A Little Secret

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I'm Alive?

Chapter 48: I’m Alive?


Where are am I? Am I dead? No…no I’m not dead, I can hear my heart beat in my ears. My body feels like it’s on fire though…did I get burned? I don’t think I did…Why can’t I move my body? Just breathing hurts. Opening my eyes doesn’t feel like an option either. I feel weak.

“How is he?” Wait, I know that voice…it’s Mrs. Kaisai. I haven’t seen her in close to five years.

“Well, his breathing is steady, though it keeps picking up and slowing down every now and again. Even with my abilities, there’s nothing I can do to help him through this,” That was a guy’s voice. He sounds maybe a little older than me but not much. Besides, what the hell is he talking about helping me through what? Is whatever he’s talking about have something to do with the experiment? No, I don’t think it would. I’ve never heard this guy’s voice before so I don’t think he knows about it. But, I would like to know what the fuck it is they’re talking about.

“I remember John did say that Sean should have been an elemental, but his body must have been able to fight it off to make it dormant,” Mrs. Kaisai stated as I feel a hand slide onto my forehead. It’s warm, soft, small, was it Mrs. Kaisai’s hand? Is she trying to make sure I was okay? Damn it why can’t I open my eyes? Why do my eyelids feel so heavy?

“What about that dragon boy? He’s been staying at your house, correct? Do you know what roost he’s from?” The man asked. Andy made it here too. That’s a relief at least.

“He’s from the water dragon roost. His mother is anyways. Andrew is only half dragon; his father is human. He asked us if we could wait in requesting an appearance with his grandfather. He wants to make sure that Sean and Sasuke will be okay,” He told me not to tell anyone, that ass. I feel something brush my bangs, “How did this happen? Sean should be around twenty or twenty-one right now, it’s been almost five years on Earth. But he looks the same as how I remember him.” I look…the same? That can’t be possible.

“That’s where I was confused. I took some blood samples and ran some tests on them. His DNA says that he’s seventeen, from what Gilbert, Aaron, and Sasuke described Sean from when they were there he looked completely different. Gilbert even sketched out what he looked like,” The guy said and I felt my heart pound against my chest.

“Oh, my god…are you sure this was him. I mean, I know that Gil is an amazing artist but…” I want to see this picture. Fucking open eyes. Even if I can’t move, I don’t care.

A groan escapes from my lips and slowly I get my eyes to open, but everything’s blurry. My groan must have caught their attention because I felt my arm pulled out from under the blanket and the cold metal of a stethoscope pressed against the inside of my arm. That’s fucking freezing, get that shit off my arm damn it.

Shifting my gaze, I look over at what I can see from where my head is positioned on my arm after blinking slowly a few times, my vision cleared. M-my wrist…it’s so much smaller. My arm looks so fucking thin. My heart starts pounding and my breath started to turn into sharp quick breaths. Am I having a panic attack? What’s going on with me?

“Sean, Sean sweetie it’s okay, everything’s okay,” Mrs. Kaisai came into my vision, but it started to burn again. I…I’m, I’m crying. I felt her palms on my cheeks and she wiped away my tears, but they just kept coming. The guy puts my arm down and Mrs. Kaisai and the guy got me up into a sitting position. I can’t control my body and I end up leaning forward into Mrs. Kaisai as she sat on the bed and stroked the back of my head. I ball into her shoulder. I can’t lift my arms or my shoulders.

I feel like I’m on fire because I was moved. I’m in pain from just crying. My lungs are burning; god damn it what happened to me? It’s been years since I’ve cried like this. But never in my life has it hurt this bad. I was calming down to hiccupping when I hear the door open. I must be in my own room? Where am I? I was shaking against Mrs. Kaisai. I’m surprised that she can support my weight…but with seeing my wrist I must have easily lost fifty pounds of muscle that I had gained over the years. I feel smaller, more fragile even. The guy must have raised the bed because I didn’t have that far to go when Mrs. Kaisai set me back down after I had calmed down. She’s so warm, though, I didn’t want to be laid back down.

When I looked to see, who came into the room my eyes widened when I saw Toshiro supporting Sasuke, but he’s mostly walking on his own. Snowflakes hair has grown out a bit more, and he looks a little more built, has he been working out?

