A Little Secret

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There are Second Chances

Chapter 45: There are Second Chances


“So, are you going to go see the Carlson’s one last time?” I ask Sean as he puts his shoes back on.

His shoulders stop moving from him typing his shoes and he staying in the same position for a few moments before his shoulders start moving once again, “I was…if they’re home. If not, I’ll just write them a note. I don’t want to be a bother,” He answered.

He doesn’t have his normal cheerful or annoyed tone in his voice. He sounds so sad and depressed. Is it because of what happened between him and uncle this morning? Why do you keep these things hidden? You’ve been hiding behind that smile all day. I can tell you’re on the verge of tears again. Do you not want to cry in front of us? You don’t have to hide your feelings, we’re here for you, you’re not alone. Sean, please don’t hide behind this mask anymore. It hurts every time you do.

“Well, either way, it’s a good idea to at least tell them that you’re moving away,” Gill pointed out as Sean stood back up.

“I know, I know,” He sighed and grabbed his bag off the floor, “I’ll see you three tomorrow,” He smiled at Aaron and Gil and patted my head and looked at me before pulling out the card and leaving the room.

I put a hand on my head and stared at the now closed door. That look…it was a don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine look. But I know you’re just lying to me. Why do you have to do that? Why do you have to try to do things on your own?

“You should know just as well as we do, that he doesn’t want to be a bother, he’s always carried everything on his own shoulders. He doesn’t know how to share a burden,” Gil commented.

“You were digging around in his mind, weren’t you?” I asked raising an eyebrow and Gil looked away from me and rubbed the back of his neck, “I knew it.”

“I was discreet about it. He didn’t even notice I was doing it,” Gil quickly defended himself.

“That explains why you were so quiet today,” Aaron chuckled poking his best friend.

“Shh, that’s not the point, and I’m normally quiet,” Gil hissed at him.

“Are you okay, though?” Aaron asked and I looked over at him and hum and point at myself, “Yes you, are you okay?”

“I don’t know. Maybe? Maybe not. I guess I’m just more worried about Sean than anything,” I fold my arms over my chest and look away from them, “I just want to be able to help.”

“I think it’s natural for you to want to do that,” Aaron commented.

“Even before the two of you officially knew you were related you were always really close,” Gil points out to me.

“Even when we were little kids we were close. But, after I got hurt Sean blamed it on himself and it wasn’t his fault. Even now, I want to help him, but he is keeping things to himself. I know that I’ve done the same thing, but I don’t want him to go through this alone,” I let my hand slide off my head and I look down at my lap.

“Sasuke,” I look back up at Aaron when I hear his voice. He comes other and tackles me down to the bed with a hug, “I know you want to help him, but let him come to you. Don’t force him to do something he doesn’t want to do. He’s going through a lot of stress and internal struggle right now and adding on the fact that he just found out who his biological father is, doesn’t help. I know it’s gotta be hard for you, but you’ll have to pull yourself together and be strong for Sean. Just like you can be strong for the rest of us. That’s what family does right, you support each other!”

I hugged him back before he pulled away and got off me so I could sit back up, “Thanks, Aaron,” I smiled at him.

“Not a problem, just let Sean come to you. Whether it be before the experiment happens, or after, letting it happen naturally is most of the time the better thing to do,” He reminds me with his normal smile.

“But with Sean,” I started and then got flicked in the forehead by Gil.

“You heard Aaron. As stubborn as Sean is let him come to you. If you have to bring out your stubbornness too I’m sure you will,” Gil smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back, “So no more depressing thoughts okay?”

“Alright, I’ll try not to,” I chuckle, “I’m sorry I was depressed.”

“Na, don’t worry about it. That’s what we’re here for. To kick your butt out of it,” Aaron smiled wide.

“That’s what friends do,” Gil added in and I nodded.

“Let’s pick a different topic,” Aaron suggested.

“Like what?” I question raising an eyebrow.

