A Little Secret

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There is No Thinking on This One

Chapter 54: There is No Thinking on This One


At least classes are getting easier, now that I’ve been at it for a few days. And I have to talk to Abel today too. I’m running out of time. I don’t want to have to fight snowflake with a huge crowd watching. That’s the last thing I need is to be a laughing stock. A new kid going up against a fucking prodigy, yeah because that sounds so good.

“Sean!” I stop in the middle of the stairs I was heading down and turn around. Harley, the kid that I met during the placement exams waived his right arm up in the arm and ran towards me.

“Hey,” I smile as he slows down to a stop above the stairs.

“Fit loch daein’ the-day? Ah huvnae seen ye in a while,” He said and I blinked a few times taking in what he said then I smile back at him again.

“I’m alright. I’ve just been stupidly busy. You busy? Do you want to go and get some lunch with me or go for a walk around the school?” I offer.

“Sure, Ah hae time. Ah, wooldnae min’ grabbin’ a bite tae eat,” He agrees and joins me on the stairs, “What’s bin keepin’ ya sae thrang? We baith jist started classes.”

“My uncle got me a private tutor for training with my element, so after the placement exam, that’s all I’ve been doing pretty much. That and I helped some of my cousin’s friends move from earth the here,” I explain as we make a left and head towards the west main gate of the school.

“och waw pure? Who’s yer uncle an’ coosin? That’s got tae be pure sotat tae hae them gonnae haur. Ye shooldnae hae bin in th’ placement exams if ya lived haur thocht?”

“Well um…” I look down at the ground for a minute before bringing my hand to the back of my neck, “My uncle is headmaster Kaisai, so my cousin is Sasuke Kaisai. It’s also a long, complicated story.”

“Ah okay, ye donrt hae tae teel me is ye donrt want tae. Ah, ken we bonnia much jist mit an’ aw,” Harley laughed lightly and waved his hand in front of him.

“I’ll tell ya one day I promise,” I take a few steps forward and hold the door open to a small café, “After you.” There was more than just the cosplay café that’s here on Amoura. This one is more so like a dinner than a café. It was good and they were quick with making food. Like the Cosplay café, this place also hired students to help. We sit down in a booth and a girl walks up to us.

“Good afternoon how can I help you boys today?” The girl was older than the both of us and had her brown hair pulled up into a high bun. She pulled out her pen from her bun and a pad out of her apron and smiled down at us after setting the two menus down with a rolled bunch of silverware, “Can I start you off with something to drink or do you need a few minutes?”

“Can I get a water please?” I ask her.

“Can I get a strawberry banana smoothie please?” Harley asked her.

“Of course! I’ll be back with those and just let me know when you’re ready to order.”

I look at Harley and smile, “I’ll pay for the both of us, so you can get whatever you want,” I comment looking at their food for what I wanted to eat.

“Ah cannae dae ’at ye yoo Sean,” He shakes his head rapidly.

“It’s fine, I mean it,” I chuckle, “So, what have you been up to lately?”

Weel, I’ve jist bin tryin’ tae keep it ay th’ d’rm honestly,” His happy smile that he wore on his lips faded as he spoke and he looks down at the table.

Our drinks made it to the table, the girl gives us a few more minutes to goes to take care of another table.

“Why?” I ask but I feel like I know why.

“Mah roommates arenae exactly th’ greatest fowk. Aw ay them hae bin assholes tae me an’ tellin’ me tae jist nae gab,” He answered playing with the straw that was in his drink.

“That’s not even remotely right for them to do. Everyone’s different, we all have our own accents so they can go and shove it up their asses,” I comment before taking a drink of my water. I don’t know if Jay, Gil, and Aaron would be okay with me offering one of the open rooms in our dorm, but I don’t want to let Harley put up with people who treat him like that. Everyone would get used to the way he talks, wouldn’t they? And hey what’s another ginger in the house really gonna do? It’s not like the world is going to come crashing down from the amount of ginger that’ll be under one roof. That was proven with Andy, Gil, and Aaron back at the E.C.U. “Why not move into my dorm then?” I offer. Harley looked at me shocked but didn’t say anything, “I can talk with my roommates, but there’s only four of us. Gil, Aaron, and Jay are really nice and you’ll be able to get along with them really quick.”

“Ah cooldnae dae ’at tae ye,” He shook his head and sighed.

