A Little Secret

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I'm Facing my Fears

Chapter 53: I’m Facing My Fears


“You sure you want to spar?” Shiro asks me as we walk through the training field that’s between our dorm and the main campus.

I nod, “Yeah, I’ve been feeling off since our last spar and I could tell you were holding back so dad would let me go back to school.”

I look over at Shiro and see him bring his right hand up to his lips and look down at his feet as a light blush spread across his prosocline white skin, making his ice blue eyes even brighter. “I did no such thing,” I mumble not looking at me.

“Mhm, sure you didn’t,” I chuckle opening the door to our dorm. I let Shiro walk in first and I follow him, closing the door behind me. No one else seems to be home, at the moment, “So, drop off our bags and head back to the training field? Or should we go somewhere else to spar?”

“Hm…” After slipping out of my shoes I scooch past him I set my bag down on the table and go to the kitchen to get a drink, “How about we go to the field that’s just outside the east gate. There’s plenty of room there.”

I come back with two glasses of water and walk over to Shiro and hand it to him, “That works. It also means we more than likely won’t have onlookers either,” I smile at him and then take a drink.

“It’ll be just the two of us so there’s no worrying about getting others involved,” He smiles softly at me.

“Mhm,” I muffle and nod with a mouth full of water.

“Sasuke, please swallow before you answer,” He sighs and his shoulders slump.

I swallow and can’t help but chuckle, “Sorry snowflake,” His eyes widen for a moment and his smile fades from his lips. He looks down at his cup and gently starts to rub the sides of his glass as frost starts creeping away from his hands, “You okay?”

“When is Sean going to keep his promise?” He doesn’t look up at me, but I can tell that he’s upset. The tone of his voice and his body posture. That’s right, Sean did promise that once he was up and running that they were going to have a spar. “I see him running every morning when I’m heading to class.”

“Shiro, he has started his element training early. Abel’s probably got him completely tied up right now,” I explain I feel like even if I say something about there being a possibility of Sean being the water prodigy Shiro’s just going to brush it off.

“I don’t care, he promised Sasuke. I want this spar, I want him to know exactly how I felt the day I heard him over your com, the day I lost you,” He looks up at me and there are tears forming at the corners of his eyes.

I set my cup down on the small shelf we have close to the door and pull him into a hug. He tenses up for a moment and then I feel him relax in my arms. I feel his arms wrap around me and he clutches onto the back of my shirt with his free hand as he holds what’s probably now a solid glass of ice, “It’s okay, everything worked out,” I mutter and rub his back.

“It’s not okay Sasuke. I should have been there, I should have run faster, I wanted to protect you, but I couldn’t. I failed in protecting my best friend,” His voice cracks as my shoulder starts to dampen from his tears.

“Sean always keeps his promises. I know he’ll spar with you. Give him a chance,” I continue to rub his back, “I don’t want you two acting like this with each other anymore.”

“I’m sorry,” He cries into my shoulder for a bit longer until I can get him to calm down. Once he’s stopped crying we take care of our glasses and leave a note so that the others know where we went and then left.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t feel up to you anymore. I completely understand,” I offered but Shiro shakes his head.

“No, I said I would, I’m not going to back out of a spar.”

I look at him and sigh, “Alright.” With that, we stay quiet as we walk through campus and then out the east gate. The field was a giant bed of flowers of all different kinds. It was a beautiful sight. From what I’ve been told just past the cascading hills lies the forest of spirits. If your heart is filled with pure intentions it is said that the wisp will show you the way to the spirit village that lies deep in the forest. But, there are wisps that are there to help you find your way and there are other wisps who are out to steer you away from the correct path and send you to your death. The furthest away from the academy that I’ve been is home.

“So, how do we want to do this? Do we want to set a timer? The first one that lands on a knee? Or knock out?” Shiro asked as he strolled a bit further into the field.

“I think that first one that lands on their knees would be fun,” I answer.

My white-haired friend turns around on his heels as he pulls his hair up into a short, high ponytail, “You ready?” He asks letting go of his hair.

Stretching my arms and shaking my hands to start to loosen up I nod, “Whenever you’re ready, let’s do this.”

Without saying anything he bends his knees and launched towards me. I dodge and throw the first element attack at him. A simple fireball that he dips down and dodges. Using the momentum from the dodge he sweeps my feet out from under me and I begin to fall back. Bending backward I get my hands under me and I spring off my hands to complete the backhand spring. The pressure was on. He’s leaving no breathing room as he coats the ground in ice. Picking up the heat and sending out a small vapor trail I make the thin coat of ice melt.

