A Little Secret

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The Truth Comes Out

Chapter 44: The Truth Comes Out


I end the call in a huff, “Fucking asshole, he knows that I don’t fucking drink. God fucking damn it.”

“Well, don’t fuckin’ call him on your day off next time then,” Andy commented as he’s sprawled out on my couch. One leg is resting on the top of the couch while the other is hanging off.

“I had to let him know how everything went. Besides, why the fuck does he think I drink. I’m sure I’ve told him before that I fucking don’t. Yeah, I’m pretty damn sure I did. When he came over for my elemental lessons because there wasn’t time at work to do it,” I walked over to the couch and placed my phone down on the coffee table then looked at Andy’s leg that was up on the couch and swatted it down with his other leg so I could sit down.

“What if I wanted my leg to stay there?” Andy questioned eyeing me down with his head propped up on the other arm of the couch.

“What if I wanted to sit on my couch?” I questioned right back at him raising an eyebrow.

“Your point being?”

“It’s my couch,” He lifted his legs and flopped them down on my lap, “You’re an ass.”

“Yes, I have one, and it is currently on your couch,” He snickered as I looked at him and slowly blinked not amused.

“Your mom made sure you wouldn’t be detected, I can kick you out of my apartment any time,” I threatened.

“You wouldn’t,” His smirk turned into a frown.

“Wanna bet?” I ask as the corner of my lips curl up in the smirk.

“What do you want to bet?”

“Fine, what do you want to bet?” I asked him.

“I’m going to keep my legs on your lap and you have to stay there and not move them for an hour, which means I’m not allowed to move for an hour.”

“What do I get if I win this bet?” I looked at him.

“If you win, then I’ll pack my shit and go home for the night. If I win hm…” He tapped his fingers on his bare chest as he thought about it, “If I win, I get the bed and you sleep on the couch for the night.”

“Like hell I’m going to let you sleep in my room. I don’t need you snooping around in there,” I rejected.

“Sean, please, we’ve been friends for years, do you really think I haven’t been in your room while you’ve been in the shower?” I looked at him and blinked slowly. Clicking my tongue, I turn my head away from him.

“I figured you would have. I shouldn’t be frustrated and yet I want to fucking punch you so hard in the balls you can’t have children,” I snapped my gaze back at him with an intense glare.

“Child, please,” He snickered.

“Don’t you child me. Just because you’re a fucking few months older than I am doesn’t mean shit,” I retorted.

“Come back at me when you get your element and we’ll see who’s stronger then, how about that? Right now, I don’t think you could go against me,” My eye started twitching. I was about to get up and Andy clicked his tongue at me, “Get up and I win the game. Of course, I wouldn’t care, I would get a decent sized bed to sleep in.” His smirk is starting to get on my nerves.

“You’re the worst. Did the words I agree to this challenge, ever come out of my mouth?” I asked him and he snapped his fingers and clicked his tongue once more.

“Just did, actually,” FUCK.

“I hate you,” I grumbled and looked away from him resting my chin in the palm of my hand as I put my elbow on the arm of the couch.

“No you don’t,” He answered, I can just hear the smile in his voice.

Time passed slowly and my legs started to stiffen up from not moving, “How long has it been?” I asked.

“About ten minutes,” Andy said and I looked at him with a you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me expression.

“My fucking legs are already cramping,” I commented.

“Then go ahead and stand up, I won’t stop you,” You are not winning this. I start to tap my pointer finger of my right hand quickly on his leg as time continues to tick by.

“What’s wrong? You seem agitated,” Andy stated and I stopped tapping my finger and clenched my hand into a fist and took a deep breath.

“Nope, just ended this now so I can stretch,” I commented slipping my right arm under his lower back and pressing my own back into the couch. I rolled him off the couch. Andy hit the floor with a thud and I quickly stood up.

“That’s cheating,” he protested sitting up as I started stretching my legs.

“No it’s not. I just never told you that my couch folds out into a bed. Like an Ass because I wanted to see you cram yourself on the couch,” Now it’s Andy’s turn to be pissed.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” He glared and I just smiled at him sweetly.

“No, no I’m not. You, good sir, never asked if it could fold out into a bed or not. Therefore, there was no point in me saying anything till now,” He got up from his spot on the floor and tackled me to the floor. I start coughing trying to get the oxygen back in my lungs that he just knocked out of me, “What…the fuck was that for?” I managed to get out.

“You know what it was for,” He elbowed me in the stomach then rolled off me.

“Ugh,” I clutch my stomach and turned my back to him, “Asshole,” I swung my left leg back at him and he caught it and spun me around and pinned my hands to my stomach and placed his right forearm against my throat, but not hard enough to cut off my oxygen.

“You’ve gotten soft having to watch pipsqueak and the gingersnaps,” The expression on his face is dead serious.

“It’s not getting soft when you knock me off the foot that I’m balancing on to stretch and then elbow me,” I answered, “If this is about the bed thing, I’m sorry if I made you pissed off because of it.”

“Sasuke’s your best friend other than me, right?” He asked his expression not changing.

