A Little Secret

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This Is All My Fault

Chapter 56: This is All My Fault


Everything’s settled down after mine and snowflakes match. He’s even accepting me calling him snowflake again. I’ve been going on with my element training as normal along with powering through my classes. My Kenpo class is going well and it’s nice to have at least Kyo in there with me so I’m not completely lost. Apparently, this is his third martial art that he’s learning. Personally, I think he’s slightly insane and a little sadistic, but it adds character so all the power to him. Knowing more than one martial art style is probably best anyway. It’ll let you counter people a bit better and switch it up. Maybe when I get a solid foot hold on Kenpo I’ll actually try to do another one.

Kyo slapped my back hard knocking the wind out of me, “Ya did well today!” He encouraged me and I can’t help but give him a smirk before I continue coughing to get air back into my lungs.

“Thanks. But you still kicked my ass in all three matches out of the five,” I comment. I didn’t fail the test the point was to show if we had a solid handle on the basics of the martial art. But, it would have been nice to win one of the matches against Kyo so we would go to a fourth round.

“Na, I just hit harder than you do. You almost got me a couple times,” He chuckled nudging me, “So, what are you plans other than class?”

“Abel wants me to have a sparring match with Jason today,” I told him.

“What? And Jay didn’t tell me about this??? I’m coming,” He sounds upset that his little brother didn’t let him know about our match.

“I mean, we’re having it at aunt and uncles because they want to see if I’ve improved any from the match with snowflake,” I explain as we weave through small groups of people.

“To be fair, you were going to get your ass kicked either way with the years of experience that Shiro has with his element compared to you,” Ouch.

“I know, I was ready for it. I at least caught him off guard.”

“That’s very true. Ya did a hell of a lot better than I thought you would.”

“Thanks again,” I laugh lightly, “What class do you have now?”

“Lore of Amoura. It’s my history class.”

“That sounds really cool! But I’m also a sucker for history.”

“Seriously?” I nod, “Then you’ll have ta help me with some stuff!! I’m sure that headmaster has a copy of the book if you wanna ask to borrow it.”

“I’ll ask him today then. I’m also trying to make it through the other book he gave me to read.”

“What’s that one?”

“Elements Advanced.”

“I can’t remember if I’ve read that or not.”

“It’s pretty good. It goes more in depth with the elements and some extra bits that weren’t in Basic of the Elements.”

“Hua, I honestly don’t remember reading that.”

“You should, it’s good.”

“I’m just a slow reader so I have a hard time with finding something that’ll interest me.”

“Have you ever heard of a thing called light novels and Manga?”

“I’ve heard of them. But that’s it,” I smirk at him and raise an eyebrow.

“Well, you sir, are going to be coming over and picking something out of my collection after class.”

“Should I be concerned of exactly how big of a collection I’m getting myself into?” I raised an eyebrow at me.

“Not at all. If you don’t count the fact that I probably have easily over one thousand dollars’ worth of light novels and manga alone sitting in my room and dorm room.”

“Gods damn Sean. I don’t even want to know how much you have thrown into anime.” Jay must have told him about my anime collection that I have at the dorm.

“Put it this way, if it weren’t for me buying all those, I could have more than likely found a better apartment to live in. But I was comfy where I was living so I didn’t see the need to move. As much as it was rough working there, they paid well.”

We stop walking and stand in the middle of the walk way as people now pass us, “I know that I never spoke up about this when you originally told us because Shiro was really upset and I didn’t want him to get even more pissed, but honestly, it’s a good thing you were working there. If you weren’t Gil and Aaron more than likely wouldn’t be back and you would never have shown up. You would never have been able to reunite with Sasuke. So many events would have never happened if it weren’t for you going into that job.” Looking up the few inches between the two of us to look him in the eyes he flops a hand on my shoulder. “Even you coming here has been a good thing.” I raise an eyebrow confused. He shifted his bag over to his other shoulder, “You know, Sasuke use to barely hang out with us. He would always be training. Trying to live up to match what people thought he should be at because his father is the headmaster. He thought that there was no time for fun and just being a kid. He took on way too much responsibility all by himself. Was it kinda depressing Ya know? We literally had to drag him away from training and studying to get him to have fun. With you here, he’s lightened up considerably, he’s willing to drop his studies and act his age. So, thank you, for everything you’ve done.”

