A Little Secret

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The Road to Recovery is Fucking Annoying

Chapter 50: The Road to Recovery is Fucking Annoying


“One more day here and then we’ll take you come so you don’t have to be stuck in the infirmary till you’re completely healed, okay?” Mrs. Kaisai asks me as she brushes some of my bangs out of my face.

“Thank you,” I smile sadly at her, “You don’t have to do that, though.”

“Of course, we do Sean. Just because we haven’t seen you in a while doesn’t mean that we’re just going to leave you to get through this on your own,” Mrs. Kaisai pulls me in and hugs me. Wrapping my arm around her I rest my head on her shoulder. She’s my aunt and yet, I can’t bring myself to say it. I’m glad that Sasuke hasn’t said anything and said he’ll let me say it when I’m ready. I just don’t know what to do. “I know this is a lot to take in,” She slides one of her hands up and down my back, comforting me, “But know that you don’t have to do this alone.”

“I know,” I mumble into her shoulder, I need to tell her. It’s not right that she doesn’t know and I’ve been here for almost a month now with not saying anything to her. "But, I feel like such a burden not being able to do anything. I'm not used to it. For almost a year I was taking care of Aaron and Gil, then I also took care of Sasuke. I tried my best keep them healthy, but I wasn't allowed to take them outside, and there’s only so much you can do inside,” My grip tightens on her shirt, “I just feel like a failure, they all got hurt and it’s because of me.”

“Sean, sweetie, none of them blame you, you did your best to protect them and they love you for that, you know that,” She pulled away from my and held me out at arms-length. Bringing her right hand up to my cheek she wiped away my tears that had yet to fall, “Your body is all over the place from what happened and it’s trying to get itself sorted out. If you keep thinking negatively, you’re never going to get better. You’re going to have to relearn things that were easy for you,” Her soft smile makes the tension and pain in my muscles disappear.

“I know,” I mumble, “I can’t let my thoughts bring me down. I guess with being stuck in here alone makes it difficult,” I sigh and Mrs. Kaisai runs her fingers through my hair, pulling my bangs out of my face then letting them fall.

“That’s why tomorrow you’re coming home. That way you will have Andrew and Sasuke with you. The two of them can get things for you and help you out,” She says.

“But he’s going to try to go to school tomorrow, isn’t he?” I question.

“Since when?” She rose an eyebrow at me, “Last time I checked he hasn’t been given the okay to go back to classes,” Oops, did Sasuke not tell them that he wanted to try to go back to classes? “Well then someone’s going to get a talking to when I get home.”

“Please go easy on him. He just wants to be with his friends again,” I can’t help but chuckle.

“I know dear, it’s just a precaution to make sure that he’ll be okay,” Mrs. Kaisai said.

“Why not have him go through a sparring match with Snowflake or another one of his friends?” Mrs. Kaisai looks at me surprised.

“I never thought about that,” She said and then lightly tapped her lips with her pointer finger, “I’ll talk to John about it. Now, you try and get some rest,” leaning forward as she sits up, she kisses my forehead before running her hands through my hair once more.

“I’ll try,” I smile up at her, though I don’t want her to go. I know she has things that she has to get done considering she’s a teacher at the academy.

“Good night Sean,” She smiles at me and stands up off the bed.

“Wait…” I grab her wrist so she can’t leave.

“What’s wrong Sean?” She asked.

“I um…I have something that I want to tell you.” I let go of her wrist and take a deep breath, “Do you remember how I wanted to know who my biological parents were?”

“Of course, I do,” She answered.

“I don’t know if Sasuke or anyone has told you yet, but…Chris is my biological father. Mr. Kaisai has the papers.”

“Oh, Sean,” I feel her arms around me again and she hugs me right, “Sweetie,” She hugs me tighter as I hear her voice crack. I wrap my arms around her again, “I’m so happy. I’m going to have a talk with John when I get home for hiding this from me. Oh, sweetheart, I’m so happy!” She said. We hugged for a few minutes and she kept grabbing my cheeks and kissing my forehead. “Tomorrow morning I’m going to come and get you okay? I know you’re allowed to walk around on crutches now, but you need to take an easy okay?” She warned me after she stopped crying.

“I’ll behave I promise,” I can’t help but smile back as she stands up once again and this time she leaves the room, leaving me alone once again. Sighing, I lay back down on the bed and stare up at the ceiling, “Being alone in this damn room sucks. I don’t care that it’s only been two days since Sasuke was released,” I grumble to myself, resting my left arm over my eyes. At least I’m not in as much pain as I was in a week ago when I woke up. But I used to be in such good shape and now look at me. I’m so pathetic.

“Evening,” Wait, I know that voice. I pull my arm off my face and turn my head in the direction of the voice.

“C-Chris?!” I stutter shocked to see him.

“You know, you’re lucky I stopped time. You said that loud enough to wake up the entire academy,” His eye twitched as he sat down on the bed by my feet. His hands are in his pockets and he smiles at me, “You look like hell.”

“Gee, I can’t imagen why,” My eye twitched and I relaxed again, “I thought I wasn’t going to see you again,” I said sitting back up.