“You’re okay,” Sasuke said to me with a look of relief on his face. My throat was dry from crying and I know I look like shit, but whatever.

“Sasuke you shouldn’t be up. You sit down this instant,” Mrs. Kaisai scolded I managed to get out a dry chuckle because of the look on Sasuke’s face. God that even fucking hurts. He looks exhausted, pale, and thin. I noticed he was getting lighter, but now I can tell.

“Mom, I had to pee, and Shiro went with me so I’m fine. It’s not like I need to entirely lean on someone anymore, I’ve been up and moving for a few days now,” Sasuke protested, “Besides, Zen said he wanted to talk with you alone.”

“Come now Sasuke, you can’t be blaming it on me that you got yelled at,” The man who looks to be in his early twenties laughed at Sasuke. He has a brownish red colored hair that’s messy and has a small rat tail in the back. He seems to have a bit of a thin build to him and brown eyes, but his pupils look strange from what I can see with only seeing his profile. I can’t tell exactly why, though, “I need you to see down anyways so I can take a look at your ankles. Water healing can only do so much, ya know?” He walked out of my mine of sight.

I heard the door open again, but I couldn’t turn to see who it was. A certain redhead that I got to know pretty damn well came into my view and his hands were instantly on my face, “Oh my god Sean, you’re so much smaller and your hair is so different,” I could already tell that. I can feel that my hair is longer again. He squished my cheeks, I’m going to smack him when I can move my arms again.

“Aaron dear, Sean’s in a lot of pain, you need to stop. His body is still trying to adjust,” Mrs. Kaisai swoops in and saves the fucking day as he let go of my face.

“Is this really what he use to look like?” Aaron asked, “I mean I know I saw him while he was in the tank, but I thought that the glass and water were just kinda playing some tricks or something,” I glance to my right to see that Gil came into the room too. What’s he digging around in his pocket for? He pulled out what looks like something that Laila would carry around with her. He popped it open to revile two little mirrors.

“Here, I’m sure you’re confused, this might help,” Gil said as he got Aaron to move so he could hold the compact in front of me. My eyes widened when I see my reflection. It’s like I’m looking in my yearbook from my junior year.

Chris…Chris said something about this…he said that if I ever activated my dormant elemental abilities in a life or death situation that Sasuke’s blood would be able to tell. Is that why I’m in so much pain now?

Gil shut the compact and put it back in his pocket, “Are you able to speak at all?” Was his next question. Yeah sure, now of all times you ask if I can speak. Gil chuckled, “I was just curious was all, don’t get your shorts in a bunch.”

All I can do is look away from him, “Maybe he needs a drink. The only fluids he’s had is what’s been in the IV,” Aaron said. Does that mean that he’s been coming to visit while I’ve been out? Well no shit Sherlock, he did say something about a tank. But what exactly did they put me in? I’m so confused and how long has it been?

“So, get him some water then Aaron,” Gil said softly as he sat down on the bed next to my leg.

“How about Aaron sits down and I’ll get him something to drink. Both of you should still be taking an easy anyways,” Snowflake mentioned and pushed the other chair that was in the room over to Aaron and made him sit down. Why do I get the feeling that snowflake is holding something back? Other than the fact that the room is slightly cooler.

It could be anything, but I think I know the reason.

What’s the reason?

I think the two of you should talk about it. I’m sure he’s being polite and waiting for Mrs. Kaisai and Zen to leave the room considering it doesn’t involve them.

“Zen, my feet are falling asleep,” I heard Sasuke complain from the other side of the room.

“I’m almost done, you can keep them still for a little longer,” He commented.

“I’m going to go let John and Andrew know you woke up. You boys behave,” Mrs. Kaisai smiled at me and gave an “I’m warning you” look at everyone else before leaving the room.

“I’ll be right out with you Mrs. Kaisai, I want to see Headmaster myself and talk to him,” I hate not being able to look at people. “I think that should be good for today. When the feeling comes back to your feet try to walk alone around the room. I don’t want you running for another week, though and you’re still going to go to Mrs. Strife’s treatments. No lifting anything heavy either.”

“I won’t,” Sasuke sighed.

“Good, everyone else make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” I heard footsteps come over and then the guy looked down at me. I was right his pupils are different. They’re star shaped, but why? “If by some miracle this one is able to sit up on his own don’t let him out of bed,” He poked my forehead and I felt a wave of warmth rush over me. Why does he remind me of Otto?