Taking a quick breath to help calm myself I create a firewall between us are an onslaught of ice spikes come flying towards me. My blue flames burn hot and all I hear is the sizzling as the ice dissipates as it hits my flames. I couldn’t react in time when Shiro came jumping through my wall of flames in a spinning motion he stuck his foot out and the inside of his foot into the side of my face. There’s so much force behind his kick that I’m lifted off my feet and I’m sent flying in the opposite direction. My back hits the ground first knocking the breath out of me. Tumbling a couple of times, I finally manage to grab a hold of dirt and grass and dig my nails in to stop.

Shit, that was fast. Oh fuck. I let go of the clump that I had in my hand as I’m coughing and roll out of the way of a heel kick that slams into the ground right where my chest was a moment ago.

“Pick up the pace Sasuke, or I’m going to make sure you don’t get up,” I stumble up to my knees and see that coldest stare I’ve ever received from Shiro before. There was no kindness left, it was like all there was left was the intent to take me out. It sends shivers down my spine, So this is how he is when he’s serious. I can’t even answer him before he’s coming at me once more. I put both my arms up and block his leg that was coming down on me. Sizzling comes from my arms as I notice he covered his calf in a solid sheet of ice. He pushes down harder making the ice spread on my arms. Come on body heat up. His ice has never been this cold before. Getting a foot under me I push against him and spring up. Kicking both my feet up into the air I create arcs of flames that follow my feet causing him to back up. Taking a split second to land on my right foot I throw two quick fireballs in rapid succession towards my white-haired opponent.

Keeping my attacks up I make his go into defense mode and dodge my onslaught of fireballs and streams. As if he’s ice skating he gracefully bobs and weaves through my attacks. Not one of them landing. Before I knew it, he was on top of me and knocked me back again. Blocking most of the attacks they seem to just be a diversion because he knees me in the stomach and then I feel something pierce through my stomach. I feel a warm liquid rush into my mouth. I cough up the liquid and its blood that splatters onto Shiro’s shirt and face. I feel the ice spike withdraw from my stomach and I fall off Shiro’s knee. Clutching my stomach.

“Oh, my god Sasuke,” Shiro gasped and I feel him place a hand on my shoulder, “No, no, no no no no, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s my fault,” I cough up more blood, “Did we bring anything with us?”

“No, I’ll carry you back,” I look up at Shiro’s and there are tears in his eyes. They are huge tears trickling down his cheeks.

“I-I need you to back up, I can fix this,” I answer brushing his hands off me.

The expression he has on his face stings, but he does what I said and backs away from me. I feel my body temperature skyrocket and two spots burning on my back between my shoulder blades and I felt the fire wings burst out of my back. A loud sizzling comes from Shiro’s direction and I look over at him to see a half-melted ice wall. “S-Sorry,” I call out as I feel the wound in my stomach begin to close. Once my body fully heals the wound I dissipate the ability sending out another vapor trail and torching the grass. Shiro puts out any small fires that started as I stay on my hands and knees.

My head is killing me. Did I almost have a mind down?

“When did you unlock your rare ability?” Shiro questioned as I watched him put out the last fire.

“When I was at the E.C.U. Andy brought a knife to a fist fight and he got me pretty good with it.” I explained placing a hand on my stomach making sure that it did completely heal. The pounding in my head is getting worse by the second.

“He’s such an ass,” Shiro sighed and I felt him touch my shoulder, “I’m really sorry.” I move my hands up to my head and lower my head to the ground because of the pain, “Sasuke, what’s wrong?”

“My head is killing me,” I mumble into the ground.

“We should get you back home,” As Shiro finished his sentence I felt a clicking in my head. It was the same click that I felt when we did the experiment. Followed by a high pitched ringing. I can’t feel anything. But I can still see. What’s going on? My body lifts up and I smack Shiro’s hand away from me. The ringing is keeping me from hearing his voice, but by the looks of it, I think he asked what’s wrong. Without warning, I blast a fireball pinpoint into Shiro’s chest. It’s strong enough to knock him off his feet and make him hit the ground a few feet away from me. I watch him roll onto his feet as fast as he hit the ground. Why did I just do that? My body stands up on its own. I can see Shiro screaming at me. He looks upset. I can’t control anything. Body, stop moving. NO, no don’t attack him. SHIRO MOVE PLEASE!! I scream in my head. Some more fireballs are launched towards him and then a lightning bolt. Shiro thankfully dodges and I can see him still yelling at me. I can’t do anything. I don’t know what’s going on.

