A Little Secret

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A New Ginger in My Life?

Chapter 52: A New Ginger in My Life?


“I don’t think this is a good idea,” I comment as Sasuke and I are walking towards my dorm.

“Sean, everything will be fine. I don’t know why you’re worrying so much. This is your dorm anyways so it’s good for you to know the layout of it.” I know he’s trying to make me feel better, but I don’t know about this. If snowflake is there I don’t want us to fight or anything. I know he could kick my ass right now with the condition I’m in. Plus, I don’t even know how to use my element other than breathing under water.

“If you say so,” I sigh heavily as we come up to a house that has the numbers 202 on the door.

Sasuke grabbed the door handle and held it open for me to go in first. My heart is pounding against my chest as I walk into the dorm for the first time. The front door instantly opens into the living room. The couch’s back is open to the rest of the living room creating a makeshift walkway. The love seat is adjacent to the couch with a small end table between the two. There’s another glass type television like the one that Sasuke’s parents have. The floor is hardwood and the lamp that’s holding the glowing moss is glowing that light blue that it does at the Kaisai house.

“You two made it!” I turn my gaze from looking around the room to a blonde with long hair that’s being held up in a high ponytail runs over to Sasuke and me. I’ve met him before. What was his name?

“Of course, we did. Thanks for pushing Disney night back a day. Yesterday just wasn’t the best day,” Sasuke’s smiling brightly as him and the blonde high five each other, “Where’s everyone else? I didn’t think we would be the first one’s here considering we were coming from my parents.”

“They’ll be here soon,” The blonde then looked at me with a huge goofy grin, “Do you remember me?”

“Y-Yes, but I can’t remember your name,” I look down at my feet and then I feel a pat on my head. I look back up see the kid smiling at me.

“It’s Jason. You better get used to it, considering we’re roommates now,” I blink a few times. How does he know I’m going to be living here?

“Sasuke told us,” Gil answered my unspoken question and I look over to see him walking into the living room with a cup.

“I’m so happy that we’re getting a new roommate!!” Jason exclaimed and took his hand off my head.

“Do you guys need help in the kitchen?” Sasuke asked taking off his shoes so I do the same.

“YES PLEASE!” Aaron yells from the kitchen.

“Alright, I’m coming,” Sasuke scoots off to the doorway that’s on the other side of the room.

“I’ll show you where your room is!” Jason spun on his heels and started walking towards the stairs. I follow him up and we turn to the left and walk to the end of the hall to an open door, “This is your room if that’s okay with you. You’re right next to my room, which is here,” He bounced over to the door that I was standing next to and opened it. I peeked in to see that he has a very organized room. The end of the bed was facing the door the window is right above where his head would be on the bed and that’s all I can see, but it looks like he keeps his room really organized.

“You can arrange the room however you like. If you need help the three of us will be happy to assist you with it,” Jay left his door open and the two of us walked into what will be my room for the dorm. The bed was placed in the middle of the room and there are two windows one of the left wall from the door and one on the opposite wall from the door. A dresser is on the right wall and there there’s another door that looks like a sliding door which leads to a small closet. It’s a decent sized room too, a little bigger than my old apartment bedroom.

“It’s nice,” I mutter looking around.

“Can I ask you something?” I turn to my left and Jason is staring at me intently.

“Sure,” I answer simply.

“How much younger were you to Sasuke to now be older than him? You didn’t arrive here when Sasuke and his parents permanently moved back here to Amoura, so I’m curious. And why would Sasuke want to not have his eighteenth birthday on the records and be seventeen for another year?” My heart starts pounding again as I continue to stare at the blonde whose happy smile his now a small frown and a very serious expression, “I have a feeling Shiro also knows something, but every time I bring it up to him he ignores the question. Then Aaron and Gil keep telling me to just ask you directly, so that’s what I’m doing.”

“I um….” I trailed off.

“And Gil and Aaron said that they know you from being captured. Why is that? Were you captured too or did you help capture them? Also, what was with the half-dragon guy Andrew? He told me he was your best friend.”

“That’s a lot of questions,” I laugh sheepishly and rub the back of my head. What do I do? Do I tell him? I mean, he’s going to be my roommate and what not. But how do I explain to him that with an experiment my body reverted to when I first used my element.

“YO BITCHES, WE’RE HERE!” A very loud male voice yelled breaking me out of my train of thought.

Jason smiled put a hand on my shoulder, “If you lie to me, I’ll snap you in half, kay?” How the fuck can he say that with such an innocent smile on his face. “Come on, let’s go see everyone,” With that, he happily walks out of the room with his hands behind his back, “Come on slow poke hop to it!”

“R-Right,” I stutter and follow after him and go down the stairs. I stop half way down when I make eye contact with snowflake. We just stand in our spots in silence.

“How are you feeling?” He was the first one to break the silence between us, but I can still feel in ice in his voice.

“I’m walking on my own,” I answer simply.

“Good,” He and didn’t break eye contact with me.

“I haven’t forgotten the promise I made you. I swear I will start running soon,” I look down at him.

“I’m tempted to make you slip down the stairs,” Snowflake comments and breaks eye contact with me and walks away from the bottom of the stairs, “But, I’ll hold off.”

“If you hate me just say it Toshiro,” I get down the rest of the steps quickly and stand there with his back to me. Jason, Nero, Sasuke, Gil, Aaron, Kyo, Hale, and Tate, they were all in the living room when I stopped Toshiro with my comment. Well, I might as well keep going, there’s no point in stopping now. “Yes, I was the one that let my anger get the best of me, yes I was the one to capture Sasuke. I was stupid and I shouldn’t have done half the shit that I did, but ya know what, if none of that would have happened, if I wasn’t a part of that damn organization, they would have been killed more than likely.”

“But how could they let a teenager work in a place like that?” Jason asked me.

“Why would you even join the E.C.U in the first place?” Nero questioned right after.

“It’s because he wasn’t a teenager back then,” Shiro answered first.

“I technically was, I was nineteen when I was offered to join the E.C.U. The reason why I joined…was because I was hoping for that low chance that I would be able to see my best friend again. I wanted to ask him why he left, what happened, why there was blood in his father’s office. I had so many questions and he was just gone, disappeared into thin air. Everyone else around me other than Andy forgot about him, like he never existed,” I gripped onto my shirt and stared intently at snowflake who’s finally showing a bit of surprise in his expression that I’m saying this in front of everyone. “Yes, I was one of the ones that helped capture Aaron and Gil. Yes, I completely snapped and let my anger took over when I saw Sasuke again and captured him as well. I feel like shit for doing it. But I did my best to make up for it.”

