A Little Secret

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Spending the Day with Andy

Chapter 42: Spending the Day with Andy


After I gave Sasuke, Aaron, and Gil their food I left to find Andy. He doesn’t need to be wandering around here alone right now. If I was pissed off Andy and I’m still at work, where would I go? I stopped in the middle of the hall and crossed my arms over my chest the think. Snapping my fingers and waving my hand in the direction of the stairs for myself, “Pool,” I say quietly and head to the stairs. Getting down the flight of stairs and turning down the hall the smell of chlorine hits my nose. The pool must have just been clean. It hasn’t been this strong in a while. Taking long strides, I make it to the locker room and see if he’s in here. I went to his locker. He’s gotta be out in the pool then. I take off my shoes and socks, throw on my sandals and go out to the pool. Sure, enough he’s doing laps in the pool. I walk over to Abel and put my hands in my pockets.

“What’s got him so upset? He wouldn’t even talk to me when he came in. He just threw his towel down and started doing laps,” Abel questioned, “And what happen to you? You look like a lobster,” I sigh.

“He lost to Sasuke in a match. So, he’s a bit ticked off about that for starters. And then there’s some other issues that he’s being a grump about,” I answer letting my shoulders slump, “The burns are from Sasuke, I accidently got cut up in one of his vapor trails. It’s not as bad as it looks.”

Abel inhaled a bit, “make sure you put lots of aloe on when you get home,” He told me.

“I will.” I smile rubbing the back of my head.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” He offered motioning his nod towards the water.

I looked at him and shook my head, “There’s really nothing that either of us can do. It’s more so he has to talk to his parents about the problem.”

“Ah, so a family issue then,” Abel crossed his arms and looked back at the pool watching Andrew, “I know about those all too well,” It fell quiet between the two of us as we watched Andy take another lap.

“He’s got enough stamina to choke a cow,” Abel commented making me chuckle.

“Why do you say that?” I ask.

“I know that he’s taking is slower than he does when he has to do his work out, but he really hasn’t stopped. He’s taken maybe four breathers all together since he started doing this,” Abel answered.

“Ah, he’s always had a fair bit of stamina, it was the same when we were kids. I’m not surprised that he has even more now,” That’s not including the fact that his other half is probably in full throttle. I feel like the soul lock only turned the flood down to a small stream instead of turning it off all together. If anything, we’re going to have to be careful tonight and when we’re out tomorrow.

“If there’s anything that I can do to help let him know that I’m always willing to talk and try to help. I’ve been through enough family problems in my life to write a book about it,” Abel chuckled and patted my shoulder, “I’m going to take a lunch break, make sure he doesn’t drown and vice versa.”

“Can do,” I nod and Abel walks towards the locker room. Once he goes through the doors I go to the side of the pool and sit down at the edge. Andy comes gliding towards the wall under the water and his hands hit the wall. He comes up out of the water and pulls off his goggles. He’s out of breath as he wipes his face, “Hey.”

“What?” He still sounds frustrated. This should be a fun conversation.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing. You stormed out of the office in a huff. I wish I could say I know what you’re going through, but I can’t, unfortunately,” I said as he props himself up on the side of the pool with his arms.

“This isn’t something that I want to talk about at work. Where the fuck did Abel go? Some fuckin’ lifeguard he is,” Andy complained.

“Don’t take your frustrations out on him just because he went to lunch. Besides you’re a strong swimmer, you always have been, you don’t really need someone here to keep an eye on you,” I shrug with a bit of a smirk. Maybe he’ll cheer up with some encouragement.

“I’m not fucking strong enough to beat you in a race or beat the pipsqueak in a match,” Fuck, he’s just a roller coaster right now. It’s from pissed to sulking in two seconds.

“How about this, when we get to Amoura we have a race and see who’s faster. You won’t have soul lock on you and you know about your dragon half so I’m sure the fact that it was dormant was slowing you down,” I say in a lower voice.

“Who the fuck said I was going to what’s-a-ma-calls-it?” He glared at me. I just fucking said the name of the place Andy. For fuck’s sake listen once and a while.

“I want you to come. Even if this whole, heroes of the curse theory thing work’s, I’m going to have to go. Even if it doesn’t work, I still want you to go. I don’t want you to be in danger,” I say honestly.

“I’ll fuckin’ choose what I do with my life, I don’t need other’s decidin’ it for me, capeesh?” I sigh at his statement and nod.

“You still coming over and spending the night?” I asked changing it to a somewhat different topic.

“Yeah, we’ll have to stop at my apartment first. I have to pack a bag,” At least he’s still willing to sleep over.

“That’s fine,” I agree, “Do you know what time you want to head out today then?”

“We can head out after you give them dinner. I’m not going to be that big of an asshole. I’m sure that Mr. Sonnen would be pissed if I didn’t see him one last time before we head out. He said his soul thingy wears off in a few hours. Best to not cause trouble and get it placed on me again. But I don’t know what they fuck I’m gonna do about tomorrow considering we’re takin’ the day off,” He groaned.

“Talk to Otto about it,” I offer, “considering you have to go see him again anyways.”

“I’ll ask what we should do about your burns too,” Andy commented getting out of the pool and sitting down.

“I just need aloe is all. I can pick some up on the way home,” I comment and Andrew raises and eyebrow, “What?”

“I’m sure that he’ll have something stronger than Aloe to help with your burns. I’m not having you see my mother looking like that,” He commented.

“I know your mom holds high standards, but I’m sure that she’ll get over the fact that I’m burnt. It’s not like you looked like a lobster once or twice in your life,” I mentioned lightly punching his shoulder.