“Harley, there’s only four of us in the dorm. We have two other rooms. I’ll talk to them tonight and I’ll let you know what they say. If they say yes then we can go and get your dorm switched. I’d rather not see one of my friends going through hell and back because of some asshole of roommates,” I explain to him.

Our waitress comes over to us before Harley can say anything, “have you decided on what you want to order?”

“Yeah, can I just get a pasta salad please?” I look at Harley.

“Sam, please,” Harley said quietly. The girl took our order and left once again, “Wa woods ye dae ’at fur me anyways?”

“Because you’re my friend. I know we haven’t known each other long, but I do consider you a friend and you seem really cool to be around. Unlike those asses that are your roommates now, I’m willing to sit here and listen to you. I think your accent is cool,” I shrug my shoulders and begin waving my hand over my water and pulling it in and out of the cup a couple of times.

He looked down low enough so his bangs were hiding his eyes. His shoulders started trembling, Did I say something wrong? “Thenk ye. Thenk ye sae much,” His voice cracks and doesn’t look up at me when he says that.

“It’s not a problem. There’s no need to thank me for something so simple,” I smile at him.

“It’s mair than somethin’ simple thoct. Ah, feel loch I’ve jist bin placed in a heel pit wi’ chains holdin’ me doon. Nae matter hoo much ah smile an’ laugh it aff, aam aye misunderstuid an’ fowk jist brush me aff. I’ve felt sae alyon since ah was brought haur.” Coming from a wind elemental, those words weigh very heavily. Come to think of it, since I’ve met him I don’t think I’ve felt a light and cheerful air from him. Has he been like this since he got here or did it start even before back on earth? I watch a clear tear fall from his bangs cover his eyes. I stand up and place a hand on the table and my other on the top of his head.

“It’s going to be alright. If you’re done with class for the day, I have to head to my element training after his. Did you want to come and hang out?” I offer pulling my hand off his head.

He nods and wipes his eyes with the back of his hands, “Mhm.”

“Alright,” I laugh and sit back down. The doorbell to the place jingled as I leaned back in my chair and grabbed my cup of water. Taking a drink, then there’s a strong slap on my back making me choke on my water.

“Hey there Sean!” Nero chimed in and I started hitting my chest and coughing as my water went down the wrong tube.

“Asshole, I was drinking,” I cough the pain in my chest fading.

“Na, your breathing you’ll be fine,” He waved me off and sat down in the spare chair that was at the table that Harley and I were sitting. He turns towards Harley and holds out his hand, “Hi! I’m Nero Ulric. Lighting prodigy, maybe you’ve heard of me~”

I sigh and set my glass back down on the “Nero, Har just…”

Harley took Nero’s hand and shook it, “Th’ thunder beest Nero Ulric. I’ve heard abit ye coz ah heard mah roommates talkin’ abit ye. It’s a pleasure tae meit ye in bodie.”

Nero whistle, “That’s one hell of an accent ya got there,” He smiled and slapped Harley’s shoulder, “And here I thought that Sean nabbed a cute ginger girl that I was gonna try to get ta know myself.” I watched Harley’s face turn tomato red and his eye and corner of his mouth twitch at the same time.

“Are you kidding me, Nero?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Well true, but you and Sasuke seem to have a hard time talking to women don’t ya?” I feel my lips and eye twitch at his comment.

“Mah hair is cuttie, hoo ya coods hink ah was a lassie?” Harley asks Nero politely but I can hear the sense of he doesn’t particularly like being called a girl.

“It’s not that short man, and you are wearing baggy clothes, so I just thought you were under developed was all, “Nero shrugs his shoulders and pulls Harley closer to him, “If ya wanna prove me wrong we can spar anytime. I hear you’re pretty quick on your feet.”

“Did you even understand what he just said?” I ask Nero and make him look at me.

“Kinda, it was somewhere along the lines for how did I think he was a girl or somethin’ like that,” Nero put his hands up letting go of Harley’s hand and stood up for a moment and turned the chair around so he could rest his arms on the back of the chair. At the same time, the girl came over with our pasta salads.

“Oh hello, can I get you anything?”

I look at Nero as he smirks a bit, “I’m alright, thank you,” I can tell in the girl’s tone that she’s not thrilled that Nero’s here.

“Very well then,” She nods and turns around and walks off.

“What did you do to that girl to make her give you that tone?” I raise an eyebrow at him as I pick up my fork.

“Nothing much, I just kinda tripped and my face landed in his cleavage,” He shrugged, “Anyway, are ya gonna go train today?”