“Well, yeah,” I blink, where is he going with this?

“When you get your element, and we go to Amoura, you better damn well try your fucking hardest to be a part of his family and get adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai,” My eyes widen and the tension that was in my jaw is gone as I stare at him. His expression hasn’t changed, “I having a feeling that there will be a fair bit of time that we won’t be able to see each other. But, when I can visit, I want to see you smiling and happy. Seeing you how you are now, miserable and exhausted, it’s rough,” He let go of my hands and got off me, but I didn’t move from my spot on the floor, “I know when we were kids and you lived with us, I was an asshole and I blamed everything on you and ended up getting you sent back to the foster home. I’m sorry about that. I know that’s not something that’ll make up for everything in the past, but the fact of with everything that’s happened between us over the years and you still being a friend, it makes me happy,” He leaned back on his hands and looked up at the ceiling, “It’s kinda one of those things that I’ve been thinking about a lot.”

“What do you mean by that?” I ask him as he continues to look up at the ceiling.

“I think it was when Nick and Sam came to visit a few months ago that I realized who my real friends are. They didn’t care about how I had been doing or anything like that. They pretty much just wanted a place to crash for the night because their parents didn’t want them getting drunk at their houses,” He explained.

“So them wanting to catch up with you was just them saying that and not actually wanting to catch up and see how you’ve been. That’s just fucking rude. I would have kicked them out,” I commented.

“I did,” He finally looked at me, “We haven’t talked since. When I told mom, what happened she said that she never really liked those two to begin with. She said they were a bad influence,” He chuckled, “I can see her point now.”

Finally sitting up I stretch my arms out in front of me, “Other than me, who do you believe are your friends?”

We sit there in silence as he thought about my question, “To be honest, other than you, the gingersnaps and pipsqueak.”

“You actually consider Sasuke one of your friends?” I feel my lips curl into a smile.

“I know that we get on each other’s nerves and that we got into the fight. I was on edge panicking from what was going on and having the fact that both Chris and Mr. Sonnen are elementals. But, when Sasuke broke down the way he did, it stung. I know that I was still fired up from the fight that it didn’t show. And I know I told him I don’t like him all that much, but that was a lie. I see him as more of a friend then those two sleezballs that I called my friends back in high school,” I couldn’t help but chuckle, “Why are you laughing?”

“I’m really happy that you think of the three of them as friends. But, why do you still call Sasuke pipsqueak? He’s the same height as you,” I mentioned pointing out to him that he’s six foot as well.

“That’s what I’ve always called him. Kinda like that kid that you would call snowflake, what was his actual name? The one that was Sasuke’s roommate before he disappeared.”

“Toshiro, his name is Toshiro,” I scratched my cheek and look away from him, “I have a feeling, that it’s not going to be a happy hello the next time we see each other.”

“He’ll have to get over it if he’s not happy with you. If he tries anything then I’ll kick his ass,” Andy put his right hand out in front of him and balled it into a fist.

“I don’t think it would be that easy to fight him. Toshiro is a prodigy just like Sasuke, Gil, and Aaron,” I told him.

“That doesn’t mean shit to me. I’m half dragon. I’d like to see the fucker get past my scales,” He said confidently.

“You don’t even know how to bring them out at will. On top of that, he would more than likely be able to freeze you before you could even figure it out. Snowflake is an ice elemental and a damn good one at that.”

“Yeah, and how do you know that?”

“I’ve seen him spar with Sasuke, and it only means that he’s more than likely gotten stronger since the last time I saw him…well met up with him face to face. The day I captured Sasuke was the last time I saw him. The van drove right past him,” I explained to him and looked down at my lap.

“Why didn’t you capture him too?” I can feel him staring at me.

“I was told to only go after Sasuke. And like hell I was going to point out to the driver that Toshiro was an elemental. I guess there was another kid with him and Sasuke on that day, but I don’t know what he looks like. I think Sasuke said his name was Kyo,” I replied trying to remember the kids name. Sasuke’s only told me all his friends names a few times.

A silence fell between us again. It wasn’t an awkward silence, but a peaceful one, “Do you ever wonder how life would be if certain events never happened? Like where would we be now?” Andy asked me breaking the silence.

“If it was just the part of life where I turned down Chris’s offer, but nothing else changed in my past, I feel like I would probably not be in a very good place right now,” I answered truthfully.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because, deep down loneliness was slowly eating away at me and I know that I was just putting on a mask that was a fake smile to make it through the day. Having the chance to meet up with Sasuke again played a big part of me joining the ECU, but the other reason was I felt like I needed to do something different. Something that would keep me busy and not let my mind wander to the dark places it was going,” I leaned back on my hands and looked up at the ceiling, “I would never admit it to Chris, but him trying to play a fatherly figure in my life, by giving me lessons on elementals and telling me about Amoura, it really helped. At first I kinda found it annoying and I thought it was just some way for him to try to get closer to me so he could find out what I already knew, but it wasn’t really the case. I could tell as the lessons went on that he was enjoying himself and explaining the things I didn’t understand or got wrong on a test. I feel like he set such high standards on his tests because he believes that I can achieve those high scores. I guess, other than Sasuke’s parents, I don’t feel like I had a parental figure. The Carlson’s were really nice and they helped me out, but towards me it didn’t feel like they acted like actual parents. I get it that they had Lily to take care of, I just, I felt more like a baby sitter for them that could come home whenever they needed it.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me that?” He asked and I looked over at him.