“That’s a bit harsh to say to your own dad, isn’t it?” He chuckles, “I wanted to see how you were doing, I also promised to give you something,” I raise an eyebrow at him as he gets off the bed and reaches down on the floor for something.

“What?” He stood back up and held out a folder to me. It’s the folder with my name on it.

“I said I would give it to you,” I took the folder from him and laid it on my lap “What’s wrong? You wanted to look at it before, didn’t you? Or are you afraid I was lying to you?”

“No, that’s not it…” I answered looking down at the folder.

"Otto, Abel, and I are officially out of the ECU, so you don't have to worry about them being found out anymore if that's what's got you looking like you were crying," I look up at him then back down at the folder. “I added something to the folder for you,” I opened the folder and right on top was a picture. There’s a red-haired woman with deep chestnut brown eyes. making a shh motion with her finger and looking at the camera as a man with black hair that’s braided and is resting on his left shoulder is sound asleep holding onto her and his head resting on her chest, “It’s an old picture, but that’s Anna, she’s your biological mother. That’s back when we were dating and she was around nineteen-twenty.”

I just stared at the picture, “She’s so beautiful,” I mutter and finally look back up at him, “Thank you.”

“You deserve to know what she looked like. By the way, I heard a certain someone is going to be getting their own private instructor for their element training,” He smirked at me.

“Yeah, Mr. Kai…uncle John said that he would rather me do a one on one like Sasuke had. I don’t know why he’s doing this for me though,” I said and closed the folder.

“John always has a reason for doing something. Now, whether you get it out of him for as to why he's doing it good luck with that. But I have a feeling I know why he's doing it,” A small smile spread across his lips.

“And why’s that?” I rose a brow at him.

“It’s nothing to fuss over. But, I did hear who your instructor is going to be.”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“Of course not,” He smiled at me, “What would be the fun in that if you knew. Too bad I can’t be around to see your reaction to it.”

“Where are you going then?” I ask changing the subject.

“Don’t worry about it,” The smile he had quickly faded as he looked away from me, “I should get going though, I’ve already been here for too long. Someone’s going to pick up on my presence.” He pushed himself off the bed and took a stride to get closer to me and put a hand on my head. “It’s another chance at life, live it to the fullest. And I’ve gotta say, you look cute at seventeen.”

I instantly put on my resting bitch face as I look up at him, “I thought you had somewhere to be.”

He smiles down at me and pokes my forehead with his pointer and middle finger, “I’ll see you around Sean. Behave yourself,” I blink and he’s gone. I look back down at the folder that’s resting on my lap. Everything that Chris had on me while I was working there, is in this folder…do I read it now? No, I think I have my last tank healing in a bit. After that I’ll be exhausted so there’s no point. I’ll wait till tomorrow when I get the house to read it. I lean over and put the folder under the book Sasuke gave me to read. I hope no one notices it. I don’t have very many places to hide this. The only ones that know that I’m supposed to be twenty-one are Andy, Sasuke’s parents, Sasuke, Gil, Aaron, Otto, and snowflake. Maybe Kyo if snowflake said something. Oh, and that Zen guy. I don't think that anyone would tell the others without saying something me. At least I think they won’t, with how snowflake has been acting with me, no, no, snowflake is more respectable than that. He also has his pride. I wish I could get him to sit down and talk with me. I know I promised that I would fight him, but I want to explain things…maybe after the fight he'll get all the rage out and I can actually get him to talk with me. I want to clear the air with him. Sighing heavily, I stare up at the ceiling.

There are two knocks on the door and then the door opens, "Oh, good you're here," I look towards the door when I hear Aaron's voice.

“Hey,” I sit up again, “What’s up? I thought you said you and Gil were working at that café thing you told me about. Where is Gil anyways, I rarely ever see the two of you apart.”

“I told Gil I would meet him at the café, today’s our last day working there for the week anyways,” He came over to the bed and sat down, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m doing better. I would probably be better faster if I was out of this damn hospital,” I grumble, “But Mrs. Kaisai said that she was going to take me home tomorrow morning so I can mentally recover better.”

“That’s true, being in an infirmary can really weigh down on your mentally. It’s just not fun to be in here for extended periods of time,” He smiled at me, “Oh, dad got me a new Disney movie, do you feel up to coming to Disney night and watching it with all of us? It’s the first Disney night that we’ve had in a while. I guess they all stopped having the Disney night while Gil and I were away.”

“I don’t know if that’s the best idea,” I smile sadly and look down at my lap.

“Na, if any of them have something to say about it then they have me to deal with. And you know for a fact that Sasuke and Gil will back me up, so what do you say?”

“What about Andy? I don’t want him to be alone,” I comment.

“He’s welcome to come too!! I think tomorrow we all agreed to make some pizza’s.”

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow about it,” I answer.

“Sounds good.”

There was another knock on the door and Dr. Strife came into the room, “Sean, are you ready to go?”

“Sure,” I nod and look at Aaron.

"I should get going anyway, you're normally exhausted after your healing sessions, so I'll see you tomorrow," Aaron hopped off the bed.

“Sounds good,” He gives me a light high five and gives his mom a hug before he leaves the room.