“Don’t you have a pipsqueak and the ginger twins to get back to?” I got him to smile with the comment.

“What’s this? Your shooing me away when you normally complain that I spend too much time with them?” I gasped in a joking manner.

“Just get going. Maybe taken um to the library or somethin’ I’m sure four eyes would like that,” I glare at him. “Sorry, Gil,” He corrects himself.

“You want me to look up anything specific while I’m in the library?” The only time he says something about the library to me is when he wants me to look something up for him. He doesn’t like going in there himself.

“Look up what you can on dragons. I’ll give you the money back for the copies. I would do it myself if I didn’t have to help bring in new equipment for the weight room,” He’s really curious about this now.

“Oh that’s right, the order is coming in today,” I nod.

Andy stood up and stretched, “Which means that It’s probably going to be here soon. I need to stretch and get clean before doing a fuck ton of heavy lifting,” He groaned. I stood up myself.

“I’ll see you later then,” I said as we walked over to the bench. He stopped and grabbed his towel as I continued walking to the locker room.

“Sounds good,” He replied.

I went into the locker room, switched back into my socks and shoes then left. Back up the stairs and to the cell I went. The three of them are done with breakfast and just laying around, “Welcome back,” Aaron’s the first to speak up.

“What are we going to do today?” Gil asked.

“Please be something easy, I’m really sore,” Sasuke groaned.

“I was actually thinking of us going to the library today,” I mentioned.

“You have a library here?” Aaron spoke up.

“And you never took us to it???” Gil added in and pushed up his glasses.

“I could go for sitting in a library today,” Sasuke agreed.

I chuckle, “I’m glad that none of you are objecting to the idea. We do have to take care of your dishes first though. Then, we’ll go to the library.”

The three of them get their shoes back on and bring their dishes with us as I take them to the kitchen so we can drop them off. Then we go back up the flight of stairs and we take a right instead of a left and went down the hall. A couple more turns down a few different hall ways and then we finally made it to the double doors of the library.

“Welcome to the library,” I held one of the doors open for the three of them to go in.

“Oh wow,” Aaron gasped looking around.

“This place is a lot bigger than I thought it would be,” Sasuke commented.

“Agreed,” Gil nodded and after he was in I let the door close behind me.

The three of them wandered off in their own directions to look through the aisles of books. I went right for our section that we had on dragons. I ran my fingers along the spins of the books as I slowly walked through the aisle.

“So what was the real reason that you wanted to bring us to the library?” I jumped when I heard Gil behind me. I turned and looked down at him.

“Andy asked me to look up what I can on dragons, and considering I knew we had a dragon section in the library and I didn’t want to keep you three cooped up in the room all day, my conclusion was that it would be best to bring you three here with me,” I explained hoping that it made sense.

“What do your books here have on dragons? I’m assuming not much,” Gil said. Wow way to stick it to the normal people there Gil. “Sorry didn’t mean to make it come off as rude.”

“Don’t read my mind damn it,” I grumble and pull out a random book, “And your right, it’s more than likely not as good as the books on Amoura.”

“Or we can find a little room or corner and I can tell you what I know about dragons,” Gil smiled sweetly at me.

“Or we could do that,” I pout and look away from him.

“You were looking to read stuff weren’t you?” I glanced back at him and his smile turned into a smirk.

I lightly tapped the book that was in my hand against his forehead, “I like to read. Yeah, I’m not good with spelling and you think I would be considering I read so much,” I shrugged putting the book back in its place.

“Tell you what, I’ll bring you whatever book you want to read when we’re in Amoura,” He stated walking past me with his arms behind his back.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked him confused.

“It mean’s I already know what’s going to happen. No, I’m not telling you,” But, you pretty much just fucking told me that the damn thing is going to work. “That I did.”

“Stop that,” I hissed and took a few long strides to catch up to him.

He chuckled and we walked to a corner of the library. I can see Sasuke and Aaron already found some books and they were sitting at a table together and reading. I don’t know how long they’ve been there, but it doesn’t look like they’ve made it too far into their books from what I can see.

“So what is it you want to know?” Gil questioned resting his cheek in the palm of his hand as he leaned on the arm of the chair he was in.

“Andy didn’t really have anything specific that he told me to look up about dragons. I’m assuming that we should probably start with what dragon type he is and how many types of dragon’s there are,” I suggested as I got out my notebook that I’ve been using for my lessons and flipped to the back. I’ll just write in this backwards. I’ll know what I’m talking about.

“There are six different types of dragons. One for each of the base elements. Andy’s dragon half is from the water dragon. Like I stated this morning during his and Sasuke’s match. All dragons have a different color to their scales. Then, within the types of dragons the scale colors will vary within the range of the color that is designated to that type of dragon,” he started and I took quick notes and drew arrows pointing to what went with what and where.

“What are the colors?” I asked looking up from my notebook.

“Fire dragons have red scales, water dragons are blue, earth dragons are brown, wind dragons are green, light dragons are yellow to white, and dark dragons are black to purple,” He kept his voice low so no one could hear us. From time to time I look up to make sure that Aaron and Sasuke are still doing alright then look back at Gil to let him know to keep going, “The deeper the color the closer related to the head of the roost you are. Each head of the roost has a very deep, rich color to their scales. They are also considered the most beautiful out of the roost. From being able to see Andy’s scales close up like that he must be somehow related to the head of the roost. Considering his scales are a fairly deep blue. Kinda like the depths of an ocean kinda of blue. Not a deep sapphire kind of blue,” He brought his free hand up to his lips. I can see the cogs turning in his mind as he broke down the color of Andrew’s scales in his head. He’s like a walking book. He really should write one or a dozen. “Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t think I could write a book. That was more so someone with a more creative mind than mine.”