No matter what I try I can’t get a hold of my body. It’s as if I’m a puppet. No, Shiro! I’m so sorry. Shiro miss steps and gets nailed with a fire stream. He got back up and kept coming at me. Shiro dodges most of my attacks and gets closer each time. When he got too close for my body to use an element I went to hand to hand which Shiro blocks it with ease. I read his lips as he said, ‘I’m sorry’ and with a swift motion from him, the next thing I see is black.

The ringing in my ears finally stops and I can feel pain in my neck. Shiro must have hit me hard enough to knock me out. Did it have to be in the neck though? A groan escapes my lips as I open my eyes. My snow white- haired best friend is leaning over me with his right arm resting on the other side of my body. His ice blue eyes stand out against the shadows on his face from the sun being behind him. His hair fell over his right shoulder as he sighs a small breath of relief. “What was that? What happened? Are you alright?” Came his round of questions but he still had a soft tone to his voice.

“I’m okay. I don’t know what happened. After I released the rare ability the headache that I have got worse, then I lost control of my body and a high-pitched ringing in my ears so I couldn’t hear anything,” I explain staying on the ground and looking up at him.

“You put your head to the ground and after you knocked my hand away and got up all the life that was in your eyes disappeared. And while you were firing round after round of fire at me you started laughing like you were insane,” lifting his left hand he moved it towards my face and gently brushed my bangs out of my eyes.

“Are you okay?” I ask and he chuckles.

“I’m fine. You got me good a couple of times, but it was nothing that I couldn’t handle,” He smiles sweetly before pushing off the ground and sat straight up. I sat up myself. “No headache from sitting up or ringing?” I shake my head, “Then let’s head back home. I want you to relax for the rest of the day.” That wasn’t a suggestion by the tone in his voice.

“Sounds good,” I nod. Shiro stands up and then helps me up. Even though I want to walk on my own he keeps an arm around mine.

“If you don’t stumble all the way to the gate of the school then I’ll let go,” He said with no chance to protest. When Shiro sets his mind to something he does it. The two of us walked in silence for a little bit before he broke the silence. “I’m really sorry.”

“For what?” I ask confused about his sudden apology.

“If I hadn’t let my fight response fully take over and kept my mind in tune with everything I wouldn’t have stabbed you like I did and none of this would have happened.”

“Shiro, I’m not blaming you. I never will either. You’re my best friend and you showed me what it’s like to go against you when you go full out.”

“Still though…”

“Don’t’ be sorry, everything will be fine.”

“That doesn’t count for how you lost control back there like that.”

“I don’t want mom and dad to know. I just got back to classes, I don’t want to be pulled out again. I’m already so behind, especially in the soul weapons class.”

“Everyone goes at their own pace in that class, and Aaron and Gil are right there with you, so you’re not alone Sasuke.”

I sigh, “I mean, I know what my fear is, I just have to get over it.”

“That’s a lot easier said than done.”

“I know,” I mutter as the gate looms overhead. Shiro lets go of my arm as promised. The coolness of his touch lingers for a few minutes as we walk into the school grounds.

“You’ll be able to conquer it when you know it’s time. You still have plenty of time,” Shiro smiles at me for reassurance.

“I know the class runs all year, but isn’t the first half of the year getting the soul weapon.”

“Exactly my point and the class started only two months ago. Don’t think you have to rush things,” I rub my neck where Shiro hit me to knock me out. “I know that you feel like you have to be on top of everything. But if you keep doing this you’ll end up hurting yourself in the end. You have to be able to relax.”

“I know, but I have a hard time relaxing,” I sigh letting my hand drop back to my side.

“Then we’ll have to make sure you relax when we hit a break,” Again, with Shiro’s tone there’s no protesting with him.

“We’ll see what happens,” I answer as I see our dorm in sight.

“It will happen, you can count on it,” He smiles at me and someone comes running out of the dorm.

I blink a few times when it registers in my head it’s Nero that’s hauling ass towards the two of us. He came almost to a complete stop, but still slammed into me. Thankfully he kept both of us from taking a dive to the cobblestone.