“Like I do pretty much every day yes. If I don’t Abel will have my head,” I answer before shoving a fork full of pasta salad in my mouth.

“Sweetness, can I tag along?” He asked.

“If you don’t mind also hanging out with Harley then I don’t care. Torin normally watches anyways so I’m used to people laughing at me when I fuck up,” I shrug and look over at Harley who was quietly sitting there eating his pasta salad, “You okay if Nero tags along with us?”

He nodded but didn’t say anything, “What’s wrong twinkle toes? Cat got yer tongue? You don’t have to sit there and be quiet. I don’t bite hard,” Nero said lightly nudging Harley’s shoulder.

“A’ fowk has a stoaner time understandin’ me, sae it’s easier tae keep whieest,” Harley answered.

“Na, don’t be quiet, people are just gonna push ya around till you snap if ya do that,” Nero reached out and grabbed a chunk of Harley’s hair and held it out, “I’m assuming that’s what happened with your hair. This isn’t how most hair stylists do hair, it’s very jagged and looks like it was quickly cut a few weeks ago.” It was just a moment, but I notice Harley’s eyes grow wide and then he quickly looked away.

“It’s naethin’. Ah jist felt loch cuttin’ mah hair, that’s aw,” Harley answered Nero, but I can tell he’s lying. I haven’t known him long, but he’s using a different tone.

“Har,” I mutter. He must have heard me because he looks at me across the table. I look at Nero and then pull out my phone, “Do you remember if Aaron and Gil are in classes right now?” I ask opening my contacts Aaron’s name is at the top of the list.

“I think they should be out by now. If not done with what time it is,” Nero answered, “You callin’ one of um?”

I hit Aaron’s name and hit the call button then put my phone up to my ear. The phone rang three times and then I heard the phone pick up. “Why hello, to what do I owe this precious phone call for?”

“I’m going to sign up one of my friends to be in our dorm, do you care?”

“Oh! What’s your friend’s name? Oh, oh wait, did you make friends with that kid that you and Jay ran into on the day of your placement exams?”

“He is. His names Harley Lash. He’s a wind elemental,” I said leaning back in the chair, “You guys can meet him tonight, I don’t want him sleeping in his dorm.”

“Did you need help? You know that Gil, Jay, and I will be right there if there’s trouble,” The tone in Aaron’s voice suddenly got serious.

“Nothing’s wrong right now, but thanks. We’ll see ya later, gotta finish eating then head over to Abel’s before I get reamed out for being late. I just wanted to shoot it across you before doing anything.”

“That’s perfectly fine. I’ll see you later,” Then he hung up.

“Ye dornt hae tae dae aw thes fur me. I’ll be braw,” Harley said.

I put my phone away and lean my elbows on the table, “How long was your hair before it was cut off?” The look of shock came back to his face.

“It was tae th’ middle ay mah back,” He answers.

“Okay,” I nod and lean back in my chair, “Tomorrow morning we’re going and getting your dorm changed over,” I pick up my fork again and start eating.

I finished up the pasta salad in no time and then went up to the register and paid for mine and Harley’s food, “You two ready?”

“I’m good!’ Nero stands up and fixes the chair.

Harley nods and gets up himself. The three of us head out, “It’s nae ’at bad. Mah heed feels lighter noo ’at mah hair is shorter,” Harley comments and I look over at him and raise an eyebrow.

“My aunts really good with haircuts. I’ll ask her if she can fix the ends so it’ll grow better,” I comment.

“Okay,” Harley says.

“Mrs. Kaisai is fucking good at like everything and her cooking is fucking delicious,” Nero perks up.

“She does have good cooking,” I chuckle as we turn down a dead-end street and I take them to the two-story house that’s at the end of the street. I knock twice then walk into the house. As always, it’s clean in here but there are random shirts and socks here and there, “Abel, ya here?”

“Yeah,” I hear his voice come from upstairs. I’ll be right down.” He wanders down a minute after in shorts and a tank top, “Oh, you brought some friends with you today.”

“This is Harley Lash and this is Nero Ulric,” I motion to them when I say their name. “Guys this is Abel.” Getting out of the way Abel shakes both their hands.

“I know I’ve heard of you and seen you around before Nero. It’s nice to meet you,” He nods to Nero.

“Likewise,” He nods back.

“You must be new,” Abel smiles at Harley.

“Och aye sairrr,” Harley said.