I stare up at Kyo my jaw slack slightly and I blink at him. Bringing his hand up he put a hand on my head and messed up my hair considerably, “T-thanks. I thought that people were just going to hate me because of where I use to work and with everything that happened and how things are confusing.” I put a hand on him to get him to stop messing up my hair.

His hand slipped out of mine and he slid it down in front of my face and he pushed me back a little making me take a few steps back, “Don’t thank me. Ya, keep my little brother entertained. And your body doing what it did just means it keeps me the oldest. I’m fine with being a big brother to everyone. Can’t let ya take my place, now can I?” He snickers.

“How old are you anyway?” I ask pressing my hair down again. I know I need a haircut, I don’t need to be reminded.

“I’m eighteen, I’ll be turning nineteen in September. The day after the fall equinox to be exact.”

“So, September twenty-third then. I’ll remember that.” I nod.

“How about you?”

“February fourteenth,” I answer and he chuckles, “What?”

“Nothing,” He turns his back to me and starts walking away from me, “Shoot me a text when you and Jay head up to headmaster’s house.”

“Will do. Later Kyo,” He waves back at me and I walk in the other direction from him towards the science building. Classes went by like usual and I went out with Sasuke to get lunch in town instead of going to the cafeteria that’s on campus.

“If you’re not too tired after your match with Jay today do you want to try against with teaching me to float?” Sasuke asks before taking a bite from his sandwich.

“I don’t see why not. I’m always down for getting in the water, as long as Meme doesn’t decide that she needs to rub against my legs again and scare the fuck out of me,” Sasuke chuckled at my comment and I groan a bit in displeasure at remember the feeling.

“Wasn’t she dared to do it?” Sasuke asked right as I take a big bite of my wrap.

I nod and hold up a finger so I can chew and swallow before answering him, “Yes, but that’s beside the point.” He started chuckling more, “Stop laughing, it wasn’t funny.”

“Yes, it was. I’ve never seen you flip shit like that,” His laughing only got worse as he spoke about it.

“Stop before I decide to dunk you in the water later,” I threaten.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wanna bet?” I raise a brow at him. He glares back at me and take’s another bite of his sandwich, “That’s what I thought.”

“Mom would bitch at you if you did that Ya know.” He said with a mouth full of food.

“Well, what if mom doesn’t find out? She can’t bitch at me then, now can she?” I snicker.

He swallowed, “You wouldn’t.”

“Do you want to keep laughing and find out later?” I snicker at him.

“I hate you,” He grumbled and I made a louder cackle than I originally meant to.

“No, you fucking don’t,” I said with confidence, “If you hated me we wouldn’t have gone through so much together. Besides, we’re related, you can never get rid of me.”

Sasuke started laughing, “That’s true. I’m stuck with you.”

We both laughed and realized what time it was, so he had to scarf down our food, cash out and run back to the school for the rest of our classes. The rest of my classes seemed to fly by and I walked back to the dorm.

“I’m home,” I sigh walking in.

“Welcome haem Sean,” Harley called back as I slip off my shoes and see him sitting at the table.

“How long have you been home?” I ask wandering over to him and leaning on the table.

“Only abit a half an hoor. Figured ah shoods try tae gie some readin’ dain fur a body ah mah classes,” He placed his book mark on the line he was reading and looked up at me.

“Makes sense,” I look around and it’s kinda quiet in the house, “Any idea where everyone else is?”

“Jay’s nae hame yit an’ Aaron an’ Gil went tae th’ recordin’ studio. That’s whit they tauld me anyways.” He leaned back in his chair.

“Right, Aaron likes to sing. I wonder what he’s going to record or if he helps out there,” I stand back up.

“Beats me. Whit dae ye want fur tatties an’ neebs?” I blink at him a few times to process what he meant.

“Oh, dinner. I think my aunt and uncle are going to make me have dinner at their house. I have that match with Jay today. Did you want to come?” I question.

“Mebbe, ah dunnae kinn hoo lang it’s gonnae tak’ me tae finish up mah homework. But when aam dain I’ll shit up thaur an’ see hoo things us gonnae,” I gave him a light high five before heading towards the stairs.

“Sounds good. I have a little bit of time before I have to go up to my aunt and uncles anyways. So I’ll be upstairs trying to clean a little bit.” I put a foot on the stairs.

“Soond guid,” He replied and I took every other step then took a left to go to my room. Tossing my bag on my chair at my desk I head towards the window to open it up and let some fresh air in when I step on a squeaky and loose floor board.

