A Little Secret

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Receiving the Time Element

Chapter 43: Receiving the Time Element


“I wonder what Andy is going to choose,” Aaron speaks up after the door shuts. I sit up and look over at him.

“Who knows. He doesn’t want Sean to go, and if this does work then Sean should come to Amoura with us. So, Andy may just choose to go because of that,” I mention and look over at Gil as he gets back on his own bed, “What do you think? Or do you already know?”

“Well, I know some things for certain, but I don’t know if Andrew’s coming or not. That I didn’t see,” He answered with a soft smile as he pushed up his glasses.

“Is it because he hasn’t fully accepted us as friends?” Aaron questioned.

“But you’re the oracle shouldn’t that rule not apply to you?” I tipped my head to the left and rose an eyebrow.

He shook his head, “Even though I am the oracle most of my visions still revolve around my friends. And even though he has been hanging out with us and been getting use to us, he still doesn’t consider us friends,” He crossed his arms over his chest, “So until he says through his lips, his mind, or his actions that he considers us friends, he won’t be clearly visible in my visions that concern us until he does so.”

“It kinda sounds like you don’t considering him a friend yourself Gil,” I stated and he looked over at me and blinked.

“What do you mean?” He asked and I couldn’t help but smirk.

“You know what I mean. It’s two sides of the same coin. If you both don’t consider each other friends in your heart, then you can’t open up to each other and you won’t be able to see him in your visions that focus on your friends,” I answered.

With his hair being pulled back, he’s staring at me with a cat like stare. Just looking at me, without blinking. Is he having a vision? I don’t feel him poking around in my head…

“I didn’t actually think of it that way,” He mumbled just loud enough for me to hear.

“Why not?” Stupid question.

“Because it just comes naturally to accepting someone as a friend and not having to actually think that my abilities would deal with both parties having to accept each other as friends for them to be in a vision,” Gil explained to me.

“How did you even come up with that idea?” Aaron asked and I looked over at him.

“Think of it like light and dark elementals without one it’s hard for the other to function. So, I just applied that to Gil’s abilities and it seems to make sense, at least to me it does. It could be something completely different, though,” I replied with a shrug, “Is there a reason that you don’t think of Andy as a friend?”

“Hm…” Gil crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at his lap, “It may be because he originally thought of us as not even humans. Just pieces of shit stuck to his shoe and two things taking Sean away from him.”

“Well, that’s a bit harsh. But he’s always been like that. If you weren’t a popular person he wanted nothing to do with you, unless it was to bully you,” I commented looking away from him.

“But, he’s changed,” I look back at Gil, “He really has now that I put some thought into it. Even though he doesn’t say it to us, he seems to like hanging out with us. He enjoys getting into the little spats with Aaron and me about him not being a full ginger. It actually started once you got here Sasuke.”

“You do have a way of getting others to get along. Even when you’re not trying,” Aaron spoke up.

I looked over at him and blinked, “I do? How?”

“Just by being yourself. Even with being serious about your school work and living up to your father’s name, if someone’s not having a good day or frustrated, you naturally find a way to make them feel better,” Gil answered for Aaron.

“But, I don’t see how that helped with Andy? We’re just starting to try to be friends for Sean’s sake,” I stated.

“The day that you and Sean were asked to go to Chris’s office, Andy was just poking fun at you. He didn’t mean anything by it. He likes just lightly poking a button and you react to it,” Gil said.

“Andy told us that since you and Sean made up he’s noticed that Sean’s been smiling a lot more. He’s happy to see his friend happy. And he’s actually grateful to you for it. But, again he wouldn’t say it out loud. Though, he did say it to us,” Aaron commented with a sly smirk creeping up on his lips.

“And just how did you get that out of him?” I asked them both.

“We made a bet,” The said in unison. I rolled my eyes, Of course they did. It had to do something with the hand ball game that they played with him.

“You are correct, double the brownie points Sasuke,” Gil smiled at me and I looked over at him with a resting bitch face for reading my thoughts. He laughed and waved me off, “Anyways, yes, it was because of the hand ball game that we were able to find this stuff out.”

“It originally started off with every time we scored a point he had to tell us something about himself. After the first game, he loosened up and continued to tell us about himself. In exchange, we talk about ourselves too and about the academy,” Aaron finished for Gil.