“I don’t know, I guess it never occurred to me to really want to tell others what’s bothering me. Other than Sasuke and Gil and Aaron once I got to know them a bit more. I just figured it was something that you wouldn’t want to be bothered with now that I think about it. Also, you don’t really seem like an approachable person right off the bat,” I said finally standing up so I could finish my stretching.

“Seriously? I’m totally approachable,” I couldn’t help but laugh at him, “Fuck off Sean.”

“I’m sorry, you just naturally have a resting asshole face and that’s the vibe you give off too,” I snickered and Andy looked away from me quickly, but the tip of his ears blushed a shade of red.

“No I fucking don’t,” He hissed not looking at me.

“Then say that while looking at me,” My smile just spreads even wider on my face as I switch legs. It’s rare to see him blush, I want to see his face.

“I don’t fucking have to,” He stood up quickly from the floor and went towards the kitchen I just catch a glimpse of his face and his cheeks were flushed, “What do you want for dinner?”

“Well, I was planning on making those stakes tonight,” I leg my leg drop and I quickly followed him to the kitchen. Leaning on the counter next to the fridge, “You wouldn’t happen to be blushing from my comment, would you?”

“I am not blushing,” He answered quickly pulling the stakes out of the fridge.

“You’re totally blushing,” I laughed and he glared at me his face very much so red from blushing, “Come on Andy, just because I said that doesn’t mean you haven’t changed. Change is good.”

“You don’t have to make fun of the fact that I’m flushed from you calling me an asshole,” He sounds a bit upset.

“It’s rare to see you blush, and I’ve called you an asshole before, so what makes it different now to make you blush?” I asked.

“Normally you only call me an asshole when we are pissed at each other, so just pointing out that I give off an asshole vibe, I just…it’s a bit embarrassing that I never realized it,” He prepped the stake for dinner, “What else do we want with the stake?” Of course, he’s going to change the subject.

“I have some potatoes that I want to use up so I can just make us some home fries to go with it,” I answered pushing off the counter and grab out the griddle for the stakes and then a cast iron pan for the home fries.

“That works with me,” He said. He helped me work on dinner and we had a relaxing time. We decided to binge watch another anime. This one was called ReLIFE. It was cool to watch it in English so I didn’t have to read and try to watch at the same time.

After that I pulled out the couch and made it into a bed for Andy. He punched my arm for not telling him about it before. I deserved it. Then it was time to head to bed considering it was one in the morning and Chris wants us at work in five hours. I passed out once my head hit the pillow. My alarm went off a hell of a lot sooner than I wanted it to. For fucks sake, I want to go back to sleep. I don’t want to be up right now. Andy doesn’t look like he wants to be up either. At least I’m not alone…well, if you play you pay and that was fucking stupid of us to stay up so late. I made Andy coffee and I made myself a smoothie. Then the two of got into his car and I leaned back in the passenger seat after buckling up.

“It was fucking worth it to watch that anime,” Andy spoke up first and took a drink of his coffee before putting the car in reverse to back out of the parking stop.

“It was. I liked it in English. I wanted it in sub already, I caught more things this time around,” I commented as we headed to work, “There’s a manga to it too. I was tempted to read it, but at the same time I want to wait and see if they make a second season to the anime.”

“I can see why, and sorry about all the questions on what a NEET is,” He apologized.

“Na, it’s fine, I had to look up what it was the first time I heard the term, so it’s all good.”

“Why does he want us in at six again? Couldn’t we have come in at seven like we normally do?”

“He probably has something planned.”

“I’m fucking tired,” He commented as we pulled into the parking lot.

“We’ll have to get over it,” I sighed getting out of the car after he parked it.

I stretched before heading towards the door. I did my normal head in and clock in right off the bat then I went to Chris’s office to let him know that I was here. I knock twice and then walk in.

“Andy and I are here,” Chris is at his desk writing something.

“Good morning,” He finished what he was writing at I walked up to the desk. He turned the paper over so I couldn’t read what he wrote, “You look tired, did you stay up late last night?”

“On accident,” I nodded before taking another gulp of my smoothie, “Do you want me to do my usual before I come and do the lesson?”

“Yes, but instead of the lesson we’re going to go to Otto’s office,” He explained to me opening one of his drawers and pulling out a folder that had my name on it.

“What’s that?” I asked motioning to the folder.

“Nothing important,” He responded faster then I think he intended to.

“So it is important, then what is it?” I asked once more.

“Nothing, really,” Chris smiled up at me.

“You gonna let me see it? It has my name on it,” I commented raising an eyebrow.

“Did Andrew get the go ahead for him to be allowed to go to Amoura?” He’s changing the subject.