“What’s this?” I muttered lifting-up the loose board in my room. I pull out what looks like an old journal.

“Hey, Sean, what cha doing?” I look over my shoulder towards the door and Jason is standing there with his hands behind his back and smiling at me. His hair is pulled up in a high pony tail and he’s wearing a black tank top and cargo shorts. It’s hot as hell today and I’m just up here in shorts and my t-shirt because I have yet to change. It was a poor decision to keep my window closed. But it looked like it was going to rain this morning not get stupid hot and humid.

“I was just walking around and I noticed a squeaky board. Turns out it was loose and I found this under it,” I responded holding it out for him to see.

“My old journal,” Escaped his lips and I rose an eyebrow at him.

“What?” I asked as I opened it up to look at it. “This thing has got to be around one hundred years old or something shit like that, how the hell could this be your old journal?”

“I mean from a past life,” He walked in and sat down next to me.

“Um…” I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about asking him what he meant by that and he chuckled seeming to get my unspoken question.

“What I mean is, I know bits and pieces of my past life,” He looks at me with a smile. “My name was Lucian Fey in my past life,” I stare at him dumb founded.

“But…how…why do you know that? How do you know that? You’re totally bull shitting me right now Jay,” I question.

He tapped his finger to his lower lip and looked up at the ceiling, “Back when Sasuke and I were in the semifinals of the winter element tournament. Sasuke used breath of fire on me and I ended up bashing my face against one of the walls I made to block him off from getting to me. Obviously, it didn’t work in my favor considering he was still able to get around and hit me,” He looked back at me, “I thought I was going crazy the night that I had a dream about my old life, but when I went to Gil about it and he helped me we actually figured out that the dreams that I was having were old memories.”

“But, normally aren’t your old memories supposed to be held somewhere in the spirit realm?” I question not too sure how to take what I just heard and trying to match up what I’ve read countless times in Spirit Weapons and the Spirit Realm.

“That’s true, but sometimes memories can slip past the keeper and come along with the soul into its next life. It’s kinda like when you have a Deja vu moment. So, my guess is they slipped past the keeper when my soul was entering into the new cycle and being reincarnated. I just didn’t know it,” He explained stretching his legs out and lightly tapping his toes together as he leaned back on his hands.

“Have you told anyone else?” I questioned and he shook his head.

“Only you, Aaron, and Gil actually. I haven’t even told big brother about it. I don’t really know if I can, to be honest. And I tell him pretty much everything,” His smile was still on his lips but his eyes looked upset.

“You know; you don’t have to tell him if you don’t want to. It’s gotta be something that’s difficult to even say to me, and hell, you don’t really even know me all that well. Sometimes things are better left unsaid till the right time comes,” I handed him the journal.

“Thanks,” He took the journal from me and placed it in his lap.

“You know, if it helps any, I really like the books you wrote. I also heard that you still write. Can I read them sometime?”

Jay perked up and a shocked expression popped up on his face, “They aren’t that good really,” he laughed sheepishly.

“Well then, how about we make a deal. If I win three rounds of however many we do today, I get to read your stories.”

“And if I win all of them?” He rose an eyebrow.

I snicker, “Then I’ll do whatever you want me to for the rest of the week.”

“You sound quite confident that you’re going to actually be able to beat me three times.” He smirks back at me.

“That’s because I am confident.”

“We’ll see how confident you are after the match.” The two of us could not keep a straight face and we both busted up laughing.

I pull out my phone and check the time, “We should probably get going.”

“It’s that time already?” He questions standing up.

“Yeah, Well going now, we should just be able to beat Abel there,” He helps me up and I slip my phone back in my pocket.

“Do you care if I just leave this in here till we get back home tonight?”

“Yeah, I don’t care,” I shrug. He sets the journal down on my desk.

The two of us head down stairs. Har isn’t at the table anymore, “Har, we’re heading out.”

“Alrecht. I’ll be up at th’ headmasters hoose in a bit. Ye tois hae fin an’ dornt hurt each other tay much.” He yelled from the kitchen.

“Sounds good,” I yell back getting my shoes back on.

“See ya later Har!!”

“Later!” With that Jay and I left and wandered out of the academy and up to my aunt and uncles house.

When we walked into the house Sasuke and Kyo were already there, “What took you two so long?” Kyo asked with a smirk.

“We were talking and got side tracked,” I answered, “Besides we’re about five minutes early to when Abel wanted us to be here.”