“A Scottie too on top of it!” Abel instantly pinpoints what Harley, “Welcome aboard, I’m assuming that you’re not a water element though, but that’s fine. Let’s all head to the back yard,” Abel motions for us to follow him, “Sean you know what you have to do to warm up,” I nod and start taking my laps around the yard. Abel talks with Nero and Harley as I do my warm-ups. Once I’ve warmed up Abel and I get to work on the first skill of the water element along with him showing me the second skill to our element.


“Hm?” He hummed as I turn on my heels with the water moving with me.

“Would I be able to get a day off to have a spar with snowflake?” I ask.

“Who’s snowflake?”

“He’s talking about the ice prince, Toshiro Unido,” Nero speaks up.

“Why would you want to spar a prodigy of all people?”

“Says the person who says I’m the water prodigy,” I say right back at him.

“Fair enough, but I’ll only allow it if I’m there to watch.”

“What’s going on?” A new voice comes in. I stop with my movements and see that Torin came out the back door.

“I’m asking for a day off to spar Toshiro Unido,” I answer.

“Keep moving Sean. Otherwise, I’m going to make you do twenty laps in the pool with your clothes on.” Sighing I start moving again in the motions that Abel has forced into me over these past few weeks. I’m not allowed to completely move onto the next skill until the movements for the first skill are mere motor functions to my body.

“Ice Prince, nice. Hey Nero, what’s up? It’s been a bit,” Torin sets his bag down and sits down at the table under the umbrella that Harley and Nero are also sitting at, “Ab, let him to it, if he get’s his ass kicked then he’ll learn.”

Gee, thanks for a load of confidence. Abel sighs, “Fine, but like I said I’m going to be there for it, just in case something goes wrong.”

“If I don’t have to do a fuck tone of paperwork then I’ll come watch myself. It’s been a bit since I saw someone try to take on a prodigy outside of one of the tournaments,” Torin comments.

“To be fair, other than the fact that Shiro has been at this for a hell of a lot longer in training wise than Sean has, he can probably do a decent job as countering him in a match,” Nero adds in.

“That’s true, considering ice branches off the water element,” Abel states, “But other than that you’re gonna be squashed like a bug.”

“Can’t ya give me some credit here. I can still fight hand to hand,” I stop what I’m doing and glare at them, “Don’t count me out before I even try.”

“Ah believe in ye Sean,” Harley speaks up with a smile.

“Thanks,” I smile back.

“Ah true, have to give you credit for that Sean. You did put up a good fight back then. But, I have to ask, why do you have a need to fight Toshiro?” Abel asks. I move the water back into the pool.

“Because, the day that I went out to capture Sasuke, the van passed him while he was running down the sidewalk. And when I Saw Sasuke again I lost it and kicked the shit out of him. It’s my own fault that he hates me,” I answer.

“I remember that day when Kyo and Toshiro came back without Sasuke. Snowflake was so pissed he was crying,” Nero explained the aftermath making my heart sting.

“That’s why I promised I would spar him. So, he can take out all of his anger and aggression towards me for what I did. It doesn’t mean that I’m just going to take the beating sitting down though, I plan to hold my own as long as I can,” I explain to the small group.

“Then it’s a good thing that I’ll be there to watch. Don’t need Headmaster getting wind of this match now do we?” Abel mentions and I stiffen right up.

“Oh, god no, please don’t tell my aunt and uncle. More so my aunt then anyone, I don’t want to feel her wrath,” I shake my head rapidly back and forth.

“Can ah gie a foo explanation as tae hoo thes cam tae a barnie, please? Aam huir uv a confused,” Harley spoke up.

“If you’re willing to sit through a decently long story,” I say and he nods. I look over at Abel and he smiles at me.

“I guess we can call it for the day. I’ve been running you ragged anyways so having a short practice is fine every now and again so you can realx,” Abel agreed.

“I wanna hear this story myself. You’ve been comin’ here since you were allowed to start training and I hardly know anything about you,” Torin points out leaning back in his chair.

“I’ll go get everyone some drinks if you want to start telling them Sean,” Abel pats me on the back and then heads into the house.

I sit down in a spare chair with them and begin to tell them what happened and how Abel and I met. By the time, I was done with Abel popping in his bits to the story every now and again it’s almost seven at night. The three of them listened to me intently. The only one who wasn’t entirely shocked but was still surprised with some of the things I said was Nero considering he’s heard some of it before. Once I was done Torin and Abel had the three of us stay for dinner so Torin could keep asking me questions, more so about Andy and a few other things.