Pushing the blanket off my legs I then swing them over the edge of the bed. Dr. Strife hands me the crutches and I put most of my weight on them and stand up, “You’re getting better,” She smiled at me.

“It doesn’t feel like it from time to time,” I answer truthfully as she holds the door for me so I can make my way out of the room.

“Don’t worry, after today’s session, you should be able to somewhat walk without crutches,” She comments, “I know that this had to be hard for you, but I promise you’ll be fine. Aaron said that you were really active so I can see how being stuck doing nothing can really bother you.” She walked ahead of me as we made our way to the tank room.

“I was, it would drive me nuts to have to sit still for long periods of time,” I answer.

“Look, look, it’s that human again,” I hear some higher pitched voice. I’ve heard that voice before. But where is it coming from?

“He’s looking better isn’t he?”

“Yeah, I would say so. He looked terrible when they first brought him in.”

“But I heard a lady is going to be taking him away.”

“Oh, boo, will he be back?”


“Sean,” Dr. Strife calls to me and I snap out of it and realize that I stopped walking.

“Hua?” I said like an idiot.

“You okay?” She asked me.

"I don't know if I'm going crazy or if I'm just hearing things," I answered.

“What do you mean? We’re the only ones in this section of the infirmary right now, well us and the fishes,” Dr. Strife explained.

“You sure? I swear I was hearing voices,” I adjusted myself on the crutches and started walking again, “I could just be crazy, that’s always an answer.”

Dr. Strife started walking again and we made it to the tank room. She held the door open and I made my way through the door and into the room. I heard the door close behind me. I went and sat down in the chair that’s in the room and set the crutches close by so I can pull off my shirt and shorts, that way I’m down to my boxers. Dr. Strife went over to the master board and clicked away on some buttons and then water drained out of the tank. Then the tank walls lift up and I stand up fast enough to grab the bottom of the tank to hold myself up as I get myself into the tank. My hands slide on the glass as it lowers once more and I’m sealed inside. Once I hear a clicking sound water begins to seep back into the tank from the floor. Slowly, it makes its way up my legs, waist, chest, and I float up with the water until I can no longer keep my head above the water and I’m completely submerged.

You can breathe underwater, you don’t have to hold your breath. I let go of the oxygen that I out of habit held in and let myself sink a bit.

“You’re getting better,” Dr. Strife’s voice was dull but I could still hear it, "It's a bit nerve wrecking at first, but it'll get easier the more you do it I promise,” She smiled at me as she came up to the tank.

“I hope so,” I comment, “How long are we going to have this session for?” The good thing about being a water elemental is that I don’t have to have a breathing apparatus attached to me and I don’t have to be chained down like I apparently was when I was first put into the tank.

“As long as I can go. I want to get you up and walking again,” Dr. Strife said and then began to move her arms in a spinning motion. A moment later my entire body started feeling like there were little pins and needles being lightly pricked against my skin. The pricing became faster until it just felt like a light buzzing from a tens machine. It was more so heavily concentrated on my legs. Keeping myself quiet as Dr. Strife concentrates, I eventually stop feeling the buzzing feeling altogether. Aaron's mom is really strong. She's been at this for a while now and she doesn't look like it's getting to her. Is she going to be my instructor? No, no, she can't be it. She's way too busy here, there's no way she could have the time to be able to train me in the water element. I just wish that I would have been told who it is. I really want to know. I’m sure the person is going to be a good teacher, Mr. Kaisai would never do something half-assed.

It felt like I was easily in the water for over an hour or more even before Dr. Strife took a five-minute break but she left me in the water so that the natural healing properties of the water could keep working on and in my body because of my breathing. This happened a totally of four times until Dr. Strife called it quits for the day. My legs were so wobbly from being in the tank for so long that after I was wrapped in the towel Dr. Strife had me sit in the chair until I could feel my legs. Once I could feel them again she had me try to stand up on my own. I could do it, but I only made it to the door and halfway back before my legs started to give out on me. It was a huge improvement from just a few hours before.

“I think what you need now is some food and then to get a good night’s rest. You also have to make sure that you take the pills I’m going to give you. They will help boost your systems and accelerate the healing process while you sleep,” Dr. Strife explained to me bringing me my clothes so I can get changed and then hand me the crutches I use them to get back to my room, but I don't have to heavily rely on them now. I'm so thankful for that.

"Dr. Strife, why are you going to such great lengths to get be back on my feet?" I ask as we make it back to the room and I make it back over to the bed.

“Because you protected my son as best as you could while he was captured. You also became a dear friend to him. I’ll do whatever I can to repay you for what you’ve done,” She answered with a soft smile on her face, "One of the nurses should be in shortly with some food for you. I'm going to go and get your pills," With that, she left before I could say anything else.

But did I really do anything that special for her to go so far to help me? I feel like I didn’t. I feel like I don’t deserve any of this. My friends got hurt because of the things I couldn’t stop. I look over at the book and folder that are sitting on the nightstand. The only thing I can do is become stronger, so I can try to protect them. But, they’re all prodigies, what would someone like me even be doing trying to protect a prodigy?