“Um…let me think,” He crossed his arms and quickly tapped his pointer finger on his bicep, “Oh, what do you two want to do when we get back home? That is if we’re not stuck in the infirmary for gods know how long.”

“That’s a good question,” I mumble leaning back on my hands.

“I don’t know about you two, but I want a Disney movie marathon,” Gil said and Aaron and I both look over at him.

A smile creeps up on my face as Aaron jumps off the bed, “I love that idea!! I’ve missed Disney movies so much since we’ve been stuck in this place.”

“Honestly, when you two left we didn’t watch Disney movies. It wouldn’t have been the same if all of us weren’t there, so we decided against it,” I told them.

“Awe, that’s really sweet of you guys to do,” Gil smiled at me.

“Y’all would have just missed my singing,” Aaron chuckled.

“That is true, it wouldn’t have been the same if the majority of us were off key. We have to have the person who can actually properly sing with us,” The three of us laughed at my comment.

“Of course, at the same time, we don’t even know how long it’ll be until we’re allowed to go back to classes even,” Gil mentioned as Aaron hopped off my bed and went the bathroom.

“True. I hope it’s not too long. I would rather not have to retake the soul weapon course,” I sigh.

“But, the three of us know what we need to do to conquer our biggest fear. We’ve also been meditating like you said we were supposed to. So, other than if there’s been writing that goes along with this class, I don’t see how we could fail it. It does run all year instead of just half a year,” He said.

“Well, yeah, but it’s split into two parts. The first half of the year is mainly supposed to be conquering your biggest fear and figuring out what your soul weapon is. The second half of the year is solidifying it and being able to maintain it.”

“We’ll be fine. The three of us will be able to catch up not a problem,” Aaron stated coming out of the bathroom with his toothbrush in his hand.

“Yeah, but we have a history class that goes along with our soul weapon class,” I mention, “But, my mom is teaching that class, I’m sure we would be able to catch up. It was the first day of classes when Shiro, Kyo, and I were sent out on the mission to find you two.”

“We also don’t know how long we’ve been here. So, we don’t actually know how much we’ve missed,” That’s a very good point. I’ve lost all sense of how long we’ve been here.

“That’s a good point,” Aaron says coming out of the bathroom and going over to his bed. I hop off my bed and go brush my teeth as well.

“Who do you think Sean will be able to get along with other than us right off the bat?” I asked them as I came out of the bathroom room brushing my teeth.

“Hmmm…right off the bat, I don’t know. I have a feeling that if they find out Sean was working for the ECU then they might be sour towards him,” Gil mentioned.

“Except Jason, I think Jason would be able to easily get along with Sean. Jason doesn’t judge a book by its cover or by what he’s been told about someone until he actually meets them in person and gets to know them,” Aaron points out as he sits on his bed, still not under the covers.

“But Shiro’s met Sean before,” Gil added.

“Yeah, but he and Kyo were in town when I was captured. We were wearing ear pieces so they were able to hear what happened,” I look down at my feet, “The ear piece fell out when Sean and I got into that fight.” I don’t think I’ve told the two of them about that fight. “I didn’t even recognize him at first.

“We know,” Aaron smiled at me.

“I saw it when I was trying to figure out what was going on between you two, just in case you couldn’t solve it on your own,” Gil admitted to me as I crawled into bed.

“I don’t know if I should be flattered or a bit pissed with you right now Gil,” I grumble as he hops off his bed and goes to the bathroom.

“It’s a love-hate relationship, you should know that by now,” He chuckled then closed the door behind him.

I flop down on my bed and stare up at the plain white ceiling that I’ve looked at so many times while I lay awake at night, “How do you think tomorrow is going to go?” Aaron asked me but I didn’t sit up to look over at his bed.

“I don’t know, I just hope that it all goes smoothly and nothing terrible happens,” I sigh.

