A Little Secret

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Chapter 47: Reunion


My head hurts…groaning I sit up and crack my eyes open. “Am I back in Amoura?” It looks like it, but everything’s dull looking. A lot of things don’t have that much detail to them, some of the people that are walking by me don’t even have faces. Just mouths and I can’t even tell what’s coming out of their mouth. “Okay, this is obviously some fucking dream or someone is really messing with me right now,” I grumble to myself standing up and I walk off the patch of grass that I woke up in. I walk around looking at all the faded buildings around me. I seem to just phase right through everyone that passes by.

“Let’s get out of here,” I see a couple of kids run out from an ally way.

“Yeah, some prodigy. I thought the ice prodigy was supposed to be some kind of monster with their element already,” The older of the three boys that’s running past me said.

“Instead it’s just a weird boy who has long hair like a girl, Pfft, how pathetic, prodigies are notin’” They all laughed. They looked to be around twelve to fifteen years old.

I look to where the boy came from and I feel my heart stop. In the middle of the ally, a small boy with long pure white hair is laying on the ground. The tips of his hair stained red from the small pool of blood that’s gathered around him.

“Shiro…Shiro!” I scream and run to him. I drop to my knees next to his little body and see tears streaming from his eyes as he clutches his stomach.

“I’m not a monster…” His higher pitched voice cracked as he pulled his knees in closer to his injured body, “I’M NOT A MONSTER!” He screams and ice spikes shoot out from around him. They phase right through me as I sit there with him. He’s crying in pain from the words those kids said and from the pain of his wound. He stops the bleeding with ice and he’s covering his face with his bloody hands. “I just don’t want to hurt people…maybe I would have been better off not stopping the bleeding…it’s not like anyone cares…”

“That’s not true Shiro,” I say to him and go to put my hand on his shoulder but I phase through him. “Wait…is this…a memory? From Shiro’s past?”

“Now why do you have to go and say something like that kid?” I hear another kid voice and look to see a few of the spikes shatter and small ice chunks fly everywhere. Shiro stops the pieces from hitting him and lift a hand and flicks it towards the blonde boy with short hair and blue eyes.

“Is that Kyo?” I ask looking at the boy and the ice pieces’ rocket towards him. He puts an arm up in front of his face and the ice pieces pelt him. It is Kyo, with how fast those pieces were flying those would have made their way through the person. Instead, they just bounced off him and fell to the ground.

“That smarts ya know. You’re lucky I have tough skin,” He said walking up to Shiro who hasn’t moved from his spot, “What’s your name kid?” He squats down next to him, “That’s a lot of blood you lost, I’m surprised you’re still conscious.” Yep, that’s Kyo alright.

“What does it matter. Monsters should just die anyways,” Shiro mumbled his tears not stopping and his nose plugged from him crying so much.

“Na, if you’re a monster then what’s that make me and my little brother?” Well, at least we both want to be prodigies. He holds out his hand to Shiro, “My name’s Kyo Grim and the other blonde that’s kinda hiding behind your ice spikes is my little brother Jason Grim, what’s your’s, kid?”

“Snow,” He answered not moving from his spot.

“Well Snow, that’s a very fitting name, I’m gonna call you snowflake kay!” He has a big smile on his face and holds out his hand, “Now come on, we’ll be your friends. Come and let us take you home. Momma and papa can fix you up!”

Shiro took looked at his hand then back at him then back at his hand. He takes Kyo’s hand and he helps him sit up.

It feels like something grabbed the back of my shirt and jerked me away from the scene that was going on in front of me. That memory faded and I was thrown into a different place. Again, everything was tinted so it means I’m in another memory. I’m in a house that I’ve never been in before, “Where am I this time?” I stand by up, “And why is it so damn dark?” I don’t know if it’s because I’m not a part of this that I can see in the house of if it could be some form of Tate’s element kicking in, but I quietly make my way through the house. I hear muffles of what sounds like crying coming from a room. I make my way to the room and to the room and instead of pushing the door open I fall through the damn door.