“You’re changing the subject.” I said bluntly not answering his question, “Are you going to let me see what’s in the folder?”

“Why does the folder interest you?” Chris tipped his head and leaned back in the chair crossing his arms over his chest.

“Because it has my name on it.”


“I want to know what’s in it.”

“So try and take it off me desk,” I looked at him and then back at the folder, then back at him.

“You’re going to try shit with me aren’t ya?” I rose an eyebrow.

“Me? Why would you think that?” I looked at him with a deadpan face and he chuckled, “Fair enough,” He leaned forward once again and grabbed the folder and held it up, “So what if I told you this folder holds the answer to who your real parents are?”

“Then I would call bullshit. I was left at the hospital with no family. Unless you somehow pulled a Houdini and were somehow able to match my DNA up with two other people, then I would believe you,” I commented before drinking the rest of my smoothie.

“Tell you what, after we do what we have to in Otto’s office, I’m going to give you a pop quiz, if you can get a perfect score on the quiz I’ll let you see what’s in the folder.”

“Is this some kind of trick?”

“Far from it. Think about it as you do your workout. If you decide that you want to see what’s in this folder, then you just have to tell me that you’ll take the quiz. But, if you don’t score a perfect score, then I get to decide when you look at the contents in the folder. If you score perfectly, I’ll hand the folder over right then and there,” He stood up and held out his free hand to me, “So what do you say? Do we have a deal?”

I looked at his hand then back at him. I brought up my left hand and took a hold of his right hand, “Deal,” I gave him a cocky smirk, “You’re gonna lose this bet old man.”

“Really now, I’m sure that you didn’t study at all yesterday and that you weren’t up late last night studying, so I think I’ll be fine. Besides, I never told you what the pop quiz was going to be about,” He smiled sweetly back to me and it mentally smacked the smirk right off my face.

“I hate you,” I feel my eye twitch as he squeezes my hand and pulled me closer to him making me lean over the desk.

“Then next time you shouldn’t call me an old man,” His smile turned into a smirk before letting go of my hand, “Now, go and do your morning workout.”

I straightened myself back out and glared at him, sighing I turned on my heels and walked out of his office.

“So this is where you ran off to,” Andy said as I opened the door to the office.

“Good timing Andrew, I would like to speak with you,” Chris called from behind me.

“I’ll be at the pool doing my work out if you get done talking with Chris before I’m done,” I said.

“You going to go see the three musketeers when your done with your work out?” He asked as we switched places at the door.

“Na, I normally let them sleep till 8 before I wake them up with breakfast,” I replied pulling out my phone and seeing that it was about quarter after six. Why do I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day? I sigh to myself and head down to the locker room to change into my jammers. Making sure that I grabbed my towel I closed my locker and left the locker room. The other life guard is here today. Abel must have the day off.

“Here for your work out?” She asked me with a cold smile. She must really hate being a lifeguard.

“I am,” I nodded setting my towel down on the bench. I really want to know what’s in that folder. Adjusting my goggles so that were over my eyes I walk to the dive block at the other end of the pool. What could it be that he’s hiding in there? Whatever it is, I’m going to find out one way or another. I exhale as I get set. Then I launch myself off the dive board. Doing my normal routine for my work out and cooldown, then got out and stretched. By this time there were a few more people coming in. I can feel the glares on my back as they walk by me. Whatever. I finish my stretching, grab my towel, then go back into the locker room and take a shower.

Rushing through a shower, I get changed back into my jeans and t-shirt, then I head out of the locker room and to Otto’s office. Knocking twice I wait for his response, “It’s open,” He answered so I went in.

“Morning,” I smile at him.

“You look exhausted,” He pointed out.

“I am, but that’s my own fault I didn’t realize what time it was last night when Andy and I actually went to bed,” I answered closing the door behind me, “So what did Chris want me to come here for?”

“We took a pint of blood from Sasuke yesterday evening, Chris wants to get half of it in your system today then do the other half tomorrow morning,” Otto explained as he pated a chair that I assume he wants me to sit in.

I sit in the chair as he goes over to the cupboard and pulls out some wipes, “Why does he only want to do half today? And haven’t we tried this countless times already, just with smaller doses?”

“This batch is a bit different. Yesterday, Sasuke received the time element while the blood was being drawn,” He replied not looking at me.

“But, I thought that he already had the time element. Isn’t Mr. Kaisai’s base element time?”

“It is, but moon elements cannot receive any element from another moon elemental. That’s why he didn’t have it till yesterday. Just like he doesn’t have the spirit element because I had yet to give it to him,” Now that he said it, I’ve never seen him physically touch Sasuke unless he has gloves on. That’s a lot of caution to make sure that someone doesn’t obtain your element.

Someone knocked at the door and then came in, “Oh good, you’re finished with your work out,” Chris smiled at me as he has a package in his hand.

“Well, yeah I only did my basic work out, considering Abel’s not there today, I didn’t feel like doing extra,” I answered leaning back in the chair as Otto prepped my arm.

“Fair enough. Since this is going to take a while, I’ll just give you the quiz while we’re doing this,” He handed the package to Otto.

