A Little Secret

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It's Time for the Next Step

Chapter 55: It’s Time for the Next Step


“Okay you two remember, this is a mock match. The first one to land on their knees loses,” Abel stats standing between Sean and me. We were in the back yard at our house. Abel’s roommate Torin, who works under Otto, came with Abel to the house. Apparently, he has something that he needed to discuss with dad. Considering Sean and Shiro’s match is tomorrow, Abel wanted Sean to do a practice match with me one last time to make sure that he at least had the first ability down for water.

“I’m good whenever you are,” I say looking over at Sean and propping up on my toes to begin bouncing.

Sean bent his knees and shifts his weight so his right leg is in front and his body is opening his hips to his left. We were standing next to the pond so that Sean had water to work with. I also wasn’t worried about if I fall in. If I do I just have to make sure that I hold my breath and I know that Sean will come in after me. He won’t let me drown, “As ready as I’ll ever be.” He sounds tense.

“Relax Sean, your element is about flow, relax your muscles otherwise I’m going to knock you down in five minutes’ flat,” I mention, but it seems my words only made his body tense up more.

“I’m not tense,” He answers.

“Yes, you are,” I retort, “I want you to relax. Do that and then we can start. It’s just me you’re going against.”

“I know, I know,” He took a deep breath and exhaled. He did it a few times and he finally started to relax.

“Alright, let’s do it,” I nod to Abel and he sticks his hand up.

“Begin,” He backs out of the way and I start it off with two swift thrusts with my fists sending out two fireballs and then I round house in the air to send two flaming arcs at Sean. All four of my attacks hit and the final arc sends him flying into the pond.

“Sean!” I yell and run over to the edge of the pond, “Sean, are you okay?”

He popped his head out of the water soaking wet, “I’m fine, I just wasn’t expecting something so quick.” He swam back over to the edge of the pond and got out. “Show me how to do that,”

“I don’t know if it’ll work with water, though,” I answer a bit hesitant.

“Then keep using it on me until I’m able to block it. Or at least dodge the damn combo. Snowflake uses quick attack’s, anyways right? So, if I can dodge yours I should be okay with his tomorrow,” He has a point.

“Alright fine. I’ll keep using that combo on you until you can dodge it. If we have time I’ll keep adding to the combo,” I help him stand up. I look over at Abel, “You okay with that?”

“That’s fine with me. The boy needs to learn to be more flexible anyway,” Abel chuckles and put a hand up.

“Hey!” Sean retorts.

“What, it’s true. You’ve lost a lot of your flexibility. You’ll need it,” Abel comes over and pats him on the back. “How about at least once a month, for a full week we just have your friends spar against you so that way you can learn to utilize your abilities and strengthen your body to be able to fight. You’re also doing Kenpo correct?”

“I am,” He nods. I’m thinking that was dad’s idea.

“Good, then you should be learning to have a faster reaction time anyway,” Abel slapped Sean’s back, “Now, get up and start round two. At least try to knock Sasuke down a couple of times before we have to call it a night.”

We reset and do it again. For about an hour I kept sending Sean into the water from the combo. The more he could dodge it the more I added to the combo to knock him off his feet. It took fifteen knock downs for Sean to get to me and knock me off my feet. But I’m able to stay up on my feet and keep going after him. After a few more attacks, he gets back to me and this time line backers me to the ground.

“Okay, you win this round,” I say trying to get the wind back in my voice.

“Unconventional, but it still works,” Abel comments coming over to us to help the two of us back onto our feet, “You still good for a few more rounds?” He looks between the two of us.

“Not tonight boys,” Mom yells to us, “You’ve been at this for two hours. You need to do a cool down and stretch. Then come eat dinner.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sean and I yell back in unison.

“Well, you heard the lady, do a lap around the pond and then stretch,” Abel pushes the two of us forward.

We take a jog around the pond and that’s when I realize how drained I am for going for two hours of using my element pretty much nonstop. Any longer and I may have had a mind down. “Next time I’m going to knock you down more than once.”