“Nero, what was that for?” Shiro was the first on to speak up.

Nero then held me out at arm’s length and started shaking me, “WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YA TELL ME THAT SEAN WAS TRAINING ALREADY??”

“Um…I didn’t think it was a big deal? Besides, what does his training have to do with anything?” I ask grabbing onto his arms and trying to get him to stop shaking me.

“BECAUSE HIS FUCKIN TRAINER IS TORIN’S ROOMMATE,” Again I have no idea who this Torin person it.

“Who?” I ask.

His hands left my arms and slapped both my cheeks at the same time, “What’s Sean’s number. I didn’t get it last time and every time I try to get it from Aaron, Gil, and Jay, they tell me to get it from him myself and that I should have been paying attention when he was giving everyone his number,” His determined and frustrated expression turned into a pout as he looked away from me.

“Well, I could be an ass and tell you the same thing, but I feel that’s a bad idea when you have my face in your hands.”

“You catch on quick,” He snickered.

“That’s low Nero,” Shiro comments butting into the conversation.

“Na, it’s strategy!!”

“Minus that fact, I can redirect you lightning,” His eye twitches at the comment. Finally taking his hands off my face He takes a step back and does one of those fake coughs into his hand.

“Anyways, can I have your phone so I can get his number?”

“I don’t know, can you?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Who are ya, my mother?” I just give him a deadpan face, “Fine, fine, please may I have yer fuckin phone so I can get his number.”

“There’s that jersey accent of frustration,” I chuckle pulling out my phone and handing it to him.

“Thank you!” His face lite up and he snatches my phone away. At blinding speed’s, he pulls out his phone from his pocket and does what he needs to between our phones and then hands my phone back to me.

“Are you satisfied now?” Shiro rolled his eyes as placed a hand on his hips.

“For my original mission, yes! Next question, why the fuck do you two look like ya got in a fight with a lawnmower and lost?”

“We were sparring,” Shiro answers the question quickly.

“And ya didn’t invite me to the party? How rude,” Nero comments in a joking manner.

“It was just something that I wanted to do with Shiro,” I answer simply.

“That makes sense. Even I could tell that you were holding back when you had that match to see if you were well enough to go back to class.” I glance over at Shiro and watch his shoulders drop and look away from Nero, “Ya didn’t make it painfully obvious, but for us who’ve been around you long enough we can tell when your slackin a bit.”

“Good to know,” Shiro sighs.

“Anywho, there was another reason why I was out to find you two.”

Shiro and I look at each other then back at Nero, “And why’s that?” I ask.

“Hale and Tate have big news that they want to tell us, but we all have to be together to hear it.”

“Oh?” This peaked Shiro interest.

“I’ll call Sean then and see where he’s at. He should hopefully be done for the day,” I mumble taking my phone out of my pocket once again.

“Kyo is already back at the dorm and Jay is there too. We just have to find the ginger snaps and then we’ll be all set.”

I hit Sean’s name in my contacts and then send. Putting the phone up to my ear I walk away from Nero and Shiro as the two of them talk about what their best plan of action to find Aaron and Gil are. The phone rings three times and then I hear someone pick up.

“Hey, Sasuke, what’s up?”

“Hey, where are you right now?” I ask propping my arm up on my hand as I walk around a little.

“I am currently hanging out with Gil and Aaron. We just got to the cosplay café, why?”

“Okay, good that solves more than one problem all at once. Could the three of you come to our dorm instead? Hale and Tate wants to tell all of us something, but they don’t want to repeat it over and over. So, we’re trying to get everyone together.”

“Hey guys, I guess the twins want to tell us something so everyone needs to go to their dorm.” Sean’s voice sounded a little distance he must have pulled the phone away from his ear to talk to Gil and Aaron.

“We just got the text from Toshiro and Nero,” Gil said.

“Oh, and there’s Jay telling us to get our butts to the dorms.” Aaron chuckled.

“Alright, we’ll head out now and be there soon.”

“Awesome sauce! I’ll see you in a bit.”

Sean laughs a bit at my comment, “I’ll see ya in a bit pipsqueak.”

“Ha ha very funny. I can kick your ass and you know it,” I can’t help it when my smile turns into a smirk.

“I’ll see ya soon,” Sean laughs.

