidence that Sasuke and I are alike just to find out that we’re not fucking related?”

“Don’t get a pissy attitude just because I suggested something.”

“I’m not getting pissy with you. Logically, if he was related to me then I feel like his family would have known and adopted me if that was the case. But obviously, it’s not so why should I bother considering it?”

Chris sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, “Just forget it,” He walks back over to his desk.

Fucking hell, now I feel bad… I look down at the floor, “Look, I’m sorry. Talking about family is something that’s always been difficult for me. I don’t know my birth parents, and I don’t know if I have any other family. Yes, a part of me wants to know, but I gave up trying to figure that out long ago,” I turn my back to him and head towards the door, “Thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass for now.”

I walk out of the office without another word being said between us and I head down the hall and down a floor to the kitchen. Laila was working on morning prep work, which she seemed all too happy to stop when she saw me walk in. We greet each other like normal and she gets to working on the boy’s breakfast. Andy seems to have impeccable timing because right as Laila was going to help me take the food up to the room.

“Why do I have to help?” Andy grumbles as I had him the tray of smoothies.

“Because you walked in at the wrong time for you and right time for me,” I snicker picking up the food tray, “Laila has a lot of prep work that she has to do and I don’t want to pull her away from it.”

“Fine,” He groans and kicked the door to open it instead of using his free hand.

“Thanks Laila,” I smile at her before following Andy out of the kitchen, “You can have the spare smoothie for helping me.”

“Gee thanks, because that makes me feel so much better and willing to help,” He grumbles.

“You’re helping, though so I don’t know why you’re still complaining,” I mention and he rolls his eyes, “Beside the fact that you’re actually getting use to them and are starting to like them.”

“Am not.”

“I’m not having an am not, are too battle with you. I do it enough with Sasuke as is,” I look away from Andy as we get into the elevator.

“Whatever,” Andy scoffs.

It stays quiet between the two of us for the ride up a floor and then it’s off to the room. The three of them do their normal routine when I turn on the light and like clockwork Aaron falls out of bed entangled in his blanket.

“Morning,” I say walking into the room, “Don’t just stand there Andy get your ass in here.”

“Morning,” Gil and Sasuke say in unison and Aaron struggles to get out of his blankets.

“Do you want help?” I ask setting the try down on Sasuke’s nightstand.

“Never, I’ve got this…I will win this battle,” He answered half ass trying to get out of the blankets.

“You’re not even trying,” Andy speaks up.

“I got a foot out,” Aaron yawned, “I can’t rush these things.”

“Till you have to go to the bathroom,” I mention making him laugh.

“I do, but blankets are warm,” He says as I grab the blankets and pull them away from him, “Noooooooooo, blankets, come back.”

“It’s time for food,” I toss his blankets back on the bed.

“I have to pee,” yet he continues to lay there on the floor.

“So go take a fucking piss already,” Andy scoffs as Aaron sits up.

“Calm down ginger, this ginger is getting there,” Aaron waves Adny off like he’s an annoying fly and gets up and goes to the bathroom.

“Someone’s grumpy in the morning,” Gil spoke up as he snatched one of the smoothies from the tray that Andy was still holding.

“I am not grumpy,” Andy pouts looking away from Gil making him snicker.

“You’re totally grumpy gills in the morning,” Sasuke comments with his fork in his mouth.

I can’t help but chuckle as the door to the bathroom opened, “I HAVE RETURNED! YOU MAY ALL BOW DOWN TO MY GINGERNESS! Except Gil, he be my waifu,”

“Why am I waifu?” Gil asked.

“Your hair is longer silly, there for you are ginger waifu!” He mentions and grabs his plate and sits down.

“I’m a ginger, why do I have to bow down to you?” Andy questions as I take the last smoothie off the tray and take it to Aaron.

“You’re not a pure ginger. There for you are lesser ginger, bow down to your kind of gingers!” I start laughing from the conversation as I had Aaron the smoothie.

“Here ya go king of the gingers,” I say before going and sitting down on Sasuke’s bed like a usually do.

“You’re totally wrong, deep red is not a pure ginger,” Andy retorts crossing his arms over his chest.

“It is! Your orange hair is not pure ginger, there for you have not reached full ginger potential and cannot fully eat someone’s soul, bwahahahahaha” I crack up laughing with Sasuke from Aaron’s explanation.

Andy got in his face and glared at him, then his face goes from a glaring to more of a squint, “Your freckles make a dragon,”

“No switching topics, that’s cheating,” Aaron pouted, he was obviously having fun.

“No, I’m serious, if you play connect the dots on your throat it makes a dragon,” Andy looks over at me, “Have you not noticed this?”

“I can’t say I’ve looked that close at one of the pure gingers,” I mentioned.

“He was afraid that they would eat his soul,” Sasuke added in and I elbowed him, “No one can stand up to their one hundred percent opacity redness.”

“Ha ha,” Andy looks back at Aaron, “It’s here,” Andy brought his hand that wasn’t holding his smoothie and lightly pressed it against Aaron’s throat and traced his freckles.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Gil got off his bed and went over to stand next to Andy as he played connect the dots with Aaron’s freckles.

“That felt funny,” Aaron said as Andy finished.

“You could have asked him if you could do that first ya know,” Andy jumped and quickly backed away.