“I look forward to it,” I smirk at Sean and he slaps my back as we run.

We get back to Abel and do some deep stretching before heading back to the house and eat. After eating we head back out towards the academy. Torin and Abel walk with us until they have to break off to head to their own house. “Ya know, when we were fighting, I forgot we had to walk back to the dorms.” Sean points out.

“Maybe we should have stayed home tonight. I didn’t realize we would go that long,” I let my shoulders drop as we continue to walk down the hill.

“We’re over half way back to the school, I’m not turning back to walk back up the hill now,” Sean groans, “Especially considering Abel wants me there early tomorrow.”

“It was a good thing we stopped for the night then.”

“Wait, don’t you have a class tomorrow?”

“Dad canceled the Saturday classes for this. I don’t mind too much, though considering that means that I can sleep in a bit. It normally starts at 7:30 in the morning,” I shrug. “But dad is making us make it up on Monday instead. Considering he doesn’t at a class that early on Monday.”

“Ugh, that still sucks ass. At least my Kenpo class isn’t until eight in the morning.”

“Just wait until you can work towards your soul weapon.”

“How long do you think that’ll take?”

“As long as it takes you to prove you’ve gotten all of the abilities of your element down and are working towards mastery. That’s how all of us got into the weapons class this year. A fair bit of the older students are peeved that we got in, but they also blame it on us being the prodigies so we get special treatment.”

“That shouldn’t matter that you’re a prodigy or not. If you’re fucking good then you’re fucking good. That’s all that matters. People need to get their fucking head out of their asses and get over it.”

“I know, we can’t change the way people think, though,” I sigh and break off to my dorm, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night Sasuke,” Sean waves and goes to the dorm that’s next to mine and heads in for the night himself.

“I’m home,” I sigh slipping out of my shoes.

“Welcome home,” Shiro greets from the living room.

He knows that I was with Sean and he seems a little sour about it. Tomorrow is their match so I’m not surprised. “Thanks,” I answer and go straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water, “I’m exhausted, I think I’m just going to take a shower and head to bed.”

“Alright, good night then,” He gives me a small smile, “I’ll head to bed soon myself.”

“Sounds good,” I nod and then take my glass of water upstairs with me. Setting that in my room and then grabbing a pair of shorts I go into the bathroom and take a shower. I feel more and more tired as I do my normal night routine and it doesn’t take me long to fall asleep when I flop down on my bed for the night.

Today’s the day. Today, Sean and Shiro have their match. Why do I feel nervous and I’m not even the one that’s in this fight?

It’s understandable that you’re nervous. Your best friends are going head to head and you know for a fact that Sean is going to lose this one. Gil’s voice echo’s in my mind as all of us as a group walks up to the house. Dad found out about the match from Abel when he asked for an update on Sean’s training and dad wanted the match to be at home. Sean’s more than likely already there because Abel needed to see him early this morning.

I guess, but my biggest concern is, Sean has never known how to give up. I look back slightly at Shiro who’s walking next to Kyo silently. He looks so focused and in his own world.

We’ll all be there, if we can’t break it up then I know headmaster can. Gil points out. But I have a feeling you would be the best one to step in considering they both listen to you.

I flinch my fists in my pockets and look down for a moment before looking back up ahead of me. We’re at the top of the hill and making it up the driveway. Instead of going into the house we go around it right to the back yard. Sean is in the back with Abel, Torin, mom, and dad. Sean notices us walking up and walks away from mom and dad and comes up to us. I high five him and smile. “You ready for this?” I ask.

“As ready as I can be,” He nods. I look back at Shiro and he’s not even paying attention. He breaks away from the group and has gone over to my mom and dad and starts talking to them, “Is he pissed at me?”

“He hasn’t said a word to any of us all morning,” I answer honestly. I look back to Sean and nudge him, “Don’t hold back. You know that Shiro won’t.”