“I think we all do,” He said agreeing with me, “We’ll make it back and everything will go back to normal. We’ll go through our classes, get called out to spar against or have people be terrified of us, just like normal. But, such is the life of being a prodigy, right?”

“Ain’t that the truth,” I sigh.

“It’s rough hearing some people talk when the academy has the tournaments. “Why should we bother signing up?” “Yeah, the prodigies have signed up, there’s no point, we’re just going to lose,” It’s rough hearing that. There are times where I don’t want to sign up because of that. Gil doesn’t sign up, but he says that it would be unfair for him to sign up because he can just convince someone to forfeit with ease…but ya know…Sean was the first person other than us and our friends that have been able to fight off Gil’s ability.”

“Oh, really? Sean’s always been stubborn and strong willed, though so I shouldn’t be surprised that he was able to fight it off,” I mention as the door to the bathroom opens, “But, for the kids who say that, if they just think that’s the case right off the bat, then they are the kind of people who give up too easily.”

“Sasuke, could you hit the light?” Gil asks I look over at his bed to see that he’s already crawled into bed and has taken his glasses off.

“Yeah,” I prop myself up and hit the light, before getting under my blanket.

“It doesn’t matter what others have to say, as long as you don’t let it get to you that’s what matters,” Gil said as I heard his bed squeak a couple of times from him moving around.

“Yeah, that’s true,” I sigh and put an arm over my eyes, “Though, I’m sure we all know that’s easier said than done.”

“That’s for sure,” Aaron mumbled.

“Agreed,” Gil added in. A silence fell between the three of us after that. Aaron fell asleep rather quick and Gil was soon to follow. Relaxing my body, I finally feel myself drift off to sleep. I don’t remember dreaming. But I shoot out of bed like normal when I hear the door to the room open.

“Geez, you really do shoot off your pillow when the door opens,” Uncle commented as I blink slowly trying to focus on him.

“Gomen’nasai,” I mumble rubbing my eyes and pulling my legs up to my chest.

“And there’s that Japanese side showing. I should have figured that you would learn both languages. I just didn’t think that it would slip out with you being half asleep like you are,” Uncle mentions.

“Sorry, it doesn’t happen often,” I rest my head on my knees as I look back at my uncle.

“You look like you had a rough night,” He turns and faces me putting his hands in his pockets.

“I feel like I didn’t sleep,” I grumble.

“It’s also four in the morning,” That makes sense why uncle is keeping his voice so low. “Come on, we need to talk,” I motioned to the door.

“Can’t it wait for a few more hours?” I ask swinging my legs off the bed and getting up.

“Sean and Andrew are scheduled to come in at eight, so they’ll be here, but they won’t be clocking in,” He whispered as I pulled my shoes out from under the bed and put them on. I follow my uncle out of the room. I close my eyes and rub them from the light change from the room into the hallway. Making a visor with my hand I crack open one of my eyes and follow uncle down the hall to his office. He kept it dim and I was able to see a lot better. There was a blanket and a pillow on the couch in the office. Has uncle been sleeping here? I thought he would have had an apartment in town or something. But, that would have to be another loose end that he would have to tie up somehow.

“Have you been sleeping here?” I asked looking at the couch. Uncle sat down and patted the cushion that was next to him.

“I have been most of the time, every other time I’ve been staying with a friend. Paying and getting an apartment would have been a bit of a hassle. And the couch is soft enough,” I sat down next to him and he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees looking forward.

“What’s on your mind?”

“I’m sorry, for everything that’s happened so far. And I know that no apology is going to make up for what might happen later today.”

“What are you talking about?” I look at her confused and he looks at me with a serious expression.

“I don’t think you just switching to the time element is going to work for this,” He sighs and finally looks at me.

“But the book said that it should work,” I blink confusedly.

“I know,” He leans back and looks up at the ceiling, “But, after mulling it over and running the tests with your blood and Sean’s and then figuring out how to get your blood to switch elements, it only woke up Sean’s for a moment before it stopped.”