“That’s really cool guys,” I felt a smile sneak back onto my lips as I looked back and forth at them.

“You can’t tell him that we told you that. We promised that we wouldn’t say anything to you about it,” Aaron added in.

“Well, you lasted longer then I though you would have,” I chuckled.

“Hey,” He puffed out his cheeks like a child and crossed his arms in a huff.

“I’m only joking with you Aaron, I know you can keep a secret. It was just the fact that it came up because of the conversation we were having,” I said with a smile.

“So, new goal for tomorrow then, we get Andy to say or think that he’s friends with us so Gil can have visions with him in it!” Aaron’s mood did a complete U turn, which made me laugh.

“Sean and Andy aren’t going to be here tomorrow,” I mentioned.

“Oh, that’s right…Then we’ll do it on Friday!” Aaron said with full confidence.

“And do you really think he’s going to say anything to us, especially with Sean around?” I rose an eyebrow at him.

“He could, you never know,” Aaron shrugged.

“True,” I nodded scratching my head before running my fingers through my hair.

“Should we try to get some sleep?” Gil asked.

“Probably, who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow,” I sighed getting off my bed and going to the bathroom so I could brush my teeth.

“I don’t like how they’ve been getting worse lately. I know I’m not a violent person, but there are times that I really want to blast them into a wall,” Aaron said as I poked my head out of the bathroom to see him, “I don’t even want to know what that stuff that they injected into me yesterday was.”

“Whatever it was, at least you’re not sick from it,” Gil mentioned as I went back into the bathroom to finish.

“We just have to keep our heads up. We can make it through this. By the sounds of it, Otto has almost got it figured out. But his conversation with Chris was fuzzy and muffled because of how many walls I had to listen through,” Aaron said hopping off his bed and going into the bathroom next.

“As much as I want this over with, I hope it works too,” I sighed and Gil gave me a small smile. It reassures me that things are going to be okay. I don’t think I could have made it through being here if it wasn’t for those two. I would have broken a while ago.

“I think that goes for all of us,” I hummed and looked over at Gil. He’s reading my mind again… “Yes, I like reading your thoughts, Sean’s too. You may not realize it, but the two of you are pretty deep thinkers. But, as I was saying, When Aaron and I were first taken. I wouldn’t have made it through being here if it wasn’t for him. And it’s vice versa for Aaron. And, I know it’s bad for me to say this, but I’m glad that you were brought here. Having you around gave both of us a little bit of hope that we were going to be getting out of here. It’s also helped Sean. Internally he was a wrecking ball. He wanted to know where you were, if you were okay. What happened, why you just left without saying anything to him. Even if you haven’t answered those questions for him, he’s happy, we’re happy, so I guess I should say, thank you. Thank you for being an amazing friend.”

“Your welcome. But, also, thank you both for being here. I know that when we were back on Amoura the three of us never fully hung out together. Since this happened, I think I know you two a lot better and I really like hanging out with both of you. Jay’s really lucky to have both of you as roommates,” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Thanks,” Gil chuckled and then hopped off his bed and went to the bathroom.

“You know, when we get back if your roommates are bugging you we have empty rooms in our dorm, you can totally sleep over if you want to,” Aaron offered.

“Thanks Aaron, I’ll remember that,” I nodded getting my legs under the blanket. Even though it’s going to end up at the end of the bed in the morning, but I cannot not have a blanket on to go to sleep. Once Gil was in bed I turned off the light and laid down. I stared up at the black ceiling till my eyes could adjust to the darkness. The door doesn’t let in all that much light, but there is just a little that comes in from the bottom of the door. It’s just enough to light up a bit of the floor and not make it pitch black in the room. It kinda reminds me of my dorm room. The light from the lamps that glow in the night as they light up the pathway that goes around the school grounds. But, that’s a light blue glow and not the harsh yellow glow from the lights that are in the hall.