Torin and Abel made all of us burgers with a side of broccoli and noodles for dinner. It was still nice out so we continued to sit outside, “Torin, I forgot to ask you this earlier. You said you were in field study of the research and development branch, what is it exactly that you’re studying?” Nero asked after swallowing the bite of burger that he was chewing.

“I’m looking into legends that were told by the dragons,” Torin started.

“What legends?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

Torin takes a drink of his lemonade and then sets it back down on the table, “You know that there are six dragon roosts here correct?” I nod and so does Nero, but Harley shakes his head, “Well, long story short, six dragon roosts are placed around Amoura. The closest one to us is the Earth Dragon roost and that’s to the east of the school. The Wind Dragon Roost lies in the floating mountains in the west, the fire dragon roosts is in the north, and the water dragons are in the south. Together those four make up the locations of the poles. Now, there are the light and dark dragons. The light dragon roost is located at the north pole and then the dark dragon roost is located at the south pole. That’s the basics of them. Then there’s a bunch of politics and shit that I’m not going to get into right now,” He waved his hands around a bit because of the politics. He then leaned on the table towards the three of us, “But, legends as that there are a seventh and eight dragons the seventh is the poison dragons and the eight is the melancholy dragon.”

“Melancholy dragon?” The three of us say in unison.

“Why are both the poison and melancholy dragons named that and not after an element like the other six?” I ask.

“Well, I guess the poison dragons are still around, but their roost was destroyed killing off a lot of them. The remaining poison dragons wander Amoura or are in hiding. But, that is not what I’m researching, but I do hope that I can do research on them one day. What I’m researching at the melancholy dragons. It’s said that they just mysteriously disappeared just before elementals were brought here to Amoura.”

“Oh wow,” I mutter. Why, did they suddenly disappear though?

“Yeah, when I went around and talked to some of the dragon roosts they said it may have been because they didn’t fit within the seven,” Torin said and I look at Nero and he looks just as confused as I am.

“The seven?” Nero asked.

“The seven deadly sins. Even though they aren’t a fan of it all of them end up having a few their roosts sin within them. Some more than others.”

“So, what are they?” I ask.

“Ah, I can answer that one,” Abel spoke up, “Fire Dragons sin is wrath, water dragons are envy, earth dragons are pride, wind dragons are lust, light dragons are greed, dark dragons are sloth, and poison dragons are gluttony.”

“Which leaves the melancholy dragons with the unknown sin of Acedia, or melancholy, so what their name is. I want to find out more about these dragons and just if they still exist,” Torin leans back a bit, “But going to the other dragons, I haven’t gotten too much other than that out of them. I may have to go to the spirit village and see if anyone there can tell me anything.”

“Don’t you have to go through a fuck ton of approvals in order to even take a step into that village?” Nero questioned and I look at him a bit confused. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

“That’s why I’m here right now. I just started that process, but it also means I can thoroughly go through the data that I’ve already collected.” All of us talked a while longer and then after we helped them clean up Nero, Harley, and I left and went back towards the school.

“Ah hae tae gonnae-no at mah d’rm tae gie a poke, if ye still want me tae sleep ower,” Harley spoke up. Okay, asking to get something from dorm so he can sleep over…that’s the jist of it…I think.

“I’m fine with that, I’ll come with you and help if you want,” I offer.

“I’ll tag along too, I’ve got nothing else to do for the night anyways,” Nero smiled leaning so he could see Harley.

“Cheers,” Harley nodded and Nero chuckled.

“Bro if ya wanna say cheers wait till we have some drinks in our hands,” I nudged Nero and look at him.

“He means thanks,” I comment.

“I still wouldn’t mind my option.”

“Aren’t you underage?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Don’t be sayin’ that like yer older than me shit.” Well, technically…I am older than you.

“I’m not saying I am, I’m just saying I’d rather not get in trouble. But yes, we’ll go with you to your dorm.” I look between the two of them.

Har nods and smiles, I don’t think he wants to say thanks again because of Nero’s comment.

We walk the rest of the way in silence as Harley takes the lead and shows us where his dorm is. It’s practically on the other side of campus from our dorms. Every dorm has its own smell to it and Harley’s dorm was no exception. But it stunk so fucking bad. It smelled heavily of smoke. They’re lucky they haven’t set off any alarms. My eyes started to water from the smell. Yeah, I don’t know how Harley has put up with this smell for so long.