Because he’s Otto’s son.

Otto has a son?!

Haha, obviously. Gil started the chuckle out loud.

“Hm?” Zen looked away from me and in Gil’s direction while keeping his finger on my forehead.

“It’s nothing,” Gil commented.

Zen sighed and pulled his finger off my forehead and the warm feeling went away, “No matter what, it just seems like your body is rejecting any sort of healing that I’m trying to do. I’ll tell Mrs. Strife on my way out to have you placed in the tank tomorrow so she can run another analysis on you. Maybe now that you’re conscious she can get a better reading,” He pulled his hand away and put it in his pocket, “See ya later,” He said and walked out of my line of sight once again.

“Bye Zen,” Aaron said.

“Later Zen, and thank you,” Sasuke stated.

Snowflake was standing in my line of sight with the glass of water in his hands. There was a little frost on the glass. He was probably trying to keep it cool. I feel so pathetic that I can’t even reach my hand out to take the glass from him. But he didn’t even ask he just carefully adjusted my head so I’m looking at the wall and helped me take a drink, I can’t look at him… I can feel him glaring at me.

The cold water felt so nice going down my throat. Though snowflake made me pace myself so I wouldn’t choke. It kinda feels like that’s the only thing that’s in my stomach now. “Thank you,” My voice is cracking so bad and it sounds like my voice went up an octave from what I’m used to.

“You sound like you haven’t talked in a while,” Aaron giggled at me.

“He’s been down for the count for about a week. I think you would sound the same,” Gil said pushing up his glasses. So, I’ve been sleeping for almost a week now. Geez, that’s fucking ridiculous.

Not particularly I kinda expected that you would be down for a length of time with how bad your body was taking it.

“I feel like I was hit by a train,” I laughed a little but winced because it hurt so much. “How are you three doing?” I asked.

“Still a bit drained and we were told to take an easy, but we’re doing good,” Aaron smiled at me.

“If it wasn’t for you keeping us active during the time we were there, I think we would be much worse,” Gil mentioned.

“Tired, definitely tired,” Sasuke smiled weakly at me, “Kinda being forced into switching elements took its toll after a while.”

I looked away from him, “I’m so sorry,” My voice came out in barely a whisper.

“Sean, look at me,” I did what I was told, “I’m not blaming any of this on you. You tried your best to protect the three of us and I know that if you could have done something to stop them you would have. You kept the three of us from being killed.”

“You kept the three of us sane and actually wanted to get to know us,” Gil added in.

“And you treated us like actual people instead of some strange creatures from another planet,” Aaron said.

“And I’m glad that you’re here,” I looked back at Sasuke. But it’s all my fault. I’m the one that captured you, Gil, and Aaron. If it wasn’t for me accepting the job, none of this would have happened to any of you. “And don’t blame it on yourself.”

“But it is my fault,” My voice cracked again and I felt hot tears forming at the corner of my eyes.

“No, it’s not!” Gil, Aaron, and Sasuke said in unison. I think that was the loudest I’ve ever heard Gil since Andy and I got into that fight.

“But if I hadn’t used that stupid frequency and not let my built-up anger out. If I would have just tried to talk to you…” I started to try and protest. I heard someone’s feet hit the floor and come towards me. Sasuke seemed to be walking just fine now from whatever that Zen guy did to him. Why is snowflake being so quiet? He’s said next to nothing since he’s been in the room.

“Then you would probably still be there and we wouldn’t have found you.” I didn’t even hear the door open, but it wasn’t like I could move my head to see who it was, I the owner of the voice.

“Dad,” Sasuke said.

“If it wasn’t for whatever Chris did to you, there wouldn’t have been a spike on our monitor and we would have never found any of you,” Mr. Kaisai said as he came into view and placed a hand on Sasuke’s shoulder, “When an elemental uses their abilities for the first time, there’s a spike in energy waves. Whatever it was that you had in you, it created that spike. It was one of the largest spikes that we’ve ever seen,” Mr. Kaisai explained to me.

