A Little Secret

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I Feel Like a Mess

Chapter 49: I Feel Like a Mess


“I believe you’re good to go,” Dr. Strife told me as she looks over a clipboard with a couple sheet of paper on it, “But, I want you to take an easy for the next week, no heavy exercising or running long distances.”

“I think I can do that,” I smile at her.

“And make sure that Aaron and Gil aren’t doing anything stupid either. Especially, Aaron, I haven’t been able to get all of the toxin’s out of him just yet,” She added in.

“Yes, ma’am,” I nod.

“Good, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go attend to a student who broke something more than likely,” She sighed as the door to the room was open and we could hear what sounded like a girl screaming and crying in pain. Dr. Strife quickly left the room and I look over at Sean who’s back is to me.

“I know you’re not sleeping,” I get up and close the door the rest of the way.

It’s been a solid week of Sean having four times a day of being in the tank on top of Zen doing the deep healing. They were able to figure out that his body is going through the stages that it would normally go through when a newborn who will be an elemental goes through, but it’s about four times worse.

“Are you going back to your dorm? Or are you going home?” He asked me not turning around to look at me.

“Mom and dad want me to spend a few nights at home. They don’t trust me to not do something stupid, so they figured that Andy should pretty much be my babysitter while they’re here. But, I’m going to see if I can at least go and turn in my homework for some of my classes and get the new homework that I’ve missed,” I answer walking over to his bed, “You gonna turn around and look at me, or are you going to keep your back to me?” He adjusts so he’s lying on his back and then sits up. He still can’t walk on his own, but he’s getting more and more control over his body every day. He looks tired and sad, “Sean, I know it’s rough being bed ridden, but you can’t let it get to you. You’ve been getting better every day.”

“I know,” He muttered but didn’t look at me.

“What’s wrong?” I sat down on the edge of his bed, “I can ask Dr. Strife if I can take you outside for a bit.”

“Well, I know that two of your friends hate me, I feel bad that I don’t know the twins even though they’ve told me we’ve met before, and I don’t want to put so much pressure on you, Aaron, and Gil to try and settle things with everyone else.”

“Nero hasn’t taken a chance to get to know you and to be honest, he hated me when we first met too. The twins aren’t mad that you don’t remember them, they knew it would probably happen considering that you didn’t really get to know them before we left. Kyo hasn’t stopped by long enough to talk, and Jason already likes you,” I put a hand on his shoulder and smile, “You have a fair bit of people that like you already, and Nero and Shiro will come around, I know they will.”

“You make it sound so easy,” He chuckled half-heartedly and looked down at his lap.

“Dad’s already approved of you and Shiro having the match. He told me he’s also looking for a teacher that has the time to be able to do one on one training with you and who will keep you in line so you don’t hurt yourself,” I said and he looks back up at me shocked.

“Why is he doing so much for me?” Sean questioned.

“Because you’re his nephew, he wants to make things right,” I told him. Sean looked down at his lap again and didn’t say anything, “Don’t be afraid to depend on your friends and family,” I stood up and stretched, “When’s your next session?”

“I think in a half an hour or something like that,” He muttered fidgeting with his blanket.

“I’ll grab Andy from home and get him to come and hang out for a bit,” My eyes trail from looking at his eyes down to the corning of his mouth. There’s some dried blood on his lower lip, “You’re picking at your lips again aren’t you?”

“I never stopped. Being stuck in bed just gives me nothing else to do,” He replied not looking at me.

“Didn’t Gil bring you a book?” I know the answer and it’s yes. It’s sitting on the nightstand that’s next to his bed. It’s a deep blue hardcover book with golden trim.

“I finished it already. I read fast when I have nothing else to do but wait for the next tank or deep healing session,” He sighed.

“Well, was there anything in particular that you want to read? I can look in dad’s library and get you something if you want.”

“It doesn’t matter really.”