“You could make books based on what you know. There’s more than just fantasy out there. On top of it you describe stuff with so much detail and you put a lot of thought into what information you’re going to say to someone. I’m just saying it’s worth a shot. Maybe just something to do in your down time,” I suggested.

“I’ll think about it,” I got a smile out of him at least, “Have you ever seen the head of the water dragon roost?”

“In this life? No, I haven’t. Normally, we only see the dragons,” He said and I cut him off.

“At your festivals. You told me that before,” I finished for him.

“Good, you were listening,” He stated and I looked away. Of course, I was listening. If I listen to Chris I’m going to listen to you. “Just remember the small details, they may come in handy one day,” I commented.

“That’s very true. There are somethings that our mind won’t allow us to remember, though. It all depends on what’s important to us,” Gil mentioned.

“I know, hell, if we didn’t I would probably not know what the fuck to do with myself,” I commented.

“Why do you say that?” Gil questioned.

“I don’t know. If we remembered things from the day we were born, then I would know who my parents were. Or what they look like,” I stated.

“If I remembered things from the day I was born my head would explode, I already have an encyclopedia in my head as it is,” We both held in our laughs so we wouldn’t be told to quiet down.

“True, you already have enough on your plate as it is. You don’t need to be adding more to it,” I mentioned.

“I agree,” He nodded and leaned back in his chair, “But as I was saying, I would bet that he’s related to the head of the roost somehow. Putting two and two together, it’s got to be his mother that’s the dragon. Considering the head of the roost had a daughter.”

“What do you want to bet?” I asked him raising an eyebrow.

Gil looked at me with his one eye showing and smirked, “You don’t want to make bets with me. I’ll win.”

“You can’t win all the time,” I commented.

“Nero’s good at poker, but he can’t beat me,” He stated.

“So you cheat,” I shrugged my shoulders and looked away from him.

“I do not cheat,” He huffed crossing his arms.

“of course you do, you read his mind for what move he’s going for next,” I pointed the end of my pencil at him and his face heated up and I can’t help but smirk, “Ha, I knew it.”

He cleared his throat, “Anyways, I’m sure it’s his mother. The way that the events are laid out in front of us, it’s the only thing that makes sense,” Gil said and I’m a bit confused, “Right, let me explain, long story short, the head of the water dragon roost had a daughter and on the day of her coronation where she was supposed to take over at the head of the water dragons she disappeared. Almost one-hundred years later Andrew has a sparing match with Sasuke and he has deep blue dragon scales, placing him in the water dragon roost, please tell me I’m not the only one that is seeing this.”

“Seeing what?” I swear Gil jumped five feet off his seat when Aaron spoke up from behind him.

He clutched his shirt and looked at Aaron, “Don’t scare me like that,” Gil commented and Aaron chuckled.

“Sorry, I had to, when you get so deep into your theories you tend to lose track of what’s around you. Makes it fun to scare you,” Aaron got smacked by Gil for that comment.

“But, what were you two talking about?” Sasuke asked wanting to get back to the conversation.

“Gil thinks that Andy’s mom could be the missing daughter to the head of the water roost,” I answered his question.

“Oh, is that all?” Aaron said and got smacked again.

“I’m being serious with it, don’t be a smartass,” Gil puffed out his cheeks like a child.

Aaron smiled at his best friend, “I know, and I agree with your theory.”

“Same, I just didn’t get as good of a look at his scales as you did,” Sasuke mentioned.

“Just let us know what you find out from Andrew’s parents tomorrow,” Gil said.

“Not a problem, it’s the least I can do considering you told me a fair bit about dragons. It was a lot more than I would have found out from the books here,” I mentioned leaning back in the chair.

“I’m sure that they have some good attempts at dragon history, but nothings better than having the scrolls that the dragons have written themselves,” Sasuke mentioned to me, “You know, once you learn dragon tongue and all.”

“Oh yeah, once you figure out how to read in their language it’s a breeze,” Aaron added on.

“Is it really that difficult?” I questioned a bit nervous that I’ll have to learn a new language.

“Don’t worry, there are adaptations of the scrolls, you don’t have to learn a new language if you don’t want to. That would be a lot to take on right off the bat,” Gil waved Sasuke and Aaron’s comments off, ending their little game that they were trying to play apparently, “The two of them can’t even write a complete sentence in dragon tongue yet.”

“I can, if I write it in English,” Aaron protested.

“I’m talking about in their language sweetie, not ours,” Gil smirked at him then turned back to me, “But, do you want to know any more about dragons?”

“I think I’m good for now,” I laughed lightly and closed my notebook, “Were you two able to find any good books?”

“Not really,” Sasuke groaned, “Everything in here is more so informational.”

“You’re not going to find much, if any fiction in here. I know it kinda sucks, but that’s what happens when you work in a place like this,” I answered putting my notebook back in my bag.

“I figured that you would have a few, considering this place is based off “fairy” tales,” He used air quotes when he said fairy.

“Obviously, you guys aren’t fairy tales. Every person who works for the LoM should have had an experience with a “mythical” creature at least once in their life, or has a huge fascination with them,” I sighed standing up and stretching.

“What time is it?” Aaron asked me. I dropped my arms to my sides and then dug into my pocket and pulled out my phone.

“Fuck, we’ve been in here longer than I thought we were, it’s almost five. I’m sure that Andy probably wants to head home soon. If he’s not done helping move the new equipment in and setting it up,” I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck with my free hand.