“Kay, bye.” I pull my phone away and hang up the phone, “So, good news the three of them were together. They’re at the cosplay café, so they’ll get here soon.”

“Oh, they weren’t working, were they?” Shiro asks the expression on his face tells me that he feels bad for texting Gil and Aaron now.

“Na, I’m assuming Sean ran into them while he was heading home and the three of them decided that they wanted to get something to eat,” I throw out there assuming that’s what happened.

“That’s good them,” A small sigh of relief comes from him.

The three of us head back to the dorm. Shiro and I get bombarded with the same question of why we look like shit from everyone else when they see the condition of our clothes. After giving a quick explanation we head upstairs and go our separate ways to our bedrooms to get changed. We get downstairs as Sean, Gil, and Aaron is coming into the house. I smile at Sean when we make eye contact. Making my way over to him we high five each other. And I can feel an ice-cold glare coming from Shiro. I turn and look at my best friend and give him a “be nice” expression and he looked away from us and pouts. I sigh and feel a hand on my shoulder. I look back at Sean and he shakes his head with a small smile. We don’t have to say anything to each other. I can tell he feels bad that he hasn’t kept his promise to Shiro. It’s not like it was his fault, he was pulled into training as soon as Abel could get a hold of him.

“I’ll go talk to him,” Sean said and before he could leave my side someone whistled to get our attention. I look to see who it was and Hale was pulling his fingertips out of his mouth.

“Good, that worked,” Hale smiled wide.

“Thanks, everyone for coming on such short notice,” Tate said.

“So, what’s with the sudden get together?” Kyo questioned.

“Well,” Hale looks at his brother then back at the rest of us.

“Our mother got the okay!” They said in unison, “Mom and dad will be moving here tomorrow!”

“That’s awesome!” I exclaim.

“Congrats guys!” Nero clapped.

“Oh right, their mom is human, isn’t she?” Sean mutters to me.

“Mhm, she had to go through a meeting with the elders and they finally reached their verdict it seems,” I answer.

As everyone was congratulating the twins we were all recruited to help move them tomorrow. Mom and dad have been looking for a house for them to move into that would also be close to our house. They must have found a house or paid for one to be built. Who knows with my parents. But mom and dad are best friends with them and as long as all of them are happy, that’s what’s important.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Shiro duck into the kitchen. Without thinking I snatch Sean from the group and take him to the kitchen with me. Shiro was getting a glass of water. I could tell that he knew we walked into the kitchen, “Okay, I’m done with this. You two are talking. If you want me to leave then I’ll leave, but I don’t want this to keep going.”

Shiro looked down at the floor with his glass of water in his hands. Sean stepped forward, “Snowflake,” He started and Shiro glared at him, “I’m really sorry. I don’t want you to be mad at me. I really do want to have the sparring match with you and I promise that we’ll have it. Please, I need to talk with Abel so he’ll allow it.” He walked over to him and put his hands on Shiro’s shoulders and ice started creeping up his hands, “Snow, stop.”

The ice stopped dead at Sean’s wrists, “You told him?” Shiro said and I know the question was directed towards me.

“No, he didn’t. Not on purpose. He was out of it and kept calling for someone called snow so I just put two and two together.” Sean looked down, “I know that really nothing I say can change what I did, I wish I could go back and change the past, but I can’t, no matter how much I try that’s not possible. But I want to be friends again. I don’t want you to hate me.” I stay back and let the two talk. I don’t want to get in their way but if they start fighting I’m going to get involved.

The ice that was on Sean’s hands melts away and Sean squeezes his shoulders, “Why did you do it?” Shiro’s voice cracked, “Why did you take Sasuke, and Aaron, and Gil?”

“It was my job,” Sean answers Shiro finally looks up at Sean and there are tears in his eyes.

“Why did you take the job then? Didn’t you know what the E.C.U. was? The E.C.U. is why we left so much sooner in the first place. That organization is what almost captured both Sasuke and me the first time, and Sasuke got shot because of them. HOW could you join them?”

“Because when I was offered the job I was told there would be a small chance to see Sasuke again. Everyone left without telling me anything. You just disappeared, I literally forgot about the twins, I just wanted to know why everyone left and since there was a chance, even with it being just a spec of a chance I wanted to take it.”

It fell silent in the kitchen. Sean’s hands slip off Shiro’s shoulders, “Like I said, I’ll talk to Abel and I’ll make sure we’ll be able to have the match. I’m not going to let go of that promise.”