The door opened and I looked up to see one of the assistant nurses come in. She’s carrying a tray of food. It has orange juice, two sandwiches, and a cut up apple on it. I haven’t been eating a lot lately, but maybe the pills that Dr. Strife is going to give me will help with that as well. Let’s see if I can hold down this food considering I haven’t been able to hold down really anything other than liquids since I’ve woken up. The assistant nurse was pretty, she has burnet hair thrown up into a messy bun and matching brown eyes. She’s thin in her body structure, but you can also tell that she’s no slouch and she can be a person that can be easily underestimated it seems.

“Thank you,” I nod at her as I take the tray.

“Not a problem,” She said in a Brooklyn accent, “Let’s hope that you can keep this down.”

“I hope so too,” I chuckle sadly.

“A little birdy told me that someone’s going to be going home with the headmaster’s wife tomorrow.”

“Yeah, it'll be nice to have a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery," I nod and pick up a piece of apple from the tray.

“One can only spend so much time in here before it starts driving you nuts,” The girl giggles, “Dr. Strife will be back to check on you soon.”

“Okay, thank you,” I nod and she leaves me to try to eat my dinner. I ate the apple and make it through the first sandwich before my stomach starts turning in knots. Is it because I was out for so long where my body is still wanting to reject food. Come on, I just want to keep it down. I feel nauseous and I push the tray away with the last sandwich remaining on it. Taking deep breathes I lean back on my hands and dip my head back so I’m looking at the ceiling. This sucks so much.

I hear the door open, but I don’t move from my spot, “It looks like you were able to keep most of it down. It makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to eat a second sandwich with how you haven’t really eaten,” Dr. Strife said.

“I’m trying to at least. My stop feels like it’s doing flips and I feel sick,” I answer picking my head back up and sitting up straight.

“We’ll see how you do this that. I hope you didn’t mind getting peanut butter and jam,” She smiled taking the try off the bed and moving it to the counter by the sink.

"I don't mind. I like simple sandwiches if I can keep them down.

It fell quiet between us as Dr. Strife worked at the counter. She filled a small cup with water and brought over three small pills with the cup. She handed me the pills and then the cup, “Tell me, are you actually older than your body says you are?”

I hold the pills in my hands and look at them. They are three different colors all the same size. One's blue, one's red, and the third one is purple. Opening my mouth, I toss them back and swallow without the water's help. I stare at the cup in my hands, "I am. I was almost twenty-one, actually in about a month and a half I was going to be turning twenty-one before the experiment. The morning after my birthday is when Gil and Aaron showed up on earth. I was one of the one’s that captured them…” I just feel a heavy weight slam down on my shoulders, "It was me and Andy. I wanted to just talk to them, but Andy was impatient and used a device that sends out a high-pitched ring that immobilizes elementals. I was always nauseous whenever it was used. But it’s so strong it normally makes an elemental pass out. If you hate me, I understand. I was the one that put your son in the situation he was in. I’m the one to blame for not being able to stop them from having whatever the scientists did to them happen.”

“Sean,” I look at Dr. Strife and she’s not sad she has a calm smile on her face, “Everything happens for a reason. I can’t possibly be mad at you. You tried your best to protect them. Even if you were the one to capture them you didn’t do it by force, you said that yourself. You are a very good friend to Aaron, he was distressed that you were taking so long to wake up. Don’t blame yourself, you’re obviously a better person than you think you are. So, stop talking negatively about yourself otherwise it’s going to take you even longer to recover.”

She’s right, but I feel like I’m the one responsible for everything that happened to them. “I’m sorry Dr. Strife,” I apologize and look down at my lap.

“Don’t be sorry when there’s nothing for you to apologize for,” I look back up at her, “Not most people get a second shot, so you need to make the most of it and keep moving forward.” She headed towards the door and stopped when she placed her hand on the handle, “You have friends that will help you along the way and pick you back up when you think you can’t keep going. You’ve been doing the same thing for them without realizing it. And again, thank you for taking care of the three of them as best as you could. Without you there, I fear the three of them probably would have been killed. Those pills should be kicking in soon, if you don’t lay down now you may crash on the floor,” She chuckled and opened the door, “Good night Sean, I’ll see you with your discharge papers in the morning.” And with that she left the room, closing the door behind her.

I drink the cup of water that I’m still holding and get up long enough to put the tray on the chair that was close to the bed, then I crawl back into bed and get under the covers. It didn’t take long for me to feel drowsy and light-headed then I was out like a light.

The sound of grass rustling hit my ears as I open my eyes and look up at a clear blue sky. “I’m outside?” I mutter to no one.

“There you are Sean,” I heard a women’s voice call to me. I blink and someone leans over me. She has beautiful long red hair and deep chestnut brown eyes. She has a soft smile on her face and her eyes are kind and warm. She’s wearing a low-cut blue, shirt that was exposing a good bit of her cleavage and black capris, “What did I tell you about training for so long that you pass out?” She questioned effortlessly tucking some of her hair behind her ear just to have it fall back down.

"I didn't over exert myself, mom, it's just…" I stopped myself from talking. I just said, mom.