“Then let’s go back to the room. I’m starting to get hungry anyways,” Sasuke stated.

“We’ll go to the kitchen first and get your three food, then we’ll go back to the room,” I told him.

“Sounds good to me,” Aaron smiled.

“What do you think we’re going to have tonight?” Gil asked as I pulled my bag over my shoulder and lead the way out of the library.

“Thank you,” Sasuke said quietly to me and I hummed at I looked over at him. He walked next to me as Aaron and Gil walked behind us.

“Why are you thanking me?” I asked a bit confused.

“For lots of things. Mainly for being my friend, and for keeping us away from the scientist. I know it was just for a day, I’m expecting to be poked at and shocked tomorrow while you’re gone. But, it was nice to be able to spend most of the day relaxing and looking through books,” What he said stung. But, I know it’s going to happen to. They take an easy on him when I can be around. If they haven’t pulled me off into another room to do something with me. I just want this to be over with soon.

I take them down to the kitchen and Laila. She practically tackled Aaron and Gil, who she calls her ginger snaps. And then Sasuke gave her a hug too, but was ready for it unlike Gil and Aaron and actually caught her. She let the three of them choose what they wanted for dinner. Aaron asked Sasuke if he could teach Laila how to make his mom’s mac and cheese. Gil instantly second that motion. Sasuke didn’t seem to mind and he told Laila what to do considering she wouldn’t let him help make their food. When Aaron tasted, it he said it was close, but it wasn’t exactly the same. It made the rest of us laugh when he got smacked and called a bad ginger snap. We did have random conversations as they ate. Once they were done I took them back up to the room.

“Today was fun. We got to see some new things, Andy found out he’s part dragon, Sasuke got his rare ability, all and all it was a good day!” Aaron chirped and he hopped onto his bed.

“If you look at it from that point of view, then your right, it wasn’t that bad of a day at all,” I commented sitting on the bed next to Sasuke, like always after I put my bag on the floor.

“Tomorrow’s gonna suck,” Sasuke groaned flopping down onto his back.

“I’m sorry guys, if I could do something about it I would,” I sighed.

“It’s not your fault. And finding out what’s going on with Andrew is really important,” Gil said.

“It would be weird if they just randomly stuck someone with him. Besides, I don’t think it could be anyone else but you. We’re stuck here, and if anyone else found out about his dragon half I’m sure he would be instantly taken to the dragon unit,” Aaron added in, trying to make me feel better, I guess.

“That’s true,” I stated.

“Sean you ready to leave?” Andy banged on the door to the cell.

I sigh, “Yeah, I’m coming,” I get off Sasuke’s bed and pick up my bag, “You guys sure you’ll be alright tomorrow?” I asked looking between the three of them as I slung my bag over my shoulder.

“We’ll make it through,” Sasuke smiled at me.

“You need a day off anyways. You look exhausted,” Aaron pointed out.

“Let’s be realistic here, we’re all fucking exhausted,” I chuckled pulling out the card and swiping it through the lock. Andy was standing in front of the door with his hands in his pockets and his weight on his right leg, “Did you go see Otto?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Andy sighed waving his hand at me.

“Don’t yeah me Andrew, this is serious. Did you or did you not go see Otto and have another soul lock placed on you?” I questioned.

“Geez, what are ya my father? I fucking went and got a soul lock, calm your fucking balls man,” He rolled his eyes.

“Okay, I was just making sure, don’t get your boxers in a bunch. Just because you’re tired and cranky from moving heavy equipment. Maybe you shouldn’t have done those extra laps in the pool today,” Andy give me the nastiest death glare I’ve ever seen him dish out before.

“I just want to shower; can we please leave so I can do that?” He said holding in his frustration.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll see you three on Friday,” I waved at the three of them.

“Bye,” Sasuke sat up and looked at me.

“Have fun tomorrow you two,” Aaron said and waved.

“Good luck to both of you,” Gil smiled.

“Thanks,” Andy grumbled and walked away.

I wave once more and step out of the room allowing the door to close behind me. I put the other strap of my backpack on my other shoulder and jog to catch up to Andrew, “You know you could have asked me to help with moving things. I’m not a twig.”

“You have the three of them to deal with daily, it wasn’t that bad for moving the new equipment it was how fucking annoying everyone was with their complaining,” Andy sighed as he opened the door to the parking lot.

“That really sucks,” I said as we walked to his car.

“People need to stop bitching. It’s not that hard to just shut the fuck up and get the shit that your asked to do done,” Wow, he’s really not in a good mood about that.

“Some people need to be able to complain to get things done sadly enough,” I answered as I heard his car unlock and I got into the passenger side of the vehicle.

Andy got into the drives side and started the car before shutting his door, “Yeah,” He groaned and buckled. “Whatever, it’s done, we’re fucking clocked out, we’re going to have a relaxing night and then tomorrow we get down to fucking braztacks and figure out what the fuck is going on and just what my parents haven’t been telling me.”

So, do you want me to just tell you what I found out tomorrow?” I asked him as we started going.

“Oh, yeah, how much were the copies?” He asked paying attention to the road.

“I didn’t get copies, I just asked Gil about it,” I answered.

“What the hell would he know about dragons?” Stupid question.

“Andy, the kids like a walking encyclopedia, and on top of it, dragon’s live on Amoura. Don’t you think they would have books that have correct information on them there?”

“Fair enough,” He grumbled obviously pouting.

We stopped at his apartment complex first and I got out with him just in case. He didn’t bother taking a shower and packed a bag with his laptop and a change of clothes. He made sure that he had everything he needed before zipping up his bag and we left. With driving, it didn’t take long to get back to my apartment.