“Yes, it does matter. I don’t want you to be in such a depressed mood, Sean. Yes, the road to recovery sucks, but you’re going to have to power through it. I can come every day and visit with you until I’m allowed to go back to classes,” I sigh and get up off the bed, “I’ll look through dad’s library and find something you haven’t read that might interest you. I’m also picking up some lip balm for you on the way back.”

“I just want to be able to walk again. I’m tired of sitting here and laying here. And I don’t want to go outside in a damn wheelchair. It makes me feel pathetic.”

“You’ll be back up on your feet in no time. I know that you’ll end up pushing yourself, but take an easy for now. Your body will tell you when it’s ready to start walking again,” Sean finally looks up at me.

“It better be sooner rather than later,” He grumbled and as soon as he makes eye contact with me he breaks it.

“You’ll heal fast. You normally do,” I smile a bit at him and hold my fist out to him. He looks at it for a moment and then brings his own fist up and taps his knuckles to mine, “I’ll be back soon with a book for you.”

“It better be something good,” I can hear a smile come into his voice. I head out of the room and lightly shut the door behind me.

Being stuck in here with no one to talk to really, I would feel like books were my only escape too. Sean’s not an artist like Gil and Tate. He is okay at writing, but it’s terrible and full of misspellings nothing like what Hale and Jason can write. I think that if I can get Nero to sit down and talk with Sean that the two of them could possibly get along. Hell, they could have a lot more in common than what can think of. I have a feeling Sean would get along with Kyo too. Kyo didn’t seem to mind him. He seemed upset when he first met Sean, but that’s understandable with what he told me Shiro’s reaction when I was taken. Kyo did sit and talk with both of us though. He seemed to lighten up even. I feel like I should sit down and talk with Shiro tonight. I’ll stop by the dorm and see if he’s there. If not I’ll just shoot him a text and ask him to come to mom and dad’s later.

Leaving the hospital, I follow the cobblestone pathway that leads towards one of the main roads that cut through the campus. There are two infirmaries here on Amoura in the Elemental community. One is here at the academy and the other one is in town. The one that’s in two is twice the size of the one that’s on campus. Most of the time, the infirmary on campus can handle injuries that happen with students. But if it’s too massive of a problem and they need different equipment then the student is taken to the main infirmary that’s in town. Thankfully, I haven’t had to go there yet. Everything that’s happened to me could be handled on campus. And if it wasn’t for there being a few spirit water tanks in the building Sean would have been transferred.

Wandering to the dorm, I sigh when I try to turn the door knob and the door is locked. I know I don’t have my key. I don’t remember if I had my key with me when I was captured and I keep forgetting to ask any of my roommates if they could go into my room and look for my key. Ugh, god damn it…okay, just calm down Sasuke, just shoot Shiro a text and he’ll get it when he gets out of class. If I had my phone…I don’t have my phone…I am a fucking mess. Taking a deep breath in and running my fingers through my hair for pull my bangs out of my eyes. “Can’t go get a haircut because I don’t have my wallet either…I don’t have anything on me…maybe I should just go see dad. I have to figure out what I missed.” I decide to go to dad’s office. I know I can handle walking across campus. Most people seem to be in classes right now so I won’t have to avoid a lot of people anyways. I take the main road most of the way through campus then cut in through a small patch of trees and hopped back onto a smaller path that leads to the Volkov building. I was breathing a bit heavy from having to go up the largest hill and I decided to take the trees to it was a bit more difficult because it’s steeper than the path and stairs. The building was given its name from the sight element prodigy before Gil, Anastasia Volkov. Once I catch my breath I step into the building.

“Sasuke, it’s been a while,” Mr. Acker comments from his desk.

“It has,” I chuckle lightly with a soft smile, “Is dad in his office?”

“I believe so, but you know your father, there are times where he doesn’t seem to know how to use a door,” Mr. Acker mentions.

“That’s true. Oh, right, Mr. Acker, I may have lost my key to my dorm. I’m not entirely sure yet if I have, I have to wait for one of my roommates to unlock it so I can look for it first.”