“Sweetie? What’s wrong?” My vision fills with tears as I look up at her, “Sean, sweetheart, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did you get something in your eyes?”

I shook my head and sat up, “It’s nothing,” I answer my voice cracking as I wipe away my tears, “What are you doing here?” I ask as she squats down to look at me better. She’s shorter than I am, even with me just sitting.

“I came to get you, we have to go visit your aunt and uncle today remember? Though you can be just like your father sometimes and things will slip your mind," She sighed giving me the look that I would give Chris.

“Um…mom…can we sit here for a bit first? I just want to enjoy the weather with you,” I ask her as she starts making a motion to stand up.

She stared at me and blinked a few times then her cute smile spread across her lips once more, “Sure, we have some time,” She sat down with me in the grass. “It’s always nice to sit back and relax from time to time.”

“It is,” I agree looking up at the sky and laying back down.

It’s quiet between us, but it’s not an awkward silence. “This is just a dream, isn’t it?” I ask her, breaking the silence.

“It is,” Her answer pierced my heart deep. “But, you shouldn’t let the fact that this is a dream get you down. You have so many people who love you and care about you. More than you think.”

I look over at her and she’s smiling down at me, “You never know, some day we may meet, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll be me.” It’s just my mind wanting to actually meet my mother. That’s all that’s going on here. This sucks, so much. Why did Chris have to give me that picture? My heart hurts so much.

“I know,” I mutter turning over to my side.

“So, don’t let anyone push you down. No matter what, I want you to always stand back up. Even if you think you can’t, you will stand back up and keep going. There are people who need you in their life, you can’t give up on anything. Keep getting stronger and grow with your friends and family,” I sit up as she starts to fade away.

“I’ll try,” I smile sadly at her.

“You better,” Her voice echoed as she completely disappeared from my sight.

Sitting there alone in silence I look up at the sky. It’s slowly disappearing around me, “I guess it’s time to wake up.”

I open my eyes and I’m staring at the ceiling.

“Ah, good morning Sean, I was just about to wake you up!” Mrs. Kaisai’s voice rang in my ears as my vision becomes cloudy and I feel a hot tear trickle down to my temple. “Oh Sean, Sean sweetie why are you crying?” Mrs. Kaisai asked me.

“I don’t know,” I lied as I brought my hands up and wiped away the tears that wouldn’t stop. I sat up and Mrs. Kaisai held onto me as I cried. I feel like she was taking it as all the stress of trying to recover and hating being stuck in bed has finally gotten to me. She waited till I was calmed down and then she handed me a tissue.

“Mrs. Kaisai, may I borrow you for a moment?” Dr. Strife popped her head into the door.

“Of course,” She nodded and picked up a backpack, “Sean sweetie, put your stuff in here. It’ll be a lot easier to carry,” She placed the bag on the bed and then left the room.

Getting out of bed I slowly make my way over to the bathroom without using the crutches. I’m going to have to take them with me I’m assuming. But the fact that I made it to the bathroom and back to the bed without falling means that those pills really worked well. I don’t know where they live now, but why do I get the feeling it’s going to be a bit of a walk. Shortly after Mrs. Kaisai comes back into the room with a small paper bag and a folder, “You’re standing on your own!” she exclaimed happily.

I chuckle and smile, “I am.”

“Okay, so these are your pills, you can only take them before you go to bed, and in the folder, are a list of exercises that Dr. Strife wants you to do every morning after you wake up until your pills are gone,” She explained to me and placed the folder and brown bag into the backpack. I zip it up and put both straps, “Sean I can carry it for you.”

“No, I’ve got it,” I smile at her and hold onto the straps with both hands, “So, can we go?”

“Crutches mister,” She pointed at them as they were still resting against the wall close to the bed.

I sigh and grab them and adjust myself so I was leaning most of my weight on the, “I hate these things so much,” I grumble.

“We’ll see how you feel when we get home. But I don’t want you suddenly falling to where I can’t catch you in time.” Fair enough, I don’t think I could properly fall so I don’t hurt myself right now anyways.

"Alright," I sigh as I leave the room with Mrs. Kaisai.

We head out the main doors with one of the nurses that walked us out. It was a long ass walk and we had to stop a dozen times because I was feeling dizzy. Mrs. Kaisai didn’t seem to mind.

"We have a surprise for you when we get back to the house," Mrs. Kaisai spoke up as I sat down on a bench. I guess we were almost there, but for benches wise, this was the last one so I was going to have to push it to make it to their house. The fucking academy was all hills and it feels like I've been going uphill the entire way so far.

“And what’s the surprise?” I ask looking up at her.

“Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, now would it?” She smiled sweetly at me.

I sigh and pout a bit, “I guess not,” I mumble standing up and grabbing the crutches. I adjust myself and the crutches and then we head back, “You know, I always thought that this place was in like a plains area when Sasuke told me about it. He neglected to mention that this place was all hill."

"He's just so used to the hills that he probably forgot about them," She answered as we headed up a long dirt driveway, "There's the house." I look up and at the top of the hill, there was a huge house. It has beautiful wood siding and large windows.