I wonder how everyone is doing. How long have I been here now? A few months give or take. So, it’s probably been a couple of weeks for them by now. I hope that Shiro and Nero are not getting on each other’s nerves. The twins are probably fine. Kyo and Jason are probably alright too…The day I was taken…did Shiro know it was Sean? How is he going to react to seeing him again? By Gil’s smile I have a feeling it’s going to work, but what’s going to happen? How is it going to work? They’ve tried a few times already and nothing happened. They’ve even tried taking a vial of blood out of me and then injecting it into Sean and it still didn’t work. What are their other options? No, no stop thinking about this, it’s too late at night to have my head spinning with these thoughts. I need to relax. Well, Aaron just fell asleep. He must have been really tired. I’m glad that neither of them snore, that would have been rough. Stop thinking Sasuke, just stop. Sleep is good, sleep is your friend. We like sleep. Especially after the day we’ve had. Why am I talking in second person to myself? That’s it, I’ve lost it. I’ve completely gone mad. That’s the only explanation. My thoughts have driven me insane to the point where I talk in second person to myself.

“You’re not insane Sasuke. Everyone talks to themselves. It helps us solve our own questions that we have and want answers to that we already know. Now, go to sleep. Your thoughts are keeping me awake,” Gil grumbled and I heard him turn in his bed.

“Sorry,” I sigh and turn my back to his bed so I’m staring at the wall, “You could just not listen to them.”

“Sasuke, if I could turn off the ability I would. But we’re in the same room and you have very loud thoughts when you’re lying in bed, so it’s kinda hard to ignore them,” He answered me, “And you don’t have to apologize again. I don’t mind. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that’s worrying about everyone else back home.”

“We’ll get back,” I muttered.

“Of course we will. Now, get some sleep. Good night Sasuke.”

“Good night Gil,” I close my eyes and take a slow, deep breath and relax my body so I can finally drift off to sleep.

My eyes shot open when I heard the door slide open. I closed them again from the intensity of the light. I light groan escaped from my throat as I pulled my pillow from under my head so I could block the light, even though I couldn’t see it any more.

“Good morning,” I heard Otto’s voice behind me and then the click of the light switch.

“Morning,” I grumble not moving from the position I was in.

“What time did you three go to bed last night?” He questioned as I turned and cracked my right eye open to see him pull the blanket off Gil.

“I don’t know, we don’t have a clock in here,” I answered watching Gil reaching behind hi trying to find his blanket.

“Sean’s not here today, I don’t want to get out of bed,” Gil whined.

“All of you just get up. I’m not your father and I’m not going to put up with his shit. Now, get your asses out of bed,” Otto ordered as I sat up.

“What are we even doing today then?” I asked rubbing my eyes and get the bits of crust out of the corners.

“There a bunch of different things. The three of you are going to be split up for most of the day. More than likely going to be taken one at a time so you don’t know where the others are. I can’t be much help after that. The only other thing that I know for sure is that Sasuke will be getting more blood taken today,” He explained to us as he fought with Aaron to get the blankets.

“Can’t we just do that first? Get it over with?” I asked hating the fact of that was going to happen today, “I’ll talk with Chris and see. Aaron, let go,” He pulled harder on the blanket and pulled Aaron off the bed along with the blanket and they both fell to the floor, “You are so stubborn in the morning.”

“He doesn’t like leaving the warmth of his bed till he has to go to the bathroom,” Gil stated, I looked over to him to see him reach over and grab his glasses off the night stand.

“Whatever, just make sure that you’re all dressed in an hour,” Otto threw the blanket back on Aaron and stood back up.

“What side of the bed did you wake up on this morning?” Aaron asked, his voice muffled from the blankets.

“The wrong side,” He grumbled walking back over to the door, sliding his card, and leaving.

“Maybe he shouldn’t have come in today if he’s not in a good mood,” I commented watching the door close.

“Time to pee,” Looking back over I watch Aaron scramble out of his blankets and rush to the bathroom.

“Do we not get breakfast?” Gil sounded a little upset that we didn’t have breakfast right after waking up. Of course, we’ve gotten so use to it, that I feel kinda hungry too.

“Maybe he’ll be back with it? Or he’s going to take us down to the kitchen?” I offered, hoping that either one of those answers was the correct answer.

“I feel better now,” Aaron sighed happily.

“I’m next,” Gil commented getting out of bed and snagging his hair tie before he went to the bathroom.

“Maybe he felt like he needed to come in today. Just to make sure nothing too terrible was done to us. He may be a grump, but I can tell in his voice that he’s concerned, especially without having Sean here today,” Aaron pointed out as he grabbed his blanket off the floor and made his bed.