“Did you ever talk to Otto about your burns?” Andy questioned as I unlocked the door to my apartment.

“Um…no…I forgot,” I answered putting my keys up on their little hook.

“Sean, I told you to go see Otto about the burns before we left,” Andy scolded smacking the back of my head.

“Ow, dick,” I glared at him for hitting me so hard.

“Yes, I have one, now fucking call him and ask him what to do with your burns. You’re not seeing my mother when you look like a fucking lobster,” He commented tossing his bag on the floor at the end of the couch.

“I’m going to see what I have here first before I go and bug him about something simple like this,” I took off my shoes and dropped my bag on my small table to open it up and pull out my notebook.

“Just fucking call him and make it fuckin’ easier on life. If you have ta go back to work just take my car. I’m gonna take a shower,” He grabbed a pair of shorts from his bag and then went to the bathroom.

Geez, what the fuck crawled up his ass in the past hour. I understand he’s in a bad mood from what’s happened today but that’s no reason to be an asshole about me looking like I have a sunburn and seeing his mother. It’s been years, why would she even care about what I look like. Unless it’s his pride kicking in. I sigh and go to my bedroom. Flipping on my light I look over at my night stand and the book is sitting there on my night stand. I pull my phone out of my pocket and scroll through my contacts. Thankfully Otto did give me his cell number so I don’t have to call the office.

“Hello?” He picked up on the second ring, impressive.

“Hey Otto, it’s Sean,” I answer sitting on my bed.

“Did something happen?” He asked. His voice sounds slightly panicked.

“Everything’s fine. Andy’s just taking a shower right now. He apparently doesn’t want to showing up at his house tomorrow looking like a lobster and he wanted me to see you before we left, but I forgot to come down and talk with you,” I explained.

“Do you still have that cream that I gave you to use on Sasuke when he had the gashes on his back?” I look around my room and get up from my bed.

“Um, I may…” I pulled out my top dresser draw, but it wasn’t there. Checking my other drawers, but I didn’t find it, “Hold on, let me check the bathroom.

The shower stopped a few minutes ago anyways so Andy should have at least a towel on by now. I knock on the door twice then open the door. Sure, enough he’s standing at the sink with a towel around his waist and staring at himself in the mirror. He practically has his face pressed against the glass of the mirror and he has one of his eye lids pulled down as he looks at his eyes.

“You know staring at yourself long enough isn’t going to make your pupils go back to normal,” I comment walking in and going into the cupboard that closest to the door and opening it up, “Found it.”

“Good, it’ll work on your burns. You can put some on now, then be sure to take another cold shower before going to bed, but wait about an hour before you do so that way the cream will have a chance to soak into your skin. Before you go to bed for the night put on another layer. That should take care of most of it. If it doesn’t then in the morning put it on one more time. It’ll heal throughout the day for you,” Otto explained to me.

“Can do, thank you Otto,” I pull the cream out of the cupboard and shut it.

“Not a problem, have a good night and good luck tomorrow, I have a feeling you may need it,” He commented.

“Gee thanks,” I sigh and here Otto chuckle on the other end then nothing. I look at my phone and his name blinks a few times before going back to my home screen.

“You shouldn’t walk in on someone like that,” Andy commented I look over at him and he’s now looking at his teeth.

“I needed something out of my cabinet, besides it’s my apartment anyways, I’ll do what the fuck I want. And you’ve walked in on me when I was in the middle of a shower at your place, so you have no fucking room to talk. I at least waited for your ass to get out of the shower and put something over it,” I mentioned raising an eyebrow.

“I’ve fucking seen you naked plenty of times from the swim team back in high school and at work. So, don’t give me that shit of, I can’t walk in to take a piss in the middle of your shower,” Andy looks over at me with a cocky smirk.

“Again, I at least waited,” I grabbed the door handle and walked out of the bathroom, “Now finish getting dressed.”

“I WANT STEAK FOR DINNER DAMN IT,” He yelled through the door.

“We’re not having steak,” I yelled right back.

“Oh come on, please?” I rub my free hand on my face.

“Ugh, fine, I’ll fucking make steaks for dinner,” I needed to cook the soon anyways.

“Fuck yeah!” He exclaimed and I rolled my eyes as I went out into the kitchen. I pull out the steaks from the freezer and set them in the sink. Then I wander back out into the living room and sat down on the couch. Spinning the lid off the top of the cream I set both the cap and the jar down on the coffee table. The burns aren’t as bad on my chest and legs, but I should still probably hit them with the cream just to make it even. Pulling some of the cream out I started with my right arm and rubbed it in.

“What are ya doing?” Andy questioned and I looked up at him then back down at my arm.

“It’s a cream that Otto gave me a while ago. When Sasuke was whipped. It helped heal most of his lashes. He only has a few small scars from it,” I answered the small smile that I had on my lips falling into a frown.

“Pipsqueak…was whipped?” His voice came out as barely a whisper and I nodded.

“We didn’t agree to this experiment at first. We thought that it was going to be dropped when nothing happened for two weeks. Then, they took Sasuke and whipped him for hours. They let him go before I got to work and let him sit in the room with his lashes unattended to till I got there. Otto gave me this cream to put on his back to help the lashes heal and have less scaring. On the way back we were hit with knock out gas and ended up in a different room. Turns out it was another pool, but this pool was cold enough to bring on hypothermia quickly. Like an idiot I went in after the key that was thrown into the water to get the chains off of Sasuke. He tired to stop me, but we ended up falling in together. I got him out of the pool, and as much as my body was telling me get out of the pool I went back in and got the key,” I moved onto my left arm and neck with the lotion, “Only after we were both out and Sasuke was trying to keep me warm Chris forced us to agree to the experiment otherwise we were both going to be thrown back into the pool. So, we had no choice.”