“Wha- why? That’s totally not fair, my left arm is being hooked up to the damn thing,” I protested.

“I never said it was going to be a written test now did I?” He smirked at me raising an eyebrow.

“I hate you,” I glared up at him.

“Hm, I’ll believe that when I actually see it,” Chris chuckled, “First question, How many floating islands are on Anoura?”

Floating islands? Are you kidding me? I don’t remember anything about floating islands. When the fuck did we go over floating islands? “Clench your hand into a fist for me Sean,” Otto told me so I did. I took a sharp breath in when the needle pierced my skin.

“So, what’s your answer?” Chris asked not paying any mind to the fact that I just got a fucking needle shoved in my arm and I can’t look at it.

“There are none, you’ve never told me anything about floating islands,” I replied focusing on him and trying to ignore my arm.

“Correct, very good. Now, next question, how many elements are there for elementals?”

Shit…shit, shit, shit, um…fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, sight, sound, metal, magnetic, star, spirit, moon, time, twilight, lightning, space…shit…there’s one more…I think there’s one more…what is it…snowflake! Ice, the ice element. “Eighteen, there’s eighteen elements.”

“Had to think about that one, but you’re correct, there’s eighteen. Question three, what’s the name of the rare ability for a water elemental and what does it do?”

“Fuck, you’re really making me think,” That was one of the first elements he had me learn. I get why he’s asking me considering that’s what my element is supposed to be, but it’s been months, no, I think it’s been a lot fucking longer than that…shit…what was it called… “Blood control?” I said more as a question then an answer.

“And what does it do?” Well that was a fucking shot in the dark.

“It allows the prodigy of the water element to have control of another person’s body be controlling their blood. It forces the opponent to do whatever the prodigy will make them do,” That makes sense, right?

“Correct,” I sighed in relief when that word came out of Chris’ mouth, “How many elements are there for dragon’s and what are they?”

“There’s…six…” I looked around the room, not that it’ll help at all, “And, they are, water, fire, earth, wind…light, and…dark.”

“Correct, final question,” Only a five-question quiz? I fucking got this, “What are the name of the two moons for Amoura?” Son of a bitch…I have no fucking clue. Aren’t they in an entirely different language? Shit…I don’t know.

“I-I don’t know. I can’t remember,” I looked down at my lap.

“Mitne Welun and whedab welun, it means light moon and dark moon. They’re called this because, the larger moon is white and the smaller moon has a purple tint. Those are normally the aura colors of light and dark elementals. Also, the light dragon is white and the dark dragons are tones from a deep purple to a black. Thus, the names of the moons. And even elementals speak them in dragon tongue. You almost made it. Even with the trick question that I gave you right at the start,” I looked up at him. He looks disappointed that I didn’t get a perfect on this quiz.

“Did you ever tell me the names of the moons?” I asked, tipping my head.

“I did, but it was around the time I was having you retake the test on the four main elements,” Chris answered, “So I guess you’ll have to wait till I say so to be able to look in that folder,” My eye twitched.

“That was your plan all along, wasn’t it? Then when do I get to look at it?” I asked him.

“You’ll be handed the folder when I want you to see what’s in the folder,” He smiled down at me and put a hand on my head and messed up my hair, “Now, just relax, you’re almost half way through the bag, then you can go get the boys up.”

“Why are we only doing half the bag?” I looked up at him and pushed his hand off my head.

“I want the blood to be able to run through your system. So, tomorrow morning we’ll do the other half then less than an hour after we’ll give it a shot,” His smile is sad. Has he been told that it’s going to work? What happened yesterday? I don’t think I should bother asking him, I more than likely won’t be able to get an answer that way. I’ll ask Sasuke and the others.

“Alright,” I nodded, “So what if it does work? What’s going to happen?”

“Between you can Sasuke it should send off a large spike through Amoura, with a large spike John should be able to pinpoint exactly where you are. We’ll make sure that Gil and Aaron are also in the room. I’m going to be receiving a letter from Andrew’s mother in a bit for him to give to whoever comes. Either that or the wave lengths from the portals may set off his scales without him wanting them to come out. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” He slipped his hands into his pockets.

“Are you going to Amoura too?” I asked with a serious expression.

“No, I won’t be going with you. I’ll have to tie up loose ends here before I can think of going anywhere,” He answered looking back at me.

Otto took out the needle and patched me up, “Why did you become the head of the ECU in the first place?” He stayed silent.

“There’s a reason why I became the head of the ECU,” Chris looked away from me, “Take an easy today, don’t do anything to strenuous. Don’t need you to hurt yourself before the experiment,” He headed out of the room and I looked at Otto.

“He hasn’t slept too much in the past couple of days. He’s also been under a fair bit of stress,” Otto answered my unspoken question. I feel like it’s more than that. I wonder if I can get it out of him. “You’re all set. Like Chris said, don’t be obnoxious today,” I stood up and looked at my bandaged arm.

“I won’t,” I sighed, “Am I free to go?”

“Yes, you’re good,” Otto waved me off as he took off his gloves and took care of the wrappings.