Sliding off my bed I pull the blankets off the floor because I must have kicked it off like I normally do and made my bed, “That would make since. It would also make it work if Uncle was being an asshole today on top of it.”

“Okay, Sasuke, your good if you want to use the bathroom,” Gil said.

“Sounds good,” I nod and hear a bed squeak behind me. I turn around to see Aaron flopped on his stomach on his bed and trying to flatten out the bumps.

“Laying on the bed won’t solve that problem,” I comment heading to the bathroom.

“Of course it will. It solves all the problems,” He responded with confidence.

“If you say so,” I chuckled closing the door behind me.

After I got out of the bathroom Gil and Aaron were already dressed. Then I went for a hunt trying to find my clothes. Ha, found you. Grabbed my clothes from under my bed I backed out with them in my hands. It’s hard losing them in a room where you don’t have much stuff in, but someone I still manage to do it.

“I think you would lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your body,” Gil commented and I glared at him from over my shoulder, “I thought it was an open and answer thought, sorry.” He’s not sorry, “You’re right, I’m not,” He smiled sweetly at me.

I stood back up and got changed and sat back down on the edge of my bed. My foot started to lightly tap on the tile floor as we waited for someone to come to the room. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Otto that showed up. It was one of the scientists. I feel the muscles in my body tense up. It’s the same man that wiped me, Toshiro’s brother. The hatred in this eyes hit me like a truck. “It’s been a, while hasn’t it?” He snickered at me as I clenched my pants. His gaze snaps from me and he glares at Gil and Aaron then he quickly pulls out a pen, “Go head try it. This room has the built in high pitched frequency system that was used to capture the both of you.”

A snapping sound rang through my ears and at that same moment Toshiro’s brother went flying out of the door way and the door slid closed, “Oops, my fingers slipped,” Aaron said in a very flat tone.

“Aaron,” I mutter, but he doesn’t look at me.

I watched him closely and watch his ear that’s holding back his hair, twitch both is hands fly up in a spread-eagle fashion and he snaps his fingers in quick repetition creating small explosions in precise spots in the room. I turn and look up at where the wall and ceiling join behind me and there are three small craters in the wall. I turned back and looked at Aaron as his feet lightly touched the floor. His blank stare and emotionless face is sending chills down my spine as the door slides back open. Toshiro’s brother is standing on the other side of the door. The smug look on his lips, fall when he sees the three of us still up and alert.

“My sound can travel faster than your speakers can activate,” Aaron said in a very calm and flat tone towards Toshiro’s brother.

“Just what the fuck are you?” He asked putting an arm in front of his torso, “How are you not on the floor in pain.

Aaron held his hand out just slightly with his hand ready to snap his fingers once more, “A monster that you shouldn’t have awoken from hurting my friend,” His facial expression didn’t change, “Take one more step into this room and I’ll personally see to it that you don’t wake up from the next attack.

I blink and a hand is placed on Mr. Unido’s shoulder. It’s uncle, He must have used flash step to get here, “Mr. Unido, could you please go and check the equipment in room seventy-two.”

Mr. Unido glared at uncle before clicking his tongue and walking away from the door. I was about to get off the bed, but Gil beat me to it. He practically leaped off the bed and took the few short strides it took and clung to Aaron. He wrapped him in a tight embrace and mumbled something to him so low I couldn’t hear him. Whatever he said made Aaron’s arm fall back to his side before finding its way around his best friends back and hugging him back.

“I see that all of you are on high alert and Aaron, if you would have activated your rare ability here in the room, you know full well you could have easily taken out half this building, Sasuke, and Gilbert along with it,” Uncle explained crossing his arms over his chest as he stepped into the room allowing the door to close.

“I’m sorry,” Aaron said loud enough for me and uncle to hear, “Just, something in me internally snapped. He was the one who hurt Sasuke and Sean. It was a deep hate that I didn’t realize that built up. But, when I saw Sasuke shake in fear like that…” He buried his face in Gil’s shoulder and I watched his grip tighten on Gil’s shirt.

Uncles sighed, “What’s done is done. No one got hurt and he honestly deserved to get knocked on his ass.”

“What was he doing here anyways?” I asked.