“Sean right,” Aaron spoke up, “If it weren’t for him the three of us would be dead or being controlled for some sick twisted experiments for a military reason.”

“We were still subjected to experimentations but not nearly as much as we could have been,” Gil also stepped in.

“As for the other question, everyone is probably asking themselves. Even Sean was forced into an experiment,” Sasuke said answering everyone’s unspoken question.

“But what was the experiment then?”

“To see if someone who was supposed to be an elemental would be able to accept the blood of another elemental and awaken that part of them once more,” Gil answered for me.

“But it had to be a specific elemental. It had to be a moon elemental with O negative blood. The blood of the moon elemental that has received the time element was the best option,” I continue to bring the attention back to myself. “I know, Sasuke can’t receive an element from his father because his dad’s a moon elemental as well. But my father is a time elemental himself. He and two others slipped into the E.C.U. My father taking the highest rank and be the head of the branch for the time being,” I let go of my shirt and let my hands fall to my sides, “But, I didn’t know he was my father until the day before we were going to be conducting the experiment. Christopher Zimmer, the younger brother to John Kaisai the headmaster of the school.”

“But the blood had to be drawn while the moon elemental is switching between elements. It’s most potent if the blood is drawn when the moon elemental is receiving the specific element. Once that happens there’s a twenty-four-hour time limit to get that blood into the recipient. Then the moon elemental has to switch into the element that was used in order for it to activate in the human. When that happens and the moon element blood activates it kicks into high gear and dives into the person’s DNA to find if they have ever activated their element in their life beforehand. If they have then the blood forces a change in the human to revert them back to the time that they activated it,” Gil explained as he pushes up his glasses a few times during the explanation.

“Sean looks how he does now because he did activate his element when we were back in high school. Andy really didn’t like me too much when we were in high school. He knocked me out and when I came to he was tossing me into the pool with my hand and feet bound. I couldn’t get out I can’t swim before he let go. So, I sunk to the bottom. Sean came in after me,” Sasuke looked down at the floor.

“I wasn’t going to leave him down there to drown, but I couldn’t breathe. Like an idiot, I let go of what air I had left and sucked in water, but I didn’t start drowning. I didn’t have time to question what was going on, I just knew it was giving me enough time to get Sasuke unstuck and get him back up to the surface,” I shrug and sigh, “But, we weren’t sure what was going on when I was in the E.C.U. When I was with Aaron and Gil at the pool, Andy and I got into a fight. I ended up slipping on the wet floor and smashing my face into the floor and rolling into the pool. I didn’t take a breath before I fell in, but I wasn’t drowning. Abel dove in and saved me. I broke the mold. We weren’t sure what was going to happen because of that, but my body only recorded the first time that I used it and not the second time. I don’t know why it happened, but it did. And then shit happened and now we’re here.” Everyone was silent as I stood there after I explained all that I could to them, “That’s pretty much it for who I am and what has happened. So, I guess all I can say is if you want to hate me for what I’ve done, then go ahead and hate me. But I would love to be given a chance.”

“Please, everyone, give him a chance. Shiro, I know that you and Kyo were there the day Sasuke was taken, but I promise Sean apologized for what he did and Sasuke forgave him for it. Sean kept all of us sane. We helped him with the homework that Mr. Zimmer would give him. He kept us moving and laughing. He’s a really nice guy, a bit rough around the edges, but who isn’t?” Aaron spoke up.

“It’s something that’s hard for us to prove to everyone, but believe us okay?” Gil pushed up his glasses and looked at snowflake, “And Shiro, Sean will keep his promise to you, if that spar is the only way that your willing to start to respect and trust him again then you know for sure he’s going to do what it takes to get his cousin’s best friend to at least be a mutual friend with him as well.” Is Gil reading snowflake’s mind? Just by how he said that…

“How about we watch a Disney movie and eat some food,” Sasuke suggested changing the subject.

“Yeah, let’s get this Disney night started!!” Jason exclaimed pumping his fists into the air. I can feel the heaviness in the airlift as the others begin talking again.

Some of them went into the kitchen. Jason, on the other hand, came over to me and nudged my arm with his elbow, “I’m sorry for threatening you earlier.” Jay apologized to me looking down at the floor.

“Hey, it’s cool,” I shrug my shoulders and give him a smile.

“You helped Aaron, Gil, and Sasuke, and protected them, I can’t be mad at you for doing that. Thank you, for what you did for them,” He looked up at me.

I shrug, “I didn’t do that much really. I just did what I would want others to do for me if I was in that kind of situation.”

“Come on you two, come get food before it’s gone,” Sasuke yelled at us from the kitchen.

“Coming!” Jay said and jogged over to the entrance to the kitchen. I walked there with my hands in my pockets.

After we all ate some pizza Aaron put on Mulan and Mulan II. I was a bit embarrassed, but they got me to sing along with the songs.

“I’m impressed that you know all the songs to these movies,” Kyo commented as he picked up his cup from the coffee table and took a drink.

“I know Disney. I would watch it by myself at my apartment from time to time,” I answered standing up and from sitting on the floor by the coffee table and walking behind the couch. I stop and lean on the back of the couch when I feel light headed and get tunnel vision.

“Sean, are you okay?” There was a bit of worry in Aaron’s voice.

“Yeah, just stood up too fast. I’ll be fine,” Maybe. The pills may be wearing off.

“Did you bring the pills with you?” Gil questioned turning around so he was looking at me.

“No, those damn things knock my ass out when I take them,” I answer locking eyes with him.

“Yeah, but you obviously start losing coordination when they start wearing off. Those things are getting you on your feet when you shouldn’t be. I wouldn’t push it,” He added. I know he’s digging through my head to see what the side effects that I’ve been experiencing are.

“I also have a hard time sitting in one spot for long periods of time, so it could also be that,” I shrug as a suggestion.

“Maybe we should head back home just to be safe. You’re not looking so hot anyway,” Sasuke points out. I know I’m feeling drained, but still, it seems like everyone is having fun and I don’t want to ruin it. Sasuke stands up and smiles at me as he stretches.