“Then that means you two should start getting warmed up that way you can get right to it.” He clapped his hands, “Come on chop chop. Let’s get moving!”

“Geez Kyo, it’s only going to be a standard practice time for a sport. Two hour’s max so we’ll be done by five latest.” I mention.

“Ky-ky, don’t be so mean. You got to beat him up earlier with your class. It’s my turn to have a fun time with Sean.”

“Hey now, I’m not a punching bag Ya know,” I glare between the two of them.

“Who’s a punching bag now?” Abel’s voice rang up behind me and I turned around.

“Oh, it’s just that Kyo and I are in the same Kenpo class and we had a test today. Kinda kicked my ass a little bit in it,” I explained to him.

“I mean, it’s tough knocking down a metal elemental, especially the prodigy. You are looking at a three-time champion in the tournaments between the winter and summer tournaments we have.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” My shoulders slump as I stare at my mentor.

Kyo laughs, “NOPE! He’s not joking. So, losing to me isn’t all that bad.”

“Hey, I would have given you a run for your money,” Sasuke speaks up.

“Yeah, but you had a mind down first so,” Kyo trailed off.

“Alright you two go and get warmed up and we’ll get to work on this match,” Abel shooed me and Jay off towards the back door.

“Fine,” I sigh.

“Can do!” Jay chirps and skips in front of me.

The two of us go up the hill and other than the getting in the water and swimming to warm up. I show him what else I do to warm up. Once the two of us are warmed up Abel makes up face each other. “Now, just like the match that you had with Sasuke, this is going to be the first one that takes a knee the round is over. No impaling each other or severely injuring each other. You both have classes in the morning.”

“We won’t.” I roll my shoulders to keep myself loose.

“We’ll be good, promise! Oh! Does it count as a match over if I pin him in a TP or spin him into the ground?” Jay questions and it makes Abel chuckle.

“Yes, that counts as an instant round over. Then you have to let him out so we can start a new round if that happens,” Abel laughs sheepishly as Jay’s questions, “Let’s get started!”

My mind instantly triggers when Abel says start and Jay didn’t get it so I took the advantage as Abel got out of the way and I shot a hard-strong stream at Jason and hit him right in his stomach. I knocked him off his feet. His back hit the ground and he rolled onto his knees.

“Get on your toes, Jay! I just won that round!”

“But he didn’t say go.”

“Jay, here’s the thing, I rarely say go. I said let’s get started and that was your indication to begin,” Abel answers.

“That’s totally cheating,” Jay points at Abel as he stands back up.

“Begin,” Abel answers and I send two arcs of water at Jay. He jumps out of the way and then quickly turns his right foot as he steps forward and I spin not on my free will and then I get pulled into the ground up to my shoulders.

“GOD DAMN IT JAY!” I yell at him and he starts cackling.

“Second round goes to Jay,” Abel adds in.

“Paybacks a bitch,” Kyo from the peanut gallery comment.

“Your comments aren’t necessary,” I hiss at Kyo and Sasuke is holding onto Kyo’s shirt and bending over because he’s laughing so hard.

Jay comes over and helps me out of the hole he put me in, “Start,” Abel yells out and Jay moves back in the slightest and then makes some swift movements I jump up just soon enough to have my feet land on a slab of earth and it launches me towards the water. Focusing on staying on my feet. I hit the water and slide on top of it while staying on my feet. My hands also dragging along the water’s surface to keep my upright. Jay stood at the ready as I stood back up. Both of us now on our own elements. He stomps the ground and brings up some good-sized rocks and sends them flying at me. I jump out of the way and send two arcs of water back at him. Skidding across the water and dodging this round goes on for a good while until I’m able to get the ground wet enough and then send water needles towards Jay and he lost his footing and fell on his ass and back to dodge the needles.

“Just so you know Sean, if you fall in up to your waist it counts as a loss,” Abel reminds me.

“Got it,” I nod and focus on Jay as he stands back up.

We started again we go back and forth with knocking each other down. By the end of an hour, we were both just sitting down and leaning against each other. Jay won ten rounds and I won six. “I think we’re done,” Abel says walking over to the two of us.

“I think so too,” I nod in agreement.

“I’m soaked,” Jay laughed.

“That was really fun to watch!” Sasuke said walking over with Kyo.

“You both did a really good job. I’m very impressed that you held up so well against Jay, Sean.” Kyo states with his hands in his pockets.

“Thanks,” I laugh and then nudge Jay, “Hey, this means I get to read your stuff.”