“You have one week,” Shiro commented, “You have one week to get an answer from Abel. If you can’t do that then I’m going to make an announcement and we’ll have it in the arena instead and I’ll let the entire student body watch me crush you into the dirt like the heartless ice prince I can be.”

“Do we get to take bets on how long Sean will last against you?” I jump when I hear Kyo speak up.

I turn around and all of them are crowded in the door to the kitchen. I sigh a bit and look at them.

“I’ll get the answer in the week I promise. We will have it. I’m not backing down.”

“Alright, well, I think it’s time for us to give them some breathing room,” I comment.

Sean steps back and away from Shiro, “I’m serious snowflake, I’m not going to let you down.” With that, Sean turned on his heels and walks away from him. “I’m going to head back to the dorm. Just shoot me a text when we’ll be helping your parents move.”

“Can do,” Hale nods and everyone else’s Sean through. Aaron, Gil, and Jay head out with him leaving the six of us between the kitchen and living room.

We decided that we would just eat leftovers that we had sorted in the fridge from the past few days instead of cooking. No one was really in the mood after what happened between Shiro and Sean. For a Friday night, we all ended up going to bed early. It was going to take a lot of effort to move everything. Plus, we don’t know when we’re starting. I wander upstairs and get changed then sit down at my desk and work on some homework that I have to catch up on. Thankfully it’s not as much as it used to be. I’m about a week behind in homework now and can probably crank it out this weekend. Thankfully, it’s just for mom’s class.

Okay, I know that I’m almost done with writing about the time I was taken, but I figured I should write this down because it seems important enough to put in here. I asked Shiro to spar with me since we were both done with classes. He agreed to it and we went out to the field that’s just outside of the east gate to the Academy. Well, we were sparring and I started getting a headache. Then Shiro accidentally stabbed me through with an ice spike. I’m fine, I brought out my rare ability and patched myself up with it, but when I did that my headache got a lot worse. Once the wound was healed up I released the rare ability and the headache was killing me. I don’t know what it was, but I felt a click in my head and then I didn’t have control of my body anymore. It took Shiro knocking me out after dodging all of the attacks my body was throwing at him for me to come back to my senses and back in control of my body. I don’t know what it was, but it worries me. I don’t know if I should tell my parents or if it was just some random thing that’ll never happen again.

Someone knocks on my door and I stop writing and look back. Shiro walks in. He doesn’t have his usual smile on his face. He looks upset and hurt, “What’s up?” I ask setting my pen down.

“I’m really sorry,” He says quietly as he brings his arms up and crosses his arms over his chest. He doesn’t look at me. He just keeps his gaze at the floor.

I sigh and get up from my chair and walk over to him. I didn’t say a word I just hugged him, “You don’t have to be sorry. I know that this conflict is between you and Sean, but I don’t want you two to be like this. You’re both my best friends and I can’t stand to see both of you fighting,” Shiro’s arms unfolded from between us and made their way around my torso. It wasn’t a tight hug, but he was at least hugging me back. “Sean wants to get back to the times before we left. He still considers you a friend and he figured that you would hate him when he got here.” I felt Shiro take in a slightly deeper breath than what he had been taking. “After this fight, can you sit down with him and let him talk to you? I feel like that would be better than me doing it.” If I talk to Shiro for Sean then there’s going to keep being this tall, thick wall standing between the two of them. I have to have them sort it out together.

“Okay,” He says quietly into my shoulder, “I’ll talk to him after the match.”

“Good,” I smile and release him from the hug, “Cheer up, you can’t be in a down attitude when we’re helping the twin’s parents move here.”

He nods as he backs away from me and rubs his face a few times, “This is going to take a lot of energy to do.” I wasn’t conscious when mom and dad moved our stuff here from earth. This will be my first experience with it. “Good night Sasuke.”

“Night Shiro,” I smile and then he heads out of my room. I close my door behind him and turn off my light and crawl into bed.

I fall asleep rather quickly and before I know it the sun is waking me up. I get up, get dressed and leave my room. Everyone seems to be still asleep so as quietly as I can I get out a pan and a bowl then start making pancake batter. Since none of us cooked last night and I’m up I might as well wake everyone else up with the smell of food.

The more pancakes I made the more I heard movement in the house. Nero was the first one to make it to the kitchen.

“Morning,” He greets.