“It’s all good Sean,” Aaron said, “We normally only watch two to three Disney movies during Disney nights anyways.”

My shoulders slump a bit as I look at the two of them, “It’s okay, really,” Gil smiles up at me.

“I sigh, alright,” I give in.

Sasuke says his goodbyes to his roommates and makes sure that snowflake is still okay to have the sparring match with him tomorrow. I say goodbye to Aaron and Gil. Jason hugs me and quickly let go because my back cracked all the way down, not to mention it was stupid loud. I kept telling him it was okay and that he didn’t hurt me, but he was practically in tears because of the sound. When I’m able to get him to calm down I say goodbye to the others and try to shake hands with snowflake but he ignores me. That stings so much that he does that. But, I just put my hand into my pockets and Sasuke and I left.

We kept pretty quiet on the way back home. The pills were wearing off so we had to keep stopping. It got to the point though where Sasuke made me climb on his back and he gave me a piggyback ride to the driveway. I told him to put me down because the driveway is a bit steeper than the road getting up to the house. We walked in and the lights in the house were out. So, we used the light from our phones to lock the door and take off our shoes. As much as I want to take a shower I decide against it because I’m having a hard time standing without leaning on something. It was a challenge just getting up the stairs.

“Gonna take a shower in the morning?” Sasuke asked me and I nod.

“I’m just going to take my pills and go to bed. It’s been a longer day than I thought and it’s getting to me now,” I can feel it, my entire body is sore from all the walking and carrying things up and down hills.

“Alright, goodnight Sean,” He gives me a light high five and then heads off to his own room.

I drag myself into mine strip down to my boxers, take my pills and pass out in bed. I wake up to the sound of someone walking around in the hall. I don’t move from my spot on the bed. I can feel the damp spot on my pillow with my cheek. Son of a bitch, I drooled last night. And why do I feel like I have a hangover? Is it because I just passed out from exhaustion? Ugh, I should get up, but I don’t want to. I roll over onto my back when I hear a buzzing sound come from the floor. Did I leave my phone in my shorts last night? Reluctantly, I get up and dig into my pockets and find my phone. Pulling it out as I sit on my legs I unlock my phone and look to see why it vibrated. It was a number that I didn’t know. Aaron, Gil, and Jay gave me their numbers between movies last night.

Hey, Sean! It’s Abel. I got your number from John. I was hoping that we could meet up and chat a bit. I was thinking about one or two, that way you can do what you need and we can grab lunch.

Before even answering Abel, I save his number into my phone, “He could have just called for crying out loud.” Once I do that I click on the message once more and touched the reply button. I’m fine with that. Did you have anything in mind?

Getting up onto my feet I wander over to my dresser and pull out a pair of pants that I got yesterday and a plain black t-shirt. When I grabbed some socks my phone buzzed on the dresser. Unlocking the phone again I read his message. What about the Cosplay café? I haven’t been there in a few months and I want to see what their theme is for this week.

Oh right, that’s the café that Gil and Aaron are working at. Isn’t Jay supposed to be helping them today? I’m fine with that.I went there yesterday with Sasuke so I know where it is. This week’s theme is just maids and butlers. Fucking spell check is fucking amazing. So fucking glad they have it here for phones. I hit send and slipped the phone into my pocket, put my socks on then left my room to do my normal morning routine.

It was quiet in the house and when I got down to the kitchen there was a note on the table from Mrs. Kaisai.

Hi sweetie,

Sasuke is going to his classes that don’t involve physical activity today. No dear, you don’t have classes on Sunday’s, today is just the day that his teachers picked for him to be able to make up some class work~ He’ll be having a match against Toshiro this afternoon. It’ll be in the back yard. Don’t do anything too strenuous and take an easy today. You did a lot yesterday and by what Sasuke told us this morning it sounded like it hit you pretty hard. If you could feed the fish in the pond I will make you whatever like for dinner tonight. Oh, and John said that you’re welcome to start taking stuff to your dorm if you would like to dear.

Love auntie.

“Well, that explains why it’s so quiet,” I look away from the note and pull out my phone to check the message. But that doesn’t explain where they went.

Ah okay, so one of their more basic ones. At some point, they’ll do their actual uniform for the café. But anyways, I’ll see you around 1:30.

Sounds good. See ya then. I locked my phone again after the message sent and slipped it back into my pocket. “Might as well go and get that done with now. I’m sure they’re probably up and hungry.” I sigh. I swear me hearing the fish is a side effect of these pills. Maybe I should go see Dr. Strife today and ask her if that’s one of the side effects. Going out the back door I head up the hill to the shed that Sasuke showed me and grabbed some of the fish food then when to the pond. But, she did say that it was new, so maybe she doesn’t have a list of side effects and I’m just a guanine pig.

“Human!!” An orange and white koi fish that seems to have a knack of showing up first. Meme, as the other fish, call her. Came up close to the surface when I threw the first handful of food into the water.

“Morning Meme,” I smile down at the fish and squat down at the edge of the pond, “And it’s Sean.”

“Sean! You brought food! And I did not ask!! You just came with it! GASP!! Can you read minds??”

“No Meme, I can’t read minds. I can apparently somehow talk to fish though. I swear it’s a side effect of the pills that I’m taking.”

“What are pills? Are pills food? Are pills good? Can I try them? If they are food then I will eats them! Even if they are not the foods I will try to eat them.”Dear fucking god this damn fish.

“They aren’t food and you can’t have them. They are what’s helping me move around like I am now. If I didn’t have them I would still be on crutches or stuck in bed,” I throw another handful of food in as the other koi come up and begin eating as well, “Hey Meme.”

“Yes human??”


“No, I am Meme, you are Sean.”

“That’s not the…never mind, I’m not arguing about this. I was just wondering if there was anyone else that can talk to fish other than other animals.”

“My boy, Meme is not the best fish to ask that question to in the pond.” A deeper voice came from a black and orange koi that swam up to the edge of the pond where I’m sitting.

“Any you are?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“I am Pongo, I am the oldest koi that resides in this pond.”

“Pongo, Pongo, I can answer the question! Please let me answer it!!”

“I personally don’t care who answers the question. I just want to know if I’m insane or not.”