“He wasn’t authorized to take a key to the room. He was literally here to cause trouble. It’s like when people want to argue just to argue. That’s what he was here to do. I’m assuming he also over heard me and Otto at some point. Or even Sean and I at some point. I believe he knows that you won’t be here much longer, so he wanted to cause a bit of unwanted and needed trouble,” Uncle explained with a bit of frustration in his voice. Is he questioning how he got a copy of the key to our cell?

“So, what’s going to happen then?” Aaron asked his voice muffled by Gil’s shoulder, “Mr. Sonnen said we were going to be taken out of the room one at a time.”

“You will be. I’m going to start with you, Aaron. I need to make sure that they miss calculations that I added into the drug they injected into you yesterday turned it into a dud or not. If it didn’t work. Then I’ll have to come and get Gil so he can keep an eye on you as Otto and I come up with something to counter act the drug,” I look back over at Aaron and he looks terrified.

“J-Just what did they put in me?” He stuttered.

“It was supposed to be an experimental drug that would pretty much turn you into a puppet that they could bend to their will,” Uncle explains.

“That can’t be possible,” I mutter and he looks at me with a dead pan face.

“You would be surprised what the government wants. And if it includes having a destructive power in the shadows that can take out hundreds in a single blast, then they will do what it takes to obtain that power,” It became deadly quite in the room. Since the three of us didn’t speak up and say something my uncle took a deep breath and continued, “Why do you think everything that are in fairy tales here now reside in Amoura? All throughout the unspoken history humans tried to manipulate and abuse the power of those who had more power than they could ever hope to wield.”

“Then how did elementals begin to exist?” Gil asked.

“The humans who put their own life on the line to protect and save something that they didn’t even know. When they were given the ability to wield an element it was because the one who was saved saw their heart was pure and genuine and their soul was adaptable to allowing an element into their body. That’s how the legend goes anyways. Remember it was thousands of years ago that the first elementals came into existence, so unless you talk with a spirit or creature that gave the first elemental their element we only have what’s been passed down to go by.”

“But, do they know that we’re the prodigies?” I ask him and uncle shook his head.

“That’s information that I’ve deliberately kept out of reports. I’ve given them very little information to go by, but enough to keep them quiet and to keep the rest of the Legion of Myth off our back and out of the building,” Uncle Chris is just trying to protect us. But why is he even working here in the first place? How did he get the job as head of the Elemental branch? There’s so many questions that I want answered. “That’s enough talking for now, Aaron, come on,” uncle motioned for Aaron to follow him before he took out his key and opened the door.

I looked over at Aaron, he’s shaking and looks terrified. This has not been a good day so far. “It’ll be okay,” I mutter looking at him and he gave me a small smile before following uncle out of the room. I look over at Gil and he has a calm expression on his face. It puts me a little more at ease, “Everything’s going to be okay, right?” I asked getting Gil’s attention.

“I hope so,” So even Gil didn’t see this one coming. “He’ll be okay. I know he’ll make it through,” I watched Gil clutch onto his shirt, his shoulders trembling.

“Hey Gil,” I got him to look away from the door and at me. I pat the bed next to me to get him to come and sit down. Placing a hand on his back a rub his back like my mom use to do for me when I was upset. “You know how strong Aaron is, and you know that this drug that they put in him won’t work.”

“I know, and as much as I want to believe your uncle it’s just difficult, he could have fudged the radar and none of us would have been captured. He could have made sure that we would have made it back to Amoura safely, not keep us locked up in here,” His voice cracking.

“I know, but you can look at it this way, if that never happened you would have never met Sean,” I commented.

“But we also wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in now. I understand your uncle can only do so much without giving himself and Mr. Sonnen away as being elementals, but still. And how did he make headmaster and everyone else that knew him believe that he was dead? I just don’t get it. The puzzle pieces aren’t lining up at all,” Gil pulled his glasses off and cleaned them with his shirt.

“I don’t know. Do you think it could have something to do with the rare ability of a time elemental?” I asked him trying to keep him from drowning in worry with Aaron.

“Remind me what the rare ability for a time elemental is again.”