“So, you’re saying this isn’t going to work,” I repeat what uncle said before.

“I don’t think it’s going to work unless we put your body under enough stress to force a switch. At the same time though you would have to concentrate and make sure that you switch into the time element,” Uncle rubbed his face and ran his fingers through his hair, pulling the hairband that he had in it that was pulling his bangs back. Some fell back into his face while most of it stayed back like it was still being held by the hair band, “Otto’s been talking about giving you the spirit element. If he offers it to you, take it.”

“And within the hour that it takes for my body to let the element wear off and switch back to my base element…” I trail off and look down at the floor.

“I feel like it’s going to be the only way. But, with putting your body under so much stress, it could possibly make you snap. You won’t be able to control your elements and you could easily harm others. If it does happen you’ll get all the elements other than your base element sealed. And I don’t want that to happen…” I look back up at my uncle and see him picking at the skin around his nails.

“So, it would take a few years to get all my elements back if that happens. It’s not a big deal. It’ll give me more time to focus on one element at a time,” I smiled sadly at him. Try to stay positive Sasuke, if it’s to help Sean, I’ll do it. “But, there’s a chance where it won’t happen. So, I’ll shoot for that slim chance and hope that it works.”

Uncle Chris’ eyes grow wide as he stares at me, “Only if, you tell me what happened with dad. He’s told me that he’s snapped before and had to have his elements sealed, but he’s never said anything else about it.”

“That’s not even a remotely fair trade for what you’re going to go through,” He sighs and looks down at his lap, “The reason why John had his elements sealed was because of me. It was over a hundred years ago now. John and I were goofing around by the earth dragon roost. It’s a very mountainous terrain to get to the entrance. Well, it was damp on the rocks and John told me to stop goofing around. I ended up slipping and couldn’t catch myself. I ended up breaking my thigh bone and three ribs from the fall and I had a lot of cuts and bruises. John was already under enough stress as it was and I knew it was more than what he would tell me. And I think seeing me unconscious at the bottom of the cavern he thought I was dead and it made him snap. Apparently, one of the earth dragons came and was able to subdue John and took both of us back to the academy. That’s what I was told when I woke up in the infirmary.”

It feels like my heart skips a beat as I look at my uncle, “You didn’t get a concussion on top of all of that?” I question him.

“I did, I was told what happened because to this day I still can’t remember. I can’t remember the entire week after I woke up either,” I ran his fingers through his bangs again and pulled the rest down into his face, “But that might also be my old age kicking in,” He chuckled.

“But I thought you were ticked at Sean for calling you old man?”

“It’s one thing for me to say it, it’s another for him to call me that. I don’t look old, so I’d rather not be reminded that I’m over two hundred,” His smile didn’t fade as he looked at me, “Don’t let him do stupid things.”

“I can’t promise you that. Not with the group of friends I hang out with,” I chuckle.

“Fair enough, prodigies are always sticking their nose in places it shouldn’t belong. I should know being the time prodigy and being told that countless times,” Uncle sighs and then turns around to look at the wall behind us, “It’s almost five, I’ll take you back to the room so you can try to get a bit more sleep. I know when I come and get Gil and Aaron though you’ll be the first to wake up.” Standing up with uncle Chris I stretched before I started to follow him out of the room. He stopped just outside of the room and didn’t pull the card out. Instead, he turns back around to me and pulls me into a tight hug. I stand there for a minute shocked then finally wrap my arms around him and hug him back, “Don’t cause too much trouble for your father now, okay? I’m sorry that I can’t still be in your life. At least for now.”

“Why can’t you come with us? I know that you have to tie up loose ends and whatnot, but still, can’t you tell dad that you’re alive at least? Can’t you tell him why you’ve been gone?” I ask him, my voice muffled by his shoulder.

“I wish I could, I really do, but I can’t. I physically can’t,” He answered giving me one last squeeze and then pulled away and placed his hands on my shoulders, “One day, though.”