“Hopefully you didn’t lose your key. You know there’s a fee for having to replace the key,” He rose an eyebrow at me, “That’s something that I didn’t expect from you.”

“I know, I just don’t remember if I did or not. I don’t have my cell phone or wallet either right now.”

“Did someone knock you out and take everything from you?” He asked me with sarcasm oozing out of his voice.

“No, I went on a mission on Earth and was captured. That’s why I was gone for a few months,” I answered with a deadpan expression.

“Are you alright? How did you escape?” His sarcasm instantly changed to concern.

“It’s a long story, but I do have something to ask of you. There’s a new boy that’s going to be in the records soon after he’s able to get back on his feet. His name is Sean Zimmer, would you be willing to place him in the dorm with Aaron, Gil, and Jason please?”

Mr. Acker looked at me and blinked a few times. Without saying anything to me he pushed away from his desk and in his chair rolled over another desk and grabbed a small stack of papers then pushed himself back to me, “You said Zimmer correct?”

“Yep,” He shuffled through the handful of papers and then pulled out a sheet that was three-quarters of the way to the bottom of the pile, “Sean Zimmer, a height of six foot three inches, element is water, date of birth on earth was February fourteenth?” He looked up from the paper at me and I nodded, “He’s almost registered. Your father took care of most of the registration already. I still need him to have his picture taken, and he’s going to have to take the placement exams that are in a month. Though, your father said that Sean is currently in the infirmary, will he be able to take the placement exams in a month?”

“I know he will. He’s recovering quickly with the healing schedule that they have him on,” I nodded.

“Just let him know that I’ll need his picture taken first,” Mr. Acker placed the paper back on top of the pile and then grabbed a pen, “What dorm was it you wanted him to be placed in?”

“Dorm 202 with Jason Grim, Aaron Strife, and Gilbert Reis, please,” I answered putting my hands in my pockets. He wrote the dorm number down in the dorm slot.

“Okay, I’ll be sure to put that on the main file after he gets his picture taken. I can also hand him the pamphlet explaining the dorm rules and the key to his dorm the same day.”

“I’ll let him know. I’m going to see him in a bit,” I nod, “Thank you so much, Mr. Acker.”

“Not a problem Sasuke. You know I wouldn’t do this for just anyone,” He smiled at me as he spun his pen through his fingers.

“I know, and I really appreciate it,” I step away from his desk and head towards the stairs, “I’ll see you later Mr. Acker.” And with that, I walk up the stairs because I was told not to run. Knocking on the slightly opened door I hear rustling of papers as I open the door.

Dad’s at his desk. It seems like he’s looking for something, “Did you lose something dad?” I asked and he looks up from his desk.

“It’s nothing major,” He sighed sounding flustered.

“What’s got you in a grumpy mood then?” I question closing the door behind me and walking up to the desk.

“I had a letter and I lost it,” He muttered.

“You’re doing better than I am. I have no idea where my key to my dorm is, or my phone, or my wallet. But, on the plus side, Dr. Strife released me from the infirmary,” I told him.

“You know you have to sleep at home,” Dad started.

“I know, I know, you and mom just want to make sure I’m okay so no sleeping in the dorms for a few days,” I put my hands in my pockets as I sat on the arm of the chair that I was standing next to. “I’ve only had that one panic attack, I think I’m okay dad.”

“I’m just being extra cautious,” He leaned back in his chair, “But, I was able to find an instructor for Sean.”

“Oh, who is it?” I question perking up.

Dad smirks at me and crosses his arm, “Sorry, unless you can time it right when he visit’s Sean then you’ll just have to wait for Sean’s first training session, or if Sean wants to tell you he can.”

I click my tongue in disappointment and slid the rest of the way into the chair, “Do you think if I ask mom she’ll be able to cut my hair tonight?”

“I’m sure she will,” Dad went back to his papers.

“What did I miss in class?”