“But, it’s my fault. I should have never taken him up on his offer to join that group in the first place,” My voice is cracking so much, I don’t know how anyone can make out what I’m saying, “When I saw Sasuke again after two and a half years…I don’t know, he said that I may be able to see him again if I joined so I took him up on the offer.”

“You saw Hale, Tate, and me when we went to visit their parents?” Sasuke asked and I looked over at him through the corner of my eye and blinked.

“I only noticed you actually, I don’t remember seeing your other two friends,” I said and I took a slow breath and looked at Toshiro, “Snowflake…” He looked away from me.

“Don’t call me that,” He spoke up his hands clench into fists and he looks back at me with tears building up in the corners of his eyes, “After what you’ve done…” His shoulders are shaking, “Be happy I wasn’t allowed to leave you there to suffer like you made Sasuke suffer. You’ve lost the privilege of calling me that nickname, and you’ve lost so much more,” The tears are trickling down his cheeks, I really hurt him, “Be happy I’m not allowed to beat you within an inch of your life,” The room is getting colder by the second.

“Then you would have to answer to me,” Andy’s voice rips through the tension in the room.

“You have no right to butt into this,” Snowflake snapped at Andy before he even came into my field of view.

Andy grabbed Shiro’s shirt and pulled him closer to him. They stood at the same height, “You wanna fuckin bet? That’s my best friend you wanna fuck up, you think I’m not gonna beat the living shit outta ya if you try?”

“When I’m better, you can try,” I cut into the argument stopping Andy before he keeps going and an actual fight breaks out, “When I’m able to run again, you can take out your aggression on me. I’m the reason why this happened to Sasuke, but I warn you now; I don’t care that you’re a prodigy, I’m not going down without a fight.”

“I’m holding you to it,” He glared down at me, his ice blue eyes sending chills down my spine. He then breaks eye contact with me, rips Andy’s hands off his shirt and storms out of the room.

“Shiro wait,” Sasuke calls after him and starts heading towards the door but I see his father catch his shoulder.

“Let him go, he needs to cool off,” Mr. Kaisai said.

“Oh, he’s plenty cool, downright fuckin cold like a glacier,” Andy spat.

“They don’t call him the ice prince for nothing,” Gil sighed.

It falls quietly in the room, “You sure know how to pick and choose your fights don’t you?” Sasuke sighed and I couldn’t help but smile a little, “It’s going to take more than just a match to regain Shiro’s trust.”

“True, but I was able to get you into a pool, again wasn’t I? So, even after almost five years and me beating the shit out of you, you still trust me to not let you drown, I think I can take my chances and regain snowflake’s trust little by little,” I mentioned and took a sharp breath in. Squeezing my eyes shut in pain, it feels like someone’s stabbing the inside of my throat with needles. The feeling moved into my chest and I started coughing trying to get it to stop. I felt a strong hand behind my back and they helped me up into a full sitting position and held me there so I couldn’t fall forward.

When my coughing fit finally stopped my throat was sore. My breaths sound like I have mucus build up in my chest, “Did you want something to drink?” Gil asked me. He was the only one I could see with sitting up the way I was, with Mr. Kaisai’s hand on the upper part of my chest and against my collar bone to keep me up.

“Sure,” I answered my voice sounds groggy as Mr. Kaisai set me back down so my head was on the pillow.

I was given more water and it helped clear my throat, so now I’m not sounding as bad like I’m trying to battle through a terrible cold. Andy came over to me and pulled his fist back. I brace for the impact of the punch, to instead have a light tap on my shoulder, I open my eyes again to see him smiling at me, “I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that ya look like you’re back in high school.”

“Do you know why you’re seventeen again?” Mr. Kaisai spoke up and Andy moved out of the way so I could see him.

“I think I do,” I answered looking at him.

He nodded, “It was when you saved Sasuke from drowning. Your element was dormant in you because your body created antibodies fast enough to cause your element to become dormant within you, but when you put yourself in the life or death situation to save Sasuke your element activated for that split moment long enough for you to take a breath and get you and Sasuke back to the surface,” It was dead silent in the room, “That moment was recorded into your DNA.”

“But, he also did activate his element for a second time. He broke the mold that’s known to us for those people who should have been elementals,” Gil spoke up, “It was before Sasuke was captured. Andy and Sean got into a fight at the pool and Sean slipped when Andy kicked him and his face slammed onto the ground. He broke his nose and blacked out, but from the force, he rolled into the pool. After he was pulled out and Chris showed up he told us that Sean sent off a spike. So, he used it again, but apparently, it wasn’t recorded in his DNA like we thought it was.”