I felt and went up to the boy’s cell and opened the door. The three of them were passed out as usual. Sasuke sat up as always when I looked over at him. His right elbow is bandaged like my left one is. He has drool at the corner of his mouth and he looks half asleep, “Morning.”

“Morning,” Gil groaned from his lump of blankets.

“How did yesterday go? You three are okay right?” I asked.

“Sean, give us like ten minutes to wake up,” Sasuke said rubbing his eyes.

“Right, sorry, I’ve been up since five,” I apologized flicking on the light.

“Why so early?” Gil question as I moved over to Aaron to do my normal and fight with Aaron to get his blankets off.

“Because, I had to do my workout, do my normal argument with Chris, ended up getting a pop quiz while I had blood transferred into me, and failed the pop quiz because of the moons from Amoura, so all and all it’s been a busy morning,” I explained dropping the blanket that I was failing with getting from. I have more fricking muscles than Aaron and yet he has a fucking iron grip when it comes to his blankets. I climb onto his bed and get on the inside. Pressing my back against the wall I put my feet on what I think are Aaron’s legs and push him off. One of his arms came shooting out of the blankets and clutched onto my leg as he falls. I end up sliding on the bed and Aaron hits the floor. Still holding onto my leg.

“Wait, Sean, I just remembered, can you slick your hair back for me, please?” I looked over at Gil blinked a few times taking in his question.

“You want me to…slick my hair back? Why?”

“Bladder why?” Aaron released my ankle and the war with his blankets began on the floor below me.

“Because, I need to see something,” I sat up and pulled my legs back up onto the bed so they were out of Aaron’s way.

“O-oh okay,” I run my fingers through my hair and pull my hair back out of my face, “Like this?”

“I knew it!” Gil tapped his right fist into his open palm.

“Knew what? I’m so confused,” I dropped my hands back down onto my lap letting my hair fall.

“You look just like Mr. Zimmer with your hair slicked back, but you just have brown eyes, and you’re a bit more built,” He said and I look at him with my resting bitch face, “I’m serious Sean.”

“Then it has to be a coincidence. If Sasuke slicks his hair back he’ll probably look like Chris too, but with red eyes and smaller,” I retorted.

“Hey,” Sasuke protested.

“Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind at all?” Gil asked me as I got off Aaron’s bed as he came out of the bathroom.

“No, I haven’t. I’m going to get your food,” I grabbed the key out of my pocket and slid it through the card reader too fast so it didn’t read, “Stupid fucking card,” I grumbled.

“Sean, are you okay?” Sasuke asked me.

“I’m fine,” I snapped at him and didn’t mean to and he looked at me shocked, “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and it’s a lot of stuff to take in at once, and…I’ll just…I’ll explain things when I get back with your food,” I sighed and slid the card, slower through the reader this time.

I stormed out of the room and down the hall, I didn’t even knock on Chris’ door I just slammed the door open, “Christopher Zimmer, we need to talk,” I stormed over to his desk, “I want answers and I want them now. What did you do to Gil yesterday to make him think I even remotely look like you? Did you fucking drug him or something?”

“I didn’t do anything to him yesterday, Gil came up with that theory all on his own. Now, calm down, I told you to take an easy, didn’t I?” Chris was very calm compared to my yelling.

“That’s not the point,” I started.

“Yes it is, the point Sean, now you need to stop getting so fucking hot headed and listen to me. Do I need to get Andrew to watch you for the day to make sure you don’t fucking go jump off the roof or something? Now, it’s done, the conversation’s over. I’m sure you haven’t gotten the boys their breakfast yet so you should hop on that,” Chris rose his voice and stood up so he was at my height, “I’m fairly busy today, if you need to take a nap on the couch because you can’t handle running on lack of sleep then fucking sleep on the couch,” He pushed away from his desk and looked away from me, “Now leave, I have some things I have to do.”

I clenched my fists and held my breath, “Why are you like this? One minute your fucking fine and dandy, your kind and considerate and then the next minute you’re a fucking asshole who shuts everyone out.”

“I am not being an asshole, you’re the one that stormed into my office and accused me of doing something to Gil to make him think that way. You should know by now that he’s a very deep thinker, so instead of accusing me of something maybe you should have asked him why he thought that before you left their room. Now, get out,” Chris walked away from his desk and started towards his bookshelf.

I followed him and grabbed his shoulder, turning in around to face me, “That still doesn’t explain anything. You want me to ask why then I’m fucking going to ask why. Why did you even want to start this experiment in the first place? Why did you go so far as to teach me all that you did about elementals and Amoura? Why did you even seek me out in the first place?” My voice got louder and louder with each question and I clutched onto the collar of his shirt.

“SEAN ST-” I heard Andy start to say. I looked over at the door where his voice was coming from and he was frozen in place. Time stop. I look back at Chris, there’s tears at the corner of his eyes. He’s…crying?