“Boy, no matter how you look at it, you are talking to fish. You will always look insane what you do so. Besides, are you not the son of Kaisai?”

“I’m not his son, I’m his nephew. Chris is my father,” I answer this fish named Pongo.

“Either way, have you not peered into the thing that you humans call books? I am sure that one of them has your answer. But, I shall answer your question for you.”

“Humans like you normally can’t talk to us. Most other species can’t talk to us either unless they are an animal themselves. Even still, there are select animals who can understand us. Such as water dragons can hear us. But they must be direct descendants of the royal family.” Now a third koi has joined the conversation. It has a male type voice as well and is black, white, and orange.

“Charlie, you stole my thunder.” The black and orange fish Pongo seemed to grumble.

“You were taking too damn long.”

“Sean Sean, what is a book? Can I eat it?” Meme asked me as the other two fish began to argue. I blink slowly at her and throw my food into the pond.

“You can’t eat books. But they do have god stories and information in them,” I smile at the water. I’m sure one of them has the answer…but would it? I jump when I feel my phone vibrating. Who’s calling me? I pull my phone of my pocket and answer.

“Hey what’s up?”

“Heeeey, what are you up to right now?” It’s Aaron.

“I’m just sitting by the pond feeding the fish, why?” I answer tossing the rest of the food into the water and standing up.

“Well, I was wondering if you would want to come and help out at the café today. We’ll help you move your stuff into the dorm after!”

I walk over to the shed and put the can away, “I mean, I haven’t really packed or unpacked anything yet, so I would have to do that to figure out what I want to bring with my to the dorms,” I start heading down the hill back to the house, “I’m not a student yet though, I haven’t taken the placement exams, is it okay for me to work there?” I’m not against the idea or anything. It actually seems kinda fun.

“You can work here. You have a student ID, and Mrs. Manson is really laid back. We’ll pay for your outfit. You can pay us back later!”

I sigh as I open the door to the back of the house, “Fine, I’ll get some shoes on and make sure I have my ID on me before I leave.”

“You’re the best! We’ll see you soon!!” He hangs up.

I guess it’s a good thing Andy’s not here. He probably would have been roped into this too. Getting around my things I look at it. That’ll have to wait till later. I’ll just leave a note under Mrs. Kaisai’s just in case they get back home before I do. I run back upstairs grab everything from my shorts from yesterday, then back downstairs I grab a glass of water quick just so I’m not dying when I get there, and finally go to the note on the table and jot down that I’m helping out at the cosplay café and that I don’t know how long I’ll be there. Once I finish the note and curse myself for my bad hand writing, I go to the door slip on my shoes, make sure my keys are on me and then I’m out the door. Do I run…will I get yelled at for running? Fuck it. I pick up my pace as I head down the driveway and when I hit the bottom I turn on the balls of my feet and jog down the road so I can get into town faster.

I stop when I have to in order to get look both ways for anything coming before I run across. I’m breathing heavy when I see the café in sight. Slowing down to a walk I take a couple of deep breaths and get myself to calm down before I make it to the café. The sign on the door still says closed. I stop and pull out my phone to text one of them that I’m here.

“You look like you ran. You didn’t have to run,” Gil’s soft tone hit my ears. I look up to see his hair slicked back and a thin black hairband holding it back exposing both his eyes. But other than that, he was in a pair of tight black slacks and a plain white tank top.

“I jogged and it kinda sounded like Aaron wanted me here right away so that’s why I jogged,” I answered.

“Yeah, we don’t open for an hour. But it’s okay that you got here early, it means that we can get you dressed up properly,” Gil motions for me to follow and him and we go to a side door that’s close to the back of the building. The room that we entered into was pretty large. Jason and Aaron as getting on white button up dress shirts. Aaron’s hair has been slicked back and seems like it was gelled to stay up. Some stray hairs have fallen back in front of his face. Jason’s hair is up in a high ponytail and with his bangs still out but on both sides of his hair are three braids that lead up to the ponytail.

Before I get into the outfit that Gil got for me I pull everything out of my pockets and set them down on the bench. As I grab the black slacks I unlock my phone and click on the messages icon. Pulling up Abel I let him know I’m helping out at the café today so he can get here whenever he wants after it opens. Then one at a time I get on the butler outfit. Gil has me sit down and on the bench and he combs back my hair like Aaron’s. Telling me to stay put he goes and get’s something and when he comes back he has a black pencil that looks like eyeliner.

“Why do you have eyeliner?” I question.

“It’s a new pencil, don’t worry. Mrs. Mason get’s us make up to help with some of the cosplays she wants us to do. I’m just going to put some under your eyes…wait…are you opposed to wearing colored contact?” He asked pushing up his glasses.

“I’ve never tried them before, so I guess there’s a first for everything.” I shrug, “Why?”

“Because, I know you have a lighter brown color for your eyes, but honestly giving you either gold or blue contacts would really contrast against all this black. Even if it’s just one of your eyes it would look cool. I’m going to go ask Mrs. Manson if we have any.” Gil left me quickly before I cold protest.

I snap my attention to Aaron and Jay as I hear them giggling. How long have they been watching? Gil comes back with a small box and hands it to me. “Do you think you can get it in on your own? It’s for your left eye.”

“You just don’t want to be alone with the mix match eyes, do you?” I smirk a bit taking the box from him and opening it up. It’s a golden eye contact. Popping the case, it’s in open I pull down my lower eyelid without a mirror and put it in my eye.

“Exactly,” Gil smiles at me as a blink at times then look up at Gil. The contact is resting comfortably on my eye and I don’t even feel it. Once Gil seems satisfied with how I look he lets me stand back up. The three of the run down the menu with me and the greeting that we’re using. Apparently, they needed me because the girls couldn’t make it today so they were down three people and on a weekend of all days.

Once they feel like I’ve got it down they open the shop and within ten minutes the first couple of people come in through the door. The small group of three that I got I apologize to them that I’m new and asked them to bear with me. They were perfectly fine with me taking my time considering I didn’t really know the menu. The three girls kept whispering when I walked away from them to go and get their drinks.

“Gil, can I ask you something?” I ask him as Mrs. Mason helps me and makes the gelato considering I haven’t really learned anything.

“Shoot and I’ll answer on the next time we pass each other,” He said placing a glass of orange juice, apple juice, water, and a black cup of coffee on his tray.