“Who the fuck did I not know about this? Why the fuck didn’t ya tell me this happened?” I looked over at him before putting the cream on my face.

“Because I didn’t need you flipping shit on Chris and possibly getting yourself hurt in the long run. You don’t fuck with that man. That one ability that he used today wasn’t even the tip of the ice burg for what he can do. On top of it he’s the prodigy of his element. So, again, that is the absolute last thing you want to do,” I glared at him.

“I could take him,” Andy looked away from me obviously frustrated and annoyed.

I sigh and stand up from the couch and go back over to my little table, grabbing my notebook that I left on my backpack I tossed it down on the coffee table in front of him then continued on to my bedroom and grabbed Basic of the Elements off my night stand and brought it out into the living room. I flipped it open to the time element and handed it to him.

“What the fuck is this?” He asked taking the book from me.

“It’s called a book. Or did you forget what those look like,” I answered letting go of the book to receive a nasty glare in return.

“I know that it’s a fucking book. I mean I’ve never seen you with it before and it looks old as fuck,” He looked down at the book and began to read.

“It’s a book from Amoura. It breaks down all the elements. The element I opened it up to is the time element. That’s Chris’s element,” I explained capping the cream and putting it back in the bathroom.

“Why the fuck is this so terrifying?” Andy hissed as the book as he continued to read.

“Because, every element is very dangerous. But that’s no reason for elementals or any mythical creature to be killed. I’ve never heard or read the full history of Amoura before, but I feel like something created it in order to protect the mythical creatures from humans. That’s why they fell into myth and legends, becoming the fairy tales that we know today,” I leaned on the door frame to the bathroom.

“I can see why humans would have a natural fear over this. It’s something they don’t understand and can’t control. If they can’t control it there seems to be a fear of it. The fear can turn into hatred and bring out a natural instinct to protect one’s self and kill what’s different,” He commented as he closed the book and set it down on the coffee table.

“So your accepting that you’re not fully human?” I pushed off the doorframe and went back to the couch.

“You’re not completely human either so you shouldn’t be talking,” He ran his fingers through his messy, orange hair and leaned back on the couch looking up at the ceiling. He brought his hands down to his ears and started playing with his upper piercing in his ears and spinning the stud that he had in. He just recently got this new piercing, so he has six in total.

“Well, that just means that we can continue to be friend’s, now doesn’t it?” I smirked at him.

“I looked over at me and smirked a bit himself, “Do you just want to have pizza tonight?” My smile turned to a glare.

“You asked for steak.”

“I know, but logically, you more than likely didn’t take it out of the freezer till now, and I’m not waiting till midnight to have dinner. So, just put it in the fridge and we can have it tomorrow.”

“You’re so troublesome,” I sighed and got up.

“That’s what friends are for,” He chuckled as I went out into the kitchen and put the steak into the fridge.

“I’ll order the pizza.”

Andy ordered pizza and we decided to pick a random movie on Netflix’s to watch and after we had dinner I told him about what I was told on dragons. I left him to think about what I told him and to look over the notes that I took and I took another cold shower like I was told to earlier. After my shower, I reapplied the cream. We talked for a bit more and watched a few episodes of a random anime that Andy thought looked cool and he wanted to check it out. Then we both hit the sack.

The next morning, I just had a bit of a tan from the burns, but there was no sign of me being a lobster. The cream fucking worked out great. Andy’s still passed out on the couch. I go out to the kitchen and make breakfast. I think the smell of bacon woke him up. After we ate and went through out normal morning routine’s Andy gave his house a call and his mother picked up. He made sure it was alright for him to come over and bring a friend. When he got the okay the two of us headed out. It was a short drive there. There weren’t too many people out and about today it seems. But it is a week day and school is in session, so I’m not surprised.

Andy parked in front of the garage and we went in through the side door, “Mom, we’re here,” He called out as I took my shoes off at the door.

I look around the main entrance. Looks like they renovated since the last time I was here. But that was years ago, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it looks different.

“Like it?” I snapped out of my thoughts and look to my right at Andrew he’s standing there with a hand on his hip and a smirk plastered on his lips.

“It’s not bad. Did you guys add on?” I asked as I followed him through the house.

“Mhm, there’s three more rooms that’ve been added onto the house. Basement is a bit bigger too. There’s also a loft now on top of it,” he explained as we walked through the main hall of their house. The walls ranged in pale colors throughout the house. There was no solid white room though. And from passing by, with what doors were open, there didn’t seem to be any rooms with a pale red or pink. That’s not a bad thing though, it’s a color that most associate with a baby girl, “MA, WHERE ARE YOU?”

“I don’t think you need to yell like that,” I comment raising an eyebrow.

“I’m in the kitchen, open your eyes a bit dear,” His mother’s kind voice rang out from the kitchen.

“Sorry, it was just easier to yell for ya,” He muttered as I followed him into the kitchen. His mother’s back was to us as she was working on a counter in the kitchen. Her deep red hair was pulled up into a high bun on top of her head. She’s wearing a simple green, long sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans.

They expanded the kitchen from what I remember. It’s a pale green color that’s been painted on the walls and a light tan tile that spread the back of the wall from the sink over to the stove. Their cupboards match the wood on the floor. All and all it looks nice in here.

“Morning Mrs. Wolfe,” I say getting her to turn around. She looks like she hasn’t aged a day. She has swooping bangs that frame her face and made her mint green eyes looks even brighter.