“It’s not like it’s a fucking big deal, I was just letting him know. He sees them every day so he probably never fucking noticed, calm your fucking hormones.”

“Calm down less of a ginger, I’m not going to do anything. I would have done something while you were playing connect the dots if I was going to do anything,” Gil crossed his arms and shrugged.

I start to cry from laughing so much, “I didn’t know there was a hierarchy among the gingers,” I commented.

“Apparently, there is,” Sasuke snickered.

“Glad we’re not a part of it,” I snatch Sasuke’s smoothie from his night stand and take a drink.

“Hey,” Sasuke whines and I look at him.

“My bad, did you want me to push you out of the way and lay on you while I was trying to get the smoothie?” I ask him raising an eyebrow.

“Ow, ow, Sean, Andy’s hurting me,” I look back over at Aaron and Andy’s pinching Aaron’s cheeks and pulling.

“Dear god, what are we fucking five?” I sigh handing Sasuke his smoothie back and going and breaking up Andy and Aaron.

“Six actually,” Gil quickly comments.

“You’re not helping,” I glare at him as I push Andy away by his cheek.

“That’s totally cheating, calling Sean for help,” Andy complains as I push him away from Aaron and make him go towards Sasuke’s bed. And instantly there’s a glaring match between Andy and Sasuke.

“You wanna go pipsqueak?” Andy asked.

“Please, I would knock you on your ass in a heartbeat,” Sasuke comments taking another bite of his food.

I go and get Gil’s food and drink and hand it to him, “You two sit together,” then I go over to Andy and pull him away from Sasuke who he’s not butting heads with and I push him onto Gil’s bed, “And you sit there,” I rub my temples, “I’m only going to say this once children, fight nice, or better yet please stop fighting, we have a very long day to get through.”

“Sean, breathe,” Gil tells me and I take a deep breath in.

“I’m fine, I am perfectly fine,” I look over at Gil and he’s intensely staring at me with his bangs tucked behind his ear so he was looking at me with both eyes.

“You missed a point on your test from having mastery, didn’t you?” My eye twitched, “I knew it.”

“No you didn’t, you ass, don’t look into my head without permission,”

“I don’t need permission when you look at me,” Gil looked away and took a drink, “I was mainly looking for what’s bothering you, but that’s the only thing I could see in the short amount of time. Do you want to talk about what else is bothering you?”

“No, I’m good,” I sigh finding my bag and digging into it to find my pants and shirt I brought with me then I went into their bathroom and got out of the shorts and long sleeve under armor. I come out carrying my shoes and running clothes and Andy is staring at me, “What?”

“What’s with the three-quarter sleeve?” He asked.

“I wanted to wear it,” I answer going back over to my bag and putting my clothes back in.

I heard one of them get off one of the beds. I should have known it was Andy because I looked up when my wrist was pulled away from my bag. He pushed my sleeve down on the left arm revealing one of my bigger bruises that’s on the inside of my arm, “This isn’t nothing Sean,” He glared down at me, “What the fuck happened?”

“It’s not a big deal,” I pull my arm away so I could zip up my bag.

“Like hell it’s not a fucking big deal,” He grabbed my collar and pulled me back up onto my feet, “Stop fuckin hiding shit from me Sean.”

I bite the inside of my cheek and look away from him, “It’s just blood testing. It’s nothing major.”

“Like fucking hell it’s nothing major. Did ya do something to him pipsqueak?” I look back at Andy to see his gaze is over my shoulder.

“I didn’t do anything. Why are you blaming me?” Sasuke retorted.

“Just stop,” I grab Andy’s hands and pry them off my shirt, “We have no choice in the matter Andy and nothing can be done about it.”

“What the fuck are ya talking about?” He asked.

“It’s a theory that Chris is trying to prove actually works,” I look away from him and take a breath, “Long story short the theory is turning a human who was supposed to be an elemental into one,” I look back up at Andy and he’s standing there shocked, “I was supposed to be one Andy, so Chris is using me and Sasuke to prove it right. It can only be done with a moon elemental, and someone who has the elemental gene in their DNA,” I motion towards Sasuke then to myself as I explain the theory.

“So yer willing to throw your life away and be with them?”

“I’m not throwing my life away.”

“Yes you are, your throwing everything you’ve done in your life away. You’re throwing your foster family away and your throwing our friendship right out the fucking window,” Andy rose his voice.

“This is why I didn’t want to fucking tell you. I knew you were going to fly off the fucking handle about this. Why can’t you just be calm for once without flying off the handle?” I raise my voice right back at him.

“Both of you stop it!” Gil rose his voice and jump slightly from the raise in Gil’s voice as both Andy and I look over at Gil and it felt like my body stiffened up from his intense glare, “Both of you will stop your bickering right now do you understand me? There is no reason to be screaming at each other the way you two are,” Gil shifted his gaze directly to Andy and I felt my body loosen up, “Andrew, you need to calm down. If you don’t know the whole story, don’t fly off the handle. Not once did you ask Sean or Sasuke how they feel about this. What if this is something that Sean wants? Did you ever think of it in that perspective? Look at things from different angles and ask questions before you get mad. I know Sean is dear to you, I know he’s a best friend, you need to give him a chance to explain, understood?” Andy nodded slowly and Gil closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“What the fuck did you do?” Andy asked and he’s rubbing his eyes.