“Have you read the Basic of the Elements? If you have, do you think you could run through the elements and tell me if any of them have an ability to talk to animals in general? I think water does, but I’ve been a mess and can’t remember.”

“Got it,” He nodded picking up his tray, “All pass the question onto Jay and Aaron if I pass by them first. We’ve all at least read a small chunk of the book because of our own elements.” With that, he carries his tray out to the table.

I grab my tray that has the girls drinks on them and brings them to the table. They were happy with their drinks so I went off onto the next couple of people who came in. I’m surprised with how many people were coming in on a Sunday. I figured today of all days people would want to sleep in. The people kept us busy. Thankfully at about two, there was no one in the café. I was leaning against the bar, Jason and Aaron were sitting down at one of the two-person tables and Gil was resting his head on the bar close by me.

The door jingles and I sigh under my breath as I look at the door, “Please don’t get up on my part,” Abel chuckles sticking his hands in his pockets as he lets the door close behind him and he comes up to the bar, “Don’t you boys look sharp,” He smirks when he looks at me, “You look like your father with your hair slicked back like that.”

“Do you want something to drink?” I looking at him.

“Just a water is fine. Remember I wanted to have a chat with you,” He poked my forehead.

I stand up and go around the counter. Mrs. Manson ran out to go and get some more coffee beans, so it was just us boys that there here. I at least knew where the cups were so I could get him some water. I set the glass of water on the counter and push it towards Abel. “How have you boys been? Keeping up with your classes?”

“Trying to catch up yes,” Gil laughed lightly pushing up his glasses.

“I’m doing good!” Jason chirped.

“That’s good. You three have a lot to live up to,” Abel grabbed the glass of water and pulled it closer to him.

“Oh, Abel,” Aaron spoke up.

“Hm?” He asked taking a drink of water.

“Sean asked us if there was an ability that could talk to animals. Do you know of any of the elements that can do that? Sean says that he thinks he remembers one being in water, but he doesn’t know what it’s called,” Aaron said and Abel started coughing from swallowing the water.

Gil went to pat Abel on the back to help, but Abel put his hand up before he hit his chest a couple of times, “Ugh, wrong pipe,” Then he looked at me, “You’re not hearing fish by any chance, are you?”

“Um…yes, one of the coys in the pond Meme, likes to talk a lot. I think it’s a side effect of the meds that I’m taking, though,” I answer and Abel just stairs at me.

“Sean, I don’t think it’s your pills. Dr. Strife knows what she’s doing with those types of pills. What you have is called ultrasound,” He comments setting the glass down. I rest my cheek on the palm of my left hand as I lean on the counter.

“That’s right, ultrasound is the rare trait of the water element, isn’t it?” Jay speaks up.

“It is. The prodigy of the water element is the only one with that trait,” Abel answers and they all look at me.

“That makes sense now,” Gil gasped and I blink at him.

“What makes sense Gil?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“That’s why you were able to break the model of those who were supposed to be elementals, but didn’t become one. It’s because you’re the water prodigy,” He explained.

“Let’s not jump to irrational conclusions Gil,” I can’t be the prodigy, there’s nothing that’s special about me in the slightest.

“That’s so awesome!!” Jay exclaimed and he jumped out of his seat.

“I’m not the prodigy. There’s no way I can be one,” I retort.

“You totally are Sean!! You can talk to fish! That’s so fricking amazing!” They kept at me even though I still think I’m not the prodigy and it’s just a fluke that I can talk to fish. But Abel and I talked for a bit.

“Was there something important that you wanted to talk to me about Abel? Considering we were originally going to come here to chat,” I asked hoping to change the subject.

“Oh yeah, I want you to start running again. You seem to have a handle on being on your feet for long periods of time again. So, now would be a good time to start building your stamina back up.” He answered.

“Can I start swimming again?”

“Not yet. After your placement exam, we’re going to go to the pool. Knowing that you’re the prodigy, it’ll make it easier for us to have you swim in a pool than in the pond at the headmaster’s house that I was originally planning. So, we’ll just go to my house. I have a pool, it’ll be best to start there.”

“You own a house?” Gil questioned.

“Well, I have a roommate. Torin, he’s one of my friends, and one of the people that I work with.”

“What else do you do?” Aaron questioned.

“I help with research, but when headmaster asked me to look into where Otto was disappearing to I got wrapped into the E.C.U. to figure out what was going on. So, I missed a good chunk of the last research trip that Torin took.” Abel responded happily.

We tried to get out of him what type of research he does, but he continued to avoid the question. Abel stayed and talked with us until some more people came in. One at a time we took a lunch break so we could get off our feet. At least it seemed to stay busy for the rest of the time until we closed up for the day. Helping Mrs. Manson clean up she gave everyone our pay. Jason, Gil, and Aaron were given money for the week and I got paid for today. Once we were done the four of us went back to my aunt and uncles house.

“Shit, that’s right, Sasuke and snowflake were sparring today,” I sighed heavily my shoulders slumping.

“It’s okay. It was probably best that you were with us for the day. Besides now we can help you move into the dorm!” Aaron slapped my back. I think everyone can tell the tension that’s between snowflake and me.

“Thanks for the help,” I smile.

The four of us get into the house. Sasuke, snowflake and my aunt and uncle are already back inside. By the sounds of it, Sasuke passed his match just fine so he’s able to go back to normal classes tomorrow. And uncle was nice enough to help us move some of my stuff to the dorm after we had dinner with everyone. Snowflake didn’t talk to me at all throughout dinner. I need to pull him off to the side and talk to him soon. I’ve gotta try and do that soon. I really don’t want things to keep going the way they are now. After talking with aunt and uncle they let me spend my first night in the dorms.

It wasn’t that bad. The bed was comfy and I spend the next two days unpacking and organizing my room. I didn’t really come downstairs. I honestly didn’t really see any of them. I got up at five in the morning to go for a run and by the time I made it all the way around campus Aaron, Gil, and Jason were all gone to class. I just start cleaning the dorm while they’re gone and wear myself out. I went upstairs to my room after I was done, take a shower and lay down on my bed to relax and read. I fell asleep with the book on my chest. I didn’t mean to, but when I woke up it was pitch black out and I couldn’t tell if there were any lights on in the dorm. Using my phone as the light I make my way to the bathroom and then go downstairs and get a very small bit of fruit to eat then I go back upstairs and take my pills so I go back to sleep.