“Is that a promise?” I rose an eyebrow at him as his hands slipped off my shoulders and his right hand reached into his pocket pulling out the card.

“I promise that one day I’ll tell John everything,” He put his free hand on top of my head, “For now, though Sean’s going to need someone who’s gotta be strong for him. He’ll have Andy for a little while until his grandfather is able to make it to the academy. But, it’s going to take Sean a lot longer to physically recover from this, if it works. You, Aaron, and Gilbert will have to be that rock that helps him through it.”

“I think we can do that,” I smile at him and Uncle slides the card through the reader and the door opens. He messes up my hair and pushes me forward a bit so I’ll go back into the room. Aaron and Gil are still sleeping so I quietly take my shoes off and crawl back into bed as the door shuts. It’s not long till I fall back asleep.

The clicking of the door to the room makes my eyes shoot open and I quickly sit up. Tiredness hits me like a truck and I feel drained already. It’s Uncle again. He looks like he has come bags under his eyes too. I wonder how much sleep he was able to get.

“Morning,” I yawn covering my mouth before rubbing my face.

“Morning,” Uncle smiles at me all the same and then goes over to Gil’s bed and shakes his shoulder.

“Five more minutes,” Gil grumbled pulling his blanket up higher so it’s over his head.

“No, not five more minutes. I’m not Sean here, you need to get up. We have things we have to do and not a whole hell of a lot of time to do it,” uncle states and goes over to Aaron and roughly shakes him to that he’s startled awake and almost falls off the bed, but uncle catches him just in time.

“What was that for Mr. Zimmer?” Aaron asks.

“Well, I needed you up and I hear from Sean how difficult it is to get you up in the morning. So, I figured that shaking you would be the faster solution to that problem,” He responded like it was a simple answer.

Aaron sighed and untangled himself from his blankets and then went to the bathroom like his normal morning routine.

“What time is it?” I ask rubbing my face trying to get myself to wake up more.

“It’s seven. Sean and Andrew will be in an hour,” He answered, “I’m hoping to try the experiment around ten this morning. That’ll give us two hours to rewrite people’s memories. To make them forget about you three ever being here,” So, that’s his plan.

“So, even Abel?” Gil asked in his normal quiet tone. I’ve noticed in the mornings and around adults he’s quieter than he normally is.

“No, not Abel,” Uncle pulled his hairband out of his hair and pushed back the strands that had fallen into his face, “Abel is actually one of my close friends, along with being one of the safe houses for elementals.”

“Really?!” Aaron, Gil, and I say in unison.

“Mhm, before you ask, his element is water,” So that’s why there’s such a huge age difference between Abel and his brother, it’s not because of having different parents, it’s because of Abel going to Amoura. That also explained why his brother’s not too fond of him. Yet, his brother hasn’t said a thing to anyone about him being an elemental. So, like uncle and Otto, he can come and go as he pleases. “Now, I need you two to get dressed,”

“Okay,” Aaron sighed heavily and grabbed his pants and t-shirt from the other end of the bed.

Uncle left the room so Gil and Aaron could get changed. Once they were dressed uncle Chris opened the door allowing them out of the room, “I put a note on my desk for Sean to come here get you. They already know not to clock in, but double check for me when you see him.”

“Alright,” I nod and uncle leaves letting the door close and leaving me all alone. I flop back down on my back and stare up at the ceiling, “So tired,” I groan to myself and let my eyes close, just trying to relax. I must have dozed off because I jumped when I heard the door slide open.

“Where are the ginger snaps?” Andy asked me after I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“Uncle Chris has them. He said that he left a note for Sean on his desk and for you two to not clock in,” I answered then yawned covering my mouth.

“We haven’t clocked in yet, but Sean gave me his key while he went to Chris’ office. Why did he take Aaron and Gilbert, but leave you here?”

“Because he’s taking them around to erase people’s memories that we were even here. So, he felt that it would be best to leave me here to answer any questions,” I got up off the bed and grabbed my pants then went to the bathroom.