“You’re not steaming mad, anymore are you?” Aaron asked, “It’s something that sight elementals can do. It’s handy when your upset or mad or even panicking. It’s called neural manipulation.”

“Just let me out this fucking room, I need to breathe,” Andy commented and I pulled the card out and went over to the door and slid it through the reader opening the door for him and he left without saying anything to any of us.

I take a step back from the door and let if close and it stays quiet between all of us, “Want some?” I look over at Sasuke and he’s holding out the smoothie. I take the smoothie from him and take a drink. It was hard to swallow.

“You okay?” Aaron asked as I handed the smoothie back to Sasuke.

“No, I’m not okay,” I run my hands through my hair and the buzzed part of my hair has gotten long enough for me to be able to feel it through my fingers, “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I pissed Andy off and he won’t talk to me anymore…it’s been a rough day and it’s not even noon yet.”

“Let Andy have some space and let him cool down. Let him talk to you first, I feel like that’s the best thing right now,” Gil told me, “He has a fair bit to think about. You two need to concentrate on today and stay strong.”

I nod at Gil’s words and breathe. When the three of them are done I’m able to calm down enough to be willing to leave the room. By the time I get back Sasuke’s already been taken out of the room. I’m told to go and do my work out and what I normally do. I took Gil and Aaron to the pool with me and Andy was just getting out of the pool when we walked in. We didn’t say a word to each other. When I’m done and Otto comes in and tells me to get Aaron and Gil out of the pool and to get dressed myself. Aaron is brought into the room with me as Gil is taken away from the two of us. Otto did a check up on me and used some of his cream on my bruises.

“Sasuke has been cooperating today to an extent. I’m not too sure what’s going on, but that’s where Gil is. You both can go see them once I’m done here,” Otto told Aaron and I.

“What’s the point in doing this with Sasuke?” I ask.

“I wasn’t here for the start of this like I originally wanted to be. I didn’t think they were going to revert to electroshock therapy. This can be very dangerous in many ways. Using the electric current to hit the switch in Sasuke’s brain to switch his element, it can trigger another switch that should never be hit,” He didn’t look up at me as he checked my pulse.

“What switch?” Aaron questioned before I could.

“It’s something that’s in every moon elemental. It’s their breaking point. This breaking point will make them lose control of their elements. In other words, it’s as if a madness takes over. I’ve only seen it happen once before. It happened with Sasuke’s father. He had to have all but his base element sealed. I just hope, this doesn’t force Sasuke into that breaking point,” Otto said rolling his sleeves back down and going back over to the sink and taking off his rubber gloves, “You’re good to go.”

I get out of the chair and pull my sleeves back down, “Why could Mr. Kaisai use other elemental then the last time I saw him?”

“It’s because it happened a little over one hundred years ago,” He turned around and leaned against the counter and looked at me, “Before you ask, I’m older than I told you when we first met. I’m two hundred and three-years-old to be exact. My grandfather was a time elemental.”

Two hundred and three…two hundred and fucking three years old???? “How many time elementals in the world are there?” I ask.

“Just three, two, if you don’t include John,” Otto sighs and pulls the pack of gum from his pocket, “You two can get going. Gil and Aaron are in room fifty-two on this floor.”

I nod and head to the door, “Thank you.”

“For what?” Otto asked as I open the door.

“You didn’t have to tell me, but you did, so thank you,” I smile looking back at him.

“See you later Otto,” Aaron waves and heads out of the room.

“Later,” I say and follow Aaron out of the room.

The two of us go to the room and Gil is straddling Sasuke and has his thumb against Sasuke forehead. He’s muttering something, but I can’t make out what. I look at Aaron and see if he’ll tell me, but he stands there not saying a word. Not too soon after Gil pulls his hands away and the two of them talk before Gil heads over to Aaron and me.

“How’s he doing?” I ask.

“He’s doing okay. He said his head hurt that’s why they had me come here instead of going with you two,” Gil explained turning on his heels and standing on the other side of me.

They have electrodes attached to his forehead, and all over his body. He’s sitting down in a chair, “We’ll do this a few more times then we’ll be done,” A scientist said over the loud speakers.

I want to help, but I don’t know how. Sasuke’s gone through so much more than I have and I don’t know how to help, “Can we not do this and just let him go for the day? This has been going on for months, I think you should have whatever data you need.”

“Stand back boy and let the adults do their job,” The same man said to me over the loud speaker.

“No, we’re done,” I walk over to Sasuke and pull one of the electrodes off his forehead.

“Sean, I don’t want you to get in trouble,” Sasuke’s voice cracked as I worked on the other pad that’s stuck to his forehead.

“We’re in this together, I can’t stand there and watch this,” I mention locking eyes with him, “You’re dehydrated and you look exhausted.”

“I told you to stay back,” The scientist said once more and I turn and glare at the man that’s on the other side of the glass.

“Fuck off, we’re done,” I go back to pulling off the electrodes off Sasuke’s body and pick him up out of the chair, “You can’t fucking do anything about it anyways,” I mumble more to myself. I don’t want to test if he can walk on his own. It’s better off if I carry him.

“Sean, put me down,” Sasuke protests, but he’s not forcing himself out of my arms.

“No, I’ll put you down when we get back to the room,” I said and Aaron got the door for me so I could walk right out of the room.

“Was that the best idea?” Gil asked as we head down the hall and towards the elevator.