I feel so groggy in the morning when I wake up with taking these damn pills. Today was the day of the exams. It took place at noon so I had time to run and get ready for it. It seems like everyone is in the dorm so I quietly leave and only run half of the campus instead of the whole campus. When I get back Aaron and Gil are down in the living room and seem to be watching a movie.

“Aaron, Gil,” I say their names shutting the door behind me and slipping off my shoes before going the rest of the way into the living room where the two are relaxing and watching a movie.

“What’s up?” Aaron asked peeking over the back of the couch.

“I have to go to lecture hall three in the science building in the morning. Which one is that?” And why are you two not in classes?

“If you want, we can take a walk and show you,” Gil offered, “We’ve watched this movie a bunch of times so we know what happens, and it’s not like we can’t come back to it later. Also, we have afternoon and evening classes today, that’s why we’re not out.”

“How are you feeling by the way?” Aaron asked.

“I’m feeling fine, I’ll be taking my last pills tonight,” I answered with a small smile and leaning on the back of the couch.

“You’re finally going to be allowed to go swimming, today aren’t you?” Gil questioned and I look at me.

“I am, is it really that obvious?” I rose a brow at him.

“It’s written all over your face that you just want to be allowed to swim again,” Gil chuckled

“Yeah, not to mention you sat in the tub for a good hour last night,” Aaron added in.

“You’re not helping,” I glare at Aaron and he starts laughing.

I hear the door open and look over. Our other roommate, Jay came into the house.

“Sean, you came out of your room!” His long blonde hair bounces slightly with the excitement in his voice. I’ve been in the dorm for about three days now. Mr. Kaisai said that it would be best since the placement exam is taken on campus and this is where I would be spending most of my time.

“Yeah, Sorry about that.” I smile at him and rub the back of my head, “I didn’t mean to not be around the dorm. I just kinda passed out after cleaning. “But, on the plus side after the placement exams, I’m going to be starting my training!”

“That’s great! We’re totally going to have to have a sparring match! I want to see just how strong you are.” Jay exclaimed. Though, I haven’t told snowflake that I’m running. I at least want to see if I can do some basic moves before I get my ass kicked.

“Um…” I laugh sheepishly patting the back of my head, “I look forward to it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you, since your new and all,” Jason smiled at me. Why the fuck does that sting hearing him say that.

“You better not,” Spills out of my mouth without me even thinking. Jason blinks at me surprised, “Don’t hold back, if you hold back then how am I supposed to know how strong you are so I can beat you one day?”

He stares at me for a solid minute without saying a word then a smile spreads across his lips, “I knew you were going to be fun from the first day I met you!”

I can’t help but chuckle, “So, where is the lecture hall?” I question looking between the three of them.

“Which one?” Jay pokes my arm.


“Oh! I’m in lecture hall four! I can take you there. Just let me grab an apple and we can head out. I have to go to my next class shortly,” With that Jay spun around me and went into the kitchen.

“Are you two going to come to?”

“I think you and Jay should go. You’ve hung out with us a lot. Why not get to know Jay a bit more. He is one of your roommates now,” Gil has a point.

“Alright. What are we going to do about dinner anyways?”

“We’ll think about it and if anyone has an idea we’ll text the others, how does that sound?” We agreed to Gil’s suggestion as Jay came out of the kitchen with his canteen and an apple.

“Ready to go?” Jay looks at me.

I pat down my pockets on my shorts, “Hold on, I have to go get my ID and a pen,” I run up the stairs and to my room. Thankfully my ID is sitting on my dresser so I snatch it and got to my desk and grab a pen and a pencil then head back downstairs, “Bye guys.”

“See ya later,” They said in unison, “Oh and Sean,” I stop with the door handle in my hand, “You control your element with your heart, not your mind.” Why is he telling me this? Is it just a heads up for later after the exam?

“Got it,” I nod and close the door.

“Question,” I say to Jay as we walk.

“Answer, daily double,” I snicker at his comment.

“How many of the prodigies are there right now?” I ask Jason.

“SWATCH IT!” I turn to hear a warning, and it was meant for us. My body just reacts and I catch the person that came flying at us. From the momentum of the person had I end up slamming into Jay and we slide back a couple feet to a stop. I look at the person who’s back is pressed against my torso and sandwiching me between them and Jay. The kid has bright orange hair that’s about a medium length and flattish that’s just barely touching his shoulders.

“You okay?” I ask the kid and he looks at me with pale green eyes.

Quickly pushing away from me he frantically waves his hands in front of his body, “Aam sae sorry. Ur ye okay? Ah, didne hurt ye did ah?” Wow, that is a thick fucking accent. I know he said sorry and if I’m okay. Did he ask if I was hurt? I think he did. Why am I answering myself?

“I’m all good,” I get off Jay and notice that it keep us up he made wedges under his feet with the earth. I look at Jay, “You alright?”

“Pfft, it’s going to take a lot more than that to hurt me,” I look back at the ginger kid.

“We’re all good. But why were you flying through the air?”

“HEY, YOU LITTLE GINGER FUCK, WHO THE FUCK SAID YOU COULD FUCKING BE A GOD DAMN LIGHT WEIGHT AND GO FLYING AFTER A LITTLE HIT LIKE THAT?” The epitome of don’t skip leg day of a guy came storming over towards us. The guy was all muscle in his arms and chest, but when you look at his legs they look like twigs.

The ginger boy spun around to look at the man that was walking towards us, “Ye cannae treat a kimmers loch ye waur. She clearly didne want anythin’ tae dae wi’ ye sae ye needed tae lae ’er aloyn.”

“Ya know what pisses me off more? The fact that your accent is so thick, I can’t fuckin understand a word that you just said pipsqueak,” The man snickered. He got within ten feet of us and Jay and I stepped in front of the ginger boy. “Ya two got a death wish or somthin’?”

“No,” I answer simply.

“But I think you do,” Jay comments.

“Ya think I’m afraid of two twigs like yourself?” He stood a foot away from us, “I’d like ya see ya try.”

You control your element with your heart. Is this what Gil was talking about? I look down at Jay’s canteen and he notices. He hands me his canteen.