There was a knock on the door, “Sorry John, but if I could correct you about a part of that. Sean’s body never created antibodies, it simply went dormant and made itself seem as if antibodies were created” Otto? Out of the corner of my eye I can see him come into view, “When some of Sasuke’s blood was transferred into your blood stream and Sasuke activated his time element for the first time after receiving the element, his blood dove into your DNA and consumed your element, then sending it back out into your body like a raging inferno but tenfold considering your element must have already spread throughout your body before becoming dormant. And considering that it was the time element that was used for Sasuke’s blood it also forced your body to backtrack to the age your element activated for the first time from becoming dormant,” He pulls out a piece of gum from his pocket and unwraps it, “In other words, when you activated it a second time when you broke your nose, and fell into the pool, like Gilbert said that was never recorded into your DNA,” He popped the gum into his mouth.

“How is it that his body never made antibodies then?” Mr. Kaisai asked Otto.

“His own body physically slowed it down to a crawl that was so slow it made it dormant. Thus, his breaking the mold of those who were supposed to be an elemental and end up not becoming one, that technically was never the case. But, it seems that it was only life or death situations that his element would awaken, then it was fall back into its slumber, to put is poetically,” Otto answered.

“That still didn’t answer my question,” Mr. Kaisai stats looking at Otto.

“It’s because one of my birth parents is a time elemental,” I answer Mr. Kaisai’s question and look away from him. It stays quiet in the room after my statement.

“Otto,” Mr. Kaisai finally speaks up.

“It’s Chris,” He sighed, “But, I’m sure you’ve read the letter by now. So, you must have already known,” He blew a bubble with the gum and let it pop, “I’m going to get going, I have some things I have to clean up,” he turned on his heels and walked out of my sight. Does he have to go back to earth?

“His name is Ottomar Sonnen, if you were wondering Sean,” Mr. Kaisai says after Otto left the room, “But, I’m sure that you already know that considering I originally sent Able out to look deeper into Gil’s and Aaron’s disappearance, come to find that they headquarter’s for the elemental capture unit was just on the outskirts of town,” He sat down on the edge of the bed, “I think you know the rest, give or take.

I looked away from him and I felt a hand on my head, “Everything will be okay,” I look at him again and Mr. Kaisai has a soft smile on his face. It’s kinda like the one that Sasuke wears, “I have to head out, you four don’t do anything stupid,” He warned before his head slid off the top of my head and he stood up, “I haven’t said anything to Yui. When you feel like the time is right, you can sit down with her and tell her yourself,” He looks down at me and with one last smirk he disappeared. What did the letter say?

My gaze shifts back over to Gil and Aaron as it falls quietly in the room between the five of us. I hear someone move and I shift my gaze and Sasuke comes up to the bed standing next to the bed he stares down at me, “What is it?” I ask.

He looked down at me without saying a word and collapsed on top of me. He slid his arms under me and placed his head on my chest, “Don’t put everything on your shoulders this time. That’s what friends and family are for.”

“He’s right ya know. You have friends rely on us a bit more than you have,” Andy added in.

“I’ll try,” I muttered, “No promises, though.”

“Group hug on Sean!” Aaron laughed and I coughed when he flopped on top of me.

“Aaron be careful,” Gil said.

I felt a hand on my head and looked up to see Andy smiling down at me, I felt a bit more weight on me and saw Gil getting in on the hug. You can do whatever you put your mind to, and don’t go down a path with your head down. Keep it held high and keep moving forward. We all count on you, so count on us too.

I’ll try. I couldn’t help but smile and after about a minute of them on top of me Gil and Aaron get off so Sasuke can get off. But then Sasuke poked my nose and held his finger there, “You shouldn’t do that,” My voice cracks again as I watch his veins in his hand begin to glow and quickly make their way up his arm and all over his body. When the glowing faded he kept his finger there.

“Let the three of us talk to Shiro and the others,” He tells me and I hear the door open again. Sasuke breaks eye contact with me and looks towards the door.

“You’re standing on your own!” A voice that I’ve never heard before exclaimed.