“I personally don’t care. I’ll suffer whatever consequence they want to put me through. I can’t stand back and watch this happen,” I reply not looking back at the two of them.

That ends the conversation quick and it stays quiet between all of us. I take the three of them back to the room and set Sasuke on his bed as Aaron and Gil come into the room as well, “Should I take you to Otto to make sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine, I just need to lay down for a bit,” I raise an eyebrow at him as he turns down my offer, “Don’t give me that look. I’m fine, I just feel like I need to lay down,” He turned his back to me, “That sinking feels just gotten worse,” I sit down on the edge of his bed, “It’s the main reason why my head hurts.”

“Is that what Gil was trying to figure out when Aaron and I got there?” I asked looking over at Gil to see him nod, but there’s a sadness in his eyes that tells me he couldn’t find it.

“I’ll keep trying till I can find it. If we know what it is then we can figure out how to help,” Gil said, he’s trying to encourage Sasuke, all of us really…

“We can try again in a little bit,” Sasuke mutters I look over at his bottle and see that it’s empty. Getting up I grab it and take it to the bathroom to refill it. After setting his water bottle back on his nightstand the door opened and Otto was standing there.

“Hey,” I wave to him as he blows a bubble with his gum.

“You pissed some of the scientists off by ending the experiment early. That’s what I heard in the breakroom anyways,” He said walking into the room and letting the door close behind him.

“I wasn’t going to stand there and watch them do whatever they want to Sasuke,” I answer defending my actions.

“I never said what you did was wrong. I’m glad you did, if Sasuke’s not feeling well it’s best to get him out of whatever’s going on and let him rest,” Otto mentioned.

“What’s got you coming up to visit Otto?” Gil questioned pushing up his glasses.

“I came to check on Sasuke’s back, I want to make sure that he doesn’t have any deep scaring. I also need to give Sean an injection,” He pulled out a pair of gloves from his pocket and put them on, “Can you roll all the way onto your stomach please?” Sasuke did what he was told and Otto pulled his shirt up to expose his back. “There’s some light scaring, but it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would turn out. How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” Sasuke lied and I sigh looking away from them.

“He’s not fine,” I speak up and Sasuke kicks my hip.

“What’s been going on?” Otto questioned.

“It’s nothing,” Sasuke answered.

“He’s had a sinking feeling and it’s just gotten worse,” Again, I get kicked in the hip.

“That sinking feeling can be from anything. It can be from being a bundle of nerves and on edge all the way up to something he ate. I don’t think anyone will be able to pinpoint what the sinking feeling is. Something will give eventually and it’ll go away. It’s just a matter of riding it out. Who knows maybe once the sinking feeling goes away you’ll be able to learn how to float. It could also be what’s causing that as well,” He pulls Sasuke’s shirt back down and stands up.

“That doesn’t help figure it out,” Sasuke comments flipping around so he’s on his back.

“I know and I apologize for being so vague when it comes to stuff like that. Sean, can you pull that chair into the center of the room and sit down please?” Otto asks.

“Um…shouldn’t an injection be done in your office or something?” I asked getting off Sasuke’s bed and grabbing the spare chair that’s in the room.

“I brought what’s needed with me,” He answered taking Gil’s nightstand and moving it to the middle of the room. I bring the over to where he placed the nightstand and sit down, “Take off your shirt please,” again, I do what I’m told, “Armatures, if you don’t know how to take blood properly then don’t do it,” Otto grumbles out loud as he sees my bruises for the second time today. He pulls a few packs wipes out of his pocket and opens the alcohol one first and wipes down my right shoulder, then he switches to the second packet and this time it’s an iodine wipe. Once he’s done with those he pulls a syringe and vial out of his left pocket along with a small, clear baggie that has a needle in it.

“What’s in the vial?” I ask curious as I stare at the deep red liquid that’s inside.

“It’s some of Sasuke’s blood that was taken three months ago. Chris wants to see if it can be older blood or if it must be like the theory says and be fresh blood. Also, he wants to know if we should insert the blood into your system via injection like what we’re about to do or if we’re going to have to use an IV,” He answers getting the syringe ready, “It’s written down that you shifted into your ice element when this blood was drawn, so if you would be willing to do that once I inject this into Sean.”

“What if it works?” Aaron asks.

I look away as the needle pierces my skin and I feel the blood be pushed into my body. I hate injections, “Then I’m going to get you all to Amoura as quickly as I can,” My heart pounded at the statement, “Okay Sasuke, can you give it a shot for me?”

“Okay,” Sasuke said and I looked over at him and waited, but nothing happened.

“Well that answered that question,” Otto sighed and picks up the vial that still has some over Sasuke’s blood in it, “The blood in the vial didn’t even activate. Which means that it’s just standard O- blood now. We’ll just cross injections off the list as well just to be safe.” Chris cleaned up everything and placed it in a different bag before moving the nightstand back to where he found it, “I’ll go see Chris and tell him the results. You can leave whenever you want to Sean,” He said taking out his card key and swiping it through the card reader.

He left the room and it was quiet once again. I sigh and put on my shirt before standing up and taking care of the chair, “Okay, I’m going to get you three lunch then,” I tell them and leave the room myself. The rest of the day crawls on. Before I leave I make sure that I get all three of them ginger ale. If it’s an upset stomach that’s getting to Sasuke then it’ll help, I hope. I know it works for me. My shoulder is sore from the injection and it looks like a bruise, but that’s more than likely from the blood that was injected into my itself. After my shower, I just decide to relax for the night. I keep checking my phone to see if Andy has called or text me, but it’s not the case. After watching a few episodes of a random anime on Netflix I call it and crawl into bed for the night.