I come out of the bathroom and Sean is in the room now with Andy and they let the door shut. Sean looked over at me with a small smile, “Morning.”

“Morning,” I smile back at him and walk over to the two, “Uncle wants to do the test by ten this morning,” I look over at Andy, “Did you tell him where Gil and Aaron are?”

“I did, but it doesn’t mean I know how the fuck the three of them are pulling it off,” He grumbled at me.

“Probably Limbo,” I shrug and they both look at me.

“Sasuke, you know that’s the rare ability for the time elemental, why the hell would he have that?” Sean stated.

“Because uncle Chris is the prodigy to the time element, just like my father is the prodigy of the moon element,” I cross my hands over my chest, “And ya know, uncle Chris won’t get mad at you if you keep calling him Chris. I’m sure he doesn’t expect you to call him dad or anything like that. You know him by his first name. So, don’t worry about messing up in front of him.”

Sean looked away from me. He looks so confused and lost, but I have to let him figure it out. “I know, I just have a lot to think about right now,” Andy slapped Sean on his back so hard Sean stumbled forward, “What the fuck was that for?” Sean glared at Andy rubbing the spot on his back where he was just smacked.

“Get yer head out of the clouds. We have things to do and people to see,” Andy motioned towards the door, “It’s gonna take at least an hour to get the rest of the blood into your system so we might as well head there now. The sooner we get it done the better.”

Andy’s right, in all reality we don’t have that much time left before uncle wants to try the experiment. “Yeah, let’s get going,” Sean nodded trying to sound a bit more upbeat. Andy slid the card through the card reader and smacked Sean upside the head as he walked out of the room, “Stop fucking hitting me asshole. For fuck’s sake,” Sean hissed at Andy and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how they were acting.

When we got down to Otto’s office he was already getting things set up for Sean.

“Morning,” The three of us said in unison.

“Morning,” Otto answered not looking at the three of us, “Sean sit here like you did yesterday, I’m almost done setting things up,” Sean did what he was told and sat down in the chair.

“So, you’re not going to be here for the experiment?” I asked as I sat down in one of the spare chairs and Andy sat next to me. He was looking everywhere else but at his arm, that was being prepped to have the needle poked into.

“No, once this is done I’ll be heading back to Amoura. It’ll be up to Sean and Andy to get everyone into the one room. We don’t need everyone wandering. I more than likely won’t be one of the ones to come and get you either, but I will be on Amoura, so you don’t have to worry about me,” Otto explained to us calmly and then inserted the needle into Sean’s arm.

It fell silent in the room between the four of us as Otto continued to move things around and packing.

“Are you a part of the hospital in Amoura?” Sean asked him as Otto walked around the room.

“From time to time I do hop in there and help out. I’m mainly in the science building, apart of the research and development department,” He replied not looking at Sean.

“Seeing your office bare like this is kinda depressing,” I point out, noticing that most of the stuff was off the walls and it was quite plain.

“I have to make it look like I was never here in the first place, so little by little I’ve been taking stuff back to Amoura,”

“But the effects of the portals only work for elementals going to Amoura for the first time with wiping people’s memories, so how are you, uncle, and Abel going to leave?” I questioned tipping my head as I swung my legs.

“Chris, Abel, and myself will be pulled out of the system for the ECU and LOM all together that’s going to take a bit of time, but Chris said that he has it covered, so I’m not going to ask him any questions about how he’s going to do it,” The bag emptied and Otto pulled the needle from Sean’s arm once the blood that was in the tube was gone, “Hold that please,” He told Sean after he placed the gauze over the small hole that’s on Sean’s arm, “By the way, how did you know that Abel was an elemental Sasuke?”

“Uncle told me,” I mention and both Sean and Andy are looking at me in shock, “What? You two didn’t know?”

“How the fuck would I know, I just found out my boss and Otto were elementals fucking two days ago,” Andy grumbled and looked away from me in a huff.