“Where are your roommates?” I ask trying to sound like the smell wasn’t bothering me.

“Bro it fuckin stinks in here, how do ya even live with this smell?” Nero very bluntly says.

“It’s beun dead ‘ard ter deal wi’. I’ve juss beun gett’n over gett’n sick because o’ it,” Harley answered opening the door to the bedroom that shoots off the living room downstairs. If they smoke down here it’s got to make it ten times worse.

“It doesn’t seem like any of them are home right now,” I mention noticing how quite the dorm is.

“A body ay normally ‘at leest a tois hoor lang nap efter they gie back frae classes. Th’ others will normally nae gie back till around tatties an’ needs time an’ expect me tae hae scran gart fur them by th’ time they gie haem.” That’s not even right, after suffocating him with the smell of smoke in the dorm they expect him to be a maid and cook for them. What do they think, do they think they’re all king of the crop and it doesn’t matter what others have to say about it?

“What are these fuckin’ kids four?” Nero asked clearly not happy with what Harley said, “I should fuck up their day to show them they aren’t little fuckin’ kids anymore and they need ta grow the fuck up.”

“There’s nae point in waistin’ yer energy wi’ them. If they dornt straighten up ’en they’re gonnae gie in trouble,” Harley sighs still keeping his voice low.

“Hardork you finally made it home,” I look up to see a guy with bed head messed up burnet hair came walking down the stairs, “I’m starvin’.”

“Then make your own damn food. Harley’s coming and spending the night with me,” I comment.

The kid’s brown eyes locked with mine. The glare he was giving me wasn’t too pleasant, “What are ya Hardork’s hoe or somethin’?” My eye twitches at that comment.

“I’m no one’s whore you jackass,” I step towards him.

“Sean,” Harley calls out to me and I look at him.

“Ha, yer pathetic, getting stopped just by him calling yer name like that,” The kid laughed and.

“What’s yer element kid?” Nero spoke up and I look at him as he has his hands in his pockets.

“Why the fuck do ya wanna know?”

“I’m curious,” Nero smirks.

“It’s water ya fucker, now why don’t ya sit yer little ass in a corner and be quiet.”

Nero’s shoulders started to shake and then he burst out laughing. He’s laughing so hard he leans back as he’s holding onto his stomach, “Ah damn, it’s been a while since I’ve had someone who wasn’t a prodigy talk to me like that.” The kid glares at him, “Oh and to put it lightly because you’re new to this school, there’s a prodigy for every element and you’re not the one for the water element their boyo.” Nero slaps me on the back then takes a step towards the kid, “So I would suggest who you run your mouth off to ya little fucker before you get yourself killed or worse banished.” Nero held his hand inches away from the kid’s shoulder and sent a small bolt of lightning at him. It was enough of a charge to send the kid flying into the wall that was next to where Harley was standing.

Nero walked over to him and put his foot right next to his head and leans down, “Now, unless you want another flying lesson I suggest you and your buddies get your fucking act together.”

“What’s yer name ass wipe?” The kid questioned. I walk over to Harley and stand next to him.

“Nero Ulric and the kid you were trying to fuck with is Sean Zimmer. He’s the headmaster’s nephew. If ya would like to keep fuckin’ playing the dance I’ll be happy to tango with you and crush you into oblivion. You pick a fight with my friends ya better fuckin’ to have the balls to pick a fight with me.”

I watch the kids eyes grow wide when he hears our names and he tries to sink back into the wall but fails, “And another thing, if ya don’t fuckin’ quit with the smoking yer not gonna have any lights in the dorm anymore and on top of it if you want every write up in the book placed on ya then keep doin’ it. These lights are moss, they need fresh clean air in order to keep producin’ the light that we use to see at night. Fuckin’ get yer act together or you’re gonna get severely hurt one of these days,” Nero pushed off the wall and stood there glaring down at the kid, “Come on guys.” With that, the three of us left without a punch being thrown.

“Was it pure th’ best tae threaten heem loch ’at?”

“Fuck yeah it’s fucking all good! The little shit had it coming and better to give it to um early and straighten their ass out before it’s too late,” Nero pumped his fist in the air with confidence.

“Don’t worry Harley, everything will be fine,” I try to reassure him. Though I have a feeling that if he’s left alone for a while that could be a bad decision.