“Just so you know, there’s no fighting on the streets allowed, but I’m sure that if we explain to the headmaster why there’s someone whose been beaten to a pulp he’ll understand why,” Jason comments with a smirk and a hint of excitement, “Tell me dude, are you new to Amoura?”

“I started a couple of months ago,” He said confidently.

“What’s your element?” Was Jay’s next question.

“Metal,” The guy snickered.

“So, then you must know who the prodigy of the metal element is right? Kyo Grim,” I notice the slight shift in Jay’s body and I look down at his feet. At the same time, he turned his right foot and the guy who was threatening the ginger standing next to me spun in his spot. Looking up at the same time Jason lifted his foot he kicked the guy in the back so hard he went flying about five feet and then slammed into the ground face first before flipping over. Two quick motions with his hands and rock cuffs clamped around the guy’s ankles, wrists, and forearms. Jason walked around him and squatted down to get a better look at the kid, “Yeah, your elements prodigy is my older brother, and on top of it, you picked a fight with the earth prodigies friend. Think before you decide to open your month.”

“There’s no fighting on the main streets of the academy. A prodigy of all people should know this, especially one as well-known as yourself Jason.” A new male voice that I’ve never heard before said. I look over to see a man who probably stood around six foot six inches in height, with burnet hair brushed over to the side like the wind has been blowing and the sides of his head are shaved with what looks like deeper shaved areas by his temple and he has gray looking eyes. He’s wearing a green tank top that has only one tarpon the right side with what looks like legend of Zelda ruins running around the top and bottom of the tank top. Then he’s also wearing a purple tank top under the green tank top that’s longer than the green one. Blue skinny jeans are tucked into dark blue boots that come up to the middle of his shins, and he has three wristbands on each wrist with an empty chain necklace.

“The kid started it,” Jason commented standing up.

“I don’t care who started it, you know better,” The guy then looked at me and the ginger, “New?” I nodded, “I’m your instructor for the placement exam. You better come with me, I don’t like tardiness. If you walk in late you’re getting points deducted for every minute you’re late,” The man then looked back at Jason, “And don you have a class you need to get to?”

“It’s in the same hall,” Jason said to the man, “Torin, it’s not like we were going to be late. I was getting them there.”

“Don’t care,” He put his hands in his pockets and started walking. When he walked past us I could finally make out that the deeper shaved areas were lightning bolts shaved into his hair.

I look over at the ginger, “Name’s Sean, by the way, Sean Zimmer,” I hold a hand out to the kid.

“Harley Lash,” He nodded back and shook my hand. So, if we’re sitting alphabetically he’s a good distance away from me with last names.

“And I’m Jason Grim!” Jay pointed at himself with a big smile.

“COME ON HOP TO IT,” This Torin guy yelled to us.

The three of us ran to catch up to the guy and we followed him to the hall that we needed to be at. Jay parted ways from us and Harley and I went into the room with Torin. There were already other people in here.

Sit anywhere you like,” Torin told us as he looks up at the wall to see what time it is. I go up to the third row and sit down one seat in from the outside.

“Main ah sit haur?” Harley asked me and I looked up at him and blinked a few times. Did he just ask me if he could sit next to me?

“Oh, yeah, I don’t care,” I nod and Harley sits down next to me in the empty seat that I left, “So, where are you from?” I ask as we wait.

“Aam frae scootlund,” He answered. Ah Scotland, that completely explains the accent then.

“Damn, that’s awesome! I’m just from Western New York. I came from a small little country town before coming here,” I smile at him and he looks at me shocked.

“Did ye e’en kin whit Ah said?” Did I understand what he said? Why is he asking me that? Did I answer wrong? I don’t think I did. It’s cool he comes from Scotland.

“You said you were from Scotland and I think that’s really cool. I’ve never met someone who was from Scotland before,” I smile and his shocked expression softens, “I’m a water elemental, how about yourself?”

“Win’,” Wind huh? That would explain why he’s so light on his feet.

“Alright, shut it, everyone,” Torin interrupted our conversation and all the chatter in the room stops, “My name is Torin Walsh, I’ll be your proctor for this exam. Now, this is a general knowledge exam. This is to test where you will be placed in your classes. No, this exam doesn’t include who well you can control your element. You will all be placed in the basic’s class for your element that you are registered under in the system. I’m sure that Headmaster Kaisai explained that to you when you arrived here, though.” He grabbed a stack of papers and started handing them out, “If you don’t know a question skip it if you want. Other than that, you have two hours to take this exam. When you’re done bring your test up to the desk and set it face down.” He handed two small packets to Harley and moved over to the other row that was across from us. Harley handed one of the exams to me and I pull out my pen and pencil from my pocket.

“Um, coods ah borraw yer pen please?” Harley asked.

“Yeah,” I hand him my pen and he thanks me. Looking through the test after putting my name at the top of it. Going back to the front of the test I read the instructions.

Places your name at the top of this paper. If you don’t know a question, leave me a picture, comment, pun, or something sarcastic for the answer instead. I want to know how many people will read these instructions. Before you turn in your test and place the symbol of your element on the back of the exam. Once you have done so bring up your paper and place it face down on the desk. Good luck noob.

What the hell is with these instructions? Wait, there’s more in smaller writing. I look closer so I can read the small print.

PS. The only other rule is, don’t get caught.

PPS. The symbol of your element is on your ID. And make sure you read through the test. Again, good luck.

“We can fucking cheat on this exam,” I whisper under my breath and I hear two taps next to me. I glance over and Harley tapped the tip of the pen against the counter top we’re at. Drawing a three with the pen time just above the counter top I look at my own paper and go down to the third question.

3. Voiceless it cries,

Wingless flutters,

Toothless bites,

Mouthless mutters.

What am I? And where am I from?

It’s wind. This fucker knows the Hobbit! He may look tough, but he sure as hell is a nerd. But, I think Harley read the instructions too. Might as well help out a new friend. Picking up my pencil with my left hand because that’s the side that Harley is on I turn my paper so I can write straight in the blank space and so Harley will be able to see the answer. I write down

Answer: Wind

From: J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit (chapter five to be exact)

I hear one tap that I’m taking as thanks and then I flip my test all the way to the back and start on question fifty.