“Everyone’s still struggling with figuring out their biggest fear. But other than the meditation and a couple of small optional essays. I know it was probably difficult, but were you able to figure it out while you were captured?”

“I did,” I look away from dad and at my legs.

“You know what you have to do in order to conquer it don’t you?”

“I do.”

“Then I won’t press you any further.”

“I know this is something that I have to conquer on my own, but is it okay to have help from friends at the same time?”

“If that’s what you feel you need then that’s perfectly fine.”

“Okay,” It fell silent between us as dad shuffled papers around and then the sound of pen on paper filled the air, “Is it okay if I pick a book out of the library for Sean?”

“Go for it,” Dad said without looking up. I get up off the chair. I can still tell something’s off with dad, he’s not the off presence very well, “Is there something else?”

“How are you taking knowing that Uncle Chris is alive?” His pen stopped mid stroke. He didn’t move for what felt like minutes.

“We’ll talk about it later,” He muttered so quietly I almost couldn’t catch what he said.

“You promise? You’re not going to blow me off when I ask again later tonight and you say, “some other time Sasuke”.

“Fine, I promise,” Dad sighed looking at me.

I nod and head to the library section of his office. Dad looks to be really deep in thought. I kinda wonder if there’s something I can do to help. So many books, where do I even start? Looking around and sighing I go to my left and start there. I spend what feels like a solid ten minutes looking, but none of these sound all that interesting to me at all. But, I’m looking for Sean. I stop pulling out a random book when I hear the tap of a book hitting the coffee table that is behind me in the center of the room. I turn around and there’s no one in the room with me. But there’s a deep green hard covered book that’s resting in the center of the table. That wasn’t there when I walked in, was it? No, I know it wasn’t. Was it dad? Did he use his time element to pick out a book and start time up again so I would hear the book being placed down? I walk over to the coffee table and pick up the book. In golden letters, the title of the book read Elements Advanced By. Lucian Fey. Opening the book, I look to see what it’s about.

Elements Advanced, one can say that this is the “sequel” to Basic of the Elements. But, this more so proteins to the prodigies of each element. I would advise all of them to read it at some point. This book will allow each of the prodigies to look further into their element and discover things that they did not know they would be able to accomplish. I do not know what drove me to write this book. It was something deep down that was telling me that the future prodigies will need to know this. Even if you are not a prodigy, by all means, please, do enjoy reading this book. I hope that I am able to enlighten you in any way I can. So, without further ado, please continue onto the next page and enjoy.

-Lucian Fey

“This’ll work,” I nod to myself and close the book. I take it with me back to the main part of dad’s office, “Is it okay if I take this one?” I ask holding it up for him to see.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Once Sean is done with it, I would like you to read it and then pass it on,” He said.

“I think I can handle that,” I smile at him.

“Good, because next year all of you will be in a class together specifically featured around that book,” I look at dad for a minute, “Perks of being the prodigy, it means extra classes.”

I spin my finger around in a little circle, “I’m so excited I forgot to cheer,” I say in the flattest voice I can muster.

“Go give Sean the book, then head home. I don’t want you walking everywhere.”

“But, I have to stop by my other classes and pick up the extra homework that I’ve missed since I’ve been in the infirmary,” I told him and he sighs heavily.

“Fine, but you better have someone go with you and if you feel dizzy or light-headed even once you need to sit down. Also, make sure you take a canteen with you.”

“I will, I promise,” I tuck the book under my arm and I head out, “I’ll talk to you later dad.”

“The door should be unlocked because Andrew is there. Take it easy,” He said before I shut the door behind me and head back down stairs.

Mr. Acker was with a few other students about something so I slipped out of the building and made my way down the main path. There were more people out and about since I went to dad’s office. “Okay, go home, grab Andy, maybe ask him if he’s seen my wallet and cell phone anywhere then back to infirmary to give Sean the book,” I tell myself as I clutch onto the book tighter and make my way to the closest exit of the academy.