“Who’s there?” I look up from face planting it on the floor to see a blonde much younger version of Tate staring at me.

Can he see me? He ducked back down and pulled his blanket in closer, “I don’t like this house, I want to go back to our old house.” I get up off the floor when Tate starts crying again. “I hate the dark, Why does it have to be my element. Not even being able to see in the dark makes it better.”

“Tate,” I turn to see Hale slip into the room, “Tate, why are you crying?”

“I’m fine Hay, just go back to bed,” He sniffled, but Hale walked up to his little brother’s bed and sat down.

“You are not fine. Now, what is it? Did you have a bad dream?”

“I don’t like this house, there are random noises and whenever I look there’s nothing there. Everything still in the same place, but still…” Tate mumbled and Hale pushed his brother so he could fully get onto the bed.

“Then I’ll be your nightlight. You’re going to sleep,” He said prying the blanket away from his little brother and spreading it out so he can get under the blanket. I watched him take Tate’s hands in his and he tapped his forehead to Tate’s, “You don’t have to be afraid of anything, your big brother will always be here to protect you.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Hale doesn’t want Tate to be afraid. It’s nice to see them so close. And they just get closer as the years go on. I feel a tug on my shirt once more and the twins fade away.

I get chucked to another place. I land face first into the dirt. Picking my head up I sigh heavily. Whatever the fuck is putting me through whatever the fuck is going on really needs to stop fucking throwing me and making me land on my back or face. “You want a piece of my you jerk’s, come on, I’m going to be the lighting elemental prodigy, you don’t scare me one bit.” I look to my left where the voice came from and there’s what looks like an eleven-year-old version of Nero standing, alone in front of two other kids. They look to be around thirteen to fourteen years old. Nero looks beat up already, he has cuts and bruises all over him, along with a couple of burn marks that are blistering.

“You’re a pathetic excuse for a lightning elemental,” One of the older kids laughed.

“What are you gonna do now, ya wanna be a prodigy?” The second kid who was hovering a fireball just above the palm of his hand snickered at Nero.

“Dude are ya fuckin serious? This brat wants to be the prodigy? HA! Don’t make me fuckin laugh,” The first kid commented.

“I will be the lightning prodigy and I’ll kick your asses to kingdom come and back,” Nero said, he still stood strong even though I can see that his legs are starting to shake. Just how much has he gone through already?

The second kid threw his fireball and Nero was able to dodge, but then the first kid came in and knocked Nero to the ground. They two of them gathered round him and started kicking him while he was down, “Didn’t anyone ever teach you to respect your elder’s kid?”

The blonde of the group of two kids backed up enough and brought his foot back for a strong kick someone came in and nailed the kid who was about to kick Nero and knocked the kid down, “Oops, my foot slipped,” It was Kyo.

“Big brother, should I send the other kid flying? I think that would be fun. Or we could let Snow bury them both in ice and let them stay there till it melts from the sun,” Little Jason commented walking up to his older brother and putting his hands in his pockets.

“Hey, you punks just who the fuck do you think you are?” The other kid that was still standing turned his back to Nero. He looked like he was about to form a fireball when Shiro waved his hand and the kid was nailed with a snowball that Shiro had formed in the blink of an eye and shot at the kid. He hit him square in the face.

“Watch your mouth, we’re all still kids here. There’s no reason for you to be swearing like an adult,” Shiro sounds so cold and distant. How long has it been between theses for him? Why is he so cold? This isn’t the Shiro that I know at all.

“Why you little,” The kid that Kyo had knocked down was back on his feet and has a bloody nose. When he got a good look at Shiro, Kyo, and Jason his eyes widened, “Shit man, come on, we don’t want to mess with them.”

“What do you mean?” His friend asked.

“Don’t you get it? Those are the Grim brothers and that’s the ice prodigy that’s with them,” The kid grabbed his friend’s arm.

“Oh shit, let’s get out of here,” The two of them took off running as Nero sat up and wiped the blood off his face.

Jay skipped over to Nero and held out his hand. He has that big grin that he loves to wear on his face, “You okay? Looks like you got beat up pretty bad.”