“I am,” Sasuke chuckled and a flood of blond hair came into my vision and I blink a few times and there is a pair of bright blue eyes staring down at me.

“Is your name Sean? I’m Jason! Jason Grim, it’s nice to finally meet you,” his lips spread into a big goofy grin as some of his blonde hair falls over his shoulder.

“Um…yes?” I answer, “It’s nice to meet you too,” Why does he seem like one giant ray of sunshine?

Because that’s how he is.

“Jay, don’t get in his face like that,” This male voice sounds familiar, but I can’t place it.

“Sorry, I just got excited,” the blonde laughed sheepishly.

A hand came into view and I was jerked up off the bed. Being jerked up so suddenly sent pain shooting through my body, “Nero don’t do that!” Sasuke protested as a burnet with messy hair and bangs that his green eyes glared at me through. The frustration in his eyes matched the scowl on his face.

“So, you’re the fucker that made Shiro cry,” He scoffed and clicked his tongue, “You look fuckin pathetic, how the fuck did you beat Sasuke? You look like a damn twig could snap ya in half,” This little fucker, I swear if I could fucking move I would fucking break him in half.

“Andy no!”

“Get off me Sasuke, Imma throttle this god damn punk. Let’s see how tough he is after I’m done with the fucker,”

“Andy, you need to calm down. Momma told you that stressing yourself will spread your scales faster,” I hear Aaron protest.

“I don’t give a fuck, let me at him!”

“Yeah, and what are ya gonna do about it ya fuckin dragon boy? You think ya can fuckin take on the lighting prodigy?”

“With pleasure ya fucker,” I can just see Andy over Nero’s shoulder and Aaron and Sasuke are holding Andy back as best they can. His deep blue scales are spreading up the side of his neck and have started onto his cheek on the left side of his body.

“Everyone that is enough,” Gil’s voice sent out an intense sensation and it feels like I hit my ears like a truck, “This is a hospital, there will be absolutely no fighting. You do not come here to pick a fight, people here are injured and need rest in order to recover, so I swear Nero Enzo Ulric, if you came into this room to pick a fight they you need to get the fuck out of this room right now and do not come back until you have gotten your head out of your ass and learn how to greet someone who is injured properly,” The room goes dead silent and Nero keeps his tight grip on my shirt, “If you so much as try to hurt Sean while he is in this condition you WILL answer to me and Aaron. Now, put him back, and I don’t mean dropping him either,” I locked eyes with Nero and he glared at me once more and pushed me back onto the bed. I took a sharp breath in from the impact.

“I’m fucking going to take a walk,” He scoffed and I watched him storm out of the room. There were two other boys in the room, both of them have blue hair that’s pulled back into ponytails. One has it up high and the other has it down low. They look really familiar, but I can’t think of their names.

“And Andrew, you need to chill out, you’ve let your scales spread up to your face, Mrs. Strife just finished a session with you’re a little over two hours ago,” Gil scolded as Andy clicked his tongue and looked away from him. Jason came over to me and readjusted me so I was laying on my back again, but he propped my bed up so I was in a sitting position so I could see everyone a bit better.

“You okay Gil?” I question as my voice cracks.

He took a couple of deep breaths and pushed up his glasses, “I’m fine, I’m just fine.” He’s not fine. “Yes, I am!”

“If you say so,” I look away from him.

“You’re obviously not fine,” I look over to see one of the boys with blue hair said it.

“Obviously, slightly annoyed. But Nero should know better,” The other spoke.

“Well yeah he should know better, but Gil was stopping a fight actually worse if momma would have heard the fight we all would have suffered her wrath,” Aaron commented.

“We didn’t do anything.”

“So why would we suffer her wrath?” Geez, these two are obviously twins with how they talk.

“Because you did nothing to help stop the fight,” Gil sighed and he looked at me again, “And yes, these two are twins,”

“Don’t you remember us?”

“Probably not brother, we weren’t close friends back on earth so we were probably erased from his memory.”

“Oh yeah, good point,” They both pointed at me.

“Considering you don’t know us anymore we might as well introduce ourselves to you again,” They said in unison. Like so fucking perfect in unison, it’s creepy.

The one on the left points at himself, “I’m Hale.”

Then the one on the right points at himself, “And I’m Tate.”