“I know. I just have to keep my mind clear and heart steady,” He looks away from me and towards where mom and dad are, “I know I’m not coming out of this unscathed, but I’m going to fight my hardest and if I can knock him down at least once I’ll feel good. I hope this will help snowflake and I be friends again. No one likes this tension. And I can’t keep hurting you like this, he’s your best friend.”

“Sadly, even though you control your element with your heart you’re still using mental energy and if you over exhaust yourself you’ll end up what’s called a mind down,” I explain to Sean.

“Yeah, Abel made me experience one of those a few weeks ago. He made me keep going until my entire body shut down on me,” Sean groans a bit.

“But, going back to what we were talking about, you’re also my best friend, I don’t want to see either of you get hurt, but I know that this needs to happen,” I comment.

“Also, if either of us gets hurt Abel is here and he can heal us. Your mom also bought a fair bit of random healing vials things,” Sean motioned over towards the table.

“Oh, she got elixirs and potions,” I comment.

“What is this a fuckin video game?” He asks and I laugh.

“No, that’s just what they decided to call them, considering how they work,” I smile up at him, “If things get too out of hand I’ll step in and stop the fight.”

“Thanks, I’m hoping you won’t have to, though,” He sighs.

“Sean,” Dad calls to him. We nod to each other and he walks back over to dad. We walk up the hill to the pond and where our bit of field is before the line of woods start. I stand next to Abel and Gil as Sean and Shiro follow dad out away from the rest of us. None of us are cheering. “Same rules as a tournament apply to this fight,” Dad started, I’m assuming he explained the rules of a tournament to Sean as the rest of us were heading up here. Dad rose his arm up in the air, “Ready…being,” His arm came down in front of him and then he blinks out of the center of them.

Shiro starts right off the bat with a sheet of ice on the ground. When the ice slides under Sean’s feet I notice his shift in stance and the ice under his feet melt into water like when I’m standing on ice. Water and Ice elements are difficult to go against each other because of how ice branches off water. Using the ice around him, Sean melts it into water and blocks the ice disks that Shiro begins firing at him. Taking the water along with him, Sean rolls out of the way as the disks begin to cut through his wall. He launched a stream of water towards Shiro when he got up on a knee. Looking like it would make a direct hit on Toshiro, he sees it coming like it was a ball slowly rolling towards him and he gracefully dodges the attack then takes a hold of the water turning it into ice. Sean manages to make a jet of water to clash with the ice that Shiro was sending back at him. He’s able to hold him for close to a minute before the ice pierces through the water and he has to jump out of the way.

Rolling back up onto his feet Sean sprints towards Toshiro. Getting out of the way of most of the attacks but does get nailed with a few ice needles and they stick with him. Quickly recovering from them, Sean engages Shiro in hand to hand combat. Shiro blocks the first punch and is quick to counter, but it seems to shock Shiro that Sean was able to react just as quickly and block his.

“Sean’s really good with karate, isn’t he?” Kyo states.

“He did make it all the way to black belt before he left to go to another school when we were kids. I’m sure even if he didn’t continue through a school he kept up with it in his free time,” I answer crossing my arms as I watch the two go at it and he keeps Shiro on his toes.

“True, if you’ve been doing one thing for so long it should just be engrained into your muscle memory,” Jason says.

“Well, that was a bit dirty of a trick snowflake,” Nero comments as Shiro spreads a thick layer of ice under their feet making Sean lose his footing right in the middle of landing from a round house kick and He goes crashing down to the icy ground.

Shiro takes this chance to form an ice pillar and hit Sean with it from under him. His attack is so powerful it lifts Sean right up off his feet and sends him flying across the field and right for the pond. I take a step forward and I feel a tight grip land on my shoulder. Looking at Gil he’s concentrating on the fight. I look back and instead of Sean’s back slamming into the water and him sinking in he ends up skipping on the surface. On the second wave of contact, he rolls around and get’s on his hands and balls of his feet and comes to a skidding stop in the center of the pond. Still on top of the water.

“I haven’t taught him that yet,” Abel mutters on my left. That’s right, this is an advanced skill.