Nero took Jay’s hand and stood up, “They were nothing more than obnoxious preteens letting their tempers get the best of them,” Kyo huffed with his hands on his hips before he turned around and slapped Nero on the back, “Us prodigies have ta stick up for each other ya know? My name’s Kyo, this is my little brother Jason, and mister cold shoulder over there is Snow.”

It’s nice to see that Nero did meet them when he was younger. I watched as Nero and Shiro got into a mini argument.” So, they even bickered back then, I guess it’s nothing new then?” I can’t help but chuckle.

The scene around me changes, but I don’t feel a tug. But I end up at another house.

“Gabriel, you can’t leave like this, what about Aaron?” That was Mrs. Strife’s voice.

A red-haired man walks past me with a bag slung over his shoulder. A woman with bronze colored hair walks past shortly after. Their voices are slightly hushed. He stops at the door and turns around, “I’m not going to let our son see us fighting like this. I’ve already talked to John and he agreed to allow me to be a guardian for a safe house. I feel like having this time apart will help but of us straighten out.”

“Daddy,” I look away from Mr. and Mrs. Strife and see a little Aaron that’s about six years old come out from a room. He looks half asleep and he’s dragging a teddy on the ground.

Mr. Strife walks past Mrs. Strife and goes over to his son, “What is it, Aaron?” He asked.

“I had a bad dream,” Little Aaron said.

“What was your bad dream?” Mr. Strife brushed some of Aaron’s hair out if his face, “Can you come lay down with me. I don’t want to boogie man to come back.”

I could see the hurt in Mr. Strife’s eyes. But he gave in and took the bag off, “Sure, I’ll make sure that they boogie man doesn’t come back.”

“You has to be quiet daddy, Gil Gil is still sleeping,” Aaron took his dad’s hand with his free hand and pulled him back towards the room he came out of.

So, Aaron’s parents were fighting and they separated. Has Mr. Strife come home? Have they explained things to Aaron? There’s a lot of questions I have with this. And why does it seem like I’m seeing bits of my friend’s past?

My body feels all tingly and it wasn’t a forceful pull this time, but everything faded into black around me again.

I open my eyes slowly and I’m greeted with a nearly dark room. Where am I? It hurts to move my head, but I power through it even though my eyelids feel heavy. I’m in a larger room and there’s a curtain around the bed. Am I in an infirmary? Why does my hand feel cold? I turn my head to the right and a particular head of snow-white hair is resting on the end of the bed with a hand on top of mine. Shiro… I feel like I haven’t seen him in so long. I can’t wake him up. I’m too tired to even move any more than I already have. I close my eyes and relax. I’ll talk to him in the morning. The idiot could have gone home to sleep. It has to be uncomfortable falling asleep in that chair. I feel myself slipping back into sleep.

“Sasuke,” I hear my name called. I open my eyes and I’m balancing on the pole at home. I noticed that Andy and Sean are walking up to me from the house.

“What the fuck are ya doin up there?” Andy asked me as they got closer.

“I’m clearing my mind,” I answered with a sigh.

“Can’t ya sit on the ground and meditate like a normal person?”



“Because this is also helping me train for my moon element.”

“Sasuke,” This time Sean spoke up.

“Hm?” I asked closing my eyes.

“You don’t have any other element,” I felt my heart stop.

Open my eyes I looked down at him, “Then how did you get your element?”

“I’ve always had it.”

“No, you haven’t. We went through hell and back to get you your element,” My heart is pounding.

“What dream did you have that we went through anything. I don’t know what weird ass bug crawled up your ass but ya should not let your dreams get to you.”

“But I’m not lying,” I protested.

“Yes, you are,” Sean spat back looking up at me.

“No, I’m not!” I said.

“Obviously, I’m not going to get through to you,” The image around us shifted slightly, “So take a dip and get your head on straight.”

“Hua?” I go from looking at him to looking down. I was standing on water. My heart races and I drop into the water. No, wait, what’s going on. I can’t swim. Sean, SEAN!! I just keep sinking. I can’t see Andy or Sean anymore. No one’s coming. I can’t breathe…why, why can’t I swim…why? Someone help me, please.