“Morning, grab a plate and grab some pancakes. I figured that we all would need something before we get to move,” I answer.

Soon enough, everyone else filed into the kitchen and grabbed a plate to eat. I was the last one to eat after I finished off all the batter that I made. “Oh, right, guys don’t forget your swimming trunks.” Hale comments.

“Yeah, there a pool in the back yard! We can totally go swimming after we’re done!” Tate exclaimed.

My heart pounded, but I kept my nervousness hidden as everyone seems really excited about the pool. Nero helped me with the dishes after everyone was done we all grabbed out swimming trunks and threw them into a bag then we left and went next door and got Jay and everyone up. Jay was upset when Kyo told him they had breakfast already because I made pancakes. When the four of them were ready to go, we left and headed up to my parent’s house.

“I still hate this hill. I hate it even more because Abel makes me run up it,” Sean grumbled making me chuckle as I shift my backpack that had everyone’s swimming trunks in it so I was carrying it on both my shoulders.

“It’s not so bad,” I smile at him.

“Are you actually going to get in?” Sean asks walking side by side with me as we lead the group.

“We’ll see,” I sigh and look away from him.

“You’re going to have to face your fear sometimes ya know. But, I promised I wouldn’t force you into the water until you were ready. Just remember I’ll be right there for you. Jump in and I’ll bring you back up to the surface,” Sean said in a reassuring big brother type tone.

“I know, thank you.” We meet up with mom and dad. Mom has a fruit salad in a big bowl on the table. Sean, Jay, Gil, and Aaron all grab a bowl and scarf some down. Once they eat we go with my parents to the twin’s new house. Setting the backpack down just inside the back door we all then head through my dad’s portal that he made and make our way back to earth. It was midafternoon when we show up at the Snyder residence. There are boxes everywhere.

“Well. Don’t be shy grab a box and head back through!” Mom clapped her hands twice after Mr. and Mrs. Snyder greeted all of us and thanked us for coming to help.

Mom, dad, and Mr. Snyder take turns keeping the portal up and bit by bit we get things moved from earth to Amoura. It took us till it was late into the night on earth to get everything from the old house to the new house. It was only a little past noon on Amoura.

“And I thought that dad’s training was rough,” I sigh leaning up against a stack of boxes.

“It’s done, that’s what’s important,” Sean mentions sprawled out on the floor next to me.

“Thank you again, guys,” Hale says not moving from his spot on the couch.

“Yes, thank you so, so much,” Tate adds.

“It wasn’t a problem at all. That’s what friends do,” Kyo comments.

After a while of sitting and lying around, “Hey, does anyone wanna try out the pool?” Jay asks.

“I could go for a swim!” Nero perks up.

“Same,” Shiro smiles happily.

“Sasuke where did you put your bag?” Kyo asks.

“It’s by the back door,” I answer. Aaron gets up and goes and gets the bag. Everyone grabs their swimming trunks. Sean is the only professional looking one with his leggings. I was the last one to get changed. Mrs. Snyder helped me find the towels and bring them out to the back.

“Go have fun dear. We’ve got the food,” Mrs. Snyder smiled at me as she set down her half of the towels.

“Alright, thank you,” I nod and she leaves all of us to have fun in the pool. I set the rest of the towels down with the others. Everyone else has jumped into the water and was having a good time.

Sean, Aaron, Gil, and Shiro stop goofing around and look at me. I stand there at the edge of the pool, “Come on Sasuke! The waters great!!” Nero exclaimed and splashed some water at me.

“It’s five feet, you’ll be okay,” Aaron smiles up at me.

“Sasuke,” I look over at Sean and he smiles at me and holds a hand out to me, “I promise I will never let you drown.”

My heart pounds as I stare down at the water. I’m going to drown…It doesn’t matter it only takes a small amount of water to kill someone. I can’t do it, I don’t want to die. I bring my hands up to my chest and close them tight into a fist.

“Sasuke,” I look up at Sean’s voice and he’s still standing there, now with both arms out.

I’m not alone. I can’t drown is I’m not alone. Sean will never let me drown. None of them would let me drown. Come on body, move, get in the pool with everyone else. Your head will be a foot above the water. You’ll be fine. So just jump in. I take a deep breath in and exhale as I take a step back. Then two steps forward and push off edge of the pool and jump in. I take a breath at the last second before my head is submerged under water. I did it. I finally did it.

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