“The rare ability for time elementals is called limbo. It can be used two ways. The first is where the time elemental can suspend everyone and everything within a ten-mile radius with the time elemental being the focal point for the circle. And the time elemental can alter any situation that has been frozen in time for the ninety-minute timespan that limbo allows. The second way of using this ability is either sending themselves or someone into a dimension that is between space, where space elementals can travel and reality. Even though they can’t be seen or heard by those who are in the other dimensions the person that is in limbo can still interact with things that are in the reality dimension,” I answer and lean back onto my hands, “Even when a time elemental does expose the clock, they can’t alter the memories of others.”

“So that would mean that Mr. Zimmer would have needed someone else’s help in order to alter memories, if he wanted to alter them in the first place,” Gil muttered.

“It just doesn’t make sense…from what dad always told me, him and uncle Chris were extremely close. Like how Hale and Tate are. What would make my uncle all of a sudden want everything to think he was dead on top of making my father believe that he was the one that killed him?” I asked.

“I don’t know… on top of it, why Sean? What made Mr. Zimmer want to help Sean so much? Sean told Aaron and me that Mr. Zimmer, randomly showed up one day while he was working at the library…no, it was the same day that you, Hale, and Tate were in the library, the same day that he saw you but couldn’t catch up to you. Why would Mr. Zimmer go to such lengths to help Sean?” Pushing his glasses up with his middle finger as he spoke he seemed to go deeper and deeper into thought. Then he twisted around and looked at me, “We need to get Sean to push his bangs back. I need to see something.”

“But, Sean isn’t here today. We would have to wait till tomorrow, but I’m really confused as to what you’re getting at,” I blinked trying to put two and two together, “Wait…you don’t think…”

“Sean could be your cousin. Sasuke, it makes sense if you put everything together, that has to be the answer,” Gil commented and I heard a click from the card reader on the other side of the door and turned and the door opened.

“Gil,” It was Otto, “Come on. We need you to make sure we were able to get rid of the drug in Aaron’s system.”

“Otto, is Sean my cousin?” I asked and watched his eyes widen just for a moment before he looked away from me.

“Ask Chris when he comes and gets you later,” He told me as Gil briskly walked out of the room, then Otto turned on his heels and walked away letting the door close behind him, leaving me alone.

How did I not notice? Why am I so stupid? I should have realized that we look similar. People would always tell us that we act like brothers and that we look a lot alike. Slipping my fingers into my hair take a shaky breath in. Hold it for a moment and then exhale slowly. I can’t be just run right to the conclusion. I need to ask uncle first. Gil taught me how to tell if someone is lying, I know what signs to look for. But how could I not know? If he’s my cousin, then why was he abandoned like that? Why didn’t mom and dad take him in? Why did uncle Chris just leave him like that? No…no…I need to stop jumping to conclusions. I don’t know if he’s my cousin…but with how Otto acted when I asked the question. He’s right though, it’s something that I should ask uncle Chris myself. I can’t take the run around and try to get information that way.

I fall onto my back on the bed and stare up at the ceiling. This silence is terrible. Only having the sound of my heart beat and breathing keeping me company in the empty room. Maybe I should clean…make the beds…I can’t take this quiet. I sit up and get off the bed. Pulling all the sheet and blankets off my bed first I tossed them on the floor then remade my bed. Once I was finished with mine, I went to Gil’s. Pulling his blankets and sheets off, which was easy considering the blankets and top sheet were in a bunch at the end of the bed, then I made his. Aaron’s bed was simple it was already a ball of everything but the bottom sheet and pillow on his mattress. “That didn’t take as long as I would have hoped,” I grumble to myself going back over to my bed and flopping down on it, “I could clean the bathroom,” I say to myself, my voice muffled from my pillow. Lightly tapping my fingers on the bed as I continue to lay there with my face in my pillow I think about it, “Yep, clean the bathroom,” I say out loud sitting back up and sliding myself off the bed to go and clean the bathroom.

I think that someone else normally comes into the room and cleans. It’s, like once or twice a week that someone must come in when we’re out and about in the building with Sean that someone comes in and cleans. There’s not much to clean in the bathroom other than cleaning up the suds that dried on the sink, made sure that the cap was completely on the toothpaste and straightened up the toothbrushes. I made sure that our towels were hanging up and not on the floor and flipped over whatever bottles needed to be flipped.