I shoot up off my pillow and open my eyes. I feel sweat trickling down my cheeks and I’m breathing heavily. My body is shaking. “It was just a dream,” I look over at the side of the bed where Shiro was when I woke up earlier. He’s not there. He must have had class…maybe, what day is it? I look down at my hands and they’re shaking valiantly. I try to make a tight fist to stop them from shaking, but I can’t seem to have a good grip. Sighing quietly to myself I look away from my hands and look around the room. The curtain is pulled back. There’s an empty bed on the opposite side of the room. It’s very plain, white walls that are dimly light from the morning light, a simple sink that you would find in any hospital room, a couple empty chairs, and a nightstand by each bed. But, there are flowers by each of the beds. Does that mean someone else is supposed to be in here with me? “Gil? Aaron?” My heart rate quickens as I look around the room for them. My voice is so raspy, I can barely even hear myself, “Sean, Andy? I have to find them,” I tell myself and I feel my body pulse in pain. I clutch onto my shirt above my chest. What’s going on? Why do I feel so cold? I switch my elements, I know I didn’t, did my body do it on its own? I start shivering as my body tries to battle the plummeting temperature that’s happening in my own body. I exhale a shaky breath and I can see it seep out from my lips. Come on, switch back switch back. Oh, god what’s happening? It feels like a jolt of electricity strikes my spine and my body involuntarily slams back down onto the bed.

“Sasuke!” I hear my dad with panic in his voice. I feel his hands on me and my body. My body sends out a pulse and I hear static cracking in the air. I look at dad, my vision clouded from the tears forming in my eyes and another pulse. I curl up into a ball as everything I saw from whatever those memories were from starts flashing in front of my eyes.

“Dad, make it stop,” I cry, not having control over my body is terrifying.

I feel dad’s arms wrap around me and hold me tight, “Breathe Sasuke,” I do as he says and take quick shallow breaths, “Slowly, deep breathes son. Everything will be okay, just breathe, relax,” Dad won’t let go of me. I can’t stop myself from shaking as I force myself to take deeper breaths. I feel like it took me at least five minutes to calm down enough for dad to let go. After calming down, I can get myself to switch back to my fire element. Dad brushes some of my hair out of my face as I wipe my tears away, “I figured you were going to end up going into a panic when you woke up. It’s a good thing I came when I did.”

“Where’s Aaron and Gil? What about Sean and Andy? Are they okay?” I asked my voice cracking.

Dad grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face toward his and he tapped his forehead to mine, “Everyone is okay. Sean is stable and Andrew has been staying with us. Gilbert and Aaron are in the next room over. They are probably still sleeping, but they were up and walking around yesterday,” I stare into my dad’s golden eyes as he talks in a very calm tone to make sure I stay relaxed. He messes up the back of my hair and pulls his forehead away from mine before he kisses it, “I’m glad that we got you back in one piece.”

“I don’t know if me waking up in a panic is considered in one piece,” I smile a little at him.

“Either way, you’re home safe now,” Dad said get up off the bed and grabbing the full glass of water that was hiding behind the flowers. He took it over to the sink and refilled it with fresh water then brought it over, “Drink something,” I nod and take the glass from him. I took a few gulps of water and looked over at the other bed in the room, “It’s Sean if you’re wondering who your roommate is.”

“Where is he?” I ask looking back at dad.

“He’s in good hands,” He said then flicked my forehead, “What the two of you did was extremely reckless and could have killed both of you,” Dad grabbed my cheek and pinched it really hard.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,” I whine as he pulls on my cheek.

“In fact, the both of you were nearly dead from it,” Dad sighed and let go of my cheek then placed it on my head and tapped his forehead to mine once more as I held onto my now stinging cheek, “But, what you did for him, he’ll never be able to repay you for.”

I lock eyes with him, “What’ve Gil and Aaron told you so far?” Dad took the glass out of my hand and set it back on the stand next to the flowers.