Jay laughed, “That’s true, you did win more than three.”

“I’m confused, are you confused?” Sasuke asks.

“Yep, I’m just as confused as you are,” Kyo agrees and pulls his hands out of his pockets. He helps Jay up off the ground and Sasuke helps me up.

“Do you want to call off the swimming for the day and just try this weekend?” He offers looking a bit pale.

“I’m fine with that, but are you okay? You look pale, that’s not like you. Are you coming down with something?” I put my hand on his forehead to feel if he’s hotter than he usually is. I pull my hand away, “You’re quite literally burning.”

“I’m fine,” He laughs lightly and I give him my resting bitch face. “Don’t give me that look. I said I’m fine.”

“What’s wrong?” I ask sternly not moving from my spot.

“Don’t worry about it,” He brushes me off and turns away from me and starts to walk away.

“I’m going to worry about it. Tell me,” I grab his wrist and pull him back. Just holding onto his wrist is making my hand sweat. He turns back to look at me and there’s no life in his eyes, “Sasuke…”

“Let go,” I don’t, “I said let go.”

“What’s going on?” I jump when I hear uncles voice.

“Sasuke is pale and stupid hot, hotter than he usually is and I’m trying to get him to tell me what’s wrong and he won’t tell me,” I explain.

Sasuke rips his arm away from me and starts heading down towards the house. He stops half way down the hill and I watch him hunch over. I look at uncle and we both head down to him. Uncle grabs a hold of my shoulder and stops me. “Get back,” I blink and we’re back up by Jay, Abel, and Kyo. A moment later a visible vapor trail shot out from Sasuke and came screaming towards us. Jay put up a wall between us and the vapor trail so it wouldn’t hit us.

“Fuck, why is it so hot?” Kyo asks.

“Oh no,” I mutter and run out from behind the wall that Jay made to see Sasuke standing there with large wings made out of fire protruding from his back.

“What is that?” Jay questioned.

“It’s his rare ability. This is the second time I’ve seen him use it. The first time was when we were at the E.C.U.” I answer Jay as Sasuke turns around to face up. His shoulders are trembling and there’s a Cheshire cat grin plastered on his lips. His eyes show no emotion behind them. It’s like I’m staring into a blank abyss that has no bottom to it. But, there’s a single tear that slips out of the corner of his eye before it quickly evaporates from the heat surrounding him. Somethings very wrong. He didn’t do this on purpose. Just by his posture, I can tell how much pain he’s in even with him not showing it.

“We need to restrain him or knock him out somehow. If you can help it try not to use your rare ability against him. He can crank up his heat hotter than you think he can,” Uncle orders. I look back at everyone now that Jay has put the wall down. Kyo’s the first one to take action and he sprints down the hill. Throwing his right arm out to his side, liquid metal shot out of both sides of his closed hand and formed a scythe. Spinning it a couple of times with the same hand he jumped up and brought it down towards Sasuke. With the fastest reflexes, I’ve ever seen from Sasuke, the wing of fire slid between Kyo and him taking the blow from Kyo’s scythe. It looked like Kyo was pushing harder on his scythe trying to cut through the wing. Smoke started smoldering from Kyo himself. His clothes were literally burning off him. And no matter how much he tried there was no getting through the wing.

Sasuke started cackling from his throat and then it turned into a laugh that was on the verge of him sounding insane, “You have to do better than that,” He laughed and swung his wing that Kyo was trying cut through sending Kyo flying back towards us like he was batting a fly. Kyo landed on his back and still had enough momentum that he ended up rolling up the hill towards me. I got down on a knee and caught him. Knocking the wind out of me, his scolding hot skin painfully singes the hairs off my arms as we slide back a bit more before coming to a stop.

“FUCK,” Kyo yelled in frustration pulling himself off me and ripping off the rest of his signed shirt. Revealing all the burns that scattered over his body from him staying too close for too long. “CAN I FUCKING USE IT NOW?” He whips his head up to look at where Jay, Abel, and uncle were, but right as Kyo screamed that I watched Uncle blink in and he tried to round house Sasuke.

Again, his reflexes are too quick he knocks uncle back. At the same time rocks come flying in at a fast pace and are directed at Sasuke. Swinging his arm up Sasuke sends a barrage of fireballs to match all of Jays rocks and then took a deep breath and shot a huge ass fireball in our direction. We all book it out of the way. Getting back up onto my feet I run towards Sasuke.