My alarm goes off too soon I feel as I lay there in bed and check my phone once more. I think I pissed him off. He normally shoots me a text after we get into a fight. I know that Gil told me to wait for him to come to me first, but I feel like we need to talk and I should apologize to him. I sigh and sit up, “I’ve gotta do it,” I swing my legs out of bed and go through my normal routine and head out the door around my normal time.

“Damn, it’s fucking cold outside…” I mumbled to myself as I pick up the pace to get to the building. At least it’s warmer in here. I make my way to the employee room to go and clock in when I see Andy go into Chris’s office. Out of curiosity, I follow, jogging to catch up I head into Chris’s office myself.

“Good morning Sean,” Chris greeted as I walked up to the two of them.

“Morning,” I said quietly and looked at Andy and then Chris, “What’s going on?”

“Tell me one more time Andrew, what is it exactly that you want to do?” Chris asked shifting his gaze over to his computer and it looked like he was scanning over something on the screen.

“I want ta have a match against Sasuke. I wanna see what that fuckin’ little pipsqueak can do,” I instantly snap my gaze to Andy.

“That’s not a good idea Andy,” I instantly protested. I’ve already gone against him and got my ass handed to me. He’s no push over.

Chris sat back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. He’s thinking about something. My match with Sasuke I didn’t ask if I could have the match we just went at it. But Sasuke was willing to have to match with me is the thing. I don’t know if he’s going to be too thrilled about this if Andy gets his way.

“I’ll allow it,” My jaw drops, I can’t fucking believe this…

“What???” I slammed my hands-on Chris’s desk, “You’ve gotta be fucking shitting me? Why are you letting him get what he wants?”

“Sean, I’ve already clocked you in, go get Sasuke and bring him to B32. It’s the new sparing area. Also, bring Aaron and Gilbert along too. I have a feeling we may want them there just in case,” Chris ordered and I glared at him. Clenching my hands into fists I push myself off his desk, turned on my heels, and stormed out of the office to go and get Sasuke, Aaron, and Gil.

“I can’t believe Andy is fucking getting his way…” I grumbled to myself as I turned down the hall towards Sasuke, Aaron, and Gil’s room. I pull out the card and slide it through the reader so fast it didn’t register. I had to do it again, this time it opened.

“Morning Sean!” Aaron greeted seeming awake this morning. He must have had to relieve himself early to be awake like this already.

“You don’t look like you’re in a good mood today,” Gil stated still quite as ever.

“What happened?” Sasuke asked and I look at him.

“You three have to come with me. Fucking Andrew got his way and he wants to have a match with you. As a precaution, he wants you two to come along as well,” I ran my fingers through the longer part of my hair.

“But you said we were going to play racquetball today,” Gil reminded me.

“I know I was, and I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about this. No matter how close I am with Chris Andy always seems to win,” I groaned shoving my hands in my pockets. “Now get dressed, we should get going,” I walk into the rooms it closes and the three of them do what I asked and get dressed, “We’ll get food after how’s that sound?”

“Sounds good to me!” Aaron exclaimed slipping into his sneakers.

Once the three of them are ready we head out and start down the hall, “Why don’t you have restraints on any of them?” One of my co-workers asked and I instantly glared at them. They’ve gotta be fucking new here. Everyone else has stopped bitching at me about it.

“Fuck off, they’re fine the way they are,” The kid shrunk away and walked faster to get past me walking in the opposite direction of the hall.

“You really are in a bad mood,” Gil noted.

“It’s not because of you guys, though. Honestly, when I get a chance to hang out, it makes my day better,” I told them as I started down the hall that I just came from with the three of them behind me. “And Sasuke,”

“Hm?” He hummed.

“I’m sorry that all of you got pulled into this,” I apologized as I opened the door to the stairwell, “I feel like it’s because of me that Andy wants this fight with you. Like he’s trying to prove a point or something,” I sigh as they walked in and waited for me to get in front of them so I could lead the way. It was a bit colder down here, so it was a good place to have sparing areas. I’ve taken Aaron and Gil down here a few times so they could practice together, “And now we go all the way to the end.”

“I don’t want to do this…” Sasuke said and I looked back at him.

“The faster you kick his ass the sooner we’ll get this over with,” I stated looking back at him.

“But this isn’t going to prove a point. It’s probably going to make him hate me more than he already does,” That’s a valid point.

“I know you don’t want to do this, but please, maybe if he goes through this then he’ll be willing to talk and realize how fucking stupid he’s been acting,” I also need to talk to him and apologize, “Either way we’re here,” I typed in the code to unlock the door and I opened it up to let the three of them go in first. Chris and Andy were already here and waiting. The arena has a hard dirt floor and concrete walls surrounding it. On the opposite side of the arena there’s a viewing area with a large window.

“You realize that I don’t want to do this uncle,” Sasuke said with a ridiculously flat tone in his voice.

“What the fuck Chris ya never told me the pipsqueak was yer nephew,” My eye twitched a bit, but I kept my mouth shut. I’m sure Sasuke has said uncle in front of Andy before, unless I’m just thinking things now. Who knows, these days are blurring together.