“Not too much. Hailie won’t let me have long conversations with them until she discharges them. I guess I don’t blame her, Aaron is her son and Gilbert is practically adopted so it makes sense,” Dad sighed, pulling his right hand out of his pocket he rubs the back of his neck, “But, I need to get some information soon otherwise the elders are going to be on my back about everything.”

“What all do you need to know?” I asked.

“Everything that happened to the three of you while you were there,” He answered. Before I could say anything, the door to the room open and mom came in. Her face lights up like a light bulb and she ran over to me and tackled me to the bed with a hug.

“High mom,” I laughed a little hugging her back.

“My baby, I’m so glad you’re okay,” She squeezed me tight then sat up and grabbed my face and kissed me multiple times before going back to hugging me, “You had me so worried.”

“I’m sorry mom,” I muttered into her shoulder as I hugged her back.

“The important thing is you’re safe,” She said happily.

“Good to see you’re up pipsqueak,” I look over towards dad and see Andy standing there next to him with his hands behind his head.

“Good to see you too Andy,” I smile as mom finally lets me go and sits next to me on the bed.

“Sasuke,” I look over at dad when he calls my name, “Your birthday passed a week ago, would you like me to put in the records that you’re eighteen, or would you rather stay another year at seventeen? It’s your call.”

“I’ll just go another year at being seventeen,” I smile at him, “I don’t mind.”

Mom got off the bed, “I’m going to go get you something to eat, you must be hungry,” I couldn’t protest with her before she left the room.

Dad sighed bringing my attention back to him, “I should get going, I have my second class in five minutes.”

“Isn’t your class across campus sir?” Andy looked at him.

“It is, feel free to hang out with Sasuke for a while. You know the way back to the house if you would rather head back,” He patted Andy’s shoulder, “I’ll catch you later,” He smiled at me and then in the blink of an eye dad was gone.

“Fucking hell, I will not get used to that,” Andy grumbled looking at the place that dad was just standing moment’s ago, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, I feel exhausted and I can’t stop my hands from shaking, but I’m okay. What about you? You obviously made it through the portal alright,” I nodded at him.

“Yeah, but it was fuckin weird. And it felt like pins and needles were stabbing me all over my body, kinda like when your foot falls asleep and you’re trying to wake it back up,” He looks a slightly different. Other than his eyes that have changed, it kinda seems like the tips of his ears are slightly pointed now. Is it from passing through the portal?

“How long have I been out?” I asked him and he let his arms drop to his sides.

“A couple of days, like I think, two or three. Snowflake has been here every day. The kid with the long blonde hair brought you the moon lilies, he even brought a bouquet for Sean. But, Sean’s still in that tank of water. You were allowed out of the tank you were placed in after a day. I can’t really get much else out of anyone here. They probably don’t trust me, but I can’t really blame them. I had to show them my scales in order of them to not detain me,” It fell silent between the two of us for a few minutes before Andy spoke up once more, “It’s kinda weird ya know…watching Sean’s appearance revert to what he looked like when he was seventeen. Your mother hasn’t seen him at all since he was brought here. She’s said that she can’t face him just yet, not after leaving him the way you guys did before. She said that she will see him once he’s out of the tank.”

“But it wasn’t…” Andy put a hand up to stop me.

“I know it wasn’t your fault. Your parents explained everything to me,” He smiled a bit at me.

“Knock, knock,” I heard Aaron’s voice and looked over to see two redheads walking into the room.

“You’re awake,” Gil said with a sigh of relief.

“I am,” I chuckled, “And I see you two snuck out of your room.”

“Not necessarily, I was coming back from the bathroom and your mom stopped me and asked if I could bring you this apple, she wants you to start with something small to eat so it doesn’t upset your system,” Gil said handing me the apple that he was holding.

“She forgot about her class and she had to run out,” Aaron stated with a bit of a laugh, “But, we overheard the two of you talking and it looks like mom stepped out. So, Gil and I can help you go see him if you want. He’s in the tank right now. He should be allowed out in the next day or two and placed in a bed.”