“Oh wow,” I mutter stopping just to look at it.

“It’s a lot bigger than the house we had on earth that’s for sure, but it’s very easy to navigate.”

“I’m sure I’ll get used to it fast,” I agree. I’m a little out of breath from the long walk, but we finally make it to the house and we go inside.

"Go ahead on in," She said and walked in with me. "Andy and Sasuke should be up by now. I, on the other hand, have to get back to the school because I have a class to teach in a half an hour."

“Okay, I’ll be fine. I’ll get them up if they aren’t up,” I smile at her.

“Now, don’t do anything stupid while we’re out. You need to take an easy. Just having you walk here was more than Dr. Strife wanted to you to do today,” She explained grabbing the bag that was leaning against the wall that was close to the door.

“I’ll try not to,” I chuckle, “So what was the surprised anyways?” I ask as she grabs the door handle.

"Get Andy and Sasuke up and they'll show you," She smiled sweetly, "I'll see you this afternoon." And with that, she closed the door behind her. When the door was completely closed, I stood up straight and put the fucking crutches against the wall.

“Fuck those things. My fucking hands hurt,” I grumble rubbing my palms, “SASUKE, ANDY, GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF BED AND GET DOWN HERE DAMN IT!” I yell as loud as I can.

I wait and here thumping of feet coming from what sounds like upstairs. By the sound of it, there was only one of them up. It didn’t even take a minute for Sasuke to come flying around the corner and collide into me with a hug, “Welcome home,” He muttered as I slowly put my arms around him.

“I’m happy to be here too,” I smile quietly, “Can we sit down though, I’m really tired,” I chuckle.

"Oh yeah! Come on," Sasuke let go of me and motioned for me to follow him. We went through the first archway on our left and there was the living room. It's about twice the size of their old living room back on earth. But, because it's more open it doesn't look at crowded. I went over to the couch, took off the backpack and sat down.

“How are you feeling?” He asked sitting down next to me.

“I’m feeling okay, I’m getting there that’s for sure. I feel a lot better than I did yesterday,” I said opening the bag and pulling out the brown paper bag. “I have to take these three pills every night until their gone. This fucking shit knocks me out so fast.”

Sasuke opened the bag and pulled out one of the glass bottles. There looks to be around maybe two dozen or more little red balls in the bottle, “They’re really tiny,” He comments.

“I know, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to dry swallow them with all three of them being that small.”

“Makes sense,” He nods putting it back in the bag and handing it back to me.

“It doesn’t mean that I want to sit around all day. I want to see the house and the yard.”

“I think I can do that.”

"Good morning," I look to the archway to the room and see Andy yawning and making his way into the room.

“Morning,” Sasuke and I said in unison.

“How are you so fucking awake right now?” Andy questioned going over to the recliner that was on the other side of the couch and plopping down into it.

“I’ve been up for over an hour now. I woke up early,” I comment.

“You’ve always been able to get up in the morning though,” He chuckled with a smile, but his smile was sad.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Hua? Oh, it’s nothing,” He shrugged me off.

“That’s bull, there’s something wrong, and I know it’s not from just waking up.”

“Do you want me to tell him?” Sasuke offered.

“No,” Andy instantly hissed as Sasuke and then sighs in frustration and leans forward in the seat, resting his elbows on his thighs, “I have to leave, tonight. My grandfather was finally able to get back to Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai.”

The air in the room feels heavy as silence falls between the three of us. I guess he did say that he was going to have to leave when I was up and moving, so I should have seen it coming. “Well, then we’ll have to make the most of it.”

“That’s true, you’re not leaving until dusk, and it’s really early, that means that there’s plenty of time to hang out,” Sasuke added in.

“Let’s not keep wasting sitting around,” I stood up, “Will you two show me the house? Oh, and I was told that there’s supposedly a surprise for me, but your mom had to leave before she could tell me.”

“I’ll show you the surprise as I show you around,” Sasuke said standing up himself.

I stand up slowly and once Andy is up on his feet too, Sasuke shows me around the house. About a half an hour of walking and stopping so I could take small breaks, along with snarky and sly comments later, we make it to the last room in the house. The house is fucking huge. I never expected them to have such a big house, but I guess this house has been passed down in the family for a few generations. Sasuke opened the door to the room and a bunch of stuff from my old apartment was there.

“We figured that you would want some of your stuff so Andy told us where your apartment was and we were able to get some things out before anything happened to them,” Sasuke explained to me.

“Dude, they have a pond and like a fucking master tree house that you can jump out of and into the water. The shit is so fucking sweet,” Andy added in.

I look around the room again, “You guys got a fair bit of stuff from my apartment.”

"Yeah, unfortunately, we couldn't get a lot of the big stuff here, I'm sorry about that," Sasuke apologized.

“Don’t be sorry, you got so much more than I thought I would ever see again. Thank you,” I smile and look everything. Then, my stomach growls and Sasuke starts laughing.

“Do you want something to eat?” He asked.

“Bro, I haven’t heard your stomach growl like that in a long fuckin time,” Andy laughs.

“I haven’t really eaten much because I’ve been having a real hard time keeping it down,” I grumbled.