“Just humor him please, then I’ll keep my promise to you and there will be nothing done to any of you today,” Chris answered completely ignoring Andy.

“I don’t want to be here, I’d rather fucking rot in that damn cell. Sean, this isn’t okay I don’t want to do this,” He told me locking eyes with me.

“Well ta damn bad pipsqueak yer gonna do it,” Andy’s voice broke in.

“WILL YOU SHUT UP?!” Sasuke and I snapped at him at the same time.

Chris chuckled and I looked over at him, “Sean, Aaron, and Gil you’re coming with me behind the glass. Sasuke you are staying here with Andy and you two are going to spar,” He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned on his left leg, “Tournament rules don’t apply here, you’re welcome to use all the elements you’ve obtain up till now. Of course, you are also welcome to stick with your base element as well. No one will be walking in on us the door is locked till the session is over,” Chris explained.

“Let’s go,” I said quietly to Aaron and Gil and lightly pushed them towards the watching area that was behind the glass. This glass has a high heat resistance, cold resistance, and is also bullet resistant. It’s safer than the area that Sasuke and I had our match in.

“Once we close that door that is when your match will start,” Chris said behind us as Aaron, Gil, and myself are walking into the view area. It was big and there were seats if anyone wanted to sit, but I doubt any of us will be sitting down. I turned around to see Chris walk into the room himself and shut the door behind him. I went right up to the window to see if they started yet. We can hear everything that’s going on out in the training area.

My heart is pounding, I don’t know how this is going to go, “Gilbert, Aaron does Sasuke have either of your elements yet?” Chris asked but I didn’t leave the window to look at them.

“Yes sir,” Aaron answered.

“Hm, this may be difficult then if something does happen,” I look over at Chris who has his arms crossed over his chest and it looking out the viewing window as well.

“What do you mean?” I ask, He doesn’t think Sasuke is going to snap, does he?

“It’s just a precaution is all,” He answered not looking at me. I sigh and go back to looking out the window.

Andy’s the first to move. He charges at Sasuke and Sasuke just simply dodges him with easy. Andy’s never been graceful, but he quickly came back and threw a punch that Sasuke blocked and counter attacked with a swift punch of his own. He’s been here for months and it doesn’t seem like it’s affected him that much for combat. Will he end this quickly? He’s not some pipsqueak anymore and Andy needs to realize that.

Andy stumbled back from Sasuke’s punch, in Sasuke’s body language he’s taking this stumble to his advantage and going on the offensive. Jumping back to leave some space between him and Andrew, he shot two fireballs right at Andy knocking him down with his arms crossed in front of his face to block the heat. “There’s something on Andy,” I comment placing my hands on the glass to try and get a closer look. “It’s blue,”

“It’s scales,” Gil gasped and I look over at him to see him pressed against the window as well, “Those aren’t just any type of scales, I’ve seen them a couple times before.”

“What do you mean?” I ask nervous of the answer.

“Those are dragon scales from the water dragon roost,” And I’m the one that’s hiding shit? How the fuck did he get those. I turn my attention back to the fight.

Andy got up and went as Sasuke again. He didn’t even look at his arms to see if they were okay. He was just forced to the left by Sasuke blocking and redirecting his attack. Andy stumbled forward and when his hand hit the ground he grabbed a hand full of dirt and threw it back at Sasuke. It hit Sasuke’s eyes and Sasuke instantly closed them and started to rub his eyes in pain. That was a dirty move. Andy took that to his advantage and planted a swift kick to Sasuke stomach making him stumble back and then he took Sasuke’s feet out from under him and Sasuke went crashing down to the ground.

“Guess ya aren’t so tough now are ya,” Andy commented already sounding out of breath.

“It’s because you fucking did a cheap shot,” I muttered to myself as Andy closed in on him.

He went to kick Sasuke again and Sasuke’s body was engulfed in flames. What is that move? I can’t remember…I think it’s an advance ability for fire…maybe. He made it last long enough to force Andy to back away from the heat. Sasuke got back up onto his feet coughing and when he let the flames die around him I can see tears trickling down his cheeks. He can barely keep his eyes open. This isn’t good.

“You’re fucking cheap,” Sauske said.

“Now that we’ve done the warm up, “Andy bent down and pulled out a knife from under his pant leg. This isn’t fucking good.

“Stop the fight!” I said to Chris, but he did nothing. “I said stop the fight!” I slammed my fist against the glass.

“I didn’t want to do this in the first place,” I heard Sasuke say and I looked back out of the glass and saw Sasuke looking over that the glass as best as he could.

“Pay attention Sasuke,” I looked over at Andy and he’s already next to Sasuke I couldn’t ever warn him.

Sasuke put his arms up as Andy was swinging the knife down and I watched the knife burry itself into Sasuke arm. Sasuke screamed out in pain and blood started rushing out of the wound. Andy pulled the knife out and kicked Sasuke away. I started towards the door to intervene but Chris grabbed a hold of my arm. I turned back at the window and as Sasuke rolled back up onto his feet Andy caught him in the face with the blade of the knife and cut his cheek wide open. Sasuke’s not the one that snapped, Andy has.

“Chris let go, I need to help him this isn’t fair,” I begged for him to let go of my arm.