“I’ll help him to the tank, You two shouldn’t even be out of bed according to Mrs. Strife,” Andy commented.

“Why was he placed in the tank?” I question just to make sure I heard them right.

“Yeah, it was the only way to get the blood that had filled up his lungs out. It also makes it easier for mom to find out if there’s anything else within the body too,” Aaron answered standing up as I pushed the blankets off my legs.

“Apparently, Mr. Sonnen is going to come and check him out. Sean’s reading have been off the charts and his body has been going in reverse, I guess it the best way I can describe it right now,” Gil mentioned moving out of the way so Andy could help me out of bed.

“Otto’s coming?” I ask as I feel kinda stable on the ground, but Andy keeps my arm over his shoulders and his left arm holding me up against him as his right held onto my wrist. And dad said that Sean was stable. Of course, he would lie to me to make sure that I stay calm.

“No, his son Zen. He’s a star elemental,” Gil answered my question, “And I’m sure that your father meant nothing of it for lying to you. Like you thought, he was more than likely just trying to keep you calm.”

“You okay?” I look at Gil and he smiles softly and looks away from me. His hands are shaking slightly.

“I’ll be okay,” He smiles at me.

I sigh but don’t question him further. I lean mostly on Andy as the four of us leave the room, “Did dad give anyone a sepal yet about what we’re supposed to say about Sean?” I asked curious to see if dad was going to make a cover story for it.

“He hasn’t said anything to us,” Aaron answered first as he walked backward so he was looking at me and Andy.

“Same, but he doesn’t seem to get back to the house till late,” Andy told me, “So I guess it’s either he has come up with anything yet, or he’s expecting us to come up with something.”

“I can see him waiting for us to come up with something,” I sigh again.

“He also still doesn’t know what happened. I haven’t said anything to either of your parents. All I’ve done is give them the letter that I was supposed to then I requested to wait for them to get a hold of my grandfather until I was sure that the four of you were okay and back up on your feet,” Andy explained to us.

“Do you know what the letter said?” Aaron asked spinning around on his heels and taking a couple of strides to catch back up with Gil.

“It was two letters, actually. One was from my mother and the other was from Chris. He told me to give both to the headmaster of the academy when you get to Amoura. I didn’t get a chance to read either of them. And considering that your father is the headmaster of the academy and he was one of the ones that came and got everyone, I didn’t have to go through too much hassle,” He answered.

“He’s lying. One of the magnetic elementals pinned him down to the ground when Sean was taken away from him. If it wasn’t for the headmaster, he would have probably been thrown in a cell until it could be proven that he wasn’t a threat,” Gil said simply in his normal quiet tone.

“Ouch Gil, that one stung,” Andy commented as Aaron opened a door.

“That’s what would have happened,” Gil shrugged before going into the room first.

Andy helped me through the door. This is the first time I’ve been in this room conscious. There is a total of six tanks full of water. One of them is occupied with Sean. It almost looks like a room that would come out of a comic book or anime. “Wow,” I mutter.

“That’s right, it’s your first time actually seeing these tanks. They’re filled water from the springs that are in the spirit village. It’s said that the waters from there are purer than water from the water dragon roost,” Aaron explained as he walked up to the tank that Sean was in.

Sean’s eyes were closed, but there was no oxygen mask on him. There are wires that are attached all over his body. He’s been stripped down to a pair of shorts that someone must have quickly thrown on him. They look loose on him. There’s no oxygen mask attached to him, but he seems to be breathing as if he has one. Then there were straps that were attached to his ankles that are keeping him centered in the tank and not allowing him to float up. He looks so much smaller. Was he really this small back then? After seeing him every day like I have been, it’s weird to see him looking so thin. It looks like he still has that swimmer’s physique, but it’s not as defined as I’ve recently seen. His hair has grown out on the part that he shaved down, in fact, it looks like his hair is back to the length it was when we were in high school. He really does look like he’s reverting to being seventeen.

“It’s a good thing he’s a water elemental,” I look over at Gil and he pushes up his glasses as he looks up at Sean.