Sighing I go back out to my bed and lay back down on my bed. I hear the card reader click on the other side of the door shortly after and I quickly sit up and look at the door. It’s uncle Chris. I scramble off my bed and grab a hold of his shirt, “Is Aaron okay?”

He didn’t attempt to pull my hands off his shirt, “He’s fine, we got it out of him.”

I relaxed my shoulders and sighed in relief as I rested my head on his chest, “Uncle, I want the truth. I won’t tell anyone and I’ll stop complaining about things,” I look up at him, “Is Sean my cousin?”

He stared down at me, I can see the pain in his eyes just from me asking the question. Taking a breath, he closed his eyes for a moment and then looked back down at me, “He is,” I let go of his shirt and let my arms fall to my sides, “Please, don’t tell Sean. With everything else going on, now isn’t the time for him to find out about it.”

“What happened? Who’s his mother? Why would you leave him like that?” I couldn’t help it. The questions just started flowing out and I can’t make it stop.

“Her name was Annalisa, she died right after she gave birth to Sean,” He answered turning his back to me, “I wish Sean would have ended up with her fire red hair instead of my black hair. He at least ended up with her eyes. Everything after I found out she died, is just blank. I remember asking why she died, how she died. She wasn’t sick, it was a safe delivery, But, then, nothing…I can’t remember a damn thing,” I watched his shoulders rise as he took in a deep breath, “Come on, we’re going to draw blood and then we’ll get you something to eat. You’ll probably pass out from not eating after this.”

Uncle started walking away from me and I followed him leaving the room behind. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything else to him after he told me that. I just followed him in silence. When we were down in front of the main room where I’ve had, blood drawn countless times we stopped, “Promise me something,” He turned around to look at me. His eyes were red and he looked like he could break down at any minute, “Promise me that you’ll talk to your parents and convince them to adopt Sean into the family. Let him be an actual older brother to you.”

“I will, I promise,” I was going to ask them anyways if this all worked out. Uncle turned around and opened the door. I followed him into the room.

“I want you to lay down today instead of sitting in the chair. We’re going to do it like your giving blood. So, it’ll be a pint of blood,” I did what I was told and I laid down on the hard mattress that you would find in a doctor’s office. There’s already a pint bag attached to a hook on the bed and the tub that would attach to a needle is resting on a metal tray.

“But, uncle, we’ve done this countless times, it’s not going to work no matter what element I shift into while the blood is being drawn,” I remind him of all the failed attempts before. He puts gloves on and grabs some wipes and the needle.

He grabbed one of those big rubber bands that have been cut so a doctor can tie it around a person’s bicep on his way back over to me, “We’re not going to have you switch into a different element on your own today. I’m giving you the time element,” He ripped open the alcohol wipe and cleaned off the inside of my elbow and prepped it to have the blood drawn, “It’s the only other per of this theory that we haven’t tried. So, to be safe, we’re going to draw the blood as your body is accepting the new element. The time element will be the most potent at that time in your body anyways. Then all that will be going the bag will be your blood mixed with the time element,” He explained making sure that the elastic band was tight enough on my arm. Making sure that he had a strip of medical tape ready he found my vein and in one smooth motion and a quick pinch pricked the needle through my arm and into my vein. Once blood started draining into the tube he taped the tube down against my arm and took off a glove. He lightly placed his hand on my bicep and held it there.

Taking a sharp breath in and clenching my hand into a fist. I watch as I golden hue spreads through my veins and down the tube that’s draining my blood at a rapid rate. It feels like time itself is slowing down and I feel dizzy. I didn’t even notice when uncle took his hand off my arm. But, he did take the elastic band off. After the head rush finally subsides I take slow deep breaths to make sure I don’t pass out.

“So are you going to make Sean take in a pint of blood in one go?” I asked trying to make a conversation with him so it wasn’t so quite in the room.

“No, I was planning on giving him half tomorrow after his lesson and let the blood circulate through his system for a day and then give him the rest of the pint a half an hour to an hour before we do the test,” He explained. “It’ll be in the morning, so still within the forty-eight-hour time limit that the theory allows. Before all of that, I’m going to be shutting down the radar that’s blocking out Amoura’s systems from finding everyone. Between you switching elementals and Sean hopefully obtaining his element, it’ll send off a large enough spike for the academy to be able to pin point exactly where you all are.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“I’m not going back to the academy with you. I’ll be gone before they even get here. Otto is going to go back to the academy and be in the infirmary or be one of the ones to come and get you four on that day. Sean will more than likely be completely out of it. I’m sure he’s going to be going through a lot of pain.”