He looked at me and then let go. I ran to the door and opened it, “That’s enough,” I called out to Andy, but it was like he didn’t hear me. “I SAID STOP!!!” I screamed and right as I did there was a wave of heat that hit me like a brick wall. I look at Sasuke and I could literally see the heat forming a circle around him. It was like watching heat come off the pavement on a summer day. Sasuke leans forward grabbing handfuls of dirt as two holes burn in the back of his shirt between his shoulder blades and form into one giant hole. Two large spikes of fire skyrocket out of his back from between his shoulder blades before they stretched out and formed bright blue, fiery wings. The heat that was radiating off him was intense.

Blocking the heat form his face with one hand Andy rose his knife once again and Sasuke’s head snapped up at him. His eyes wide open, “Don’t even try it,” one of the wings came down and smashed into Andy sending him flying across the room, past me, and into the wall behind me. I look back to see Andy’s out cold and he’s covered in those blue scales that were on his arms. Looking back at Sasuke, I notice his wounds here healing. He wasn’t doing anything but sitting there on his hand and knees. I looked back at Andy and he was out could. That must have been a hell of a hit to knock him out in one go.

I put a hand up in front of my face and made my way towards him, “Sasuke, it’s okay, he’s out cold, you can stop.”

“GET AWAY FOR ME!” He screamed at me with tears in his eyes. What was wrong with him? Could he not control this? I’ve never seen him like this before. Another wave of heat hit me. I’m sweating my ass off the closer I get to him.

“No Sasuke, I need you to calm down,” I answered him back.

“I SAID GET AWAY,” the left wing came down at me and hit me like a ton of bricks and knocked me off my feet. I hit the ground and rolled into the wall. Coughing, I got back up, I was dizzy as hell. I look at my arms and my arms are beat red and they feel like I’m on fire.

“Sean get back here, he needs to release the ability and if you get caught in that it’s going to kill you,” Chris yelled from the room.

I nod getting back up to my feet. I couldn’t take the heat anymore. I grab Andy’s wrist. It feels strange, kinda like the skin on a snake. I get him over my shoulders and onto my back then get us into the viewing room. Chris shut the door behind me and I collapse to the floor with Andy on my back. I look up to see Gil at the window and he was staring intently out the window. “Sasuke, Sean and Andy are safe release the ability, we’ll be fine,” He said as Aaron came over and helped get Andy off me so I can sit up and see how badly I was burned, “Sasuke please don’t fight me and just do it. Nothing is going to happen to any of us,” The window shook violently as managed to get up again and lean Andy against the wall, I go over to Gil and look out the window. The wings dissipated and Sasuke fell forward and landed on the ground. He’s not moving.

I run back out with Aaron and Gil right behind me, “Sasuke!” I said dropping to my knees when I got close and slid the rest of the way to him. Lifting him up off the ground and turning him around, he was out. But, there was no cut on his cheek. He wasn’t bleeding, even his arms were completely healed, there wasn’t even a scar, “Was that the rare ability.”

“I think so,” Aaron answered and I look back to see Gil nod.

“Let’s get him into the room,” Gil says and Aaron takes Sasuke from me and carries him into the viewing room. We lean him against the wall next to Andy and I squat down in front of Andy and put a hand on his arm.

“This is weird,” I mumble as I run my fingers down his arms feeling the scales, “Do you think he knows?”

“I don’t think so. It wasn’t in his mind when I dove into his head yesterday,” Gil answered and I flinched and look down to see Gil’s hand on my arm, “You should sit in a cold bath. These burns look rough.”

“You boys stay here with them, I’ll go find Otto,” Chris told us and left the room.

I look at Gil, “Do you think you could see what’s going on with Andy? Like why he has the scales?”

“I may, but I don’t know if it’ll work,” Gil said taking his hand off my arm and I moved out of the way for him to be able to straddle Andy’s legs and tapped his forehead against Andy’s closing his eyes.

A groan comes from Sasuke and move from Andy over to Sasuke. He opens his eyes and looks to be in a daze as he sits up from leaning on the wall, “You okay?” I ask.

After blinking a few times, I can tell that things clicked in his head, “Oh god, are you okay? I’m so sorry, oh god I burned you, I didn’t mean to,” He covered his face in his hands and pulled his knees up to his chest.

I put a hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay, it’s not that bad, it’s like a sun burn. I’m not upset, no one got hurt, so everything’s fine,” I reassure him and he looks over to his left and jumps.

“What the hell is going one with him? I noticed them when he blocked a couple of my fireballs, but he didn’t even notice. I didn’t realize that it covered all of him, though,” Sasuke mentions leaning over and poking Andy’s cheek, “Are they scales?”

“Mhm,” Aaron spoke up, “Gil said that they’re water dragon scales. Gil’s trying to figure out what’s going on. But you knocked him out cold when you hit him with your fire wing. That was insane, scary, and wicked all at the same time!”

“I don’t know if I would say that, I couldn’t control it,” Sasuke scratched his cheek and looked away from us.

“I feel like it’s like everything else, practice with it and you’ll be able to get it,” I smile getting him to smile back.

“Got it!” Gil said making us look over at him and Andy. Gil pushed his glasses back up.

“Then what is it?” I ask and Andy’s eyes snap open. He sits up accidently slamming his head into Gil’s stomach with how fast he sat up. Gil coughs leaning over Andy from the impact.

“Are you okay?” Aaron’s voice sounds slightly panicked.