She looked at me and blinked a few times looking me up and down from what she could see from me behind the island then she gasped and put a hand up to her mouth, “Oh my god, Sean Zimmer, is that you?” She set down the knife she was holding and ran around the island and hugged me. She’s taller than most of the women I know. She’s around five foot ten inches. Still shorter than me, but pretty tall at the same time, “You’ve gotten so big since the last time I saw you,” She chirped.

I chuckled and hugged her back. The last time we saw each other was when I was in high school. She came to a couple of our swim meets, “It’s good to see you too Mrs. Wolfe.”

“How did you get a tan? Did you fall asleep out in the sun on a day off?” She questioned.

“No, it’s a weird story actually,” I answered, “Your house looks amazing. I like what you and your husband did to the place. But, it doesn’t come close to your beauty.”

Mrs. Wolfe laughed and slapped my arm, “You’re such a flirt, I’m so much older than I look dear,” She wandered back around the island and to what she was doing, “So Andy dear, what did you come over for?”

“Who’s the dragon in the family, you are dad,” Fuck Andy, that was right to the point. Why to just ease into the fucking question.

The knife stopped tapping against the cutting board and an intense silence fell in the room, “W-what he means to say is-” I started and was cut off.

“What, are you a dragon hunter now too?” She questioned in a very low voice.

“No, mother, turn around and look at me,” Andy said. She paused for a moment and set the knife down once more before turning around. She gasped when she locked eyes with her son.

“Andrew…” She muttered.

“Mom, I want to know, please tell me what’s going on,” He lifted up his arm and I watched as he pulled his sleeve up. There was a patch of his scales on his forearm. Is that why he was wearing his hoodie this morning when I woke up? He didn’t want me to see the scales? “I need to know.”

His mother quickly came back over to the island and reached over it grabbing her son’s arm and placing her own hand over the patch of scales. Her eyes glowed as she stared down at her son’s arm, “Calm, dout awakening vur vdri huena throdenilt,” Was that…was that dragon?

The glow in her eyes faded and she removed her hand from Andy’s arm, “Both of you are coming to the basement now,” She said and went around the island.

“W-why the basement?” I asked as I started following her.

“No questions,” She hissed and walked faster out of the kitchen and down the hall.

Andy and I stayed quiet and followed her to a door in the hall and down the stairs to the basement. We made our way to the back wall from the stairs and Mrs. Wolfe placed her right hand in the canter of the wall. A bright green light host up the wall from her hand and when it was about a foot form the ceiling it slip in two and made the shape of a door. Grabbing her sons shirt, she pulled him towards her and he phased through the wall. She then looked at me and lowered my head and followed suit so I wouldn’t be chucked into the wall myself.

“Wow…” I mutter looking around at the new room. It’s about the size of my apartment in this space. When the fuck did they make this room?

“How long has this been happening?” She instantly questioned.

“What is this room? How the fuck did ya just open it? How did I now know about this?” Andy, who’s meets his mother in the middle of the room.

“This room is going to protect us. We’ve had it since before you were born,” She answered then pointed at me, “And why did you bring Sean into this?”

“I didn’t bring him into anything,” He spat back, “And I didn’t even fucking know I was part dragon in the first fucking place?”

I got between them and pushed Andy back from his mother, “Calm down,” I glared at Andy and then looked back at Mrs. Wolfe, “Ma’am he didn’t drag me into it. I’m supposed to be an elemental and at work I’m a part of an experiment to wake my gene back up to see if I’ll turn into one or not. Andy just found out about his dragon half yesterday When he was going against Sasuke in a sparring match. Sasuke unlocked his rare ability and it forced out his scales because of the heat. Please, don’t be mad at him for this. Otto did what he could with a soul lock to keep it down,” I explained to her.

“Sasuke…you mean John’s son? Then him and Yui must have gone back to Amoura and that means that Sasuke is an elemental, and he’s the prodigy for the fire element,” She crossed her arms over her chest, “That would explain the faint pulses I’ve been feeling.”

“Does dad know you’re a dragon?” Andy hissed from over my shoulder.

“Of course he knows, I wouldn’t have married your father if he I wouldn’t have told him. I didn’t know if your dragon half was ever going to awaken, and frankly my love, you’re as dual as your father when it comes to realizing things,” I had to hold in my laugh and cover my mouth but I still got punched in the back from Andy.

“Ma’am, do you mind telling us why you left Amoura? And are you the daughter to the head of the water dragon roost?” I asked her and she smiled sweetly at me.

“Of course dear. We have time to kill. Just to be safe to make sure we didn’t spike on the dragon branches radar. You’re not an elemental and yet you did your research. You must have some very good elemental friends in order to find out that kind of information,” Her smile turned into a frown and she tipped over to her left to look past me and at her son, “You could learn a thing or two from him.”

“Ma,” Andy glared at her back and all she did was giggle.

“Sit down boys,” She motioned for us towards the couch that was by the side wall. She went and sat down on the love seat that was across from the couch. I sat down on one end of the couch and Andy sat down on the other end. Mrs. Wolfe put her hands together and brought them up to her lips. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, her shoulders relaxed and she opened her eyes once more, “Yes, I am the daughter of the head to the water roost.”

“I was told a story that you left on the day you were supposed to take over as the head of the clan, but why?” I asked her.