“IS THAT ALL YA GOT?” Sasuke yelled while cackling.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA DOING SEAN?” Kyo screamed at me.

“I have to do something,” I mutter more to myself. The heat coming from him feels like it’s draining my energy. He sees me coming and throws a couple of arcs of fire.

“What can you do?” He laughed at me as I dodged his attacks with ease. Getting in as close as I can and sliding on my knees across the burnt grass I launch up at him and grab a hold of him. The force that I slam my shoulder into his chest knocks up both back.

“SNAP OUT OF IT!” I scream in his face as I have him pinned on the ground.

His eyes widen slightly and then go back to the glare that they were giving off before. He lifts his wing up and smacks me off him and I go flying off the to side. I collide into something and look up to see that uncle caught me. “That was stupid what were you thinking?” He scolded me.

“I’m sorry,” I instantly apologize as I stand back up on my feet.

“I’ll ream you a new one later,” Uncle hissed at me with his back turned to Sasuke. I watch Sasuke raise his wings above. He’s gonna hit us.

“SASUKE STOP!” I scream and hold out my hand towards him. I watch his body tense up like something’s wrapped itself around his body. My arm feels like it’s on fire. I look down to see what’s wrong with it and I can see the veins in my arms glowing a bright blue before fading, but the burning didn’t stop. I look back up at Sasuke and he’s struggling to move. Stepping out from behind uncle I put my other hand up and walk towards Sasuke. Lowering both my hands down in front of me as I walked Sasuke dropped down onto his knees with his arms pinned to his sides. “Release it, now.”

“W-what the hell are you doing?” Sasuke glared at me.

“Do it or I’m throwing you in the pond to cool off,” I order him. Uncle appears behind him and presses his pointer and middle finger into Sasuke’s neck making his rare ability dissipate and he passes out. I drop my hands the rest of the way to my sides and Sasuke starts falling to his right. Uncle catches him and lowers him the rest of the way to the ground. “What was that all about?” I ask looking at uncle for an answer. He looks like he’s in pain as he looks down at Sasuke.

“He had a breakdown. It’s different from a normal breakdown when you’re under too much stress of school work and what not. This is something only a moon elemental can get. Moon elementals have a mental switch and if they are put under extreme stress something will flick a switch in their heads. When this switch is hit there’s no longer any control over their elements. We can’t switch out of our base element and the other elements within the body build up and then it activates the switch again causing a breakdown. We’ll end up using the most powerful move of our base element that we know of and go after anyone. Even if in our heads we’re completely there our body won’t listen.” He went from saying you and they to us. Has this happened to him before too? Is all this that’s happening to Sasuke because of me?

“Is everything okay?” Jay asked running down to us.

“What did you just do to get him to stop?” Kyo asked me as him and Abel was right behind Jay in coming over to us.

“I’m positive that was blood control,” Abel started getting everyone’s attention, “It’s the only thing that makes sense in this case.”

“Abel, can you work on healing Sean and Kyo? I have to get a hold of Otto,” Uncle said picking Sasuke up bridal style and holding him close.

“What’s going to happen?” I ask uncle as he heads towards the house.

“We’re going to try to figure this out and fix it without the elder’s knowledge. But, after today, I don’t know how much longer it can be hidden,” He answered and then went in the house right as Har was walking around the house.

“Whit happened?” My ginger friend asked looking around at all the dead grass and at me and Kyo with how badly burnt we were.

“We can explain what happened in the house. I need to heal these two,” Abel slapped my back and I flinch, “Come on prodigy, you first. Go start a bath tub of water. You got it worse. I’ll work on Kyo as the tub fills.”

“Whit? Prodigy? When did ’at happen? Wa didne ye teel me thes affair Sean?” Harley looked upset that I didn’t tell him. How was I supposed to know?

“It’s not his fault, he literally just used the rare ability for the water element not even five minutes ago.” Kyo shrugged.

“We’ll be able to tell you everything that happened!” Jay pushed Har towards the house, “Now le go! Ky-ky and Sean need healing and can’t do that standing here in dead grass~” Jay chirped and walked with Harley back to the house.

Kyo and I walked with Abel. I did be I was told and went upstairs and started some water in the tub. Kyo and Abel were in the kitchen. Uncle was pacing around in the hall with his phone Sasuke was placed on the couch in the living room and Harley and Jay were also in the kitchen and Jay was explaining what happened. Why does everything just feel like it’s caving in on itself?

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