They clapped their hands together and pointed at me like they are from some fucking anime or something, “And we’re the Snyder brothers. The light and dark prodigies to be exact, now which one is which, we’ll leave that up to you,” Oh god, my head’s spinning.

“Can’t you two introduce yourselves normally?” Jason laughed.

“Why?” They said in unison again.

“It’s not fun to act normal,” The one that I think is named Hale commented.

“Welcome to the family Sean, where crazy just gets crazier,” Jason stated.

“Because you’re one to talk,” The twins said once again in unison.

“Why do you say that?” He asked them.

“Because” Hale? Started.

“Of you and your brother’s reputation of being the grim brother’s,” Tate finished.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I spoke up.

“Oh, it’s because I’m the earth prodigy and big brother Kyo is the metal prodigy. Big brother is really strong and can be a bit cocky, but he really is a nice guy, I promise you’ll like him when you meet him,” Jay explained to me, “You can call me Jay by the way. I let all my friends call me that.”

“We just met, and you consider me a friend?” I asked him.

“Any friend of Aaron and Gil’s is a friend of mine,” He smiled at me with the goofy grin again.

“How do you know I’m someone to trust as a friend?”

“You’re Sasuke’s cousin, aren’t you?” My eyes widen as I look at him, “Don’t worry I snuck a peek at your files, no one told me and I know, no one else here will say anything unless you want them to,” How can this kid sneak around and not be caught with how long and bright his hair is?

There’s more to the Grim brother’s then a lot of people know about. I look back at Gil and he smiles a little at me before pushing up his glasses and looking back at everyone else.

“Andrew Vann!” A women’s voice rang out.

“Oh, um, hi Mrs. Strife,” Andy laughed sheepishly as a woman with beautiful deep red hair that was pulled up into a messy bun came into my view.

“What did I tell you about getting worked up?” She asked her back to me.

“Momma, he didn’t mean to, he was just protecting Sean. Nero came in and was in a bad mood, Gil solved it before it could escalate any further,” Aaron defended Andy and his actions.

She sighed heavily her foot tapping against the floor, “Boy’s I need you to leave, I have work to do, Sasuke you get back into bed, Jason, make sure that Gil and Aaron get back to the dorms and rest. Your dorm is closer than home, I know they are walking just fine, but I would rather them not travel long distances for another day or two. Andrew, you are coming with me,”

“Yes ma’am,” Everyone but I say in unison.

The twins left the room first, Aaron and Gil said goodbye to me and Sasuke then left with Jason. Andy left with Mrs. Strife which left Sasuke and me alone in the room.

“I’m sorry about Shiro, and Nero, that was something that you shouldn’t have had to deal with after just waking up,” Sasuke apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” I smile, “Thank you for everything. I’ll get stronger and I’ll face whatever I need to…so I can earn their respect and trust. I may fail, but I’m not going to let that stop me. And I know I’m not alone, you may have to kick me in the ass from time to time, though,” I chuckle.

“I will, I promise, and you do the same to me, deal?”

“I think I can handle that,” I chuckle and then start coughing.

Sasuke comes over and helps me with a drink, “Thank you.”

“Not a problem,” He set the water down and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Have you talked to your parents at all about what happened?” I ask.

He shook his head, “Not really. I would rather us tell them together when you’re better. It’s not a story that can be told by one person.”

“You sure? I don’t care if you tell them,” I said.

“I know, but I want to wait. Besides, Andy’s probably told them a hell of a lot of things already. “

“True, he can talk a fair bit when he gets going,” We both laugh a bit, but I go into another coughing fit. “Ugh, this fucking sucks,”

“It’ll get better, Mrs. Strife will do another exam on you tomorrow. Like Zen said, maybe now that you’re awake they can find a healing solution to help you along a bit faster.”

“That would be nice. I don’t want to be red ridden for months.”

“The sooner you get up on your feet, I think the better you’ll feel. The air feels cleaner here, so it’ll be very helpful.”

I hope it will, but first is getting well enough to get out of bed and see just what’s going to happen. Where am I going to go once I get out? How are Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai going to act around me? How are we going to cover up the way I look? The twins didn’t ask questions, but I have a feeling they wanted to. I guess I’ll have to deal with those questions when the time comes.

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