50. What Disney cartoon movies are both parents present and don’t die throughout the movie? (Hint- there are 4)

…well fuck…come on Sean, pull out your fucking Disney knowledge. You can do this! There are only four of them so think…

Mulan, I sit there and think…Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, come on there’s one more what one is it…shit, it’s Peter Pan… and Peter Pan. Okay, onto the next question. Of course, it’s fucking geometry.

49. Find x.

But this is a three, four, five right triangles. Do I really want to try to pull out that math? Fuck it. I circle the x and draw an arrow down from the circle and write me answer. Here it is. But dude, you can totally do better.

48. Why did the inches obey the yardstick?

I snicker at the question before answering the question. He was their ruler. This is the best fucking test I’ve taken.

47. How many elements are there one Amoura?

There’s eighteen, I remember that much. I write down the number and continue on.

I knew a fair bit of the questions and the studying that Chris made me do came in real handy. Harley asked for my help a couple of times but seemed to have his own handle on the test. I finish the test in an hour and make sure that when I pull out my ID from my pocket it looks like I’m just putting my hand under the table to scratch my leg before resting my hand on the table again. Drawing the symbol on the back of the test. Then I put my pencil back in my pocket along with my ID and grab my test. It looks like Harley’s almost done too. Oh, god he fucking drew pictures on some of them. Pulling my pencil back out of my pocket I fold the very bottom of my test where I know I didn’t write and rip off a small part of it. Writing down my name and number on it I leave it on the countertop, then draw a little arrow on the back of the test to the ripped part. Sorry, I needed this. And picking up my test and pencil I slip behind Harley, drop my test off on the desk and head out. By the look of it, I’m the fourth one done. Maybe because it’s really random questions and questions about the elements and Amoura people are having a hard time on it. I guess that gives me a one up on some people. Thanks, Chris. Now to text Abel and ask him for his address. I stand in the hall and pull up my messages with Abel.

Hey, I’m done with my test. You forgot to tell me your address yesterday, so I have no fucking clue where I’m going.

I walked to the nearest exit of the building when my phone vibrates.

Oh, right, my bad. I’m actually just outside of the Croft building. What building did you take your test in?

I walk further out and find the name of the building. Shea, I answer.

Moments later my phone vibrates again. I’ll be right there. He wasn’t joking either. Within two minute’s he was walking up to the front of the building where I was standing at the bottom of the steps. “You ready to start your element training?”

“Nervous as balls, but gotta start somewhere,” I chuckle.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to start with how we did when you were working. I want to do a small physical fitness test with you. Do we need to get you some swimming trunks first?” He asked as we walked.

“Uh, yeah, I don’t think I have one that fits anymore,” I sigh as I think about it. It’s still a bit depressing.

“Not a problem. Let’s do that first then we’ll head to my house,” With that, the two of us walked to the nearest gate and went into town. My heart is pounding and I’m nervous but excited to be starting this all at the same time. Even if it’s just a fitness test today I have to start somewhere. And it’ll be worth it. Having Abel be the one that’s teaching me will make this a lot easier in the long run. He pretty much knows my quirks. And I know for sure that he’ll more than likely let me listen to music from time to time. He let me pick out a pair of jammers and I got a new pair of goggles too. Abel helped me pay for it and he told me to pay him back later. Once we had everything I followed him to his house. Abel’s roommate wasn’t there when we got there. I was surprised to find out that he actually lives at the bottom of the hill to where Mr. and Mrs. Kaisai live.

Abel shows me around the house and then tells me to come to the back when I’m done changing. I change and then do what Abel tells me and meet him in the back by the pool. Abel has a stopwatch and a clipboard, “So, guess what I have.”

“Um… a torcher device that’s called a stopwatch and I’m going to have to do multiple laps,” I throw out there and start stretching.

“Haha no, I copied your old records from the E.C.U. I want to compare them to this test we’re going to do. Don’t worry, we’re going to take our time and I’m going to help you get some deep stretching in before we do this. You haven’t been allowed to do any swimming since you got here, so we’re also going to have to do some warm up laps in the pool before we get you started.”

I switch arms, “Do you want me to get in there now and then stretch?”

“That’s all up to you,” I stretch my legs a little bit then hop into the pool. Before I start moving I adjust the goggles so they fit me properly and then I begin with a couple of laps back and forth just to get my muscles warm before getting back out of the pool. Abel helps with my stretches and then we get to the test. I start out with the backstroke, I want to know my score when I get back and I’m a little bit out of breath, but Abel keeps my time from me. We do these three times before taking a break and moving to the breath stroke.

“So this is your student,” I look up to a male voice and it’s Torin.

“Oh hey, I didn’t expect you back so soon. I thought you were going to grade the exams in the lecture hall?” Abel comments.

“Na, I’m sure that the actual teachers will think I’m nuts if they look at the answers to these tests.” Torin looked at me and I stood up straight on the block, “Zimmer, right?”

“Yeah, that’s my last name,” I nod pulling my goggles off and letting them hang around my neck, “First name’s Sean.”

“You sat with that ginger boy up in the third row on the right side. Smart move on your part putting him on your left considering you’re left-handed,” Torin comments.

“I’m Ambidextrous actually. I just like writing with my left a bit more than my right,” I shrug my shoulders.

“Yeah, but doing that allowed your paper to be turned sideways and would let him look at your test.”

“You’re very observant.”

“Thanks, I try. You’re pretty lucky to be the nephew of the headmaster, though. It’s very rare for people to get their own private instructor. But, I’ll let you two get back to whatever it is you’re doing that’s obviously not teaching you your element.”

“We are doing a fitness test first, I want to see where he’s at,” Abel protested and the two of them started bickering with each other a bit. I just stood there and watched what was happening. I can tell they’re old friends with how they banter. Maybe they were roommates at some point. That could be one explanation as to why they seem to be good friends. Now I wonder if Otto was in their same class. No, isn’t Otto older? I can’t remember.

After their little argument, Torin sat down that the table that they have outside and set down a stack of papers then went back inside, “Okay, let’s keep going,” Abel sighs and I put my goggles back on and continue on with the fitness test. I didn’t do as well as when I was in the E.C.U. but I didn’t do that bad at all considering I haven’t been able to actually swim since I’ve been here. I don’t count being in those tanks as swimming. Abel told me that we’ll start actual training tomorrow and that we’ll give it a few months before doing another fitness exam. With that he let me go for the day. It wasn’t bad for the first day of working with Abel again. I think this’ll be fun.

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