“Because you’re my son,” My heart stops, “That’s what’s in that folder, the other half of your DNA test that I never showed you. I had Otto take it back to Amoura and run another test on your sample to see if we could figure out if your parents were elementals that made it to Amoura or not,” He grabbed onto my wrists, but I couldn’t get myself to pull them away, “Something that I wish I could tell you happened the day you were born. This something made me forget that I even had a child. It changed my brother and his wife’s memories to think I was dead, then took me with it. It wasn’t until Otto found me that he was able to get me to remember. But, then he got caught up in everything too. Not even Otto can tell you anything, so it’s pointless to go to him and ask. I’m sorry I can’t tell you much. I’m sorry I can’t spend more time with you. I’m a terrible father and I understand if you’ll hate me for the rest of your life,” I can’t make a sound come out of my mouth. I just stand there looking back at him with his hands around my wrists.

“OP,” Andy finally finished what he was screaming, but I couldn’t look at him, “Um…what’s going on?”

No, no…this can’t be happening, it just can’t. He’s lying, he has to be lying, someone please tell me he’s lying. I don’t know my parent’s I’ve never known them. Why now? Why now of all times. I pulled my arms away from him and started backing up. I couldn’t take my eyes away from him. Is that’s what’s in that damn folder? I don’t understand. I back up too far and trip over the coffee table and hit my head on the arm of the couch.

“Sean!” Chris and Andy yell at the same time. I’m seeing stars and on the floor clutching the back of my head.

Hot tears start flowing out of my eyes, “Sean,” I see Chris’ feet coming into view and he kneels down. I sat up and got back to my knees. My bodies shaking, my vision is blurry from the tears, my head hurts. I push myself forward and tackle Chris to the floor, pinning his arms down with my hands, he doesn’t fight against me.

“Why, why didn’t you fucking tell me when you found out? Why the fuck did you let me say those things to you in front of your face? Why do you have to be a fucking asshole and keep things like this hidden?” My voice cracked and tears fell landing on his cheek as I break down, “Why can’t you explain things to me other than what you told me? Why do you have to do this? You fucking know damn well this experiment is going to fucking work tomorrow, I’m sure you’ve already asked Gil about it, so why now of all fucking times? If it’s to see how far I can go before I break well ya fucking did it. Why can’t…you just…you…” I lowered my head onto his chest and let go of his arms. I’m crying so hard I start to get hiccups. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve ever let someone see me cry. Why can’t I stop crying? This isn’t fair, just make them stop. I don’t want to cry, not in front of him, not in front of Andy either. I’m stronger than this, I know I am. Stop crying damn it!

I flinch when I feel hands touch my back. Then arms follow those hands and pull me in closer to Chris’ body, “I’m sorry, I was an idiot for not saying anything to you,” He whispers in my ear, “I’m sorry I can’t go back to Amoura with you so we can make things right,” His embrace got tighter, “Just promise me, no matter what, you’ll always stand back up, you’ll always protect the ones you care about, you’ll get stronger and you’ll build friendships and treat Sasuke like a little brother. Promise me, that you’ll knock some since into whoever needs it and you’ll stay your stubborn ass self. No matter what happens that one day we’ll meet again and when we do, you’ll be smiling, that same smile that I see you wear when your around Sasuke and the others,” He’s shaking. “I just want you to have a better life then what you had to suffer through for so long. Please, promise me, that you’ll accept those who love you and love them back in return. Don’t be a fool and try to do everything on your own, let others help you. Promise me, you’ll be the best fucking water elemental there is and surpass what your mother was able to do. PROMISE ME DAMN IT,” His voice cracks. All this time…he’s been looking out for me. He just wants me to have a better life. He wants me to be happy. I hook my arms under his and grab his shoulders.

“For fucks sake, don’t start crying, it’s bad enough that I broke down damn it,” I buried my face into his shirt as I clutch onto his shoulders tighter, “I can’t promise you that I’ll be able to do all those things. I know it’s going to be a rough road no matter there I go in life. But, I will be more than happy when the day comes that I’ll have to knock some since into your fucking ass, if that day ever comes, I won’t let people push me around and think they can get away with it, I don’t know where you’re going after all this, but just you fucking watch, I’m going to be the strongest damn water elemental there is. And no matter what, I’ll never stay down. That I can promise.”

“I don’t expect you to ever call me dad, or father, or even pops. I don’t deserve that title. And I’m to fucking young to be called that damn it,” He chuckled.

“I should punch you in the face right now.”

“That would ruin the moment and be downright rude,” He hugged me tighter, “But I deserve it. Next time alright? You can give it your best shot.”

“Fine, I’m going to hold you to that.”

“That’s fine by me. Now, stop your damn crying, you have a cousin and two friends to take care of. You said you were going to go get their food,” His arms slacked around me and I let go of his shoulders and sat up and continued to sit on top of him like I’m a five-year-old, “And get off me, your heavy.”

“That’s not my fault,” I got off him and wiped my eyes. My nose if completely stuffed, my lungs hurt and so do my eyes from crying, “Andy, can you come with me to get their food please?”

“U-um…sure,” I held my hand out and helped Chris up off the ground.

“Thank you,” I said and let go of Chris’ hand so he could straighten out his clothes.