“I’ll make something like for breakfast then, see if you can keep it down,” Sasuke offered and without me even agreeing to it he turned on his heels and went back towards the kitchen.

“How have you and Sasuke been getting along? Obviously, the two of you haven't killed each other," I looked at Andy.

“I fucking forgot that you had your growth spurt in our junior year of high school. You’re still fuckin’ taller than me,” He grumbled and I can’t help but smile and chuckle.

“That didn’t answer my question. Did his parents have to break up any fights between the two of you?”

“No, no they didn’t have to break up any fights. We bicker but go our separate ways if it’s getting too heated,” He answered, “I’m glad you’re up on your feet again. I’m sure it was fuckin ass having to stay in bed for so long when you hate sitting still.”

“It was ass that’s for damn sure. Fucking hated it with a damn passion,” I nod.

Andy looks back towards the kitchen, “Pipsqueak, I’m taking Sean outside to show him the pond.”

“Okay, I’ll yell for you when foods done,” Sasuke answered back.

“Sounds good,” Andy said and then we went around my stuff that they brought here and went out the door that was on the other side of the room, “You’re gonna have to get your shit outta there when you’re good to go and get it between your dorm and room.”

“I know, I know,” I grumble following him out. Even the fucking pond is on top of a hill, what the fuck? Is there even a thing as flat land around here? We walk up the hill and my eyes widen at the pond, it’s so big and calm. Not a ripple is on the surface. This must look beautiful on a clear night. On the other side of the pond there's a wall of trees and between three of them, there's a huge tree house and a dock that shoots off it above the water. “Oh, wow,” is all I can get out.

“Hehe, I know, right?” Andy commented as I squatted down by the edge of the pond.

“Look, look, a new human,” A high pitched voice said.

“Really? You sure it isn’t that dragon boy? Or the fire kid that can’t swim?”

“He’s right, it’s a new person,”

“Where the fuck are these voices coming from,” I mutter looking down into the water.

“What voices?” Andy asked me.

“You can’t hear them?” I look closer at the water and there are three fish that come close to the surface.

“He’s with the dragon boy.”

“Isn’t that boy a water dragon?”

“He is if I remember hearing correctly.”

“The new human is staring at us.”

“I wonder why?”

"Hi, person!!"

“Meme, he can’t hear you.”

I back away from the water, “Holy fuck, it’s talking fish,” I gasp and back away from the water.

“Talking fish?” Andy looks at me with a raised brow.

“The fish are fucking talking man,” I point at the water, “You’re a fucking water dragon can you not hear them?”

“Pfft, silly human, he thinks water dragons can hear us.”

“Only the royal dragons with a certain ritual can hear us. Does this boy no nothing?”

“But this means that the new boy can hear us!”

“I’ve gone crazy, absolutely insane.” I laugh sheepishly and lean back on my hands.

“Dude, you’ve always been crazy,” Andy laughed and I looked over at him to see him looking out at the water.

"I know that I think it's just gotten a hell of a lot worse," I comment.


"Guess that's our cue," Andy says and holds out a hand to help me up.

“Hey human, bring us food when you come back.”

“Yes, we’re quite hungry.”

What the fuck? Now they want me to bring them food? I take Andy’s hand and he helps me back up onto my feet. “Um, by Meme and other fish,” I wave at the water.

“Bye person! Remember bring us food!” Meme has a higher voice than the other two fish. Just how many fish are there in the pond?

“Bro, fucking stop talking to the fish and come on," Andy yells at me from halfway down the hill.

“H-hey, fucking asshole, wait up!” I chase after him, which was a bad idea, my ankle gave out on me because I was trying to run and I hit the ground and rolled down the hill right into the back of Andy’s legs and he tumbled down on top of me.

“Graceful as fuck Sean, graceful as fuck,” Andy groans as he lays across my stomach.

“You two okay?” Sasuke ran over to us and pulled Andy off me.

“We’re good, I was an idiot and tried to run,” I said sitting up, “Don’t tell your mom, she’ll kill me.”

Sasuke sighs and helps me up, “Then you better take a shower after your done eating and I’ll throw your clothes in the wash to get out the grass stains.”

“Okay,” I nod and the three of us go back into the house.

The three of us eat breakfast and I dig out some clothes from one of the bags that my clothes were put in and then Sasuke shows me the tub and what is hot and cold and where the towels are then left me alone in the bathroom. Just to be safe I opt to take a bath just so I don't fall in the shower from my legs randomly giving out on me. When I was done and dried off, I put on some of my old clothes they were so baggy on me it was kinda upsetting. But, since it’s hot outside I was able to wear a tank top and a pair of my gym shorts. I bring the towel and grass stained clothes downstairs with me and Sasuke shows me where the washer is and how to run it. Then the three of us sat and relaxed.

Time flew by and before we knew it Sasuke’s parents were home. Sasuke’s mom made some really good Japanese food. I think she called it yakitori, with onigiri. So, grilled chicken and rice balls. It was super good though. I haven't fucking eaten that good of food in a long time! During dinner, Andy and I told the Kaisai's what we've been up to for the past four years and before Gil and Aaron were captured.