“A lot of the dragons didn’t like me. It’s because of my mother. She was the lowest of the dragon’s in our roost. Her scales were such a light blue some would mistake them for being white. The lighter your scales in the water dragon roost, the lower on the chain you are. My father, Verath fell in love with her anyways. He loved her for who she was. The other dragons hated it. It wasn’t right for a royal to marry a street rat, that’s putting it in better terms. There are levels to the roost. The high floor you’re on the more power full you are. With mother being in the lowest floor to the roost, it qualified her as a street rat, trash. So, you can only imagen what your grandparents went through when she was brought up to the top level to live with your grandfather.

My mother went through so much to protect me. When I was born, my grandparents were relieved that I had deep blue scales. But, that didn’t stop me from being belittled. My mother died of an illness that’s only known to the lowest level of dragons. Because of them living where there is next to no light other than what comes from the crystals in the roost they eventually become ill and lose their ability to change between their human form and their dragon form. Once that happens, it’s only months till they turn into water and seep into the waters below,” Mrs. Wolfe explained.

“Ma’am, if you don’t mind me asking, is that why you look the way you do? Is it because you’ve caught that illness?” I asked hoping that she won’t be upset with me.

She looked down at her lap, “It is. The evening before I was supposed to take over as the head of the clan, I couldn’t change into my dragon form. It was late and everyone was sleeping, so I snuck out of the roost and teleported to the main land of Amoura. I wandered the land till I came to the town that the elementals built. That’s where I ran into two cute little twins, their names were Johnathan and Christopher Zimmer. They brought me to their house that was on the outskirts of the two and introduced me to their father and mother. They took me in and allowed me to have a spare room. They asked me why I was wandering outside of the roost, so I explained the situation that I was in to them. Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer told me that there was no way for them to help stop the illness. It was their first-time hearing about it. Even Mr. Fey couldn’t help and had done research on practically everything. But, he did know a spirit that could help. They helped me get to the spirit village. There was a spirit there, I forgot her name, but she was willing to help me. She told me that the only way to stop the process was to go to Earth and it would halt the illness and kill it in its tracks. Being a dragon though, I couldn’t get myself back to Amoura once the spirit helped me to Earth. I used my magic to make myself look like a full human. So, I hid my pointed ears with this magic. I’ve been on earth for hundreds of years. I had forgotten that elementals could create portals to Amoura. So, I was just trying to keep my head down and wait till Kear di reckoning to come. Kear di reckoning is when all three realms a line and a portal opens allowing dragons who are stranded here to make their way to Amoura.

Then I fell in love with a human, your father Richard. When I met Johnathan again he was an adult and I was happily married with your father and we were expecting you. John asked me countless times if I would like to go back to Amoura and I told him that I would wait. Even if I went back with him and Yui, I don’t know if I would have been able to change back into my dragon form. So, waiting till Kear di reckoning it’ll let me know if I’m able to transform once again or if I will be forever stuck in my human form,” She sighed after finishing her story.

“Mom, why didn’t you ever tell me this?” Andy asked in a soft tone.

“Because I didn’t want to get your hopes up if you weren’t able to get your dragon half to awaken. And I wouldn’t have been able to get you to Amoura to protect you when that happened either,” She told him.

“Mrs. Wolfe,” I said getting her to look at me. I clutched my shirt and looked at her, “This experiment is going to work, when it’s done we’re going to be taken to Amoura, if you would allow it, and if Andy agrees, would he be allowed to go with me?” I asked her.

“What if I don’t want to go?” Andy questioned.

“If he would like to go, he may,” She smiled and looked over to her son, “Andy dear, if you do decide to go I would like you to go to the water dragon roost and see your grandfather. If you have the illness, then it will die when you pass through the portal. But your half human so maybe that canceled it out. No one is choosing your path; I want you to choose it for yourself,” She smiled softly.

Andy sighed and leaned back into the sofa, “I’ll think about it. I’m not a fan of being left in the dark.”

“I know, and I do apologize for that son. I hope that you’ll forgive me,” I look between Andy and his mother.

“I do, but I just need time to think about it,” He stood up and put his hands in his pockets, “Can Sean and I go please? Should dad be home soon anyways. We’ve been in here for a bit now, and weren’t you making something anyways?”

His mother looked up at the clock that was on the wall behind her, “I think we should be safe now, so yes, I’ll let you two out of here. I need to finish working on dinner anyways. You two are welcome to stay if you would like to,” She got up and walked over to the wall that we came through and placed her hand on it once more creating the same door. This time, though Andy walked out instead of being thrown. I followed behind him and the three of us went back upstairs.

“Come on Sean, let’s go. I need to get some air,” He said and gave his mother a hug good bye.

“Bye Mrs. Wolfe, it was nice seeing you again,” I gave her one last hug.

“It was great seeing you again too,” She hugged me back.

“Sean, come on,” Andy yelled.

“I’m coming, geez,” I sighed and waved to Mrs. Wolfe once more and jogged to catch up to Andy who was half way to the car.

We got in the car and went back to my apartment. I kept opening my mouth to say something, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. We got out and went to my apartment door. When I opened the door, and turned around Andy was leaning on the railing and looking out at the trees that are in front of my apartment.

“You okay?” I asked him putting a hand on his back.

“I’m going,” He said not looking back at me.

“Home? Is that a good idea? I mean, we don’t know what your mom did because she didn’t explain it, but do you think it’s safe to spend the night alone?” I said a bit panicked.

He stood up and turned around. The expression on his face tells me he’s serious, “I’m going to Amoura.”

I looked at him shocked and I feel a smile creep onto my lips, “I’m glad you’re coming.”

“How do you know that the experiment is going to work?” He asked me waking into my apartment.

“Gil pretty much told me that it’s going to work without meaning to,” I chuckled following him into the apartment and closing the door behind me.

“So what’s your element going to be then?”


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