He was practicing long into the night and going off the explanations in the book for the advanced skills. Though he still seems a bit shaky with them. I watch Sean’s shoe fall through the surface of the water and he pulls it out. I can see him breathing heavily and that he’s shaking.

What’s he thinking?

Okay Sean, stand up. You haven’t fallen in yet. Sean’s thoughts echo in my mind. Gil’s using one of his abilities to allow me to hear him. Sean stands up, there’s a look of shock when I look over at Shiro.

“That’s impossible, he shouldn’t know that right now,” Gil mutters, “That’s what Shiro is thinking.”

Sean must have picked up on the surprise and took it to his advantage. Okay, like Sasuke’s combo you saw. He won’t be expecting it. He lifts water out of the pond and begins the movements for the combinations that he used in our mock fight last night. Two quick water balls went flying at Shiro like how I will start off a quick combo. Shiro just barely dodges the first one but gets hit with the second. Sean isn’t done. He then spins and sends out two horizontal blades of water, one just slightly higher than the other followed by him kicking off the water’s surface he pulls up two arcs of water and kicks the two vertical blades one right after the other. He’s a bit shaky on the landing when his feet go through the water’s surface. But he rebounds and finally sends out a long stream of water nailing Shiro in the chest with it and knocking him off his feet. Got him! Shiro lands not too far off from where he was hit. His shoulder slams down on the soaking wet grass and he slides as he flips himself back up onto his feet.

Shiro takes a breath in and then launches himself up into the air with an ice platform. Without hesitation, he begins a barrage of ice spikes and rains them down on Sean. With the speed that he’s throwing the ice spikes at Sean, all Sean can do it cover his head and neck with his arms. The ice spikes become more condensed the closer to the ground Shiro gets. In the blink of an eye, he creates a slab of ice behind him and he launches himself off it and down the rest of the way to the ground. With a quick roll, he forms a giant ice spike and launches it at Sean. With Sean’s position, he can’t dodge and takes a direct hit in the stomach. The spike pierces through him. But, Shiro’s not done. He pulls the spike out of Sean and then slams it into his side. The force from the impact sends Sean flying across the pond and he slams into the base of the tree that has the tree house in it.

“SEAN!” I scream and sprint towards his motionless body as Shiro is doing the same as he crosses the pond with a path of ice.

“STAY BACK SASUKE!” I stop in my tracks As Sean starts to force himself back up once again. His entire body is shaking as and there’s blood soaking into his clothes. Shiro gets there and lifts Sean up off the ground by the collar of his shirt. Sean slams his knee into Shiro diaphragm and is dropped. “Agh.” Sean lands on his hands and knees in front of Shiro. He starts coughing up blood and I tighten my hands into fists not moving from my spot.

“SEAN GET UP! GET UP AND FIGHT DAMN IT!” Jay screams from behind me.

As if on strings Sean shifts his body and kicks Shiro’s feet out from under him. Shiro rolls towards the crest of the hill and right as he gets up onto a knee Sean slams his shoulder into Shiro’s stomach and they go tumbling down the hill side. I ran down the hill towards the house and by the two of them hit the bottom Shiro had landed on top. I come to a skidding stop close by them and the two of them are laughing. Shiro rolls off Sean and is lying next to him. He has a rather large gash in his shirt and chest that’s bleeding.

“Are you two alright?” I ask out of panic.

“Depends on your definition of alright,” Sean answered as he turned to his side and started coughing. A spray of blood made it through his fingers as he tried to cover his mouth.

Abel came running over and pulled water out of the canteen that he has on his side, “Sasuke, I need more water and someone gets a couple elixirs and get these two to drink them,” Abel ordered.

“R-right,” I instantly run into the house and grab a couple of buckets that were sitting in the sun room and then brought them back outside to the spicket and filled them with water. Bringing the water over to him Abel pulled the water out of the bucket and split it up between Shiro and Sean and started healing larger areas on both. Mom and dad were getting the two of them to drink some elixirs.