It’s obviously sometime during the week, but I don’t know what day it is. I wasn’t really paying attention to the time either now that I think about it. I’ll have to check when I get home. Thankfully, the north exit is the closest exit to home. It only took me about fifteen minutes to walk home from the north entrance. Dad was right the door was open, but it was deadly quiet in the house, “Andy?” I call out, but there’s no response. “Andy?” I call louder as I walk through the house looking for Sean’s ginger of a best friend. Where is he? I know that he wouldn’t have left to go with his grandfather unless he said goodbye first. He’s an ass, but he’s not heartless. I search the house looking for him, stopping and sitting down a couple of times because I was light headed. There’s only one other place to try and that’s outside. Standing up from the kitchen table I push my chair back in and then head out the back door. Looking up the hill towards the pond I find him. His back was to me as he attempts to climb onto the top of the pole that I spent weeks on training. I can’t help but chuckle when he stands up on the pole and ends up falling off.

“UGH, come on already!” He exasperates as he lays flat on his back and flops his arm over his eyes.

“Very graceful,” I comment standing over him and blocking the sun.

“I’d like to fuckin see you try it,” Andy removed his arm from over his eyes and glares up at me.

“As long as dad and mom don’t come home for something and see me up there, then fine,” I shrug my shoulders.

Andy sat up and turned around so he was facing me, “They let you out?”

“They did, I’m not allowed to go back to class just yet. I still have to go around campus and collect the homework that I’ve missed since I’ve been in the infirmary too, but dad didn’t want me walking around campus alone just to be safe, so I figured I would come bug you and see if you want to tag along,” I explained to him.

“Get up on the pole in one try and I’ll come with you. I was going to go visit Sean anyways,” He stood up and stretched.

“Fair enough,” I nod, “Just make the kid who just got out of the hospital climb up on a pole that’s fine,” I comment as I stretch my arm.

“I just wanna see ya do it. Your dad said you were able to get up and down this thing all day,” I look back at him and his arms are crossed.

“You can get up here to ya know, you just obviously can’t seem to balance on it,” I mention and on that note, I take a couple of long strides and two step the pole to grab the top. Pulling myself up onto the top of the pole I get my feet under me and squat on the pole. I’m able to see the pond from this position, “Hey Andy…”

“Hm?” I heard him hum from behind me.

“Maybe you weren’t able to balance on the pole because your body isn’t in proper balance,” I say and then stand up on the top of the pole.

“What do you mean by that? Because with you, it could mean more than just having gas or some shit like that,” I roll my eyes at his comment.

“What I mean is, do you feel like something’s always off. Like no matter what you do you can’t shake the feeling. Like your internal balance is off,” I lift my right leg up off the pole like when I was practicing.

“I guess, but I think I’ve always been like that.”

“Balance is the calming of the mind and body. It is the point in which the moon elemental has accepted nature and those around it. It is the complete harmony and acceptance of flow of energy from what is around them,” I recite to him before putting my foot back down and hopping down off the pole. “I think that applies to everyone and not just moon elementals,” I put my hands in my pockets and shrug, “Who knows, it could be a thing to really help sort out the internal battle you’re going through.”

“What do you mean internal battle?” He rose a brow at me as I walk past him.

“All your life you’ve thought you were a human, then you find out that you’re only half human,” I head back towards the house so I can pick the book back up, but I continue to talk. “Now, your human side and dragon side are conflicting with one another. You’re having a hard time figuring out just what you are.” Stopping a few steps away from the door I hear Andy’s footsteps stop behind me as well. I turn around to face him, “You’re not one or the other, you’re both. I know it may sound like just empty words, but I personally think that you’ll be able to use both your dragon side and human side as one. Half dragon’s never make it here to Amoura, Andy. You’re the first to make it. Dragon’s and half dragons can’t make portals to Amoura, they have to wait for the day of reckoning and time it right to be able to use the portal that it naturally created. I’m sure you’re going to have a hell of a road ahead of you and it’s sure as all hell not going to be easy at all, but it’s going to be worth it.”