“I’m good, just wasn’t expecting it,” He coughed backing up from Andy to give him some space.

“What the fuck happened?” Andy asked looking over at me. His pupils weren’t round anymore, they were slits like a cat’s eye.

“Um…a lot,” I don’t know what to tell him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He rose an eyebrow at me.

“Look at your hands,” I told him and he sighed and looked down at his arms. His eyes widened and he looked like he was going to start flipping shit.

“Remember what I told you about freaking out,” Gil said quickly. Did him and Andy have a conversation while he was digging around in Andy’s mind.

“What the fuck happened to me?!” He’s freaking out. “What the fuck is this? Are these scales or did one of you fucker’s paint on my while I was out?”

“Andrew, I told you what was going on with your body, it wasn’t a dream,” Gil mentioned and Andy’s gaze snapped over to Gil.

“And how the fuck am I supposed to believe ya saying that I’m part dragon? That shit doesn’t fuckin’ happen. Dragon’s don’t exist.”

“They exists, sometimes we get the honor of some of them coming to our festivals and watching our tournaments,” Aaron spoke up defending the dragon’s existence.

“I’m going to guess you’re at least half water dragon. Water dragons are the only dragons with those scales,” Gil added crossing his arms.

“Then how do I turn um off mister know it all?” Andy glared up at Gil.

“You can’t simply turn off apart of you,” I shift my gaze over to the door when I hear Otto’s voice to see Otto and Chris walk into the room.

“How the fuck was I supposed ta know that I’m part dragon?” Andy questioned.

“We could always find out,” I offer and look over at Chris, “Would you be able to do that clock thingy that you did on me that one time?” I asked him.

“What da fuck are ya talkin’ about Sean?” Andy looked over at me.

“It’s a long conversation, and right now we need to attended to Sean’s burns, Otto, do you think it’ll work on him?” Chris turned to Otto with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I’ve always wanted to try it on a dragon,” What are they talking about? Wait, is Otto going to use one of his abilities? He walked over to Andy and squatted down in front of him.

Andy tried to back up but he couldn’t go very far because of the wall, “What the fuck are ya tryin’ ta do?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt,” Otto put his pointer finger and pinky of his right hand against Andy’s chest and then twisted his wrist to the right sliding his two fingers against Andy’s chest. The scales on Andy’s skin seem to ripple back into his skin, but his pupils didn’t go back to normal.

He looks as his hands amazed, “How did ya do that?”

“It’s a long story, but it’s called soul lock. I didn’t full expect it to work on you, but it’s good to know that the ability extends out to dragons as well,” Otto explained standing back up then walking over to me, “And you, were you even thinking? Did it not occur to you that Sasuke is the fire prodigy and at some point, he was going to unlock the rare ability?”

“I-I…n-no, I wasn’t really thinking,” I looked up at Otto from where I was sitting.

“When it comes to friends and them being in trouble, you don’t think you just act. I know that if Sean didn’t run out there first I was going to run out and try to help,” Aaron spoke up defending my actions, “I’m sure you would do the same for your friends.”

He sighs in frustration rubbing his temples, “Come on, you’re coming with me so we can cool off your body and get aloe on your burns,” I stand up quickly, not wanting to piss him off any more than I already have.

“And the rest of you are going to come with me to my office, and yes that includes you Andrew,” Chris said, then Aaron, Sasuke, and Andy stand up.

“We’ll be joining them in his office once we’re done taking care of you,” Otto motioned for me to follow.

“I’ll see you guys in a bit then,” I wave and follow Otto out of the room. Now that I was in the brighter light of the sparing arena I look like I fell asleep out in the sun without putting on sunscreen before I went outside. I am going to be in so much fucking pain in the morning it is not going to be funny. “Otto, question.”

“Hm?” He hummed as we walked down the hall.

“Are you and Chris friends?” I questioned.

“We are,” He answered not looking back at me.

“Would you go after him if he was in trouble without thinking?”

“I have. I’ve made stupid decisions because of jumping in to help him. The first time a prodigy uses the rare ability they can’t control it. Some remember what happened and others are blinded with emotions and must be told what happened afterwards.”

“Which result was it for you?”

“I had to be told.”


“Did you know that Andrew was part dragon?”

“No, I don’t think he knew himself, otherwise I’m sure he would have been gloating about it,” Otto opened the door to his office and I followed him in.

“Logically that makes sense. Normally, when a human has a parent that is a dragon it means that they have given up their dragon form to be with a human. Considering he could completely cover his body in scales, at least that’s what it looks like, he can be anywhere from half to three-quarters dragon,” He tossed me a towel, “Take a cold shower,”

“So what’s going to happen to Andy?” I ask catching the towel and draping it over my shoulder.

“He’s not going to be turned into the dragon division that’s for sure. Chris would never do that. I’ll make sure that he’ll make it to Amoura. That’s where he needs to be. Now, if he wants to go is a different story. All we can do is wait and see what happens. Go and take a shower,” He explained with his back to me as he rummaged through the cupboards.

“Thank you, for using soul lock on him. I know that he’ll never say it to your face, but I’m sure he appreciates it,” I watch Otto stop what he was doing as he listened to me.

“Go take your shower. Chris isn’t a huge fan of having to repeat himself and he can only make small talk for so long,” I nod and go and shower. But, will Andy want to go?

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