“What about Andy?”

“We have to wait and see what he says. It’s his choice to go to Amoura. But I’ll make sure that he has a letter with him that he’ll deliver to John himself. I’m going to try to get his mother to write one as well. I’m positive that it’s his mother who’s the dragon. I’ll wait till tomorrow morning to give her a call and talk to her, though.”

“What are you going to write in the letter?” I look over at my uncle and he’s putting new gloves on and grabbing some gauze before he comes back over to me.

“I’ll figure it out later,” He said placing the gauze over the needle and then pulling it out, “hold this and lift your arm up, but don’t sit up,” I did what I was told and held my arm up in the air, “I’m impressed you didn’t pass out.”

“That’s a good thing, though isn’t it?” I asked with a chuckle.

“It is. It means that we were able to get an entire pint,” Uncle commented as he helped me sit up and then he bandaged my arm. “Lay back down, you’re getting pale,” Uncle had to help me back down since I was feeling extremely light headed and I watched the darkness engulf my vision.

Taking a deep breath, I open my eyes. I apparently passed out like uncle thought I was going to, I look over to my right to see that Aaron and Gil were in the room with me, along with Otto.

Aaron smiled at me, “You woke up. Mr. Zimmer told us to watch you as he went down to the kitchen and get all of us some food.”

“Are you okay?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Do you think you can sit up?” Otto questioned and I nodded.

Aaron helped me into a sitting position, “Take it slow,” He muttered.

“Did you get your answer?” I looked at Otto when he asked the question and nodded. He handed a small bottle of apple juice to Gil and Gil brought it over to me.

“Thanks,” I smile weakly at Gil. He cracked it open for me before handing me the bottle.

“Once you feel good enough, we’re going to Chris’s office,” Otto looked at the watch on his wrist, “You have about fifteen minutes before your body will go back to its base element.”

“Okay,” I answer then take a drink of the apple juice.

“Gil and I have already had a couple of Nutri grain bars,” Aaron told me. He’s looking a lot better than he was this morning. That’s a good thing.

“That’s good,” I smile at him and finish off the small bottle of apple juice before I try to stand up. Aaron and Gil make sure that I stayed up and I was able to walk on my own before Otto took us out of the room and back to uncle’s office. Uncle was already in the office and there are three plates that had spaghetti and meatballs on the plates. The three of us sat down at Uncle was on the phone talking to someone as we walked in.

“I figured as much…I’m glad that she was able to do that…that’s fine, I want both of you in tomorrow at the normal time. Remember not to discuss this with any of the other co- workers when the two of you come in in the morning…have a good evening and don’t get drunk…” Uncle chuckled and pulled the phone away from his ear. I can head Sean on the other end bitching uncle out about how he doesn’t drink and that he’s still under age, “Come down, I was just kidding. Just chill, I’m sure the two of you had an eventful day…have a good evening…bye,” with that uncle hung up the phone and looked at us, “We were right,” Uncle looked over at Otto who smirked.

“Knew it,” He chuckled.

“You three can eat,” Uncle said the three of us picked up a plate and started eating, “Sasuke, you bounced back faster than I thought you would. With not eating all day and then getting a pint of blood taken from you.”

“I probably would have passed out anyways, even if I had eaten earlier in the day,” I answered after swallowing my mouth full of spaghetti, “I normally do when a lot of blood is taken.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. But we shouldn’t have to do it again,” Uncle commented.

We stayed quiet and ate. It was a more relaxing for the rest of the day. Uncle told us that it is Andy’s mother who’s the dragon, but to keep quiet about it and act surprised in case Andy wants to tell us himself. After we ate and Otto made Aaron take a tablet just to be safe. He then took us back to the room.

“Looks like you decided to clean and straighten up while I was gone,” Aaron chuckled hopping onto his bed.

“I needed to keep busy after both of you left,” I commented and the two of them laughed. At least we made it through the day. It could have been a lot worse.

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