“Oh, Mr. Kaisai,” I say.

“Sean,” He looks at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Sorry, uncle, I have a question,” I said and he looks at me to continue, “Do you have talking fish in your pond?” He blinks at me.

“No, Sean, we don’t have talking fish,” He shook his head. Uncle opened his mouth to say something when there was a knock on one of the doors.

“That sounded like it came from the back door,” I muttered looking over my shoulder.

“I’ll get it,” uncle says standing up from the table and left the room.

It fell quiet across the room as we listened, “Ah, Lord Vann, you arrived early, please if you would like come in.”

Vann…is it Andy’s grandfather? “Thank you Kaisai,” I deep voice said. That sure as fucking hell doesn’t sound like an old man’s voice. Uncle walked back into the dining room and he was followed by a man that stood nearly seven feet tall. He has deep orange colored hair with streaks of gray throughout it. He has broad shoulders and his defined muscles are on the edge of being that of body builders. His eyes are a piercing bright yellow and his pupils are slits like that of a lizard. His clothes are a very traditional style to it with variants of blues throughout his clothes. It's almost like a robe with the sleeves torn off, there are a deep blue sash and Chinese looking pants and simple slippers.

He looked down at me first. He wasn’t a harsh gaze, but it was a very stern one. Then his eyes locked onto where Andy was sitting across from me. I watched his gaze instantly soften. I look back at Andy and he’s just staring back. I kick him under that table, “Stand up idiot, that’s your grandfather,” I hiss at him.

Andy quickly stands up and bows slightly, "Hello, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Lord Vann," Andy said.

It was quiet in the room until Andy’s grandfather cracked up laughing, “I know I’m strict, but you don’t have to be so uptight boy,” I look back at Andy’s grandfather, “Andrew correct? It’s nice to me you as well. You look a lot like your mother.”

Oh, um, thank you,” Andy says obviously not too sure what to say.

“Lord Vann, I would like you to also meet my boys, Sean and Sasuke,” Boys? Why didn’t he just say Sasuke’s cousin? But, I guess it’s just faster to say that.

“I’m Sean,” I wave looking at him.

“And I’m Sasuke. It’s a pleasure to finally meet your acquaintance, sir," Sasuke added in.

“It is a pleasure to meet the both of you as well, “Lord Vann’s gaze shifted away from Sasuke, “Ah, Yui dear, you’ve grown so much. You haven’t fallen in any other rivers I’ve noticed.”

"No, no, I've been a bit busy with teaching children the beautiful history of the world to be able to visit one of your rivers, Lord Vann," she laughed lightly, “I’ll be sure to be more careful.”

“Good good. I am also sorry that I have not been to any of your festivals over the years.”

“Would you like to stay for dinner, we have plenty,” aunt Yui offered.

“That is very kind of you,” He said.

“Come, join us. You got here early so the least we can do is give you something to eat before you head back to your roost,” uncle commented and gave Lord Vann a small nudge.

“You’re too kind. It would be rude to decline a kind offer,” Lord Vann sat down in the chair that was between me and uncle John.

Uncle went to the kitchen and I heard some dishes clanking together and in the blink of an eye he was standing next to Lord Vann and setting a plate and glass down in front of him, “I hope you don’t mind chicken and rice.”

"Not at all," Lord Vann said and then looked at me as uncle placed some food on his plate, "So tell me, boy, what is your element, you give off a different aura than your brother."

“It’s water sir,” I answer quickly.

“Ah yes, I see it now. You are quite a strong one at that are you not? But you seem to keep most of it locked away. Tell me, were you injured somehow that is making your body react this way?”

Oh god, my head is fucking spinning. What do I say to him? I just need to come up with something. I’m getting over being very sick.”

"That would explain it then," He smiled at me and then he looks over at Sasuke, "And what about you boy? You seem to have contrasting aura's."

“It’s because I’m the fire prodigy, but I’m also a moon elemental,” Sasuke answers with a small laugh.

“If you continue with this conflicting aura’s it’s going to severely damage you, I would advise you to do something about it.” Ouch. What is that supposed to mean?

“I will sir, thank you for being concerned.”

With that Lord Vann went to talking between aunt and uncle along with Andy. Once we finished dinner and we helped clean up and then all of us walked up to the pond.

“I guess I’ll see you around,” I smile at Andy a bit.

"I'll try my damnedest to visit when I can," Andy said and the both of us hugged.

“Don’t be an asshole and actually listen to your grandfather,” I chuckle as I step away from him.

"I will, I will fuck who are you, my mother," He grumbles and then punches Sasuke lightly in the shoulder and messes up his hair, "I'm gonna miss picking on you pipsqueak."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll make sure to kick your ass anytime you ask for it," Sasuke smirked at Andy and pushed his hand off.

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Andy then shook hands with uncle and gave aunt Yui a hug. With one last goodbye, his grandfather took Andy by the wrist and walked into the water. A huge wave out of nowhere came up out of the pond and curled around Andy and his grandfather. When the wave crashed down back into the pond itself they were gone. One of my best friends leaves me again. At least this time I was able to say goodbye.

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