“Why do you say that?” I question.

“With him being a water elemental it meant that was no risk of forcing water into his lungs to get that access blood out. It also means that they can keep the water circulating into him so even when they’re not doing the healing sessions the water can continue to work on him,” Aaron said, “But, with overhearing mom and some of the other doctor’s talk, it sounds like the water has stopped working on him. So, has the healing sessions, it’s as if his body it personally rejecting it.

“That’s why they’re having Mr. Sonnen come and see what he can do,” Gil said.

“How old is Mr. Sonnen?” I asked wondering if either of them knew.

“I guess we shouldn’t be calling him that, he’s only twenty-two, so not much older than us,” Aaron smiled and placed a hand on the glass. What’s kinda cool about the spirit water is it’s really warm. But it’s not an oh my god it’s burning me hot. It’s like the perfect temperature. Almost like a mini sauna.”

“What are you three doing?” I jump a bit when I head Mrs. Strife’s voice from behind us. I didn’t even hear her come into the room.

“Oh, um, hi mama,” Aaron laughed sheepishly quickly taking his hand off the glass. Andy and I turned around and Mrs. Strife doesn’t look very happy with us. Her arms are crossed and her foot is quickly tapping on the floor, “Sasuke wanted to see Sean,” Aaron stated.

“Regardless, I told both you and Gil that you’re not supposed to walk any further than the bathroom and back,” She said giving us the mom look.

“But mama, we’re fine. We walked here on our own through the portal,” Aaron protested.

“No buts, do you know how many toxins I found in your bodies, you’re lucky your immune systems are strong enough to keep them at bay,” She stormed over to her son and grabbed his ear then grabbed Gil’s as well, “And you mister, you must have just woken up, you should not be out of bed at all, you still have more sessions that you have to go through.”

“Ow, ow, mama, that hurts, let goooo,” Aaron whined.

“Mom, please, that hurts,” Gil pouted.

“I don’t care, now come on. You boys are making the others wait and I don’t need you crowding the room when Zen gets here,” She pulled Gil and Aaron along with her by their ears, “Come along you two, we don’t have all day,” She said to Andy and myself.

We looked at each other, “NOW BOYS, or I’m letting your body be covered in scales Mr. Vann,” Andy jumped at that and he kinda drags me out of the room instead of going slow so I could at least attempt to walk.

“So, Mrs. Strife’s healing ability works on you too?” I asked.

“For now. She said that since I’m a water dragon it probably won’t work for much longer. But, I guess there’s a specialist here that’s healed dragon’s before, but the old hag is retired so getting her here takes a while or something like that,” Andy looked away from me and his cheeks slightly puffed out, “I guess this certain person will also be able to check and see if what my mom had isn’t residing in me too. Though, I’m probably going to be told some shit like, the only way you can stop having your scales spread is if you go with your grandfather or some random fuckin shit like that.”

“Hm, someone nervous about meeting their grandfather?” I rose an eyebrow at him.

“I will drop you,” He threatened.

“Sasuke!” Andy stops when my name is called.

Hair white as a fresh blanket of snow was pulled up into a short high ponytail, but white bangs still frame a pair of ice blue eyes, “Shiro,” I muttered.

He ran towards us and I pushed off Andy enough to fall into Shiro as he got up to us, “You woke up, you finally woke up,” He sounds like he’s about to cry.

“I wasn’t out for that long,” I chuckled as he hugged me tighter.

“You’re up!” I’m lifted up enough to look over Shiro’s head to see Jason running towards us with Nero, Hale, Tate, and Kyo behind him.

“Hey guys,” I smile. Jason jumps and tackles Shiro and me down to the ground considering Shiro was supporting me.

“He just woke up,” Andy scolded and he can’t even really walk, don’t crush him damn it,” I couldn’t help but laugh. It was good to be home and to see all of them again.

Jason got off Shiro and helped me back up, only for me to get tackled again by Nero and Kyo, then this time they all got scolded by Mrs. Strife. I missed everyone so much.

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