“So now we’ll have to go on a hunt for him?” Sean hasn’t said uncle’s name since yesterday. Is he still unsure of what to do or what to call uncle? I told him he doesn’t have to call him dad or anything like that.

“Unfortunately, but check his office first, they could have stopped in there,” Otto said finishing up with wrapping Sean’s arm. He then took off his gloves and threw them away.

“Thanks,” Sean said quietly rubbing his arm a bit. Is he having second thoughts about this? We know it’s going to work, but we don’t know what’s going to happen to him once it activates.

“One more thing,” Otto said stopping us from leaving. He held out his hand to me. I looked down at his hand and back up at him, “Take it as a thank you, for promising to not say anything about me being here to anyone back on Amoura,” I reached out my hand and took Otto’s. A pale blue glowed through my skin as the new element weaved its way through my veins. I feel that head rush feeling and take a deep breath to make it go away.

“That was fuckin’ freaky to watch,” Andrew pointed out as Otto placed a hand on my shoulder to make sure I was steady.

“Is it always the same whenever you get a new element?” Sean asked as I let go of Otto’s hand.

“The glowing is the same, but it’s a different color every time depending on the element,” I answer with a smile.

“You three better get going if you want to try to find them,” Otto pointed out, “Who knows what floor the three of them are on by now.”

“Thank you, Otto,” Sean said walking out the door that Andy just opened.

“Not a problem,” He turned his back to us and went to the other side of the room.

“If they’re not in his office I think we should just right to the room that Chris wants to do the experiment in,” Andy comment.

“Sean, you have uncle’s cell number, don’t you? Couldn’t you just call him and ask where they are?” I mention.

“I never got his cell number. He’s only ever called me from his office phone,” He answered avoiding eye contact with me.

“That’s not a big deal then,” I smile at him and elbow his arm lightly.

There wasn’t much that we talked about on the way to uncle’s office. I walked between Sean and Andy and the people that we did pass, which seems like far and few between didn’t pay us any mind. It was like, we weren’t even there. Come to think about it…everyone kinda looks like they’re in a daze.

“Doesn’t it seem kinda creepy around here today?” Andy points out.

“It is, It, kinda seems like everyone’s half dead now that you mention it,” Sean added in.

“It’s probably Gil and Aaron’s handy work,” I wave my hand in front of myself.

“What do you mean?” I look over at Andy and he rose his brow.

“Well, you see, with Gils abilities he can he can convince people to forget others, and Aaron can enhance the sound waves and ease it into a mass amount of people’s minds, one top of possibly using uncle’s special ability of limbo hiding the two of them from sight, you have the ultimate memory erasing machine, and putting people in a trance like state is I’m assuming a side effect or something that Gil added in as a precaution, or uncle asked him to do it at least,” I explain to him.

Andy punched my arm. Not hard, but enough to make it sting, “I just wanted a fast explanation, not a through one.”

“My bad,” I laugh lightly. Andy spun around me and hooked his arm around Sean’s neck and pulled him into a headlock, “Since his father is a prodigy, does that mean he’s going to be one?”

“Um…that’s not exactly how it works. Just because a parent is a prodigy doesn’t necessarily mean that they offspring will be one,” But like I’m one to talk. I’m the fire prodigy and dad’s the moon prodigy. Though Shiro, Nero, Kyo, Jay, Hale, Tate, Aaron, Gil, their parents aren’t prodigies, so I’m not lying to them.

“Gee thanks, Sasuke, I’ll make sure to kick your ass first,” Sean commented and Andy and I laughed.

“I look forward to the day you could possibly beat me in a sparring match,” I smile wide at him as I take a few steps away from him and Andy and grab the door to uncle’s room, “They aren’t here,” I sigh and my shoulders slump.