“How did the Ice prince get the gash across his chest?” Torin questioned.

“I can answer that,” Gil stated as the rest of the group was finally down the hill, “While Sean was lying on the ground and we were yelling at him to get up he was actually gathering water and condensing it into a blade. Then when he tackled Shiro he must have got him with it on the way down the hill.”

Sean’s cough brought me back to them, “That stuff is disgusting. It tastes worse than a potion.”

“It’s going to heal your internal wounds faster, so no complaining,” Mom retorted and popped the cork off another one.

“But I’ll be,” He didn’t get to finish his sentence before mom shoved another one in his mouth.

“Sean, you’re never going to win, just let it go and let her help,” Dad chuckles as he hands the bottles to Shiro and he drinks them but has to keep pulling his head away and cough because of the strong taste.

Shiro had to drink two of the elixirs and Sean was forced to drink five. When Abel got both to stop bleeding Sean was the first one to stand up. There was no hole and the water cleaned off the blood exposing bare skin. Holding out his hand to Shiro to help him up, he took Sean’s hand and stood up. Sean pulled Shiro into a one-armed hug. Shiro hugged him back before they pulled away from each other.

“Does this mean no more awkward tension between the two of you?” I asked looking between them.

“It does. I’m really sorry,” Shiro apologized.

Sean helped Abel up and high fived him, “You didn’t get as badly hurt as I thought you were going to.” Then strong slapping around rang out from them as Abel slapped Sean’s arm. A hand print quickly forming on Sean’s arm, “Who told you that you could move onto the advanced abilities when you’ve just gotten through the first ability?”

“Well it helped in the situation, didn’t it? I didn’t take a dive into the pond,” Sean protested and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How are you feeling?” I nudge Shiro’s arm and he looks at me with a soft smile.

“I’m better.”

“Why did you two start laughing?”

“Not sure, I landed on top of him when we finally stopped rolling and we just kinda looked at each other and started laughing. I think we both realized just how childish I was acting and I shouldn’t have been so uptight about everything. Yes, him taking you that day hurt, but he apologized and he’s trying his best to make things right again. I know he tries his best and that he’s been spending hours outside of the time that he’s training to continue working.”

Jay ran over and jumped on Sean. The force that he put behind the jump knocked Sean off his feet and they both went tumbling to the ground Jay still holding onto him tightly.

“I’m happy to see him getting along with everyone,” Gil comments walking up to me and Shiro as Aaron also jumps on top of Jay and Sean that were already on the ground. Harley runs over to the three of them and starts flailing his arms trying to get Aaron and Jay to get off Sean only to be pulled down by them.

“Same,” I nod.

“He practices so much because he wants to keep up.” I look over at Gil. “He and Harley will practice and have little matches against each other to improve.”

“They don’t want to be left behind,” I mutter.

“Exactly. And I’m assuming he came home with a bunch of burn marks because you were helping him?” Gil asked and I nod again.

“We went fifteen rounds in two hours, I won fourteen of them,” I replied putting my hands in my pockets.

“He realizes the gap and wants to close it. But keeping him and Harley from over exhausting themselves.”

“After today Sean better not to do anything else,” Kyo butts into the conversation.

“He’s going to unless we keep him busy,” Gil states.

“But, what can we do to keep them from training today?” I ask.

“We could go on a hike,” The twins offer in unison.

“We could, but where would we go?” Shiro mentions.

“We could also just hang out here and go swimming, set up the volleyball net, have fun,” I offer.

“You’re actually willing to go swimming?” Hale rose an eyebrow at me.

“Well, I’ll get in the water, but I won’t be swimming. Maybe Sean can work on helping me learn how to swim. Not that it’s really working, but it’s still something to do.”

“YA know I’m right fucking here,” Sean speaks up finally getting Aaron, Jay, and Harley off him.

“Oh, we know,” I glance over at Tate to see him smirk, “You just got your ass kicked and thrown around like a rag doll, don’t you think it would be best to relax the rest of the day and just have some fun?”