We stood there in silence and just stared at each other. After a minute or two Andy clicked his tongue and rubbed the back of his head, “Nice speech, I’ll keep that in mind,” He smiled a little, but his eyes were sad.

“Sounds good. Let me just grab the book I got from dad’s office so I can take it to Sean while we’re at the academy,” I turn back around and open the door and head back inside.

“You realize that you act older than you are right?” Andy mentions as we walk through the house.

“I’ve been told that before. I can’t help it, it just kinda happens from time to time,” I bop into the kitchen and grab an empty canteen and fill it with water before making sure I have the book and the two of us head out the door.

“It’s a little creepy that you do that.”

“It’s not creepy, there are a fuck ton of people who have words of advice and sound older than they actually are,” The two of us walk side by side as we make our way to the academy.

“Everything here is really different from back on Earth that’s for damn sure,” I look over at Andy to see that he’s looking forward.

“It is. The air is cleaner and everything doesn’t feel as rushed,” I say with a small smile, “I think you’ll like it here.”

“Yeah, but you never realize how much you’re going to miss someone until you can’t see them anymore, ya know?” Is this one of the reasons why he always seems to have a sadness to his eyes lately?

“You’ll see them again one day,” I mention with a small smile, “Think of how proud your mother will be to see how much you’ve grown the next time you see her.”

“Who the fuck said it was about my parents?”

“Your expression on your face, and the hidden meaning behind your words,” A quick pain rockets through my arm. I look over at Andy and his fist is still on my bicep where he punched me.

“You’re not wrong, I miss them, but if you tell anyone I’m going to make sure I throttle you into the dirt, got it pipsqueak?” Aaaaannnndd there’s there Andy I know.

I chuckle and brush his fist off my bicep, “Good luck with that, when I’m back to my normal self I promise you won’t be able to beat me.”

“That’s some fuckin cocky shit talk your doin there Sasuke,” I turn when I hear Nero’s voice coming from my left. Nero jogs over, “So they let you out of the infirmary.”

“They did, but I’m not allowed to go to classes just yet and dad wants me to spend a couple of days at home, so I’m not going to be in the dorm for a few more days,” I answer.

“Hey, there dragon boy. So, you’re still here are ya? I figured ya would have gone to your roost by now,” Nero smirked at him.

“I have my best friend in the hospital, I’m not leaving till he can walk. But you ya wanna have a match with me I’ll be happy to knock your fuckin lights out sparky,” I’m going to have to get between these two in two seconds if they go after each other…fantastic, that’s just what I wanted after getting out of the infirmary.

Nero glared at Andy and then his frown turned into a smirk. The glare in his green eyes fades into a kind and happier expression as he starts to laugh, “I like ya, you’re already in my book dragon boy.”

“It’s Andrew, Andy if you want,” I look at Andy to see him smirking himself as he rests his right hand on his hip, “You’re not too bad yourself there sparky.”

“Names, Nero, it’s nice to officially meet you other than just brushing by you while Sasuke was in the hospital,” Nero mentioned.

“Speaking of which, we should probably go see Sean before he tries to drag himself out of bed because of boredom and the fact that he can’t just keep moving like he likes to,” I comment.

“You said we needed to go and get your homework first,” Andy mentioned.

“I’ve been collecting your homework for you since Shiro collected your last batch of homework when you were in the hospital,” Nero said and I looked at him surprised, “We’re in a lot of the same classes this year, so I figured it would be easier on you if I got your homework too. Haven’t you been in the dorm yet? I’ve been leaving it on the table.”

“Actually, I don’t have my key to the dorm or my phone or wallet for that matter,” I sigh heavily, “I think I lost it all the day I was captured.”

“Are you sure you took it with you that day?” Nero rose a brow at me as he motioned for us to follow him in the direction of the dorms.

“I’m sure that I had them on me that day. I normally don’t leave the dorm without them, unless I overslept and I’m in a rush to leave for class,” I answered.