“Now get going before you get kicked in the face by one of them by the time you get back with their food. I have to run some errands,” He said and in a blink, he was by the door to his office and left the room. Leaving Andrew and myself alone.

“Can you explain to me just what the literal fuck happened? I’m so fucking confused right now,” Andy commented and I can’t help but laugh.

“I’ll explain it on the way,” I tell him and head towards the door myself. I don’t know why, but I feel better. In a way, it kinda feels like whatever tension that was between Chris and me is fading away. I guess, it’s a start. “I’m still gonna fucking knock his lights out sometime. He fucking deserves it damn it.”

“Sean, that was completely out of fucking context and I don’t get it, can you start fucking explaining shit to me,” Andy asked following me to the kitchen.

“I’m upset, pissed, confused, yet a bit happy all at the same time. Chris says he’s my father, thought I still want to see the papers to prove it,” I kept my voice low so I wouldn’t draw attention, but I didn’t lean in towards Andy at all either.

“I guess that makes since now with you saying that,” I looked over at him confused before opening the door to the kitchen. Now I’m the one that’s confused. “Don’t worry about it,” He waved me off and we went into kitchen.

“Hey!” Laila greeted us and ran up to me and hugged me, “Oh, this is fair, why do you two have to be moving to a different division?”

“Tomorrow is our last day,” Andy said as I hugged Laila back Am I the only one that’s completely out of this loop here?

“That sucks, it’s going to be so lonely without you two,” She pouted after letting go of me and giving Andy a hug.

“Sorry Laila, we can’t too anything about it,” Andy apologized with a smile on his face.

“I’m sure we’ll meet again, so it’s not a full goodbye,” I added in.

“I know, I know,” She sighed and wandered back around, “The boy’s food is almost done. I decided to make them a big breakfast considering they only one meal yesterday,” My eye twitched. Yep Imma sock him right in the mouth.

“Thank you for that. I’m sorry we weren’t here yesterday, he had some stuff that we had to do,” I smiled at her.

“You sound stuffed up Sean, and your eyes are puffy, are you okay?” She asked looking up at me then back down at the food.

“I’m fine, it’s just some allergies acting up is all,” I replied putting my hands in my pockets.

“If you need allergy pills I have Benadryl in my purse,” She offered.

“Oh no, it’s fine, that’ll knock me out and I don’t need that. It’s not so bad that it was go away in a while,” I chuckled.

“Well the offer will still stand and the food is all done,” Laila said coming over with the tray.

I took the tray from her with a smile, “Thanks.”

“Not a problem at all,” She gave me one more hug along with Andy and then the two of us left the kitchen.

“Am I the only one that doesn’t know about this cover up story?” I hissed at Andy and he just shrugged.

“Maybe, I don’t know,” He put his hands in his pockets as we walked, “Either way, I’m sure that those three want to know how it went yesterday so I’ll come to the room with you.”

I nodded and we stayed quiet the rest of the way, Andy took the tray from me so I could get out my card and open the door. Sasuke runs out of the room and glomps me. I’m just able to keep us up on our feet from the impact when Aaron joins in completely knocking me over with those two on top of me.

“What the hell you two?” I asked as Gil stood in the doorway so it wouldn’t close.

“We heard what went down in uncle’s office,” Sasuke told me.

“You guys spied on me?” My eye twitched.

“We were worried, please don’t get mad,” Aaron begged looking up at me.

I sigh and rest my head on the floor, “I’m not mad at you. Now, get off me and go eat your breakfast,” The two of them go off me and Sasuke helped me up off the floor.

This is weird, Sasuke’s my cousin. Does he know? How do I even bring it up to talk about? Then again, he heard or at least was relayed from Aaron what happened, so he probably already knows, but…I just don’t know where to start. How do I even begin to process what’s happened this morning?

“Sean, are you coming in the room or not. I’m not going to stand in this damn doorway all day,” Andy hissed breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m coming,” I muttered and wandered into the room so that the door to the cell could finally close. Just one more day. This doesn’t even feel real. Is this all just some crazy dream and I over slept? No, no that can’t be it. It’s all gotta be happening. Getting knocked on my ass hurt, so it much be real.

“How did it go yesterday?” Gil asked bringing me back to what’s going on around me again.

“We already kinda know what happened, but we want to hear it from you two,” Aaron smiled at Andy and me, “We were in the room with Mr. Zimmer when you called, that’s how we know,” He answered my unspoken question. Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt to tell them.

“If ya wanna hear the story then one of ya’s gonna have ta move yer ass over so I can sit. It’s a long story and I ain’t fuckin’ standing through it,” Andy commented making me chuckle.

“You haven’t talked like that in a while,” I elbowed him.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve been working on how I talk, but sometimes it just comes out. Now, which one of you gingers are moving over, The cousins are sitting together so that spots taken,” I look over at Sasuke and he smiles at me and pats the normal spot that I sit on.

“I’ll move,” Gil answered him as I walked over to Sasuke’s bed and sat down. Sasuke’s my cousin. I hope what Chris said is the truth. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

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