“Look harder,” I hear Aaron’s voice next to me. Out of instinct, I swing my elbow back to have it caught by nothing, but someone is holding my elbow. Excessive giggling quickly turned into laughter, then Gil, Aaron, and uncle Chris phased back into view with Aaron still holding onto my elbow, “That was fantastic, I didn’t think I could get that kind of reaction from you. Oh god, I’m never gonna let you live that down. It was like you were in a haunted house or something,” I turn around and punch him in the gut and he coughs but keeps laughing, “It was worth it.”

“Everything all set?” Sean asked completely ignoring me and Aaron as I pull my elbow out of his grasp and proceed to pull his cheeks.

“We’re all good to go here,” I just manage to hear Gil over Aaron’s cries for me to stop.

“Then let’s get going to the experiment room,” Uncle said and motioned for all of us to follow.

Stay calm, this will work. We know it’ll work. I really hope this fucking works. I rub my bicep as I walk next to uncle. The experiment room we were going to was on the other side of the floor all the way at the end of the hall. It’s a room that I’ve never been in before. It was a practically empty room with a different colored block dead center in the room. On the other end of the room from the door, there was a small control panel for something. Uncle goes in first and the rest of us follow. I hear the door click shut behind me.

“Sasuke, I need you to stand here. I just want a small distance between you and others just in case something happens. I want everyone else along the wall somewhere. And I want at least two of you close to Sean just in case,” Uncle directed all of us and then went directly to the control panel and started punching in something.

“What are you doing?” Andy asked.

“I’m taking down the radar that’s creating a barrier around the building. That way the wavelength that will be set off will easily make it to Amoura and they should be able to pinpoint a location. With you discovering your half-dragon the other day Andrew, it has probably already put the elementals on Amoura on high alert and watching the scanners. So, it’ll more than likely only be minutes before someone shows up,” Uncle explained.

“Ah wait, we still have another half an hour before we can do this. Otto gave Sasuke the spirit element so he can change into any other element yet,” Sean mentioned and I looked down at the floor.

“I know,” Uncle said and pressed a button. Taking a deep breath two holes in the block open and chains with cuffs come shooting out and attach themselves to my wrists and another set opens and they attach to my ankles.

“Sasuke!” Aaron shouts at me and I look back at him as he takes a step towards me, but stops when I smile sadly at him.

“It’ll be okay, I know what I’m getting myself into. I mean, if shit hits the fan then what’s the worst thing that’ll happen?”

“You’ll die, that’s the worst thing that can happen,” tears started welling up in his eyes.

“I’ll be okay,” I manage to say and then I felt a huge jolt of electricity pulse through my body. My body tenses up and I feel myself shaking.

I can hear Sean saying something, but I can’t make it out. A high pitch ringing starts up in my ears as I stare up at the ceiling. My vision fades to black and I feel a click like someone just flicked a switch in my brain. I feel my body pulse once. With what I can I focus what mentality I have left on changing to the time element. The pulsing hurts, it’s getting faster, god damn it, this hurts…Aaaahhhhhhh. I don’t even feel myself switch elements. I can’t feel anything. I know my body is shaking…did the electrocuting stop? I can’t tell. My vision comes back soon enough for me to watch the ceiling get further away from me and I stop falling. Did someone catch me? I feel myself be lowered the rest of the way and then I see Aaron’s face above mine. Aaron caught me. Why is my vision so shaky? I’m having a hard time seeing him straight. He’s saying something to me, but I can’t make it out. I wish this ringing would stop. He wipes something off my face and when I see his hand its blood. Where’s the blood coming from? Did I get a bloody nose? Where’s Sean? Is he okay? I have to help him. Damn it body move!

I watch Aaron’s head shoot up, he’s crying. Aaron, please stop crying, you’re going to make me cry. Why do I feel so tired? I kinda wanna sleep. Who is he talking to? He looks back down at me. Someone else comes into my view. Someone with black hair and golden eyes. His hair is longer and hanging down around his face. Dad. I feel myself drift off and the ringing finally stops.

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