We decided to change the subject as we walk back to our dorms. When we get to my dorm Nero splits off form us and goes to his dorm next door and Harley and I head into mine.

“We’re home,” I call out to really no one as Harley and I enter the dorm. I slip out of my shoes and walk into the living room.

“Welcome back!!” I hear Jay yell from upstairs.

I set my bag down on the back of the sofa and look around, “Where’s Aaron and Gil?”

“They went to go get some ingredients that we were missing for dinner. They should be back soon,” Jay popped up against the railing, his hair not stopping with him and flying over the railing, “I heard about the situation,” He started.

“We’re all good, Nero threatened one of his roommates a bit when we went there to get him a change of clothes for the night, but no fights broke out,” I explain as he comes down the stairs.

“That’s good,” Jay sighs in relief, he then takes Harley’s hand and shakes his rapidly, “I don’t know if you remember, but I’m Jason Grim, you can call me Jay! It’ll be super exciting to have another person here in the dorm! I’m sure that we can be really good friends!”

“Ah min’. It’s braw tae see ya again,” Harley chuckles.

Jay laughed and let go of Harley’s hand and hugged him, “I love your accent!! This is going to be so much fun having you around!!”

“J-Jay, I think you may be squeezing him a bit tight,” I comment noticing Harley’s face turning red.

“But we needed another ginger in this house. Clearly, two wasn’t enough. But he is a more carrot orange then the red that Aaron and Gil are,” Jay let go of Harley who took a deep breath in, but Jay keeps a strong hold on Harley’s arm, “Did someone chop your hair? It’s very uneven.”

Harley looked away from Jay so I spoke up, “His roommates are the ones that cut it on him. It must have happened before we met him the first time since this was the length of his hair when we met.”

“It’ll graw back,” Harley says quietly.

“That’s not the point Harley,” I sigh, “But, the important thing is that you’re getting out of that dorm. You don’t need to deal with that.”

“I hope you don’t mind being stuck with us. There are a fair bit of people that don’t like us because of us being prodigies of our elements,” Jay comments letting go of Harley’s arm and heading to the kitchen.

“So, what room do you want?” I ask Harley.

“Can ah be upstairs wi’ a’ fowk?” He asks and I can’t help but laugh.

“You can dorm in whatever room you want to be in there’s one more room upstairs, so if you want to have a room up there then I’m totally for it!” I answer.

We go upstairs and I show him what room is open. It’s the last room on the end. He’s happy with the room Jay and I grab some of the extra blankets and pillows that we have in the dorm and help Harley make the bed. By the time that we finished that Aaron and Gil go home with the groceries. All of us help make dinner and we sit in the living room and I pop in an anime that I’ve been wanting them to watch considering I have the anime on disk. They were all so engrossed in it, we end up finishing the entire season of it.

“So, tomorrow morning do you want us to go with you?” Aaron offers as we pass each other in the hall.

“I think we’ll be okay. We only need one of us there to ask for the switch in dorms with him, right?” I ask not too sure how it all works.

“I think so. It seems right. If not, just let one of us know and we’ll come and help out,” we give each other a light high five.

“Sounds good to me. Thanks for all the help Aaron,” I smile and then do what I need to in the bathroom before heading to my room for the night. Tomorrow morning we’ll get him switched over to this dorm and then I should probably help him get packed that way he has someone there with him.

So, what else happened today? Or should I go digging to see what happened? Gil’s room is close to mine, but I didn’t think that he could hear my thoughts through a wall.

It would probably be easier to dig instead of me trying to explain it.

Alright, but even just by what you were thinking it sounds like things could have ended very bad if Nero didn’t step in.

I probably would have gotten into a fist fight with the kid, to be honest.

We don’t have anything going on tomorrow, we’ll come with you. One it’ll help it go faster and two if all of his old roommates are there then it’s better to not be outnumbered.

But, I’m still concerned with classes.

We’ll make a plan for at least one of us to be with him with walking to class and what not if we can match up schedules. The more we’re with him the better and the more comfortable I think he’ll feel.

But at the same time, will he start to become dependent on us if we start doing that?

That’s true, that is a high possibility that’ll happen. I don’t know, we’ll figure something out. For now, though, we should sleep. There’s a lot that needs to be done tomorrow.

Sounds good, night Gil, and thank you.

Night Sean, I’ll see you in the morning. The presence of Gil faded from my mind and I felt my body relax. With all that happened today, I was more exhausted that I realized and it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

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