“Well, I know that your wallet and key have been sitting on the coffee table in the dorm for a couple of weeks now. I don’t know if Shiro’s been meaning to take them to you and keeps forgetting or what it is, but that’s where those have been. Is your phone on ring or vibrate? I can call it to see if it’s in the dorm. You sleep with it under your pillow right?”

“I do just in case, but I think it would be dead by now, so calling it won’t help. I’ll check my room when we get there. Thank you for picking up my homework Nero, I really appreciate it.” I smile a bit.

“It’s not a problem,” Nero said as the three of us walked the main road into the academy and then went off onto the trail that runs the tree line just on the inside of the academy. It didn’t take us long to make it to the dorm. The door was unlocked so the three of us wandered in.

Kyo came out of the kitchen with a cracker halfway in his mouth and five more in his right hand, “Oh, welcome back,” He greeted with his mouth full.

“Thanks,” Nero chuckled dropping his bag on the floor against the back of the couch.

“That was meant towards Sasuke,” Kyo’s voice is muffled from the cracker that he shoved the rest of the way into his mouth.

“Your room is right there Nero,” I comment looking over the couch to see my wallet and keys sitting there on the coffee table like Nero said they were.

“Eh, I wanna do my homework out in the living room today.” He said then went into his room.

“Andy, right?” Kyo stated after swallowing his cracker.

“Yep,” Andy nodded, “What’s your name again, I don’t think I was able to catch it.”

“It’s Kyo, simple and easy to remember,” He answered, “So, Sasuke, they let you out of the infirmary then?”

“Yeah, just can’t go back to classes just yet is all. I’m hoping mom and dad will let me go back by next week,” I said and took every other step to make it up the stairs faster, “I’ll be right back down Andy, I just have to see if my phone’s up here.”

“Alright,” Then he went back to talking with Kyo.

I go to my room and look around. Everything is like how I left it the morning that I was taken. I went right to my bed and slip my arm under the pillows to find my phone, but it’s not there. I sit up on the bed and look around the room. “There you are,” I mutter seeing it sitting on the edge of my desk that’s closest to my bed. I click the home button as it lays on the desk to see if it’ll turn on and it flashes that the battery is dead. “I figured at much, as long as I keep it with me it’ll get a bit of a charge,” picking up the phone and I slip it into my pocket. Batteries in phones work differently here than they do on earth. We don’t charge our phones with electricity, it charges by our energy itself. So, if you’re running low on energy, your phone’s not going to last very long. When your phone isn’t near you, it has about a ten-hour battery life before it dies.

“I found it,” I called down to them and headed down the stairs myself.

“Was in under your pillow?” Nero asked with a glass of orange juice in his hands.

“No, it was on my desk. I probably set it there because I had to pick something up and then left it there on accident. It’s all good now though. I should have enough energy to give it at least half a charge for today,” I answer going back to the coffee table and grabbing Sean’s book. “Andy, you ready to go?”

“What about your homework?” Andy mentioned.

“Now that I have my key I can come and pick it up on the way back,” I said.

“You coming back for dinner, I’m cooking tonight,” Nero stated.

“Not tonight. I’m sure mom and dad want me to have dinner with them,” I respectfully decline Nero’s offer, “I’m hoping that I’ll be back to the dorm in a few days. I’ll cook dinner when I come back. So start thinking about what you want me to make.”

“I think we can handle that,” Kyo and Nero say in unison.

“I’m good to go whenever you are,” Andy motioned towards the door.

“Alright, I’ll see you two later. Feel free to stop by the house if you want to.” I smile and wave, “I’ll catch you two later.”

“Later Sasuke, good to see ya again Andy,” Nero waved back.

“Oh, Sasuke,” I stop at the door when Kyo calls me.


“Shiro is working at the café this week with Aaron and Gil if you wanted to stop by there and say hi to him.”

“Sounds good. I’ll stop in there on the way back home. Thanks for telling me,” I nod and follow Andy out of the dorm and we go to the infirmary to visit Sean.

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