Sean knit his brows and thought about it. Finally, he sighed and nodded, “Fine, but we still have to go back to the dorms and get our swimming gear.” Sean points at me, “And don’t think you’re getting out of this. I will get you to float. You’re the one that suggested it so we’re doing it.”

I put up my hands and laugh, “Fair enough.” I look over at mom, “Can we do that?”

“I don’t see why not. I would rather you stay here anyway,” Mom smiled happily.

All of us head back to the dorms. Complaining to Shiro and Kyo along the way that they need to learn how to make portals so we can be lazy at times like this and use their portals. Then we had to explain to Sean and Harley about portals. Everyone got a good laugh about it in the end. We got what we needed and met up in front of the dorms once more to head back to my parent’s house. By the time, we get back Torin and Abel have left for the day. But Otto just showed up.

“Morning Otto,” Sean greets as we walk into the house.

“Good morning Sean,” He nods and then finally looks over to see everyone else, “Oh, good morning everyone.”

“Morning,” I smile a bit and wave.

“I heard about the match,” Otto smirked a bit looking at Sean as they met at eye level.

“I’m still learning alright,” Sean sighed his shoulders slumping.

“Either way, John and Yui called me over to do a check up on the two of you.”

“We’re quite fine, Abel healed us and we also had some elixirs,” Shiro protested. It doesn’t sound like he wants to make sure.

“It’s a precaution,” Otto answered, “The rest of you can go I just need Toshiro and Sean.”

Kyo snickers and slaps Shiro on the back before breaking off from the group, “Have fun, I’ll see you when you’re finally released.”

“Good luck guys,” Jay exclaims and runs off into the house.

Everyone else breaks off as well and I’m the last one to start heading up to my room to get changed, “Oh and Sasuke,” I stop and look back at Otto.

“After you’ve changed come back and see me,” I blink a few times trying to figure out why he wants to see me.

“O-Okay,” I nodded and then head upstairs. I dig through my dresser and find my swimming trunks. After throwing them on I head back down stairs as Shiro and Sean go up. “What did you want to see me about Otto?” I ask him as he’s putting things back in his bag.

“You had a breakdown where you lost complete control of yourself didn’t you?” My heart sinks and I feel a coolness rush through my body. How does he know about that? I haven’t told anyone. “I was coming back to the academy and cutting through the field when I saw it happen. Your aura is fluctuation now. You’re going to have another breakdown soon. How many of these have you had?” He kept his voice low so it was only between us.

“Only the one so far. No, no I’ve had two. The first time I woke up I think I had one but dad put me back to sleep quickly so it didn’t result in much,” I answer.

“I was afraid this was going to happen with forcing you out of a new element,” He muttered and crossed his arms over his chest. “If the elders catch wind of you losing control it could end badly.”

“I’m trying my best to figure out how to stop the breakdowns, I just don’t know how” I look down at the floor.

“Have you told your father about them?”

I shake my head, “I don’t think he would have let me go back to class if he knew.”

“I won’t say anything right now, but if it gets worse you need to tell him before he ends up finding out the hard way,” I look back up at him to see Otto picking up his bag and tossing it over his shoulder.

“Make sure that Sean uses that cream I gave him. It’ll help get rid of the scars,” He waved and headed towards the door, “I’ll see you around campus. Don’t get in too much trouble.”

“I’ll try not to,” I wave and watch him leave before turning on my heels and heading outside.

Everyone else is already in the pond and goofing around when I show up Sean pulls away from everyone and we stick to the waist deep water and I keep trying to float on my back. After a while of getting frustrated we gave up and I went and sat in the grass and let the sun feel like it was baking me. The rest of the day all of us went to setting up the volleyball net and playing volleyball to going back and swimming, to not playing volleyball with the volleyball, and eating. It was a nice day to just relax and have a good time.

Once we all got back to the dorms we decided to just eat whatever leftovers we had in the fridge and one by one we called it a night. The morning felt like it came a bit too quickly and soon I was dragging my ass out of bed and getting dressed. With Nero and the twins, the four of us walked across campus to go to our soul weapon’s class that starts at seven in the morning.

“Alright everyone, stand up and get in a straight line,” Kyo ordered. All of us did what we were told and got into a straight line.

“By the sounds of it, it seems that everyone’s mostly figured out what their biggest fear was and conquered it in one way or another. So, let go from left to right and hear what your weapon is,” Shiro suggested with his usual soft smile on his lips. I stood at the end of the line on the left, so I was going to be going first.

“You’re up,” Kyo comments with a bit of a smirk.

“Staff,” I answer quickly.

“Katana,” Hale responded.

Next was Tate, “Wakizashi.”

“Twin Kusarigama,” Jay responded.

“Kunai,” Gil states calmly.

“Whip,” Aaron replied with some excitement in his answer.

And finally, Nero, “Knuckle Knives.”

“How do you want to do this Shiro?” Kyo turned to Toshiro with his hands in his pockets.

“Well, why don’t we split them up three and three. You take Jay, Nero, and Sasuke, then I’ll take the twins and Gil. Considering headmaster’s not in this morning it would be the best solution to work with them. Plus, splitting them like this does put them with the correct type of weapon user, considering your weapon is more so long range, those three would be best for you to teach,” Shiro explained.

“Fair enough,” Kyo nods then waves for us to follow him, “come on boys let’s get ta crackin’.” We follow Kyo over to the other side of the arena and to a storage area that was just inside one of the main halls to get into the arena. He opens the door revealing a bunch of practice weapons. “So, these are the weapons that we’ll be training with twice a week and then between those two days, you’ll be trying to manifest your soul weapon into the real world. Headmaster Kaisai will explain how to do that tomorrow.” He pulled out a staff and threw it to me, then two smaller ones and gave them to Jay, then after some digging, he found a whip and gave it to Aaron. Once we all had practice weapons he grabbed a staff himself.

“Wait, why are you taking a practice weapon? You have your soul weapon,” Aaron points out as Kyo spins the bamboo staff in his hands before putting an end on the ground.

“Because I was told if I broke any more practice weapons I would have to go out and gather the materials myself to make new ones, also I’m going easy on you guys since it’s the first day of combat training.” Kyo smiled at us. Why is that smile telling me he’s going to enjoy every second of beating us up with a bamboo staff?

“But Ky-ky, shouldn’t we wait until we can manifest our soul weapons before we train at all?” Jay has a point. Especially for him.

“Nonsense, I believe in learning on the job. We’re training with these and on your off time along with that one day a week with class, we’ll focus on that. We need you get your bodies used to getting beat down by using a weapon. No elements allowed during this training either.”

“Geez, make it a bit tougher why don’t Ya,” I grumble.

“Unless you want me to talk to Shiro and we’ll use our soul weapons while you six use your elements against us. We can show you just how overwhelming a soul weapon can be to just an element user,” He comments placing his cheek in the palm of his hand with an evil grin on his face.

I quickly shake my head, “Nope, no, I think I’m good. I’ll take this,” I take a step back. Kyo lets go of his cheek and spin his bamboo staff then stabs my in the gut with it, “Come along now kiddos, we have a lot to do.” He places his staff on his shoulder and walks past us back to the arena.

“Let’s get down to business,” Jay starts as he follows his brother.

“To defeat,” I smirk.

“The Huns!” Aaron finished and the three of us laughed.

Back out to the arena, we went and Kyo had us on the opposite side from Shiro group. By the looks of it, they were doing the same method for the practice weapons. Kyo shows us some basics with each of our weapons and some nifty tricks with them to work towards on our off time. Then he had us do one on ones. After spending half the class going at it, we took a break then our two groups joined together and Kyo and Shiro paired us off to spar against one another with our practice weapons. I thought that training constantly with my element was difficult. I have bruises in places I didn’t think I could get bruises and I used muscles I didn’t even know I had. This is going to be a long second half of this class.

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